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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EDT

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by a man in a mask. what local girl says happened when they tried to run away. >> hundreds scrambled when police showed up at a wild par party. why it landed a couple of parents in handcuffs. so how old is the second most famous groundhog in pennsylvania? i don't have enough fingers ben! ok gus, make a wish! that was some blowout. thanks, so are these! wow, the new blowout instant games from the pennsylvania lottery, with over $225 million in prizes. did someone say blowout?! keep on scratchin'! right now a terrifying walk after school for a local 12-year-old. she says a man wearing a mask followed her as she walked to pick up her little brother. parents they're understandably
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very worried about what happened. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney. iain is off tonight. police are trying to get to the bottom just what happened here. fox 29's shawnette wilson spoke to the little girl season live for us in pennsauken tonight. shawnette? >> reporter: well, first the police tell me that they searched for hours for a suspect but found nothing. in the meantime, this little girl described what happened as frightening an unlike anything she's experienced before. >> i was really scared for my life. >> reporter: this 12-year-old girl recalls the terrifying things she says happened as she left her pennsauken home to pick up her younger brothers from school. we're concealing her identity. >> i was about to, um, come out the door to go pick up my brothers and he was standing outside. >> reporter: he she says was man dressed in black with a hoodie and mask on his face. who she says began to follow her. it happened around 3:45 last tuesday afternoon on the 4600 block of springfield avenue. >> he just kept staring at the
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house and when i turned back he was behind me so then i started walking faster and he started walking faster. then i started running and he ran after me. >> reporter: the young girl says she made it to rose vest elementary school a few blocks away. she says the man had disappeared by the time she reached the school. she told a teacher what happened and the school called police. >> check an area for several hours. we were unable to locate anyone. we spoke to neighbors and checked for any videos. couple house have videos much we were unable to locate anything with images on it. >> reporter: police stepped up patrols every day since receiving the report. but still no leads. the girl's mother says she was upset. >> she was crying and panicking. >> police say there haven't been any other reports since but the girl's mother says she's still uneasy. >> still concerned, 'cause they never caught the guy. we don't know if he's still watching her or lurking around. >> reporter: and back here live, this mom says that she now
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plans to install surveillance cameras outside her home. if you have any information that can help pennsauken police with the investigation, give them a call. lucy, back to you. >> thank you, shawnette. on your radar, the snow came, the snow went but the cold is tick around. live look at allentown as we dip back into the 30s to night. well people have most definitely been breaking out heavy jackets and sweatshirts to stay warm out on south street tonight. kathy, we'll want to layer up maybe for the morning. absolutely. i didn't put the winter cotta did put the snow boots array way. getting closer to spring as far as spring wear is concerned. it is the second full day of spring. spring began early yesterday. let's take a live look outside on market street. all is quiet temperatures are falling really quickly. it's 44 in the city. 29 in the poconos. 41 in wilmington and allentown already 39 degrees. come tomorrow morning, the winds will be diminishing but it is still going to be cold. temperatures will fall through the 30s in the suburbs we'll get down into the some 20s
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philadelphia waking up to 33 degrees. 30 in allentown. 26 in the poconos and freezing in wilmington and also as you head toward the shore. coming up we'll talk about how quickly temperatures will rebound. double dose of warmth. we're talking 70s. more rain in the forecast and of course looking ahead to easter weekend. it could be one of the best we've had in quite sometime. talk to you more about that coming up later in the broadcast. >> that sounds good, kathy. thank you. major money troubles at the shore. atlantic city's mayor saying today city hall will close for nearly a month as they work to get the state to help them get out of their financial predicament. fox 29's chris o'connell is in atlantic city tonight with more details on what exactly the shut down means, chris. >> reporter: well, dawn, facing the very real possibility of bankruptcy atlantic city's mayor don guardian has made an unprecedented move. he will shut down the city government for nearly a month. the reason, fiscal problems with trenton.
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it's a city on the bring of bankruptcy. a funding fight is forcing atlantic city to literally close its doors to city hall. >> they raped atlantic city. the moneys went. didn't go here. >> reporter: long-tim residents like alma johnson feels her state has forgotten about her troubled city. atlantic city mayor don guardian blamed the government shut down on the lack of help from trenton in an ominous statement he says the city is in discussion with the state to avoid and for stall what may be an eminent financial predicament. it means on april 8th, 4:30 p.m., atlantic city government will close its doors to city hall, employees will not get paid. all non-essential city services will be shut down, most city offices libraries and parks. fire and police service in the city will remain. >> i am weary of atlantic city's problems who weren't made by the
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residents but by big shots. >> reporter: state has been pushing for a five-year takeover of atlantic city's finances something local leaders are trying to avoid. but its residents caught in the middle of a battle over budgets. for the once crowned jewel of the jersey shore. >> there's people sleeping unthe boardwalk right new york you know what i mean, on food stamps and everything else. >> it's not going to get any better. >> not going to get any better. >> this city was good. at this time it's economically going down. >> reporter: does that trouble you living here? >> yeah, yeah. too much trouble. >> reporter: now, we did reach out to legislative leaders and governor christie's office for a comment on this story on atlantic city's shut down. we have yet to get a response. as far as that shut down it will start april 8th. it will end may second. that is when atlantic city is set to receive its quarterly tax payments from the state. it may be a long road here,
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lucy, back to you. >> it's going to be. confrontation at 30th street station ended with a man getting knocked out on a platform and police are now trying to figure out what set this whole thing off. a witness on the platform recorded it. you see them talk the guy on the left just clocks the man on the right right there. as the victim stumbles away the other guys goes in again completely knocks him out. septa spokesperson says the agency is investigating has no idea who either men are. they're hoping if you know anything about this you'll give a call to septa police. >> pennsylvania governor wolf ordering stay flags to high at half staff in in honor of two men shot and killed at a turnpike teleplays sam the retired pennsylvania state trooper who shot those men filed for bankruptcy last year. clarence briggs and his wife donna had debts of more than $300,000. briggs tried to rob the fort littleton teleplays san ended up shooting and killing daniel krause and ronald heist before
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he died in a shoot out with troopers. briggs patrolled the turnpike before retiring in 2012. middlesex county new jersey police are investigating shooting death of an off duty police officer. they got a call about a body in the parking lot of old am boy cinemas off the garden state parkway in sayreville right around 7:15 this morning. that's where they found the body of the off duty sayreville police officer inside a black dodge car. the passenger window one of them completely shattered. but middlesex county prosecutors are staying tight lipped saying nothing else about the officer or the circumstances only confirm the officer was a man. police lights and sirens signal the beginning of the end for an out of control party in upper darby. police say pot, booze and hundreds of teenagers created a night that neighbors won't soon forget. and now tonight criminal charges. authorities say two parents will pay the price for this wild party. fox 29's sabina kuriakose explains exactly what happened. >> reporter: cell phone videos
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shows the chaotic scene a quiet neighborhood in drexel hill more like a nightclub after police say two adults an teenager hosted hundreds of underaged drinkers saturday night. >> much quieter monday at the home where upper darby police discovered 300 underaged teens allegedly guzzling alcohol and smoking pot. neighbors say it was thrown by the homeowners 17-year-old daughter. >> it was like broad street on this quite little street. it was cars pulling up every two minutes, kids coming up in groups. non-stop. kids all over the place. >> reporter: chris mull learn lives right next door. he and other neighbors watched as police tried to scatter the high school aged kids around 10:30. >> kids started jumping over that back fence. see that brown fence over there like antelope. >> reporter: police superintendent my cool chitwood 54 cereal abdul am ma day yo was home and told authorities he
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gave permission to the teens to drink and party at his house. he and his partner 45-year-old may she will were later arrested and charged for allegedly hosting the wild night. their daughter was cited. >> their actions that night was totally, totally irresponsible. not only, not only did they endanger the entire neighborhood, but they endangered all those kids who drove, walked, got there, could have been a fight. there could have been any type of tragedy that happened inside that house. >> reporter: it took police nearly three hours to break up the bash. people who live in the neighborhood say they're still reeling from what they witnes witnessed. >> these kids didn't want to leave. they were checking backyards and sheds to make sure they were really gone. 300 kids. you don't know what's going to go on. you know. >> police say it was possession motion on social media that led to the giant crowd. those parents facing differ miss dean nor charges. diss orally conduct and corruption of minors. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. history in the making in
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cuba. president obama and cuban leader raul castro shared the stage for the first joint news conference. it has been 15 months of the two agreed to reopen diplomatic relations and since then the obama administration has been working to lift trade em bar rows and restore commercial flights. both men acknowledged they have much more to do before relations normalized. >> the fact that we have such a large congressional delegation with democrats and republicans with us is an indication that there's growing interest inside of congress for lifting the embargo. >> this is the first visit to cuba by a sitting us president since calvin coolidge if 1928. president obama and his family will leave cuba tomorrow after watching a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. ♪ >> a crem truck mixing cement leads police on high speed cha chase. behind the wheel an 11-year-old boy. how they finally forced the child to stop. a woman just shocked when she walked out of a local gas
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station forced to hold on to her car door as that car took off. her big mistake that started it all. >> plus a local little boy in the battle of his life gets to live out his dream. the seven-year-old the newest member of the police force. today this little guy says he'll never forget. the military trying out a new weapon to help our wounded warriors heal from the horror of wars. >> he was drowning in his own blood, and i couldn't save him, he couldn't save himself. >> how making a mask is breaking down barriers in and saving lives. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our
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most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive.
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♪ dangerous moments for a woman as she tried to prevent her car from being stolen at a gas station. she clings on as tightly as she can while being dragged as the thief speeds away. the suspect taking advantage of a quick opportunity because the car was left unlocked. >> tonight police are looking for that guy who did it. jennifer joyce is live in may tear where it all happened. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, lucy. police tell us that this type thing happens all too often. people leave their cars running while unattended and this in this case things took a violent turn the victim tried to stop the robber. police are hoping that maybe you recognize him. police say this man hanging out inside of a convenience store at express fuel gas station on frankford avenue in mayfair was looking to get into trouble on the evening of march 3rd. he's pacing acting like he's on the phone steps outside and when he thinks the coast is clear, he slips inside of an unlocked sim veer honda civic left running outside the store.
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he speeds away unphased by the victim who tries to stop him. police say violently trained dragged her through the parking lot. >> at one point it looked like she was going to hit a settlement pot. >> police lieutenant says an off duty officer was pumping gas when the robbery happened. he could not intervene. it happened so fast. >> i always lock it when i get out to go in the store. to the mailbox, anything. people crazy especially around here. but anywhere like if there's a car running, people get tempted. >> reporter: some people may be too trusting win minutes of our cameras rolling at the express fuel gas station this escalade was left unattended. drivers denzel rosato said maybe he'll think twice in the future. >> maybe you would think about. >> yeah. >> police hope the case sends a message the victim suffered scrapes and bruises but is okay. her car was recovered the next day in south philadelphia but the carjacker has hasn't been
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caught. police are hopeful you can help. >> we're hoping the people that look at this video and recognize the male and give us a tip who he is. >> reporter: if do you recognize that person, you can call the anonymous tip line 215686 tips. police plan to charge the suspect with robbery and related offenses. dawn. >> jenny, thank you. in delaware traffic was tied up on i295 southbound in new castle county near the i495 interchange because of an overturned car. now the call came in around 4:30 this afternoon. the southbound lanes of i-295 were shut down for a couple of hours. while emergency crews cleaned up the crash. no word on whether or not anyone was injured. forcing your citizens leaving senior center in camden county ended up trapped in their car for about 20 minutes after it crashed. it happen just past 2:00 at the wayne bryant community center in lawnside, new jersey. sky fox was over the scene minutes after it happened.
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emergency crews say a woman was driving with a three passengers and at some point she accelera accelerated across the parking lot and right into a building at the center. no one was inside that one at the time. her three passengers went to the hospital but they're injuries are not serious. well call it a dream of a lifetime. a very sick little boy becomes an honorary police officer in his hometown. fox 29's bruce gordon introduces us to this extraordinary young boy who enjoyed a wish come true and the community that made it all happen. >> reporter: gloucester township patrolman head off to their first day on the job buckled into a booster seat. fewer are seven years old and fewer are battling leukemia. >> why did you want to become a police officer. >> it's my favorite job. >> reporter: why is that? >> because they get villians. >> reporter: gloucester township police learned of liam lindsay's law love of lamb at his school where he's in kindergarten. pulled out all the stops to make his honorary officer in their
10:18 pm
department even got his own uniform. >> you like that. >> reporter: was sworn in by the mayor himself. >> i liam lindsay -- >> i liam lindsay. >> reporter: all under the watchful eye of his mom lauren. >> this is dream come true. he's gone through a lot of. treatment is difficult. makes him sick. he really has been trooper and i really feel like he deserves, you know, some special events in his life. >> reporter: the police showed liam how to work with k9 officers it's one of his favorite things and get a tour of and a ride in their armored swat vehicle. he on got to handle the department's robot. his grandmother was there to take pictures and soak it all in. >> unbelievable what they did for him. and are doing for him. and just made me so happy. close to tears. >> reporter: the department could have given this sick little boy a plaque an badge and sent him on his way. instead they spent time showing him what they do and why
10:19 pm
encouraging his love of helping others. >> we're not always projected in the best way and with kids look up to us like that we're their her row, you know, it's a good feeling for us. >> reporter: when this first day on the job was nearly at its end, the seven-year-old boy with a medical mountain to climb was asked what he wants to do when he he's all grown up. be a policeman, of course. >> because they're the coolest job in the world. >> reporter: his latest round of treatments are scheduled to wrap up at the end of this year. then they wait to see whether officer lindsay has arrested his cancer. gofundme page set up to help defray medical costs. go to fox, click scene on tv. we'll link to you it. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon "fox 29" news. a dog named march of city animal shelter at philly has become a global sensation. >> his sad story being shared thousands of times on social medial tears the pictures of march that grabbed my heart. i posted them on my facebook
10:20 pm
page and it caught fire. >> sure did. >> his story striking a core with people all over the country and beyond. the dog in his kennel at act philly staring at the wall looking depressed. heartbreaking images went viral and the shelter was swamped with calls to help him as far away as the uk. i stopped by short particularly he was picketer up and taken to a rescue organization that will match march with a forever family he's in foster home tonight. you can contact the life-saving department at the shelter if you are interested in adopting march. >> happy ending. >> forever home. yes, indeed. >> take a look at this video. it went viral. a fire breather catches fire in the middle of high school assembly. tonight what he now says went so wrong. a police car nearly slams into a car head on. that driver doing -- going the wrong way down the interstate. why the woman behind the we'll was so mad she got pulled over. >> a teen collapsed oh and a schoolbus. her heart stopped but her hero was in the next seat over. how her great big brother jumped
10:21 pm
in and saved her life. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. road work coming our way tomorrow. a couple of different spots. i95 they're going to be working between cottman avenue and bridge street with lane restrictions during the midday. they're also coming to malvern, 252 just off of route 202 and they'll work tomorrow as well. westbound on the schuylkill expressway. crews will set up from montgomery drive out to the lincoln drive. what you need to know before you get on the go. i'll see you bright and early starting at 4:00.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks
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and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ the fbi says it may have found another way to get into the locked phone of one of the suspected sand berne terrorists. this comes just as researchers say they found a security flaw in apple software that could possibly let hackers get around encrypted devices much it's not clear if this is the mental the government is referring torque however. apple refuses to create software that could help the government unlock the terrorist's phone citing privacy concerns for anyone with an iphone. police in belgium released dramatic footage showing the
10:25 pm
moments leading up to the arrest of a suspected mastermind in the paris terror attack. the video tape shows heavily armed police waiting outside a building in brussels where abdeslam was hiding. authorities capturing the want the terrorist on friday. 130 people were killed in that attack last november at a concert hall and stadium in paris. the french procu says that abdeslam planned to slow below himself up during the november attacks at a stadium but he backed out out france is asking belgium to extradite him. caught on camera this fire breather accidentally setting himself on fire in front of a school assembly in florida. he is now speaking for the first time about what happened. ricky charles has third degree burns on his face, his hands and his legs. he was performing at a high school pep rally in florida last week. now, thing just went terribly wrong as you can tell. he says he was trying out a new lamp oil and some of the oil trickled down his face that's all it took.
10:26 pm
he's just thankful to be alive. >> it happened so fast. thank god for that. i'm just lucky to be here. >> charles admits he should not have used the new oil without practicing with it first. the high school says seven students were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. a stolen settlement truck still missing leads police on high speed chase. behind the wheel an 11-year-old boy. how they finally forced this child to stop. and the video heart wrenching a six-year-old girl plucked from the only family she has ever known. family and neighbors chased after that car that carried their little girl. how her ancestry is behind it all. kathy? >> looking at a cold start to the day for your tuesday. but then that cold air will lift to the north and we will see 70s again in the seven day. not once but twice. details coming up when we come back. ♪
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and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. so you can seize those moments, wherever you find them. flonase. six is greater than one changes everything. >> right now at 10:30 easter bunny, not the real one is
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facing charges. a guy at a mall dressed up as the bunny is now in trouble after getting into this fistfight with a dad in jersey city yesterday. the dad also is in trouble. prosecutors have charged both men with aggravated assault disorderly conduct for what you saw right there. police say the fight started when the dad's one-year-old daughter slipped from a chair while getting her picture taken. authorities say both men also had outstanding warrants. in delaware county, humane society officers are trying to track down the person who tied up a puppy with a wire cable length it in a home for weeks. we're not going to show you the graphic images of her injuries. the pup now named clover could have been decapitate the but somehow she survived after chewing her way out of the cable. she's been tied up to that banister upper darby in the home for several weeks since her surgery, though, she's been better. she will need surgery. spca is asking for donations to help pay for the procedures.
10:31 pm
meanwhile this little kitty named charmer she's also from that home under weight but the good news she's not injured. a wild but familiar scene on the florida highway as this officer barely avoided a wrong way driver. now this went down around 5am yesterday near tampa. >> as the officer radioed for help while another driver called 911. that he -- >> which way is hing. >> right now he's coming up on bush. >> that he is a woman. going southbound in the northbound lanes. 911 caller following in the southbound lanes. it turns out she had gotten on the interstate ignoring several flashing wrong way signs on the ramp. when police finally caught up to her she was arrested her blood alcohol get this .27 more than three times the legal limit. >> she seemed more concerned about why the officers weren't out arresting murderers and drug dealers rather than accepting the consequences of her ax.
10:32 pm
she definitely did not think that she should be arrested. >> florida officials say police have arrested more than 100 drivers going the wrong way in the tampa area since april of 2014 and they say alcohol was a factor in every single case. some very unusual circumstances have left a california family absolutely heart broken tonight. and the six-year-old they have raised for years goodness knows six-year-old lexi has been living with summer and rusty since she was 17 months old. all that changed tonight when she was ripped from her home. lexi has one point 5% indian blood and the tribe used the indian child welfare act to gain custody of the little girl. the law gives priority to placing native american children with native american families. unless something changes she'll now live with what's being extended non blood relatives in utah whom she's never met.
10:33 pm
around the clock vigil is growing outside the home. >> who would take a child that's attached, happy, healthy thriving recent move them from that environment? it just doesn't make any sense. >> to make matters worse court had ordered the page family not to tell the girl or her brothers and sisters about what was going on. on your radar now a cold way to start spring, kathy orr. >> we're talking about temperatures tomorrow morning in the 20s and the 30s. yeah. where did i go. >> i kind of boomed out. >> i'm listening. >> you can see in old city philadelphia market street looking pretty quiet with the cold temperatures. now you can see the temperature 44 degrees with a wind out of the west northwest at 13 miles an hour. it feels like it's only 38 with the wind and come tomorrow morning, not much wind but it will that much colder. so you still will have a wind
10:34 pm
chill. in philadelphia 44. right now in the poconos 29. 38 degrees in reading. since we have somewhat of a wind there's lot of mixing going on in the atmosphere you don't see huge temperature difference. williamsport 36. philadelphia 44. little bit colder in canada where we want the 28 in ottawa this evening. winds still gusting pretty good in some locations. by tomorrow morning, no issue with the wind. winds out of the west at 9 miles an hour. in philadelphia gusts to 10 miles an hour tomorrow morning in pottstown but wait until you see what happens. we get into a southerly wind flow that will warm us up we like the southerly wind but gusting to 27 miles an hour by tomorrow evening you'll see the feel in millville, atlantic city and also to the south in dover gusting to 20 to 30 miles an hour. more wind but this will be a positive change with warming temperatures. all eyes are going to be on air of high pressure in the deep south moves across the country into the mid atlantic and sets up near bermuda. this is a summer like pattern the same pattern that helped us get into the 80s a couple weeks
10:35 pm
ago. that will come into play over the next couple of days. so we see sunshine for tuesday. warming for wednesday. and thursday. as this cold front approaches from the west. this will move through friday so that will be our next chance of rain. yesterday 43. today 51. tomorrow mid 50s and then temperatures sky rocket going for 70-degree temperatures both wednesday and thursday. overnight in the city 33. in the suburbs 28. so cold again with westerly winds. tomorrow the wind kicks out of the southwest really gets going and gusting in the afternoon. the high 56. with that sunshine it will feel real nice. as you plan your day tomorrow breakfast 36. by lunch 49. after school, 55. and then the evening 53. so not quite as cold. on your exclusive seven day forecast from the weather authority, temperatures warming up. 56 tomorrow. we'll go 70 for wednesday. thursday 74. for good friday some morning showers but saturday looks pleasant even easter sunday looks really nice in the 60s. and it stays pretty warm.
10:36 pm
for monday it look like even next tuesday so i don't know, we have a couple of tens -- >> there you go. >> tens on that seven day forecast. today was the coolest day of the week. it's up from here. >> sounds good. time to plant. time to garden. >> almost. >> well, a teen collapses on a schoolbus. her heart stopped but the hero was in the next seat. how her big brother jumped in to save her life. and -- firework explosion rocking a texas inter state. nothing worry about. why police just set that off on purpose. ♪
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♪ explosion after explosion in texas the plume of smoke stretches into the sky. the mid land police bomb squad helped the atf get rid of 20,000 pounds of seized firewo firework. they did this during the day because it wasn't meant to be a firework show. they cannot get donated to a charity since a court ordered they be destroyed. >> another big room in the courtroom for hulk hogan.
10:40 pm
jurors in the sex tape case added another $25 million to the 115 million they already awarded hogan. deliberations lasted for only about four hours. hogan sued gawker media a celebrity gossip sight for violating his privacy by posting part of a secretly recorded tape of him having sex. >> in your money tonight, a price cut for apple product. ceo tim cook talking about changes for apple. cut price of the apple watch to $299. that's down from $349. apple also unveiling a smaller iphone and a smaller version of the i-pad pro tablet. cook used the announcement to pledge to protect customer's privacy in light of on-going fight with the fbi. a stolen cement truck still missing settlement. leads police on a high speed chase. guess who was behind the wheel? an 11-year-old boy. how they finally forced the child to stop.
10:41 pm
a military trying out new weapon to help our wounded warriors heal from the horror of war. how making a mask is breaking down barriers and saving lives. ♪
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♪ a rather unforgettable police chase in minnesota. police were after an 11-year-old boy driving a settlement truck yesterday. goodness. the boy sideswiped other vehicles and patrol cars in the process. after an hour, it finally came to an end at a dead end road. police say the boy stole the truck from a construction site. he's now in juvenile detention. well some teens in georgia received a life saving lesson in cpr just in the nick of time. a girl suddenly collapsed on her schoolbus thursday. her heart wasn't beating. her friend and another friend had just learned cpr they quickly went to work. meanwhile the bus driver stopped and quickly called 911. >> she came back and she went out again and i was keep doing it, doing it. >> please don't die on me. >> please don't die, don't die, don't die i'm freaking out her eyes are rolling backwards. >> the girl told doctors she hadn't been eating and that's likely what caused her heart to
10:45 pm
stop. military doctors have been trying out a new and unusual way to help our troops suffering from physical and psychological traumas of war. they're getting wounded warriors involved in art therapy. >> joyce evans looks at the emotional journey from the art of war to the art of healing and the local researchers who may decide the program's future. >> reporter: they look like art critics. but they're not judging the artistic skill of these unique masks. >> we are coding for visual elements. >> this woman is an art therapist at drexel university. she and research coordinator adele gonzaga have been assigned a special government mission. >> to carefully analyze and categorize the hundreds and hundreds of torn and tortured
10:46 pm
souls behind these marks. >> active duty military service members who suffer trauma brain injuries, physical trauma and/or deep seeded psychological horrors of war. >> i couldn't sleep at night because the images are so graphic and so intense. >> reporter: so real. this is where the unusual treatment is taking place. >> we focused on people that are active duty and have a good chance of returning to duty with the right kind of care. >> you might think the ultra secure walter reed national military medical center is all high tech, all starched and pressed. but that only gets us so far. >> dr. louis french of the national inn tepp pedestrian center of excellence says art therapy is a bit unconventional
10:47 pm
but his first duty is to relieve suffering. >> we shouldn't ignore a potential treatment option just because it's not a traditional kind of thing. >> reporter: they pour those invisible wounds, unspeakable experiences into these creation that is line the tables. walls and halls at the walter reed nico center. >> wee look at these they're both beautiful and disturbing at the same time. does that make sense. >> yes, it does. on the outside he doesn't look injured, rye, but on the inside he's grappling with quite a bit. >> melissa walker is the woman behind the walter reed program. >> he also wants to show how their taught to blend in society. >> reporter: she brought in the national end do you mean for the arts military healing program. >> it's the first that the national end do you mean for the arts has partnered with the department of defense specific toll address a unique and very big health issue that they're confrontinconfronting. there's an actual shut down in the brain that causes them to have difficulty recounting what
10:48 pm
occurred. and the art making accesses the same parts of the brain that incurred sensory trauma. >> i have a strap for it. >> reporter: apparently the break through treatment for the marine behind this mask. >> this is what i came up with. >> reporter: 32-year-old staff sergeant anthony monino former machine gunner. 13 years active. injured twice. stemming from two different blasts in iraq. and afghanistan. >> i've got a lot of issues open on the table about loss. unfortunate-to deal with a lot of loss over the last few years. >> reporter: his mask relates to the journey of a cash err in one of his many video games. >> i was very standoff issue. didn't want to discuss my issu issues. didn't reall really want toddino past the surface. >> reporter: or share with his fiance' diane. >> scary, anger. >> reporter: is how diane says her tony came back to her.
10:49 pm
>> that hatred, there was nothing good. he was drowning in his own thoughts. and i couldn't save him. he couldn't save himself. >> i used to find ways to rationale lies things and justify this is things that are completely crazy. >> we had to force him to get treatment and thank god he went. >> reporter: but this tough marine sergeant was slowly to take any of this art stuff seriously. >> kind of frustrating at first. after the what are you start a different war back at home. it's tough to leave the conflict behind because there's so much that's penned up inside that never comes out. i can't change what's already happened. >> reporter: it all come out here. beautifully with the help of therapists jessica goddard. >> transformation since november of this past year has been ama amazing to witness. you can see it in his artwork. you can see it in his face. i've just notice add real sense of peace.
10:50 pm
>> reporter: anthony actually opinion initiate this his four weeks program months ago. but he keeps coming back exploring and healing more. >> it's a new mission. sigh have something that i can keep my focus on that will not keep me depressed or in a funk but understanding some of the triggers that get me to that point that way it's not, you know, from zero to a hundred right away. >> reporter: therapists say they're not just saving soldiers they're saving families. one mask at a time. >> i get emotional. he's an amazing guy. i've seen him really do a lot of healing together and in art therapy. >> you're proud of him. >> i'm incredibly proud of him. my heart can explode with joy with how far he's come and this is just the beginning. >> marine staff sergeant monino is intern at nasa. the nea's military arts program
10:51 pm
just got big new funding from congress and they're now talking about offering the program around the country, but nico official at walter reed they're waiting. they want to learn more from our drexel university researchers on exactly why and how creating something out of a blank cardboard mask can healing hundreds of our heroes. joyce evans, fox 29 news. however it works at least it works. >> yes. >> that's wonderful. >> pretty cool. >> all right, mr. howard. >> all right. flyers lost a player now for three weeks. i'll explain why still trying to make that playoff run against a very tough team and that team is at home. highlights on the way. and the nfl owners meetings a smoke screen or is howie roseman giving us a real approach to the possibility of drafting a running back. you make the call when we hear from roseman coming up in sports.
10:52 pm
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the flyers they're not in great shape as far as the playoffs after losing to pittsburgh on saturday. and they lost their backup goaltender michael, i'm told he's have surgery with a knee injury and out probably three week that's the regular season. the flyers also started a four game road trip tonight. let's go to brooklyn and take a look. it's the flyers and islanders and steve mason is going to have to play like this. because he's going to have to be the guy with michael out for
10:55 pm
likely three week. mason had 23 saves tonight. the puck goes off the official brandon manning pick it up, shoots, he scores. the score one-one in the second he make it two-one the flyers win it, four-one. so they can pick up two points. sixers do what they almost do and that's lose. after a foul shot, this is a joke. they don't even get back on defense. after a foul shot everything should be set up. they lose to indiana but don't they do that all the time? they're one out of their last 20. none-75. all right. the inform fl owners meetings going on this week in boca rah ton florida. there will be a vote on rule changes tomorrow. one likely to be approved. two personal foul penalties by the same player in a game will result in an ejection. two that are not likely to pass an extra challenge in game from two to three even if you're not successful with winning one. also coaches want everything reviewable with a challenge. that ain't happening. nfl won't go for that.
10:56 pm
dan howie roseman addressed what fans are talking about taking a running back with the first pick in the draft. >> there's narrative you can get running backs in fifth, sixth, seventh round undrawed free agency when you look at the back last 10 years of guys in the top 10 in rushing, those guys are hot picks. when you fine the special talent at that position, that guy who can rub the ball, pass protect and catch the ball out of the back field that's a unique weapon. when you go back and look at it and i had sometime over the fall to do that you see that real it is hard to get guys later. >> okay. but you can still get them in the third or fourth round. villanova clear vol their toughest game the ncaaa thursday against miami. nova four-point favorite but jay wright like the fact the game is thursday rather than friday. >> i'm actually excited that we play on thursday because it's less of this, you know, and got right back to work. i think that will be good for us. the challenge is when you get to the next step to handle the
10:57 pm
media all the responsibilities that come witness and be a able to get to practice and get to work and be game time focused like we were the last two games. >> should be easy to handle the media. >> yeah, right. >> that's it for us. we will see you soon. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less. only at my giant.
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>> today on "tmz"-- >> best party sunday night was in houston. drake shut down an entire city block. ♪ >> they're up on the roof at the chicken and waffles place. the whole block is singing after it ended at like nighttime and it's like trapped. >> was there chicken everywhere, like chicken bones? >> no, we use trash cans. don't just eat chicken and throw the bones. >> hulk hogan got a huge sex damages award. the punitive phase of his trial is starting. if he gets two times the damages awarded, he could end up with half a million. harvey: didn't he use the n word in the tape and that got him fired from the wwe? >> you're telling me he can get half a billion dollars for saying the n word? [laughter] >> rihanna gave a fan a once in


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