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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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shots ring out at a local fast food restaurant. why the gun man was so angry and took it out on the employee. plus getting kid off the the street and kick starting their career. that is a plan philadelphia's new mayor has that will unveil today. remembering life and legacy of the the nancy reagan as she passed away at the age of 94. >> such a rich storied live. good day, it is march 7th, 2016, i dare say, spring is in the air. >> two weeks away i think. >> yeah, 13 days or something. >> but sue, we're looking at not only spring-like wet they are week but record setting warm temperatures on wednesday. >> yes, wednesday it looks like we have a very good chance breaking the record which is 73 degrees. record is already pretty high for this time of the year, so that is something to look forward to. in fact today's weather is something to look forward to.
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we will go with a eight out of ten as we will build up to that ten which will be, on wednesday, for sure, and so, there is snow, to the north of us, there is rain, way out to the west of us and right here in philadelphia, hardly a cloud in the sky which means it is a chilly start, but things will be warming up, pretty nicely today. the bit of the the breeze. 34 degrees. the it feels like 29, and your sunrise time is official at 6:24 this morning. the days are getting longer and longer and 30 degrees in trenton. thirty-one mount pocono. thirty-four in dover. twenty-nine in wilmington. so the wind, doesn't make it feel that much colder then actual temperature but you will need a coat at the bus stop this morning. so will the kids, it will be just a different story because by later today we will get 60-degree for a high temperature. plenty of sunshine today and your sunset time is a milestone, 6:00 o'clock on a dot. it is official sunset time, so, that is what we have for
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your monday. remember bob kelly when we he were last together on friday it was snowing. >> that is right. >> yeah. >> what a crazy roller coaster ride, continues. good morning everybody. 5:02. from friday to monday bam weekend go like. that we are back at it. live look at the schuylkill expressway right here near belmont avenue. we have antenna shooting out philly's hottest radio station there is in the background but kind of quiet from end to end on the schuylkill expressway. live look here at ben franklin bridge, in problems at all coming up and over into center city. the major roadways like i-95 for gang from delaware, 202, down to 896 we are looking good, no problems on 202 north as you work your way from the bypass up through malvern in toward the schuylkill expressway. just be glad you have that construction zone there at 401. speaking of construction they are still working the at cherry hill new jersey at route 70 an i295 and then midday crews coming our way
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again, 422, all the way this week they will work between trooper and route 23. they will get you coming and going in and out of the king of prussia beginning at 9:00 o'clock. later on today a new closure initial to effect betsy ross bridge ramps to richmond street will be closed for next six weeks or so. flying out of town, lucky you, in problems at all at philly international and we are looking good on mass transit. the chris and lauren, back over to you. gunfire erupts inside a church's chicken as customers eat dinner in north philadelphia. >> this morning a employee is fighting for his life and shooter is on the run. steve keeley has this story for us, steve, good morning. >> reporter: this is just another case of customers of fast food restaurants, losing their temper and losing it real fast though. police here at headquarters you'll recall just last week put out that video of the woman tossing a ceramic tip cup at a dunkin' donuts manager upset over service and now this, much worse over much of the same. older guy upset over a hard
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working 18 year-old using a spray bottle of table cleaner too close to his table. starts off as a argument. the 19 year-old brother, co-worker, comes out from behind the counter to resolve the situation and he the peace maker gets shot three times by a guy just like the matrix. >> description of black male, 5-foot seven, gray beard, black trench coat and black pants. possibly maybe in the 2008kia. we are looking through video footage that we may have captured of this incident and complainta ant in the area. >> reporter: police hope to put out a surveillance picture to the public real quick, of a guy who shoots someone over a bottle of table cleaner figuring he is still armed, still dangerous and still likely can lose his temper over so little. the 18 year-old, lauren, lucky that the church's chicken is just two blocks from temple's emergency room. he is stable because he is so close to those expert surgeons
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dealing with the gunshots. >> that is the best news, steve keeley, thank you so much. the nation and the world is paying tribute to nancy reagan former first lady died yesterday at the age of 94. her life was a story book journal friday hollywood to the white house. one time actress championed the national just say no anti drug campaign in the 1980's. she also promoted several other causes while she was in the white house and even in the years after, mrs. reagan was a passionate advocate for lifting restrictions on stem cell research and promoting better treatment of the american veterans. at a campaign stop in ohio presidential candidate john kasich and former california governor arnold schwartsenager remembered her. >> and i know she will join in heaven and this love affair between the two of them will start all over again. >> she made sure that people who were around him were people who were committed to what he believed in. she was an incredible lady.
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she was very strong and total class act. >> mrs. reagan will be buried at ronald reagan presidential library in simi valley, california next to her husband. prior to the funeral services there will be an opportunity for members of the public to pay their respects at the library. chris? lauren, search is on for whom ever beat a woman in north philadelphia killing her. this is at scene on the 2500 block of north 17th street yesterday, just before 5:00 o'clock. police tell us that the three two-year old was hit once in the head inside that home and died at the scene. officers, did not find a weapon and so far no arrests have been made. now to the grays ferry look at this scene a car crashes right into someone's front porch, luckily no one was hurt. the it happened just before midnight. as you can see car end up crashing backward into that home, in word on as to what exactly cause that had crash. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney will make his push to create more summer jobs for cities young people. >> dave kinchen live where the
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marries set to talk about his plan later today, hi there, dave. >> good morning to you, lauren and chris. nothing wrong with money in your pocket in the summertime. we will remember our days when we were younger, and working, in our youth, well, here at the free library of philadelphia mayor jim kenney will unleash his plan to challenge city business toss create thousands of summer jobs for young people all across this city, of brotherly love. he is teaming up with the philadelphia youth network to urge business leaders, and philanthropic organizations to show some brotherly love to some of the cities young residents by letting the kid earn cash this summer. kenney wants to create 16,000 summer jobs for the youth, by 2020 and starting on that now. the philadelphia youth network offers several summer employment models including in school and out of school opportunities for those between 14 and 21 years old. many of these jobs focus on work experience, finishing high school, co-op programs, plus college, and careers and
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prep in the programs that include service learning and various, internships as well. the mayor will be speaking at 1:30 at free library of philadelphia with other city officials and several agencies, to push for this jobs initiative for young people, back to you. >> dave kinchen live in center city, thanks. senior chris dover robinson was shot behind aal any coatsville convenient store at 10:30. robinson and fellow student were set up as part of the robbery gone bad. >> an acquaintance at cheyney university senior evan wilson arranged ambush and drove men to that location. that is where officers say three masked men were waiting and robinson got shot in the neck. wilson was charged with second degree murder but other three remain at large. in the west philadelphia, police say a driver will be charged with dui after banging up two police vehicles. they say driver rear ended a police wagon and that unit the is smash in the second patrol car. the car crash happened around
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4:30 yesterday morning on chestnut street in the city's walnut hill neighborhood. driver and three officers were all treated at the hospital. police are investigating what role alcohol might have played in the nasty crash in logan. the crash sent six people to the hospital. police say they are a all in stable condition right now. this was after an impala, acura collided at old york road and wyoming avenue around 3:30 yesterday morning. traffic lighten knocked over at that intersection. police say person driving the impala cautioned that crash. local family and police are asking for your help in solving a mystery, what happened to jacob rodgers. they have not spoken to him since thanksgiving. he was supposed to catch a train from 30th street station the next day to visit his mom in west virginia, however, they have no evidence that he ever got on to the train. police say his phone noise longer in services and last activity in his bank account dates back to the day before thanksgiving. >> if i had money, would i put out a reward, like nothing, like nobody cares like where is he? he was a good sweet person.
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he would do anything for anybody. he would. and he ace nice person. somebody had to see something. nobody is doing anything, but somebody had to see something. >> so, take a good look if you know anything about this man, jacob rodgers call philadelphia police. 5:10. a special gift for philadelphia fire fighters how it aimed to help them lost in the line of duty. an important primary is on the line in michigan how democratic presidential candidates say they will handle the flint water crisis if elected.
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refugees in utah ventured on on thin ice to, save a dog stuck for days. these are volunteers with the the utah county's search and rescue, you can see the moment they grabbed the dog from the scruff, pulled him out into an air boat. dog had been stuck on the ice since monday. that was last week when crews tried to get him on to dry land he fell through the ice, and that is when an air boat swooped into save him. no idea why it took so long for people to call officials for help but good news, that sweet little thing is doing just fine, this morning, sue serio. >> ahh. >> so sad to see him flailing in the ice but happy ending. we like that. springing forward this weekend. we're also looking a ahead we are less than two weeks away
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from the official start of the spring but it will feel like spring way in advance of that meaning the temperatures we're going to have this week and the day that we will get average high above 60-degree is tuesday, april 5th. so we're not only going to have april-like wet they are week it will feel like may by wednesday. and keep in mind, just remember a lot of places got several inches of snow on friday, it was very cold over the weekend but today, it is our day, when we will see things changing. first of all nothing to show you on radar and nothing spector the next couple of days. 34 degrees in philadelphia a. thirty-one mount pocono. it is 28 degrees in wildwood, with winds and speeds that are calm in many places but 6 miles an hour in philadelphia, mount pocono with 10 miles an hour. feels like 22 up in the mountains. feels like 29 degrees in philadelphia. so definitely a coat needed this morning when you are walking outside but it will be a different story later on in the day.
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we did have 60's last week, early last week and then it got chilly. we have snow on friday, we have only 42 degrees for a high on saturday and 47 was our high yesterday. we will take quite a jump to day. by wednesday we will talk about breaking records in philadelphia, wilmington, trenton, atlantic city, all these places, these are record standing from wednesday's date including the 73 in philadelphia where we're calling for 75, and ten out of zero on wednesday but we will work our way up to it with 60 degrees today. sixty-eight tomorrow. seventy-five on wednesday and maybe even milder on thursday. the not quite as warm on friday but still quite pleasant with a high of 66. it is not until weekend that we will get decent rain. yeah, that would be on sunday. that is in the forecast for right now but as we said, it is early, we have a chance to work on that and try to get rid of the rain but it is st. patrick's day parade. >> turf work on that dance
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that leprechaun is doing there. >> yes, that is right. good morning, 5:16. one more time, ready. only an irish guy can do that. 5:16 on a monday morning with only one cup of coffee too. we get better as day goes on. i-95 northbound right at the ramp here for commodore barry we are getting word of a fuel spill you can see crews just arriving here, if you are heading north from delaware, delaware county up toward the airport look out heading toward the commodore barry bridge. ben franklin bridge looking good, no problems or delays at all, coming into philadelphia, south on i-95 we're in good shape no problems coming up through the suburbs. now the flower show in town at the convention center all this week. that will bring a lot of extra volume midday volume, that is usually in the over there, and this is first monday workday with the flower show, of course, they had big crowds through the weekend.
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just ab wear coming in and out of center city. the cone zone coming our way northeast philadelphia crews outputting cones down on woodhaven road working between academy road and franklin mills boulevard through the midday so expect delays down to one lane and for the gang in wilmington same deal they are working on 495 working your way north up toward naamans road. mass transit looking good, chris and lauren, back to you. thanks very much. coastguard rescued an injured ship captain off the coast of cape may, this picture showed the crew carrying him off the helicopter yesterday morning. the ship radioed in. captain had a leg injury. the jay hawk helicopter took off from atlantic city and met the crew at cape may and hoisted captain up, at last check in stable condition. philadelphia fire fighters received a special gift to help them honor lost conrad. memorial print was presented to members of the engine number 11 yesterday in queen village. the gift coming from volunteers at philadelphia's second alarmers association,
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it is in honor of the 25th anniversary of the meridian plaza fire that killed three fire fighters in 1991. >> this helps us remember how we save, train and teach other other out of the harms way. >> captain david holcome and fire fighters philip mccallister and james chapel were all killed. it includes fire death and fire helmets to honor each fire fighter killed. let's talk politics now. democratic presidential candidates hill willry clinton and bernie sanders faced off last night the in the debate in flint michigan. the cities water crisis is expect to be a huge issue for vote hours head to the polls in michigan's primary election tomorrow. fox's kelly wright has the very latest. >> the sit/have flint michigan welcomes democratic presidential candidates, to the debate sunday night as a deal with the water crisis with toxic levels of lead. hillary clinton, again blamed michigan governor rick snyder for ignoring the citizens of
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flint. >> the governor should resign or be recalled. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders say he would give more resources to help resident if he was president. >> what is absolutely incredible to me is that water rates have soared in flint. you are paying three times more important poisonous water then i'm paying in burlington versace machines for clean water. >> reporter: it all started when city switched water supply from detroit to the flint river which caused cities pipes to corrode. crews began replacing lead pipes on friday. residents believe more need to be done but some say hillary clinton has been most helpful about putting the spotlight on the crisis. >> i like her approach that she has and she spoke very vividly about the water in flint. i really appreciate that. i like what they are doing now for us. i wish that they would do a lot more. >> reporter: local business owners say they have been hurting because no one wants
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to come to the city. they say it will take sometime to bring it back to life. >> i have been here 66 years and business has and again we are very slow. people don't want to come in the city of flint to eat or drink. >> water crisis is expect to be a big issue for voters who head to the polls in michigan's primary election, on tuesday. in new york, kelly wright, "fox news". lets get to politics new for just a minute at 5:20. two winners declared for two primaries over weekend. several delegates up for grabs on the republican side marco rubio declared winner in puerto rico's primary making it second contest, florida republican has now won. for the democrats, bernie sanders is coming away with the most votes in maine, and adding an eighth state to his total in the race. spring fling could be around the corner how a popular dating app is letting your friend play cupid. pennsylvania man returns from his florida vacation 40
5:21 am
million-dollar richer. who is the guy next to him. seven bucks. >> i would rather be james than bob. >> but good to have the last name stocklas, we will tell but these two coming up. no matter what your name, if you have these numbers you will be like james, in the bob.
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if you have have not listen to the entire abby road album, do yourself a favor. this is off of that album. a beautiful day on tap today. by the way, el james, 53 years old today. >> who is that. >> fifty shades of gray, the author. >> okay, thank you. i'm like. >> i brought that up because tinder has some app coming out, right. >> is this your segway. >> yes. >> all right. >> thank you popular dating app tinder as chris said has come out with a new way to make matching making easier. >> so it allows to you pass a
5:25 am
user's profile to an on screen share button. do you like when your friend sets you up, without an app. >> nope. >> so the app helps, we will see. tinder says, that person's profile will then pop up on your friend's matches so they are able to swipe yes or no. company says people are a able to opt out of having their profiles passed on, in other word stay out of my business, my friend, it will disappear after five clicks or 72 hours whichever comes first. popular contacted cadbury cream egg just got better. this is from a pizza shop called crazy paper in manchester, new england. the company says 10-inch pie is called i am, resurrection, get it, with the eggs and resurrection. my goodness. watch how i pronounce that. it is covered with check late sauce, marshmallows, browny pieces, marange and cream egg.
5:26 am
>> that is just too much. >> very sweet. >> some things are just too sweet. >> way too much. >> all right. this story is my favorite today. >> go on. >> a pennsylvania judge, and his brother both come away winners of the power ball jackpot but here in pennsylvania. >> there was an old tv show long before your time called rich man, poor man about brothers, okay. lets take a look at this. earlier this week james stocklas and his brother bob bought lottery tickets on the way home from florida. now james stocklas who is from bethlehem hit 291 million-dollar pur ball with his friend, right? his brother, bob, poor bob, he is also shorter, seven bucks. wonder if james always got pretty girl too. poor bob. florida lot theory noted the double winners by printing bob's full size winners check. they say they are definitely returning to florida. they will share it, they must. >> james has to split his
5:27 am
three different ways, i'm just saying. >> what about bob. still ahead getting kids off the street and in the work force, summer job initiative mayor jim kenney will discuss today. look at this, mascot stunt goes horribly wrong why the florida panter was left lying on the hardwood, um-hmm.
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a man gunned down in front of his brother inside a fast food restaurant. why the gun man was so angry just moments before firing those shots. good news for state workers, the reason you might see a little bit more money in your paycheck. good day, everybody it is monday march 7th, 2016. 5:30 in the morning. >> buddy almost got to wear a 76ers jacket today. >> almost. >> they almost beat the heat, down in miami. >> almost just isn't good enough, chris murphy. >> what was it by four points, sue. >> it was close. >> either way he has to bundle up, right. >> yes, sort of neutral wear this morning but do you need to be bundled up. the thing is those mittens will not be on the way home to daze and neither will the jacket, you will be able to unzip it. but it is a chilly start temperatures and wind chills are in the 20's and 30's as we
5:31 am
getting for your monday but we do not see any precipitation, in our weather future, at least not for the next couple of days. this snow stays to our north, that rain, stays out to our west, until about thursday. we have 34 degrees. enough wind to make it feel like 29 and thinks why you have to wear your coat this morning. sunrise 6:24. other temperatures 32 lancaster. thirty in trenton. wildwood. thirty-four down in dover. twenty-nine in wilmington. the just a a bit of the breeze out there, eventually we will have southeasterly wind and as the direction of the wind changes that is what will change our weather future and this great exciting warm up we have this week. today 60 degrees, mostly sunny skies, breezy and much milder then it was over the weekend, that is your forecast for monday. bob kelly, we will work on that forecast for the weekend coming up. >> plenty of days to work on
5:32 am
that exactly. good morning 567:89:32 coming up on and here's a live look at i-95. an accident with the fuel spill off to the shoulder here, this is i-95 northbound right before the commodore barry bridge. if you are coming from say delaware county there is an competent for kerlin street. we will call it right before the kerlin off ramp there. fuel spill on the way. rolling out and hitting gas and northbound right at commodore barry bridge look out for some delays but otherwise we're in good shape heading northbound i-95 heading up toward philly international this morning coming from new jersey, kind of quiet the for a monday morning, no problems or delays here, on the 42 freeway. even the schuylkill looking good. only 14 minutes from conshohocken to downtown. west on the turnpike, we have construction zone there between delaware valley and philly bensalem but after that it is a clean shot all the way over to valley forge. in northeast philadelphia right by roosevelt mall and
5:33 am
boulevard at bro u.s. avenue. police are saying that is a hit and run. there could be police activity on that stretch on the boulevard there, in northeast philly. it is first weekday that the flower show has its doors opened at the convention center so that will bring volume in and out of the center city around the convention center area. mass transit looking good. lauren, back over to you. bullet fly inside a church's click men north philadelphia this morning. an employee fighting for his life. gunman is on the the loose. steve keeley is standing by with the very latest on the the investigation. good morning, steve what can you tell us. >> reporter: homicide team that never goes to sleep sees so many shootings for not even a reason to raise a voice before raising a gun and shooting but that is what happened here apparently. the scene the church's chicken fast food restaurant on north broad street real close to temple hospital this time dinner time at 6:00 and that is the time when it is real busy and customer turn over on
5:34 am
tables real high. those workers trying to spray a cleaning disinfecttent too close to a still being used table, led to an argument between a 18 year-old church's worker and guy complaining that he was cleaning too close to his food. then the workers, 19 year-old brother a co-worker steps up from behind the counter and between the two and he is one who gets shot. >> the offender was inside eating and then he became involved with the verbal altercation with the employee. second employee who happened to be brother of the the first employee attempted to squash the argument between both parties at which time the offender produced a large handgun and fired striking the complaintant several times. >> reporter: the shooter described as a man around 50, wearing a long black trench coat, black pant and a gray beard last seen on surveillance walking southbound on broad. so the 18 year-old chris and lauren, good part in this
5:35 am
story is that he is alive, and stable, now because he was so close to those surgeons in temple's emergency room. >> best trauma centers in the country in temple. steve, thank you. happening today get ready for a little extra cash in your pocket if you are a state government worker. >> pennsylvania governor tomorrow toll will wolf is expect to sign an executive order insuring a minimum wage of 10:15 an hour for all employees under his jurisdictions and employees of the state contractors. right now federal minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. order is expect to be signed sometime today, in word as to how many people will benefit from this order or how much it will cost the state government. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney on a mission to get youth in our city off the streets and working this summer. this afternoon at the 1:30 he will be a at freeze library of philadelphia to issue a challenge to the cities businesses to hire more young people this summer. mayor kenney is teaming up with the philadelphia youth network and has a goal, to
5:36 am
create 16,000 summer jobs for use, by the year 2020. happening today in west philadelphia spotlight turns to education and important role, schools play in our community. during a town hall meeting tonight local leaders will release results of the study on transforming struggling schools into thriving schools. the report details, how schools can improve the quality of education, strengthen community, and create jobs. according to the findings, public schools have a strong enrollment, after success and graduation rates. recently mayor jim kenney has taken community schools could be the key to reworking philadelphia's failing public school district. 5:36. the tributes are are pouring in from around the world for nancy reagan. she was known for her grace, class and dedication to her husband the late ronald reagan. former actress who played a pivotal toll role in the rise of the presidency of her husband ronald reagan died yesterday morning of congestive heart failure. she will be buried next to her husband in california. she was 94 years old.
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good morning i'm sean bell. sixers are wrapping up the season but they are still trying to play hard. yesterday they played without okafor and noel, but they were still able to keep it close. the under two to go, sixth are only down by, two, dwayne wade
5:40 am
makes a move and find corry in the corner and he nails the three. that is the dagger. heat win 103-98. sixers fall to eight-55. phillies and yankees bottom of the sixth, phillies up three-one. two on, two out, andrew napp says bye-bye. they were able to hold on and get the w, six-five. in the nfl payton manning decides to call it quits, we all knew wow do it but he finally made the announcement. manning will retire as one of the top five players to ever do it but he is leaving with a little bit of controversy. he had been accused of taking hgh and do inappropriate things to a trainer back from the days in tennessee. he a a says that has nothing to do with his retirement. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. real funny moment before the sixers game got underway last night. >> bernie, miami heat's mascot failed to try to set a world
5:41 am
record for longest mascot jump on his birthday. watch this. >> bernie's birth day now, perfect landing. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> right in the landing, it is brutal. >> yes. >> man. >> it is what it is, there is bunch of stuff in the prompter because i will in the read it. it is what it is. >> that hurt. >> three different people were hurt. >> really. >> time out. >> the worst parties he puts his hand in the air to celebrate. >> is there poor souls in pain and this guy is going yeah, man, i did it. >> hoist the third one is that a female mascot. >> i'm's he sure. >> i have never seen her. >> do you see her, with the purple air. >> is that dora the explorer.
5:42 am
>> she should explore another career because this one is not going so well. >> in, he should. >> in pain. >> worth looking at a sixth time, isn't it. real quickly sports related, check this out you have heard of the pittsburgh steelers in the afc, a a football team that playness pennsylvania. frank co harris and lynn swann, two of the greats, hall of famers, they have a same birthday to day, franco 66, lynn swann six 46789 kind of interesting. >> happy birth the day. still ahead trial of the bow bergdahl is scheduled for this summer but now his legal team says donald trum is preventing them from getting a fair trial.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
we are looking ahead to many things including springing forward, this weekend when we change the time and we go to, daylight savings time, and, it is sunday march 13th and sunday march 20th is when spring begins and day that we have average high above 60 degrees is tuesday, april 5th and we also have an early easter this year which is the 27th.
5:46 am
so, looking ahead and for some reason, this is not advancing, probably because i need diana to save me now. i think, that i will be able to prepare my program, perfectly, so it was not prepared perfectly but now, thanks to di, yeah, this is a weekend, now we have learned in recent years that the proper way to say this is daylight saving time. and that is why we will spring, forward, and, we have presieve siptation, in snow like on friday but it is cold out there this morning. so, even though we have a nice high of 60 degrees later on today it is only 34 in philadelphia. thirty-one mount pocono. we will see 20's in wilmington, millville and wildwood and if it is not actually in the 20's, wind chills are in the 20's this morning thanks to the breezes. so here in philadelphia a it feels like 29 degrees.
5:47 am
here's a look at your seven day forecast to show a whacky warm up this week. 60 degrees today. sixty-eight tomorrow. seventy-five on wednesday. even milder on thursday, and then we will get late showers on thursday and that means, slightly cooler temperatures on friday, heading in to the weekend we will like the temperatures, not too wild about the chance of some showers on sunday for the st. patrick day parade but that is an early call. we will see what happens as the week goes along. that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, you have a problem on the schuykill. >> problems on the schuylkill expressway coming up on 5:47. good morning everybody. an accident here eastbound right here at montgomery drive getting where two vehicles, one is a roll over and somebody's joke from the vehicle, during the whole process of this accident. we have got philadelphia a fire fighters here with the hook and lad's cross the the lanes except that far left lane, and right now, just squeezing on by, they have a lot of medical rescue squads,
5:48 am
here comes the penndot tow truck here. so right now eastbound on the schuylkill down to one lane at montgomery drive. if you are getting ready to leave the house your best bet maybe use the kelly drive or the martin luther king drive, that will get you around the delay, it is a delay to starts at around city avenue, again all heading eastbound, in toward downtown philadelphia. for the moment. now northbound i-95 coming out of the delaware county disable truck with a fuel spill, northbound off to the far right side, right here near commodore barry bridge that is attracting attention, 42 with the headlights coming in toward the city we are starting to pick up volume, a crash in the north east at boulevard at browse avenue and first weekend have of the flower show where the convention center is taken over. so expect some volume in downtown philadelphia. less than a week away until st. patrick's day parade, as sue mentioned this coming sunday on the parkway. how are you getting held i for
5:49 am
st. patrick's day. i was rolling irish potatoes. mike and i played the bagpipes. we will show that to you later this week. the send us your pictures. post them to facebook, twitter, instagram and use that hashtag fox 29 irish to show them here on tv and it all leads up to the big parade this coming sunday, live on the parkway, 12:00 to 3:00 come on down and join us. sue will take care of the water issue you we are looking at right there and we will rebroadcast the parade sunday st. patrick's day itself. from one irish to another mr. murphy, back over to you. >> mr. kelly, thank you, sir at 5:49. donald trump could soon find himself being in a high profile case. attorneys for u.s. army sergeant beau bergdahl sent a letter of request to trump's offices in new york. bergdahl's lawyers say trump a's comments about their client could make it difficult to have a fair trial. on the campaign trail trump has frequently called bergdahl a traitor. he is being charged with
5:50 am
desertion and misbehavior after walking away from his have again stan post in 2009. he was captured by terrorist but released in 2014 after u.s. agreed to a prisoner swap. positive health news for former president carter. he no loaning need treatment for his cancer. this is great news. carter shared the news at his church in georgia. carter revealed in august he had been diagnosed with melanoma that had spread to his brain. the former president was treated with a combination of the radiation and drugs. spokesperson for carter says doctors will continue to perform scans to ensure that the cancer cells have not yet returned for the 91 year-old at this point. in your health news, exposing children to will allergens earlier in life may prevent serious food allergy. researchers studied 600 children age four months to 11 months old at high risk of developing peanut allergies. they found children exposed to peanuts in the the first five years of their lives were 81 percent less likely to develop an allergy to them. other allergens like milk,
5:51 am
wheat, eggs, shed less promising results. findings were published in the new england journal of medicine. put on your dancing shoes if you are ready to get in shape. new study find dancing improves your health even if you are up in years and out of shape. one group of of senior citizens danced twice a week for an hour over four months. by the end of that program all of them had improved their physical mobility, strength, fitness levels and everything else. dancers were a mix of the cha, cha, the salsa and that pitata a. >> whatever you were doggies a no, no. >> no, yes, yes because i'm's trying. beyonce, missed a performance in los angeles. >> she did. >> lets take a look at it.
5:52 am
>> the singer gave her rendition of the whitney houston's i will always love you at center for early education benefit anniversary gala in los angeles. the school educates students from different background in grades preschool through sixth. beyonce song the tribute to paul walker 2013. i would never take on that song. >> whitney houston may have been grazed with the greatest vice of all time, it is hard to take on a great like that. >> and then, there is this... >> what are you saying it is a sloth it can't be fast. >> last, last, hundred yard dash. >> the new disney film utopia is breaking record at the box office. not only is it most popular
5:53 am
movie in theaters it has a top showing ever, for an animated disney studio production. so that is saying quite a bit, right. zootopia broad in 74 million-dollar in the first week end and also has a top review in march for an animated title. >> world's most famous dog race underway, who may come away in the years win in the competitive field. we will take you to the poconos which has seen, i guess about the same amount of snow they have seen in alaska. not much.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
good morning, welcome back a at 5:55. world a's most famous dog sled race is officially and way. mushers took off yesterday for start of the ididrod. thousands of people lined the route for ceremonial start of the race. race enthusiast got a chance to interact with mushers and their dogs before they started the eyely, competitive race and grueling one at. that ceremonial race was shortened this year because of the lack of snow. they had to truck it in. eighty-five mushers signed up for this, iditrod stretches long terrain including two mountain ranges and the windy bar even sea coast. >> at least 20 teams that can win this race this year. it will be a competitive race this year. >> who do i put my money on? me: i'm just saying. >> she has confidence with those incredibly talented
5:57 am
field of mushers, mostly say any of them could walk away with the win or i guess slide their way to win. next up on good day, good news for state workers. the reason you may see more in your paycheck. important primary on the line in michigan. how democratic presidential candidates will handle the flint water crisis if elect. where should you start when you're
5:58 am
told you have cancer? start with a specialist. start where you'll find advanced technology, precision treatment options and truly compassionate care. start here with a team of experts who treat only cancer. every stage.
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he voted a against the money that ended up saving the auto industry. >> if you you are talking about the wall street bail out, where some of your friend destroyed this economy, excuse me i'm talking about. >> well, democrats act aing like g.o.p., hillary clinton, bernie sanders went head to head at each other in flint, michigan last night. this got testy. biggest battles for democratic presidential candidate straight ahead, big day in michigan. >> philadelphia mayor jim kenney on the mission to get you a and city off the street and working this summer. >> we're talking jobs, jobs, jobs. and from just say no to fierce protecter of her husband this morning we are remembering life and legacy of former first lady nancy reagan a woman who certainly redefined the position of first lady as barack obama mentioned yesterday. >> good morning. alex down in dallas visiting her mom and dad, and lauren dawn johnson is in


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