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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  March 24, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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breaking overnight, two men shot several times in separate shoot, one deadly, what may lead to an arrest in one of the cases. and terror in brussels. all eyes on belgium two, days after deadly terror attacks. breaking this morning, new details about a possible second suspect involved in that attack at the train station. anarchs brutal beat-down posted on facebook is now circulating on people's time lines. what police want to know about the man taking swings at a teenager. good day everybody, it is thursday, march 24th, 2016ment we are almost at the weekend. and sue serio, if yesterday was good, today's even better. >> oh, yes. i think we will get a little milder today t all depends on when the clouds roll in. now, you see a few on our satellite picture right now, satellite radar, radar part is
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the precipitation, and that's up by lake erie right now. but once that rain starts to move in, we'll have clouds ahead of it. soap, we could even, it is a possibility, see a record high temperature today. but we're looking now, at the cloud cover, it will be a dry daylight hour. i don't think anything will happen rain wise until well after sunset. there we are, 51 degrees, not bad way to start a day in march, march 24th, relative humidity at 61%, sunrise time is 6:57 this morning. let's check some other temperatures. it is chill any mount pocono with 39 degrees. we're mid 40's to the north of us, it is 48 degrees in trenton, 50 atlantic city and wildwood and milder 55 down in dover. so we have winds that are variable right now, and they're mostly calm. no big deal. we think winds will pick up in advance of the cold front later on in the day. so high of 74 degrees. now the record for today was set in 1988 at 76 degrees.
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we have very good chance of at least tying that, depending on how long the sun hangs around. showers roll in overnight with a low of 56. we've got your easter weekend forecast just ahead, we've got your bob kelly right now. good morning. >> hey, good morning, everybody, 4:02, and happy thursday to you. here is a live look at some of the work crews that are still out from the overnight. this is i95 southbound, right near the route one interchange, up there, in bucks county. they got the cones down, the blinking arrows, again, construction crews, loving this kind of weather. so be aware. out on 95, out on 422, also, down there along 202, in west chester. the ben franklin bridge looking good as you come up and over into downtown, no problems on the bridges this morning. the broad street subway, the market frankford line, using shuttle buses until 5:00 as they typically do during the weekday, otherwise we're in good shape there. same deal with the airport as yesterday. allow some extra time to get through the tsa security
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checks. no delays as far as arrivals and departures, planes are taking off as scheduled. you need to give yourself the extra few minutes to allow for the security lines at both the airport and then also we saw some security checks yesterday at 30th street station. coming our way today, crews will be working at 34th and wharton, just off of the schuylkill expressway. they're also working today on 95, midday crews between 9:00 and 3:00 working between cottman avenue and bridge street, but otherwise good shape on 95, and no problems on the schuylkill expressway. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. 4:03 this morning, atlantic city on the brink of government shutdown. city off, work for bankruptcy meet to go discuss what's next for the shore towns. steve keeley live in trenton with more on what's happening today. hi, steve. >> reporter: what is happening is two news conferences, the first here at the state house, where you can see it is just plane old light bulbs, none of the flashing neon that you see down on the board walk in
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atlantic city, but the real nice, and the real gambling you could say, is coming out of this building, because it is the assembly speaker vincent creato having the first news conference at 1:00. and the question is is he going to sign the atlantic city tack-over bills as is without pushing to keep the union contracts down in atlantic city as-is. that's the holds up right now. he doesn't want to get rid of the collective bargaining and let the state suddenly say to the firefighters, crash collect, everybody in a union down there hey none of your contract are any good, do you have take massive pay cuts, massive layoffs, even do away with the fire department. the news conference comes from the mayor to further explain what's going to happen to that town when they shut most of the government down on april 8th. now, governor christie earlier this week was answering some questions about atlantic city situation and last night was going on a twitter rant with his staff saying he's not going to, quote, let atlantic
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city and permit the people of new jersey ton held responsible to have their pocketbooks picked again by atlantic city. >> the atlantic city government cost two to three times more to operate than any other municipal government in the state. two to three times more. the $25 million that you know the mayor, mayor guardian, runs around trumpeting, is a literal drop in the bucket to the hundreds of millions of dollars in debt that atlantic city is facing. they are absolutely incapable, unwilling, and inch capable of fixing this problem. >> while the people of atlantic city, and we're not just talking about the government leaders, but the people who live and work there, including one of the jitney drivers there, who goes on twitter with the handle jitney guy, points out this fact: atlantic city really served as an open atm unlimited cash withdrawal for the state of new jersey, and jitney guy tweeted last night that since atlantic city got
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some gambling, they funneled $21 billion, lauren, to the state of new jersey, and now here is the thank you they're getting in returning when they ask for a little loan compared to $21 billion. >> all right, steve keeley, thanks for the update. breaking overnight, two separate shootings lever one man dead, the other in the hospital. the deadly shooting happened just before 2:00 in the 100 block of indianna avenue. that's in the city's fairhill section. police say a man in his 40's died from multiple gunshot wounds. so far no arrest haves been made. >> in east germantown another man was rushed to the hospital after a shooting on chew avenue, and east locust street. this happened around 1:00 this morning, police tell fox 29 the man was shot several times in the stomach. no word on his condition or if any arrests have been made in that case. >> now it newark, delaware, some families are without a home this morning, apartment building caught fire just before 10:00 last night at the fox wood apartments. flames could be seen pouring from the second and third floors. this is the scene when firefighters got everything
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under control finally there. several apartments were heavily damaged, in that fair, to reports of any injuries this morning, and no word as to how that fire got started. >> breaking this morning, belgium and french media report a second suspect is believed to be involved in that brussels subway attack. this asbell jump authorities raid an apartment building in connection to the deadly attacks there. fox's jacky ibanez has more from new york. >> reporter: belgium authorities raid an explosive apartment in belgiums. tip from taxi driver related to the explosions at the airport led police to the apartment. frightening neighbors as they entered with guns. >> when the police opened the door, i was a little bit terrified. i felt pretty bad because they're wielding weapons. it was really terrifying. >> meantime students at st. louis institute in brussels mourning the loss of one of their fellow classmates. leo pole, second year law student, badly injured and later died. many of them are still worried about the possibility of
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another attack. >> i can't change my attitude. i want to attends to classes, i'm not afraid because terror is they want to get us to be afraid and that's the thing, and they will win if we are going to be afraid to go out from home. >> back here in the united states republican presidential candidate ted cruz has called for more police to monitor muslims in their neighborhoods. but hillary clinton condemned his plan, while calling the threat from terrorism urgent. >> it is wrong. it is counter productive. it is dangerous. >> world leaders are also stepping up their rhetoric for fighting terrorism. >> i offered israel assistance in our common battle against terrorism. i think the point of departure in the battle against terrorism is this: nothing justifies terrorism, absolutely nothing. >> there is still a level for terror alert in belgium, as authorities continue their investigation. in new york, jacky be and z,
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fox news. >> remember you can find the latest breaking developments on the bombing investigation on our website at >> a teenager becomes a victim after brutal beat-down and the beat something circulating on facebook. police in you searching for his attacker. dave kinchen at west depford at the police department this morning with more on this, hi, dave. >> lauren, west depford police are working closely on this, after this 52 second video clip has been viewed more than one and half million times on social media. take a look, one punch, then another punch, then another punch. and one of many blows to 15 year old boy, wrapped up on a couch, trying to save himself, reportedly from the attack of mixed martial arts fighter and fitness instructor from west depford. we are not showing the face of the attacker since he's not been identified. the man can be heard threatening the 15 year old victim and his 16 year old cousin there with him. and we've learned that the
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family of the teenager's actually say they know the man from a local gym, and had another person record this attack while it was taking place. people are reacting all across west depford, including a man who runs a mma gym and teaches anti-bullying and doubt that the man in the video is a professional fighter. >> what i saw in that video is typical of cowards. it is not typical of fighters. typically that personality she is away from a room like this, and then claims to be a fighter on the other end. what i saw isn't typical of any martial arts environment and then surely not the brazil qual jujitsu and martial arts i grew up in. >> that thing is a coward. >> we have a lot of crazy people in this world. >> don't move. don't move. >> facebook page has been set up asking for people to report any information about this person and possibly identify him and many people are also
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expressing their outrage on that page, as well. in the meantime, west depford police continue to monitor this including monitoring social media activity. back to you. >> dave kinchen, thank you so much. >> human remains found in north philadelphia now police searching for any answers in to this. they say yesterday officers were on bike patrol on the 3,000 block of north 17th street when they saw what they believed to be human remains, it was under a blue tarp in a trash filled lot. they searched through the garbage hoping to find any clues. police estimate the remains may have been there for over a year. investigators hope they will be able to determine the sex of the victim. >> the medical examiners office is doing a more thorough investigation, examining the remains to determine -- >> so scary, so close, a loft us we use this to go to appointments and everything. >> the search also turned up a woman's shoe, a skirt, and a cell phone. police have not yet found the head and other skeletal
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remains. >> new details this morning on a story we told you about yesterday. local day care worker sees little girl chews on a pack of crack. what police have ruled out about where that little girl got the cocaine. >> and who can't forget that record breaking snowstorm in january? now, there is help on the way, to dig out from some of those big bills.
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press obama, following
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january's massive snowstorm, the president ordered federal aid to supplement state and local recovery effort. that storm dumped more than 2 feet of snow on part of the commonwealth. hundreds of people were also stranded along 16-mile stretch of the pennsylvania turnpike, after a chain reaction crash. >> and sue, just looking at the video. >> wow. >> let's hope the snow is offer for this season, right? >> well, the memory seems distant now, especially since we had temperatures that were in the 70s yesterday, and we are expecting 70s again today. in fact, projected high of 74 degrees for today, the record for march 24th is 76 degrees. i think we have pretty good chance of at least tying that record because there is milder air moving in and it is displacing cold air. remember last week didn't we have some snow, yes, late last week, again, distant memory. something to look at on radar, no where where we are, but something to look at on radar, north of toronto, canada, then
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some freezing rain down in southern ontario there. but in western new york, it is just rain. now, by the time all of this gets here it, will definitely be rain, because we do expect, again, to be in the 70s today, but no rain on the radar right now. soap,'s we look at the future cast, we move into about 1:00 in the morning still dry, until the morning rush hour. those showers will probably stick around through the rest of the rush, we could even see a thunderstorm by about 10:00, 11:00 in the morning, it looks like by 2:00 the rain has moved to the shore and to southern delaware, as the colds front exits from west to east, it looks like the evening rush tomorrow may not be affected by the rain. models keep disagreeing on this, but this is the way we're going right now. speaking of right now, these are the temperatures if you are walking out the door right now, 51 degrees in philadelphia, 39 mount pocono, 55 degrees in dover, and it is
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50 in wildwood. we have winds that are calm in philadelphia, they're coming out of the northeast, the southwest, kind of changing around in advance of this cold front. but it is going to be a nice day. average high is now up to 56 degrees. we sure did exceed that yesterday with 73. and i think 74, 75, will be our high temperature today, maybe even tying the records of 76. 68 degrees tomorrow with those showers, mostly in the morning, and then as we head into the holiday weaken we've got saturday's high around 60 degrees, looks like a really lovely day on saturday, and sunday, as well, as we edge into the mid 60s, we save the rain, maybe some thunderstorms, for monday, mid 50's for tuesday after all of that happens, and then 61 degrees on wednesday. so, it looks like we're keeping it pretty nice for the holiday weekends, after we get rid of the rain tomorrow, bob kelly. >> that's right. i'm blount aunt lauren has moved the egg hunt to saturday for her house for all of the kids. they're very excited going to
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aunt lauren's house for the day, the whole day. 4:17, good morning, everybody, we zoom on in here. this is 422, between trooper and king of prussia. the westbound work crews still out there. there is the valley forge casino kind of give you an idea there locate or. so if you are leaving king of prussia headed west crews are still out there. bridge opening any minute now. talcony palmyra traffic still moving here. but they set for a bridge opening any minute. so if you are getting ready to grab your coffee, keys, head out the front door, i would head for the betsy ross bridge to avoid any potential delay. and if you are hungry as we are always hungry here in the morning, we got a thursday segment going for breakfast, to the rams diner on the campus of west chester university where the student eat 24/7, breakfast time, any time of the day. we will be out there, though, on high street from 9:00 to 10:00. come on by. if you're a student down there at west chester, have some coffee, breakfast, tv, then get to class, there so bring the kids by for little tv
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action later on. the 30 bypass out in downingtown, eastbound crews still working right near route 82. they're also still working on 295. when you come into new jersey, over the delaware memorial bridge, if you decide to go north on 295, the work crews are out there between exits one and exit number two. and the market frankford line, still using the shuttle buses until 5:00 this morning, same deal on the subway, and everything is operating there with no reported delays. lauren, back over to you. >> bob, thanks so much. right now philadelphia police trying to figure out how a toddler got a hole of crack cocaine and injected it while inside her west philadelphia day care. this happened tuesday, at the early learning day care, on haverford avenue. police say a day care worker noticed the three year old girl chewing on something. the day care owner says they didn't know what the substance was, but immediately took the child to chop. that's when tests revealed the child had ingested cocaine. >> i would never want any
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child to experience something like, that so my emotions are so big right now, not even concerned about the business, concerned about the child. >> the day care owner adds the mother of the child says her daughter's doing just fine, police do not believe that cocaine came from inside that day care center pennsylvania's nine month budget battle fine limb came to an end. he said he will not veto the latest package but not signing it either. governor wolf hoping for multi billion tax increase. >> but the legislature only gave him half what was hoping for. more than six and a half billion dollars package includes no new taxes and will take effect on monday. wolf will allow the bill to become law, but will not put his signature on it. >> once again the math doesn't workment the money it claims to provide really doesn't exist. in budget set not in balance. it has the kind of problems that have plagued past legislations in harrisburg. >> lawmakers on both sides of
4:21 am
the aisle agree. they've got a lot of work to do because the state still faces a $2 billion deficit. top honors for the city top cops who went above and beyond the line of duty. philadelphia police department honoring -- honoring 77 officers. among them, officers who made out standing arrests, and demonstrated extraordinary initiative and performance. student and staff at hatboro elementary school are losing their locks to make a difference. they're showing their support for a classmate battling leukemia. dozens of young ladies at blair mill elementary had at least 6 inches of their haircut yesterday, part of the locks for love program, raising awareness about cancer. the student want their second grade classmate kylie to know she is not alone in her fight. >> going through a rough time, and so like the hair that all of us cut off is probably going to go to her or other
4:22 am
people. >> stylist frost salon gave them new do's, they also are selling bracelets to help raise monday. >> i chip kelly speaking for the first time to the philadelphia media since his firing by the eagles. so was he caught off guard by it all? howard has the breakdown next in sports. but first, your winning lottery numbers.
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>> chip kelly took shots at howie roseman in a session when the nfc head coaches spoke in the morning, it was also the first time the philadelphia media had a chance to speak to kelly, since his firing. soap, does he ever figure out where it went wrong? >> not something saw coming. it is what it is. >> why do you think he fired you? >> we didn't win enough games. >> didn't win as more than you lost. >> didn't win enough games. shocking. chip kelly also added some stuff about howie roseman. i never really saw him so i don't know what he did on a
4:26 am
daily basis. also referring to the bad contract to demarco murray and byron maxwell. i have never negotiate add contract in my life. i had nothing to do with any of the contract. i wasn't the personnel guy in charge. ninety man roster but i didn't negotiate and say this guy gets that amount of money. tough shots. that's sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> final day of nfl owners meeting ended when big rule change for the game. one of the most important rule changes was vote in the after really bad situation last season. now, if a player commits two personal fouls in the same game, he will be ejected, in response to owed he will back ham actions when he head but the add player last season, next rule has to do with kick offers, touch back, kick-offs not brought out of the end zone will come back to the 25-yard line now rather than the 20-yard line. both rules are just one year experiments. >> now to basketball, sixers lose a game and in only the way the sixers can lose, there
4:27 am
were some technical issues for fans watching from home, that could only hear the game in the last few minutes, and then it suddenly came back on for this. >> let it go. wow. no way. the sixers up two points, with three seconds left, all they had to do was present denver from getting three-point shot off. but desperation heave from half court goes right in. the sixers lose again, they're now nine and 63 on the season. march madness, sweeping villanova fans, when the hawks are set to hit the court for the sweet 16. and hear the message their head coach has for his team.
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>> government proser down the shore, now who golf any christie says should take the blame. brutal beating, talking hard punches thrown at a teenager watch police want to know about the man taking those swings. >> terror in brussels, all eyes on belgium two days after deadly terror attacks there. breaking this new morning, new details about possible second suspect involved in the attack at that subway station.
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>> dad day everybody, it is thursday, march 24th, 2016. chris murphy has the day off. sue serio, finally spoke to him yesterday. >> how is he doing? >> all is well in california, as he's golfing and enjoying the pool. >> that's great. seeing his mom, right? yes, she out there, that's great. okay, well, you know what? i think there will be a lot of traveling going on the next couple of days. here is thursday, holiday weekend, for some spring break doesn't begin until friday, tomorrow. regardless, just have to be careful perhaps if you are going up toward buffalo. we see some freezing rain moving in there. but for us, it is dry, and we expect it to remain that way throughout the day, just few clouds around this morning, but i think we will start off with sunshine at the appointed time, 6:57 a.m. 51 degrees to start, not bad at all, two days ago we had winds chills in the 20's, so we will take this, it is 47 degrees in pottstown, 39 chilly mount pocono, and atlantic city it is ooh degrees, 46 degrees in wilmington, delaware.
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winds are generally calm. but we do expect winds to pick up today. so we will call it warm, windy today, not just because we like owe literation, by the middle of the day probably see wind gusts about 30 miles per hour out there. sunny and windy by lunchtime, then increasing clouds as the day goes on, still see enough sun, but the timing of this cloud cover, as to whether we will get into the 70s, and get to our record, which is 76 degrees, but we will go with 74 for now. sunset time, 7:18. there is your thursday, weekend's almost here, bob kelly. >> beautiful yesterday, another good one today. cooked out on the deck for the first time, fired up that grill. wasn't sure if i had enough gas in the propane tank. >> well, you had a big enough steak on that grill. >> got it down at the reading terminal yesterday. man, that fed -- i'll be eat that steak for the rest of the week. good morning, 4:32, still working out on 422. this is a live look, the penndot crews working, westbound, 422, here is the valley forge casino, just to
4:33 am
gave you a idea. so if you are leaving king of prussia headed westbound, down to only one lane. they're not bothering anybody. but just be ready to hit the brakes as go on by. we're waiting, i don't know where he is, the ship supposed to hit the talcony palmyra here around 4:10, mia. i think it stopped for a cup of coffee at the wissinoming yacht club. but any minute now ready for bridge opening, head for the betsy ross if you are headed out the door right now. later today they're working at 34th and wharton, keep that in mind, into and out of the neighborhood, market frankford, broad street subway lines, using the shuttle buses, until 5:00 as they typically do during the week if you are flying out of philadelphia today, great day to fly, i don't think we'll have any delays in the air. but give yourself extra time, to get through the tsa security checks. the planes yesterday, they're taking off on the regularly scheduled time. you need to give yourself few extra minutes to go through the security checks, there is also increased security yesterday, at 30th street station. it is practice. we are talking practice today,
4:34 am
ncaa basketball tournament, at the wells fargo sentiment all of the teams that will be playing over the weaken will be down there today starting at noon, each one has a certain practice time. so, you'll see some volume exiting the 95 and the south philadelphia interchanges therefore the stadium area. lauren, back to you. >> at plan particular city on the brink of government shutdown. city officials work to avoid bankruptcy. later today, two meetings to discuss the future of that shore town. one of those meeting in trenton where steve keeley joins us live this morning. hi, steve. >> reporter: lauren, we have potential shutdown looming in atlantic city, and a big showdown looming here at the state house between the leader of the assembly, the larger of the two legislative houses, versus the leader of the senate and the governor, despite being democrat and republican, they are own the same team when it comes to atlantic city. and we will hear the assembly leader side today in a 1:00 news conference, he's up
4:35 am
on the second floor of the state house here, and that's where his office is. that's where his news conference will be at 1:00. now, last night, governor christie tweeted vincent preate owe, the assembly heat leader, special special interest politics refuses to act on the atlantic city take over bills. if he doesn't that means atlantic city runs out of money and the blame goes to vincent exclusively. what he means by special interest is, vincent's problem with the two take-over bills is this: if the state takes over the atlantic city government, they can do away with all of the employee contracts, and change the deal for the police recalling for the fire department, for the public works guys, for everybody, and the collective bargaining thing is something very important to vincent prieto and the democratic party here in new jersey. unions have been fighting the governor since he walked into the office here way back at the start of his first term. and that's what vincent
4:36 am
prieto's problem; and that's what he will likely explain today when he answers the governor's tweets and a lot of reporter's questions. >> all right, we'll have wait and see what happens. >> reporter: so look, you got it. >> thanks, steve keeley. >> let's go to belgium now, memorials are popping up all over including a huge one in brussels. the city fell silent last night as thousands lit candles, prayed, left flowers in remembrance of the 34 people killed in tuesday's attacks. and, this just in, belgium and french media report a second suspect is believed to be involved in that subway attack. meanwhile, officials are confirming one of the suicide bombers was the man who made the bombs used in the paris terror attacks last year. investigators say, he's one of five suicide bombers in tuesday's deadly attacks. two of them were brothers. authorities say several people possibly detecting to the blast are still on the run this morning. one of them is the man in a light colored jacket that is seen in in a surveillance
4:37 am
video with the two suicide bombers at the airport. isis is taking responsibility for the deadly blast. remember, you can find the latest breaking developments on the bombing investigation on our website that's fox >> breaking overnight, back here at home two, separate the shoeings lever one man dead, the other in the hospital. the deadly shooting happened just before 2:00 this morning, 100 block every indianna avenue. that's in the city's fair hills section. police say a man in his 40's died from multiple gunshot wound. police say, at least 13 shots were fired in the shooting, by a semiautomatic weapon leading police to believe the man was the intended target. so far no arrests. in east germantown, another man was rushed to the hospital after a shooting on chew avenue and east locust street. >> this happened around 1:00 this morning, police tell fox 29 the man was shot four times in the stomach and chest. the victim currently in critical condition at einstein hospital. officials say the shooter got a which in blue four-door hyundai.
4:38 am
a facebook post ending in a police investigation. the hard punches now have officials want to go talk to the man who was taking those swings.
4:39 am
4:40 am
>> dave kinchen live in west depford at the police department with more on this beating investigation. good morning, dave. >> reporter: good morning to you. this is 52 second clip viewed more than 1 million a half
4:41 am
times on social media. west depford police are now on the case taking a close look at it. several times over trying to figure out the identity of the attacker. here as you take a look at the video, punch to the face is just one of many blows to 15 year old boy, curl up on a couch, trying to save himself reportedly from the attack after mixed martial arts fighter and fitness instructor from west depford. we are not showing his face since he's not been identified. the man can be heard threatening his 15 year old victim and the 16 year old cousin of the victim there with him. the family knows that the teenagers know the man from a local gym and had another person record the video while it was taking place. people are reacting all across west depford including a man who runs a mma gym, teaches anti-bullying and doubts the man in the video is a professional fighter. >> the opposite whatever we preach, which is what makes mow say the likelihood of him being a professional fighter
4:42 am
or actual marshall artsies probably low. the amount of discipline and respect involved in the art would, in my opinion, negate that, a lot of that, mentality before someone got to the level where they were able to fight. >> that justice cusses me, and that thing is a coward. >> well, says the attacker in the video and the facebook page has been posted asking for information about the man, comment posted like he needs the same done to him. this isn't bullying. this is assault, and it is a crime. meanwhile west depford police department continues to investigate. back to you. >> all right, dave, see what happens. >> it seems tinder making a switch from just date to go now politics, how the dating app can help you decide on your presidential pick.
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chevy. the most awarded car company two years in a row. wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? current qualified gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for around $179 per month. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. 4:45, big gain for villanova, they take on miami in louisville in the sweet 16. head coach j. wright gave the players one big message. >> have no fear in losing as well as we go and try to play villanova basketball for 40 minutes, then whatever the end result is we will be satisfied with it. worse case scenario, we can handle this, so let's move on, let's just play basketball. let's not play, you know, get out the second rounds. >> if we didn't get to the sweet 16, we already did that before, now it is a different
4:46 am
challenge, i think, getting it out of our mind, just focus on playing villanova basketball, keep it 50 feet. >> i like the confidence, nova tips off with the hurricanes tonight at 7:10. if they win, they will advance to the elite eight and take on the winner of the kansas and maryland match up. that game would be on saturday night. sue serio, so, hoping for big win to continue to cheer for the local team. >> fingers crossed, yes, always fun to have somebody local to cheer for. but what i'm trying to figure out, is this a hollow bunny or solid chocolate bunny watch are your guesses in. >> hollow. >> i wish i could take a bite and find out. hollow or solid, it is coming if you're good and the easter bunny bridges you something on sunday with mostly sunny skies, should be at about 65 degrees, so that's looking ahead. mild air in place, we have the stationary front, casino of weak, but will give us some clouds cover whether we get to
4:47 am
high temperature today, cold front coming through late tonight, into tomorrow, that's going to bryn us the rain that's going to make us cooler >> looking at freezing rain up to the north, snow to the north that far, none coming our way, by the time we get precipitation it will be in the form of rain for now and the rest of the day count on dry weather. don't need umbrella until late late tonight or tomorrow. we've got some showers around tomorrow. so i think the morning rush will be affected by this rain. >> computer models, how long the rain would hang around, looks through the early afternoon at the latest.
4:48 am
>> mid 40's in wilmington, lancaster, reading and winds not an issue this morning, at all. now up to 56, for our average high. >> weaver a chance every go g close, depend on cloud cover later on, looks like it will be windy today. winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour later this afternoon, wind not issue, but later specially after sunrise we may see the breezes pick up. that's okay when it is in the mid seven 70s. holding offer showers and thunderstorms, until monday. bob kelly? >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, 4:48 on this holy thursday. live look at the talcony palmyra bridge, where we finally just got traffic stopped here that freighter coming northbound, so probably stopped at the fishtown yacht
4:49 am
club. >> valley forge casino here, westbound lanes, 422 whole slew of the penndot crews out there. this is the overnight construction, just running little late. most volume at this hour is actually headed eastbound. but just be aware that when the crews are out there, and they're active, the speeds get knocked down to 20-mile an hour, so just take your time if you are headed west, leaving king of prussia. accident, down in delaware, route 896, the southbound side at route 40, police are on the scene there. later today crews are coming to 34th and wharton, with some local detours. still using buses on both the broad street subway and market frankford line. that's until 5:00. then the trains start to roll. good shape on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> westbound no delays, east
4:50 am
on 422 looking goodment then also later on this morning, right after the rush hour. >> be prepared for extra brake tap on i95, lauren, back over to you. >> president obama shows off his dance moves during state dinner argentina after pair of tango dancer perform for the president. he figured, hey, i'll give it a shot. taking on the tango with a argentinian dancer, the president thereto meet with their president. the two discussing ways to strengthen ties between the us and south america's third largest economy. we didn't get to see many of the moves, but he's got some. get this, tinder playing more than cupid these days, the dating app stepping into politics hoping to match you up with a presidential candidate. this all launched yesterday, it is called, swipe the vote.
4:51 am
app asks those still undecided, what they think about same sex marriage. legalizing march juan, a the death penalty, and much more. it will then users which candidates most closely match up with their views. users can also read the candidate bio's, tinder hoping this will attract millennial users to the vote the boot, even link to register vote included in the app that can be completed on line in most state. >> climate change could affect long-term wine production, new study shows periods of drought usually good, but scientists say now that it is becoming more unusually warm, more often, harvest timing and required moisture becoming disconnected, this means, some vinyards, could have to change locations which means grapes may not grow properly in new environments. they are having empire withdrawals, they try to bribe me to tell them what's happening next on twitter, they can't wait. their wednesdays aren't the
4:52 am
same. they need their cookie fix. >> oh, taraji dishing the dirt about what you can expect when empire returns next week, and she is dropping some hints as to all of the drama that may help when the lions' family returns to tv.
4:53 am
4:54 am
4:55 am
it the rapper also known as spice dog, has died. >> ♪ >> he was co-founder of the group and helped shape the sound of 1990 hip hop. it brought socially conscious rap into the main stream, his family said he died on tuesday as a result of complications from diabetes. he was only 45 years old. >> you can add author to the list of accomplishment for kevin heart, writing memoir about his experiences cents growing up, and early failures as a comedian that helped fuel his now prolific career. book will be called from the heart. it is scheduled for release sometime next year. heart made the announcement of
4:56 am
his new book with a little humor, joking his kids now know he is a big deal because he will have a book to prove it. >> we are closer to the return of fox's hit show empire. the show's start golden globe taraji, fab justly plays the role of cookie talking about what fans can expect when the show returns. >> well, first thing first, we have to get our company back. so we have to start there. and we have to be very strategic about it. that's all i can share about that. let's see what else. somebody is getting married. and i hear rumors, somebody's dying. i don't know. i guess people die when you're trying to build an empire, or keep it. >> what? fox's hit tv show returns on tv on march 30th. you can watch the premiere of the second half of the season in style joining some of the fox 29 crew, along with power 99 personalities for the viewing party at harrah's casino. head over to our website to rsvp. you have until noon march 29th to make your
4:57 am
reservations. nike loses a major deal with one of the nba's top players. set curry jumped brands from nicki to underarmer. who he says helped him make the decision to just do it.
4:58 am
4:59 am
atlantic city down on its luck and facing a government
5:00 am
shutdown. what they're doing to try to avoid bankruptcy. beat down posted on social media making its rounds. what police want to know about the man taking swings at a teenager. brussels continues to mourn in the week of tuesday's terror attacks. new information just in this morning watch we are learning about the suspected attackers. good day everybody, it is thursday, march 24th, 2016. sue serio, we have good news in the weather department, and i like what i see. >> yes, now that we've had one, ten, we'll get greedy and ask for another. will it happen? of course. rain late, late tonight into tomorrow morning, in the form of freezing rain, snow, up to the north of us, but with temperatures forecasted to be in the 70s today, all we're going to get is rain. we've just got some clouds around right now, ooh degrees, and 3-mile per hour winds, 6:57 the time of sunrise,


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