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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>> he leaves behind a family and fiance' an young child. community is remembering him with trying to come to terms with tragedy. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. investigators pieced together what exactly happened thon road in west deptford. dawn timmeney at state police headquarters in trenton. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and iain, that woman who hit trooper cullen has yet been charged with a crime. police say they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. she did stop but trooper cullen was someone who always wanted to be a state trooper. it was in his blood. his brother is a detective here at the new jersey state police barracks. and this is something he wanted to do. he died sadly doing what he loved. >> dealing with a very chaotic scene. >> reporter: it was just after 8:00 o'clock last night sky fox over enter state 295 in deptford township. new jersey state trooper sean cullen responding to a fiery two-car crash when he's hit by a passing driver while walking near the accident. >> both he and the west deptford
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cop were trying to manage the scene. >> reporter: emergency vehicles along the highway had their lights on. but state police say traffic was heavy and a 22-year-old woman hit him. >> she did not flee the scene. once the trooper was struck she stopped. >> reporter: state police say that driver is cooperating. cullen however was badly hurt. he suffered significant head injuries and was rushed to copper university hospital in camden. more than 100 state troopers and police officers from all around new jersey coming to the hospital to offer support. >> at one time during the course of the evening while sean was actually still alive, sean' father came down with one of our chaplains a monsignor and actually prayed with the troopers and thanked them for being there. >> reporter: sean lost his fight at 12:30 this morning. he had been a state trooper just shy of two years working out of bellmawr barrack. flags there lowered oh half staff in his honor as a stream of police and firefighters stopped by to offer condolences. >> we work side by side with these guys on daily basis out on
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the freeway, and for them to lose someone like that, like losing one of our sean cullen always wanted to be a new jersey state trooper. he was a member of the 154th recruiting class with a bright future that was tragically cut short. >> iodide living his dream. he died doing what he wanted to do. it's great to be able to live your dream. not everybody gets the opportunity to do that. >> reporter: sadly, though, trooper sean cullen leaves behind a fiance' and a little baby boy. he is the third new jersey state trooper to die in the line of duty in a traffic accident making his death even more difficult for people here at the new jersey state police barracks headquarters. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, dawn, thank you. sean cullen had been a new jersey state trooper for only a couple of years. as dawn mentioned but served in several south jersey communities before joining the state police. our bruce gordon joins us live now from westampton township. bruce? >> reporter: iain, sean
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cullen's life began in dublin island 31 years ago but his live of service played out all over south jersey including here in westampton township. the lives he touched well they were clearly made better by his presence. at cinnaminson high school where sean cullen was an energetic fun loving kid voted class chatter box in his senior year of 2003, the school principal spoke proudly of a former pirate and a life well lived. >> it's exciting to see our young ones here, our young adults make something of themselves. it's hard to explain to the students that we have here what a tragic loss this is. >> reporter: cullen was a star wrestler in high school and all american wrestler at lycombing college in williamsport, pennsylvania he found time as working 81 add dull with a police career to return to cinnaminson to work with kids alongside his former wrestling teammate now head wrestling coach michael mcconnell. >> we used to joke about how
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we'd hate to be the guy that shane was chasing down because you know he's going take that person down and get the cuffs on him because of how tough he was as a wrestler. >> reporter: cullen's police career took him to sea isle city then to mount hold toll westampton township. where he work his way up from part-time to full time patrol officer. mayor andre daniels remember as tough professional who could make his fellow officers laugh. an asset to the town's national night out program. >> k9 dog demonstration quintessential professional showing and talking to the young people in our community giving them an opportunity to understand what community policing was all about. >> reporter: in the wake of the crash that cut short cullen' live, mayor daniels met with the trooper's family. his fiance' and young son. >> probably the most poignant moment was a 10 month old, um, toddlers do saying daddy, da-da. >> reporter: you're talking to the family and the toddler says da-da.
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>> it's tough. it's tough. >> reporter: a crisis intervention team was on hand here at westampton police headquarters this morning to help the two dozen or so officers through their pain and through their grief. tough loss for everyone who knew sean cullen, whether as a teenaged chatter box, as a star athlete who came back to help his old school, or as a police officer. protecting and serving his community ultimately at the cost of his own life. iain? >> bruce, thank you. we will continue to follow this story on we'll post any updates including final arrangements right on the home page. breaking tonight a buck county police officer is recovering in the hospital. he was injured while chasing down a guy which took him across the tracks at the doylestown septa station. train service came to halt why crews had to help the officer and tried to catch the suspect. dave street wiser at temple university hospital tonight where that officer is recovering. dave? >> reporter: i'm pleased to tell you right now corporal
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michael pitcher a nine year veteran of the morrisville police department is in good condition at this hour. being visited by his family, fellow police officers and actually the mayor who just got here a few minutes ago. he was involved in an undercover narcotics operation in doylestown this afternoon with the county task force. a drug delivery was being made. he enter septembered that drug delivery when one of the suspect recognized him. he gave chase. he cap capture the suspect. the suspect had apparently thrown narcotics on top of a train at the doylestown station. he went to retrieve those drugs from the top of the train thinking that the electricity had been turned off. hit not been. he suffered severe burns to his back. chief george mcclay visited with the corporal here at the hospital. >> he's in very good condition actually. amazingly. got a bad burn on the back. but he's conscious. he's talking. he's actually joking with us but he's very lucky to be alive. >> his back is totally burned up from the electricity from the
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train. but we really escaped one today. i'll tell you. he's on this drug operation and anything can happen when you're on these operations, and who would think that's correct you know, you would get electrocuted like on train. so thank god he's okay and we escaped one today. >> reporter: now chief cole lucy was here because corporal pitcher's brother is a detective with the lower makefield police department. he came here with the corporal's brother to check on the corpor corporal. right now he's in good condition. the suspect is under arrest and i'm told whatever package that been thrown on top of that train has been retrieved. he is expected to remain here overnight for observation. and quite potentially be released from the hospital tomorrow morning. good news tonight here from temple university hospital. iain? >> that is good news, dave, thank you. also breaking tonight, one person has died and two people are hurt after a stabbing in southwest philadelphia. it happened at a cricket wireless store and right now investigatorinvestigators say to have been a random tack.
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fox 29's chris o'connell is at the scene tonight with more. chris? >> reporter: iain, police say this was a random unprovoked attack on three innocent people in the middle of the afternoon. one man is dead. two others are injured in the hospital. a triple stabbing here on the corner of 56th and baltimore. that suspect was caught just minutes away a block away. the bloody 95 still in his hand. the triple stabbing happened over matter of minutes by the time it was over, one man was dead, two others were injured. all innocent victims. >> we know it's clearly a random unprovoked attack on three individuals. >> reporter: police say, about 1:30 this afternoon, a 55-year-old man walked into cricket wireless and started stabbing a 51-year-old man. he then walked outside. got into the passenger cidar of a car and attacked the driver. stabbing him in the hands. police say he then calmly walked across the street and confronted
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a 30-year-old man getting his cary paired. >> gets out of that car and walks up to mail who with his fiance' directly across the street from the cricket store. getting his car worked on he pulls out the knife and establishes him one time in the chest in front of his fiance'. >> the man died at the hospital an hour later. police say then the suspect slowly walked a block away where police arrested him with the knife in his possession. right now they have no motive but are looking into whether the man had psychological problem. >> just people doing chores on normal day unexpected to come upon a violent individual like this who just obviously caused great damage. >> reporter: still no identification on the suspect or the victims. we can tell you this is a very busy trolley the 34 trolley going up and down baltimore avenue. it has been shut down for the last five hours. but we're told that trolley should be up and running in the next few minutes, of course, we'll have the very latest coming up tonight on the fox 29
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news at 10:00. lucy. >> and we will talk to you then, chris. on to your weather now. day two of week that could just land in the record book. here's a live look at trenton. you know what, i didn't need a coat today. i don't know about you iain. so nice. things are only going to get warmer. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams in old city. scott? well, lucy, i mean it's march but today it felt more like may and if you liked today it will feel more like june as we head into tomorrow. here in old city, still pretty comfortable. folks are out and about. you can see riding their bikes, jogging, wearing short sleeves and you really didn't need a jacket today. let's focus in on those high temperatures because the temperatures really sored. 20 to 25 degrees above normal. 75 was the high in philadelphia. reading 74. along with wilmington as we look at those temperatures right now, it's 69 in philadelphia. a little cool her down the sho shore. but lancaster still tent degrees. so hour by hour, you can see it's going to stay pleasant.
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64 degrees at 9:00. by 11:00 o'clock, 60 degrees. when i come inside, we'll talk about when to expect high temperatures iain and lucy right around 80 degrees. back to you. >> all right, hard to believe, scott, thank you. another case of the zika virus confirmed in our area. how this person got the disease and whether it's time for you to start worrying. >> and your chance to is he what it would look like to plunge 100 feet to an interstate ramp. what happened to the driver when the garbage truck hit the driver. >> i don't think those bikers are supposed to be riding on the sidewalk. but who cares? they're out and about. the eagles trades will be official tomorrow afternoon. but today they signed a free agent to play on defense. and the phillies have come up with a major injury this spring. all that coming up in sports.
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and you can see what he saw. the garbage truck driver lost control hit a guardrail, flu off the interstate ramp sending trash just flying. the impact through the driver from the cab. he is out of the hospital. he's okay. no one sells hurt. investigators still trying figure out what went wrong here. montgomery county now has its first confirmed case of zika virus. >> the health department today announcing a 55 year old woman got the virus likely from a mosquito bite while traveling overseas. this woman is the sixth case of the virus in pennsylvania all but one were contracted from mosquito bites while people were traveling abroad. also this afternoon, the world health organization announced that sexual transmission of the zika is more common than previously believed and called for more research. with concern rising our fox 29's dr. mike wanted to make it clear there's no reason to panic. >> a septa worker found what at first might have looked like a wind fall but did he the right thing turned over a big back of cash to police. bob trace so was driving home
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when he spot add black bag in the middle of anderson street in upper darby. tracy says he thought it was a purse but when he open it he saw dozens of thick bills we're talking $15,000 in cash along with drug paraphernalia. he then immediately called upper darby police. >> i'd want someone to do that for meme you know so that's why i did that as fast as i can. >> he is to be applauded for his honesty. we deal with dirt bags day in and day out. we lock people up every day for stealing and robbing and pillaging. here's a gentleman who comes in finds 15 grand and turns it right over. >> right now it is unclear who lost the money. all right. back to your fox 29 winter weather authority now. you don't even need a jack today and things are getting warmer. >> chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds.
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a beautiful tuesday across our area. i mean high made it to 75 degrees. look at this average high is 50. the current temperature 69 degrees right now in philadelphia. winds are out of the south and we can thank the wind direction for allowing those temperatures to really climb tomorrow it's going to be even warmer. take a look at the numbers. philadelphia 69. 69 in raleigh. move a little farther to the south, atlanta 73 degrees. new orleans 72. it's 72 in houston right now. 75 in miami we'll be warmer than miami tomorrow. look at the temperatures to be beat. for tomorrow 20 to 25 degrees above normal. the record high for philadelphia 73. the record for wilmington, 74. allentown your record is 70. trenton low 70s and take a look at the forecast for tomorrow in
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philadelphia. 79 degrees. so shattering the record of 73 set back in 2000 sand. even warmer by thursday. look at that. 80 degrees in early march. that's more typical of early june. so enjoy the spring preview. dry conditions as we look at ultimate doppler across our area. we have high pressure off to the south. more typical of a summer pattern so those winds out of the south and west most of the storms still well to our south. but we do have some chances for some rain as we move toward the upcoming weekend. it doesn't look like a wash out. so don't cancel any weekend plans. but also it looks like if we see any rain it's going to be well to our west the heft yesterday amounts. so watching the weekend once again for some rain but you can see most of the heavy rain still well to the west with main storm track so we're only looking at about tenth maybe a quarter of an inch of rainfall even though we have several chances for the
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weekend into early next week. so for tonight, look at the temperatures upper 40s burbs low 50s in the city. it stays mild winds out of the south and west. and look ahead to tomorrow. mostly sunny. shattering records. winds out of the south and west 79 degrees will be the high temperature. so that weather authority seven day forecast, look at the the pair of tens forecast by the numbers. beautiful weather if you have some camp days. i know iain is trying to figure out a tee time sometime between wednesday or thus. with those high temperatures nearing 80. a little cooler on friday upper 60s. once again for the upcoming weekend clouds around couple of shower chances but it's not going to be a wash out even upper 50s neck week. that's still about eight to 10 degrees above average. >> iain for his birthday he loveing to golfing golfing if yy today. birthday boy. >> thank you. >> we got a cake in the newsro newsroom. kathy orr, lucy and me and wishing scott -- getting ready to take a picture.
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here come shawnette wilson on the outside. >> where is shawnette. >> we cut her off. >> you can see her. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> blessed to see another year. >> there you go. >> exactly. that's why hey say. >> i didn't get a peaches it's all gone. >> gave it to the biker's outside when they were doing the live shot. >> it's my birthday. >> this is not a funny part. phillies trying to find players this spring that play every day but now suffered one major injury. and the eagles have signed a free agent to replace one of the players that have been traded. that's coming up in sports. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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the eagles are less than 24 hours from making demarco murray byron mack well and kiki alonso trades official. they signed a free agent today cornerback. fans may remember this play against the eagles and the buffalo game the play with this interception of sam bradford this guy is now eagle. this after the eagles signed otis mckelvin a quarterback the 11th pick in the draft back in 2008. eagles signed him to two year deal worth 6 million over two years. also a kick and punt returner but he also played under the eagles new defensive coordinator jim schwartz in buffalo. >> basically just telling me about a defensive he -- defense he going to run similar to the
6:25 pm
dough fence he ran in buffalo. keep some of the the words the same. that's pretty much about it. get ready to come and just play ball. >> and gone tomorrow will be byron maxwell. he could not cover and you will see here he cannot tackle. this tight end from the cardinals pulled maxwell an extra 18 yards aft this catch in the arizona game that was not uncommon. we won't have to watch that any more. he's on to miami. the phillies have their first major injury. aaron al tear who would have likely played right fielder is not out four to six months with a left wrist injury which will require surgery. villanova took off for new york to get ready for the big east tournament. the coach wright tells us what's good about heading north. >> this never gets tiring. it never gets boring. it's manhattan. it's madison yeah garden it's the mecca. we love it. all of our alumni are up there and nothing like the big east tournament.
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we're the only conference that has done it at the garden the same place for 35 years. it's such a great tradition and it's great basketball. >> conference is tough but great tradition. champion shim became of the big east tournament will be right her on fox 29 let's hope for xavier villanova game saturday night at 5:30 that. would be the only big game in that tournament. >> let's do that. let's hope they shoot the threes. if they don't shoot the threes well they have problems. >> you want to go out for birthday dinner birthday boy. >> absolutely. >> we'll talk howard into and iain into going out. >> i need to get some of that cake. i know it's gone. doesn't last long around here. >> howard says the bikers have it now. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next.
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it's official. >> marla maples. >> donald trump's ex-wife joins the cast of "dancing with the stars." >> speaking of voting -- >> what is up with those trump rallies. >> raise your right hand, everybody. >> mr. trump, that evokes images of nazi germany. >> i think that is a big, big stretch. >> and the jurors in the erin andrews trial speak out. >> several members of the jury approached her. she hugged them and thanked them with tears streaming down her cheeks. >> her testimony for all of us was extremely powerful. >> and hulk hogan on the hot seat at his sex tape trial over this. >> we have seen all of you. what, what. >> you didn't say, whoa, whoa, i don't


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