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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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morning and temperatures all above freezing and in the case of mount pocono 44. 39 in lancaster and still chilly there and in allentown 40. pottstown 50 and wildwood and 50 in atlantic city as well. so we're only going up from here. it is a case where the winds are not a big issue and they're coming out of the southwest. now it's been very dry the past couple days and there has been some problems or at least few advisories about fire weather danger. you need to watch that because it's been breezy and dry the past couple days. once again, it is 10 out of 10 and we are look ago head to a high temperature of 07 degrees later on today. so, i think that is 10 worthy down the bob barnard. >> definitely 10 worthy let's have a party. cupcake worthy. there 5:00 straight up on wednesday morning. good morning, everybody, we're in good shape this morning given the schuylkill at 10 as far as travel times. no delays at all.
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and into or out of the city. curb side on the 42 freeway looking good as you work your way in towards philly and in south jersey, 295 south from the freeway to the delaware memorial bridge. we're in good shape. no problems currently on the pennsylvania turnpike from philly to ben sale tomorrow valley forge. if are you heading to the airport, i know dave is sapding by live down. there give yourself extra time. security is not only hear at the airport but on mass transit which is a good thing for everybody. mass transit, market frankford, broad street, the trains started rolling at 5:00. we're ready for the morning rush hour. 42, 55 no problems there if you work your way to the city. we'll slide over to the shore if you watch us at tom's river or lbi. a portion of atlantic city boulevard at butler blocked with a downed pole. princeton avenue would be the best bet. 95 from bucks count dwroy city looking good at the moment. but later today penndot will
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work between cottman avenue and bridge street 9 to 3. expect lane restrictions and delays after the morning rush hour. lauren, back over to you. >> all right. bob, karen, brussels one day later as the world watches to see what happens next. belgium broadcaster identified two attackers as brothers khalid and brahim el-bakraoui and you can see all three pictured here. two on the left are considered dead and they're serving for the man on the right side of the photo wearing lighter clothing. one day after the deadly terror attacks the crime scene still active. this is what the mall leak the mall back metro station looks like. the death toll is up to 34 people and isis is claiming responsibility for the terror attacks. and terrorists set off bombs
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two at brussels airport and one in the city subway and the president here, president barack obama, now ordering all american flags be flown at half staff. we want to show you live pictures now at a growing memorial in brussels. not exactly sure where this is located. but we do know that, of course, mourners coming to pay their respects to the victims in yesterday's deadly terror attacks. that number the death toll 34 could rise and right now that's the latest number we're gettin getting. in light of yesterday's terror attacks security at all time high all across the globe. back here at home measures already in place to ensure all of our safety. dave is live at philadelphia international with a live look at security measures happening there. hi, dave. . >> hi, lauren, good morning to you. there was not a lot of information that philadelphia international tweeted out yesterday when the brussels situation was unfolding but later in the day, they did tweet out that more uniformed police officers would be here. and that's what passengers,
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travelers are finding as they make their way out of the country here at the international terminal. and there is a state department travel warning issued for europe through june that also has people on edge. now bomb-sniffing dogs could be seen at 30th street station checking passengers looking to get on to trains. law enforcement officers were armed with high powered weapons as well as part of boosted security efforts and septa in full force, too, knowing attacks in brussels also targe targeted metro station in central part of city. now, some travelers we talked with were on edge. >> they can do the same thing there. this time they didn't go to security. they did it at the front of the airport. >> if you see something suspicious and the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, we want to know. >> little leery but business has to go on. >> a tragedy. my heart goes to the victims that died and the ones that survived i can't ma'am inthe
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trauma they must feel now. my heart and prayers go out to them. >> i was a little nerve whus a heard it on the news this morning. but, then you have to go on and dot things that you have to do: . >> it's crazy all this. >> back here at the international term nat at phl you may want to get here early if you are planning to travel. we know there are no flights to or from brussels expected until at least thursday. security high at airports all across the country and world as well, again, u.s. state department issuing travel warning concerning planned attacks. the advisory says planned attacks that could take place, the warning extending through june. back to you. >> all right. dave, we know that flight expected yesterday still stranded there until something else happens. thanks so muchch the world showing solidarity. on the left you can see new york world city trade center
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glowing in black, yellow and red the colors of belgium flag and in the center the empire state building wept dark for the victims and the eiffel tower in paris was lit in the colors of the belgium flag. >>@back here at home a little girl in a hospital after she tested positive for cocaine at the daycare she attends. live at children's hospital with more on how this happened, hi, steve. . >> well, they don't think she got it at the daycare. it's called early learning daycare. how about this? we'll have a new nickname early warning daycare. they have a terrific staffer there that somehow saw something wrong at breakfast time despite having to watch 15 little kids all eating and chewing at the same time between the ages of 1 and 9. but the 3-year-old she noticed was not chewing on cereal but something far more sinister. >> when a 3-year-old female was
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in the center and the center had not served breakfast to the children yet there was 15 kids in the center aging from 1 to 9 year olds. the employee of the business did an excellent job she saw the child chewing on something and immediately asked the child what she was chewing on reached into her mouth and pulled a glassine bag she recognized as crack and saw white residue and realized the rock inside the bag was missing and she took immediate action and put the kid in the car and ran the child to children's hospital and called the parents and notified them. it worked according to what they are taught in the programs they go through. >> all right. when it comes to the parents, they don't think she got the baggy of crack at the daycare center, maybe from some other little kid bringing it there. both police and department of human services now looking into the parents. one other reason why the little girl was kept at children's overnight not just for observation to make sure she's okay but to give police and dhs a chance to figure out who they
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release her to. they're not going to put her in an environment where she can pickp a baggy of crack cocaine and put it in her mouth with nobody realizing until a daycare worker did. the little girl will be okay not just because of the staff at the children's but the daycare worker at haverford daycare center. she deserves some kind of awar award. >> absolutely. >> developing news out of lawncrest a 27-year-old man shot in the back just after midnight on the 1100 block of rosily street he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. police tell fox 29 they found one shell casing there and what they believed to be marijuana near that man. authorities now searching for two suspects. >> a man and student in burlington county facing charges after police say they were busted trying to smuggle drugs into a school here's how they did it. 21-year-old brian perry walked into the main office at
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bordentown high school and claimed to be dropping off lunch for a senior students there. school administrators were suspicious and on the bag when perry left and inside a donut, six xanax pills in the center hole. parents praised school for foiling the plan. >> i'm impressed they noticed something and took the opportunity to look and saw what it was and stopped it from getting circulated both perry and the student arrested and now facing charges. >> sayreville police saying an off duty officer found snot a car took his own life. they found it in the parking lot of the old am boy theater sunday morning. he was in his own personal vehicle. >> the name of sanitation worker that died after falling off the back of garbage truck in delaware county is not released yet. sky fox over ridley park 4:30 afternoon. the worker was running behind the truck and apparently got
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into the truck blind spot when it turned down a side street and hit him. that 28-year-old was on the job in my opinion years. >> government shut down looming over a cash-strapped city and mayor supposed to hold a press conference about the plans. atlantic city asked for financial help from the state to avoid bankruptcy. governor chris christie saying the help is available but only through a complete state takeover of the city finances something atlantic county leaders say would hurt everyon everyone. on april 84:30 in the evening city hall and other non essential services will close and those employees will not get paid. but, departments like police and fire will still be up and running. >> what happens to meals on wheels and tax collections in atlantic city and what happens to the trash collection? >> most important is you know, making sure our city is safe. if that's what it takes i'll be here. >> atlantic city mayor done guardian will hold a press conference tomorrow 2 p.m. to discuss the plans for the shut
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down. >> in spring garden teachers crowded the philadelphia city district headquarters to learn more about onings. the school district recently announced teacher recruitment drive. superintendent is hoping to hire 800 new teachers by june. >> still ahead this morning results in for yesterday's primary races. we breakdown who is edging closer to winning their party's nomination. >> and a big win for popular sport. the move the state of new york made when it comes to mixed the move the state of new york made when it comes to mixed martial arts the centers for medicare and medicaid
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>> dog lovers it's your day it's national puppy day and not on the do we celebrate puppies but we help with adoptions throughout the country. this is my baby diamond. i'm looking up. we want to see your pictures as well. post them. facebook, twitter, instagram. you have to use the #fox29goodday so we can find the pictures. we saw rufus this last hour. >> diamond johnson is four pounds of fudge. >> she is. >> look at that face. >> i can't stand it. >> so cute. >> so, generally when we color
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code a weather map blue means cold and orange and red mean warm. look what's happening now. you saw it. we're turning warmer. i thought it would do something spectacular. it's not working out today. anyway, plenty of rain to the north and plenty of snow to the north. but nothing to worry about here on radar and in fact we don't expect any rain or anything else until friday morning and hopefully it will be combined to the morning. so there's a warm front that stuck to the north. because high pressure is blocking any weather system from getting here. it's keeping us mild today and tomorrow and two days in the 70s will be delightful the next couple days and even after the rain comes and cools us off a little bit it will still be pretty nice. 50 in wildwood now and atlantic city and here in philadelphia. now cool spot is allentown with 35. we have 39 in lancaster this morning. and looking pretty good. wind speeds 8 miles an hour out of the southwest.
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now our average high is 55. we've been below average at least through monday. yesterday we snuck above with 58 degrees. what we thought it would be, 70 today. mid 70s tomorrow and we may even get to lower 70s early in the day on friday before the cold air moves in at night after the rain. and then over the weekend it looks dry. we have rain in the forecast for monday. there was concern earlier in the week that rain might come late in the day on easter sunday. so far we're keeping it away from the holiday and it does look excellent sunday high of 65. >> love the smell of vinegar when you dye easter eggs it says easter to me bob kelly. >> yes and the wire thing in the box to dip the egg in to only do half of it. how long do you have to hold that? i would give up after a couple seconds and drop the whole thing in there.
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good morning, everybody, 5:16 coming up on 5:17 looking at the platt bridge. no problem or delays. kind of quiet this wednesday, hump day, a live look at 95 northeast no problem at all yet heading southbound from cottman to girard to center city. blue route looking good for the gang from st. david's and villanova and coming in on 422 overnight construction picked up and gone. we're good to go and ready for morning rush hour. if you head to philly international, dave, of course down there live at the international terminal all morning long. give yourself extra time for the extra security you encounter at the airport this morning. in warrington the wait limit that has been placed on the bridge over little neshimany creek they'll shut that stretch down in a couple days here and then you will have to follow the detour. just be prepared and pay attention to blinking signs there through warrington and routes 252 this project
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continues here off route 30 lancaster avenue there in the heart of paoli. and market frankford line and broad street subway running and trains good to go and we're running there with no reported delays. lauren, back to you. >> bob, thanks so much. former toronto mayor rob ford died the family said he lost his battle with cancer. ford's drug use and drinking marred his time in office. he had lude remarks about sex life and admission of using crack cocaine and kol abuse. they diagnosed him with cancer forcing him to withdrawal his bid for reelection for mayor. he ran instead for city council seat whipping in a land slide. >> hillary clinton inched closer to the democratic party nomination beating out sanders by 60% of the vote in arizona. sanders addressed supporters in calipari following his defeat despite the results, she still
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believes he has a chance of winning. >> when we began this campaign about ten months ago, we were 3% in the polls, about 70 points behind secretary clinto clinton. as of today, last poll that i saw, we are five points behind and we're gaining. >> excitement for him there. although sanders didn't come away with win in arizona he won the democratic presidential caucuses in utah and idaho. the race continues this saturday with three caucuses for the democrats in alaska, hawaii and washington state. as for gop candidates donald trump won the presidential primary in arizona and victory and in the winner take allstate boosted his efforts to win the party nomination before this summer's gop nomination. ted cruz wins presidential caucuss in utah and on pace to take all the state delegates
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finishing 50% of vote and ohio governor kasich didn't pick up any wins yesterday. >> chief of fbi los angeles office says it will take at least two weeks to know whether alternate method will unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino attackers. a hearing on the fbi demand for apple to unlock the phone was cancelled with the judge saying the government has until april 5 to file status report on tes testing and fbi officials say the government was ready to argue points at that hearing when a third party came forward with a possible alternate method. it appears mixed martial arts fights are coming back to the emtire state. state assembly in new york voted yesterday to legal lies the sport. it goes to the desk of andrew cumo who said he would sign that measure. new york is last remaining state in the u.s. to have a stayed wide ban against the sport. four, three, two, one, and
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liftoff of the atlas 5 rocket. >> an unmanned space craft on its way to international space station. this is video of the launch of the atlas v rocket leaving last night. it will deliver smiz and other cargo to awingts row nawts at the international space station and saturday and still ahead stocking shelves unofficial holiday expecting to make a lot of money on and robot on a mission. bringing stuff right to your feet. making sure it winds up in your hands. what the robot might do though if someone tries to snag off what the robot might do though if someone tries to snag off the and here are winning lottery numbers. good luck to you. don't forget this it was national puppy day and good
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morning to emmy and enzo this picture sent us from dotty and we want to see your pictures of your puppy post them "fox29" page and tweet them instagram your puppy post them "fox29" page and tweet them instagram them and use #fox29goodday.
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>> 5:24 in wake of yesterday's attacks in brutionlees wireless offering free calls and texts to customers. at&t specifically said it will
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credit land line and wireless customers for texts and calls from the u.s. to belgium from march 22 to march 28. verizon is offering free wir wireless calling for people in the u.s. and belgium and t-mobile customers can also make free calls from belgium. sprint customers will not have to pay for any voice calls or text mess amounts. candy company mars is starting to label their candy with labels produced with genetic engineering printed on back of anniversary bags an exitlees, life savers and wrigley gum. it is for those that contain genetically engineered ingredients starting july 1. >> if you take a drive to washington d.c. you may see something interesting whizzing past you it's a robot on wheels designed to make delivery it's comes from founders of skype. the robot, self-sufficient and
5:26 am
technology threats safely respond to traffic light and detect obstacle and has gps to notify police if it's stolen or damaged. d.c. is first city to test that robot. very cool. >> business owners in colorado working long hours the next couple weeks all to make sure they're ready for a huge day for sales. we're talking about the sales of marijuana and day april 20 or 4/20. marijuana has become a big money maker for businesss in colorado ever since legalized two years ago. local bakeries running on over time making pot infused cookies, candies, brownies, 4/201 like christmas for marijuana dispensaries. >> usually every 4/20 we have a line out the door before we on up and lasts until we close the door that day. >> business owners say one of the most important parts of 4/20 is educating customers and making sure those visiting the
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state understand the laws associated with smoking marijuana. >> still ahead this morning a search underway for those responsible for carrying out those deadly attacks in brussels. what we're now learning about brussels. what we're now learning about two of the alleged suspects
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>> this morning security ramped up around the world in the wake of brussels terror attacks. we speak live with a traveler at the airport about the measures in place back at home to ensure safety and little girl hospitalized for something she chewed on at her daycare and why police are involved in investigating. and good day everybody, wednesday, march 23, 2016 and week halfway over and good news the weather gets better today. right, sue? >> right a lot of kids are excited. even if you go to school it's shorter week for most kids would have off friday at the very least some thursday and friday and some all week long and philadelphia public schools are all week -- are off all week. we make bus stop buddy work no matter what. he needs to help you out. you don't see any mittens on him today. not even a hat. and a nice police or sweatshirt for this morning because it's not as cold and temperatures anywhere between 38 and 50. it depends where you are. you see on the map in a moment. clouds around this morning.
5:31 am
part of the reason we are not as cold. current temperatures, 50. 6:59 sunrise time and there's 39 degrees in lancaster and colder in allentown and we have 45 trenton and 50 atlantic city and wilmington, delaware with 46 degrees to get you started. and there are your winds. generally calm. out of the southwest that's key. we have changed wind direction and that means warmer air moving in from the southwest. we'll take. it here you go. with planner for the day, we have 54 by 9:00 with sunshine and a few clouds. sunny and breezy by noon, in the mid 60s and topping off at 70 today with the sunset time of 7:17. that's a look at wednesday but how long can we keep it going. we'll let you know in the 7 day forecast. bob kelly. >> everybody, 5:31 this werns morning we're off to live start on this hump day. a live look at the schuylkill
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headlights heading westbound to the pennsylvania turn pike and coming up on the area bridges looking good and looking live at the ben franklin. market frankford line. broad street, subway, trains moving for the morning rush hour without a delay. if you head to the airport this morning because of situation yesterday comes without saying expect heightened security. allow extra time. we'll get a live report from dave down at the international terminal at philly international terminal. no delays. and crews coming back south at 95 later this morning after the rush hour, 422 eastbound they're working near royersford and that's the long term project down to one lane as you come into 100 otherwise we're in good shape. warrington ready for the shut down of county line road. the weight limit on the bridge over little neshimany creek they'll make permanent repairs to that one and then 2:52 another project continues in
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the week chester country paoli. otherwise we're looking good on 95. no delays on mass transit. lawrp back to you. >> thank you so much. terror in brussels one day later all eyes on belgium as world watches and waits to see what happens next. this in belgium broadcaster identifies two attackers as brothers khalid and brahim el-bakraoui and the search is on for the other man that they think help pulled off the attack. they say he's the man wearing light colored clothing on right side of photo. as of right now the death toll is now up to at least 34 peopl people. isis claiming responsibility for the terror attacks. terrorists set off bombs yesterday at the brussels airport. two of them in the city subway. president obama ordering all american flags be flown at half staff. >> and right now you're taking a live look at a growing memorial there in brussels. you can see lots of mourners
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paying respects got victim. we know it's five hours ahead of our time here. it's about 10:30 in the morning there you can see lots of people gathered and it looks like they have flags down and candles and other melt owes to pay their respect those victims. . >> and in light of yesterday's terror attacks security is at all time high across the globe. back at home measures in place to ensure all our safety. dave is live at philadelphia international airport where paerms are speaking out this morning, hi, dave. >> we're here at the international terminal where there is enhanced security more uniformed officers here they promised yesterday and travelers like john hall from south philly going to cancun. tell me what you think about added security here. >> i don't mind added security i think it's a good idea because you know what's going on around the world you can never be too safe. a little inconvenience is a good thing if we're going to be
5:35 am
safe. >> you're not directly impacted by the travel warping issued by state department for travel to europe and we should say there's also security in place at 30th street station. our cameras were out there fin finding bomb-sniffing dogs out there and officers with hig high-powered weapons. it seems wherever you travel, by bus, train, plane, there's added security all around. what was the first you thought when you heard about what what happened in brussels. >> the first thing i thought was, how sorry i was for the families and you know i think something has to be done. we have to put a stop to all this terror and i don't know the solution. but i know something has to be done. >> we say go on living your life but be vigilant as well. >> you have to be alert. years ago you traveled and you did not think much of it. today you travel and you got to be alert. you have to be on the ball and know your surroundings. >> no doubt about that.
5:36 am
here philadelphia international there are no flights sketched to or from brussels at least until thursday and security does remain tight and again high inteng around the world security around the world boosted at airports globally. back to you. >> thank you so much for that perspective. we're following developing news lawncrest a 27-year-old man shot in the back after midnight on 1100 block rosea lee street he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. they found one shell casing and what they believed to be marijuana there to near that man. authorities are searching for two suspects. >> a little girl held at children's hospital this morning after police say she tested positive for cocaine. yesterday a worker at the child's daycare found the 3-year-old chewing on a baggy of drugs. the girl attends the early learning daycare on the 5200 block of haverford avenue west philadelphia. police now investigating how that child gotta hold of the
5:37 am
drugs. >> still ahead the flyers push for the playoff continues and they're doing everything right until final moments of game of what happened coming up in until final moments of game of what happened coming up in sports.
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>> good morning the flyers on the road in back-to-back game and playoff push continues. last night le blue it. columbus, they were up 2-0 with
5:40 am
a minute to go and 8 seconds left, 51 safes for mason the not there. nobody scores in over time. then in shootout only goal this against mason. bob rosci (phonetically) goal tender for columbus they win over flyers. nfl meeting today and eagles owner jeffery lurie spoke toda today. he made it clear who is in charge of all personnel for the eagles. >> what howie has been able to do is outstanding in terms of a league that values salary caps and draft choices to be able to be able to make those trades, align our resources the way we prefer to move forward from there. really he's had a great plan and kept his nose to the grind stone if you want to call it and dig the right thing strategically. >> that's sports in a minute. >> howie is the man again. next up, louisville fans ready to see the villanova wildcats
5:41 am
hit the hardwood. big crowd cheering on players back of pavilion yesterday the team boarding a bus for kentucky. for the sweet 16. players of course hoping for a win over miami thursday night. we want inova to make it to elite 8. plus i need a win for my bracket. come on, inova, let's go. 5:41. still to come touching nroments adele concert. the song the audience sang with her to pay tribute to brussels♪
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>> die app is jamming and sue is dancing and happy birthday brett eldredge turns 30 today. he was named new artist of the year. he'll make stops in our area the 26th at the pavilion. it's also perez celebrity block
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blogger birthday today. his blog perez known for celebrity gossip and pos posting tabloid photos. and today it's national puppy day. rick deet rick thanks for sending this in. his jack russel before she grew into her ears. use the #fox29goodday. we're getting cute pictures in, right? >> this will be fun. because of course more and more people will wake up over the next couple hours here that it's puppy day and send puppy pictures. we'll do fox thursday one day early. we'll go back-to-back 70s today and tomorrow. good friday, showers probably just in the morning and will we see sun on easter sunday. you know there's a lot of sunrise services on sunday morning. so, check it out.
5:46 am
we'll have the forecast in a second. did you know, a week from friday is first day of april. yeah. we're expecting temperatures to be above average for the month. right now, we're looking at rain and, yes, snow in canada. and northern vernon odom and new hampshire and for us nothing. there is a slight chance maybe up in the pocono mountains we can see a raindrops or two. not really a great chance of that happening and high pressure is in control today. keeping us mild for a change. we had a chilly start yesterday with temperatures in the 20s. but now we're taking a walk on the mild side. we don't have next chance of rain until friday because this system is still pretty far out to the west. that's the next one coming up our way. and that will cool us off a little bit. so we may not have the 70s for easter weekend but it will still be pretty nice. we have 50 in philadelphia right now. 44 mount pocono and 39 lancaster and 48 in wildwood. and wind speeds nothing alarming just out of the southwest, nice breeze 8 miles
5:47 am
an hour. average high 55 and yesterday we finally inched above average with high of 58. now we'll soar above with high of 70 today and 73 tomorrow and we tweak some of these numbers a little bit. we're thinking maybe mid 60s friday after the rain ends in the morning and then sunny and nice on saturday with a high of 58. still eggcelent sunday high of 53 and saving rain until monday. i don't think that looks bad at all, bob kelly. >> 5:47, going to be good nap weather today and tomorrow. ready for another puppy pick. i showed you charlie last time around. here's jackson. jackson is our lab, white lab next to charlie. so charlie is only 6 months ol old. he gives jackson a run for his money there as they run around. >> do they get along well. >> they get along great.
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yes. it's national puppy day. post your picks on facebook, twitter, instagram, use #fox29goodday so we can take your puppies and put them on tv all morning long. down the shore, toms river and long beach blocked near butler. use princeton as alternate. hello to conshohocken. this is a live look at the blue route 476 ridge past conce and past ikea. light volume so far this morning. starting to see some traffic vine expressway but no major accidents to speak of this time around. philly international, we heard from dave there at the international terminal give yourself extra time. everybody is being vigilant. make sure you're ready for the extra level of security and down there at the airport give yourself time to go through the security checkpoints, especially during the morning and evening rush hours there at the airport.
5:49 am
202, 422 looking good as you work your way to king of prussia and 95 okay at the moment out of north east and later on today if you travel midday chores or maybe appointments north and south on 95 between cottman and bridge street 9 to 3 and they'll be extra line restrictions all due to the penndot or crews, lauren back to you. >> all right. bob, thank you so much. results coming in this morning for three nominating contest held yesterday. hillary clinton inched closer to democratic party nomination beating out bernie sanders with about 60% of vote in arizona. although sanders didn't come away with win in arizona he did win democratic presidential caucuss in utah and idaho. the race to nomination continues on saturday with three caucuses for democrats in alaska. hawaii, and washington state. as for gop candidates donald trump wins republican presidential primary in arizon arizona. victory and winner take allstate boosts his efforts to
5:50 am
win party nomination before this summer's gop convention and ted cruz won republican presidential caucuss in utah on pace to take all of the state delegates by finishing with more than 50% of vote and ohio govrming nor john case sick he fell a little short not picking up any wins yesterday. >> a man shut down traffic after perching himself atop a tall tree in downtown seattle the man climbed 50 to 60 feet up and started stripping down. negotiators tried to get him to come down. well he reportedly refused to speak with anyone including police and starts throwing apples, orange peels and small branches down from the tree. this wept on for hours. he was also shouting requests for cigarettes and flipping people off below. really? okay. let's go to florida where a mom and gun activist shot by her 4-year-old son is
5:51 am
facing criminal charges. jamie guilt put a loaded gun under front seat of her car. it slid to her backseat and her son picked up the gun and it could mean up to 6 months in james if she's convicted. let's talk entertainment in morning in last night of 6th show torn in london. adele dedicated a song for those affected by the terror attack in brussels♪ ♪ this is make you feel my love♪ it's for brussels, adele saiden concerning those in the audience to sing with her and she also asked everyone to
5:52 am
switch on their phone lights in support. after the crowd sang along adele said i have never been so moved in my life at one of my shows. thank you very much for doing that. >> warner bros. moved forward with london premiere of "batman" versus superman dawp of justice last night despite the bombing in belgium. the stars met their fans on the red carpet in london despite cancellation of media interviews. warner brothers is working on how to coordinate with the european debut. and fox's hit tv show empire is back. march 30. you can watch the premiere of second half of the season in style by joining some of the fox 29 crew along with personalities from power 99. there's a big viewing party at harrah's casino head to the web site at so you can rsvp. you have until noon march 29 to make reservations. >> straight ahead, a high school student making sure his
5:53 am
girlfriend has a prom to remember. who he formulated a special plan with to ask her to the who he formulated a special plan with to ask her to the dance.
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5:56 am
sue will have more on -- many think it will be a ten today on the forecast. how about this let's go to florida. where a high school student battling leukemia is making sure his girlfriend haze prom to remember. it all starts with prom propos proposal. take shown manning 17-year-old from orlando has not been to school much lately because of treatments. he and girlfriend were not sure what they were going to do about prom which is right around the corner. together with nurses he came up with a special plan to ask her to dance. he dressed up like a doctor and surprised her. >> she said yes. >> my mom told her i was getting ekg done really i was coming down here to get prepared for this when i was ready the services kawd her down and i surprised her. >> he said, i need your help coming up with a way to ask my girlfriend to prom. and i was so excited. i was like jumping up and down.
5:57 am
i can help with that. >> i got asked to prom basically it was a big surpris surprise. >> despite his illness he's a star football player at his high school and he has has committed to play at auburn university next year. we wish him the best. next on good day. the search for those responsible for brussel terror attacks yesterday are underway this morning. pictures coming in and what we're learning about two of the pictures coming in and what we're learning about two of the suspected attackers. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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brothers blooul themselves up killing over 30 people. solid darty shown all around the worldch the world stands behind belgium aft terror attacks yesterday. >> this is police continuing to investigate the explosions that were killed dozens and injured hundreds in brussels and the one image helping piece together this deadly act. >> and how yesterday's attacks in europe could affect us here at home today. big time. good day, everybody, it's wednesday march 23, 2015 i know how to peck a vacation, ladies and gentlemen, i left when it was in the 80s and i return it's in the 70s. >> welcome back. >> what happened over the weekend while i was gone. >> got


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