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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 16, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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it's an infection caused by a bacteria. symptoms usually include high fevers, chills, weakness and a rash. some may have a stiff neck. severe headaches and vomiting. it can also cause infection of the blood or fluid around the brain. now officials say the george washington carver school is working with the health department right now to try and determine if any students or staff may have come in contact with this ninth greater who passed away. they will then decide who needs to see a doctor and what treatment may be necessary. meningitis is spread we're told through saliva and bloody fluids like blood and back here live the spokesperson for the school district also tells me there's a meeting scheduled for 6:00 o'clock tomorrow evening at george washington carver. they hope parents will come out. they'll be free to ask any questions about meningitis and what precautions are being taken to protect students. also, we're told that grief counselors will be on hand assist these other students who have lost a classmate suddenly. again, we just found this out today. letters went home to parents making them aware ninth grade at
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george washington carver passed away from meningitis. that's the very latest, back to you. >> just so sad, shawnette. you decide 2016. one step closer to the final two nominees with five states up for grabs two big winners tonight hillary clinton for the democrats and donald trump for the republicans. today's primaries nicknamed super tuesday day 2.0. will it narrow the field for republicans? right now trump is already looking to the election this november. he's speaking right now in palm beach, florida. let's listen in. >> -- money should be here and the politicians for three years haven't been able to make a deal. (applause). >> we can make a deal there's an example of something that you could do if i sat down with a few of the senators, a few of the congressmen, you could make a deal on that in 10 minutes if you knew what you were doing because everybody wants to do it, and companies are actually leaving our country to get their money. not only because our taxes are too high which we'll lower by
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the way, but companies are leaving our country in order to go and get money that's their money because there's no way of bringing it in. so we've got a long way to go but i think at some point it's going get done this has been very exciting this whole process. we started i was one of 17 people, senators, governors, i've had such great support, dr. ben carson the other day endorsed us. (applause). >> great guy. great guy. wonderful man. chris christie endorsed us. that was so up credible. (applause). >> and today pam bon dee came up and endorsed us. she was great. (applause). >> she is truly -- a truly wonderful woman and the job she's done in florida is incredible. you know, so many, we've had such incredible support paul ryan called me the other day. tremendous call.
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i spoke with mitch mcconnell today. we had a great conversation. the fact is we have to bring our party together. we have to bring it together. (applause). >> we have something happening that actually makes the republican party probably the biggest political story anywhere in the world. everybody is writing about it. all over europe, all over the world they're talking about it. millions of people are coming in to vote. this was an example of it today. many, many more people i'm looking at the polling booths. i'm looking at different polling booths all around the country where it's up and the lines are four, five, six blocks long and the woman -- one woman was in there for 40 years -- >> donald trump live right now in florida after delivering just a crushing blow to marco rubio in his home state of florida. it led to the senator suspending his campaign tonight. ohio governor john kasich won in his home state as well and his victory speech there he said
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he'll be in philadelphia tomorrow. he's holding campaign rally at villanova university tomorrow. fox 29 of course will be there as for the democrats a very good night for hillary clinton. because of all of you and our supporters across the country, our campaign has earned more votes than any other candidate, democrat or republican. (applause). >> so far clinton has won three states tonight. we are waiting for projections from illinois and missouri. one side of this heated political company this sign in south jersey set on fire at egg harbor township. the owner says it's not the first time his sign supporting donald trump has been targeted by vandals. fox 29's chris o'connell spoke to the owner and joins us live at egg harbor township tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, it's the sign that's become a lightening rodder. police say tampering with campaign signs nothing new but this, this is taking it to another level.
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arson, a felony in fact a large wooden donald trump sign torched on the front lawn here in egg harbor township and the owner says it's the third time the sign has been damaged. >> this is hate. plastic -- >> john j. henry makes no bones about it ooh supports donald trump even if some of his neighbors well don't. >> police officer came to my door. he said i'm sorry to say mr. henry somebody set your trump sign on fire. >> reporter: egg harbor township police are investigating the arson of this campaign sign on spruce avenue. it happened the same night protesters were arrest tad trump rally in chicago. >> freedom of speech essentially not burning the american flag and the man is not american as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: the crime has spark not only political debate but safety concerns. some are afraid the media spectacle around the trump campaign has reached knew low. >> somebody hates trump, then why don't they just put a campaign sign in their yard supporting the candidate that they wish to be president of the
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united states. >> reporter: henry says every since he put up the sign strangers have been dropping off american flags but it is the third time the sign has been the target of vandals. >> i think it's like out of control. i mean, not can turn into a safety hazard and burnt down other things. >> reporter: donald trump especially around atlantic city where his casino is now closed is not welcomed here. his sign or his presidency. >> trump takes atlantic city first. keep firemen, teachers police from getting laid. >> reporter: politics or not police say this is a matter of safety what if the sign gets damaged a fourth time. >> i'll fix this sign as long as donald trump is a candidate for president of the united states of america. >> reporter: you see back out here live the melted plastic of a flammable substance police think that was poured on here. egg harbor police tell us they do have some leads they're wor working on. nothing to announce yet.
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but also talked to the own are in here. he says volunteers have showed up here in support saying they will sleep out here all night to protect this campaign sign. iain? >> interesting stuff, chris, thank you. coming up later in the newscast we'll take you to life to new york where we'll talk to schep smith about the developing primarily result. on your radar getting ready for a warmup. a live look at trenton oh tonight after another, well, bit cool and gloomy day. we're about to see the temperatures rise though it was a good idea to keep that old umbrella and coat in hand and independence mall tonight. you might want to keep it tomorrow as well. kathy it's warming up but still going to see more rain. >> it is. kind of like, eh-n kind of a day. a pleasant evening much skies are moonlit right now and they are clearing across the delaware valley but another system will be heading our way. right now 49 in the city. the poconos 47. 48 in wilmington, dover 50 degrees. for the overnight expecting to get down to 45 in the city. 41 in the suburbs mainly clear but a cool night with a light
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wind. during the day tomorrow, we are going to be seeing some sunshine. so temperatures will be warming after a cool start to the day, more rain chances this week series of disturbances moving our way. and the possibility for some wet snow just in time for spring. how ironic. we'll talk now in the seven day later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> you said it. snow. all right. thank you kathy. caught on camera, two heavily armed men bursting into two stores in the city demanding money. investigators are now hoping you can help find the men behind the crimes. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at police headquarters. dave, you talked to both just terrified store owners. >> reporter: lucy, both store owners told us tonight they were study when these two guys walk in with those big guns. fortunately no one was injured in either incident. but store owners and customers were petrified. surveillance cameras were up and running as two heavily armed masked men took over two local stores at gun point in the past
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two weeks. in one case, robs customers. in the other, forcing the store owner to turn over cash with what police say was a tec-9 semi-automatic pointed at him. >> when he comes in the back with the gun you're scared? >> yes. >> reporter: latest robbery occurred monday afternoon at the reyes mini market on chelten avenue. the two suspects one toting the tec-9 with a silencer. the other brandishing a local barrel rifle with a stock broken off. the store owner toll fox 29 how the robbery went down. >> give me money. i kill you. no, take the money. >> we're fortunate at this point we haven't had someone severely injured or killed as a result of these two guys. >> reporter: police say 12 days later, the same bandits burst into the silver star kitchen take out restaurant on vernon rotor. again they produced the heavy weapons, but this time they robbed two customers waiting to pick up their food orders. >> i just saw two guys withs --
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>> reporter: masks. >> masks, yeah. two long guns. >> reporter: this store employee toll fox 29 she saw the robbers in action. she was so afraid for her customers, she duck behind the counter and called 911. >> scared? >> yeah. i scared. yes. >> reporter: police are hoping someone will recognize distinguish distinctive masks and the suspect's clothing. >> the mask are the same. the guns are the same. really is the same individuals robbing these two stores. >> i hope that never happens again. they catch the people that did it. >> reporter: now, again, no one was injured in this situation. police believe the suspects could be from the very same neighborhood where these two robberies occurred. if you have any information, you should call northwest detectiv detectives. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. skyfox is over a -- over a crash that shut down a south jersey road for hours. a dump truck ran into a pole on hainesport road in mt. laurel just before 5:00 tonight. the driver went to the hospital. we don't know his condition
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tonight. the road has been shut down ever since. as crews continue to work to clear the area. we are told though it should reopen in the next 90 minutes. investigators released the name of a man killed during a shoot out with police in delaware county. 24-year-old keith moment, jr., was in car that officers suspected was stolen near parker and union streets in chester on saturday. they tried to stop the car, but they say the men inside started firing. shooting captain alan davis in the arm and back. police returned fire killing montgomery and injuring another passenger. they arrested a third man. captain davis is now recovering. a delaware county diner goes up in flames and heavy smoke forces nearby toe hotels guest us out of their beds in the middle of the night. fire broke out at the grape leaves diner in chester around 2:00 this morning at edgemont avenue on -- i-95. the dine are in was closed at the time so no one was inside. but a days inn hotel is connected to the diner and firefighters feared guests were in danger.
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>> smelled smoke in the room. next thing you know they're banking on the door to get out. hallway is filled with smoke. so we had to go downstairs. >> everyone did make it out safely. investigators are looking into what starter the fire. police working to find a man who tried to fire bomb a south philadelphia home. they say he threw what appeared to be a molotov cocktail into the house on the 2200 block of south beachwood street this morning. police found a similar device on the sidewalk. now, a neighbor told investigators he saw the man staring at the flames and that the guy took off when that neighbor mentioned police. the home is not badly damaged and no one is injured. a trip to the museum almost turns into a kidnapping. a man grabs a kids hand and tries to walk away with him. what the chaperone did just in time to brake up. >> teenager hears a strange sound coming from her bathroom. what she found in her tub so scary, well, she jump out her bedroom window to get help. local building supposed to offer safety gets targeted. the chaos that included threats,
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a baseball bat and fire. >> and badly hurt in the car crash that killed her older sister, the second greater family did not know she ever recover. >> at first she wasn't doing anything. just laying there. when she came out of the coma just, you know, just like wondering why -- didn't really know who i was. >> pop culture phenomenon helped this little girl out of a coma. the song that helped bring brianna back.
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♪ caught on camera an tack at a fishtown building that house as christian mission. police are now looking for the two men behind the violence. building houses homeless services, worship services and drug recovery counseling. >> many in the neighborhood want to know who would attack a building like that. take another look at the video here. the two men are vandalizing the building. then they attack two men outside early saturday morning. the pastor says the attackers made threats earlier in the night, then came back, swinging baseball bats and starting fir fires. >> when you're dealing with the homeless population and dealing with addictions and so forth this type of program you'll have have nay sayers. you'll always have the people who are, um, against this type of thing and people trying to get their lives together. >> police say the men in the video said they'd be back to burn the mission to the ground and police are hoping to catch them before they damage or hurt anything or anyone else. developing to night charges
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against three former church leaders state attorney general kathleen kane says the three men who worked in western pennsylvania did not do enough to protect kids from a known sexual predator. giles sheinellely, robert diverse is a and anthony chris telly all now faces child endangerment charges. she says the men were provincial ministers of a franciscan religious order in western pennsylvania an loud steven baker to work with children even though he faced allegations of sexual a boost inaction of the three men enabled baker who died in 2013 to molest more than 100 children. >> these three engaged in efforts to protect the image and reputation of the francis can friars rather than act in the best interest of the children that they served in the organization to whom they owed a duty of care. >> kane expects the known turn themselves in by the end of the week.
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torments night unexpected open seat on pennsylvania's highest court. a second state supreme court justice just quit the bench. it's part of a widening scandal over offensive e-mails he and others exchanged with friends and lawyers. fox 29's jeff cole explains. >> reporter: michael eakin was a district attorney, a superior and supreme court justice but he'll likely be remembered as a legal heavy weight felled by raunchy e-mails. >> his opinions and writings will with stan the test of history. what has happened to him and what has been done to him will not. >> reporter: the sketch-year-old earning 203 grand a year suddenly retired tuesday. two weeks before he was to face a disciplinary trial on his standing of offensive e-mails to friends. he have e-mails the attorney general says were dismiss seive to women. >> because they were born with one less body part which the
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last i heard does not contain any extra brain cells. >> kane found the e-mails on her office computer server and released them to the press. eakin had hoped to avoid the embarrassing trial with a apologies and a deal that would have punished but likely kept him on the court. tuesday he walk away. >> he has accepted responsibility for the sending of these e-mails, he has apologized to the court, to the public at large, to his family and friends and most recently to the court of judicial discipli discipline. >> reporter: former state supreme courteous tins shamus mccaffery stepped away from the bench when it was revealed he too trafficked in the raunchy e-mails. governor wolf will replay eakin on the court with the advice and consent of the state senate. jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right, jeff. in burlington county emergency crews raced to the scene of a schoolbus crash near route 130 and lincoln avenue. that happened just after
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4:00 involving a car wedged under the bus from the cinnaminson township school district. students were on board. an 11-year-old boy and a 1584 old sister on the bus and the bus driver went to the hospital as a free caution. the driver of the car also taken to get check out. no vote yet on bill to legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania. but the house expected to make a move in the coming days. as the house debated the bill today, governor tom wolf met with families and patients fighting to get it passed. people battling diseases who might find relief from medical marijuana told their personal stories to the governor and several lawmakers. if the bill becomes law, patients would be able to take the drugs as pills and oils and/or liquids but not in a smokeable form. the house is expected to continue debating that bill tomorrow morning. a vote could come as earl as tomorrow. fit passes it goes back to the senate where the originated where it's expected to pass. president obama has signed a disaster declaration to help parts of new jersey still struggling to recoup costs from
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january's big blizzard. that storm dropped nearly 3 feet of snow on parts of the garden state. january 22nd through the 24th. white house says federal funding is available to state and local governments and certain private non-profits for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged in several counties. a high school talent show with a very popular guest happened today. >> tony danza stopped by northeast high tonight. a big crowd at the fifth annual teacher versus student talent show. teachers and students going head to head performing musical acts, comedy routines and dance acts. tony danza taught eighth grade english at the school in 2009 for reality tv show. a naked woman running from the cops and then she charges a squad car. why this may not be a surprise when you find out what she admitted to officers. >> and teens file outside when the fire alarm goes off. but then chaos. what happened when they walked out of the building that ended with some kids in the hospital.
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>> and getting buzz without the booze. the new way folks are unwinding at the bar. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for crews working all day tomorrow on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound from the connector bridge heading into the neshaminy valley interchan interchange. also going to be working midday at 26th and penrose right on the southwest philly side of the platt bridge. if you're rolling through delco tomorrow, watch for delays along 322 between route 1 and i-95. tomorrow morning i'll check the jam cams, sue will have the
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ it is going to be commute to remember for hundreds of thousands in the washington, d.c. area tomorrow morning. the metro d.c. subway system is shutting down at midnight and it's going to stay that way until thursday morning. officials say crews have to conduct emergency inspections of its third rail power cables. the federal government already is taking steps to make things easier for federal workers giving many the option to take the day off or just call in from home. >> it will impact the entire metropolitan region much there's no doubt about it. without metro, it's going to have a lot of congestion.
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it's going to be very difficult. we recognize that for people to get in to work. for school children to get to school. for everyone who relies on met metro. >> metro officials say after series of fires on the tracks safety is the top concern. 700,000 people use the service daily. a naked driver leads police on chase in new mexico. sante fe police got a call about someone throwing things out of their car window. officers track down the w's car and the chase was on. 51-year-old driver did not stop and ran a red light hit one hadn't dread miles an hour before getting hit by an oncoming truck. she jump out of the vehicle naked and screaming. police say she admits drinking whiskey and taking drugs before she got behind the wheel. she's in jail tonight. a scare at the smithsonian's air and space museum. >> police say someone tried to abduct a child. surveillance cameras captured persons of interest in the case. police say a group was head to go an exit when one of the men took a child's hand and walked
3:25 am
several feet. chaperone noticed and yelled at the guy to leave her alone. investigators say he ran out the door and jumped on a shuttle bus. it happened on march 3rd. investigators are hoping somebody recognizes these men and helps track them down. a teenager hears a strange sound coming from her bathroom. what she found in her tub so scary she jumped out her bedroom window to get help. a moment of life or death for a toddler on the side of road. what two officers did next that saved little girl's life. kathy? >> the sunshine returns tomorrow but so does the rain. we'll time out the showers and talk about rain and wet snow as spring begins in the seven day coming up when we come back. ♪
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♪ right now at 10:30 our top story tonight a student from north philadelphia high school
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has died of meningitis. the school district sent home a letter to parents today informing them of the death of a 19-year-old from george washington carver high school. the virus is contagious. officials say they are working to see if any students or staff came in contact witness student. police hope this terrifying video can help find two men accused of robbing two different stores. the first earlier this month inside the silver star kitchen on vernon road and west oak lane. police say the two guys entered armed with guns and robbed two customers. yesterday the same two guys walked into reyes grocery and got away with money and cigarettes. >> other big story across the cun super tuesday 2.0. >> a lot of pundants saying john kasich and marco rubio couldn't take ohio and florida the runs would be over. fox news chief news anchor shepard smith live in new york tonight were where we stand tonight. let's start with ohio.
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big win for kasich. >> reporter: man it really was. that win for kasich just a big a win for anyone who considers anyone but donald trump. john kasich captured ohio. large percentage of those -- who have cast their ballots are showing up as we go to the big board on ohio, here's the situation. 74% of all the votes are in. john kasich wins by about nine points. again, this means he gets all 66 of ohio's delegates. that means the road for donald trump to get half of the delegates plus one necessary to secure the nomination for the republican slot for presidency that road is very rocky. covered in trees and shrowded in fog tonight. this will most likely go all the way to the convention. you mentioned florida as well. man, what a blow out marco rubio is out. he conceded to night. donald trump has wished him well if you will aft a trouncing down in the sunshine state. >> yeah, suspending his campaign. so the question is does this
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help ted cruz? >> reporter: well, ted cruz is still has a path tonight. one state that hasn't been called. ted cruz could still win that. but this is the board as we have it so far. i think more than is this a path for ted cruz or for john kasichs? really a path for not donald trump. they've sort of teamed up now. those who are donald trump and those who are not. and they'll sort of run in lanes side by side just trying to keep donald trump from getting 1237 delegates necessary to within the republican nomination for the presidency an long and convoluted process that includes rules changes and all the rest. cleveland in june should be nu nuts. >> you got that right. what about the democratic side tonight, schep? >> democrats is a big night for hillary clinton. look at the big board. she's run the table on those we've called so far. landslide down in in order over bernie sanders. she beat him two-one there. north carolina handy win -- wins
3:32 am
hand diddly. ohio same thing. missouri and illinois too close to call mainly because a large percentage of the votes aren't in. hillary clinton completely changed her message tonight. we saw her life on fox news channel about 30 minutes ago. all of her attacks were labeled strictly at donald trump. she said we need a president who won't embarrass us. she's turned to the general whether drum lap do the same remains to be seen. >> shepard smith, thank you so much. live from our election headquarters in nyc. >> remember you can always find the results as they come in on our website. just head to so we are hearing about a little bit of snow. i hate to just kind of jump towards sunday that's all that's sitting in my head kathy. >> kind of like when we give you range in temperature and it goes towards the higher temperature. >> right. >> when you hear rain or snow the radar goes up no pun intended much many. let's take a look is the ratted. nothing as far as rain and a few clouds so a clear night across the delaware valley. skies moonlit but another system moving our way for tomorrow. you can see the clouds over the
3:33 am
great lakes and that will bring some rain late tomorrow afternoon. but a pretty decent day for your wednesday. 49 in philadelphia. 41 in millville. it's 48 degrees in trenton. and every day this week during the work week at least a chance of a shower. wednesday afternoon, thursday afternoon, friday afternoon, there's really big pattern then by saturday, we're just looking at much cooler air. as we time this out with the fox future cast, you can see pretty quiet through the morning on wednesday. with some clouds moving in from the west. the rain will hold off until late afternoon. so around the din are in hour seeing a chance of scattered showers and then that moves on through and the skies clear again for st. patrick's day. a really pleasant morning. and then during the afternoon the clouds move in. by the dinner hour here we go again with showers possibly some heavy moving through the region. by wednesday, we'll be seeing dry conditions and that will last through at least friday or saturday. and then all eyes on this. an area of low pressure a storm to the south. and there's a couple different tracks we're watching of the one brings it right up the eastern seaboard another one little bit
3:34 am
more out to sea. some chilly air to the north. so we can be seeing some rain change over to wet snow as the system departs depending on the track of this low. we still have a ways to go this would be sunday into sunday night and that colder air would be spilling in on monday once again this time of year anything that we would get would be very difficult to stick. so i'm not that concerned about it at this point. so during the overnight, the low 45 in the city. 41 in the suburbs moonlit skies with milder air moving in. areas of fog could be an issue especially down the shore. during the day tomorrow, it will be mild. so a real decent day. partly sunny skies. with a chance of an evening shower. that trend had continue. as you plan your day mostly cloudy in the morning. partly sunny through the afternoon scattered shower by 7:00 p.m. and then as we our way through thursday another decent day a chance of a shower toward evening. friday the same thing. it stays cool through saturday. so really not all that wet as far as the amount of moisture and then we see the rain moving
3:35 am
in for sunday. possibly some wet snow better chance where it's colder than north and west as usual. and then dry but chilly for monday. the high 48. and tuesday 50 so even though off chance of rain wednesday, thursday, friday, it's not lot and not of one will see it. >> all right. thank you kathy. >> you bet. teens filed outside when the fire alarm went off but then chaos. what happened when they walk out the building that ended with some kids in the hospital. and getting buzzed without the booze.
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♪ sony scooping up what's left of michael jackson's music catalog for $750 million. the company now has sold sole ownership of jackson's half share of the sony atv music publishing catalog. it includes works bite beatles, bob dylan and other hit makers including eminem and taylor swift. jackson bought the atv part of the catalog in 1985. the sale does not include rights to jackson's master recordings of songs he wrote. in your money starbucks has new beverage just in time for spring. this is the new cherry blossom frapuccino. the drink inspired by the japanese secora tradition.
3:39 am
strawberries and cream with white chocolate sauce and drizzle. it's topped with whipped cream if you want to get one you got to do it quickly. they're in stores now but they'll be gone by sunday. online marketplace et cetera see offering fully paid family leave for new parents for sick months. the ceo made the announce in many blog post today. he says et cetera see employees will be eligible for 26 weeks of fully paid leave when they become a parent through birth or adoption regardless of their gender or family circumstances. experts say more than companies are offering generous packages to at tract top talent. netflix announced a policy of unlimited family leave for new moms and dads. a bar in new york city now serving up drinks with a different kind of buzz. >> yeah. these cocktails don't have any booze. the drink is made from root from the south pacific called kava plant. and the drinks are attracting people looking to unwind without the hang over it helps your body relax while keeping your mind
3:40 am
lucid that is if you can withstand the taste. >> earth thee would be the nice way of saying it. dirt water would be if i wasn't mincing words. >> i've tasted worse. i like the relaxing effects. it's very lucid much it's calming. it's not intoxicating. >> open until 2:30am the bar called kava sutra clever wants to provide these same social atmosphere as your typical bar but with a atypical dripping. >> teenager hears a strange sun coming from her bathroom room. what she found in her tub so scary she had to jump out of her bedroom window to get help. >> badly heard in a car crash that killed her older sister. this second greater's family did not know if
3:41 am
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3:43 am
♪ toddler was in danger of dying bite side of a highway until two police officers pulled up. the two officers raced to the scene outside chicago. a grandmother driving a 19 month old home noticed sean breathing. she pulled over and called 911. takintaking the little get out e
3:44 am
her car seat. when the two officers pulled up they ran right over. they performed the heimlich maneuver on the toddler then cpr until she finally took her first breath. >> those of hughes have children especially i can admit it, i teared up, i am right now tal talking to you. it was amazing to see the response these guys had. just didn't even flinch just went right into it. i've been here for 18 years and that's the most compelling piece of video i've seen. >> paramedic arrived oh and seep and took that little girl to the hospital. she is since made a full recovery. chaos inside a detroit high school ended with several students in handcuffs. >> all started today after a false fire alarm. official firs say someone pulled the alarm inside detroit's central collegiate academy. students filed outside. someone started throwing rocks and bottles, then when students moved back inside, students say a fight broke out. the school principal says two of those kids -- students involved in the melee were removed from
3:45 am
the building by police. >> wild chase cops found a landscaping truck through tampa. the driver didn't stop when he got a flat tire. fox's err rip shows us how this all wrapped up. >> reporter: a chase through pasco county. good we are still eastbound now. >> reporter: recorded from six different angles by deputes body cameras. and a seventh from logan templeton's cell phone. >> i seen all the lights coming down the road. >> reporter: a day later he still can't believe what he witnessed. >> risking your life, risking your people's lives. risking police officers lives. >> reporter: investigators say christopher conte was behind the wheel of a landscaping truck and refused to stop. several deputes gave chase down busy treats. state road 54 and trinity boulevard. >> it was very dangerous situation and we have to make live and death decisions. report roar it's hard to see but a deputy throw stop sticks in front of couldn't dee's truck. a tire blows out but the driver
3:46 am
keeps going and even rams into a deputy causing him to spin out. >> he just struck star 34. >> reporter: deputy paul reagan was in that cruiser the second one conte hit. >> additionally saw him rip on to the wheel and turn on to night vehicle. >> reporter: authorities finally forced conte to stop. one deputy runs up with his gun drawn. several others pull conte out of the vehicle, get him on to the ground and into handcuffs. afterward you can hear him give depth tuesday an excuse -- >> i'm drug out of my mind. >> when somebody is on drugs you never know how they're going to reaction. we had to take every precaution to get this person in custody as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the sheriff says, conte is lucky he didn't kill anyone. >> 6:30 at night you have an individual drug out of his mine, high, stoned, driving 5,000-pound vehicle. >> reporter: passing by a lot of drivers including templeton who feels fortunate he's okay. >> i'm very glad they caught him. yeah, i was like man i hope they get him.
3:47 am
>> police say conte has been arrested at least five other times. 13-year-old girl walks into her bathroom late at night and what she cease in the bathtub so scary she jumps out her first floor window. deputes in florida say this guy a stranger was naked in the number. the teen climbed out her bedroom window ran to the neighbor's and called nip 11. her mom and younger sisters were still asleep on the other side of the house. it turns out the guy told deputes he had been out drinking with his wife. he thought he made it home. 35-year-old joshua noble was arrested and now facing one count much trespassing. little girl in georgia hurt in car crash is now on the road to recovery thanks pop culture phenomenon. >> you know the teen behind the wildly popular song wanted to meet her. fox's beth galvin shows us how it all played out. >> reporter: brianna lawson doesn't know it yet but she's on the bring of a really big day. >> how ya'll doing. >> reporter: because of this guy sigh lento. >> he's the 18-year-old high school senior and rapper behind one of the biggest hits of the
3:48 am
year. watch me whip, nae-nae. >> now, watch me whip, now watch me nae-nae. >> reporter: brianna has sung that song and danced to it hundreds of times. >> she loved to do that even before the accident she used to do that all the time. >> reporter: then christmas day suv carrying brianna, her father and three siblings flipped ejecting all of them. cynthia lawson lost her older daughter. brianna suffered a devastating brain injury. when she became rehabilitation she couldn't see or speak or move her arms and legs and there wasn't a lot of hope. >> because at first sean doing anything just laying there. when she came out of the coma just, you know, just like wondering why -- didn't really know who i was. >> when children's music therapist corey schneider learned brianna loved the nae-nae song, she used it to draw brianna out of her coma. it work. soon she was trying to dance and sing. her injured brain remembering. >> she has prior past experiences with that song with
3:49 am
friends with family, positive emotions and positive chemicals in her brain endorphins, motor patterns of movement. >> reporter: fox5 shared her break through. he saw the story which is why he's here to surprise brianna and her music therapy g how you doing? >> good. >> i got something for you. >> she knew exactl exactly who . her little brother high fived. >> he talks and she smiles. he's not here just to chat. he wants to dance. >> i mean just to be in an accident like that to get up and just dance or anything like that, that's awesome. that's a blessing from god. god bless her and he blessed me. i brought her something. >> for a few minutes seemed whole again. >> seeing my baby didn't give up i didn't give up on her. and it just touched me a whole lot. >> she's going to really come up when she come up i'll be right there giving her another hug. >> until then brianna lawson will have this dance and this day to remember.
3:50 am
>> awesome. brianna is now back in her home and visits children's hospital for treatment and rehabilitati rehabilitation. >> her ultimate goal goal to rejoin her second grade class. we're pulling for you brianna. >> let's take look at sports. here's howard. >> eagles sign another free agent for the defensive secondary and they may not be done. the flyers playing a game in what was a play off atmosphere. their push for the playoffs came down to the last period. all the highlights coming up in sports. >> a live look from houston texas where ted cruz is addressing his supporters right now. the race between cruz and donald trump close in m
3:51 am
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3:53 am
♪ play off atmosphere tonight for the flyers. they were three points behind detroit for that final playoff spot. obviously this game was a must and the fans felt it to the wells fargo center. 11 minutes about 11 minutes into the game michael, nice move in front of the goaltender. scores one to nothing in the first period flyers. flyers aren't done yet. off the face off the rebound, the shot by wane simmonds it's two to nothing.
3:54 am
into the second period, michael, will get another goal. to shut the score. flyers go up three high one. the goal tepp sees everybody playing together. >> it's fun to see. it's monday to be a part of. you see the guys are having. these are the type of, you know, feelings you get around the dressing room you want to be around much it's a lot of fun. goes are going out there and battling for each other and it's something you want to be part of. >> to make the clear the flyers within four-three and play chicago tomorrow night that's a big game, too. the 76ers have 15 games left. that's too bad because their season done. they are just brutal. too bad because the team has quit. a month ago after the all star break, they're one-13 since tonight against the nets. the nets. what a disgrace. to brooklyn. it's a disgrace. the nets won 18 stinking games. look at this. i mean defense is hard work. they quit.
3:55 am
i mean bog don fifty seven has 44 points. his career high. it's the new jersey nets. they are the brook lip nets. they stink wherever they play. they used to be the new jersey nets. they're the brooklyn nets. bog dan fifty seven again and watch the sixers on offense. nerlins noel. -- >> oh, boy. >> i'm done. 131-14 and it wasn't even that close. the eagles have signed another free agent but it's actually one of their own it's another addition the defensive secondary it's the fourth free agent signing for that secondary for the eagles. last year starting cornerback car roll a free agent and decided he wanted to come back to the eagles. now, the fans will remember the play where he got the interception for the touchdown against the giants. carol broke his ankle on thanksgiving in the detroit. still has to go through some morey hab but should be ready to one year deal at 2.3 mill. all right. amazing what you can do when you put your mind it to. but i've got a woman 107 years
3:56 am
young and watch what she did with the globetrotters. to washington, d.c. 107 years old. now we've all tried to spin the basketball on our finger. she always wanted to do that. she did it with the globetrotters. >> that is impressive. >> 107. >> that is awesome. only 75 years older than me. >> stop. >> i do have a quick thing to say -- >> that woman with the president. >> very true. very true. >> that is. >> i just heard it was her g same one. i have to say something. this is important. cumberland spca has their shelter full, dogs are going down tomorrow. if you can rescue them, please do. >> mega millions up nex
3:57 am
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4:00 am
live from philadelphia. this is fox 29 morning news. developing for you, local student has died from meningitis. what the school is doing to calm parents. and breaking overnight, hazmat crews called out to a chemical leak in port richmond watch officials are doing right now to contain that leak. >> and this. >> we're going to win for the country, we're going to win, win, win, and we're not stopping. we have great victories. >> oh, he did not win ohio though. what's this mean? big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton after day of primaries, both came out on top. this is far from over, though. >> we are moving forward and winning this election in november. >> right now


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