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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 2, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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right now we're following three big stories on the writer feig video showing a woman attacked stabbed in a septa elevator in the middle rain is on the way along with a double digit drop in items but first voters across the country headed to the polls for super tuesday. you decide 2016. the results started coming in minutes after polls closed around the country and right now it appears the two big winners are donald trump for the republicans and hillary clinton for the democrats. both projected to win most of the states up for grabs tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the nation's closely watching to night results including right here at home. we found these students from the university of rutgers in camden keeping a close eye on the primaries and caucuses. our bruce gordon has been tracking returns and reaction live in the newsroom now. bruce? >> reporter: super tuesday the day many experts predicted would bring the republican and democratic nominating contests into much sharper focus that's exactly what's happening. on the republican side
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businessman donald trump began the day with a sizeable delegate lead over his closest rivals text if he can senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio. tonight trump is the big winner he's projected to win alabama and tennessee. massachusetts, georgia and virginia. senator cruz is projected to take his home state of texas along with neighboring oklahoma. here's trump now from his well west palm beach news conference. introduction by new jersey's governor chris chris too we're going create jobs like you've never seen. we're lower taxes. i have plan that larry can you do low and so many others think is the best plan they've seen. we'll lower taxes substantially fort middle class, the middle class has been forgotten in our country. it really -- >> on the democratic side former secretary of state hillary clinton began the day with a huge delegate lead over vermont senator bernie sanders with lots of help from so called super delegates the party leaders and elected official. senator clinton projected to win
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alabama, tennessee, virginia and georgia. arkansas and texas. sanders will take his home state of vermont and also oklahoma. here's secretary clinton from her miami, florida rally. >> we're going to work for every vote and we will need all of you to keep volunteering, contributing, doing everything you can, talking to your friends and neighbors. boonies country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top! >> reporter: none of th called t tonight but the math in terms of delegates starts to get daunting. no surprise that candidates were in florida tonight. the primary there is marc march 15th. by month's end both races could be all but locked up. of course voters in pennsylvania and delaware don't go to the polls until april 26th. new jersey primary not until june 7th. it could be all over by then. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, bruce. we of course are staying on top of the race as more results come in throughout the hour. coming up later in the newscast
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we'll break down the biggest races with fox news anchor shepard smith. >> rain is on the way. live radar shows the system moving in. bringing heavy rain and live winds. wilmington in the and the airport. this rain is the first storm of the week. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking to night's system what's coming in behind it. >> it seems like every other day we have a system. rain on monday, now we have rain on wednesday and by friday, we're talking about some snow. but first things first. dry in old city philadelphia for now. but not for long win the next couple of hours the rain will be moving n you can see it on ultimate doppler. a few sprinkles to the north and west but the main event is still to the west towards pittsburgh and heading into state college. you can see a few sprinkles through places like reading and also the lehigh valley. but by midnight we should be in to see some consistent rain. here we'll take a look at our future weather. you can see by midnight around a of rain moves in and heavier rain between 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. cutting right through
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philadelphia. so around of heavy rain maybe even a rumble of thunder and by 7:00 a.m. it clears the coast and skies will be clearing. but the temperatures will be plunging with whipping winds and that will be the main weather feature for the morning rush. after the heavy rain, about a quarter to half an inch of rain expected. a few rumbles of thunder but winds gusting to 40 maybe even 50 miles an hour in the morning and that could continues into the afternoon. look at this temperature fall. midnight about 57. by noon 41. and by 5:00 p.m. wednesday down to 39. so temperatures crashing behind that front and behind the rain. so our first system moves on through overnight. and then thursday we take break. friday a chance of snow. more on that coming up a little bill later on in the broadcast when i join you with the seven day. >> kathy thanks. make sure you check in with the fox 29 weather and traffic authorities before you head out the door. watch sue serio and bob kelly starting at 4:00 a.m. tonight we're getting a look at the terrifying moments of an attack inside an elevator at a
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septa station. it shows a man pulling out knife and stabbing a woman just moments after the doors closed. we first told you about it this weekend. but police now are hoping someone will recognize the attacker in the video. dave schratwieser following the developments tonight and joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters. dave? >> reporter: lucy, some scary moments inside that elevator tonight police say this was a random attack and the motive was clearly robbery. >> you can see how brutally the attack was. >> reporter: it was a vicious knife attack too violent to shot entire incident. when it was over the 30-year-old victim lay wounded on the ground trying to crawl her way out of an elevator while screaming for help. >> you don't know that they going to tack you. you never know. >> i got scared. i'm almost on this elevator. >> it's scary. it is. >> reporter: detectives say it began when the victim approached a man outside the el station on kensington avenue to ask fortresses. he complied then followed her to the elevator. when she got inside, he entered and the door closed.
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>> he pulled out a knife and demanded money from her. he stabbed her several times. >> reporter: police say the suspect rummaged through the victim's pockets looking for cash and stabbing her several times with a kitchen knife. >> she told us he must have seen several dollars she put in her pocket. he didn't get anything. >> always take the elevator but i don't get on with men. >> reporter: it left septa passengers like vicky rose stunned. she takes the elevator and the train here all the time with her children. >> me, my oldest daughters we all catch the train. my daughters and them catch the train that time of night all the time. >> reporter: same goes for neighbor nancy torres who takes the train with her granddaughter sometimes. >> i ain't never getting on that elevator again. >> reporter: police patrolled the station and platform with k9 dogs tuesday evening keeping a close eye on passengers and searching for the suspect. investigators hope someone recognizes the attacker from the video. >> pretty clear shot of his face. somebody out there must know him. call us up we'd like to get him off the streets. >> there should be a whole lot of police officers out here. throughout the day and the night there should be a whole lot.
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>> reporter: now the suspect didn't get away with any money. the victim was stabbed several times. treated and released in local hospital. we're told she's doing better tonight you want to get another look at the suspect go to our website at >> lucy? >> thank you dave. dash cam video captures a police chase that came to an end on i-76 today. police say 48-year-old sherri howard refused to pull over. skyfox over the end of that chase that had traffic backed up big time. started out wendy dee's where officers were investigating reports of people switching license plates in parking lot. they say howard was driving one of the vehicles involved. heavy traffic stopped her as she headed east on the schuylkill near the belmont skit. now, police arrested everyone suspect all part of an identity theft ring. they say they found driver's licenses and checks belonging to local identity theft victims in that suv. >> two men rush to the hospital in critical condition after a shooting in philadelphia's queen village neighborhood.
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it happened around 8:30 tonight around the -- along the 700 block of south second street. police say they have made an arrest in the shooting and recovered a gun. there's no word yet on what led up to that violence. the search is on for the killer of a man in cobbs creek. the 30-year-old was shot once in the head just after 4:00 this afternoon. it happened on the 600 block of cobbs creek parkway. the name of the victim has not been released. major revelations tonight in what prosecutors are calling a coverup of child sex abuse on a massive scale. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane made the announcement today. in altoona two catholic bishops stand accused of helping cover up the sexual abuse of hundreds of children. by more than 50 priests and religious leaders. a grand jury report says all of this happened over a 40-year span. the 147 page report is based on a secret diocesan archive uncovered by a search warrant last summer. at the center of the report james hogan and joseph adamec
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hogan headed the altoona diocese from 1966 to 1986. he died in 2005. adamec succeeded and retired in 2011. hogan covered up abuse allegations. attorney general kane says diocesan official under hogan told the grander jury church officials held such way in the eight county diocese that police would often defer to them when priests faced accusations of abuse. kane says for decades the victims had no voice. >> today is an important day. it's an important day because as law enforcement officers, officers of the court, the proud men and women behind me, get to tell the stories of the victims. we get to be their voice. we get to speak for the powerless. we get to speak for children who are now grown adults but were literally killed as children.
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their souls were killed as children. >> the survives network of those abused by priests or snap has released a statement saying in part "we're saddened but not the least bit surprised. it proves what we've long maintained, that even now, under the guys of reform, bishops continue to deceive parishioners and the public about their on-going efforts to hide abuse "philadelphia archdiocese tells fox 29 today's news is difficult for all of those affected especially survivors and their families. a deadly accident at a waste management facility claims a worker's live in holmesburg this morning. police think what happened was just a pure accident. they say the 42-year-old man was out inspecting his forklift which was sitting next to a stack of bails and a co-worker was operating a forklift nearby which made contact with the bails of cardboard and they toppled over. a bail of paper weighing 1 ton fell on top of and crushed the victim. the accident happened around 7:30 this morning at a waste management facility on lehigh avenue.
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the worker was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead just before 8:30. while police continue to investigate specifics of this accident. waste management releasing a statement saying in part "this is a heartbreaking incident and our deepest sympathies go out to the family of the deceased". a test drive at a local car legal dealership goes terribly wrong. what the customer broke out behind the wheel that started a scary afternoon. >> a couple out to eat is stunned when they get their receipt. >> what does this mean? like, are ya'll going to do nothing my food or like my card? >> the two words written at the top that left them steaming. plus a tornado barreling in. this delivery truck driver runs to this store looking for cover but the doors are locked. what she did next as the storm hit that saved her life. >> a couple busted forgetting it on outside a fast food restaurant. their car parked right by the drive through window in the middle of the morning. even worse, where police say they had just left.
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♪ tonight police want to identify this man. they say he tricked a used car salesman into a test drive to steal a pricey suv. police say he targeted best buy imports on frankford avenue in january posing as a customer
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when he and the salesman went on a test drive the gun point add gun at him and forced him out of the suv. he got away in the black 2007 cadillac escalade. >> delaware break in four-month investigation. police have made arrest connected to a deadly hit-and-run. prosecutors have charged dustin brown of new castle with manslaughter. police say last october, brown hit kimberly quaid with his car on route 273 in new castle. they say he decided to try to consist all up. >> he truck miss quaid shortly around midnight or thereafter and decided to transport the body to farmers mark parking lot where he disposed of that body. >> police say brown and quaid did not know each other. the pspca brakes up a cockfighting ring in hunting park. sky fox over north lee street earlier tonight. officials tell us they pulled 36
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birds from the property property along with fighting paraphernalia. all of the birds were taken to be evaluated and officials are telling us charges are pending. bill cosby's preliminary hearing in criminal sex assault case is on hold for now. the pennsylvania superior court put the case on hold today. while the judges waived the prosecution request to shut down cosby's retrial appeal. his defense wants the cases toed out. prosecutors say the 78-year-old drugged and molested a temple university employee in his montgomery county home in 2004. he says a former district attorney promised he would never face charges in the case. well, a different district attorney reopened that case and filed charges against cosby in december. some big changes at philadelphia municipal animal shelter has a lot of animal advocates talking and definitely not all good. acct philly says it's trial program to make its kennel less scary to abandoned and stray dogs. but some say the cost of the short-term care could mean much
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higher kill rate. >> fox 29's bill anderson spent some time at a local shelter learning about what's called humane housing. ♪ >> reporter: lost and abando abandoned dogs are large problem in philadelphia. many of the shelters are over populated leading to unfortunate rates of euthanasia. but one local shelter is trying something unique for philadelphia. they believe larger cages lead to higher adoption rates. >> it allows an animal to live in an environment that will allow them to make natural choices. the animal cannot only -- can present itself in way that has people see it in a light that it would be in its house. >> reporter: the concept is called humane housing. animal care and control team of philadelphia in a pilot program doubled the size of some of the cages the dogs were being held in late last year. the science behind humane housing is that animals are more agitated when they're in a cramped space just like -- not just animals. that's a basic, i think, of any
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living thing. >> reporter: acct has a large network of committed volunteers. although they all want more comfort for the dogs, some have some concerns about these larger cages because larger cages equal fewer cages. >> we have to make very difficult decisions regarding euthanizing animals purely for space reasons. it's not just increasing space for the animals but also how are we enriching their stay to decrease their stress and increase their adopt ability. >> reporter: people at cct tells us that euthanasia rates declined and oh adoptions are happening faster since the pilot program began in november. we'll see if humane housing can make faster adoptions the norm over long period of time. >> they get out faster because people are more likely to adopt them or want to rescue them out. >> reporter: because the program is so knew in philadelphia, it's impossible to know if the improved stats are
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directly related to humane housing or some other thing that they're doing. it's certainly not without critics. but very least we can all hope the additional exposure will help reach our shared goal to get all of these dogs forever homes. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. >> soon be one year since philadelphia police officer robert wilson iii was killed inside a north philadelphia game stop store and today a moving tribute released by the police department. a digital portrait was created by officer johnny castro. the department's new forensic graphic artist. it was march 5th of last year when sergeant wilson stopped at that store to get a game for his son. investigators say hips and williams fired several shots during a robbery attempt. wilson was shot self times but he engaged in a fierce gun battle to protect customers and workers inside the store. a philadelphia business grabs dozens of volunteers for a good cause tonight. >> outdoor apparel brand united
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by blue hosted sixth annual water way clean up tonight. volunteers focused on the schuylkill along bartram's garden. volunteers have helped clear 12,000 pounds of trash from the river's banks the project began in 2010. group of guys use their car to smash into this gunshot and start raiding the place getting away with dozens of weapons. what one thief was wearing that could land them all in handcuf handcuffs. >> fire ball just shoots across the sky. people flocked to social media trying to guess what they just saw. the mystery they've solved. >> inside a cvs2 men rush in and right to the pharmacy. they're after drugs. how stepping to to stop the robbery cost one man his job. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. rough go for travel tomorrow especially at philadelphia international airport expect weather delays for those early flights. get move on. also work on the dannehower bridge all this week from nine to 3:00.
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midday delays in and out of norristown. and pothole patrol coming back to delco they'll be working tomorrow in the southbound lanes beginning at 9:00 up to 3:00 o'clock. have a great night. we'll check it out tomorrow
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪
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out of control car careen flood a restaurant tonight kill two people and injuring seven others. witnesses say the car came down a hill near boston crossed an intersection, hit two cars then went right through the restaurant's front wall. investigators say the driver is not among the dead. they are still trying to figure out what went wrong. new video shows a fed he can driver narrowly escaping an ef3 tornado that ripped through louisiana last week. you see the woman run up to this true value hardware store in southern louisiana but the doors were lock. so she ducks behind a nearby drink machine just as the tornado barrels inform you can see the twitter destroys the store, knocks down the machine she was hiding behind. she says she held on to the door of the shop until toured in do you passed incredibly she is okay tonight. ugly rhetoric from the presidential campaign appears to
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be affecting high school students. >> boils down to drum many themed taunts aimed at rivals in a basketball game. this video taken from a student's phone how this responded to the towns. fans were latino chanted yes, we can in spanish after the arrival chaned build a wall or please speak english. witnesses say the rifles waived trump placards. >> it shouldn't have happened, but we did receive an apology from the principal so hopefully we can learn to forgive and forget and make sure it never happens again. >> both teams from catholic schools and their dice cease says the conduct is not representative of the christian faith. officials from both schools are investigating what happened. busted forgetting it on outside a fast food restaurant. their car park right by the drive through window in the mill of the morning. even worse, where police say they had just left. kathy? >> in weather tracking the rain. it will be moving in during the early morning hours then
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whipping winds and a double digit drop in temperature. we'll track the snow for the late week period coming up. the receipt that left one couple speechless. the two words printed on the top they found so offensive they say they were worried about their own safety. ♪
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right now at 10:30 storms are heading our way. live look at the radar shows what's moving in tonight. kathy? >> we're talking about rain and we're talking about wind and also a few rumbles of thunder. it's dry out there right now, but give eight couple of hours, we'll see the wet weather moving in. the good news is, by the morning rush it should be out of here. 53 in philadelphia winds out of the southeast at just 7 miles an hour but they will be kicking up from the south ahead of this cold front. so we're seeing a line of
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showers some imbedded thunderstorms we stay on the warm side of this storm. a few sprinkles to the north and west but the main event will hold off until after midnight. right now pretty mild in philadelphia. but cooler air working its way in poconos 46. the poconos on the 39. 53 in dover and 55 degrees in millville. so temperatures may rise a few degrees ahead of this front over the next couple of hours before the rain moves in. so this sips through offshore by 7:00 a.m. pleasant day on thursday. and then here comes our neck system. an area of low pressure that will be out through the tennessee valley. it is going to weaken and transfer its energy offshore. so we'll see some light snow showers late thursday night into friday this storm is going to strengthen and move toward the northeast. so we'll see part of the storm that weakening part of the storm will be bringing us light snow. so everybody has basketball asking how much snow. well the best estimate right now is about a coating to a couple of inches especially to the north and west of philadelphia. but still many factors to
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consider. the snow that moves in thursday night into early friday morning will be sticking because temperatures will be cold must but once friday arrives, with the angle of the sun, that stronger march sunshine we'll be seeing a loft this melting on those non paved surfaces so as you can see, just a little bit of a light snow and it will be mainly thursday night into friday morning. so temperatures friday between 28 and 34 so marginal temperatures. snow sticks on that -- those non-paved surfaces for the most part and for the morning rush on friday it will ab little bit slick because we will see some of that snow sticking late thursday night. so just be aware of that if you have any travel plans late thursday night or early friday morning into the midday period. tonight, though, rain and wind. look at that 57 in the city. 48 in the suburbs with temperatures falling. we're not showing you traditional temperature map for your wednesday because it's going to change widely throughout the day. we'll peak at 57 at midnight. by 7:00 a.m., 45. noon 41 and by 5:00 p.m. 39.
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so a huge change in temperature almost a 20-degree drop win just a matter of hours. on your seven day forecast, thursday is quiet. the snow moves in thursday night into friday. light snow showers that will definitely impact the commute. just because of the timing. then saturday quite flurries on your sunday and then a big warmup next week. we could see several days in the 60s. that's a look at your seven day. >> all right. kathy, thank you. you decide super tuesday results still being tallied tonight it look like donald trump and hillary clinton are coming out on top. tonight many predicted would narrow the field to just a few candidates the big question now are we down to the two nominees? >> of course the answer may not be quiet so simple. let's bring in fox news chief news anchor shepard smith. schep, one more win for trauma top night. >> reporter: another win for trump and the answer might actually be quite that simple. fox news has just called arkansas it's on the board now. drum many with 34%. 34-point 5% about two-thirds of
3:32 am
all the votes are in. if you look at this board on your screen, this pretty much tells the story of the night. donald trump wins in six states. ted cruz in all of those states second. marco rubio close but third all the way around. his narrative is very difficult to come up with. a way for marco rubio is very difficult to chart. he's losing by double digits in the state of florida which hits in two weeks. losing by double digits in his home state yet he touches on. ted cruz held a victory rally saying he's the only one that unite the party and take on donald trump and you see the super tuesday big board scoreboard and that has the story of the night. donald trump with six of them. ted cruz with two. marco rubio still not a win on the season. >> incredible. of course, schep, let's talk about texas of course the big prize tonight and ted cruz looks like he wins that but he's not going to get a lot of delegates from there. >> reporter: no. he's not going to get all of them that's for sure. take look at the tech text board. the thing about texas is, you have to have 20% overall to be
3:33 am
able to participate in the delegate dish out and as you can see marco rubio third place yet again he didn't hit 20% he gets no delegates. ted cruz will get the majority. he certainly doesn't have enough delegates to come close to donald trump that's his second win of the night for ted cruz. that's three on the campaign season. otherwise a clean sweep from donald trump who said tonight that he's moving on to talk about hillary clinton and beating her in a general election republican establishment rolling over right now as they have completely lot of control. >> what's interesting hillary clinton is talking about donald trump now, too, schep. >> reporter: yup she certainly moved on from bernie sanders. bernie sanders with huge night in vermont as expected he held a rally about three hours ago now saying it was great to be home. landslide victory there with 78% at last check. he also was hoping for a win in massachusetts. vermont numbers. 86% now for bernie sanders he had hope for a win next door in massachusetts he did not get it.
3:34 am
but all in all, bernie sanders will continue certainly a fly in the ointment but little more he has plenty of money and that's one of the keys iain and lucy. he raised $43 million in the month of february. if you have the money, you can run. >> all right. shepard smith live from new york. thanks for the insight schep. >> we'll stay on. to races as more results come in throughout the later. coming up later in the newscast we'll break down the biggest races. we got a trip to the fast food restaurant landed one couple in handcuffs. >> police say they weren't there to eat. in fact, they were never inside. several people started calling police in southern kentucky saying that britain pennington and jonathan howard were having sex in their car in a hardy's parking lot. the car park right next to the drive through window. >> it was pretty awkward situation. luck killly when i got there they were getting out of the e guilty. i told them i got several complaints. they were having sexual intercourse in the vehicle right
3:35 am
in the middle of the day. it was in the morning during rush hour at a very busy restaurant. unfortunately there were several self people around. tons of cars, kids, couples. >> listen to this police say howard had just been released from the detention center that morning. he was back within an hour both are charged with indecent exposure. a stolen u hall truck leads police on a crazy chase on a pack busy highway how one deputy brought it all to an end. >> inside a cvs when two men rushed in and went right for the pharmacy. they were after the drugs. how stepping in to stop the robbery cost one man his job. fire ball shoots across the sky. people flocked to social media of course trying to guess what they saw. the mystery that may
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♪ dash cam video shows what looks like a meteor streaking over scotland. this video from yesterday shows the fire ball visible from the road. locals took to social media speculate wagon that bright flash could have been.
3:39 am
experts who have seen this video believe the object could have a meteor which burst the into the fire ball. search is on for a group of guys who used their car to smash into a gun shop near atlanta. once insider the four men quickly went to work smashing into cases and grabbing what they could. they were only inside for about two minutes and they got away with around 30 guns mostly hand guns and rifles. police got there within 20 seconds of getting a call but the thieves were gone. >> they are not just regular citizens they are armed and dangerous. >> nearby stores caught the guys making their get away. police also released this close up of one of the suspects shoes hoping it will help identify h him. in your money tonight, could cost you more. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney is defending his plan to tax sugary drinks. 3 cents per ounce tax could bring in $400 million over five years it would help fund pre k
3:40 am
and fund green jobs plan. proposal the city has seen before. former mayor michael nutter tried to get a 2 cents an ounce tax years back but it never made it to a council vote. kenney opposed the idea as councilman but now that he's mayor -- >> i have no other sources of revenue. relative to real estate, wage, business, all those things have been exhausted this is the product that sells for multiple multiple hundred times the cost of making it, and i think that they can afford -- they can afford to take this bite and drink it. >> part of the plan the distributor boss pate tax. critics say it would hurt small businesses selling the drinks at more expensive prices. >> couple out for a quick bite stunned when they got their receipt. >> what does this mean? like ya'll going to do something to my footer or my card? >> the two words printed at the top that left them steaming. he's battled debilitating disease his end tour life. now this local man has a new
3:41 am
fight for independence. how you can help him get the service dog he says will
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♪ this is a chase involving a u-haul in michigan. it all started after a state police trooper tried to pull over the driver for equipment violations. it turns out the u-haul was stolen so that driver wasn't stopping. the chase covered several miles. finally ended when a deputy hit the u-haul finally stopping it. a texas couple says they are never ever going back to ihop again. >> their problems not with the food but rather the two words printed on their the receipt they got. >> my girlfriend came up to me was like you see the receipt. black people on there. what do you mean black people thon. >> that's right. printed right at the top were the words "black people" the couple shocked and offended they
3:45 am
were also worried about what those words meant. >> what does this mean, like, are ya'll going to do something to my food or my card? put a number or to go or the color of the shirt, like, not your skin color. >> what they say is even more surprising their waiter was black. on facebook he apologized saying it was a slip up he was trying to get orders out he was kind of behind. ihop released a statement saying it was poor choice and will be used as a teachable moment. so it will not happen again that. waiter was hit go. maryland man heroic actions during a drugstore robbery cost him his job. it started when two men jumped pharmacy counter at a vcs. they forced the pharmacist to hope save tried to get away then but the store now former manager says reacting on instinct he tried to stop the men as they were running out. one of the robberies tried to hit him. he says that even though they ended up dropping their weapons they still got away. the next day he got more news.
3:46 am
>> -- bad news. >> due to the action i did, they have to terminate my employment effective 5:00 p.m. to that name it's not a good feeling. i've never been let go for a position especially for something like that. >> the statement really doesn't. cvs says safety of customers and employees is always our highest priority the company does not comment on specific security procedures. >> local man spent his entire life battling a debilitating disease. cerebral palsy forced him in a wheelchair years ago. now he's hoping for little up pennsylvania. >> he believes a service dog will help him achieve his goal. the cost they're rather overwhelming fox 29's bill anderson spoke to the family fighting for him. ♪ >> reporter: joe fitch is 30 years old he loves pets -- >> everywhere i look. >> huge into the ball and wrestling fan. >> big show. >> joe also had cerebral palsy
3:47 am
since birth. he has a strong desire to be independent and that led to joe wanting a service dog. >> joe, tell me why you think you need a service dog. >> i think it will help me. >> his mother told me although his communication can be challenging his mind is sharp. ♪ >> reporter: he wants to self sufficient and began researching service dog that can help him with that independence. >> ultimately the goal is for joe to be independently as possible. leaving alone living in situation with a roommate or something but just as independence as possible. so the dog can help that happen, that would be great. >> reporter: after extensive research the family found a service dog organization that they were comfortable with. that's when they found out that service dogs costs thousands of dollars. money they just don't have. undawned joe began the process of raising the money with a gofundme account. >> this one is $10,000 donation
3:48 am
which joe has been working really hard and got the foot hold in that, but he does need help with that. >> reporter: on his own, joe began reaching out to everyone from politicians to celebrities. he's a huge eagles fan. so he tweeted them. he loves actor and wrestlers the rock so he tweeted him. but so far no luck. >> you tweeted the rock? >> yeah. yeah. >> then joe tweeted us. we wanted to see if we can help him spread the word about his gofundme page and help raise the money so he can have both a support system an companion. >> it's just a companionship. just having a responsibility, somebody to take care of, somebody to just be there for you, and, you know, these dogs are pretty amazing. >> reporter: so far joe has raised nearly 2,000 of the needed $10,000 is hope people will watching will share his page on social media. make a small donation if
3:49 am
possible and give him a chance to in his mother's words no longer be trapped. >> joe loves to travel and we do travel. and i think it would enable him to, you know, get out there and see the world and see, you know, the country the way he wants to see it. >> bill anderson fox 29 news. >> really is amazing what service dogs and therapy dogs and companion dogs can do for a person. >> absolutely. we're pulling for you, yo. >> we put a link in fact to joe's gofundme page on our website fox look under scene on tv. here's howard with a look what'sing up in sports. >> basketball players learned a really hard lesson. the game is not over until you see zeros on the clock. incredible end to go a basketball game. the eagles and their quarterback. they got a new deal done. but it's a lot different than people expected. that's all coming up in sports.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ the eagles they have their quarterback for the next two seasons and in the end i'm not surprised there should not be a lot of complaining by the eagles fans. eagles and sam bradford signed
3:53 am
new deal. but to the surprise of some it's only a two-year deal. it's worth 36 million with 26 of it guaranteed. there are some bonuses but the fans should be happy if he does get those bonuses and two years will not tie the eagles down if bradford is not what they need him to be. all right. with the team's villanova has been playing the last two games, it's time for the post season. time, come on, let's go. villanova played another pumpkin from the big east and did what they should do. crushed that pumpkin. nova did play their final game at the pavilion let's season. threats take at a look. okafor i hope he's recovered from that shin bruise he has that kept him out of the game the other night. poor guy probably limped in. josh heart scored the first six points for nova and at that point against depaul the game was over but chris jenkins great game himself. eight, threes, 31 points, villanova wins it, 83-62 over dee ball. nova coach jay wright with the
3:54 am
ultimate coach speak. >> i give depaul a lot of credit they came in here and played with confidence, shot the ball great. >> a lot of credit. a lot of credit. he led by one it at half. you won by 21. what do they get credit for. the phillies -- come on, jay. enough. the phillies played their first exhibition games. the game show does flaws. starting pitcher serzone know -- whatever his name is gonzales did not have a good day. two runs in two innings here's the good stuff. to clearwater, florida, carlos ruiz, phillies down two to nothing in the second inning. a two-run single two-two and the player you will probably see many games maybe most of the games in right field will be aaron al tear. all tear good throw to the plate. throws the runner out. fit legal lose five-thee. they only had five hits. in basketball the game is not
3:55 am
over until the clock hits zero. high school kids in rhode island learned a hard lesson let's go to providence, rhode island and take a look. in white the team called cher yo. they lost the ball in overturn. the other dopes through it up in the air the game is not over the player called a time out with one second left. they thought they won the game. look at that. that's the team in white. that's for the state title. game is not over until the clock says zero. do not throw the ball up in the air until it says zero. >> gosh. >> good lesson. >> incredible. >> great lesson. >> lessons are tough sometimes. >> kathy, how about our weather. >> it will rain within the next couple of hours. heaviest rain timing during the early morning hours. let's time the out hour by hour. between 3:00 a.m. all that yellow heavy rain and 6:00 a.m. we'll see the heaviest rain. then moves offshore. by 7:00 we'll be seeing some sunshine to the north and west and clearing from west to east. but this is the big story.
3:56 am
the wind. temperatures will be in the 50s overnight. but here comes the cold front swish and 7:00 a.m. -- >> swish. >> sounds like a basket. >> exactly. >> nike. >> 13 in the poconos by tomorrow morning. >> i'm glad i'm not in the poconos. >> 25. in wilmington much that's what it will feel like when you head out the door. >> swish. >> i can't wait tour that 70-degree swish. tmz followed by dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. >> that's more avenue wahoo, sixty three a swish. >> it is. >> we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. super tuesday, at least for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> this has been an amazing evening. we are going to make america great again, folks. we're going to make it great again. >> trump coming out the clear winner for republicans last night with seven wins. >> we know we've got work to do. but that work, that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. (cheers). >> hillary clinton getting more delegates last night making her the clear frontrunner in the democratic side this morning. we have complete coverage of super tuesday. >> our other top story this morning, the weather, right now tracking rain in our area. sue will have a look at how


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