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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 27, 2016 3:00am-3:31am EST

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♪ happening right now teenaged girl out for walk on an area trail is sexually assaulted and now police are trying to find her attacker before he strikes again. that assault happening in broad daylight on a popular hiking trail. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. the victim was able to provide a description of the suspect to a police 67 artist. fox 29' is that so bean in a kuriakose reporting for us from reading. >> reporter: this is a 67 of the man police want to question in connection with the daytime sex assault of a 15-year-old girl here on this trail. tonight, police are asking for your help. >> it's horrible. these trails are for to us ride, and no matter what age, you should feel safe on these. >> reporter: this is the 67 of the man police hope you recognize. the alleged attacker of a 15-year-old girl who authorities say way sexually assaulted in broad daylight by a stranger who
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seemingly came out of nowhere. it happened on the very same trail mike bikes across in west reading berks county. monday morning at 10:00 o'clock the teenager tells police she was walking on the popular tune trail a fragment of the schuylkill river trail when a man came up behind her. she tried to let him pass instead police say her ace sale atlantic grabbed her and drug her down an embankment wheres he assaulted her. police tape still marks the scene of the horrific attack. >> it happened midday. so it's real shame to hear that. >> that's pretty scary, because i mean, this trail is popular and a lot of people walk through here. so, um, i'd be pretty scared about that. >> it's really close to home so it's a little scary that way. >> reporter: kelly lives near thun trail with release of the police sketch she's started taking a hard look at anybody she sees by the path. the suspect described as 5 feet 10-inches tall with graying
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facial hair and at a time toot of letters across his stomach. police believe the suspect is in his late 20s or early 30s. they want him caught. >> i feel really bad. because i mean i can only imagine how i would feel in that sort of situation. so i just hope everything is okay with her. >> reporter: if you recognize the man in that sketch, or have any information about this terrible crime, call police. in west reading, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. police in kutztown have charged an 18-year-old philadelphia man with stabbing a kutztown university student over the weekend. the man charged is not a student but police have not yet released his identity. he's charged with attempted murder. stabbing happened early saturday on the unit block of noble street. the victim is still hospitalized in serious condition. assault charges filed against a 22-year-old man who was shot by a police officer in his mother's living room earlier this week. investigators say satisfy von garrison stabbed a sharon hill
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police officer on tuesday and then turned towards another officer. that's when police say garrison was shot. investigators were called to that home to investigate a domestic dispute. garrison is being treated at penn presbyterian medical cent center. the delaware county spca offering a $5,000 reward to find whoever is responsible for a horrific case of animal abuse. the decomposing body of a dog was found stuffed inside a suitcase in delaware county a week ago. authorities making that gruesome find in chester. according to investigators, that dog had been dead for quite sometime and they believe it was placed in the suitcase alive and died trying desperate toll escape. a candlelight vigil held tonight for the victims a deadly workplace shooting in kansas. 38-year-old cedric ford was served with temporary order of protection about 90 minutes before police say he killed three people and wounded 15 others. it happened yesterday in the town of heston.
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ford was shot and killed by a police officer. it's not clear yet what prompted the protection order or the shooting but records indicate that ford has several prior offenses going back at least a decade. a community coming together to remember a camden county woman murdered in her own home. police say she was the victim of domestic violence. her friends and family holding a candlelight vigil this evening. they say now they must focus on helping the victim's three children. fox 29's joanne pileggi was at tonight's vigil, joanne is live from the newsroom. >> it was a week ago 35-year-old roxanne flores was murdered in her south jersey home. her three children there at the time. police have charged her husband and tonight friends and family gathered for support and to try to raise money to help those children. >> that's why we're here tonight for roxanne and her children. >> reporter: with candles in hand, they prayed, they wept. still in disbelief, that a woman
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who was their neighbor, their friend, their loved one was go gone. >> it's very difficult for the community. we're not used to anything of this magnitude happening. >> reporter: 35-year-old roxanne flores lived here in stratford with her husband and three children. >> we were just working with her the other day. had no idea anything like this would ever happen. just don't -- just don't think about it. >> reporter: late last friday night 33-year-old mario flores killed his wife with the three children home at the time. authorities say he fled with their three-year-old daughter left her at his mother's drove and to virginia where he was arrested. >> domestic violence is a very subject to talk about and to understand. it is even more difficult to live with every day. >> now there's three children that don't have a mother or a father, and they have to rely on their uncle and their aunt to try to support them. >> reporter: tonight they gathered to comfort one another
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and to try to raise money to help support the children. >> we're trying to raise money tonight for the kids. so i mean that was -- to remember roxanne ton raise money for the kids and how they're going to live for the rest of their lives without their mother. >> reporter: roxanne flores worked for medical group advanced emt. the doctors there have set up a trust fund through td bank to help support the flores children. dawn? >> all right, joanne, so sad. thank you. fire investigators trying to figure out what started this fire overnight at the city's germantown second. firefighters responding to the house of jin japanese rest aunt on west chelten avenue 1:00 o'clock this morning. crews finding heavy fire throughout the building as you can see there. it took about an hour for firefighters to finally get those flames under control. a bombshell announcement today. gop front runner donald trump receiving a major endorsement seemingly out of left field and it came from none other than new jersey governor chris christie. once bitter rifles, governor
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christie and donald trump have put aside their difference diffs announce dag they are joining forces. reaction to the endorsement is running the gamut as fox 29's chris o'connell repor reports. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. >> reporter: it was the surprise endorsement heard around the world. >> did he really? wow that's actually really surprising. >> christie! >> reporter: one week rivals, the next week political pals. >> it's my honor this morning to introduce somebody who's a real stand out, he's been my friend for many years, he's been a spectacular governor, he's been just a wonderful person and a wonderful loyal person, done a really good job. >> reporter: in fort worth texas gop presidential front runner donald trump getting the biggest endorsement of his campaign, governor chris christie who says it's trump who has the best shot to beat hillary clinton. >> i've been on that stage. i've gotten to know all the people on that stage, and there is no one who is better prepared
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to provide america with the strong leadership that it needs both at home and around the world than donald trump. >> reporter: we went to the constitution center. >> yikes! that doesn't sound good to me. >> reporter: visitors headed to the white house exhibit were buzzing with reaction. >> i think chris christie has much positive going for him right now so i don't know if endorsement really that good for trump. >> his chances are just as good as anybody else, but i don't think he's a good guy, a good candidate to be president. >> reporter: will the endorsement have any effect on the nomination? some say the way this race is going, it's anyone's guess. >> quite frankly i have no idea. i don't think anyone else does, because it seems like about every predict has been made has been wrong so far. so why keep predicting? >> reporter: the endorsement comes at a key time in the race just days before super tuesday next week. the biggest single day when candidates can grab delegates as
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voters in 12 states go to the polls. chris o'connell, fox 29 news. philadelphia police say they've nabbed an accus accusedf targeting a northeast philadelphia church then say he made it easy. 28-year-old william sides now under arrest. investigators say he stole from a donation box for the poor inside our lady of calvary church twice. officers were able to catch him after they hid inside that church last night and just waited for him. authorities say the accused crook came back for, yes, a third time and they say they caught their guy in the act. >> both my officer and officer yanko ducked down behind the organ. we heard the keys rattling. we observed the gentleman walk in and we waited until he tried to pry open the poor box. that's when we swooped in. >> video shows officers making the arrest. sides is facing a list of charges including burglary. it's all too common problem for septa. hopping the turn style.
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see what karma had in store for this guy as he tried to skip out on his fare. and amazing group of youngsters going head to head on the hardwood tonight all in the name of fun. how they're being recognized tonight. scott? >> dawn, temperatures are dropping across our area. right now, it's 35 degrees. but it feels like the 20s. the cold air will move to the north allowing milder air to move in. when we hit 60 degrees next with the seven day. ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for a weekend worth of work on i-95. it begins tonight through sund sunday. 95 northbound down to one lane at girard avenue. that's going to cause problems through the weekend and if you are using septa's airport line through the weekend, they're going to be usin using shuttle s along a portion of the route both saturday and sunday. enjoy the rest of your night. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good
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♪ the septa police chief taking to twitter today to call out a fair jumper. man was captured on surveillance cameras trying to jump the turn style but you can see he had a difficult time. he finally make it through but he's caught before he could get off the train. the chief says he took to twitter to remind riders there are cameras everywhere. >> figured i'd share it continue to try to get that message across that $2 and 25 cents pay, otherwise, you're going -- >> this fare jumper facing a $300 fine. police looking for a trio of teenaged troublemakers in the city of new castle before they
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strike again. investigators say they slash the tires of 18 vehicles early this morning. it happened around 1:30 on west 11th, 12th and juniper streets. police say a resident saw the three teens in the act but they ran off before they can be caught. >> it's bad. you know, they -- they have no regard to anybody else, and ju just -- i don't see what they get out of it. >> city of new castle police say they have gotten a few tips and are looking at video from security cameras around that area. special olympic athletes from montgomery county hitting the hardwood at villanova university tonight. the am buck team taking on the lansdale titans in scrimmage at the pavilion. organizers say the athletes enjoy the competition and learn valuable skills about team work and the best part of all, they form friendships with their teammates. the teams also had a chance to showcase their skills during half time of tonight's villanova women's basketball game. building relationships on
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the basketball court. the police athletic league of philadelphia and community leaders taking on some area teenagers this evening. the game was hell at the martin luther king rec center in north philadelphia. organizers say games like this help to improve relationships between police and young people. no word yet on who won that ga game. five college gymnastics teams are joining forces to help in the fight against breast cancer holding a meet in philadelphia this weekend. mayor jim kenney on hand to greet all the participants. teams from penn state, temple and west chester are taking part in the three-day meet at the pennsylvania convention center. 100% of the donations will go unite with her. over the last seven years the so-called pink it vin takes al raised more than $1.5 million for women battling breast canc cancer. well check out the wind damage in richboro, northampton county. this video from fox 29 viewer. the winds knocking part of this tree right to the ground. authorities say they've gotten more than a few reports of
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damage today. good news for us the winds have died down. as we take a live look at wilmington, delaware. it's still a little chilly out there if you're headed tout night you probably want to grab your jacket. but scott williams is here now to tell us about a big weekend warmup. scott? >> yeah, that's certainly right, dawn. it was blustery and windy, but temperatures will soar especially the second half of the upcoming weekend. take look at the high temperature for today. only 40 degrees. but with those blustery conditions, feels like temperatures with the wind chill most of the day were in the 20s and 30s. the normal this time of year is 47 degrees. look at the record high 1890 it was 69 degrees. it's cold right now. stepping outdoors. 28 degrees in land cast. we have 29 in trenton. 30 degrees current until millville below freezing, 31 right now in atlantic city. 36 degrees in wildwood. it's even colder once you move a little farther to the north right now. we're looking at buffalo 24 degrees.
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16 in burlington, vermont. and take a look at some of those single digits right now in canada but that cold air will retreat to the north. by the second half of the weekend, we'll start to see more winds out of the south and west. that will allow those temperatures to soar into the upper 50s and even low 60s as we move toward sunday into early next week. so a dry and quiet pattern for much of the nation as we move toward the upcoming weekend. tomorrow it's dry, it will be a cold start. but more seasonal high temperatures in the afternoon. and then we really start to tap in to those southwesterly winds by sunday. those temperatures feeling more like early april. take a look at the above average high temperatures starting on sunday. continuing into early next week. we're talking anywhere from about 15 to almost 20 degrees above average with those high temperatures getting at or above 60 degrees for several days. but for tonight, it is going to be clear, it's going to be cold. winds start to diminish. low 20s in the burbs.
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26 degrees in the city. high temperatures for tomorrow right around 45 degrees. once again the average for this time of year is 47. it's going to be a cold start out there but mostly sunny. somewhat seasonal and definitely not as windy. so we'll break down your saturday hour by hour for you by breakfast time walking the dog grabbing to get the paper, we're looking at temperatures in the upper 20s. then by lunch time, nearing 40 degrees. once again not as windy. a lot of sunshine out there. running some errands in the afternoon high temperatures around 45 degrees. so you will need that light jacket or sweatshirt and by dinner mainly clear temperatures around 40 degrees. so that weather authority seven day forecast shows a cold start tomorrow. temperatures in the 20s. mid 40s for highs. and then look at sunday. 35 degrees for the low. but 60 degrees very mild in the afternoon. and then look at monday. low 60s. we kick off march. the month of march on tuesday it
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comes in like a lamb. 60 degrees. then a shower chance by the middle of the week. still mild but then temperatures drop maybe even enough to change some of that rain over to a wintry mix. thursday 42 degrees. next friday it's going get chilly again and high temperatures will top out in the upper 30s. but i mean we had a great guest here earlier in the day. dan the weatherman. he had a birthday wish of watching a broadcast of fox 29. he wants to become a meteorologist one day. he celebrated his sickth birthday right here in the studios. very bright kid. >> he was so cute. >> he knows a lot about weather. >> he was so so cute. i thought it was so sweet, scott, i saw you over there after the broadcast and he got to do his own little weather cast in front of the green screen and telling us the weather in bryn mawr, berwyn. >> he was so cute. >> he knows a lot about tornadoes, too. >> does he. happy birthday, dan. all right let's check in with tom srendenschek. >> good evening to you guys.
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villanova guys getting ready to host marquette tomorrow afternoon and coach jay wright very interesting reaction watching his team at practice today. and the 76ers inability to handle the basic leaves their coach almost speechless. what happened want brett brown said next in sports.
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♪ the 76ers still in search of that first win since the all
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star break. they are zero-four since those all star festivities maybe what happened tonight against the washington wizards. cole angelo josh harris in the building tonight. they had to like what they saw early. jahlil okafor with 21 points to lead the sixers they were up by nine. they'll get that first win, right? washington wizards finished the third quarter on a 10-zero run. john wall finishes right there really finishes the 76ers. they are down seven. 44 seconds left. they can't even inn bound the basketball. it's a turnover. a 52nd violation. they lose it by nine and afterwards brett brown was fabere gafted. >> it's beyond dizzying for me. it is so frustrating. sometimes you walk out and this happened this year i say, i wish i got jahlil the ball or i wish iran this play. it happens to all of this. that one ain't one of them. so to walk out and to have, you know, one or two of the guys i'm not throwing anybody under the bus but as team that isn't
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professional. that's not acceptable. it's just not acceptable. >> this whole season is just not acceptable. how about villanova at marquette tomorrow. the wildcats trying to avoid a two game losing streak something that has not happened to the cats since 2013. nova needs to play better than they did wednesday against xavier. dee finance was non existent. nova gave up a season high 90 points. jay wright saw a different villanova team at practice tod today. >> a little shocked i think. i still think we're recovering a little bit and got to get over that. we fully expected to go into xavier and play a lot better. win or lose, i don't know, we thought we'd play better. we're just trying to tighten everything up and get ready for the next game. >> that game on fox 29 tomorrow villanova and marquette coverage starting at 1:30. our quincy harris trying to help out today with ryan on "good day philadelphia".
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>> i'm going to bring it to the post. bring it to the post. pick three act. i don't know. in and out. foul. i got fouled. >> no foul on the play guys. good defense by quincy. how about the flyers hosting the arizona coyotes tomorrow afternoon at 1:00 o'clock. they'll have captain claude giroux back in the lineup. he missed the last three games with a head injury but out jake vorachek. jake out with a lower body injury. and yet another reason to hate duke university and their basketball program. last night at the end of the game with florida state they're up 15, watch grace son allen purposely trip a player right there. second time he's done that this month. incredibly today the acc decides there will be no suspension for grace son. watch this replay one more time. he clearly lifts the left leg right there. and purposely trips the player. i'm all about playing hard. mike has done a great job.
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there's no place for that in college basketball. the fact that he's done it twice this month should have been suspend. >> when will it warm up scott. >> cold start tomorrow morning. seasonal temperatures. still a chill in the air tomorrow. high temperatures around 45. the pay off, look at it. 60 degrees for the high temperature on sunday and we keep a mild stretch into early next week. >> all right. sounds fantastic. thanks scott. that will do it for us tonight. "good day philadelphia" weekend starts tomorrow at 7:00. "good day philadelphia" weekend starts tomorrow at 7:00. the fox 29 special aka
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hey everybody, it's kevin mccarthy, and we're geeking out about the biggest movie night of the year, my super bowl of movies, yes, the academy awards are coming up. and that is chris from sound tech in d.c. give me a deadpool high five. that was awesome. great snap quality there. alex, holly, and annie. hi, kevin. hi, kev. what's going on? how are you? good to see you guys. what's going on, alex? we're all back together again. we are. and i'm so ready to talk movies. we have a lot coming up on this awards edition of aka.
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take a look. it's what everyone's been asking, are the oscars out of touch. and on the red carpet who got glammed and who got slammed? say hello. and actors like you've never seen them before. everything was just haphazard. and you'll only see it here. so we have to start with the nominees for best picture this year. take a look at this. the eight nominated films for best picture this year include bridge of spies directed by mr. steven spielberg, co-written by the cohen brothers, and starring tom hank. nobody is safe. that film has six oscar nominations. next up is my favorite film of 2015, mad max: fury road, with ten awesome oscar nominations. directed by george miller, who also directed a little film called happy feet. next up is the revenant with 12 oscar nominations, starring leonardo dicaprio. directed by alejandro gonzalez inarritu, who also directed


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