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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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news at 6:00. tonight at 6:00 try to put yourself in this local tax driver's shoes. you're on the job and suddenly you feel a gun at your head. the masked man in the back seat demanding everything you've got. >> you're watching it ham in reading, pennsylvania. the driver of course scared for his life but luckily for him help was not far behind. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page t night that driver is telling his story. here's fox 29's karen hepp. report give me all your money, man. give me everything you got. now! >> reporter: when the robber point add gun at ralph's head his whole life flashed before his eyes. the screaming, the tension, but ralph had a few things on his side. windows were down because it was beautiful day. and see that? a sheriff's deputy had rolled up right behind them mid robbery and heard shouting. >> give me that cell phone, too. that's when i noticed the guardian angel sheriffs deputy
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terry elli behind me. all i said when he came up and took him out. thank god. thank god. i just couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe that there was a police officer behind me when i was sitting there with a gun pointed at my head. >> reporter: suspect couldn't believe it either. his eyes were very wide. obviously surprised when he saw me, and the first thing that basically he said between five and 10 times was that it was fake. >> it turns out the weapon was fake. a beebee gun but very real loo looking. 18-year-old victor martinez herrara was quickly taken into custody and believe it or not ralph went back to finish his shift. but not before having a very interesting conversation with sheriff ely. >> he said something told me to get out of the car with you. he says i don't even know why. >> i remember him getting out of the car saying thank god you're a lifesaver. >> the guy from the taxi company decided they want to help ralph out he's the kind of guy clearly when he's robbed never takes a day off. they'd love to send him on a vacation. if you'd like to send a couple
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bucks we'll put the information on fox send ralph on vacation. karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> that would be wonderful. for the record books in your fox 29 winter weather authority. i need to stop that right. best day to get outside in a very long time. fact not lost on temple's campus today. temperatures hit a new high. not even spring yet. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams in old city. can we drop winter weather authority now? >> i think we should. at least for the time being. i mean, lucy, the average high for this time of year is 50 degrees but today we made it into the low 80s. folks are out and about here in old city just enjoying this weather. you really don't even need a jacket. outdoor temperatures right now are still pretty comfortable. but let's talk a little bit about those shattering record high temperatures that we saw across the area today. the old record was 73 degrees. 82 degrees so we really just smash the records across the area. 81 the high temperature in
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wilmington and new record. trenton 80. a new record. reading a new record along with the pocono mountains. right now it's a comfortable 73 degrees. winds are out of the south southwest at 10 miles per hour. it's a little cooler down the shore. 61 degrees. that's a coolest reading i can find in wildwood. we have 73 still in lancaster. reading and allentown. so if you're stepping outdoors, it's going to continue to stay pleasant across our area. and if you like today, you'll love tomorrow as well. i'll talk a little bit about when a cool down will occur as well as some rainfall chances when i come inside. back to you. >> all right, talk to you soon, scott. fire investigators trying to figure out what started this fire in allentown. firefighters raced to the home along the 200 block of north seventh street past 2:00 this afternoon. authorities tell us no one is hurt. happening now, philadelphia's police commissioner talking after a violent tuesday. sick people are dead after several violent crimes throughout the city. it started yesterday afternoon with a deadly stabbing in southwest philadelphia.
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but the bloodshed did not stop there. >> after that stabbing, five other people died and shootings in different parts of the city. our dawn timmeney is live outside police headquarters where the police commissioner spoke earlier today. dawn? >> reporter: lucy and iain, police commissioner richard ross says this was one of the deadliest nights the city has seen in a very long time. i spoke to a woman who witnessed one of shootings and she's at her wits end. >> all i know is he was dead. somebody's son, somebody's brother and he's not here over something stupid. >> reporter: this woman who does not want to be identified breaks down in tears over a deadly shooting in her point breeze neighborhood last night. it happened about 8:00 o'clock at 24t 24th and morris streets. >> i heard pow pow pow pow pow pow pow. out on the porch. two or three more shots.
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mopeds came screaming through the block. >> reporter: when the bullets finally stopped flying a 21-year-old was dead. his dirt bike crashed no a wall at 23rd and morris. >> i walked down to see if i could help him or anything. i saw the hole in his head. the blood under his head. >> reporter: hours later nba guard dee crop waiters would take to april is it a gram to say that young man was his todd brother 21-year-old darius pinckney. >> i wish they would put the guns down and stop shooting and killing each other. >> reporter: police commissioner richard ross couldn't agree more. this was one of five deadly shootings. a sixth person stabbed to death in southwest philadelphia yesterday afternoon by a man believed to be under the influence of drugs. >> the other ones were largely center the around violence from arguments. senseless violence. we always seem to see that people tend to resolve with guns. >> reporter: this woman says, she can't take much more of th
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this. >> i am trapped in something i can't get out of, and nobody can get a handle on it. nobody. >> reporter: now police commissioner richard ross says they are trying to get a handle on it. they're reviewing surveillance video. they have a number of good leads but he says they really need the public's help even something that someone may think is insignificant, they should come forward and let police know. if you know anything, give investigators a call. iain? >> dawn, thank you. a philadelphia police officer is recovering after crashing while responding to a chase near frankford today. skyfox over the 1600 block of east hunting park avenue this afternoon. police say a narcotics officer saw a man fire a gun in a car and then jump into an suv and take off. the crash that injured the other officer happened as other cops were responding to the chase. that officer is going to be all right. a man was also hurt in the shooting and is now at the hospital. police have one person in custody. another though is still on the loose.
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we now know the funeral arrangements for the new jersey state trooper who died earlier this week after he was hit by a car. 31-year-old trooper sean cullen died monday night after a passing car hit him on i-295 in deptford township. cullen was on the scene of an earlier accident when he was hit. he later died at the hospital. a vigil will be held tomorrow night at the fallen officer's memorial outside of the burlington county public safety center that starts at 7:30. public viewing for trooper cullen will be held sunday from 2:00 until 7:00 p.m. at saint charles borromeo church in cinnaminson. those who would like to pay their respects can also do so monday morning from 8:00 until 11:00. a mass follows at noon. >> philadelphia district attorney's office says the city worker funneled work to a south philly auto shop that then charged the city too much. by hundreds of thousands of dollars. prosecutors say fleet supervisor robert other son worked with robert good lat tee, senior and junior to fraud lenly inflate the cost of repairing city
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vehicles. the galati run american collision. da office says the scheme over charged the city $400,000. >> basically inflate invoices and then they would astronomically rebill back the invoice to the city of philadelphia. so job that could have taken, let's say, 16 hours or so would have been charged for a hundred hours or so. >> all three face a list of charges. ronald galati, sr., serving prison time for another crime and the district attorney's office add these fraud charges to an earlier indictment again the galatis, junior and other son are out on bail. >> upper darby taking steps to help people addicted to heroin and owe opioids. they have come up to plan to make the police department a safe haven for being battling for addiction. volunteers from rehab center will be called to the station. delaware county will provide help with payment and the person will go through the intake process at the rehab center.
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>> from there they'll get hem to the road to treatment and on the road to better life and get out of this drug infested situation they're in. >> police superintendent mike chitwood says 200 people overdose on drugs in upper darby in 2015. philadelphia announce as big cleanup. there's one corner in the city or even police are tweeting for help to get things cleaned up. we're working to get results. >> a driver in a burning car pulled off the road. but something happening inside is making it really hard for the people to escape. the fortunate coincidence that sent a hero to help. howard? >> so much going on today in the nfl. eagles signed free three agents including a quarterback. buyer ron maxwell deal almost got blown up with problem. and the kansas city chiefs got charged with tampering in the signing of jeremy maclin. i'll have what a steep penalty coming up in sports.
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>> breaking news in burlington county tonight. sky fox over a brush fire in marlton, inform behind a neighborhood along cardinal court. this fire has been burning for a few hours. officials say none of the homes they are by are in any danger. we of course will keep updated as the news warrants. some sad news tonight. mercer county sheriffs department lost a k9 officer. >> officer nero passed away illness. k9 spent the last seven years on the force. nero was trained to detect explosives and conducted more than 200 searches at airports, schools, government office buildings and stores. nero also served as a distinguished k nip patrol dog. his death was unexpected. the department believes it's connected to a heart problem. mounds of sidewalk trash so high people in north philadelphia neighborhood have to walk over or around the mess to get where they're going. in all too many sections of city this is the rule not the exception. >> it took a philly police sergeant social media and fox 29 to get that particular mess cleaned up but bruce gordon is live in the newsroom to ask what will it take for this city to
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finally take out the trash, bruce? >> lucy the impromptu landfill at the street corner in north philadelphia we visited was appalling but not surprising. in fact, we saw half a dozen street dumps every bit as bad while driving over to take a look. here it it sat a mountain of garbage dumped at the corner of cambria and mascher. right be 19 a sign warning no dumping allowed. you name it you could fine it here and when you were done lo looking, you could snack on the half eaten birthday cake, take snap on the old mattress, site to be be hold for passing motorists. >> i don't know man much it's disgusting. >> sergeant paul perez run the twit page for the 25th district. he tweet add photo of the trash pile to the city streets department. the simple plea, can we get this cleaned up? >> nasty mess building on a philadelphia street corner. >> we reported on the tweet tuesday night and what do you know by noon wednesday a city trash truck was on scene. workers quickly swooping up the mess and crushing it in the back of their truck.
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large piles like this one suggest short dumping contractors taking money to remove waste from homes or businesses simply tossing it in the nearest street corner. >> but all around are signs at the neighborhood itself is contributing to the mess. we found several drug syringes in master minutes. there are long-time residents who fight the good fight but it's a losing battle. >> you've actually cleaned this up yourself. >> yeah. clean it with another old man. we clean everything in five minutes again it was all messed up again. full of trash. >> reporter: several miles away in an hour later, city officials announced this year's annual philly spring clean up will take place saturday april 9th. the message keeping the city trash free cannot happen one day each year. and volunteers can't do it alo alone. >> it has to go on and on real
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partnership with the neighborhood. >> i asked the mayor how do you change attitudes? old timers talk about scrubbing down stoops and sweeping sidewalks. but those folks now seem outnumbered by those who treat their own neighborhood like a trash can. >> i don't have a stock answer for that other than we keep on educating people. keep on cleaning it up. keep on talking people in schools in libraries and rec centers and explaining -- educate people in how bad that is for the visual of our communities not only the visual of our communities but the attitude of people living there. >> reporter: folks back at cambria and mascher put it even month simply. >> we shouldn't have to live like this. >> reporter: just how pervasive is the dumping at cambria and mascher. >> take a look at the google map image of the intersection from two to us 14. you'll see a pile of trash on the sidewalk. lucy? >> hopefully we can get it cleaned up once and for all. camera captured the moment a california highway patrol officers rescued two women and two children from burning car. the trooper just happened to be driving behind them when it caught fire on highway.
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driver pulled off the road and into a nearby parking lot but couldn't get the back door open. the trooper quickly jumped in to help grabbing the two children out of the back seat. you can hear them crying there but everybody, everybody is just fine tonight. back to your fox 29 winter weather authority now. but there wasn't really anything winter like about today's weather. >> no. chief meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds. hard to believe that it's march built we had more june like weather across our area. i mean the average is 50 degrees for this time of year. we weren't 60. we weren't 70. we weren't even 80. we smash the record 82 degrees in philadelphia for the high temperature todayly hope you got outdoors and enjoyed it. the old record 73 degrees set back in the year 2000 san.
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for tomorrow, the records to beat 76 degrees in philadelphia. 77 wilmington, allentown 75. 76 the record to beat in trent trenton. likely smash more records again tomorrow. right now, look at the current number. it's 73 degrees. winds are out of the south southwest at about 10 miles per hour. so it's going to be comfortable if you're stepping outdoors this evening. maybe to walk the dog or maybe head to a restaurant looking pretty g you can see mild here in philadelphia. 73 degrees and raleigh there's cooler air back to the west. 74 in atlanta right now, 77 in new orleans. but an area of high pressure in the open waters of the atlantic will continue to allow for those winds out of the west southwest tomorrow warming us up. the main storm track has been well to the west. some flood concerns right now through sections of texas, louisiana and arkansas. where this rain will stay for several more days. so as we go hour by hour, through tomorrow, it's dry, clouds increase, then overnight
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tomorrow into early friday, a weak front will be moving through that might be a couple of sprinkles early in the day and then by friday afternoon, high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. for the upcoming weekend looking better as we go through saturday as well as sunday. only a slight chance for some afternoon and evening showers as we move toward your sunday. so for tonight, it's mainly clear but mild. 50 in the burbs. 57 degrees in the city. 82 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. so shattering more records across the area. hey, the philadelphia sane patrick's day parade weather looking pretty good. it will probable be mostly cloudy a wee chance of a shower temperatures in the mid 60s. looking good, though, with the seven day forecast once again record warmth tomorrow. 82 degrees. upper execs on friday. early shower. 64 on saturday. we springford saturday night into sunday. the sun will set sunday at 7:05. how about that? >> there you go.
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>> my time of year now. >> all right. thanks scott. >> because we're moving the clocks up. that's right. >> you're cheating. >> okay. >> whatever it takes, howard. >> all right. andy reid and the chiefs got penalized for breaking the rules. jeremy maclin signing. the buyer ron maxwell deal almost didn't happen today. with problems coming up with maxwell and the eagles signed three free agents today and one of those is a quarterback. that's all coming up in sports. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ okay. eagles they're in the news all the time now. eagles had made two trades in the last couple of days which were not official until today at 4:00 p.m. but besides that, the eagles signed three free agents for lot of money. not crazy money but lot of money. let's start with the rams free age. eagles improved their secondary for the second straight day with the signing every rodney mccloud a safety free agent from the rams. eagles handed him a 5 million -- five-year, $37 million contract. mccloud undrafted free agent. so that's the end of walter peyton who played with the eagles. eagles signed free agent quarterback who has been mentioned for couple of weeks from the new head coach doug peterson's former team the kansas city chiefs. chase daniel now eagle. three year, $21 million deal which some reports have the deal worth 36 million from what i
6:25 pm
understand it will be stipulation if he is he becomes a starter eagles told him he would compete with the job like they tell you all the players. he was undrafted. eagles signed help for their offensive line signing texans free agent brandon brooks he is a guard and they signed the former third round pick for five years, $40 million. all right. eagles deal with miami is official. but the eagles trading of byron maxwell and key company alonso almost didn't happen. eagles will move up to miami's pick eighth in the first round from 13th. but that deal had trouble this morning. the dolphins had a problem with mack well's physical. seems he left philadelphia with a clean bill of health with his physical after the season. toll the eagles he was fine. then sources told me he got to miami and said his shoulder hurt from last season. the dolphins almost didn't pass him on their physical. there was still some doubt but the dolphins passed him on the physical to make the deal official. and this just in. nf will allonsed penalties pour violence of tampering charges and that's really what -- what
6:26 pm
the kansas city chiefs did with the signing of former eagles wide receiver jeremy maclin. andy reid and the chiefs lose a third round pick this year, a sixth round pick in 2017. kansas city will appeal. what i understand did happen, and i knew about this but i thought everybody does it you call the player before it officially opens to talk to that player and i believe that the kansas city chiefs did that with jerry maclin. i fifty five the eagles probably filed some kind of -- some kind of appeal and now -- eagles don't get anything from it. >> exactly. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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hulk hogan's ex speaks out. >> everything that comes out of that man's mouth is a lie. >> wait until you hear what she is saying today about his sex tape trial. >> poor baby. >> then -- trump steaks. where are the steaks? >> what we've learned about trump steaks. sick on the stump. they're all sick what. they need to do to stay healthy. >> you gave me sort of this elbow. >> yeah, i'm a big fan of that. >> i can't take it. >> the hit o.j. simpson movie portrayal of prosecutor marcia clark. how real was it? then, nancy reagan in


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