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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 23, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ showing solidarity around the world. monuments lit up for a nation struck by terror. candles and flowers line the streets of brussels after this morning's deadly attacks. >> a lot of people with blood and i just go -- run out of the airport. >> hit at the height of rush hour. >> dozens killed, even more hurt. world leaders are vowing to fight isis and terror. right now the search is still on for one man investigators think helped pull off today's attack on the left. authorities have released this image from closed circuit tv2 are lead believed dead. the one in light colored clothing with the hat on they think is on the run. the picture on the right images of the carnage from todays' bombings.
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good evening, oil lucy noland. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. ooh janoff tonight. new information is still coming in. here's what we know right now. the death toll raised tonight to at least 34 people. bombs exploding this morning at the brussels airport and in the city subway. isis claiming responsibility for the attacks. president obama ordering all american flags to be flown at half staff. fox's greg palkot is in brussels with the latest information. >> reporter: desperate house to house searches in the center of brussels. as police hunt for those responsible for the terror that ripped through the airport and subway station here in the busy morning rush hour. isis is claiming responsibility. a bomb and isis flag was found in another apartment. police are looking for the man in white on the right seen at the airport moments before the blast. he's thought to be key suspect. the two men in black are believed to be suicide bombers. at least one of them is dead. >> we fear the a terror tack would happen. this is what happened.
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>> reporter: all told at least 30 people were killed in the terror more than 200 injured. among them nine americans. one active military service member and five of his family. plus three mormon missionaries from utah many in critical condition. eyewitnesses at the airport described gunfire and screams in arabic and two blasts. glass blowing out the ceiling falling down. smoke and dust all around. >> everybody was running, running, running we sat there 10 minutes and we heard evacuate, evacuate. >> when i go out i see all, arc lost people with blood and i just go -- just run out of the airport. yeah all the building there is like chaos there. >> reporter: a blast hit a subway station near the european union headquarter and us embassy leaving more carnage and wreckage. all this comes after the four days of salah abdeslam in brussels the last remaining active participant in last november's paris terror he told
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police he was planning new attacks. this terror thought to be revenge for the arrest or what he was plotting. >> terrorism hit belgium but europe was targeted and the whole world is concerned. >> reporter: by the way nails were in that bomb found tonight. chemicals were nearby. police now think the apartment was the bomb fact tower four all the explosives used in the terror today. in brussels, greg palkot, fox news. back here at home, news of the tragedy had some travelers very worried. but officials boost security at the airport and on the subway also at 30th street station where dave schratwieser is right now. dave? >> reporter: lucy, lots of travelers still making their way threw 30th street station tonight amidst heavy security. they tell us tonight that while they're upset with these latest terror tax in brussels, they will not change their travel plans. >> what a tragedy. my heart goes out to all the victims who died and even the ones who survived it all. report roar passengers making
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their way threw 30th street station tuesday night couldn't help thinking about the terrorist attacks in brussels and noticing the beefed up security in the busy rail station. >> can't to be careful this day and age you really can't. >> sometimes these things comes in bunches. you know little bit leary but business got to go on. >> reporter: security was everywhere from bomb sniffing dogs carefully checking passengers as they boarded trains to police officers with high-powered weapons stationed throughout the terminal. tyrone jones was headed to new york on amtrak. >> as long as we stick together and as long as we keep positive and understand we got the best the best protecting and serving us we'll be all right. >> it makes me feel secure know they would do something like that but it hurts to hear about what happened over there. >> reporter: septa police were out in force as passengers made their way tuesday night with the suicide bombing inside the subway system in brussels, killing dozens and wounding almost 200 -- >> we want to make sure that our riders here in philadelphia feel
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safe and secure. >> reporter: security was also ramped up at philadelphia international airport while no flights to or from brussels were expected until at least thursday, passengers were clearly taking the latest terror tax to heart. >> it makes me think they can do the same thing here. this time they didn't go through security. they did it in the front of the airport. >> i look around a little bit more. i don't want to be paranoid about it but i do pay attention, definitely. >> any strange objects, things of that nature, if you see it get somebody attention and let them know. >> reporter: authorities again urging the public if you see something, say something. chiefness tell from septa went a step further. don't think you're bothering us go right ahead and bother us. they like to check out any possible tips he says bet to be safe than sorry. lucy? >> all the time, dave, thank you so much. former philadelphia 76er mutombo was inside the brussels airport during today's deadly attacks.
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he let his followers know i'm safe, i am fine he was in brussels awaiting his flight back to the united states after visiting one of his foundations hospitals in his native congo. our coverage continues tonight on you are website we have slide shows from today's scene as well as breaking information on the investigati investigation. on your radar a warmup on the way. no coats needed already tonight for people out walking in port richmond and only going to get better. a live look from trenton tonight and kathy, still think it's a little chilly out tonight. tomorrow we're expected to hit 70? >> we're going to be very close in many locations and yes, some spots topping off at 70, dawn. we're looking at a warmup that's going to be moving in. our camera shaking at the airport a little bit temperatures are warming and we're still seeing 53 degrees which is our average high for this time of year. winds gusting to 23 miles an hour but it's southwest wind and that's going to get us through the 60 noose the 70s for the next couple of days. 49 in pottstown. wilmington high clouds and 50 in
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the poconos it is 44 degrees. reading checking in at 50. during the morning hours, we'll see the temperatures fall but only into the upper 40s. at 7:00 a.m. it will be 47 in the city. in trenton 47. 49 in wrightstown. atlantic city and wildwood. and by the afternoon, temperatures warming quickly. by noon we're already at 63 in philadelphia. 62 in pottstown and spring temperatures through the poconos in the lehigh valley as well. so as we watch this warmup today's high 58. soaring well beyond that for wednesday and thursday. coming up we'll talk about the double dose of temperatures in the 70s when the rain moves in, the easter forecast and looking ahead to the month of april which is around the corner. hard to believe. i'll see you later in the broadcast with the seven day. >> all right. it is hard to believe, kathy. thanks. as we look live in wilmington tonight remember you can take the weather authority with you with the fox 29 weather app. get live radar and alerts sent right to your cell phone. you can fine it in the apple and google play stores. sanitation worker died after
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he fell off the back of the garbage truck in delaware coun county. sky fox over platypus avenue about 4:30 this afternoon. officials tell us the worker was running behind the truck and apparently got into the truck's blind spot when it turned down a side street and hit him. the 28-year-old had been on the job nine years. as of yet officials yet to release his identity. a developing story tonight out of atlantic city. a government shut down is looming over the cash strapped shore town. their only hope help from the state. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live from atlantic city tonight it struggle between the city and the state. chris. >> reporter: dawn, it is a struggle. if atlantic city was looking for any help to avoid bankruptcy from governor chris christie, they may have to look somewhere else. governor christie today saying the help is available for this troubled town but only on his terms. imagine walking into work for three straight weeks and not
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getting paid. that's the new reality for atlantic city municipal workers like amelia lilly. >> it's sad to see this. >> going back in to work to safe lives. >> reporter: she's a working mom and atlantic city police dispatcher for the past 11 years. in a few weeks, she's agreed to go to work without getting a paycheck at least for now. >> most important is, you know, making sure our city is safe. if that's wait takes, then i will be here. >> reporter: little system one of hundreds of city workers caught in the middle of a fiscal fight between the city and trenton. on the bring of bankruptcy. mayor don guardian authorized the closure of city hall on april 8th, 4:30 p.m. simply put, a government shut down. the city has no money to pay its employees. so most city services will close for three weeks. fire, police and other search services will remain. >> what do we do on april 8th when folks are out of work? >> reporter: atlantic county
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freeholder represents atlantic city in more than ways than one. elected official is an also employee of the city's recreation department. he, too, will be out of work. >> what happens to meals on wheels? what happens to the tax collections in atlantic city? what happens to the trash collection? >> reporter: governor christie says the only way he'll sign a bill to help atlantic city to a complete state takeover of city finances. >> mayor guardian has clear choice. two choices. he can either work with us to fix the problem through the state takeover bill and the pilot bill or he will face on april 8th having no money to pay his municipal employees. >> reporter: now, this three-week government shut down will end on may second. that is when the city will get its quarterly tax revenues and then be able to pay its employees. we cannily tell you this very same scenario would play out once again in couple of months if the city and state don't come up with long-term fix for atlantic city.
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lucy. >> going to be long couple of weeks there. all right, thank you very much, chris. you decide 2016 votes in three states headed to the polls today. idaho has been holding its democratic caucuses tonight. while democratic and republican voters are having their say in arizona and in utah. polls show ted cruz ahead in utah. while in arizona polls are showing donald trump leading. on the democratic side hillary clinton is trying to put the nomination out of bernie sanders reach while he fights to stay a contender. polls and actual results are two very different thing. as a results coming in we'll bring them to you. ♪ watch as this woman reaches up her skirt, grabs a gun and shoots a man in the car. why the guy who stepped in to say the victim was the one who got arrested. >> busted over a donut. what police say these two tried to smuggle inside a local high school and we can tell you it wasn't pot. plus families visiting graves of their loved ones make a devastating discovery. >> it's not here.
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it's not here. it's very d a.m. n disrespect full. >> all the momentos they left for relatives gone. who cleared off every gravesite. >> women targeted after shopping at wal*mart. what one woman was caught doing
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♪ philadelphia police hope this video can lead them to the guy accused of of robbing a woman in northern liberties thursday night. investigators say this surveillance video shows the man following her then grab her purse. cops say he tried to get her phone but when the woman refused he pulled out a gun. police say the man eventually ran off down brown street then
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jumped into awaiting car. that incident is eerily sim floor a tragic crime that happened just blocks away in 2142 robbers walked up to amber long and her mother. employees say they shot her as they stole her purse. and police are still after those men. a man and student in burlington county are facing charges to night. police say they busted the pair for trying to smuggle drugs into a school. officials say they tried to fake out the school office with a lunch bag. >> but something did not sit right with staff. shawnette wilson is live in bordentown what tipped off officials. shawnette? >> reporter: school officials say that they actually suspected drugs were inside the bag. so they followed their instinct and found a light lunch way hefty stash inside. it's kind of shocking for me because my daughter has been at the high school and we never experienced anything like that. >> reporter: parents of students at bordentown high school can't believe what police say was uncovered april side a paper bag delivered to the
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school. >> for me to hear something like that and for them to have access to deliver something and that he can treatment it's hard to believe report rt it was around noon wednesday when police say this young man 21-year-old brian perry walk into the main office with a paper bag and drink. claiming to drop off lunch for a senior he identified as 18-year-old jay lawn. school administrators were suspicious and opened the bag when perry left. police say inside was a donut with six xanax pills inside a sandwich bag stuffed in the center hole. >> i'm pretty impressed they noticed something and took the opportunity to look and find out what it was. and stopped it from getting circulated throughout the scho school. >> sherri's son fifty three very is a senior at the school. >> we have some students that are good students we have the sketchy side of the school. you can tell when people are going bring in, he wasn't will get in trouble. >> reporter: that day police arrested and charged perry with possession and intent to distribute. he posted bail. the other man was also charged
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with intent to possess and intent to distribute. >> it's shocking. i mean you just can't approach someone and give them a bag and say it's for my friend and find something like that in it and not like question it. >> reporter: back here live, police also tell thus student is now facing additional charges. they say he was arrested during a motor vehicle stop just yesterday. police say they found ajar of marijuana on him then. dawn? >> all right, shawnette, thank you. spring garden teachers crowding the philadelphia school district headquarters to learn more about openings in the city. superintendent dr. william hite addressing the group at the session this afternoon. the school district recently announced a teacher recruit many drive. the superintendent hoping to hire 800 new teachers by june. fox 29 working to get results in east germantown. residents say they have been living without a working elevator in their four-story apartment for weeks. now, the building is for seniors and those with disabilities.
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so they're now asking us to help get things fixed. fox 29's bruce gordon went digging for answers. >> reporter: we bumped into 70-year-old arthur thomas sitting outside the hamil mill apartments he was just back from the doctor's office with a badly broken foot. why was he sitting there? >> so you're resting up. >> resting up for the journey up to the third floor. >> reporter: with no elevator. >> no elevator. >> reporter: you'll slide yourself up the stairs. >> how else am i going to get there? you got any super powers? >> reporter: just inside this sign on the elevator of building one explains, saying it will be out of service for the next 48 to 72 hours. residents of this building seniors and those peau with disabilities are asked to use elevator in the next building over. >> how long has that sign been there. >> that's been there at least about three week. >> reporter: three weeks? >> at least three, yeah. >> reporter: deanna corbin provides daily health health care for 65-year-old joseph bryant. he lives on the second floor at hamil mill. painful leg swelling makes it tough for him to walk without a cane or walker or a wheelchair.
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>> you don't feel like you can get around at all without that elevator. >> no, i can really. i can't do the steps. you know, if i do, i'm scared that i might tumble over he is special will this walker. >> reporter: residents tell us the elevator in building one was vandalized, malfunctioning for several months, before going completely out of commission several week ago. a note from the folks in charge here germantown housing and land holding corporation says the elevator is being repaired. that note was sent out last wednesday. says some parts of already in. and they are still waiting for others to arrive. for some that elevator in the next building over is a help, but the only goes up to the second floor. that's a little consolation for arthur thomas. >> i'm 70 years old. and i've been pretty active all my life. but to come to something like this to happen -- >> reporter: we e-mail the property manager looking for more detailed answer and timetable for repairs on the elevator. when we hear back, we'll let you know. in east germantown working to
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get results i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. meanwhile fox 29 getting results for folks tired of looking at a well kind of a mini grand canyon in their street. last friday we showed you this gaping hole in the middle of the 5400 block of trinity street in southwest philadelphia. we heard a plumbing contractor had left the mess behind. so we made some phone calls and guess what? the city streets department came out to fill that hole. crews should put the final touches on this job later this spring. all righty. so the neck stop is louisville. >> yeah. fans are really pysched to see villanova to see the wildcats hit the hardwood again. >> a big crowd cheering on players outside of the pavilion today. the team boarding a bus for kentucky for the sweet 16. players and their fans of course are hoping for a win over miami on thursday night. nova can make it to the elite eight. so cool. it may look like a couple
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trying on coats inside of a local school but that's not what's happening here. why this little fashion show has police on the look out. and a land lore catching a lot of heat tonight. who he's refusing to rent to that has his phone rinking off the cook. and let's take live look at a very clear night in allentown. fox 29 continues at 10:00, a church and daycare evacuated. how a can's of men's body spray set off an all out panic. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. construction along the ill list spring road the bridge over the turnpike closed all part of that reconstruction there at rout route 252. and tomorrow coming back again the penndot crews will be working from 9:00 to 3:00 between cottman avenue and bridge street and then watch for some new traffic shuffles along the 42 freeway as you head into bellmawr coming in toward philadelphia.
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what you need to know before you get on the go, i'll have the answers when i see you bright
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>> now your wiping lottery numbers. ♪ a florida mom and gun active have it shot by her four-year-old son is now facing criminal charges. investigators say jamie guilt put a loaded gun under the front seat of her car.
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>> it slid to the back where her son pick it up. it went off hitting guilt in the back. she's still in the hospital. deputes are recommending she be charged with allowing a child access to a firearm it could mean as long as six months jail if she's convicted. >> former toronto mayor rob ford has died he lost his battle with cancer. his drug use and drinking problems marched his time in office much his term as mayor included slurs against minorities, lewd remarks about his sex life and admission to crack cocaine and alcohol abuse. doctors diagnosed him with cancer in september 2014. forcing thyme withdraw his bid for re-election as mayor. he ran in instead for a city council seat winning in a landslide. a colorado landlord is grabbing national headlines all for a rental ad he play in the paper. the attention centers around who he will not accept. mark holmes play the ad saying he will not rent to anyone who
3:25 am
supports donald trump. you can imagine his phone has been ringing off the hook since he placed that ad. many of the callers are not happy at all. >> no, i did not really expect it. i thought that probably there would be a little bit of opposition, you know, in this town. i did not expect this kind of exposure. >> holmes check with housing authority and they gave him go ahead on that particular thing. watch as this woman reaches up her skirt, grabs a gun and shots a man in the car. why the guy who stepped in to say the victim was the one who ended up handcuffed. and women targeted after shopping at wal*mart. what one worker was caught doing behind the counter that left customers tollly gross out. kathy? >> temperatures warming very quickly across the region. overnight lows in the 40s and then we'll warm it up through the 50s, the 60s, even into the 70s. how long will it last? that and
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>> right now at 10:30 memorials are growing in belgium. europeans are once again stunned
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and once again in mourning after terror tax on the brussels airport this time and also a transit station. these vigils of course honor the hundreds of victims of this morning's explosions. at least 34 people are dead. the islamic state has claim responsibility and says the attackers detonated suicide vests at both locations. survivors say it was chaos. >> big bang. everybody crying and saw smoke, you know,. the shopkeeper went new york city, nothing urgent. because they are work hearing. >> there was a very loud explosion. >> it was very loud. >> president obama has ored all us flags to be flown at half staff through saturday for the victims. you can stay updated on the breaking story on our website you'll also find stories from other who's were also inside the airport at the time of the deadly attacks. back here at home, some quick thinking toll booth workers are getting quite a bit of
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recognition. >> they are. it's because they sprang no action after a terrifying crash. this happened wednesday night at the newark delaware toll plaza on i-95. police say a speeding driver slammed into several cars and two toll booths. today state officials thanked the 10 workers who all jumped in to action to make sure their co-workers and other drivers were all right. >> it's a very dangerous situation out there every day wondering and worrying what's going to happen to us, um, i'm just glad everything work out. no one got hurt, and thank you -- i'm glad i have the co-workers i have. they're excellent. >> incredibly no one was seriously hurt in the crash. prosecutors have charged the driver with dui. police released new video an cash register theft in montgomery county. see there's the guy hauling off the register from the china king restaurant on york road in jenkintown much this happened about two week ago. $70 was in that thing but police say he did also steal several
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gift cards from the restaurant. they're hoping you might recognize him and give him a call. a wild scene outside a detroit gas station when a man gets shot and his brother who stepped in to help him is now behind bars. take look at this surveillance video. you can see that woman standing boy the car whips out large gun from under her skirt. she then shoots at the driver in another car. his brother jumps in and wrestles the gun i was wayne and took his brother to the hospital and turned the woman's gun in to police. he was cleared at the police station but his family says his parole officer showed up later and arrested him claiming it was a violation of his parole. >> i don't understand that. he saved my life. he's in jail on his way to prison for saving his brother's life. i can digest that. >> relatives say he was convict evidence armed robbery and previously served five years in prison but they say he's been turning his life around. his parole officer is not
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commenting tonight. all right. on your radar right now we have springtime i hope after little bit of chill, kathy. >> um-hmm. springtime is coming, again, remember a couple of week ago we were in the 80s. we won't get quite that warm but it will feel real nice out there tomorrow. in old city philadelphia on mark street looking pretty good. skies are mainly clear. with a few high clouds and temperatures are still in the 50's. 53 in philadelphia. 49 in pottstown. 49 in trenton. many of these temperatures the normal highs for this time of year. so very unusual for this time of day as well. the cold air not that far away. ottawa at 32 degrees. quebec at 25 degrees. bangor, main man at 19. but we will hold that cold off. it at least three, four, five, maybe six or seven days it doesn't look like we have anything cold in the forecast for the foreseeable future. i'm not putting away that winter coat just yet. high pressure will build off the mid atlantic coat and push toward bermuda that brings a
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surge of warmth up the east coast. temperatures close to 70 degrees for tomorrow. thursday well into the 70s and this front moves through by friday with a few showers but behind it, cooler air that will get us closer to normal but temperatures still staying a bit above average right through the easter weekend. tomorrow morning, 7am, breakfast 48 degrees. but look how temperatures increase by lunch time, 62 degrees. it will feel like a different day. by the afternoon, after 3:00 o'clock, afternoon activities 68 degrees. and many locations making it to 70 and then by evening still just need a light jacket at 63 degrees. we'll look at the wind gusts from the south tonight. they will continue. the wind dies down a little bit tomorrow afternoon. but look at the morning. winds gusting to 30 in millville this is 7:00 a.m. winds gusting to 29 out of the southwest in philadelphia. and then by the afternoon still breezy conditions. but not quite as windy as the morning. overnight a few clouds, 46 in the city and the suburbs 42 degrees. that southwest wind tomorrow 70 degrees in the city.
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partly sunny with gusty winds especially early in the day as we look ahead at the seven day forecast looking good the next couple of days in the 70s. morning showers friday. but still pleasant the sun breaks out really quickly. we're at 62. the holiday weekend looks great easter sunday 63. then another front with showers monday. it will be mild. tuesday more sun and 59 degrees. as we look ahead for april, we'll be above average for the month. average high at 63 degrees. want to show you great video from tonight upper elementary school at moorestown township had their annual science fare. there's max he had a great project. also little zoey explained hers very well. few gentlemen devon and vaughn had an experiment take a go pro cam make it waterproof figure out how to wi-fi a signal underwater like a little fish this young later watered her flowers in different food coloring and the flower came out the color of the water. >> seriously?
3:35 am
>> so cool. >> oh my goodness. >> another great project from the moorestown kids talking about the trees in danger in moorestown. fantastic. so impressive. >> were you a judge. >> i was a judge. >> that had to be hard. >> if you didn't see your picture or self on television more on my facebook page kathy orr at fox 29. >> a couple drying on some coats in a local store. that's not what's happening. this fashion show of sorts has police on the look out. >> family visiting graves of their loved ones make a devastating discovery all the momomentos they
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>> philadelphia police are investigating an incident at a west philadelphia daycare. a worker noticed a little girl chewing on something, that something turned out to be a packet of crack cocaine. it happened this morning at the daycare center on the 5200 block of haverford in west philadelphia. little girl ended up at chop where she did test positive for cocaine. police of course are investigating. well take a good look at this pair. may seem like they're trying on jackets inside a local kohl's but police say they walk out wearing all them and they did
3:39 am
not page this went down inside the kohl's department store on help row avenue in glendora. they gotta with close to thousand dollars in merchandise they were last seen getting into burgundy dodge ram. >> move over judge judy. well, sarah palin may soon preside over a tv courtroom as well. palin has been on the campaign trail with gop presidential candidate donald trump. tmz reporting she's also doing pilot for a courtroom show. the man who put judge judy on tv is behind it. it could air in the fall of 2017. in your money tonight, looking to unload some of your old furniture? well guess what new start up launching in philadelphia may be just what you need. yup, load your pictures then the site move loot offers i was price. once you agree they make your pictures look professional i like that and post them, they sell it. you get the money electronically the website movers pick up the furniture for free. website cut is about 30%. >> business owners in colorado are working long hours the next
3:40 am
couple of weeks. >> it's all to make sure they're ready for a huge day of sales and we're talking about sales of marijuana here. the day you guessed it april 20th or 4/20 marijuana has become a money morning for businesses in marijuana ever since it was legalized over two years. bakeries are making pot infused cookies and candy and brownies. 947020 is like christmas for marijuana dispensaries. >> usually every 4/20 we have line out the door before we even open up. and that usually lasts until we close the door that day. >> business owners say one of the most important parts of 4/sent 20 educating their customers and making sure those visiting the state of colorado understand the laws associated with smoking marijuana. >> women targeted after shopping at one wal*mart. what one worker was caught doing behind the counter that left customers really grossed out. >> meanwhile a beautiful night in reading to night. coming up next a church and
3:41 am
daycare evacuated how a can of men's
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3:43 am
right now huge fire has engulfed a recycling center in phoenix tonight.
3:44 am
making matters worse, winds are very high. fanning the flames. look at that smoke there, my goodness. no word on what started this. no injuries though reported as of yet. a former store clerk in missouri is in jail after police say he used his workplace computer to access women's phone numbers. >> not only that police say the wal*mart employee sent inappropriate messages to them. >> 21-year-old man charged with six counts of second degree sexual misconduct. he was a clerk at the wal*mart vision center which customers say is always busy. >> i come here a lot and it's always busy and always packed and there's always lot of people there. just kind of creepy to think about something like that could happen so close to where so many people live. >> reporter: according to court documents he used the company database to access female customers phone numbers. documents state he would send women pictures of his genitals. he sent pictures to five women over a 10-day span. none of the women could figure
3:45 am
out where those pictures were coming from. >> so rude, disgusting and i'm glad i wasn't up here to give my number out because if he would have text me it would have been a whole different -- i would have did a research, phone flip, yeah. >> that's exactly what the sixth woman did. according to court documents, on july 30th a woman went into the store to get her glasses f fixed. he took the glasses to the back of the store and moments later the woman got a text from a number she didn't know with a picture of male genitals. documents state the woman used search function to figure out who the number belonged to and notified police. customers who use the vision center say they really like the eye doctor and the services but they can't risk their privacy being invaded. >> my wife went there, also, and it kind of concerned me because, you know, because of what he was doing. >> that was catherine, reporting. >> the accusor admitted to sending at least one of those pictures.
3:46 am
well take look at this truck burning on an interstate in indiana making this whole thing even worse that truck is carrying bunch of cars. you can see just how bad it is as the person shooting this video drives past. still no word on what spark the fire but the good news no one was hurt. >> families mourning delta -- memorabilia the pictures, the flowers they put on their family members graves or gone but it wasn't a vandal swiping their precious momentos. it was the florida city where they live. fox's tina jenson explains the policy that has left families in tears. >> it's not here. it's not here. >> reporter: cemetery is meant to be a safe place for grief. raw emotion. a place to honor loved ones. but tuesday, raw emotion and outrage as families dogged through bins trying to find the items that had been used to honor the lives of those who have died. >> look at this. this is ridiculous.
3:47 am
>> reporter: kimberly booth couldn't find a windmill that was at her 16 month old son's grave. >> it's very damn disrespectful. this is so disgusting to our city. >> reporter: over the past few days, the city implement add new rule that says they're no longer allowed at grave sites at the forward immediate cemetery. >> the only comments i received from the constituents was citizens in town were to tackiness, not necessarily tack keysness over abundance of use of items. >> the mayor says crews were having a tough time maintaining the grounds and notices about the rule change were placed in the newspaper and in power bil bills. but many families said they knew nothing about it. >> when you go out there two to three times a week and nobody tells you something what do you expect? very disrespectful. heartbreaking to get the news that your son's stuff has been thrown like this.
3:48 am
>> her father died in december. she did receive a notice but thought six objects were okay. >> we had a small arrangement secured down in the ground until his headstone could be placed to honor him. >> reporter: she says that arrangement was tossed as well. >> i do believe that ft. meade cemetery needed to be cleaned, um, there were respectful ways to handle that. i don't think it was handled correctly. >> reporter: tina jenson, fox news. firefighters evacuate a seattle church and daycare center after a 911 call about some harsh smelling fumes. it turns out it was some body spray. authorities called in a hazmat team to fine source and well what was it, a can of ax inside a backpack. fortunately no one was hurt and crews obviously deemed the body spray as non hazardous and everyone was allowed back in. >> very interesting. well, a florida high school student battling leukemia is making sure his girlfriend has a prom to remember. >> this is such a heart warming
3:49 am
story. it all starts with his prom proposal. a 17-year-old from the orlando area hasn't been to school very much lately because all of his treatments and he and his girlfriend weren't sure what they were going to do about prom which is just right around the corner. so together with nurses he came up with a special plan to ask her to the dance. he dressed up like a doctor and he surprised her. >> she said yes. >> my mom had told her that i was getting ekg done. i was coming down here to get prepared for this. so when i was ready, the child live services called her down and i surprised her. >> and he said, i need your help coming up with a way to ask my girl friend to prom, and i was so excited. i was like jumping up and down. i can help with that. >> i got asked to prom basically. that was a big surprise. >> aww. >> right. >> in union any son. despite his illness he's a star football player at his high
3:50 am
school. he's committed to play at auburn university next year. >> wow that's fantastic. >> yup. howard eskin. >> i'm not a big auburn fan. >> no. you're a villanova fan. >> you know what, i'm a fan of everybody in town. >> that's right. >> all right. jeffrey lurie well he made it clear where howie roseman stands in the front office and on personnel. and howie now look at letting chip kelly have all the personnel control last year and the flyers were doing everything right until the final minute of the game. it was amazely what hapstrike to
3:51 am
[crowd cheers] ♪ strike three out two down out there two down [crowd cheers] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] [male announcer] sometimes, coming home can be a battle in itself. our wounded warriors need everyone's support to meet the challenges they face every day. the uso provides every american
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a way to support them and their families. it's how all of us, as a community, can give something back to our heroes. it's how we can say thank you and assure them that their sacrifice is recognized and appreciated by every one of us. what? it's good to be back. join us. visit to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our wounded warriors and their families. the uso. until every one comes home.
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♪ the flyers playing on the road in back in back game the play off push continues. the flyers have won nine of their last 12 but the flyers blew this one. let's go to columbus. all right. the flyers are up one to nothing. steve mason who had 51 safes in the game another one right there in the third period protect the one to nothing lead. the flyers were up two to nothing and columbus scores twice in the last minute and four seconds. here with eight seconds left. now they go to overtime. no score in the overtime and the flyers can't win in shootouts the goal of the shootout against mason.
3:54 am
the other goaltender. flyers lose it in the shootout three to two. nfl owner meetings still going on in boca rah tone, florida. a few rule proposals passed today but nothing significant yet. still some more to get a vote tomorrow but bigger news is jeffrey lurie meeting with the media. said team still wants to draft a quarterback probably in the late rounds but i'm sure it will be later and i'm pretty sure they'll get a quarterback but i also think he may clear that howie roseman is again running the show. >> what hare has been able to do is pretty outstanding in terms of a league that values, um, salary cap space and draft choices to be able to be able to make those trades, align our resources the way we preferred to move forward from there. really he's had a great plan. kept his nose to the griped stone and just kind of did the right things strategically. >> all right. lure row wasly asked to look back in retrospect did he make a mistake if giving chip kelly all
3:55 am
the power to make personnel decisions? >> i think it was a necessary way to go to find out if chip was the right guy. let him be response al for all the decisions he wanted to inject and make. no question i have it was the right way to dissect whether chip was going to be the right guy going forward or not. we disectioned it and decided that, you know, with all some of the great things he brought he wasn't the right person going forward, and it was helpful to have him be accountable for those decisions. it was an experiment. patriots coach belicheck acting like the jerk that he is. there was no need to push the microphones i was bay it's because he has total dislike for the media. did he not want to speak but required by the nfl so he acts like a child. the guy is a stone cold creep. how many remember boxer roy jones, jr.? he's done at 47 years old but he challenged any amateur and if they win they would take home a hundred to us san dollars. let's go to phoenix.
3:56 am
roy jones on the left. now, watch the punch that you will see coming up. bang. i mean -- he's just trying to steal a paycheck he gets paid for it brings in some loser. roy jones was done 10 years ago but i guess when you fight guys that can't fight everything is okay. >> they all got paid, right. >> there you go. >> i know. the other guy didn't get paid. he got knock out. >> he got a little. >> loser's fee. >> full hour of entertainment news is next with tmz followed by dish nation then tune into chasing news and the simpsons. >> first runner up and all. we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning new
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this is fox 29 morning news. thirty-four people killed during terror attacks in brussels. the search is on for who ever is responsible, the new information we just learned about two of the suspected attackers. that will terror attack in brussels is having big impact here at home, security measures in place to help keep us safe. breaking overnight one man gunned down in lawncrest fighting for his life this morning. now police are looking for two suspect. what they found near the victim that may help lead to arrests. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. thanks so much for joining us. sue serio? a warm up in store today, if i remember correctly? >> yes, already starting off a lot milder than we were yesterday at this time. so that puts us a little bit ahead of the game, part of what's responsible for that, cloud cover. remember, yesterday, was


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