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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 8, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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right now we're following breaking news. skyfox over the seen of an accident involving a new jersey trooper who was hit by vehicle in the west deptford area. no word right now if that driver stop. new jersey state police confirming the trooper was hit but they will not give us a condition. the trooper was responding to a car fire when he was hit and he had to be airlifted to the hospital. we're also following two major stories developing right now on the left search for city vehicle that slammed into a toddler and took off. but first, on the right, a major trade for the eagles. demarco murray's time in philly is over. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. this trade a lot of eagles fans have been calling for. let's get over to howard eskin with the trade in the works. >> he can't play. how is that? i mean i'm almost as fast as he is. all right. it seems like howie roseman has a mission. he's trying to remove all the mistakes that chip kelly made with his team and his personnel
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decisions last season. although any player trades cannot become official until wednesday at 4:00 p.m. the eagles have unloaded three players today. that were terrible for this team last season. the one tonight confirmed through sources is running back demarco murray. gone. he had over 1800 rush ugh cards yards with dallas in 2014 but this past season with the eagles murray rushed for only 702 yards. howie roseman found a sucker in the tennessee titans come wednesday afternoon he will be a titan. in return i'm hearing the eagles will get a fifth round draft pick. now, earlier in the day, the eagles according to my sources traded cornerback byron maxwell and linebacker key company alonso. i know fans think they should be getting a second round pick now. these guys aren't worth anything near that. i will be shocked if they get anything better than fourth round pick and one the following year. let's face it maxwell could not cover anybody. could not tackle anybody. what this effect mean to their
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salary cap. i'll have more coming up in sports. >> all right. >> back to you guys. >> howard see you then. we caught up with eagles fans tonight at hick keys and pete's in south philadelphia. so they can weigh in on the big trade. >> that was a stupid bonehead move once again on the city of philadelphia. always trading prominent operative mum players. >> i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. they got to get something good for him. i think he's a good player. >> i thought he was horrible. honestly i think the whole team is horrible. >> some mick read views tonight eagles fans. all hoping the same thing. we better get somebody good in return. >> a child is in the hospital after a hit-and-run we're learning that the car belongs to the city. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live at police headquarters. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, lucy. well, accident investigators do confirm that it was city vehicle that was involved in earlier hit-and-run accident which department this vehicle belongs to is not known. the hit-and-run accident happened sometime before 2:00 o'clock this td this
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afternoon on the 200 block of grange avenue in the olney section of the city. a one and a half-year-old child was tanks ported to einstein medical center in stable condition. investigators say it appears that the toddler slipped out of the his parent's sight and walk into the street. the child was hit by a white vehicle police say possibly a van or a pickup truck. that belongs to the city of philadelphia police are on scene say there's a good chance the driver didn't see the driver and didn't realize what had happened. investigators are going through surveillance video and talking to witnesses to help provide additional clues. >> so again a one and a hal half-year-old child was under going treatment at einstein medical center. the child is listed in stable condition. anyone with information should call philadelphia police. iain? >> jennifer, thank you. we're also following a developing story. two young kids hit by a tow truck in fare hill. this was the seen at b street and ontario. police say a 24-year-old woman
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was crossing the street with a four and a one-year-old when they all three were hit just before 7:00 tonight. a good samaritan jumped in rushed the kids to the hospital when an ambulance got to the scene, they found the woman in the road unconscious. she is now at the hospital in critical condition. the four-year-old is also critical. but the one-year-old is in stable condition tonight. witnesses say it appears the truck driver appeared to have the green light. i can tell you that the intersection of b and ontario especially b street it's a very very busy intersection. not only with vehicular but also pedestrian traffic. >> the driver did stop and wait for police. officers say he was not impair impaired. investigators are now looking at surveillance video to try to find out what happened. on your radar, the temperatures keep on climbing. live look at reading after we hit the mid 60s today. and that's really only the appetizer to one big wonderful piece of warm weather, kathy. >> that's great way to put it,
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lucy. high pressure anchored off the southeastern u.s. the the flow around this is clockwise pushing up this warm air you can see all the clouds and the rain riding up along this to the north. so we stay high and dry and just get warmer and warmer each day this week. still 49 in the city. 44 in allentown. 49 in the poconos. that's unusual when you see philadelphia and the poconos at the tame temperature 50 in wilmington. 47 in the city. 41 in the zan suburbs. high clouds moving in. that's a sign the next day will be warmer and chasing record warmth this week. now bun but maybe two days. talk about those numbers to beat the checks chance of rain coming up with the seven day forecast. >> sounds p good, thank you very much kathy. four people are in the hospital after a police chase ended with suspects crashing in west philadelphia. all began in delaware county this afternoon. shawnette wilson live at. (presbyterian hospital.
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shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, two of the victims are critical. the other two are in stable condition. meanwhile, this was quite a long pursuit with one of the suspects trying to pull off what he thought was a clever get away. skyfox over the end of a police pursuit that starting in dash bean work it's way along macdade boulevard in to west philadelphia late this afternoon. darby and yeadon police were after two men in a red ford fusion allegedly involved in a drug deal. james was on his way home when he saw it. >> the police van chasing the car. from 53rd street, and then thing i know cops all over the place. >> reporter: vest gathers say the get away car was involved in three accidents along the way. >> gets to 56t 56th and catherie it gets involved in intersection accident with a vehicle coming southbound. >> the car kept going but the second crash here at 53rd and catherine was much worse. skyfox captured the victims being taken away.
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>> second intersection accident with two vehicles one coming north one coming south. each vehicle had two people. all four transferred to. (presbyterian by medics. >> reporter: again, police say the suspect kept going but crashed a third time a block away on catherine street where the driver hit two parked cars in the middle of the block. police say that's when the two men bailed. one was caught right away but the second guy tried to give them the slip. >> get reports from good citizens that the mail ran no a laundromat, changed his clothing and got on to septa bus. septa bus was followed to 58th and christian area where the second male was apprehended and taken into custody without incident. >> james brocking ton is thankful he wasn't hurt. >> people doing things that they know they shouldn't be doing. they don't think about anybody else. anybody else safety. >> reporter: and back here live the suspects were taken back to darby but we're told
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they will also face charges here in philadelphia. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. free on bail in child sex abuse indication and a man fired six shots accusor's home before taking off in a car. police say he crashed and landed him back under arrest. 63-year-old douglas cohen now faces charges of attempted murder and witness intimidation. chester county district attorney says that he shot through a window of the west goshen home yesterday. his accusor was inside with another child and her father. no one is hur. isn't january prosecutors charged cohen with the corruption of minors and other offenses related to child abuse. developing tonight what could be a crucial clue in a philadelphia manhunt. this is our first look at the plant who police say opened fire in a local restaurant yesterday. the victim is still in the hospital. police say it all began with a minor argument that just spiral out of control. fox 29's bruce gordon explains. >> reporter: by monday morning, there were no obvious signs of the violent shooting at
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the church's krick chen at broad and erie but in this neighborhood, word travels fast. and customers and passers by were still shaking over their heads over the incident that closed the restaurant sunday evening. >> people don't want to live right. they want to take the law in their own hands. kill each other. >> reporter: police say this man believed to be in his early 60s and dressed in black with a black fedora and dark glasses end the the restaurant shortly after 5:00 sunday afternoon. he ordered his footer and grabbed a table. police captain jones says things got weird fast. >> one of the blows was doing his job, wiping down tables, spraying cleaning agent and wiping the tables down. apparently this customer shooter objected to him cleaning so close by where he was eating. so argument ensued. the customer left the restaura restaurant. the employee's co-worker and brother 19 year josiah myers approached the table to cam things down. just about that time the man in black re-entered the restaurant his handgun blazing. josiah myers was hit self times.
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captain jones says things could have been even worse. >> there were roughly eight to 10 other customers in the restaurant several of which were right behind the vick chip when he was shot. had the shooter missed him he could have easily struck a couple of the customers that were at the counter, several which were children. report roar the shooter here's a close up look at him was last seen jogging northbound on broad street away from the scene. the incident it left passers by disgusted but not particularly shocked. >> everything happens on broad and erie. >> reporter: this doesn't really surprise you? >> no, it does not at all. >> reporter: that's kind of unfortunate. >> yes, part of the area. >> reporter: captain jones says the surveillance footage released on monday has led to lots of tips and several good leads in this case. they believe this man in black has been in the restaurant a number of times before and authorities think they are clo closing in an id and an arrest. at temple university hospital, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. funeral arrangements are set now for nancy reagan. the former first lady will be laid to rest on friday ceremony
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held at the ronald reagan presidential library. white house says first lady michelle obama will attend. reagan will lay in repose wednesday and thursday before being buried. reagan died yesterday of congestive heart failure. she was 94 years old. ♪ hulk hogan takes the stand and drops bomb shells in court. >> walked in right behind us and goes, okay, you guys, i'm going to go to my office and here's a condom. >> what the ex wrestler said today about the truth behind secret sex tape. >> police officer dragged when this driver suddenly took off. what she told the cops seconds before she hit the gas. >> a mom was out of the park with her young kids when she got a terrifying text message from her teen at home. where she found her daughter after two men ransacked her ho home. and picture going viral tonight. this guy sticking out his arm just in time to save a boy from a flying base bat when he knew he had to act to save his son.
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♪ northeast philadelphia a man walked into family dollar store immediately pulled out a gun last thursday at this torresdale avenue store. he lock the door behind him and forced employees to open the cash register. hand over money and cigarettes and then he took off. the employees say the man threatened to shoot them if they watched him as he left. police are hoping you can help catch him. months after a confrontation with a septa officer ended in man's death police say an
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internal review found the officer did nothing wrong. >> separate criminal investigation is still on going, though. police releasing this video of the incident during a news conference this afternoon. police say 24-year-old omar lopez got into a fight with an officer. when the officer tried to break up a fight between lopez and another guy. police say lopez refused the officer's commands and also bit him. during the struggle the officer used his taser 10 times against pez. they took lopez to the hospital because of the number of times he was tased. police say he was conscious until he got there and later died. septa police say they had made changes since the incident. >> it's our duty to evaluate and take away learning points to help us provide better service to the public. while there was no fault found on the part of the involved transit police officer, this incident is no different from any other day where we find ways to do our job better. >> among the changes, police radio will now verify the location of the closest hospital
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and personnel will be tracked with gps. it took backup officers several minutes to find the location of the incident. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has taken executive actions which translates into more money for some state workers. of course, the question is, how do you fund it? fox 29's bill anderson break it all down. ♪ >> reporter:. with nearly 13 million people in pennsylvania an executive order immediately impacting about 500 doesn't sound like a huge achievement, but when the order addresses the hot button issue of minimum wage increase pennsylvania governor tom wolf believes it's a big deal. >> the goal is to do what i can as governor to make sure that the people working in pennsylvania, um, have a living wage as close to living wage as we can get it. >> reporter: today by executive order the governor increased the minimum wage for state workers and people who have contracts with the state from 7.25 to 10.15 and he urged
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the legislature to do the same for all pennsylvanians. >> we need legislation that applies to all employees. all workers in pennsylvania. this is fair for workers who have for too long languished below the poverty limit which is where the current minimum wage has them living. >> reporter: announcement of the increase immediately sparked debate in our city. even people who don't work for state wanted to join in on the discussion. >> people making 7.25 minimum wages and it's just -- people just can't make a living off of that. >> it would increase the buying power of the state workers which will matily increase the economy in the area. >> reporter: critics say increasing the minimum wage is great for public support and appearance but they caution the governor that there are consequence that is could have a lasting impact. >> we know minimum wage increases cost jobs. they cost hours when they've been implemented the evidence is overwhelming. >> reporter: it's worth noting that if governor wolf can get
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10.15 minimum wage passed in pennsylvania it will be highest in any state and list lobbying efforts began. he'll be in philadelphia and lancaster tomorrow trying to convince legislators to give the same thing to everyone that today he gave to some. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. >> no word on what started this fire in burlington county, new jersey this morning. a barn along center street in moorestown burst into flames just past 5:30 this morning. it took firefighters about an hour to get those flames under control. no one was hurt. chester county judge sentenced former counselor and swim coach to five years probation after she admitted she tried to seduce a high school student. 41-year-old emily feeney work at the all boys malvern prep school. investigators say she sent hundreds of e-mails and texts including topless photos to a 16-year-old student starting in may of 2014. prosecutors say she promised to help the boy get into harvard in exchange for sex. feeney will serve five years
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probation and a judge has ordered her to register as a sexual offender under meghan's law for 15 years. police in montgomery county are working with the fbi to try to find whoever used a gun to rob a credit union in horsham. authorities say this person enter the american heritage federal credit union on saturday morning. he wore a full face motorcycle helmet. after get something cash investigatoinvestigators say hen a gray car possible al hyundai or honda. if you've got any information please call police. a packed room tonight at sarah high school in west philadelphia for a town hall. hosted by the philadelphia city council committees on children and youth. talked about education and teachers. council members say more than 5,000 students in philadelphia have subs instead of permanent teachers assigned to them. teachers voiced their concerns to council members. >> teen zen sensation mo'shay davis showing up pros on the basketball court.
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>> it's philadelphia's own mo'ne davis! >> mo'ne and her familiar wl in the crowd for the game and the globetrotters pull her on to the court. she quickly scored five points. >> there you go. >> mo'ne gained famous for her talent on the baseball diamond on the little league world series. she wants to play basketball at uconn. >> that's right. that's right. >> take a close look at this family. looks like they're ready to travel into space. how these suits are actually saving theirir lives. >> a pair of firefighters suspended after saving a little girl's life. while getting her the help she needed was against the rules. >> talk about stopping traffic. that can you see if you look real close that's a naked woman sitting on top of a tractor trailer posing even, even twerking. what happened just before she stripped down. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody.
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get ready for construction tomorrow during the day. 322 we're coming to you down to one lane here between 95 and route 1 in delaware county. and also going to be working both directions tomorrow along 422 between trooper and route 23. keep that in mind if you're going to the mall to do some shopping an brand new ramp closure the betsy ross bridge ramp to exit richmond street now closed for the next six weeks or so. sue has the forecast. not as cold tomorrow and i'll have the jam cams when we see you bright and early starting at
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ one big traffic jam because of one woman who happened to be naked. it happened in houston, texas right in the middle of the morning rush. the woman buck naked climbed on top of a big rig after a crash involving three vehicles. she settled in for awhile stretching, posing, twerking. emergency crews responded surrounded the big rig but she won budge. they eventually jumped on top of the cab and got her down that way. she's now at a hospital for mental health evaluation. erin andrews thanking the city of nashville the jury and the court after winning her multi million dollar lawsuit. tennessee jury awarded the fox sports reporter $55 million
3:24 am
finding two hotel companies an stalker at fault. she had sued for $75 million claiming the hotels made it possible for her stalker to check into rooms next to her and secretly record videos of her nude that were posted online. jurors found the hotels and the stalker shared fault in the case. attorneys for at least one of the hotels claim the stalker held all responsibility for what happened. andrews it's tweeting to night she's honored by support from victims around the world. a mom takes her two young kids to the park and gets a terrifying text message from her teenager back at home. >> that text quoting here, i'm tied up in the closet, help! >> the victim's mom says she was using the voice command on her phone to call for help. the next text, robbers hands tide have begun. the mom raced a few blocks home and found her 17-year-old daughter duct taped in a closet. >> took the tape off. the tape was everywhere. i took the tape off.
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and got her off the floor. >> nobody ever would wants to walk in on your child like that. >> no, not at all. the two men in their mid 20s forced their way in that was the back door. she thinks they were starting to rummage through their things when they realized someone was home. the teenager is okay at least physically. the robbers are still out there. this dad sticks out his arm just in time to save his son from a flying baseball bat. >> when i initially saw the picture as mother i wanted to throw up in my mouth. >> when he knew he had to act to save his son's life. >> kathy. >> wow! in weather we're talking about record warmth in march it will feel more like may even june. we'll take look at those numbers to beat when we come back. >> hulk hogan takes the stand and drops bomb shells in court. where the ex wrestler said today bout truth behind hihihi
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>> right at 10:30 a father hailed a hero for reacting at the perfect moment to save his son. photographer captured it at just the right time.
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that dad see what happened right there? he reached out his arm to keep a flying baseball bat from slamming into his son's head. the family was taken in spring training baseball game in florida. those pictures of course everywhere now. >> fox's david williams spoke to the family still stunned by what happened and all the attention. >> pittsburgh tribune review photographer christopher horner capture the exact moments firefighter captain sean cunningham stopped a flying baseball bat from hitting his son in the face. this weekend. >> this is baseball bat that hit me right here. this thing was like flying. it went crossing like that. i think when it was doioing my d block it like that. it flipped around and hit me right here. >> the father and son were at a spring training game of the atlanta braves and the pittsburgh pirates at disney' espn white world of sports for his birthday. landon had just borrowed his dad's phone to paying pictures
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and looked down for a second. the bat slipped out of the hitter's hands. >> i saw it heading towards him. didn't really have time to thing just kind of through my arm out there. >> stopping the bat in its tracks. >> i definitely think he had the hand of god guardian angel whatever you call it watching over him that day. >> you can see the terrified looks on people's faces. the bat hit sean right there in the wrist. >> went into dad mode and just started looking him over. and making sure he was okay and -- >> i think i would have died or went to the hospital to. >> these photos have gone viral. >> and when i initially saw the pig cher as a mother i wanted to throw up in my mouth. it was, um, very scary picture seeing it all caught in action. >> his mom ashley says it was a miracle. >> he was definitely the epitomy of hero to my son and my daughter. >> the weekend this father saved
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his son. >> i think he's amazing. >> my job is to protect my kids. >> the family says this weekend scare will not keep them from going to other baseball games in the future. >> of course not. >> pennsylvania man a new multi millionaire thank thanks to the powerball. his brother is a winner too. his check has a few less digit. a judge from women will he hem on vacation in florida keys. last tuesday he was driving home with his friends and family and they topped to pick up some lottery tickets, oh, good thing they did. he is the sole winner of the $291 million powerball jackpot. that's not bad. his brother bob also bought a ticket. he's a winner, too. he didn't hit the jackpot but did he get -- he did get a iain page, seven bucks. >> wow! >> i think the guy -- his brother will share some. >> you would hope so. >> plus he's going back to work. good for him. >> there you go. kathy orr will share some brightness with all of us. >> if i won unwon $7 i would give you a little, too. >> three more dollars. >> maybe 10.
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>> camera at the philadelphia international airport shaking a bit. temperatures are so mild. the high today 61. the normal 50 degrees. record being 74 set back in 1974. right now in philadelphia, 49. 49 in the poconos. 53 in dover and wildwood it is 54 degrees. still cold air to the north. some 30s but look at our temperatures just great at this time of day. remember 50 is the normal high been right around there at this late hour. tomorrow 21 degrees above norm normal. then we sky rocket from there. 26, 25 degrees above normal. chasing records wednesday and thursday. even friday. still 18 degrees above the normal of 50. here are the numbers to beat for your wednesday. philadelphia's record is 73. wilmington 74, allentown 70. trenton 73. and in reading 74 and atlantic city this will be tough to beat. 78 degrees but someone will see temperatures in the upper 70s for sure. after that we'll be tracking an area of low pressure that rides
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up and over us but could provide some rain showers over the course of the weekend. the strong area of low pressure will originate in texas and pull a lot of gulf moisture see the reds and yellows heavy rain through the midwest and in philadelphia saturday and sunday where you see the green a little bit of a light rain and we'll continue to track that low if you have any outdoor plans this weekend of course we have the philadelphia sane patrick's day parade on sunday right here on fox 29. in the city overnight, 47. 41 in the suburbs mainly clear, not quite as cold. tomorrow you'll have to fight witness kids not to wear shorts to school if they're a loud. 71 degrees. mostly sunny. temperatures soar during the afternoon. on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast, how about 76 for wednesday. that's a new record. thursday 75. the record 76. we could touch that. spring fever on thursday. friday we knock the temperature down a few degrees but still 68. saturday 60 with a chance of a few showers. daylight saving time begins on
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sunday. remember to spring ahead. sunday still pleasant although we'll is a few showers possible. and then a chance of a shower or two on monday. the temperature still in the 60s. so this weekend remember saturday before you go to bed or early sunday morning, spring ahead one hour sunset not until about 7:06 sunday night. >> for the parade you get an extra hour of daylight for all the revelry. >> that's awesome. >> i used to get burned by the daylight savings time until the i phone was invented it jumps ahead for me i don't have to worry about it. >> you know what i mean? >> yeah. always forgot. >> technology. >> enjoy. >> thank you, kathy. a woman attacked in her mom by tens of thousands of bees. what experts say you should do now to keep a hive from growing in your house. >> take closer sorry look at this family. they're ready to travel in spa space. how these suits are actually saving their lives. a brand new app that's got people upset. just like yelp and like to share
3:35 am
reviews online. so many people are calling it offensive.
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♪ scottsdale arizona woman a life after attacked by thousands of bees. the insects got into her attic and had been building a a big one. they attacked her and her pets. authorities say as many as 50,000 bees were in her home. she made it out with some stings obviously but her pets were not so lucky. >> the three dogs got rushed to the emergency care. and by the time she got there one of them had already died. and then her dog passed a he way as well. and one dog is now doing okay. >> so sad. exterminators say if you want to keep this from happening you need to have a professional check for highs regularly. in your money tonight a recall on chicken nuggets. perdue foods recalling 4500 pounds of chicken nuggets
3:39 am
products produced for applegate farm it may be contaminated with mass sick. they got explains from consume consumers. no reports of any adverse reactions so far but for more information on the recall head to our website fox controversial app now up and running in the u-s that let's you rate people just like services or products. app is called people let's users review those they come -- they meet whether it's professionally, romantically or personally similar to the people use yelp to rate businesses. the idea of people posting reviews of their neighbors and co-workers and dates and such has caused outrage from people. fyi the people app will not let users rate others without their permission. so there you go. two firefighters are back on the job thanks to an outpouring of support from their community. >> the pair suspended after saving a little girl's life. firefighters were the first on the scene for a family whose toddler was having a seizure.
3:40 am
they say she was blue in the face and couldn't wait for an ambulance. so they rushed her to the hospital in their fire engine. that is against department policy because the end? sin not equipped to transport patients. and that got them suspended. the community started a face back page demanded they be reinstated. >> they saved this child's life. at the end of the day it doesn't matter if they were running down the road with them in their arms i would have done the same thi thing. >> looks like their efforts work. we learned today both the firefighters have been reinsta reinstated and are back on the job tonight. >> there you go. a police officer dragged when a driver suddenly took off. what she told the cop seconds before she hit the gas. and hulk hogan takes the stand and drops bummels in court. what the ex wrestler says today
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♪ >> close call for michigan officer when a driver takes off as he's holding on to the car for deer life. the scare happening near detroit. a police officer pulls i was woman over for going through a red light but then the officer come fine out the driver had multiple warrants but before the officer was going to arrest her he wanted to allow the woman to make call on her cell phone because her kids were in the back seat. but the woman used that as an
3:44 am
opportunity to drive off. police say the officer was dragged for several feet before he let go. the officer is now recovering and police are still looking for the woman. former professional wrestler hulk hogan has been dropping bomb shells on the stands. >> he's suing the website gawker for $100 million for posting a sex tape showing him and his best friend's wife. fox's gomez -- >> reporter: hulk hogan told the jury his wife asked for divorce. his world was crumbling. >> i just gave up. i just gave up, gave in, let my guard down and it just happened. >> reporter: what happened was sexual render view with heather clem the wife of his former best friend bubba the love sponge. he says the first time it happened heather grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom. >> and bubba walked in right behind us and goes okay you guys i'm going to go to my office and here's a condom. hand me a condom and all of a
3:45 am
sudden it was so weird zone crazy. my gust was telling me that this was off. this is wrong from the feeling i had bubba you're not condoning this, are you? he just slashed into meme what's the hell wrong with me. i'm your f'ing best friend. how dare you say that to me. >> reporter: with hoagie heather got together with bubba's blessing. >> how many times were you with heather. >> to the best of my knowledge three. maybe four but it was -- it was the only place i actually felt safe as crazy as that sounds. those people made me -- bubba made me feel like my best friend. they made me feel like they loved me. >> time past when hogan got a call from a gossip site telling him there was a sex tape that had him with another woman. >> i felt numb. >> the biggest be trail when he heard bubba his best friend was behind the secret recording. >> bubba was on the end of the tape turning the camera and saying heather if if we ever need to retire this is for our
3:46 am
retirement. >> heather clem now divorced from bubba describes bubba as being funny, loving and giving. but she says there is another side. >> he can be equally manipulative, selfish, intimidating and hurtful. >> she often did what he wanted she says even if it meant having sex with his best friend. >> hogan says the entire thing is an invasion of privacy. gawker says hogan talk openly about his sex life so it's fair game. the attorneys are also claiming it's the first am the issue. >> a family all started feeling sick and decided to stay home it turned out their home almost killed them. they were suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning. they didn't realize it until a family member called and noticed the symptoms telling them just to get out. they rush to the hospital and this is how they had to recover.
3:47 am
by sitting in these astronaut type suits in hyperbaric chamber filled with oxygen for hours. >> my mom had come down and she came in and no one else was in there and she came in and looked at me and we both started cryi crying. wow this is pretty crazy. >> all five are recovering investigators told the family their boiler may be the reason for the carbon monoxide leak. they do have co detectors but they were not working. >> we're less than week away from one of philadelphia's biggest celebrations of the ye year. sam shocks, green shirts, leep pre cons are parts of st. patrick's day. the list wouldn't be complete without irish potatoes. >> i have not had them how. how do you make them. >> i don't know. >> we sent bob kelly out on mission to find out. >> reporter: time to roll irish potatoes. >> all ready for you. >> here you go. >> my goodness. good put on your apron.
3:48 am
>> ♪ >> reporter: getting apron. is this a sign you already think i'm going to be messy. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we're ready to roll. we are. work me through the process. i wish potato dough had to be frozen or chilled. >> it was chilled. >> automobile days. what happens from here. >> the ladies put it in this container here. >> okay you guys need a hand. >> yes! >> let's roll. how is everybody doing here so far today, all right? >> how is this side, is that good. >> a little big, bob. >> little big. >> what do you call the big on ones. meatball g that's a meatball over here, okay? >> you were out in the shed with this when we were putting it ought together. >> i'm one of mixers. >> how did that go the mixing process. >> it went well. we were done by 1:00 o'clock on sunday. >> that's good. where are you be selling the irish containers. right now we have over 2,000
3:49 am
sold. >> whoa! >> come on we better get rolling, gang. 2,000 sold all right. pick it up a notch. ♪ >> reporter: how many years have you been -- >> i've been doing this 20. >> 20 years. >> 18 years. wow. >> what's this? >> no coffee break. get rolling! >> i am just sipping my coffee. >> no coffee break here. i got it. we're rolling. rolling. >> watch him. >> look at the size that they're making and look at my size. anyone that gets the larger irish potatoes, you know from me with love. >> all right. bob, i see you down there. get moving. >> i don't know if the upgraded me. i think you down gradyed me. >> making those potatoes too big. >> thank you to the aoh division 87 in port richmond and from all of the rollers here to all of you, happy sane patrick's day.
3:50 am
>> that is magnificent. i need to try them now. don't forget you can watch the parade sunday live right here on fox 29 from noon until 3:00 our own mike jerrick, kathy orr and bob kelly are hosting. >> the weather will be beautif beautiful. >> all right. >> here's howard with a look what's um coming up in sports does we'll talk flyers right now. the flyers played a team with nine game winning streak but needs wins if they're going to make the playoffs. they had to come back tonight. any trades nfl are not official until wednesday eagles look -- they're conducting a fire sail with trades. three of the stiffs are gone.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
those eagles they're clearing the decks of chip kelly players. they say there's a sucker born every day and that fits in the case of teams taking on the eagles poor performing players. chip kelly either signed or brought in players with trades last season that turn out to be stiffs. just bad players although trade which is not be official until wednesday at 4:00 p.m., howie roseman he's cleaning out this roster. roseman has worked out a deal
3:54 am
that sends demarco murray to the tennessee titans last season chip kelly brought in demarco from dallas as a free agent signing him to a five-year, $40 million contract. 21 of which was guaranteed. now murray went from 1800 yards rushing to 700 with the eagles. he look slow and very moody as it turns out. now he will be gone for what i hear is a fifth round draft pi pick. i'm surprised anybody wanted him. eagles saved some real money but there's still appears to be dead money of about 4.5 million against the cap. earlier in the day the eagles according to sources my sources traded byron maxwell and key company alonso two other stiffs. i know the fans think they should get a second round draft puck but i would be shocked if they get anything better than a fourth round pick and that would be high and maybe a pick the following year. let's face it, maxwell could not cover anybody. would not tackle anybody. and when i was told he missed curfew multiple times nights before games although the eagles
3:55 am
may save real money here they still have somewhere around 9 million in dead money against their cap. the flyers still making that play off push playing tampa tonight. 19 straight. nine straight flyers four points out of the play off spots. let's go to the wells fargo center. flyers down one to nothing in the second period with about three minutes to go. watch to the right side of the net. number 53. gets the puck and shoots and scores. that's shane, the flyers tied it up. third period just under 13 minutes left in the game. the flyers on power play. he shoots and scores again. the flyers go up two-one they win four-two over tam a rookies stepped up during these tough games. shane gost spear and the captain gives him credit. >> boy, he's learning fast, and he wants to learn and he listens and when a young player comes in and wants to get better and listens to people around him, good things are going to happen. >> not many runs in the phillies game today. threats go to braid denton,
3:56 am
florida. >> this vince valasquez. he pitched three innings, scoreless baseball had three strike out outs. phils won one to nothing. the scores aren't important. performance. players that is. stiffs gone from the eagles wednesday. >> all right. >> can't play. >> they did not play well last year. i'll tell you. hour of enter tape many news. tmz followed by dish nation and then chasing news. >> and of course tomorrow morning we're back here at 4:00 a.m. morning news, "good day philadelphia", sue serio and bob kell vol your weather and
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
and, we will begin with a developing story new jersey state trooper hit the by a koran 295 abe was rushed to the hospital where he remains, right the now. more on his injuries straight ahead. another traffic accident... this time a local mother fighting for her life this morning after she and her two kids were hit by a tow truck, what police say happened moment before this accident. chip era is now officially over, all of the big names he brought in the off season last year, gone, or leaving, perhaps biggest number 29 demarco, much more on the big shake up, the with the eagles, from yesterday. good day everybody it is tuesday march 8th, 2016. >> good morning. >> number 29, lets see who gets that, we will talk about all of the trade yesterday and what is going on.


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