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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 9, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EST

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♪ right now a bucks county police officer in the hospital after a chase ends up on top of a septa train. the corporal shocked above the train ton night his bosses say he's lucky to be alive. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. quite a scare for local law enforcement with heavy hearts from the death earlier in the day of a new jersey state trooper. dave schratwieser live at temple university hospital. dave, police rushed to the hospital today praying they wouldn't be mourning another brother in blue. >> reporter: lucy, police tell me tonight while they were racing here to the hospital they didn't know what to expect. in fact, several told me they were preparing for the worst but fortunately tonight the corporal michael pitcher is in good condition recovering from first and second degree burns to his back. >> thank god he's okay. >> reporter: it was close call for veteran police corporal michael pitcher after a drug investigation he was working on ended with the 38-year-old
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officer being medivacked to temple university hospital with severe burns on his back. >> got a bad burn on the back. but he's conscious much he's talking. um, he's actually joking with us but he's very lucky to be alive. >> reporter: chief mcclay said the corporal was working in plain clothes in doylestown as part of a county narcotics operation when a suspect tried to deliver drugs near the doylestown train station. and recognized the nine year police veteran. >> he ran through the narcotics on tom of the train. officer chased him for pretty good distance. apprehended him. >> reporter: police say when corporal pitcher return to the doylestown train station, to retrieve the drugs the suspect had tossed on top of the train, he climbed on top -- >> apparently he thought the electric was off. apparently the electric wasn't off. the transformer pulled him in which severely burned his back. >> we're all relieved. we actually thought the worse when the the reports came in, and rushed down here lights and sirens. >> reporter: pitcher was medivacked to temple's traumatic
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near. the chief arrived along with officers from surrounding departments. >> his back is totally burned up from the electricity from the train but we really escaped one today. >> reporter: his brother is a department detective with the lower makefield police he came to the hospital with family members. pitcher being held overnight for observation. >> he comes from a family of law enforcement and real dedicated guy. >> i'm amazed. i don't know how he lived through it. >> reporter: corporal pitcher again is in good condition tonight here at the hospital. he is expected to be released as early as tomorrow. police tell us tonight the suspect is in custody and the drugs were recovered. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. >> the sea in bucks county made more intense coming less than 24 hours after a new jersey state trooper died on the job tonight loved ones and colleagues are remembering trooper sean cullen. we told you last night he was hit by car along i-295 as he was responding to a car fire in wept defendant forward township. he was walking near the crash scene when the accident happened. the trooper had severe head injuries and died early this
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morning. his family says cullen always wanted to be a trooper. >> he died living his dream. he died doing what he he wanted to do. that's what his parents told us. that's what his parents told the group of troopers that were there. it's great to be able to live your dream. not everybody gets the opportunity to do that. >> cullen had been trooper for nearly two years. he work at the bellmawr barrack. before he was a state trooper sean cullen served the people of south jersey at self police departments and he leaves behind a legacy that won't soon be forgotten. >> bruce gordon tracked down people who knew cullen even during his teenaged years. >> reporter: memorial that sits be 19 the lowered flag outside the mt. holly police department one of the stops on trooper cullen's career path, one word is larger than all the others, dedicated. a word uniquely suited to the men and women who risk their lives to protect and serve a public in need of both. >> police officers not an easy job, sir. it's a very hard job. all the police should be
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commended for every job they do. >> reporter: sean cullen grew up in cinnaminson at the local high school he was popular engaging voted class chatter box as a senior in 2003. says principal darlene lou well land. >> very energetic. very athletic. very involved in school. >> reporter: cullen collected more than 100 victories as a varsity wrestler in high school. he went on to wrestle at college. he returned to work with high school restless alongside his former teammate and head wrestling coach michael mcconnell. >> he was just gritty as a freshman he wasn't that over powering. he just was tough. and he was confident, and i mean he worked hard, too. >> reporter: cullen's police career took him to sea isle city, to to mount holly and then westampton township. where he rose from part time to full-time patrol officer. >> he was a police policeman. steadfast in his duties.
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sure in what he was doing yet when he was are a round his guys, he made them laugh. he was the life of the party, if you will. >> reporter: in the wake of the crash that claimed cullen's live, mayor daniels paid a visit to the trooper's parents and his fiance'. cullen's young son was by her side. >> probably the most poignant moment was a 10 month old, um, toddlers do saying daddy, dahda. >> reporter: you're talking to the family and the toddler says da-da. >> it's tough. it's tough. >> reporter: sure was tough day for all of those who knew sean cullen. whether as teenaged chatter box, a star athlete who came back to help his old school or as a police officer protecting and serving his community ultimately at the cost of his own life. in westampton township, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. >> developing to night one man has died and another is in the hospital after gunshots rang out on north philadelphia street. this the scene along the 2100 block of vanpelt street.
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police say one man was sitting in a car while another was working on it when the bullets started flying. they hit the man in the car in the neck. he died at the hospital. the others hit in the forehead but is expected to recover. police say the only description from witnesses of the shooter is a man in all dark clothing who ran away. investigators are now checking surveillance cameras. on your radar tonight a few days of record-breaking heat ahead as we look live in wilmington tonight. if you thought today was nice, next couple days only going to get better. >> got to work on that golf swing. >> that's right. >> lookinlooking beautiful stref weather ahead. high weather building off the coast. kind of like a summer like bermuda high pattern. we are going to see summer like temperatures right now 59 in philadelphia. the normal high is 50 for this time of year and at this late hour it's still 59. 51 in allentown. 51 degrees in wilmington and 53 down the shore in atlantic city. overnight, 53 in the city.
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48 degrees in the suburbs. tomorrow going for a record. the old record 73. we are going to surpass that by several degrees and thursday's record 76 degrees we'll break that as well. we'll talk about how high those temperatures will get and how long this summer like pattern will last in your seven day forecast when i join you later in the broadcast. all right, thanks kathy. to a developing story out of southwest philadelphia a man is in jail tonight after a deadly stabbing. the violence all happening in the middle of the afternoon. now one person is dead. others recovering from injuries. let's get straight out to chris o'connell he joins us live from university city tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, one person is dead works others are injured. one of them still remains here hospitalized at penn presbyterian hospital tonight. all three of them innocent victims of a random unprovoked triple stabbing. homicide detectives tonight were still combing through the cricket wireless store on 55th
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and baltimore avenue. it's where a violent afternoon stabbing spree all began. police say a 55-year-old man walked in without saying a word and stabbed a 31 crier old man in the chest who was inside paying his phone bill. he then walk out and jumped into the car of victim number two. a 51-year-old man sitting in the driver's seat. he was stabbed several times in the hands after a struggle. but the suspect wasn't done yet. another innocent victim had just arrived across the street to get his cary paired. >> he walks up to a mail with his fiance' directly across the street from the cricket store. getting his car worked on. he pulls out the knife and establishes him one time in the chest in front of his fiance'. >> mechanic at the shop says his customer never saw it coming. >> the guy walked up to his ba back. and swung him around and stabbed him. and it was a fatal stab.
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and just walked off like it wasn't nothing. >> reporter: police say the attacker camly walked away where he was arrested and found with the bloody 95. some new the suspect as a local nuisance. >> he was known in the neighborhood to be little queue coo. >> the entire incident happened over less than two minutes. of it captured on surveillance video police are now reviewing. as for a motive, no one knows for sure but investigators are looking into a possible psychological problem. >> just people doing chores on normal day unexpected to come upon a violent individual like this who just obviously caused great damage. >> reporter: so far the victim or the suspects have yet to be identified. the 31-year-old victim still remains here at presbyterian hospital tonight much he's stable. lucy. >> such a violent day on the streets, chris. 19-year-old man flagged down passing philadelphia police car to tell the officers he'd been shot. it happened just past 6:00 tonight on the 3200 block
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of carlisle street in north philadelphia. he went to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. he's in stable condition tonight. police did find a weapon and say they've arrested the shooter. no word on a motive, though. delaware county emt is under arrest accused of sexting with someone who is underage. 30-year-old melissa gibbons of norwood facing several charges including sexual abuse of children. according to an affidavit, she he can changed nude photos with someone under the age of 18. police documents don't reveal that person's identity or gender. detectives found sexually explicit pictures of gibbons on the minor's phone. norwood fire company says she's no longer employed by the company. four more contests in the race for the white house tonight for the gop donald trump picked up two more wins taking mississippi and michigan. this expands trump's lead over his rivals as the front runner continues to face criticism from not only his competitors but also prominent members of the party. republicans are awaiting results for contests in hawaii and ida
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idaho. the gop candidates are fighting for 150 delegates. meanwhile the democrats are only competing in two states tonight, hillary clinton won mississippi but she's in very close race with senator bernie sanders in michigan. 179 delegates are at stake for the den dems. >> take a close look at that c car. notice anything off. >> that's a 15-foot tree stuck in the grill. what the driver admits to police just before she was arrested. >> disgusting sign for familiar visiting their elderly mom's am. >> we pull the sheets back and that was one on the sheet. >> what they found crawling around the 94-year-old woman's bed. and this is not what grocery shoppers expected to see. that's an suv on the roof. the bizarre crash that left witnesses stunned. >> reporter live on tv had to jump for his life. a car you see right there barreling in missing the crew by inches. what happened moments earlier
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>> what a find in the middle of an upper darby street. a bag caught the eye of a septa worker. you're looking at the contents, cash, thousands and thousands of dollars. >> now he's being praised because of what he did with it. fox 29's shawnette wilson joins us live from the newsroom tonight with the details. shawnette? >> did you all take look at that video? all that cash. well this man he gave it back something many people wouldn't be able to say without a doubt that they would do, right? it would be pretty tempting to keep that amount of money, but bob tracy the man who who found it says not him. he immediately called police
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when he saw loads of cash inside the bag. tracy says that he was on his way home from work last night around midnight spotted the along along anderson street and state road in upper darby. tracy says he called police because he wanted to do what he hoped someone would do for him if he had lost that bag. >> my thought was, first it was a woman's handbag. shopping center is down two blocks down on the left hand side. we've all put things on our roof of our cars and drove away. so i thought it was a woman's handbag, you know, leaving the supermarket. so that's why i came right back around pick it up and headed down that way. then i thought -- then when i saw all the money, i also thought it might have been a nighttime drop for a business. >> he's to be applauded for his honest team he really is. you know, we deal with dirt bags day in and day out. we lock people up every day for stealing and robbing and pillaging. here's a gentleman who comes in finds 15 grand and turns it right over. >> reporter: that's a goodman
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right there. upper darby police would not say what else was in the bag if anything. they would only say that they are investigating to try and fine out who it belongs to. iain, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. m parents of students at one camden county, new jersey school are concerned tonight after school officials discover a death book filled with student's name. discovery was made inside the pennsauken intermediate school. according to a letter sent home to parents. there were dates next to the names of those students. the school says it did contact police and that the students behind the book were quote issued an appropriate consequence for their actions. we tried to get further details from police but have not heard back in time for our newscast. nasty mess building on a philadelphia street corner. news desk got a tip about this trash heap at mascher and cambria in the city's fair hill neighborhood. it appears the mess has been building over time. officials at 311 though have been called about the mess and hope to clean up soon. developing to night in montgomery county health officials confirmed the county
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first case of zika virus. 55-year-old woman contracted it traveling outside the us, and new word tonight that's much easier to spread the virus through sex than health officials had first thought. fox 29's bill anderson spoke to our dr. mike about the growing concern. >> it is a concern. >> reporter: concern over the current international zika virus outbreak has continued to grow and we now have the first reported case in montgomery county. >> when you look at the progression of this virus throughout the world, it's clear that as the summer comes and the warmer weather comes, there will be cases. >> reporter: 55-year-old woman was the sixth confirmed case in pennsylvania. and like four of the others she cracked the virus while traveling overseas from infected mosquitoes. our own dr. mike told me that information is good but there's no reason to panic. >> when it comes to the zika virus it's a very mild virus. many people about 80% don't even
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know that they have the zika virus. >> reporter: with our mosquito season approaching i asked the experts at the academy natural sciences if we should be concerned and if we even have the species of mosquitoes that's carrying the zika virus. >> it's not a species that regularly occurs here and if it does come in on something that it's able to get a little foot hold in summer it doesn't survive the winters. >> reporter: the virus is spreading rapidly in certain areas outside the united states. but even so, dr. mike said it isn't especially dangerous unless you're pregnant or pla planning to get pregnant in the near future. >> because there is an association with something called microcephaly in the fetus that can be profoundly problematic down the rotor. >> how wide a certain it will be i don't know myself and i think a lot of people are still trying to figure that out. >> reporter: although the specific species of mosquito carrying zika overseas is rare
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in the united states, the experts tell me that other species can carry it. so basically take precautions. usery pell atlantic, avoid standing water, wear long sleeves. essentially with a little bit of prevention and awareness, we should all be fine. in the newsroom i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. a new grant could move philadelphia closer to the mayor's goal of universal pre k. jim kenney dropped by rising star pre-school center in feltonville this afternoon. william penn foundation announce add 15 million grant to fund for ya'll lat. will the. it began in 2014 with nearly $5 million donation from will 81 penn. organizations are working to expand early education to low income children. universal pre k a big part of mayor kenney's campaign. young ladies from burlington county are number one. >> all star cheerleading team from cinnaminson won the national cheer association
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championship in dallas for their level. this team ranges in age from seven to 15. a mother and daughter coaching duo are behind the team. >> it's great because when you coach the kids you love them and they're like -- they are your own kids but to have or i don't know child accomplish and be the coach of the team it's amazing. >> despite bringing home a national title those girls aren't done yet. next week they got to go to south carolina for another competition. >> congratulations to them. that is awesome. >> talk about an ugly race. this guy a candidate sporting quite the cash on his head. volunteers from his rival attacked him. what he claims that started beating. >> this officer jumps in to pull a baby from the burning car and there's still another car insi inside. why he gets so frustrated at the woman driving. >> guys, listen up. you got a great excuse. iain page, to hang out with your buds. why it could add years to your life. >> i don't want to live too
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long. >> come on. >> ♪ now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. delays coming in to philly on the betsy ross bridge. they got the richmond street off-ramp blocked coming into philadelphia for the next six weeks or so. so everyone needs to use 95 in an exit at bridge street for the gang heading into bridesburg there. heads up and a cone zone tomorrow going to be working along woodhaven between academy and i95. a wednesday work zone coming our way tomorrow. southbound lanes of 95 penndot will be filling potholes beginning at 9:00 a.m. in delaware county. grab your shades for some sun glare tomorrow morning. sue and i will see you
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ take a close look at this dash cam video. that tree you see on the right side of your screen is actually jammed into the grill of that car that's driving. so imagine being the officer who noticed her right off the bat. definitely probably did a double teague. officer says she was not only driving with that 15-foot tree stuck in the car, but her air bags were deployed. officers say she admitted hitting the tree in a nearby town but couldn't remember
3:24 am
where. not surprisingly her arrest soon followed for driving under the influence. california highway patrol officer came to the rescue of a woman and two children after their car burst into flames. let's take look here. this is officer rescuing the children from the car. it caught on fire on highway in monterey but the driver did not immediately pull over. the highway patrol officer just happened to be behind them. one the woman did finally stop you can hear the officer yelling, what are you doing? come on! he saved the little boy an girl and coked the woman out of the passenger seat. later he told the add dulls they needed to have moved faster. young lives were at stake. no one is seriously injured, though. thank good goodness. one political race near chicago turned quite ugly. >> one candidate now claims he was attacked by volunteers for his opponent. bob so lynn ski caught the group putting up campaign posters for his opponent in front of his campaign office. they're both running for seat in the illinois house. he ended up with a big garb and
3:25 am
several stitches and an attorney for the other candidate says that's not what happened. he says the volunteers the victims and so lynn ski grabbed and pushed them sending one to the hospital. >> 2016. obviously you hear stories about old school politics, but you know it's just ridiculous. police are investigating. both sides claim surveillance cameras on the block will prove their innocence. this is not what grocery shopper expect to see. this is an suv on the roof. the crash that left witnesses, well, stunned. a disgusting find for a familiar visiting their elderly mom's amount. what they found crawling around the 94-year-old woman's bed. kathy? in weather we're talking about record warmth. not just one day but two days. we'll take look how long it will last and of course the forecast for the philadelphia s
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>> we're in the grip of a violent night in philadelphia. right now, skyfox is over the scene of one of several homicide
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cases in just the last few hours. this is an abbotts forward avenue in east falls. one person is dead. another man was killed on strawberry mansion. a third in west philly. another man was shot to death in south philadelphia. all four cases involved gun violence. a man established to death in southwest philadelphia earlier today. so a very busy and tragic night. philadelphia police are trying to track down the person behind the wheel of a city truck that hit a 15 month old boy and kept going. we told you about this last night. it happened yesterday along 200 block of grange avenue in olney. investigators say the little boy ran into the road and the truck hit him it's not clear what city department the truck is assigned to but police say it was a white ford f250. the child is at saint christopher's hospital. he's in stable condition. a mother whose two year olson was killed in philadelphia hit-and-run last year has filed a wrongful death lawsuit. david, was killed last april when he and his mother josephine rivera were hit by car on
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mascher street. she filed a lawsuit against the alleged driver miguel cologne whose been charged with homicide by vehicle in the case. two owners of the car involved in the accident are also named in that lawsuit. definitely not the site shoppers expected at this western pennsylvania grocery store. that, my friends, is an suv on the roof. police say it landed there after a crash. the whole situation seems pretty much impossible. >> it does ill it all happened this morning at the giant eagle store in pittsburgh. so when you take a close look, you can sort of see how it happened. the street and parking lot actually butt right up to the roof so the driver telling investigator he is lot of control when another car cut him off. he slammed through a brick call and landed on the roof. >> police arrived. they asked basic information, are you okay, what's your name, where is your driver's license. he couldn't produce the driver's license. claimed him and his stepson own the vehicle. he tried to request a towing company of his own choosing, and
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the police offered to tell him, no, it's going to the pound. >> tow truck came and lived the suv off the roof. no one was hurt. the crash is still under investigation. authorities in camden county, new jersey trying to find the person who broke into an animal shelter overnight. investigators say someone busted the window here at the camden county animal shelter in gloucester city. authorities say the person was trying to break into vending machines inside. no animals, however, are hurt. officials say a mudslide likely to blame for a train derailment in northern california. nine people were hurt, four of them seriously. the almeda county fire department says the mudslide pushed a tree on the tracks for the ace train coming from san jose hit that tree sending one of its cars into a creek. about 200 people were on board at the time. while covering the train story for our sister station in san francisco, a reporter found himself at the center avenue very different story. >> the next few moments show that live most certainly can be unpredictable.
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>> wow! >> a car crashed this morning narrowly missing reporter alex sarvage and his photographer during their live report. they managed to jump out of the way. everybody is okay. police say the driver had turned into another car's path. they crashed and they think that she then hit the gas instead of the brakes sending her car careening towards the news crew. savage and his crew managed to keep reporting on the derailment throughout the morning and during his first report after what you see right there, he made sure to tell his wife that he was okay. >> incredible stuff. >> um-hmm. >> here's kathy with a look what's an your radar and we're talking -- i still can't believe 80s in the forecast. >> isn't it great. >> it is great. >> it's all good. >> i can't believe it. it's shocking when you look at that seven day. we'll show it to you coming up. first i want to show you this. at the airport we have a clear sky. temperatures near 60 degrees. it's 59 at the airport. average high is 50 for this time of year.
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and it is amazing seeing that wind out of the southwest that's going to really pump up during the day tomorrow. we have high pressure off the coast of south carolina and that is going to keep all the storminess to our west and to our north. so we will bee seeing a series f dry days. the next chance of a shower will come over the weekend. so 59 in philadelphia. 53 in buffalo. that's very unusual for this time of year. raleigh 61. and 70 in clearwater but all this warmth from the south will be moving up the coastal planes. yesterday we had a high of 61. that was 11 degrees above norm normal. today 25 degrees above normal at 75. tomorrow and thursday even warmer we're going for record breaking warmth. pretty amazing now we're watching this area of low pressure to our west. that will bring some heavy rain up through the ohio valley where you see the reds, oranges even purples that is heavy rain. a chance of a few showers over philadelphia possibly late saturday and sunday but it is looking better. it is looking drier over the weekend especially for sunday
3:34 am
for our philadelphia st. patrick's day parade. we'll keep a* close eye on that for you. overnight in the city 53. in the suburbs 48. tomorrow morning heading out the door, you really don't even need a coat. skies will be clear and that means plenty of sunshine. so watch for sun glare during tomorrow morning. of course, bob kelly will have the very latest on that. the high temperature tomorrow 79 degrees. mostly sunny skies. and temperatures nearly 30 degrees above average. the record for tomorrow in philadelphia is 73. wilmington 74. allentown 70. trenton 73. reading 74. i think these are all going to be very easy to beat. atlantic city might be a little tough. that is the high at the airport. that's the record at 78 degrees. on your seven day forecast, check this out. 79 for wednesday. that will break the record. thursday 80 degrees will break the record again. and then even friday is nice and mild we took the shower chance out of that day. saturday a chance of a shower. remember weigh daylight saving time begins on sunday for the
3:35 am
parade, just a chance of a shower now on sunday. the temperature 61. and monday and tuesday we're saying a little bit cooler as the irish say a wee bit cooler. with temperatures in the 50's. 58 for monday. and for tuesday 57 with a chance of a shower. but even those temperatures are well above average for this time of year, iain. >> that's good. i'm loving that. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> fantastic. the per spec ticket's of 100-foot off an interstate. he's okay. what happened to the garbage truck driver when he hit the ground. >> home alone when their apartment caught fire. three kids inside. smoke filled the place. 12-year-old saved her siblings but why she thought she was going to get in trouble. >> great excuse to hang out with all your buds. we're not leaking at a queen this time. why it could
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♪ camera shows exactly what miami sanitation worker saw as his garbage truck plumetted off a highway. that truck fell 100 feet into a park and he survive. he lost control hit a guardrail through off the interstate ramp sending trash just flying.
3:39 am
the impact through him from the cab. he did have to go to the hospital but he's out now and he's doing okay. no one else was hurt. investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. in your money tonight get ready to watch football games on facebook. social network in the mix for nfl thursday night football digital package. last month of course cbs and nbc won the right to televise thursday night football for two years but the rights to life stream are being sold separately and dance row facebook vice-president did confirm today the company is bidding for that package along with amazon and verizon. so stay tune. >> that's interesting. big changes ahead for chick-fil-a and their famous sauces. the company has announced it's anotherring new sweet and spicy siracha sauce calling it a trending flavor. it's also changing the recipe for three of its main sauces barbecue, butter milk ranch and buffalo. not sure it's a good thing if you like the way it was. restaurant chain says it's been testing the new recipes and a few states and rolling them out nationwide later this year.
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guys, iain, here's a reason to give your bros a call. plan a night out. >> new study shows a little bromance could actually be good for your health. research from the university of california berkeley finds that when guys are social with one another, it may reduce stress. the study focused on rats so when mail -- >> on rats. >> why they, upping, using that analogy. male rats were placed together in exposed stressful situations they became more social and cooperative than they were in an viewer many not stressful. >> we're seeing bromances like female friendships are great. they're great for health. they're great for the brain and they can really be important particularly in times of stress. >> researchers say it can even help you live longer maybe add years to your life. so experts say developing a bromance can be easy. reach out and open up. so you don't have to manage stressful situations by yourse yourself. >> my only take away they compared to you rats. >> i don't like that.
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>> that's all i'm saying. police chase near phoenix involving a guy an motorcycle that won't stop. how they finally got him in handcuffs. >> disgusting find for family visiting their elderly mom's apartment. what they
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♪ [ woman on p.a. ] now boarding track 6. ♪ do not leave bags unattended. [ male announcer ] maybe you see something suspicious.
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but you don't want to get involved. it's nothing, you think. can you be sure? ♪ if you see something, say something. report suspicious activity to local authorities.
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♪ a man on a motorcycle leads police on a chase for nearly an hour in phoenix, arizona. cops say he stole the bike earlier today and when officers tried to pull him over, he just kept going. you can see him driving dangerously through intersections. he eventual got off the bike and ran. police were right on his tail and took him into custody. georgia family appalled by what they found drawing inside their 94-year-old mother's apartment. >> they say the senior community who owns the complex needs to get rid of the bed bugs. fox's deed doctor dukes has the battle against bugs. >> i'll put them in this jar. >> reporter: this is video rod took sunday of the bed bugs in his mothers' apartment at the big bethel village senior housing community. taken just days after workers treated her unit to get rid of them. >> at one point, we were about to spec the mattress so we pulled the sheets back and there was one on the sheets. and that's when we was like,
3:45 am
this process they're using is not effective. >> reporter: he says the bugs first appeared in 94-year-old virginia bolden unit about a year ago. then reappeared about three months ago. >> it has affected my mother to the point where she can't even sleep in her bed. so she was sleeping on her, energy her chair. >> reporter: it's not just bolden's apartment. her son and others tell fox5 that several units and some of the communities common areas are infested. >> having the bed bugs biting my legs, um, was very uncomfortab uncomfortable. some people that's wheelchair bound i'm sure it's going affect their comfort ability in the way of life. >> caregiver alexander's client lives at the complex and unlike some of her neighbors, has been able to keep bed bugs at bay. alexander believes management at big bethel's village are doing their best to get rid of the nasty critters. >> i will say that the management is trying.
3:46 am
they have gotten objection kin in there. but because of the way that it's being handled, one unit at a time or maybe a few units at a time, and not a clean sweep it's very hard to get the bed bugs at one time. >> reporter: bolden's mother's apartment was treated on three separate occasions. but the bugs won't budge. so bolden is trying to find her a new home. >> the family says although they appreciate the community's work owing on the problem they feel their $1,000 month some mean they shouldn't have to worry about all of that. 12-year-old girl watching her two younger siblings quickly turns into a hero when she saves all of think lives. diana hernandez was home with her little brother and sister. hear dad was at work. mom was dropping off the older brother at school when she heard her brother dry out the lamp in his room was on fire. within moments smoke start to do fill their apartment but die nan just jumped right into action. >> so then he was trying to --
3:47 am
come on, let's go. you're going to get hur. i was yelling walter, let's go. she's like, i'm over here. >> all three got out safely much the fire quickly spread to the nearby apartments. firefighters even had to rescue people from their balconies. no one was hurt though. diana actually thought she was going to be in trouble with her parents but sean watching her brother closely enough. she was wrong as her parents say. she's a little hero. >> indeed she is. big day is almost here of one of philadelphia's favorite celebrations of the year but the st. patrick's day parade's fun takes lot of preparation. >> there's a lot of hard work and tradition that goes into it as well. kathy more on that. >> i've been covering irish dance for over a decade. >> right. >> i never really realized how physical athletic it is. i mean these girls train. they do several drills. it's just amazing to watch. we went to seat cummings school of irish dance and we met three childhood friends who are now guiding the next generation of irish dancers.
3:48 am
♪ >> five, six, are there and go. >> reporter: these are the first of countless steps these irish dancers will try to perfect in time for the parade. >> we maybe went through 15 different pieces but that's only part of a few steps. you can seize easily in one night drill 50 different elements. >> reporter: dozens of drills to practice before they even dance. >> constructors meghan, maureen and kathleen know it all so well. >> very busy month. >> they are childhood friends. >> it feels great because we work so well together eve weren't friends and we have the same style of irish dance since we danced together our whole lives and we have some more styles of teaching. >> reporter: and part of that instruction strengthening the dancer to prevent injury. >> by doing the core work they're doing, they're going to be able to strengthen those muscles. the steps have gotten a lot more
3:49 am
athletic from five or 10 years ago. as teachers and a jude caters and caps certification we're expecting them to jump higher and reach further with each step and so this is helping them. >> reporter: it's amazing how high they can go. >> we practice a lot. every single day. it just really comes with practice hard work. >> when it was time for me to try -- >> point. >> point. >> heel. >> heel. >> up. >> up. >> reporter: i can get the heel. my leg is killing me. my thigh. >> yes. >> reporter: whoo! i got to work it out. i think i'll leave it to the experts. and they are just amazing. >> trying to balance on one leg i was like i have a cramp. but it just goes to show how athletic it really is. much more gymnastics like.
3:50 am
it's beautiful and of course the cummings school of 1200 groups that will be marching and performing in the philadelphia st. patrick's day parade. we cannot wait. the weather looks like it's improving. >> yay. >> as we get closer. we'll see on sunday. we're ready. >> speaking of that you can watch the parade live right here on fox 29 from noon till 3:00. kathy and our mike jerrick and bob kelly are hosting and don't forget to tweet us your pictures and make sure you use that hash tag fox 29 irish. >> and iain ion will he will be in the parade as well. >> we'll be there marching. >> triplets there be. >> i love that. howard, i'll bring you. >> that's all right. >> got to wear your green, howard. >> i'll be watching. >> phillies suffered their first serious injury of the spring which puts a probable starter out for months. the eagles are not only making trades they signed a free agent today with more to come. he
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ the trades of demarco murray to tennessee and byron mack well and key company alonso will become official tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. today the eagles signed a fro agent for the defense more
3:54 am
lyingly to come. could be a quarterback. could be chase daniels a as the back up with the eagles releasing mark seannachie. sigh guess signed bills free agent leodis mckelvin a cornerback with the interception against the eagles in the buffalo game. he was the 11th pick in the 2008 draft. the eagles signed mckelvin to two year, sick million dollars deal. he played under jim schwartz in the past. >> basically just telling me, um, about defense the way he going to run it. similar to the defense he ran when he was in buffalo. similar terminology, keep some of the words the same. that's pretty much about it. good ready to come in and play ball. >> this is the guy the fans won't miss. the play is example of what byron mack well doesn't do. in the arizona game the tight end darrin fels dragged maxwell 18 yards aft the catch. maxwell could not or would not tackle anybody. after he signed his contract he just mailed it in.
3:55 am
you're not going to miss him. phillies lost a player. good chance to be their right fielder. aaron al tear suffered a leg injury in his left wrist he will have surgery be out four to sick months. phillies play on spring traini training. two clearwater, flor, first inning darrin ruf two run homer, he'll play lot of fares base this year. adam morgan three scoreless innings. phillies beat the pirates four-two. villanova took off for new york today to get ready for the big east tournament. villanova still has a top seed win or lose in the big eve. obviously not what the wildcats are thinking. >> people talk about if you lose game it's good for you to go into the inform caa tournament. it can be good but there's nothing better than playing great basketball and winning. we'd rather be playing great ball and within the tournament gone into ncaa tournament. you can learn from the loss but we want to be playing our best and if our best is good enough to win this tournament we'll take it. >> i'm sure he will. the championship game of the big
3:56 am
east tournament will be seen right here on fox 29 saturday night 5:30. all right. what it be trainer malpractice if the injured player is dropped off the stretcher? you tell me. let's go to grease. soccer game. watch this. this sky guy trying to carry off an injured soccer player, and -- >> no. (laughter). >> the guy said, you know what, bleep you. i'm going -- i'll go on my own. >> that's terrible. >> poor guy. >> all right. >> trainer malpractice g i guess so. >> all right. (laughter). >> big big time lottery tonight. which one is it
3:57 am
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
this is fox 29 morning news. what a horrible night we had. in fact, at 4:00 we're following breaking fuse from overnight, multiple cars burst into flames catching a building on fire. right now firefighters still on the scene trying to determine how this all happened. >> deadly day in the city of philadelphia. six murders, one including a gruesome stabbing, have officials on high alert this morning. >> also, braking overnight, three people taken to the hospital after the home they were in caught fire. this morning the latest on their conditions. good day, it is wednesday, march 9th, 2016. we'll play a song for you right now, it is called beautiful by snoop dog. here's why we're doing it. >> okay? >> today our weather is supposed to be simply beautiful, right? >> record breaking warm. >> yes. so good day will do something special this morning, we are having a street party. >> okay? >> we're talking


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