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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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concerned. plus a woman targeted in a vulnerable moment at an atm. >> i think it was just opportunity that here i was the older -- the old lady. >> police say a thief didn't threaten her but what he did say got her to step aside. how he allegedly stole hundreds of dollars. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. ♪ right now at 5:00 a ticking clock and rising anxiety as atlantic city approaches a financial cliff. finger pointing between elected officials is heating up big time. meanwhile the people who live and work in and visit the troubled city just want to know what's happening to their lives. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page. several of those officials have a lot to say. so let's get straight out to bruce gordon live for us in atlantic city tonight. bruce, fill us in. >> reporter: yeah, ladies, complicated political squabble kind of essentially boiled down to this much atlantic city needs
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money from the state and lots of it. governor christie says you want the money, agree to a state takeover so we can do what's necessary to clean up the mess. the city says nothing doing and stuck in the middle of all of this, those who live and work here. bright sunshine bright spring crowds to the atlantic city boardwalk on this day. but residents and visitors alike know there is a fiscal storm cloud rolling in. >> when i saw several employees working on the boardwalk i mean you have to feel some compassion for these folks. so that's the bottom line. >> reporter: atlantic city's be lee gird mayor stood in front of a packed city hall news conference to deliver the bad news in stark terms. >> we will run out of money and it will be on eight april. we will actually run out of the money. >> reporter: don guardian is assuring residents that search services will remain in place. >> what you're going to see the streets will be clean and the trash is going to be picked up, and the police are going to be in full service. all over the city and the fire department will get stand ready
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whether you need emergency services or you need narcan or your us house is burning. >> reporter: those search workers will not be paid until the city receives its next tax receipts in early may. the mayor says discussions are now underway to try and keep non-search services running as well. >> can employees volunteer to work without being paid? can people volunteer for other services? can non-city people volunteer and work? and that's what we're going through. >> reporter: city officials insist they have tightened belts and cut expenses to try and balance their budget. they blame governor christie for turning his back on their city. >> he's more concerned about being a celebrity groupy for donald trump than serving the citizens of the atlantic city and making sure that this situation could have been avoided. >> reporter: governor christie for his part repeatedly says the city has not done nearly enough to tighten its belt and get its financial house in order. would while this standoff continue the mayor and city council and his entire
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administration really doing everything they can to assure residents here and those city workers who would be impacted that this shut down would have a small impact as they can possibly make it. dawn? >> all right, bruce, thank you. new details coming to light tonight about the brussels attackers. tuesday's bombings left at least 31 people dead and 270 injured. belgium officials have revealed a concrete link to last year's paris attacks. and there are fresh questions over why authorities could not stop this siege from happening in the first place. fox's greg palkot in brussels with the latest. >> reporter: emotions high at a memorial to the victims in central brussels. people gathering to hold a moment of silence in their man. the king and queen joining the prime minister for a wreath laying at the parliament building. >> the liberty of daily life was slaughtered. that same liberty is at the foundation of our democracy, our desire to live together in harmony. >> reporter: authorities on the hunt for air third airport
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attacker man scene wearing a hat and light coat in this surveillance photo. local media here report a second subway attacker may also be on the run. >> the government and the competent authorities will do their utmost to shed light on both these attacks and all. >> reporter: prosecutors say subway bomber khalid el-bakraoui rent add house used by attackers in paris another link to last notify's deadly siege. turkish officials say his brother brahim blue himself at the airport was caught last june and deported to the netherlands. notified by dutch authorities he was a terrorist fighter but he was set free due to a lack of evidence. prime minister and the inner cab bet requested that i stay on given the current situation that in a war situation you cannot leave the feel. >> reporter: the airport won't be opening until at least monday. in brussels, greg palkot, fox
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news. one man is in the hospital after an industrial accident in the city's wissonoming section. skyfox over the new man papery cycling plant on tacony street. this is about noon today. according to reports 35-year-old man somehow got his leg pinned under a large bail of paper. met medics took him to the hospital where he's in stable condition. we have not yet been told if that man is a worker at the plant. to developing story out of delaware. a music teacher from a school district faces charges of sexual as saw police say the 13-year-old boy's mother discovered nude pictures and immediately alerted that district. that set off two-month investigation by police. fox 29's jennifer joyce is live in middletown now with more on what's going on. jennifer? >> reporter: lucy, good evening. well parents here at the school tell us they're concerned school leaders and the police are concerned as well because nicole vet rosa taught at the elementary and the middle school levels and she gave private lessons to students in the community. tonight she is behind bars.
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>> makes me sick to my stomach. >> reporter: parents of students at everett elementary school are disgusted and concerned to hear that former music teacher 32-year-old nicole vet rosa was charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old male student. >> it's a shame. it really is. when we first heard the news, that's not where my mind went. >> i have 14-year-old boy and i would hurt someone if they did that. >> reporter: parents were alert to do her misconduct in january. they knew she was put on leave but didn't know why until word spread yesterday of her arrest. police allege the music teacher who started at the school district last fall began having a relationship with a middle school student in december. police say the child's mother found sexually explicit videos and images of the teacher on her son's phone and reported it to police. >> it is upsetting to hear that especially when we trying to,
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you know, teach our kids what is right. >> reporter: no one answered the door at her mom's newark home. one parent toll us off camera that she wish the district explained the details of the allegations when the investigation launched in january. others say they appreciate the fact that the district immediately remove the teacher from the classroom months before criminal charges were filed. >> i think the school handled it well the district handled it well. and the school district sent a letter home to parents saying that students safety is a top priority. they also urged anyone with any information about this to call delaware state police. dawn? >> all right, jenny, thank you. another beautiful day in your fox 29 weather authority. here's a live look a at philadelphia international airport. clear skies, mild temperatures enjoy it though tomorrow could be a much different scene let's check in now with meteorologist kathy orr as we look out at the studios, kathy, sunny skies. >> yeah, it's beautiful but we had a pesky easterly wind and
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that held temperatures down a little bit but we still had plenty of sunshine. wilmington made it to 70. temperatures still on the rise in reading at 69 degrees. philadelphia 68. pottstown 64. atlantic city 63. earlier today down in the 50s already with on shore flow. that sea breeze in montgomery holly it is 62. that is the high for the day. as you look at the temperatures, cooling down in the poconos to 55 but that's still pretty mild for this time of year. 71 in millville and 66 in the wild woods. it won't be long now. as we look at the forecast for the evening, breezy, 68. by 7:00 p.m. some clouds at 9:00 p.m. but still mild at 11:00 with a temperature of 62 degrees. the winds are going to pick up again ahead of a cold front. we do expect dry conditions overnight. but tomorrow morning, these rain showers will begin to move in. so coming up in the seven day forecast, we'll time the rain in and out of the delaware valley as you start your easter holiday weekend. we'll have the easter forecast and of course i'll show when you it will be turning cooler again. you need those winter coats?
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the answer in the seven day. >> i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> talk to you then kathy. >> breaking news comedian gary handling has died at the hospital. he was not known to be suffering from any type of illness source connected to handling told tmz he was healthy and speaking tis morning. he's best known for his work on the larry sanders show. we'll continue to follow the story and bring you more as it warrants. >> police philadelphia police tracking a person who shot and killed a man in fair hill. it happened around 1:30 this morning on the 100 block of east indiana avenue. police say the gunman fired off at least 13 shots from a semi-automatic weapon the man shot died at temple hospital. know anything about this give police a call. authorities in gloucester county, new jersey, say it could be several days before any charges are filed after a very disturbing video of a teen being beaten wept viral online. have you yo has been viewed millions of times and it shows an unidentified 15-year-old boy
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curled up on a couch trying to protect himself from someone who is reportedly a mixed martial artarts fighter pump link him. police have not released his identity but they have have been in touch with both the victim and the man apparently throwing these punches. authorities say they will conduct more interviews after the holiday weekend. make sure you have some cash on you if you're planning to park in philadelphia any time soon. the parking authority just announcing it's having problems with the wireless transmission credit cart car payments. when you do to park gone to the kiosks to pay, you have to use cash or coins. you can also use the phone app meter up. no word on when the problems will be corrected. republican presidential candidate governor john kasich is betting big on pennsylvania and something just happened that would make drum app little less confidence about his plans here. plus something to think about the neck time you use an atm. police are warning about a scam that could be targeting older people. what investigators say the thief says to his victims as he preys
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on their kindness. two new homeowners their dream homes are falling apart. they are incredibly upset. so upset they put up a banner a really big one to let everyone know. fox 29 investigates who is to blame. >> coming up tonight at 6:00 this surveillance video may seem to just show a sunny quiet day, but there's something happening up above that's about to create a chaotic scene. ♪
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♪ an apartment fire in wilmington, delaware, is ruled accidental. fire crews responding to the
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flames at the foxwood apartments just after 9:00 o'clock last night. they encountered heavy fire and smoke in the back of the building. a fire marshal's investigation revealing it was started by a candle in a second floor apartment. at least 16 people are without a place to live and damage is estimated at $100,000. delaware state police have sided a tractor trailer driver after morning crash in newark. it happened just before 4:30 at the intersection of route 896 and u.s. route 40. police say sketchier alvarez rear ended another tractor trailer in front of sending both trucks skidding nearly 700 feet through the intersection. alvar less faces charges of attentive driving and he had no proof of insurance on hill. no one is seriously injured. former nfl player kevin turner died after a long battle with als his father sharing the news on his facebook page. the 46-year-old played for the patriots and the eagles during his eight year career. he was a plaintiff in a concussion lawsuit against the nfl turner believed his als was
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tied to years of playing football. pennsylvania now has access to federal money to help recover from the historic blizzard of 2016. president obama signing a disaster declaration for the state. eligible local governments and some non-profits will have the option of obtaining some of the funds to repair damages left by that big january storm. storm blanketed parts of it state in more than 2 feet of snow and left hundreds of people stranded along part of the pennsylvania turnpike. you decide tonight pennsylvania april 26th presidential primary the republican one is beginning to heat up in a very big way. new franklin and marshall poll shows donald trump leading the way but ohio governor john kasich closing the gap. drum many leads kasich by 3% points. in february trump led by seven points. now kasich kicked off his pennsylvania campaign on march 16th with a town hall at villanova. kasich victory in the commonwealth would dent trump's hopes of winning the gop nomination out right at the
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republican national convention this summer. meanwhile, they have been going and going and going but before the presidential candidates break for the easter holiday a few are squeezing out some last minute campaigning. fox's joel waldman in washington, d.c. with that. >> reporter: hillary clinton spending her last day on the campaign trail before good friday and easter sunday fundraising in los angeles. the democratic frontrunner slowly pivoting her attention to the republicans and the general election. she has to go after trump. if she's not on the tack people will hold her responsible for the destruction for all the damage that's happened. >> reporter: new national bloomberg politic poll shows the former secretary of state is it a tis klee tied with rival bernie sanders despite the vermont senator trailing big in the delegate count. still sanders remains undeterr undeterred. >> when we stand together and are prepared to have a vision and are prepared to fight there
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is nothing we cannot accomplish. >> reporter: ted cruz makes a last minute stop in wisconsin late in the day ahead of next week's primary there. the texas senator working to extinguish a twitter tussle with leader donald trump who threatened to spill the beans on cruz wife. today trump retweeted this image cruz fighting back on social media with tweet of his own. donald real men don't attack women. your wife is lovely and heidi is the love of my life. some of cruz's former opponents in contrast are the political watchers say he's building gop momentum. >> while we're,, what we're seeing ted cruz get a good bit of the support from the candidates who are no longer there. >> in reaction former presidential candidate and senator land say graham jokingly said it's a great year to be single saying that much much bigger issues to be fighting about. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. ♪
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big night ahead fort villanova wildcats as they play in the sweet 16 of the inform caa tournament. tonight they take on miami the hurricanes in louisville, ken can't. howard he is skin in the newsroom with more on the wildcats. howard? >> now these ncaa tournament games become real for villanova. the teams nova played where nowhere at the level of tonight's opponent not even close. the opponent tonight as you mention sad third seed miami played in a tough conference finishing third in the acc. this may be the second toughest opponent that villanova has played this season behind virginia. also, in the acc. the atlantic coast conference actuaactually has six teams remg in the sweet 16. they play for both teams and they are really so much alike. >> it makes eight little easier to prepare in terms of the work you have to do, because we do -- we have a lot of similar philosophies. so when you're practicing, the
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second team can run the offense easily they know what they're doing, where it becomes different we can't simulate the size and athletecism. it will be interesting when you get to the game are we prepared for the plays and does the size and athletecism smack us in the face when you feel it and see it live? >> i would say it would be a good idea they be prepared for the plays. we will have more from villanova and the shot that keeps the 76ers in the hunt for setting another nba record. not a good one. that's all coming up in sports. all right, howard, thank y you. an easter bunny siting today in chester, delaware county. more than a hundred little ones taking part in easter egg hunts on the widener university camp campus. more than a thousand eggs up for grabs here. so cute. the annual event is sponsored by the university's child development center and a chance for the university community to engage with its neighbors and picture perfect day for it all.
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>> dog disappeared in brooklyn years ago but then reappeared hundreds of miles a way. what a handsome guy. where he was and the split second decision that made it possible to finally find him. aww. he's charged with shooting former congresswoman gaff gabbie giffords at first it seemed like jared lautner might be suing her. there are big questions tonight about what's actually going on here. >> attention kitty lovers. your pets could be making you angry. but not because she's making a mess oar lot of noise. the effects cats could have have i don't know your brain that's changing your personality.
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i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by tom wolf, ed rendell and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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>> lawsuit filed in the name of the man who shot former u.s. congresswoman gabbie giffords is bogus. so says the us attorney's office in arizona. you got to folly the bouncing ball. the suit originated in philadelphia had a postmark from philadelphia on it. it claimed convicted killer jared loughner was seeking
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$25 million for emotional and psychological distress but the arizona u.s. attorney' office states his attorneys say their client did not file more authorize a lawsuit. spokesperson forgive forwards has not commented. the former president of serbia now stands convicted of genocide. united nations court found him guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity for leading the campaign of terror against civilians that included the slaughter of 8,000 bosnian muslim men and boys in 1995. the tribunal that tried him also slide -- in the early 2,000s. bosnia 1992 through 1995 war left more than 100,000 people dead. the n court sentenced him 40 years in prison but his lawyer plans to appeal. president obama spending his final day in argentina paying tribute to victims of the country's dirty war in the 1970s and '80's. the period of military rule mark
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by political repression and the deaths of tens of thousands sparked by military coo supported by the us. president obama says it's time for america to take responsibility for the role it played in that conflict. >> democracies have to have the courage to acknowledge when we don't live up to the ideals that we stand for. we've been slow to speak out for human rights. >> the president has agreed to dee classify previously secret documents from the period before heading tomorrow to the white house the first family taking time out to sightsee and patagonia. north carolina's governor facing backlash for signing a bill that prevents cities from passing their own anti discrimination rules. the public facilities privacy and security act is in response to a decision made by the charlotte city council. it allowed transgender people to use public restrooms based on their gender identity. the new bill requires people to use bathrooms that correspondent with their gender on their birth certificate.
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senate minority dan blue says it he can concludes gays and lesbians from discrimination protections. one transgender teenager says the new bill will affect him on daily basis. >> people are going to freak out because i look like a guy. people are going to be like why is there a boy in here and cause a scene like they when when a younger. >> republican supporters of the bill say the charlotte city ordinance violates religious freedom and puts women and children in danger. something to think about tonight the next time you use an atm. police are warning about a exam targeting older people. what investigators say the thief says to the victim as he preys on their kindness. >> two homeowners say their dream homes are falling apart. they're so upset they put up a banner to let everyone know. fox 29 investigates who is to blame. kathy? >> dawn, dry for now, mild this evening but guess what? the rain is on its way. right in time for the morning and it could linger. we'll time out the rain and also talk about the easter weekend forecast when we come back.
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welcome back. live look at bush kill falls from our poconos mountain camera. boy it looks pretty there. another gorgeous day today. but things could change very soon. meteorologist kathy orr is tracking a chance for rain coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. cash strapped atlantic city is heading closer to a fiscal cliff. mayor don guardian said the city will run out of money on apri
5:30 pm
april 8th prompting three weeks of reduced city services and he's assuring visitors that search services will remain up and running. >> workers will not get paid until may when the city receives the next payments of taxes. >> delaware teacher in trouble after police say she was sexing with a 13-year-old boy. nicole vet rosa is a music teacher at the ever it middle school. everett meredith middle school. according to police the victim' mother found nude pictures and videos of the tee which are and alerted the school district prompting a two-month investigation. she faces several charges. >> authorities are warning of a exam targeting older people at atm's. >> the thief preys on the victim's kindness. fox's kimberly cuisine shows you hoyt happens and talks to victim in florida. >> it's a quick exam a man walks up one of these 2atm machines tells the person next to him his machine isn't working. and before they know it he's taking their money. >> i think it was just
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opportunity that here i was the older -- the old lady. >> donna knows she's but speaking out to help others monday afternoon she was trying to finish a trance act at this bank of america atm on bee ridge road when this man using the left atm moved in. >> when he said oh, does this work? yes. he just got in front of me. >> he claims his atm wasn't working and donna couldn't do much. >> i said did you finish -- oh, yes, and i put my card in. i said, okay. >> but when she walked away, something didn't feel right. turning around, her stomach sank. >> i watched him make two withdrawals and i thought, this isn't right. >> when she put her card back in the machine, she found $800 was missing. she immediately called sarasota deputes. investigators believe this is the third time the man has pulled off this scam. >> he'll claim his atm isn't working ask if he can borrow those and wedge hisself in between there before the victim has an opportunity to say no or ask any questions. >> as investigators search for
5:32 pm
him they worn safety first. >> we would say go inside. consider talking to someone face to face if you're making a deposit or withdrawal. look for a well lit area or an atm that's in plainview without any sort of shrubbery or anything blocking that atm. >> donna wants others to learn from her experience and while she's rialed up, she won't let this man change anything she does. >> you've obviously found a way to make $800 in five minutes, but this doesn't make it right. >> the sheriffs office asked if you know who that man is to call deputes right away. in sarasota county, kimberly kuizon fox news. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. man it is a gorgeous day. soon we'll get a little bit of rain. >> meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in just 15 seconds.
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plenty of blue sky out there. a few high sirius clouds nevertheless temperatures pretty comfortable. 65 degrees but our wind out of the east northeast at 11 miles an hour has kept it a little bit cool. we warm this afternoon but not much warming this morning and that's why temperatures didn't make it quiet as warm as we thought. right now 65 in the city. trenton only 50 with that on shore flow keeping it cool at wrightstown 50 degrees. 56 in atlantic city. and that's at the airport. that's 9 miles inland in wildwood reading taken from rye yo grand it's 66 and in the poconos it is 55. to the north we have much colder air and some snow in ottawa and quebec if you're looking to do spring skiing over spring break that's the best place to go. high pressure right over bermuda and that sends temperatures for the most part warming well above average. even during the day tomorrow. but this front will be moving through. behind it some sunny skies. so still looking at morning rain for friday and then by the
5:34 pm
afternoon, pretty much clearing out. fairly quickly. as we go hour by hour you can see this evening nothing but a clear sky. by tomorrow morning, four, 5am we're looking at clouds even by 6:00 a.m. could see a few scattered sprinkles in our northern and western suburbs but the mainline of precipitation is still far to the north and west. by about 10, 11 a.m., a line of showers maybe a few rumbles of thunder move through with a frontal passage you can see how quickly skies clear out during the afternoon with sunshine and warm temperatures. so as far as the allergy report is concerned, because of the rain tomorrow, the allergy report will be low but the allergens of course maple, juniper and elm trees if you suffer from these seasonal allergies saturday and sunday with warm and windy conditions it will be high. this is out of 12. so 10.4, 10.6 pretty high by monday moderate levels. in the city overnight, 58. in our suburbs 55. with a few clouds but the wind will be kicking up once again. so tomorrow west southwesterly
5:35 pm
wind 15 to 20 miles an hour. gusting to 30 miles an hour after the morning rain it will be warm and windy we will make it to 71 degrees. if you look ahead to the easter sunday forecast, i love that bunny mostly sunny, 63 degrees. if you have an easter egg hunt it will be a really nice day. and the east southeast wind had warm us up 10 miles an hour wind. on the seven day forecast from the weather authority we are looking at dry conditions for saturday and sunday. next chance of showers and storms comes on monday. and then cooler after that. tuesday 56. wednesday chilly start at 37 the high 60. and then thursday feeling good, 60 degrees and partly sunny skies. looking good. the average high this time of year is only in the 50s. so we will end the month of march above normal for yet another month. >> the weekend looks gorgeous. >> enjoy it. >> thanks, kathy. >> attention cat lovers. >> you got my attention. >> your pets could be making you angry lucy. >> what? >> but not because she's makin g
5:36 pm
a mess or making noise. the effects cats could be having on your brain that is changing your personality. >> i don't know. they're pretty cute. they make me happy. allergies can be irritating, hard to treat, make you angry but now we can know a little bit more why we suffer from them. what the time of year you were born in could tell you about your health. and coming all new tonight at 6:00 he's a familiar face but ice cube's stop in philadelphia was anything but routine. the amazing thing he just did for some local school children. ♪
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♪ turning to your health now heads up before spring allergy season. time of year you were born may tell i was little something about your risk for developing allergies. researchers scanned d inform a samples from hundreds of people. they found certain marks on dna linked with a season in which each person was born. over my head. here the bottom line. those marks were linked to allergic diseases. people born in autumn had higher eczema risk and people born in winter had a higher asthma risk. why? nobody is saying right
5:40 pm
now. because they don't know. those fineings appear in the journal allergy. feeling little aggressive, could your cat be to blame? lucy noland? scientists -- >> a common cat parasite may be responsible for outbursts of anger in humans. university of chicago researc researchers say a parasite that is commonly spread from cats to humans play as roll in impulsive aggressive people can contract it from cleaning the cat litter it can cause to you develop intermittent explosive disorder. the parasite can you tell us be found in under cooked meat or contaminated water. doctors say this is just something to keep in mind if you notice a change in your behavior or in the behavior of someone else. and the more time young adults use social media, the higher their chances of being depressed. university of pittsburgh researchers had more than 1700 young adults answer questionnaires about their social media use and participants who used social media the most during the week were nearly three times more likely to suffer symptoms of depression. researchers say the findings could guide public health
5:41 pm
interceptions to tackle depression which is on track to become a leading cause of disability by 2030. i'm trying to figure out if there's a cure for the cat thing now you got me worried. parents of babies. gary gary wants to you toss certain packets of baby food because of a packaging defect. the company says some packs of gary gary organic second foods products, the pairs, carrots and peas and carrots apples and mango mix cos spoil. gerber says you should be able to smell if your baby food is affected. more information about the products affected and the number you can call to get replacement coupons is at look in seen on tv. it's a very sophisticated tunnel uncovered near the border of mexico. nothing new, right? the way authorities say someone was hiding this tunnel is something you don't hear about a lot. plus two homeowners say their dream homes are falling apart and they're so upset they put a big banner to let everyone know.
5:42 pm
next fox 29 investigates who is to blame.
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♪ a lengthy investigation turns up a completed drug tunnel in california. this the tunnel inside a home in california where shares the border with mexico. federal authorities say the tunnel runs all the way to a restaurant in mexico and is used to transport illegal drugs. the house was apparently built last year for the sole purpose of hiding the tunnel. meanwhile agents confiscated at least 3,000 pounds of marijuana and arrested four people. american dream is turned into a nightmare for two south
5:46 pm
philadelphia home buyers when their new home started to leak. after months of water dripping into their east passyunk home they decided to go public in a big way with big banner now they're taking legal action and filing a complaint with the state attorney general' office. >> dave schratwieser has tonight's fox 29 investigates report. >> the worst home buying experience you could possibly -- i don't think you could top. >> reporter: like so many young professionals in philadelphia graham had a dream to own his first home. last summer that dream came true when he bought this new home on the 500 block of dickinson near the up and coming east passyunk avenue neighborhood. >> i thought it was a great invest many. i mean there's lot of opportunity in the neighborhood. gout nate townhomes going up next door five, $600,000 range. going to bring three, 400 residents to the neighborhood. >> great view. >> great view. >> i thought i was going to move down here, you know, hang out with my friends and family haven't great home and have a great time in philadelphia.
5:47 pm
not deal with any of these issues. >> reporter: justin bought the new home right next door to graham's his college roommate at penn state. he moved into his new home right after graham but win a few weeks, they both realized something was wrong. the houses started to leak a lot. >> at one point in time i filled town full buckets of water that came straight down from here. >> it's a disaster. last week when we had that major storm i filled his whole bucket up with water. >> reporter: graham and justin quickly traced the leaking water problem to the outside detectives and windows. >> water can run right in there. little holes you can basically stick your finger right down in it. >> reporter: they found serious leaks and ponding water every time it rained. both graham and justin called anthony valenti of design builder who's survived the construction of the homes. >> basically he walk away. he came one or two times, you know, gave us whole spiel he would be out and fix it. >> design builders came out and they rather than reconstructing it and fixing the primary issue,
5:48 pm
they put a band-aid on it by slapping on two pieces of low grade plywood and hiring some fiberglass guys to come out and fiberglass over top of it. >> reporter: the next time it rained, graham says the water continued to pour in. >> it doesn't fix the issue. water continued to come through and now it's progressing. >> reporter: justin says every time it rains, his house leaks. >> you know i have water leaking every day. i'm always worried bowed looking at the weather schedule making sure have i towels ready to go where my areas are leaking hoping i don't appear with new area that's leaking. >> water coming through. >> reporter: graham found more leaking water throughout the home so again he called val len thai and design builders back to the home. >> he was responsive and he came out but he, you know, he dabbled around tried to put band-aids on the issue and it didn't work out. once he realized it was -- it was going to cost some money to get it fixed he walked away. ♪ >> reporter: graham then hired a lawyer an professional engineer it cost him $6,000. the engineer spent several days
5:49 pm
at his home. he filed a 67 page report citing over 40 problem areas that needed to be fixed. the report was complete with photos, documenting the problems and the water damage. >> total damage am to do a hundred thousand dollars. >> justin hired an attorney and an engineer to document the problems at his home. he he have mates the damages are over $50,000. >> being a young guy, being a first time home buyer, you know, i'm not able to get a loan. a i'm not able to find any money to help me fix this home. >> reporter: graham called val len thai and design builders again who by that time were working at 15 more townhomes i was a* few blocks away at moyaminsing and moore at a development called maya minute sing place. >> tell me everything you would want to hear but he never followed through. >> reporter: has he is come back. >> haven't seen him in six months. >> our hardwood floors are all warped. they're ruined from the door back to this door. all bowed and bucked.
5:50 pm
>> i'm just shock you would think as builder and developer with 15 more projects down the road you would have some kind of integrity in the product you're producing. >> they decided to put up this banner across the front of their homes complaining about the leaks and their home warranty with design builders. >> warranty is no good, yeah. >> why not? >> because the builders walked away. >> it's proven to be not even valid. >> reporter: so we took our fox 29 cameras to design builders office on cheltenham avenue in tacony looking for anthony val len thai to get his side of the to. >> i'm dave stratt wise sr. from fox 29. >> i was looking for anthony valenti. >> he's not in. >> he's not in today. >> no. >> could you give him my card if you would. >> sure. >> i had is some questions about homes he built on dick couldn't street. we went to design builder latest job site in south philadelphia looking for anthony valenti. >> he's not here, sir. >> he called us back the next day and toll us he's not a contractor. he said i don't bang nails.
5:51 pm
he claims he got paid $700 week to supervise the subcontractor who's built homes. he also says licenses and inspections approved the job every step of the way. he told us that joe ruggero of north star pennsport llc the developer owes him $30,000 and that's why he didn't come back to fix the problems. he also refuseed to an on camera interview. valenti who says he built 70 to 80 homes in south philly wept on to say he told the homeowners to put tarps down over the detectives and problem areas. he said he told them when the winter weather cleared he would come back to fix the problems. he said the homeowners didn't want him back and the developer wouldn't pay him. >> dave schratwieser from fox news in philadelphia. isn't finally we called joseph ruggero. he's the developer and the owner of north star pennsport llc. he sol the homes to graham and justin. we got his answering machine so
5:52 pm
we left a message. >> i wanted to ask you some questions about some homes you were involved in building at fifth and dickinson. a day after our call to ruggero he contacted justin and graham via text message and told them valenti would be back out to make the repairs. >> there's no real protection for home buyers and it's kind of surprising because it's the most important asset to most people is their home and there's no real protection when you're in a situation. >> reporter: ruggero told fox 29 over the phone from this home in florida that valenti is responsible to make the repairs under the homeowner's warranty. legally he's the builder ruggero told fox 29. he went on to say they felt bad for graham and justin saying it's not right. ruggero said valenti told him he would take care of the problems. he says he paid valenti close to $40,000 for the original construction. graham is now suing ruggero and
5:53 pm
valenti to get his home repaired and pay for the damages. justin is also suing. he filed this consumer complaint with the state attorney general's office looking to mediate the problems and repairs with valenti and joe ruggero that went nowhere. >> joe responded, anthony did not respond. joe ruggero pointed the finger anthony that this was his problem and things he needed to take care of. with the city in the midst of a big building boom, graham believes there are more first time home buyers out there with problems like this. this is not an anomaly. it's happening all over the place and it's happening all over the city. >> dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> you feel the frustration. dog seemingly disappeared in brooklyn but reappeared years later hundreds of miles away from home. where this handsome boy was and split second decision that made it possible to find him. coming up at 6:00 a local teacher accused of sending nothing a student. now she's facing charges. what she's been doing that has
5:54 pm
investigators even more concerned. >> this surveillance video may seem to just show a sunny quiet day but something is happening above that's about to create a chaotic scene. we're going show you.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
you can see what's going on here. the cow always adorning these billboards this is in houston they somehow came loose and were dangling over the edge.
5:58 pm
my thought that possibly chickens are finally getting their revenge but maybe that's just knee. unsolved mystery that took one dog from the big apple hundreds of miles south. >> this is incredible. >> after being missing for five months the owners of the two-year-old pitbull were about to give up hope. she remembers the day he disappeared like it was yesterday. one minute she was playing in the backyard. the next minute she was gone of the after months without a trace she was spotted last week in north charlotte, energy charlotte north carolina nearly 500 miles from home after a quick scan from micro chip humane officers were shocked to learn how far this pup can gone from home. >> we find a lot of animals that come into the shelter that have a micro chip but the phone number that's registered to the micro chip is no longer working. >> will he remember me? that's my whole thing. i'm not sure it's been so long he was like really little still. i'm curious will he even remember me? >> i think he will definitely remember her.
5:59 pm
he will be returned home to new york next week. shelter officials say his homecoming probably never would have happened without a micro chip. ♪ >> tonight at 6:00 time is running out for atlantic city to avoid disaster. officials say the government may soon have no choice but to shut down and today first shots fired in a war of words. and as the search continues for those who planned deadly attacks in brussels there are troubling new questions about whether this could have been prevented and if more people are in danger. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. tonight at 6:00 a developing story and some unsettling revelations for local parents. she wants of once taught music to young people tonight this local teacher is facing serious charges.
6:00 pm
all of this because of something authorities say she sent to a young student. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney in tonight for iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. these developments are the end result of a in long investigation. let's get straight to fox 29's jennifer joyce live in middletown, delaware tonight. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, lucy. well, nicole vet rosa removed from the classroom in january when this investigation began. now, she's sitting behind bars facing numerous charges for allegedly having inappropriate contact way 13-year-old student. former music teacher 32 year old nicole vetter rosa under arrest and charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old male student at everett meredith middle school in middletown, delaware. >> i'm a mom. my first ink sting to to protect my child. >> police say she started a relationship with a middle school student in december. in january, the child's mother found sexually explicit videos and images of the t


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