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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  March 9, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EST

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>> don't judge me, it turns out men struggle with their looks, as well. just how much guys compare themselves to each other. >> ♪ >> they have the same struggles as we do. >> i have to apologize to you, i'm at g these like they're canned. >> i that's all right. >> okay, good. >> so good day to you, hello, lauren? hello, it is wednesday, march 9th, 2016. we're having a party, lauren, are you here? >> i know, i heard about it, i looked out the window, i saw everybody outside. i'm not dressed for the occasion. >> what's bob kelling doing? >> my goodness, you know, did he used -- he's there with dj royal. >> always dressed up. so he's playing songs to have the word beautiful in it. it is beautiful weather. he's saying he got t but also,
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when you have a party, you have to have music, have people. but you also have food grade stuff, so asking, hanging out he will fresco, asking people to join in the warm weather, best summer picture, george says this was my board training in poured reijo. >> oh, we could be there. >> oh, look at that one, romantic sunset. >> and no words needed, just sun. >> that's it. >> this one, get ready for perfect spring day. i love the wildwoods. >> the wildwoods. that will where we put jen? >> she's in ocean city and down the shore, then another pick of re he will and first beach visit v to see that again, beautiful. andrew playing ball with my girl roxy. >> the dogs are loving this weather, yesterday, i took diamond outside, i mean, the whole time her tail wagging and wagging and wagging like they know it is like we get to come outside more, snow on her
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paw's, salt. >> not just the animals, everybody my goodness, finally we can be outside and enjoy. >> so did you lose mike jerrick and all of this enjoying? >> you know the thing is when he heard that we were having party, you know, i have to get my party in gear. i have to get ready for the fact it is warm. yesterday big debate on twitter okay it is warm outside, all excited is it too early for me to start wearing shorts and tank tops? >> never too earl. >> i oh, look who decides to show up to the party. >> mike jerrick's legs? >> ya. >> this is big. >> i look like dental hygienist, look like the beaches and sand of south florida. >> what about the jersey shore? they'll pope for business today, some of these. >> true. >> look at those locks. >> sock tan? or inch dentition? >> back when i was in high school, the fad, the fashion fad, was you would wear jeans
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as tight as possible, your bluejeans. >> right. >> we wore them so tight, you put on your socks it, took the hair off my ankles. >> is that what happened? >> yes. the jeans were so tight, would you have to lay down on the floor. >> yes? >> and like this. >> oh, we know that struggle. and we have to jump noop them. >> so you have no hair on your ankles? >> no hair on my ankles since high school. >> interesting look. >> can you turn around? we love the cavs. you used to run, yes, not looking at those calves. those calves. >> oh, my gosh. >> look. >> get in here on your tiptoes. >> also, dow not have hair on my thighs. >> we don't need that. >> oh, my gosh. >> jeans were so tight would you put your keys or change? >> yes? >> it wore all of the hair off my thighs. >> i wonder if doctor mike can diagnosis you with a condition for that. >> what would you call that condition?
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>> you sure it it was the jeans? >> what else would it be? >> i don't know, tried to wax and -- >> and he doesn't want to tell us? >> wax on, wax off. >> wax on, hair off. >> let me get a chair. >> join us, mike. >> barbeque for breakfast. >> now, i forgot the name of the restaurant. >> oh, it is bob's big boy. we'll get it. >> gentlemen. >> these beans, are amazing, like brings kit, and in the beans. >> wow. >> look at that. >> i like. >> chicken, coal shaw, big q barbeque. how could i forget that? >> levittown. >> barbeque. >> so into the food, i forgot the name. >> by the way i reason i dressed up, i promised i would wear lavender shoes, lavender shorts, if you use the hashtag, what is it?
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>> fresco. >> and did you it. >> if we can get up little higher, around 9:30, i'll show you because temperatures in the 80s, maybe? i'll show you some embarrassing pictures from my eight a's -- 80s days. >> guys, we can do this. >> going through whole wam thing. >> were you? >> george michael. >> it is the hair, all in the hair. >> make up artist on the show, lover the mascara on guys. >> wait until you she. >> but do you have send the pictures to see it. >> use the hashtag. because we're in competition with the new york station, and we're kicking their butts. >> common. >> thanks to you. children, spending too much time, playing video games, are they? has often been seen as very negative thing. but i found this research yesterday afternoon, it might and positive thing.
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you see that? look at the amount of time a child spent time playing video games. so the result showed, that children who played video games, about five or more hours a week, they had a high intellectual function. >> oh, these kids will take this to their parents to see? >> more, there is more, good peer relationships and also did bet nerve school. >> i believe this. >> formulating their brains. >> and fancy now because they put the headphones on, can talk to people in different part of the worlds playing the game with them. that's working on your inner personal skills, your hundred case skills, then in order to win, because that's what you are trying to do, you have to focus. >> i remember my little stepdaughter, granddaughter emmy, she was about six, i go into the den of my daughter's house, northern california, she is playing violent video game. turns out guy like in his
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four's. give me that. give me that. >> can only be people you know, certain people, you don't want to be doing that. >> is it stimulating their brains? will they do bet nerve school. >> or is it scary for some parent like you were saying for to you meet stranglers plus laying around. >> like the violence, violence, too. >> plus your body not moving around. >> i can play that for hours. >> did you hear? go crash frogs. grow up? >> atlanta. >> on a lake, though. >> you push them down the hill, you know, that's boys and girls do. >> jason. >> justin. >> like michael jackson. >> heard you last week too. >> oh, did he? >> did he catch the lightning
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bugs? >> oh, those are the days. >> anyway. >> we should take honey suckles, too, eat the little honey. >> it was so disappointing. >> always like oh -- >> never eaten one. >> maybe that's a southern thing, lauren? >> will somebody bring him a hine suck snell. >> honey suckle flower. >> you just pull it, that's perfect for spring. and rollie pole i's. >> i love rollie pole i's. >> the lights common. >> did you get a turtle and put it in a cardboard box. >> oh, yeah. >> whatever. >> ever burn and the with magnifying glass. just kidding. >> what? >> that's terrible.
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>> corn rose? >> ya. >> sends me the pickets. >> oh, they were straight back. oh, my gosh. >> pull on the slugs. >> no, the honey suckle flower, to show you. yes, you take them, pull it apart. >> no. >> oh, come on. >> you have to take so many to really taste it, like it is fun. >> cool. hey, turns out, women are not the only ones who struggle with body image. you should have seen me in the rest room, about five minute ago. trying to put these lavender shorts on, apparently i put on weight since last summer. >> oh, oh? >> these used to fit like a glove, perfect. little loose. little loose. and now. >> are you holding sucking in? >> sucking in i am just trying to make the it to 9:20:20 breathe out. new journal of psychology of men and masculinity. oh, they don't look anything like me. finds that men compare
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themselves to what's the sign he says the ideal physique, and body type. as much as women do. >> what is it? >> not enough muscle tone. >> yes. >> and gout a flab i mid section. >> i need to get my weight -- >> all of my weight to my -- >> okay, all right. >> so, quincy, i saw you were working out with our district attorney last night. boxing with set william. he's really looking good. maybe get a pick? >> well, yes. i got to get it together. because, i mean, he's a little older than me, he could be pie father. >> but he's more, more, no, i had to say it, no, because tried to get me last night. we went to work out.
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oh, it is easy work out. one of the hardest workouts i've ever done in my life. guys, four different kind of guys. one, guy who is like super fit. he has abs. and like every guy hates that guy. you know, like he's really fit. and then you have a guy like myself. right? >> okay. >> like if i put little more work in, like i could get abs. but you start going out with mike jerrick, like i get abs next week. then next week turns into next year, next year turns into never, right? three, guy who is little larger than me, and he's ashamed. it's just like i'll never get as thin or abby as the guy that's on the magazine. then big i, passed away 18 years ago today, he was like so big, you know, he loved being in his bigness. he was okay with that, so four different kind of guys. like i'm almost there. will i ever really get abs? i don't know. will i wear a shirt in the pool this summer when we are
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down at the shore? probably. it is just stuff. and we always think about it, guys think hey, if you get abs, the lady's like the abs, doesn't matter because avenue wife. but still you want women oh, ah, ooah. >> good stuff. >> we all go through it. >> picture from last night, seth williams. oh, this is video actually. >> you can see them. >> yes. >> so. >> in. >> and i don't like that. he's newly like with his new body, he wears like real tight clothes in the gym. >> wouldn't you? you know would you. >> he dropped about 50 pounds. >> show it off. >> nice job today. >> thank you. >> q -- >> more coming up next. >> by the way, stop on your
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way home from the wells fargo center, and pick up a live fish, i'll tell you what i mean, your wife might be all over you tonight if you have a fish, take it home. >> okay? >> on line dating can be tough. good portion of is deciding which post to post for your profile, right? foremen, there is one thing in particular, that drives women crazy, apparently. new research. >> oh, ladies. >> guys? holding fish. >> what? on tinder? >> tinder study, yes. >> connected by fish app? >> big problem right there. >> but they found nearly quarter every men on continue err are posing with a recently caught fish. >> turns women on. >> so, yes. nearly half of college women, that were polled in this, said that they found men who posted with fish. sexier than those who decided not to post picture or holding any forms of ocean life. >> you're just adventurous. >> one of our viewers sent in
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a picture saying he agrees with the study. somebody watching our show, this dude,. >> john baker. >> oh, that's cathy baker's boo. >> look at that. >> kathy. >> ya. >> fish, really? >> now is that exciting? he's outdoors. he is healthy probably. >> i think so. i think it means you're adventurous, trying new things, not scared to get off the couch. >> get dirty little bit? >> one pick tire, can mean a lot. >> a lot of personment and you're adventurous. >> have you ever been fishing? >> i have this little piece of salmon in my pocket. >> look at that, ladies. >> look at that, ladies.
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>> it doesn't work in person. >> ahh. >> who knows how long that's been in your pocket. seriously? >> last spring. >> oh, he is smacking. >> look what i got here. >> i can't even look. >> keep a can every tune in your pants. and they'll go wild. >> please don't do. >> this i don't want men all over philly walking around with fish in their pants. >> still un owned. >> true. >> and actual size. >> 9:15, well, into girl scout cookie season one troop in long island, new york, came up with a good way to move some boxes of cook us. >> yes, they use leonardo recent oscar win, as a marketing strategy. so the girl scouts put up this poster at the table it, showed picture of video eating cookie, girl scout cookies,
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leo buys girl scout cookies at the awards. leo wins an oscar. lee so smart. be like leo. >> and buy our cook us. >> heck ya. it helped them. sales have sky rocketed. >> that's very clever. >> it is. >> i like that a lot. >> plus everyone so happy for leo, plays, yes, he finally got it. >> yes. >> that was good moment. >> now it smells like fish. >> you should probably stick to the fish picture, don't car at this around. but i have something. >> see, i thought the smell would enhance the attraction. >> no, no, no. trying to help you out. >> let's go to where you can catch a fish right now if you want to i am priest your loved ones, that's ocean city. >> mike, i have found the most amazing couple. is this a tease err? i think it is my segmentment so you guys drove down, from west chester, university. >> yes, from, we go to west chester, drove down from
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horsham, pennsylvania. >> spring break. >> yep. >> okay. he's a little crazy but i think i like it. >> i a grow. >> you're dating him. >> yes. >> did you date him in high school. >> kind of. first year of college. >> oh, real. >> i all right. you do like the older ladies. we know this. >> some would say that. >> special older lazy that you love. >> yes, grammy. >> okay, i think we have a picture of grammy, and grammy said scoot on down to ninth street and get on tv. >> she sent me a text, and calling me like crazy, oh, jen is down there, i love jen. >> grammy texts in. >> yes, she does, she texas lot. >> does she have a house down here? >> no, we come down here every summer, we just came down in the off season just for fun. >> look, i'm bundled up. i see you have your sweatshirt. still little chilly? >> i'm colds. >> you're just doing this so we can see your legs. >> well, you snow. >> that's sexy right there. >> well. >> grammy, what does she text
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you about all the time? >> let's see, actually i just recently shaved my beard. i had a beard for five months. and she always text me about how she hate philadelphia so much. >> you like it better without the beard? >> ugh. he's right here. so i have to say i like him all the time. >> right. >> but seriously? >> the beards is kind of annoying? >> beard little much. >> i love you guys. you're going to be a music teacher? i love teachers. oh, wait. since you're going to be a music teacher, shouldn't we sing. >> do you want to sing? >> i'll sing with you. >> do you want to sing oh, when the saints? grammy lovers that one. >> this one for grammy. by the way, if anyone -- are you going to sing with us? okay, come over here. just on tv because it is nice out. you are already tan. why are you so tan? do you live here? >> yes. >> okay. >> do you know the words to oh, when the saints come marching in. >> no. >> perfect. >> all right. and a one, and two, and, one, two, three, four. >> oh, when the saints ♪ come marching in ♪ oh, when
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the saints come marching in. >> oh, too bad we don't have more time to listen. it is 9:18. >> 9:19. by the way, i found picture every seth williams. >> did you? >> where you can actually see his guns, i hope he doesn't mind. >> this look at this, he told me last night, he text me, i'm not even flexing. >> oh, stop. every man says that. set, quit it. >> that's what they all say. >> that's some serious arms. >> yes. >> you can always tell, quincy doesn't have any, you can tell when a guy doesn't have guns, i'll just go for the long leave shirt. >> right now. >> let's see some skin from you. >> hey, i got little something-something. are you ready? >> let's go. >> ya! >> go ahead, flex. >> not funny. not funny. >> okay. this sunday, as far as you can see down the parkway, there will be young women specially dancing. irish dancing. sure it is fun. but you have to take this
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seriously. you know they actually work out. >> this is serious work, too. >> yes. kathy orr will try it. >> more picks. because if you send picks i'll show you picks from the 80s that will make you sick. barbeque! >> muse frick dj royale. >> oh, yes. >> it is a party. go dj.
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>> you know this irish dancing looks like fun, kathy orr knows it is fun. kathy? >> five, six, ready and go. >> these are the first of countless steps these irish dancers will try to perfect in time for the parade. >> maybe went through 15 different pieces, only part of few steps.
9:24 am
>> you can easily one night drill 50 different elements. >> dozens every grills to practice before they even dance. instructor megan, maureen, kathleen, know it all so well. >> we're having a very busy month. >> i feel excitement because we work so well together. we have the same style of irish dance since we dance together our whole life. weaver more sometimes of teaching. >> and part of that instruction strengthening to prevent injuries. >> by doing the core work that they're doing, they'll be able to strengthen those muscles. >> the steps have gotten an lot more athletic from five, ten years ago. >> as teachers and adjudicators and dancers we're expecting them to jump higher and reach for them with each step and so this is helping them. >> it is amazing how high they can go.
9:25 am
>> we practice this a lot, every single day. it just really comes with practice and hard work. so when it was time for me to try ... >> point, point. >> heal, heal. >> oh, my legs are killing me, my thighs. >> yes. >> i have to work it out. >> i think i will ' leave it to the experts. >> oh, don't be fooled, kathy knows how to dance. >> kathy no, sir. >> how do you know? i'll know by sunday afternoon, because we have the parade noon to 3:00 right here on fox. >> we will all know then, we will be watching, watching in the parade, wearing green. >> i got a hat. >> i have an announcement to make. i don't think i told you this. >> what? >> it is national meatball day. >> oh,. >> is it? >> yep.
9:26 am
and i have found meatballs the size of your head. >> what? >> well, avenue question. >> yes? >> what if i don't eat meat. >> i have vegetarians out there for you. i have a veggie ball for you. you want to go out and look at them? >> yep. >> okay. man: life gets so busy with work, and it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. hey, playing is a lot of fun. ♪
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hey, playing is a lot of fun. look around pennsylvania and it's not hard to spot winners. and with over 2 million winners match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single month, that's hardly a surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
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♪ >> so, look at her laying out there, beautiful will day in bermuda. >> wow. >> that sound like fun. >> yes. >> and philip says i want to see these from the 80's, thank you, use the hashtag. >> we need to keep sending photos and tweeting using hashtag fox 29 and key it
9:30 am
keyona gets it summer cook out. that looks like the bell machines plateau too. >> look at this cat. thanks for send ago this in. >> that is cute. get outside. enjoy weather. very nice. >> you you know who else is outside enjoying weather. >> mike jerrick for hure. >> it is meat ball day. on meat ball day we have to play the song. >> ♪ on top of spaghetti, all covered with cheese. i lost my poor meat ball, when someone sneezed. it rolled off the table, and on to the floor. ♪ >> all right. out the door, right here outside of the fox studios, mike, did you catch the meat ball. >> that is not my meat ball, don't worry about missing balls we have plenty here. >> look at all the people out here for our party because it is so warm. is this weather fantastic. >> yeah, yeah. >> yes, they are coming out.
9:31 am
>> alex coming out towards end of the show. >> okay. >> i think they came out for the free food. >> hey chris from davio the's at 17th and samson. thanks for bringing your drums. people playing music too. >> yes. >> it is national meat ball day. >> of course, it is. >> we will come down and show you how to make our signature meet the meatballs at da thevio's. >> there is a surprise at the end of the segment. guess what is under here. >> um-hmm. >> okay, chris deforest, go. >> we have in our meat ball we have pork, we have veal, and we have our kobe meat which is our signature beef, signature meat, from california, and we do sauteed onions and garlic, all in there. >> all right. >> this is the owner of the restaurant, and oregano and parmesan cheese. >> that bind it all together. >> yes.
9:32 am
>> and as the crumbs and the egg that bind it all together. >> okay. >> here we go, two eggs for this one. >> two eggs. >> the whole egg. >> yes, two eggs, all right. >> and now we will get real messy and add bread crumbs. >> your meat balls are better than mine, i just use ground beef and egg. >> yes. >> you get your hand in there. >> you have to get your hand in there. >> yeah. >> make sure it is incorporated. >> we soak the bread crumbs overnight to get them nice and tender and kobe meat is very tender and flavorful too. >> will you have that on the menu tonight. >> absolutely. >> it doesn't have to be a holiday to eat a meat ball at da thevio's what is that. >> that is our signature, kobe. >> yes. >> lamb. >> lamb with a spinach pesto and goat cheese. >> not bad.
9:33 am
>> this is a vegetarian italian. it is served with ricotta and fennell. >> vegetarian ball. >> yes, vegetarian ball. >> if you have this one. >> hold on, so how long would you put that in the oven. >> this gets roasted up for 40 minutes at 300 degrees that long good then we put tonight mar sauce. >> that will will like that. >> yep, right there. >> and some cheese on top. >> okay, hold on to this. >> ladies and gentlemen, gather around, are you ready to see something you have never seen before. here we go. chris murphy, come over here please. i want you to take this spoon. >> get in there. >> or a fork. >> chef, are you ready? >> look at the that giant meat ball good what is that. >> that is kobe beef. >> it is a kobe beef meat ball. >> okay, everybody, grab some
9:34 am
spoons, get your spoons. pass them around. take it, take it. pass them around. i will get a piece of that. >> how did you do it. how did you make it the so big. >> hold on. >> this is a giant one. same method but we cook that for four hours in sauce. >> four hours. >> other ones take about two. >> that is so good. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> happy national meat ball day. >> i will see you tonight. >> maybe tonight. >> have a good day, man. >> that is good. >> enough people have responded to our hashtag, i will show the most embarrassing pictures from my time in the 1980's because it could be 80. >> ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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♪ >> dj, royale. >> doing a good job. >> dj royale. >> yes, a company, too. >> he doesn't even know it. >> how about that. >> he is bringing the people together. >> by the way, thank you for using that hashtag, what is that hashtag. >> fresco for fox. >> look at the that. >> that is just chillin. >> this is so cute.
9:39 am
enjoying it. >> just wishing for summer, she says. >> you could be doing that in the next 21 minutes, lauren. >> really. >> sound good to me. >> all right. >> you have done the hashtag we're trending on something what is it called. >> world star. >> this is someone just tweeted this, i haven't seen it. >> well, we accomplished our goals so now i have to bring out embarrassing pictures of me in the 80's. this is my wham another, george michael, got to have faith, baby. what was the other one. where is the tight shot here, di, on one, this is when i looked fatherly. >> look at the that look on your face. >> is that a sweater vest. >> sweater vest, because i looked like a dad. >> okay. >> here is i hosted a show called alive and well, it was a health and fitness show. >> with your color top. >> this is my david hasslehoff
9:40 am
era a. >> is there mascara there. >> yes. >> you have some freckles on your nose. >> do i. >> it looks like you might have some. >> it was in southern california. >> you were tan. >> yes. >> that is why i have problems now, that is why this, looks like this. this is major mascara. >> oh, yeah. >> i work with the make up artist her name was laurie michelle. >> your cupid bow cannot be seen because of the way you are holding your lip. >> i don't have a cupid's bow there. >> yesterday, we learned on "good day philadelphia" that the cupid's bow, right here, it runs very deep. >> yes. >> you know, it is deeper. >> this is my grief era in the . >> look at you. >> why are you scowling. >> that is tough.
9:41 am
>> that is kathy rigbio limb pick gold medalist the blonde and linda arkin the daughter in law of alan arkin one of our best actors in america. >> good memory. >> here's the grand finally. >> i'm not sure what i'm trying to do here. >> you are smoking. >> this is george michael. >> as michael jerrick. >> here's a careless whisper for you. >> look the at your beard. >> yes. >> people thought i was george michael in los angeles. >> did you get the ladies. >> when he got caught the in the public bathroom with his pants down, i shaved this off and cut my hair. >> that is not me. >> but thank you forget ago this hashtag to trend for you, we beat the pant off of our new york sister station. >> philly is better than new york. >> take that, new york. >> boom. boom. >> yes. >> there is no gun i have a
9:42 am
darrener. >> he is with the flight. >> i'm still with the sixers flight squad, they will teach me how to do this. and that is all coming up next.
9:43 am
9:44 am
i'm worried about him. now that he did with the flight squad he feels unstoppable. >> feeling himself, right.
9:45 am
>> so quincy, what are you going to do next, that flag i know is really heavy. stand up, at the gym. >> wow, lauren, shots. shots. what did lauren said. >> she's talking about seth williams, relax. christian, i'm right here, flight squad, i'm ready. you are going to do half court. >> yes. >> you can do it for tv. >> i'm going to see if he can do it under pressure. listen, it wasn't bad though you hit the rim. >> flight squad has duties outside of dunking. >> so what is this right here. >> this is a heavy flag. >> not everyone can wave. >> come on, man. >> yes, let's see how he does right here. >> try to wave that thing. not bad. you are doing this. >> get your legs into it. >> here we go. >> all right.
9:46 am
>> this is a inning is will fire. >> i have always seen this. >> no, i do not. >> so, what do we do here. >> here there is a little gauge here to see how much pressure from the c02 tank you want, we have guys waiting for you over there to see if you can get this. >> don't shoot the camera. >> is this enough pressure. >> hold ate away from the face. >> no, no not at the cameraman. >> right there. >> it may hurt them. >> wow, okay. >> careful with that to thing. >> this is right here. >> here we go, shoot it, right here. >> not bad. >> not bad. >> last but not least. >> i think we should turn it up a notch. >> last hour what we did, we just pick up and i made the
9:47 am
rounds. >> he did okay. >> now i'm going to catch one off all of the backboards. >> this is not easy. >> lets see the flight squad down here. >> thank you. >> let me show you, right here. >> okay. >> i think we're ready here, ladies and gentlemen, q will attempt a slam dunk. >> off the back board. >> this is your chance to shine, q. ready to do it. >> one more time, one more time. okay. this is tough. this is tough, sixers play the rockets tonight. >> you can do it. you can do it. >> oh, no. >> pass was high.
9:48 am
>> how are you feeling right now. >> i feel defeated. >> don't feel bad it takes years of practice. this was your first day, you look a little tired. you did a really good job. what i want to see you do i will put out spot and come to the game and perform with the flight squad. >> do you want me to do that. >> let's do it. >> we want to make that happen. >> we have a game tonight actually. >> it will not be here. >> it will soon. >> cool. >> on behalf of the sixers, i want to thank you for coming out. >> thanks on behalf of flight squad. >> i will be at a game coming up soon hopefully making a dunk. back to you guys. >> oh, my goodness. >> here's the thing there is no one in the stands. it is a different ballgame when everyone is there. >> they do dunks over your face.
9:49 am
>> it is hard though i have been to those trampoline parks, so much fun but they have a basketball court where you can jump on the trampoline and try to do it. >> it looks easier. >> what did you do last night. >> well, i went to, nicole miller was in town. >> say that again. >> off camera doesn't count. >> there he goes again, he will try to do it again. >> lets watch him do this. he apparently did this when we took the camera away. >> that is what you are supposed to do. >> oh. >> yes. >> i did it, i did it. >> i cannot tell you how it will change his mood the rest of the day. there is a news meeting at
9:50 am
10:30. >> he will. >> again what did you do. >> well, nicole miller wases in town. >> okay, i love her. >> she had a fashion show for a spring collection at the bellevue. we have some pictures. this is called street sweet, and so this is a fashion show last night. >> i heard it was really nice. >> yes, mary dougherty was there, nicole miller, i love them. i got to meet her. i was so excited. i never had a chance to meet her. here's a special event. she held this event. she brought you a gift. >> wow. >> i know, isn't this a a nice bag. >> i was supposed to be there but i could not make it but thank you, nicole. >> and ill will's explain why this is special once you open it up. >> okay, hold on now. >> the baggies cute. >> it is like wrapping like my mother used to do. >> you think there is plutonium in there.
9:51 am
>> i think i necessity what they are. >> look at you. >> they are go philly ties. >> how nice. >> these are ties that represent all things philly, and when you buy them a a lot of the proceed go to alex lemonade stand, dream camp foundation and vet theory foundation uniquely philly, all about philly, and so, this is from nicole miller. they wanted you to have one because you are mr. philly. >> mr. philadelphia a. >> where is my picture. >> my gosh. >> seriously. >> here's your picture. >> well, there is dibruno brothers, so cheese, cheesy. >> that was good. >> it really is everything, philly flag, jefferson hospital, ben franklin's signature, pretzels. >> is this the same thing. >> we can match, mike, yes, yes. >> make a giant pocket square. >> yeah, that is true. >> so thank you so much nicole
9:52 am
miller and mary dougherty. >> give to it my fiance. >> she's here in philly watching she will know it is a regift. >> no regifting. >> it was great. >> what a fun night. >> 9:52. french fashion house channel has a new face, it is me. >> no, it is not. >> oh. it is a 15 year-old girl. >> it is willow smith. >> you know who she is daughter of. >> will. >> and jada a pink it smith. she's an ambassador for the company and announced this on instagram. >> that is karl laggerfield. >> and she's honored. >> she's the youngest ambassador ever. >> can you imagine at 15 being the am bass cover for channel, seriously. >> many years ago, i got to go over to par toys do a story about staying at the most expensive suite the at the ritz hotel, it was the cocoa channel suite. i laid in the same bed as
9:53 am
cocoa channel. >> did they give you a handbag, before you left. >> no. >> if i can just have your life, seriously. >> high street is on there. >> we should be on there too fox 29 we are the philly station. >> please it was a seinfeld episode you are wearing a nicole miller, elaine. lottery numbers.
9:54 am
9:55 am
caress presents the world's ♪ first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever.
9:56 am
9:57 am
i love the pocono mountains. >> can you believe there is no there. >> heck with snow, we are celebrating the the sun today. >> yes, we are. >> give me a prediction on the the high temperature today. >> 78 degrees. >> yes. >> an announcement, bob kelly has six more kids. >> i got the kid here from junior heyes over at the bourse building. >> so come on, kids, we're all going to mike jerrick's house. >> we also want to thank our sponsor, forman mills. >> yes. >> and they handed out these demarco murray fox jerseys. shout out to dj royale over there, and, and, levittown. levittown, pa. >> mike, i think you should stay outside and enjoy the rest of the day. >> why not the. >> have a great day, it is
9:58 am
going to be even warmer tomorrow, so let's do this again tomorrow. we will see you on good day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. ♪ >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> everybody's hands go up. i love it! welcome to the show. thank you for watching.


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