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tv   Chasing News  FOX  March 16, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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bill: now on "chasing news". ♪ >> watch this disturbing video from the hallway. >> onto the floor. >> this should not have to worry. >> on lancaster avenue. a nearby pizzeria. nine years in federal prison on child porn charges. the headline referring to a pizza shop. if you're not reading closely. >> invited me to go run with her. how to fight like they do in the movies.
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>> a disturbing discovery sunday night. officer quinones show me where he found it. >> inside. you can see. >> his wife was born here in america and had two children. his wife is jewish. >> a big was it? >> like this size. >> an isolated incident. kids are ahate crime? is one thing is not ruling out. could have something to do with it. >> anything to do with this happening? >> it could be. >> hopefullybe. >> hopefully the police are right and this is an isolated incident. ♪
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>> keep talking. don't get up. get up. get up. i didn't say get up. >> watch this disturbing video. a 15 -year-old freshman is violently attacked by an upperclassman. slammed to the ground, choked them punched repeatedly in the head and kick squarely in the face. now, the incident occurred on march 10 and a video was provided to and released by new brunswick today. invited me into his home to speak about the incident. >> slammed onto the floor. the 1st impact was on my right shoulder. it crashed immediately.
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i still could not react right on time. >> i asked him about his injuries. >> a fractured nose. got kicked in the face resulting in a loose tooth. two cracked other ones. >> is whole daily life is affected mentally and physically. >> the side of my face hurts, it's hard for me to breathe, i can't eat. >> is not been back to school since the incident. i asked him if he planned on never going back. >> i would no longer feel safe. >> am inclined to support the family and say that they should not have to worry about this kid ever coming back to the school after what he did. but you know, what seems to be the word is that it will be a suspension for
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something like ten days. >> they released a statement , and it included the following. new brunswick public schools will not tolerate violence in any form. new brunswick police also released a statement with info on the attacker. the 16 -year-old male suspect was detained and charged with assault related offenses. he was charged. the school was only planning on suspending the 16 -year-old for about seven to ten days. >> other students are watching this and no one is stopping it. the guy was punching the victim same do not get up, do not get up, screaming out across the hallway. nobody heard that? >> and 800 feet turn right onto carlton avenue. >> pelton village, philadelphia, a case of mistaken pizza pie dignity. okay.
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>> okay. >> busy this morning. >> hitting on all cylinders. >> honestly, a slice of pizza. my favorite food my whole life. >> last week was a rough one. a nearby pizzeria completely unrelated, sentenced to nine years in federal prison on child porn charges. you can even see it in your mind. the pizza shop worker gets nine years. >> somebody stopped in on sunday. >> now, put out a column
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sunday detailing the misunderstanding. the original article is very clear. you would've had to read a few paragraphs to know that. many people do not get past the headline referring to a pelton pizza shop. if you are not reading closely. >> not all of them. that's the question i put to you. who is responsible when the article is factually who is
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responsible when the article is factually. bill: you wonder if they knew. >> the knowledge and newsroom was so many cuts. >> people also have to understand grammar to a certain extent. >> it's a good. we beyond the headlines. bill: now there going to suffer because it was there employee? the guy went to prison. why is the pizza shop's fault? ♪ >> today's best that ever. the youtube video. inside the cabin. obviously lose there mind. really jealousmind. really jealous that i never had the slide from my
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bedroom to the kitchen. ♪ >> donald trump chases the republican nomination for president. >> juicy little tidbits that most people don't know. find out five things about donald trump, i chased this to long island. i met with the author of this book, never enough. donald trump and the pursuit of success. big surprise to most republicans, but donald trump stream running mate is oprah. >> i think she might be the one person she considers more famous than him. much of what donald values a celebrity. if you are big in the press and big in the media she admires that.
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>> trying actually punches second-grade teacher and was so proud of it he wrote about it in his own book. >> is dealing with the teacher. they're talking about music and he decides the music teacher doesn't know what she's talking about. >> trump thought he actually had a shot with princess diana. he used to send her flowers every week. >> i talked to a friend of diana's who said she was very bothered by this. >> diana was bothered. >> absolutely. but i do about this? >> who is this trump character and license in any flowers? a lot of controversy how he made his fortune. >> well, so this is a real controversy. places where you can get a
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drink. a tough gold-mining guy, going get a meal, get a drink. advertise private quarters for ladies. the only ladies in these mining camps for ladies who are doing business. and so it is quite evident, absolutely. >> raised by his father to be a killer and king. >> by one account he raised his kids by repeating. the killer and king. the message was that you were going to prevail the matter what, when every battle and role as the king. bill: does the author feel like he had paydirt? >> interviewed internationally. people love to talk to him because of his book. he's writing a book on president obama. so he is not picking sides.
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bill: selling books. >> in honor of the garden state film festival coming to atlantic city, invited me to learn how to fight like they do in the movies. >> cut. >> another day in the life of being a chaser. >> we report the news, but we do it differently.
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♪ >> nice. cut. bill: jillian, you got into a fight. what happened. >> i did. in honor of the garden state film festival coming to atlantic city later this month one of our friends of the show invited me to go learn with her how to fight like they do in the movies. immediately i heard catfight. i men. sounds fun.
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>> i think i am at a disadvantage. >> i headed toi headed to seems -- had to queens to the cinematic fight studio. >> balled up. >> they even teach out of film. i brought in a coal along so that she can make us look really good and make it look real. >> that's pretty good. she did better than we did. >> before we get started we had to stretch out, got loose, god loves on. and it was time to learn. cross sitting, kicking. then we had to learn how to fall which i thought i would be really get out because i do it a lot. bill: you fall off?
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>> it is hard. >> time to learn the choreography for a big catfight. and now is the time for nicole. they taught her exactly how to film and angles to film so that it looks like we were actually hitting each other when really we were about and arm's-length apart. >> cut. cut. cut. [laughter] >> so that it was time to change into a proper catfight attire. get ready. action. >> what is your problem?
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bill: nicole 1st. how was it filming? >> zero, yeah. >> the guy told me they usually film a scene for eight hours. we were there for two hours. bill: it seems like we found this for two hours. who one? >> let me put it this way. heather can stick to being an actress, and i will stick to my day job. bill: thanks. >> you're welcome. [laughter] >> donald trump, friend of the mom or not? several writers have said that donald trump is that a cozy relationship with what
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kosthe cosa nostra in new york city will he was a builder there and in atlantic city. i wanted to know more. i talked to my friend michael francie's who spent time as a couple in the colombo crime family and as a connection, one of the most noted under boston mafia history. >> a private club. he belongs to it or was there is a guest. we said hello, but that was the extent of it. >> michael in the 1980s 1980s1980s was one of the big movers and shakers. and so i had to know if some of the allegations that have been reported her true. was donald trump taking his construction company and connecting them with the mafia in order to build buildings in new york city? michael said it is true but not uncommon. >> if you're a developer new york during the 70s and 80s70s and 80s in dealing with unions there is no question your right in the guys like me. >> pointed out the trump and people like him were a degree removed because the
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whole idea was the mafia controlled the union and the union controlled the construction contract. >> we control many of the unions. so i don't know if donald himself had to deal with unions. absolutely had to make deals with the union. bill: you probably pull that one connection removed on anyone who had anything to do with atlantic city. >> just a connection a cell phone be enough to hurt them. >> it is up to the voters. no allegations. bill: excellent. thank you. >> the ultimate throwdown. just found out they are dating. ♪
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bill: coming up next. >> five days to get the perfect beach body. >> and i really get a beach body and five days?
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♪ >> i want to be a racecar driver. >> it is the ultimate throwdown. take a look at this video. just found out there dating the same octopus. if you did not know, they pick up junk at the bottom of the sea and go for let it. not going to let us stop this parade. five days to get the perfect beach body. >> i just want to figure out, is there such a thing? can i really get a beach body and five days? >> every single person. from what you have told me,
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i think you can get to where you want to be. move the needle so to speak. >> completely different from any other type of workout. asymmetric movements. the whole idea is to work your body to failure. it's all good. and then right after you stretch. a series of strange followed by stretching. >> the moment of truth. >> raise your left arm. >> what results should i hopefully be able to see as this week goes on? >> working out every muscle in doing intense workouts committee should be able to look in the mirror and see some changes based on what you're telling me. everyone is not going to see those, but i expect you will be able to. >> we always start with a warm-up.
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two to three pounds. they have heavy really fast. that is mostly upper body work. followed by stretching. and then we make our way toward the end of class, curls in andthen finish the class with a nice stretch. >> i used to be a runner. the great afterwards. the whole body feels claim. he just feel great. >> five, six, seven, eight and curl. curl. for more days to go. right now my body is still
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shaking. >> she loves it. she walks me through the do's and don'ts. >> ♪ this is >> this is a fox between news update. >> i'm kathy o we have a clear sky overnight then another system moving our way for the afternoon on wednesday. and that means some more clouds and a few more showers. on the exclusive fox 29 seven-day forecast, 67 later today, thursday partly cloudy for saint patrick's day. then it turns cooler over the weekend.
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