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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 3, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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>> right now we're following two big stories. seoul cell phone video shows this woman passed out behind the wheel. local police say high on drugs and in that red circle a baby in the back seat. >> first though your weather authority is tracking snow on the way. may not look like much right now in the midwest but it could bring several inches of snow. live look at reading depending on where you live the system could make just a mess of your drive friday morning. we've already, we're feeling the chill as it is. people back in their thick winter coats tonight in center city. good evening to you, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. when does all this start? let's get over to kathy orr tracking the system. right now, iain, we have the cold in place. wind chills are in the 20s and tomorrow morning they'll be in the teens. you can even see some lake effect snow showers off lake erie and lake ontario we stay clear overnight but here it is. a developing area of low pressure that will become an east coast storm. we'll just see it brush by the
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delaware valley right now 34. the win out of the northwest at 16 gusting to 25. it feels like it is only 24 degrees outside. here's a look at the current wind chills in the poconos it feels like seven. feels like winter again. 17 in reading and lancaster and right now in wilmington and pottstown it feels like it is 19. we are tracking the snow that area of low pressure will go down to the deep south pick up mississippi cher from the gulf and move offshore. what's in it for us? >> no problems for your thursday morning or thursday evening commute. the impact will come friday morning and then by friday evening's commute we should in the clear but there will be slick spots. we'll break down who will see the most snow and how much you can expect coming up with that seven day forecast a little bit later on in the broadcast. iain and lucy, more information coming into the weather center. we'll have the latest coming up. >> kathy, look forward to that. thank you. today's high winds wreaked havoc on trees and branches around the area. take a look in bensalem trees were knocked down and roads and power lines. as we take life from trenton tonight make sure you're
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prepared for the snow with our fox 29 weather app. you can see live radar and get alerts sent to your phone. you can fine it in the apple and google play stores. at least two people killed tonight in a nasty car crash involving a car and a tractor trailer in lehigh county. you can see the tractor trailer overturned on route 222 in upper macungie township around 4:00 today. investigators say the car was heading north on 222 and crossed the median into the truck's path. the two crashed burst into flames. no word tonight on whether those killed were in the car or factor trailer. all right. let's good to our next story right now. two people are in the hospital after a wreck in northeast philadelphia. it happened at about 6:30 tonight right here the intersection of castor avenuee and benner street. two vehicles crashed including this jeep thenned up on its roof. police say medic transported one adult and one child to a hospital. we don't yet know how they're doing. philadelphia police could soon have an extra piece of equipment on them while they're out on patrol. mayor kenney hoping to equip officers with body cameras.
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let's get straight to dave schratwieser live outside police headquarters tonight. dave, after a test of the cameras the city wants more. >> reporter: no doubt about that. the mayor wants to buy 800 new body cameras to equip officers. he wants to do it this year at a big number over a million dollars. tonight police and the public seem to be okay with it. the fraternal order of police calls body cameras a luxury. >> it makes good cops, great cops and makes the march jim ones follow the rules. >> reporter: that's what septa police chief thinks about officers wearing body cameras. he wears one every day as do the rhett of his 255 officers. now, mayor jim kenney wants 800 philadelphia police officers outfitted with cameras at a cost of $1.1 million. >> it's the wave of the future. we have the pilot as you know in the 22nd district and it's gone well. >> when you graduate now from the academy, we give you a gun, a badge and a body camera. >> reporter: the city tested the cameras in a six-month pilot
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program in north philadelphia's 22nd district. more cameras are on the way and so is a policy for using them. >> it's for everybody. it's for both the police and the public. it serves so many purposes. >> reporter: these are ups matches captured by septa police body camera. the chief says the cameras are a great tool that provide key evidence in criminal cases. it can record officers enter actions with the public. >> we're using them internal investigations, we're showing that, you know, what somebody said occurred didn't occur. >> eye i think it's necessary for cops to have some accountability for the things they're doing. >> reporter: still under review how long the city will store the videos. septa stores them for 90 days and officers must have permission to use the cameras in someone's home or business. >> knock at the door, um, woman answers, says absolutely, turn the cameras on. we have great video of the capture of that suspect and the recovery of the evidence. >> i think it's a good check and
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balance thing and in this day and age of technology, why not? let's do it. >> reporter: fop president john mcnesby told me tonight that the cameras are a luxury. the department needs more cops, more police cars and better buildings to house its police officers. the city hopes to roll out the new cameras in the 22nd district in north philadelphia and spread them across the city. 800 new cameras if the money is approved by city council. iain? >> dave, thank you. two families are out of their homes tonight after a building collapse in wilmington, delaware. this was the scene along the 1100 block of north heel street around 9:30 this morning. fire officials say that a home that was in the process of being demolished collapsed. medic took one man who lives next door to the hospital for minor injuries. licenses and inspections agents evacuated the homes on each side of that collapse. they were damaged because of falling debris. only on fox tonight people just shock at the woman passed out behind the wheel of a car on a philadelphia street with a
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baby in the back seat. she was stopped at an intersection in port richmond yesterday afternoon. fox 29's shawnette wilson is at the 24th police district in juniata with what happened. shawnette? >> reporter: lucy, we do have some good news. we're told that baby is okay. police say he's under a-year-old and that it was the quick thinking of a man walking by that rescued this baby from a dangerous situation. >> hey, yo. >> reporter: disturbing video of a woman out cold in a car. >> seen her out of the corner of my eyes nod hemoglobin in her car. i was going to put her on facebook. >> this man who doesn't want to be identified started recording with his cell phone until he noticed something of bigger concern. >> just as i was walking up, i seen the baby in the back seat. >> reporter: it happened yesterday around 5:00 o'clock. the man says he was walking home on allegheny avenue near jannie street in port richmond when he noticed the woman and baby. you can hear him banking on the window repeatedledly trying to e
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up the woman then he says his paternal instincts kicked in. >> finally i called the cops. listen, there's a lady oding an baby in the back seat. at that time i put my phone in my pocket and picked up a rock and crashed the rear rear view p mirror to unlock the door. >> good samaritan says he shook the woman who still wouldn't wake up. so he grabbed the child. >> he was crying. he was crying his eyes out and he was -- his diaper was soaked. he was sitting in it for while. heartbreaking. >> reporter: police tell us the woman who was 30 years old was high on narcotics. they arrested her and placed the baby with dhs who in turn handed the baby over to relatives. people in the area we talked to were saddened by what they saw on the video. >> you have a child in there. she's unconscious. sure. it's very sad. >> the child is innocent, you know what i mean? and for her being like that, one, you're not paying attention. two, safety. >> reporter: got samaritan who
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says he has a seven month old is still emotional over what he s saw. >> that's just heartbreaking. >> reporter: back here live, police tell us that the woman woke up when they heard -- when she heard sirens as they pulled up. they also tell us she took off running but again they did catch her and arrest her. charges are pending back to you. >> all right, shawnette. the delaware state supreme court overturned the conviction of a former prep school head master sentenced to 50 years in prison on child porn charges. the court said today search warrants police used in their investigation of christopher wheeler were unconstitutionally broad. a judge convicted wheeler last year on 25 counts of dealing child porn. he waived his right to a jury trial after the judge denied a defense request to suppress evidence seized by authorities. wheeler is former head master at tower hill school in wilmington.
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>> the search is on for a man police say kicked and punched an officer this morning in olney. it happened on east godfrey avenue while police were investigate a report of domestic violence, they say a man became belligerent and fought with officers when they tried to search him. at one point an officer and the man fell over a railing and the man took off running. officer is not seriously hurt. two attackers got much more than they bargained for. philly police say the pair targeted a man in philadelphia's queen village neighborhood beating him without mercy. but officers say the man was packing heat, and when it was all over, the two attackers ended up in the hospital. fox 29's dawn timmeney spoke to a neighbor who saw the whole thing go down. >> it was around 8:30 my husband and i were watching television and i heard shouting and i looked through the blinds to see what was going on. >> reporter: that's when this woman who does not want to be identified says she saw her neighbor shoved to the sidewalk being beaten up by two young m men. >> as the neighbor got up, one of the two guys really started slamming him and knocking him
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back down on the ground. >> reporter: police say the 65-year-old victim and his wife were walking along the 700 block of south second street in queen village not too far from their home when they got into an argument with the pair. >> it turns into a physical altercation where they start beating the male, the male has injuries to his mouth, his head and scratches on his body. >> reporter: police say during the course of the attack, the victim who has a permit to carry pulled out his gun and fired three shots. the 21-year-old was hit in the neck. the 20-year-old in the stomach. the two making a run for it, barely making it a block to second and bainbridge. that's where they were then taken to the hospital by ambulance. >> i had already called 91 weren't and was on the line with them when i heard the gunshots report roar this woman says from what she saw, the 65-year-old was just trying to protect himself. >> there was no way that our neighbor was going to be able to fend off these two guys and with the strength behind the punches that i saw it was not just like -- it was serious. >> reporter: others in the neighborhood are rallying around
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the victim. >> i guess they pick on the wrong guy. >> self-defense. self-defense. i heard he was getting beat in the face. that's awful. >> reporter: police say this may have all started with the two young men knocking over some flower pots along second street. that may have started the verbal argument. now those two men are in the hospital. the district attorney will decide whether or not to file charges against the 65-year-old or if he did indeed act in self-defense. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. ♪ these guys really want to get inside that shop. hooking the gate to a truck and yanking it off. then they race through the door. what they wanted so bad inside. and residents of a local community say when backhoes dig for new homes they're neighborhood smells like a gas station. >> my wife has been having migraines. other neighbors have been sick. and it's like standing in front of opening can of kerosene. >> neighbors are worried. others they're not talking. and fox 29 investigates.
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a car erupts in flames with a man trapped inside. the situation almost turned tragic. the three things that saved his life. and he looked like he was buying a soda until he whipped a gun out of his pants. what the woman behinded counter did next t
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>> cruise ship battered by a storm on the high seas last month faced yet another weather threat an possible norovirus outbreak. royal caribbean anthem of the seas cut another cruise short. last month the same ship sailed into storm enormous waves and high winds battered it. passengers spent several hours in their cabins riding out the
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really rough weather. this time around, the captain returned to port in new jersey this morning two days early to avoid a similar storm. and the centers for disease control has confirmed that 3% of the passengers fell ill with a gastrointestinal virus during the trip. >> it had nothing to do with the virus as far as we know. we didn't see anybody sick on the ship although i know there were some people viral flu, but didn't affect us, and we enjoyed the people. we just wish it was longer. >> the cdc board the ship today to test for signs of norovirus. it is a sure sign that spring is almost here. road crews are busy repairing those potholes. open though it's been a mild weather some drivers have a tough time on the roads. >> one woman told fox 29 a pothole destroyed her car. fox 29's chris o'connell is live along the schuylkill expressway. chris? >> reporter: guys, if you drive by now you're pretty familiar with them this season. from the highways to the city
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streets, it is pothole season and the work has begun. potholes are back. >> too many potholes. >> reporter: it's got cars pounding the pavement. >> i swerved and i said damn potholes again. >> reporter: one pothole on 55th and kiss kingsessing got so big the swallowed donna norman's 2010 honda civic. >> i hit the hole and my electrical system went out. i thought the car was actually on fire. >> reporter: air bags deploye deployed. the front end smash. the car she's still paying for is now a total loss. >> it's a headache because us taxpayers are paying money for them to do their things and they're not. it's causing us money. >> reporter: the philadelphia streets department says they are trying to keep up with the pothole problem. you may have seen this truck around town. crews have been busy with this auto mat tick pothole filler in northeast philadelphia almost daily. penndot says the pothole problem
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isn't even nearly as bad as the last two years. >> i just hit a pothole coming out of north philly. >> reporter: what did it sound like? >> i don't want to look. >> your brakes, everything, messing up. it's a bad situation. they need to take care of. >> reporter: as the weather warms don't expect things to get any better. march and april are typically the worst months for potholes. so, how do you avoid them? >> it's horrible if you don't see them, you'll mess your axle up and break your tire rods, you know, take it to the mechanic that's for sure. >> reporter: penndot says the best way to get a pothole fixed, simply report it. they have a pothole hotline. 800-fix-road. make sure you give them a mile marker an landmark. penndot says they try to respond to pothole problems within 48 hours. iain? >> good advice, thank you, chr chris. governor chris christie out of the presidential race but after his endorsement of donald trump he still very much in the
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spotlight and now some papers in his home state are calling for christie to resign. six new jersey newspapers are calling on governor christie to step down saying he's just not fit to be governor any more. those papers issuing a joint editorial. it uses strong words to describe the governor like selfish. after months of campaigning against republican front runner donald trump the newspapers saying they're disgusted with the endorsement and calling christie a political opportunity tift and accuse him of negligenting the people of new jersey. he says trump is the guy to beat hillary clinton in a general leck. pundants that it endorsement is a sign he's hoping to be pick as vice-presidential candidate. so far the governor is not addressing those claims. billionaire investor carl icon says if new jersey approves casinos in the northern part of the state he will not pump $100,000,000.92 newly accused of taj ma shall casino in atlantic city. he says his planned investment in the casino he acquired from bankruptcy court hang on new
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jersey knot not approving two nenew casinos outside new york city. >> in state competition will devastate atlantic city and make it impossible to invest that much money into his new casino. a bill to authorize the statewide referendum in november on new jersey casinos in the north is expected to pass later this month. hundreds of young scientists showing off their invention today's in delaware county. middle and high schoolers from bucks, chester, delaware, montgomery and philadelphia counties all gathered at new man university. it's all for the 20 keep southeastern pennsylvania science olympiad regional competition. sixth through 12th graders put their impressive creations to the testament it's read across america day and the birthday of dr. seuss. >> celebrities and community leaders mark this day by picking up a good old-fashioned book. philadelphia eagle bow allen traded football helmet for a dr. seuss hat and read to about 50 elementary children part of a
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book donation event at martin luther king high school in germantown. santander bank donated 3,000 books to at risk kids and not just eagles players who grabbed a good book today. see that guy right there, fox 29's own chris o'connell read green eggs and ham to second and third graders at the chester upland school of the arts in delaware county. chris looking very dapper in his cat in the hat hat. >> all the kids saying hay. >> love it. >> great thing there. police walk up to this guy inside a wal*mart and in seconds he's running away. what police say he was doing to women inside that wal*mart that had him in so much trouble. >> a teenager in tennessee accused of opening fire on his mom and his grandma. their simple request the family says set him off. talk about desperate. the disgusting act police say this guy tried to avoid getting arrested. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody.
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out and about tomorrow, look out. so will penndot. they'll be out there on 95 northbound right at the cottman avenue off-ramps off and on not only tomorrow but all day on friday. tomorrow breakfast segment we'll go to patti's cafe over at the flying w restaurant there in medford, new jersey. come on by beginning at 9:00 o'clock. we'll have breakfast somebody coffee and then the cone zone here in norristown tomorrow they'll be working on the dannehower bridge beginning at 9:00 o'clock. what you need to know before you get on the go, we'll have it
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ crazy video out of houston tonight. catches this gun shop robbery. 10 times attached the front gate to the back of that pick up. look at that yank it off and then they all run inside and with precision smash out the glass cases and grab everything they can. police have not said how many guns they got away with but there's a $5,000 reward to catch these guys. astronaut scott kelly back on earth after a record 340 days on the international space station. kelly landed in kazakhstan this morning and when the hatch of that capsule opened he took in his first breath of fresh air and nearly a year but his mission is far from over. testing of his physical abilities and response now after so much time in space began
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almost immediately. he's returning to texas tonight his family and undergo more testing. kelly says leaving the space station is bittersweet. >> even though i look forward to coming home, and there's things that i miss, i felt like if it was for the right reason i clearly could have stayed, you know, however long it took. >> the mission generated tremendous interest around the world. fueled in part by kelly's social media prowl less. he has $1 million on twitter and instagram and posted 1,000 pictures from space and they were spectacular. i'm one his followers of course. in tennessee, a teen faces charges to night after police say he actually opened fire on his own family. >> they say it's all because he did not want to get out of bed gone to school. authorities say early yesterday morning in nashville the 16-year-old became enraged when his mother and grandmother told him to get up and get are there for school. that's when investigators say he grabbed a gun from his closet and fired hitting his
3:25 am
grandmother twice and grazing a 12 an six-year-old. police say the teen dropped them off -- drop the gun and ran off. >> police did recover the handgun, and then capture the suspect a short time later walking on straight way near some railroad tracks. >> authorities say everyone shot should be okay. that teen is now facing charges in juvenile court with four counts of attempted homicide and one count of reckless endangerment. >> he looked like he was just buying a soda until he whipped a gun out of his pants. what the woman behind the counter did next that sent him running. >> take a good look at this water flowing into the tributary of nearby creek. it will cost about five grand in penalties. the trouble where knew homes are going up. fox 29 investigates is ahead. kathy? >> iain, the cold air is here. wind chills will be in the teens come thursday morning. and tracking the snow coming from the midwest becomes a coastal storm.
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♪ right now at 10:31 man goes to an absolutely bizarre extreme
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to hide his identity. dash cam video shows the car police in ohio pulled over. inside a man who was desperate to hide who his identity was from the officers. police say he first said he wasn't carrying a wallet or any id. >> then he gave police his younger brother's name and birthday. the officers could tell from all the tattoos about tampa he was from florida but here's where it gets really weird. while police call detectives down in tampa, the guy went into panic mode. >> he literally chewed his fingerprints off of his hands. sometimes people will sand them but i've never heard of anybody chewing their fingerprints off. >> you heard him right these pictures show how far he went. 24-year-old curt kelly has a long criminal history with several arrests. he's been on the run since september. wanted in florida for trafficking stolen guns. it was his tattoos that gave him away. >> a couple outside of washington, d.c. got one wake up
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call when bullets through there their walls. take a look. you can see the bullet holes in the walls and windows. homeowner says his wife was asleep he was walking around his home around 4:00 a.m. when he heard loud noise. he hate thought it was tree branch hitting his house until he heard it again. >> didn't see anything, so went into the bathroom. heard another loud noise, and the bullet came through and then just dropped to the floor. right next to me. >> police say it was a squatter in vacant house next door that opened fire now officers found a 6-foot python in the house they arrested the squatter. they're not sure why he started shooting. >> big developments today in you decide. ben carson may be suspending his campaign for president at some point soon. not just yet but the gop hopeful released a statement today saying he will not attend tomorrow's fox news debate in detroit. the statement doesn't say he's dropping out. but says he quote does not see a political path forward after
3:31 am
seeing the super tuesday results. carson says he'll discuss more about the future of this movement on friday. harlem globetrotters showing off their skills at an unexpected place. >> on septa trains, for instance. ♪ >> isn't that great? >> they got that wonderful song that follows them everywhere. globetrotters gave a show to suspecting passengers riding the train in trenton and philadelphia. their subway takeover is part of year long celebration of their ninth anniversary. they have a record 10 games in the greater philadelphia area from march 2nd to the 12th. it will be fun. >> see them out there kind of windy. they didn't have a big jacket. they might need that tomorrow. >> oh, yeah. brrr. it is going to be cold in the morning. wind chills in the teens. right now at the airport our camera shaking a little bit
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still seeing gusts to about 25 miles an hour. you can see the wind chill right now sitting at 24 degrees. the temperature 34 but with that wind much colder. right now temperatures ranging from 20 in the poconos to 34 degrees in wildwood and in philadelphia. overnight those lows will be singing into the 20s. all eyes on our next weather system. this is what everyone is talking about. an area of low pressure down to the south that's going to be d digging through the southern part of the country picking up gulf moisture. longer it stays in the south, the longer it gathers the moisture and you can see by midnight on friday, we see some snow and as the area of low pressure moves offshore, the snow is more focused through south jersey and delaware. that's why i think we'll see the higher accumulations there. and then you can see it moves offshore and up tense face as it heads towards the north and east and impacts new england. let's go hour by hour. here's thursday morning a. 8:00 a.m. a northerly wind. it's chilly by the afternoon into the evening temperatures in the 30s. we watch system coming up from
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the south. after 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night we'll see the snow move up from the south and by 11:00 p.m. it will be snowing pretty much everywhere. temperatures borderline around freezing but i do think this will be sticking during early morning hours. then as the storm moves offshore you see a little bit of a break friday morning and then more snow through south jersey and delaware. interior south jersey where you see the deeper colors of purple, that is where we could be seeing the highest accumulations still watching the track of this it still could change but right now it looks like south and east seeing the heavier snow. so friday temperatures between 28 and 34. snow sticking on the non-paveed surfaces as temperatures begin to warm and slick for that morning rush. that will be the highest impact commute. when we look at our computer models in the short range, you can see varying between half an inch to 2-inches but i think a coating to a couple inches through most of the region but when we break it down one to two to the north and west of philadelphia. philadelphia right on that borderline. possibly around 2-inches and two
3:34 am
to 3-inches south and east with an area somewhere in here that we could see banding and 3-inches or more snow. but by the afternoon a lot of this will be meltin melting witr temperatures. 27 in the city. overnight. 24 in the suburbs. wind chills tomorrow morning in the teens. highs tomorrow in the 40s. it stays chilly. as we look ahead, some good news in the seven day. getting much warmer. wait until you see this. we have our snow friday morning. slowing things down. maybe some school delays just because of the timing. saturday cold a few flurries on sunday and then monday, 50s. tuesday 60s. wednesday 70s. thursday -- we'll wait to show you thursday till tomorrow. but you see the trend. temperatures warming big time wednesday 73 degrees. >> i love it. >> so do i. >> thank you, kathy. >> you're welcome. >> police walked up to a gown p guy inside a wal*mart and in seconds he ran away. what police say he was doing to women inside that wal*mart that
3:35 am
had him in trouble. >> a car erupts in flames with a man trapped inside. the situation almost turned tragic but three things
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3:37 am
♪ this guy got plans to rob
3:38 am
this convenience store but the woman behind the counter is not about to let that happen. watch as he pays for soda then pulls a gun from his waistband. the clerk fights back slapping at the gun even hitting the guy with cash register drawer. as he's running away, she's not finish. she grabs a hammer you can see the suspect didn't get away with anything but he did get away. >> in your money tonight, if you play the pennsylvania lottery there's an easier way to see if you're a winner on april stan game. pennsylvania lottery mobile app has a feature that allows players to scan instant game ticket right from their phone. point your phone camera at the bar code and see if you've won. the app is free. the pennsylvania lottery is a sponsor of fox 29 of course and you can see the lottery daily right here on fox 29. well good samaritans put their own lives at risk to save a man from a burning car. >> and the dramatic scene played out in alabama saturday night. a car veered off the road into the city of whoever hit a tree and burst into flames. an off duty firefighter saw the
3:39 am
fire and stopped to help. she says several witnesses managed to pull the 24-year-old driver out of that car. that's when she stepped in. >> he did come out with flames on his back. he was on fire. so we used my blanket and we -- they were able to smother him with that. i just yet yelled out anybody has a pocketknife so we can cut off whatever i could not tear off by hasn't. at that time that's when i went ahead and started tearing all his clothes off bought they were melting towards his skin. >> he is still in the hospital. theresa, says it was quick thinking, training and the goodness of strangers that saved his life. >> fumes, odors, burning eyes and being forced inside. that's what folks in a local community are facing as pricey homes are being built. >> my wife has been having migraines. other neighbors have been sick and it's like standing in front of open can of kerosene. >> neighbors are worried. others are not talking.
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♪ this is police body cam video of a man being questioned about sexual assault at a wal*mart in georgia. as you're about to see, he gives the officer the slip. investigators say the man groped
3:43 am
a 64-year-old woman on sunday. he ran out of the store and then came back. that's when the officer tried to handcuff him but he bolted and drag the officer behind him. the man did turn himself in to police yesterday. he's in jail tonight. residents of a delaware county community say they have serious concerns about what is getting dug up as new homes go up in an old industrial site next to their backyard. >> then there's the smell. fox 29 is investigating. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: when the heavy equipment began ripping at the earth for construction of new homes last spring on an old industrial ground field in haverford township, neighbors got a whiff of a nasty smell. it grew stronger as the heat came on. >> all summer it was terrible. we cannot go out in the backya backyard. my wife has been having migraines. other neighbors have been sick, and it's like standing in front of an open can of kerosene.
3:44 am
>> reporter: u.s. epa assured neighbors during a meeting in may that the odors posed no immediate threat to them or the environment but this wasn't the first or last sign of trouble. industrial uses go back nearly a century on the triangular property at the end of harvard road. sitting along an old railroad line it's been an asphalt plant and heating oil depot. the site was cleaned up during the '90's and underground storage tanks were pulled by 2002. when harvard road development llc led by jeffrey steiger walt acquired the property in marc march 2138 homes were proposed on almost 3 acres. plans were approved in 2014 for a seven home culled did he sack. by years end, the property was flipped for 690 grand almost five times what it had cost. new owner harvard 7llc repped by
3:45 am
kevin hill singer began digging last spring. that's when that oily sheen appeared on water pooling at the site. folks tell us their neighborhood started to smell like a gas station. >> we have young children. normally want to play out back. you know, sit out on the patio and cook out over the summer and we've not done that because of the fumes and the odors and the burning eyes, itchy throat. the hearseness the things that happen, you know. >> reporter: plans called for vapor barriers and vents in the new homes. hill singer halted building brought in consultants to dig more test bits and started moving dirty soil to landfills although some sat in piles for months. neighbors were curious where some of it dump trucks were going so they followed one with video camera rolling and watched a load get dumbed at a curbing project in another neighbor.
3:46 am
>> they're dumping. >> reporter: township officials say that contractor was actually doing work for them and it's believed what he pick up was actually clean phil. but they had it hauled back to be safe. then in november more trouble. neighbors saw a construction crew pumping water through a silt or filter back apparently to remove sediment. video showed the water running into the tributary of a nearby creek. the state department of environmental protection opened an investigation. but couldn't immediately say what happened. >> that's an enforcement act. that's confidential at this point. >> so you're investigating that for a possible penalty for the development of what happened there. >> correct. >> reporter: last week we opened the property own are in was hit with a 55 hun hundred dollars fine by the state. in this settlement agreement the company admitted it failed to stop the run off and to immediately report it. active visits resident david
3:47 am
freed calls that $5,500 fine a joke. all of these issues led to a meeting in dep's norristown office an frigid january day. fox 29 investigates was outside camera rolling as the parties gathered. in a site characterization report harvard seven appears to have been surprised by the environmental problems at the site writing it had no information that suggested the conditions that were ultimately end countered. but they claim to be moving ahead. thousands of tons of material including tar impacted soils had been removed. one home is standing but it's not finished or occupied. five others are under agreement of sale. the dep warns harvard seven needs to remediate. that may involve removing more soil. even where the home was already built and collecting additional samples to show they meet statewide health standards.
3:48 am
neighbors remain deeply concern. >> i'm jeff cole from fox tv. >> i know who err. >> they are claim their township commissioner james mcgarrity has been unresponsive since the problems rose. he had little time for us after the big meeting broke. >> the residents believe they have not been treated fairly. they're very concerned that you're not representing them in a way that you should. >> you have to talk to the state representative. i'm the township representative. >> reporter: do you think you've done a good job in terms of representing their concerns, commissioner? >> yes. >> hill singer the builder wasn't talking at all. he jumped in his truck and drove off when we tried to question him. >> how are you? >> we also spotted steiger walt the prior landowner he says he'll live in one of the new homes and hill singer reportedly will, too. stegall walt point to do earlier clean ups and says prior testing look like it was fine. >> well, let's put it this way. if i thought at the beginning there was an issue to move forward, i wouldn't have
3:49 am
developed the site. >> we were told it was going to be open space. >> reporter: residents way get some answers. they want to know more about suspected cole ash captured in photos taken by the dep in january. the ash a by product of burning cole is considered solid waste, and can contain potentially toxic heavy metals. >> bottom line, what's your concern then? is your concern that this may be in fact an environmental hazard that's happening here that may be being stirred up by all that's going on? >> yes. exactly. where is the smell coming from and is that dangerous for my wife and my children? >> reporter: local state representative who leads an environmental committee says the site is gettin getting the propr attention and dep has been there 21 times but residents remain deeply skepticadeeply except esa plan that calls for remediation or continued cleaning of the site lot by lot.
3:50 am
by the way, the last lot was being shopped for over a half million bucks. jeff cole, fox 29 news. jeff is going to stay on top of this and we of course will bring updates as soon as we get them. sean bell in the house for sports. >> that's right. ncaa season here. march madness st. joe's look to go to get pay back on saint bon venture. one player gets 40 but it wasn't for the right team. sixers starting to reach their limit. coach brett brown talks
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ there's 22 games left for the sixers when you're losing and not going to the playoffs this time is usually for players and coaches to check out. especially when there's no reward at the end. today they tried to get through a game against the hornets. third quarter and the sixers actually up one. smith takes it to the rack. gets the floater. sixers go up by three. but a little pay back. drives against nerlins noel. that's a miss match and one
3:54 am
bucket. sixers lose their 53rd game of the year. losing really starting to get to them. >> i think sometimes you get hit in the stomach, you know, you have to -- we got to find ways to get back in it. i think the game ends up feeling long. it is long. you're not going to get a win until you play long. >> in college hoops st. joe's looking for 25th win. secretly having amazing season. 24-six not something we expected from them earlier in the year. they should a lock as tournament team but with the ncaa committee you never know. so you have to keep piling up w's. taking on st. bonaventure tonight they were down by 13 at the half. but isaia miles hits a three to cap off a 14-zero run by st. joe's. that gives them the lead. but bonnies marcus couldn't be stopped, drives to the rack and a one. he dropped 47 points on the hawks.
3:55 am
all off his no d and this one st. joe's loses 98-90. villanova getting ready for the big east tournament. they win out and they'll be a lock for the number one seed to the east up in brooklyn josh hart stepped up and played very very well this year and before you step up newell no pressure you'll have going into the tournament. >> it's easier in this program to be a freshman than a senior. >> it's not about who scores 20. it's not about anything like that. it's about who steps up for the teammate. who has teammate's back. who rebounds whom defends. who does all the little things that continue the game. it's just something we want to pass on to, you know torque those younger guys. >> to the phillies. they're down in spring training trying to found out who is a keeper and who needs to go. a bunch of young guys trying to make it to the majors and prove they belong.
3:56 am
david buchanan had a straight spring training last year but stunk it up during the season. he gets the strike out. hopefully he can carry that on into the season. in the fourth inning erin al pierce. smacks one to left. definitely the front runner to start in right feel. the game ended in tie. no extra innings when it comes to spring training. >> back to college hoops we have st. joe's even though they lost today they shall ab tournament team. villanova, st. joe's both teams that can get to the sweet 16. >> they can go far. >> they can go somewhere. villanova don't disappoint again, please. >> we don't want that stick around and bounce out. shoot those threes and make th
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. >> good morning, it is 4:00. could soda pay for pre k and body cameras? a sneak peak what you can expect. philadelphia mayor jim kenney's mayor plans. >> developing overnight, five lanes are open, after five people were killed in a deadly accident in lehigh county. live report what happened to cause the crash. >> woman passed out behind the wheel, while a crying babysits helpless in the back seat watch she did, and who helped rescue that little babe. >> i good day, it is thursday, oh, it is march 3rd, is it the third? >> it is, not february 3rd as it says in the teleprompter, it is march the third. we earned this last month. right? getting up in the middle of the night? >> so when i got up this morning, first thing i noticed was this beacon in the


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