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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 25, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> right now get ready for a big change the next time you walk outside. whole lot of folks out in sweatshirts and lighter jackets in center city tonight after hitting close to 70. we're a little chilly right now because of all that wind moving live to wilmington you may want to trade those fall jackets for raincoat tomorrow. let's take a look at that life radar. you see i the system moving into our area right now making it a wet end to the week. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. ooh janoff tonight. you may want to grab that umbrella as you head out the door tomorrow. kathy orr tracking the rain and whether it will stick around for your holiday weakened. >> right now we have cool area diving n city see the blew bac backing into the area. philadelphia down to 50, 45 in pottstown. in millville 61. so a big range in temperature with that east wind impacting our current temperature. winds out of the south to the south gusting to about 20 miles an hour in wildwood right now, and i do think temperatures will
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warm in that southerly wind overnight so we'll watch the temperatures rise from the south to the north. look at this by the morning, 7:00 a.m. in philadelphia it will be 61. it will be 60 in pottstown. 59 in allentown and 60 degrees in trenton. warming overnight, and by the afternoon, back into the 70s. but it will come with a price. the clouds will be rolling in early tomorrow morning. you can see to the west some rain showers building in. so rain to start the holiday weekend. coming up we'll time when this rain will be in and out of the delaware valley. also, look ahead to your easter forecast and, yes, it will turn colder again in the seven day. believe it or not. winter just doesn't want to give up. i'll have more on that coming up later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> kathy, quite the roller coaster ride. don't forget before you walk out the door make sure you are prepared with the fox 29 weather and traffic authorities from the latest forecasts any problems on the roads, watch sue serio and bob kelly starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. your friday morning commute
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may be a little smoother. the falls bridge that spans the schuylkill river is back open. it has been closed for two months for emergency repairs. fox 29's chris o'connell is in east malls tonight with more. chris arc lot of happy folks. >> reporter: yeah, it was a very nice surprise tonight, lucy, for thousands of commuters who learned the east falls bridge reopened tonight after emergency repairs even better news, it opened a week early. drivers in east falls are rejoicing to night. >> it's a big deal. morning commute is getting kids across town. >> reporter: after 52 days the east falls bridge is reopened to traffic. >> 15 times a day. >> reporter: it may be just a bridge for delivery drives like franco it's a lifeline. the detours added lots of time to his deliveries ton night his ride just got smoother g all i got to say it's about time it opened, man. we missed it. >> this is my connection to west philadelphia. so very important. i was very upset when i had to take another route the other day. >> reporter: 120-year-old
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bridge had to close for emergency repairs after inspectors found corrosion in the bridge's steal beams. crews spent the last month reinforcing metal brackets underneath. >> i was happy because it kind of threw my commute off were it being closed. >> reporter: closure came as a surprise back in february to some. but even more of a surprise when it reopened today more than a week early. >> i was frustrated high to use my gps and everything. i was happy it was open today. >> reporter: back out here live, now this bridge if you know it is much more than just steal, more than concrete. this is really become a symbol of the community. what other bridge actually hosts a dinner dance on top of the bridge to raise money for community events and dawn i know you are one of those who are very happy to see this bridge open tonight. >> absolutely, i've been at that dinner dance. thank you very much, chris. all right. developing to night, french authorities say they have stopped another terror plot. right now, all that officials
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will say that a man that they have arrested was quote in the stages of planning the attack. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in our newsroom following all the developments for us. shawnette, are authorities saying anything about whether the man has any connections to the belgium bombers and the paris bombing? >> reporter: right now, the interior minister says there is no link at this early stage in the investigation. authorities though carried out raids in the north of france. meantime authorities in belgium carried out raids there as well with nerves still on edge after tuesday's attacks. a raid in france nabbed a french man officials say it was in the advanced stages of noting an tack on the country. he was taken into custody in the northern outskirts of paris. witnesses say the area was locked down for hours before authorities emerged from an apartment building with the suspect. his head covered with a scarf. not much has been made known about the suspect except he was implicated at a high level in the alleged future plot. heavy police presence is also seen in belgium after several
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raids thuhursday netted six peoe who belgium prosecutors say are linked to this week' as tax on the city's airport and subway systems. the raids happened in central brussels, jet and scar bock neighborhood. >> the government will do their utmost to shed lights on these attacks and related events. >> reporter: this asbell jump law enforcement officials have come under heavy criticism regarding one of the metro attackers. officials say that person had been sought for months on another terror charge that he helped the paris attackers. today, two government officials resign. >> if you put everything in a row, you can say that you can ask big questions in a number of areas. >> reporter: the death toll from the attacks continues to rise. more than 30 are dead and some 300 hurt. 12 are americans. some still accounted for. 20-year-old fanny klein is recovering and in better spirits despite suffering severe burns. >> i am not going to spend my days crying. i cried a little yesterday. but any ways i am going to dehydrate myself.
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>> amazing attitude there. so officials in france say they spent weeks investigate brag tonight's raid that nabbed that terror suspect north of paris and more developments are expected. we'll continue to monitor the investigation. dawn, back to you. >> shawnette, thank you so much. raids continue throughout parts of our crop tonight. for updates as they come in be sure to check our website >> to developing story we've been following on the west coa coast. swat officers rescue add hostage following a shooting at an office depot in read lands california suspect is dead. we don't yet know if he killed himself or if police shot him. the san bernardino sheriffs office says the suspect taken his ex-girlfriend hostage after shooting and injuring another person in the store. the man is believed to be 20-year-old. the person deputies say he shot does not have life threatening injuries. new information tonight on a hit-and-run that left a man dead. delaware state police have released surveillance pictures of the suv that they say hit 34-year-old jeremiah mccarthy on
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the night of february 28th. it was around 9:30 that night on route 41 in hokessin. the suv is believed to be a ford or a chevy with damage to the right front side. if you have any information at all, give police a call. developing tonight, a tic ticking clock and rising anxiety as atlantic city approaches its financial cliff. the finger pointing between elected officials, well, it's heating up big time. while the people who live, work in and visit the troubled city just want to know what's going to happen to their lives. city leaders had a lot to say. fox 29's bruce gordon spent the day in atlantic city. >> reporter: bright sunshine brought spring crowds to the atlantic city boardwalk on this day, but residents and visitors alike know there is a fiscal storm cloud rolling in. >> when i saw several employees working on the boardwalk, i mean, you have to feel some compassion for these folks. so that's the bottom line. >> reporter: atlantic city's be lee gird mayor stood in front of a pack city hall news conference to deliver the bad news in stark terms.
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>> we will run out of money on april 8th. we will absolutely run out of money. >> reporter: don guardian is assuring residents that search services will remain in place. >> what you're going see the streets will be clean and the trash will be picked up and the police are going to be in full service. all over the city and the fire department is going to get stand ready whether you need emergency services or you need far couldn't or your house is burning. those inner loop workers will not be paid till the city receives its next tax receipts in early may. the mayor says discussions are now underway to try and keep non-search services running as well. >> can employees volunteer to work without being paid? can people volunteer for other services? can non-city people volunteer and work? that's what we're going through. >> reporter: city officials insist they have tightened belts and cut expenses to try and balance their budget. they blame governor christie tour turning his back on their city. >> he's more concerned about
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being a celebrity groupy for donald trump than serving the citizens of atlantic city and making sure that this situation could have been avoided. >> reporter: governor christie insists the city has not done nearly enough to tightens belt and clean up its own financial mess. while the stalemate continues the guardian administration is doing everything it can to assure those who live and work in atlantic city it will be business as usual despite the shut down. in the newsroom, i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. well like turning back time if you had to park in philadelphia today. there was a problem with the wireless transmission of credit card at the parking kiosks. so you could only pay with cash or coins. imagine that. the problem was fixed earlier this evening and you can once again use your credit cards. no word yet on exactly what caused the issue. >> pennsylvania now has access to some federal money to help recover from the blizzard of 2016. president obama has signed a disaster declaration which will send federal aid to the keystone state. some local governments and non-profits will also have the possibility of getting some of
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the funds to repair damages. the storm blanketed parts of the state in more than 2 feet of snow. left hundreds of people stranded along part of pennsylvania turnpike as well. ♪ >> in that car? >> yeah. >> we can't get them out. >> a woman trapped in that burning car desperate for help. two brave deputes jump into action and into those flames. why it took several minutes to get her out. plus this local teacher is in big trouble tonight. what she sent a student landed her behind bars. why police say they're so concerned tonight. >> and this may look like a beautiful sunny day but something is about to drop from the sky. what came crashing down that started chaos on the sidewalk. plus -- a couple's reunion wither children that took years. what that family had to go through to finally be together. >> a teenager forced to make a
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decision about her future family right now. we first brought you her story weeks ago and tonight who stepped in to preserve her dreams of having children.
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♪ two men an woman walk into new jersey bank then walked out with an undetermined amount of
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cash straight from a vault. it happened yesterday at the bb and t bank in west deptford those crooks were armed with hand guns they forced employees into a back room before making off with all that money. dave schratwieser has more details on this investigation. >> reporter: dawn, some pretty good surveillance video tonight. these were no amateurs that robbed this bank according to police and the fbi. this was well planned out. it was calculated all three suspects were armed with hand guns. when the trio bank robbers end the bb and t bank wednesday morning one male suspect wore dress, another carried a pocketbook and the female suspect carried a big silvery solver. you might call them bonnie and clyde plus one. >> look different. >> that's weird. very different to me. >> takes all kinds. that's all i got to say. man wearing a dress. woman carrying a gun, you know who wears the pants in that family. >> reporter: suspects caught
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on surveillance cameras as they invaded the bank at kings highway and parkville road just before 11 a.m. one suspect jumped the counter. they forced the bank employees into a back room where the vault was open. they made off with an undisclosed amount of cash. the gun toting female wore a dark face covering and carried a yellow bag. the male suspect carrying the handbag was also carrying a gun. >> i'm just glad i wasn't in the bank. >> reporter: as the suspects fled the bang, these cameras near the outside atm captured video of them as they jumped into a champagne colored 2006 chevrolet equinox suv. and sped away down kings highway just off i-295. >> i feel like to know someone i has to be an inside job. >> bang robbery caught the attention of shoppers and customers at this busy intersection most were concerned for the bank employees and glad no one got hurt. >> i mean if they don't get hurt i'd be highly surprised. >> hopefully they'll get them. west deptford is pretty good about that.
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>> reporter: now, all three suspects had their faces covered. the female suspect wore gloves. again, police tell us tonight these were no amateurs and if you have any information at you will you should call the west deptford police. lucy? >> all right, thank you, dave. new castle county police are trying to nab this guy. they say he used a stolen credit card number to make a bunch of purchases at a convenience store in new castle. surveillance cameras snapped this picture of him. if you know who he is, give police a call. a man is in stable condition at a local hospital tonight after somehow his legs wound up pinned under a large bail of paper. skyfox over the new man paper recycling street about noon today in the city's wyssonoming section. authorities have not yet said whether the man is an employee at that plant. former nfl player kevin turner died after a long battle with als. kevin's father shared the news on his facebook page. the 46-year-old played for the patriots and eagles during his eight year career.
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he was a plaintiff in a concussion lawsuit against the nfl. turner believed his als was tied to years of playing football ahead in sports the message he shared only with fox 29 about his battle. a developing story and some unsettling revelations for local parents. she once taught music to young people in delaware but tonight this local teacher facing some serious charges. all of this because of something authorities say she sent to a young student. a 13-year-old student. it resulted in a two-month long investigation. fox 29's jennifer joyce with more on just what happened. >> reporter: former music teacher 32-year-old nicole vetter rosa is under arrest and charged with sexually assaulting a 13-year-old male student at everett meredith middle school in middletown, delaware. >> i'm a mom. my first instinct to protect my kids that if that were my child i can't even imagine. >> reporter: police say she started a relationship with a middle school student in december. in january, the child's mother
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found sexually explicit videos and images of the teacher on her son's phone and reported it to police. the school district says the teacher was immediately removed from the classroom and parents were notified of alleged misconduct. but they didn't know the details until vetter rosa was arrested yesterday. >> they sent out an alert to all the parents at school awhile ago to tell us that something that happened. >> i was surprised here because i never heard anything bad. teachers great. my boys love it. >> it's upsetting. seriously. yeah. it's upsetting. but i'm glad the school reacti reactioned appropriately quickly to address that. parents say they're disturbed and confused. >> i don't even know how an adult could look at a at a child any other way than their child. >> reporter: the teacher offers private music lessons to school. no one answered the door at her mother's home in newark. parent debra says she has 13-year-old twin boys. the case hits close to home. >> they're that age.
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>> yeah. >> but they understand and they know what's right and wrong. >> reporter: school leaders sent a note home to parents say students safety is a top priority and urged anyone with any relevant information to call delaware state police. in middletown, delaware, i'm jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. local rescue group is desperate so find of one of its dogs missing right now an irish wolf hound. >> named leo. he was one day away from getting adopted along with his sister and boy, does he have a story to tell. rescue dogs saved him and his sister from a shelter in iran. leo has been missing since february 18th he's very timid. not at all aggressive. now the day before he and his sister were to meet their forever family he got spooked and took off. that was in audubon. dogs can travel. keep your eyes peeled for him. if you see him head to fox you'll find a link it's on as seen on tv. they just need to find him so they can send out tracker. >> he's so cute. >> a car stolen with an 88-year-old grandma in the back
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seat. the thief a 14 year old boy. even more surprising where police found the grandma. >> a few guys take the wrong man to rob with a gun to his head what this guy did next that ended with a trio of men in ja jail. plus, this billboard getting a lot of drivers to do a double take but it's not what chick-fil-a was hoping for. what's hanging from the ends of the sign that's getting so much attention. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. tomorrow good friday probably going to be lighter volume than normal with everyone celebrating either the easter holiday weekend or a lot of kids are on spring break. we saw that earlier this morni morning. so things should be a little lighter than form tomorrow. frankford, broad street subway running schultz buses until 5:00 o'clock or so and the big game in south philly tomorrow night all eyes will be on the wells fargo center. expect an evening jam heading into the stadium with the ncaa
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tournament tomorrow night. it all kicks off bright and early we'll check the jam cams beginning at 4:00 a.m.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ watch this surveillance video closely. in the distance you can see a car come crashing to the ground. it's falling from the fourth
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floor of a parking garage in town stepped, maryland and the driver is still inside. believe it or not that driver a 23-year-old woman was not seriously hurt. even though the audi q5 landed on its roof knowledge word yet on why exactly this happened. sad news out of los angeles tonight comedian gary shandling has died the 66-year-old star was not publicly known to have any illness. source connected to happened link told tmz he was healthy and speaking to people this morning. shandling is best known for his work on the larry sanders show. of course, we'll bring you more as it comes in. a man in florida proved age is just a number particular one it comes to defend your home. >> the 8584 old has bums and bruises after fighting off a man trying to rob him at gun point. >> he said hasn't it over. i said i'm not handing nothing over. get the hell out of here. >> he goes simply by bob. three men followed them as they have left the grocery store. once home bob asked if they were lost. that's when two men got out of the car with guns.
3:24 am
bob, though, wasn't backing do down. >> i'm thinking i didn't go all through life for some guy to trieste steal what i got. >> bob is banged up as you can see and got a banked up elbow, a few bruises and blood stained shirt after fighting off the man. his wife called police who spotted the bad guys car few blocks away and after a short chase, police caught them ton night they're in jail. >> good for bob. even police call this a first. dubbed the goldman under arrest in california. what an off duty officer says he caught this guy doing that landed him in handcuffs. and -- there's somebody in that c car. >> in that car? >> yeah. >> we can't get them out? >> woman trapped in that burning car desperate for help. to brave deputes jumped in to action and into those flames. why it took so long to get her out. kathy? >> right now, we just have some cool temperatures in philadelphia with an easterly wind but southerly winds ahead
3:25 am
of a cold front will warm us up and then we'll get wet. timing the rain and if it will impact your holiday plans much that's coming up when we come back.
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>> right now at 10:30 apartment fire in wilmington, delaware is ruled an accident. fire crews were called to foxwood apartments just after 9:00 o'clock last night. when they arrived they saw flames and smoke just pouring out of the back of the building. the fire marshal says a candle in a second floor apartment started it all. at least 16 people are now without a place to live and damage is estimated at $100,000. >> there's smudge somebody in that car. >> in that car? >> we can't get him out. >> a dramatic scene caught on camden door cam videos. these florida deputes pull up to
3:29 am
nasty accident. someone is trap in the burning car. the scary situation unfolding about 90 minutes south of orlando yesterday. >> the dash cam video cep rolling as deputes did everything they could. one broke the windows with his baton then called another deputy for help. the trouble here the woman was stuck behind her steering wheel and the deployed air bag and she couldn't get her seat belt off. the deputes used a fire extinguisher to beat back the flames as they furiously worked to free her. they finally got her and pulled her from that fire. >> i can't get her out. ma'am, give me your arm. give me your arm, ma'am! >> ma'am, stay with me. >> stay with me. >> wow! >> just amazing the drama there.
3:30 am
i mean they dragged her from the burning car as you saw a chopper air lived her to the hospital. now, we don't know her condition. one of the deputes was burned on her hasn't but she is okay. >> investigators uncover a massive drug tunnel in california. this is the tunnel inside a home in california where, h shares border with mexico. federal authorities say the tunnel runs all the way to a restaurant in mexico and is used to transport illegal drugs. the house was apparently built last year only to hide the tum. meanwhile agents confiscate cont least 3,000 pounds of marijuana and arrested four people. a very very emotional reunion for a utah family years in the making. >> jennifer and james grover adopted their boys from the democratic republic of can go in 2012. while they were waiting for their visas the nation suspended all international adoptions. finally three years in the making the boys now 14 and seven were able to fly to the us. take look.
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(woman crying). >> wow! >> talk do you a tear jerker another parent captured this amazing reunion at the salt lake city airport the couple has four biological children an adopted three others from other countries before adopting joseph and bronson. >> i can't imagine. >> my goodness. ♪ >> now on your radar tonight. >> kathy or. >> gets me every time. >> i know. >> i'm happy that you're on camera, not me. >> it's really sweet. congratulations. we're happy they've been reunited outside our studios here in old city philadelphia looking really nice. light jacket out there because temperatures are only around 50 degrees. winds out of the east northeast that's the key. our wind will shift to the south
3:32 am
tonight and temperatures will actually warm overnight. this easterly flow to the north of a warm front is creating some reduced visibility especially in the poconos. a mile and three quarters but that will be improving during the late night hours as well. you can see that cool air that's moved in. this is associated with a warm front to the south temperatures in the 50s and 60s to the north we have the 40s, the good news is, we'll be seeing a warmup and even into the day tomorrow. some cold air to the north as well and ottawa 27. quebec 21. in the central part of the state, williamsport is at 60. syracuse new york 61 but albany only 44. you can see the impact of that on shore flow closer to the ocean it is cooler tonight. high pressure sitting off the coast right over bermuda that will help to pump up that southerly wind tonight ahead of this cold front. showers move in the morning and will linger somewhat into the latter part of the morning toward noon but behind the front plenty of sunshine this is going to be a quick mover as far as the cold front is concern.
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as we go hour by hour you can see during the early morning hours some clouds. by 5am lehigh valley see some showers and then we'll continue to see this move through just some scattered showers but a line of rain by 11, 12, and then it's out of here. we clear it up, dry out and actually warm up in the afternoon. temperatures expected in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees again tomorrow. if you suffer from seasonal allergies, watch out for the maple park the juniper and elm trees for tomorrow the levels will be low because of the rain but by saturday and sunday, we warm up a bit and with windier conditions allergens will be high and then little bit moderate by the time we make it to monday. in the city overnight, we'll bottom out about 52. 48 in the suburbs then temperatures rise overnight. in the morning we'll be around 60 by the afternoon 71. after the rain it will just be warm and windy with clearing skies. winds gusting out of the south at about 30 miles an hour. for easter sunday, for those easter egg hunts looking good. mostly sunny.
3:34 am
the high 63. so morning temperatures in the 50s and any southeasterly wind at about 10 miles an hour. on your exclusive fox 297 day forecast, look at this. saturday 60. sunday 63. a really nice easter. easter monday some showers and storms it cools it down tuesday. wednesday 60 and by thursday, partly sunny, 66 degrees. but look at the morning low on wednesday. 37. >> ew. >> coat weather i'd say. >> little jacket. >> not just yet. >> all right. excitement on fox 29 down to the final five contestants on american idol tonight. ♪ >> wow ! i know. that's la porsha taking on bon jovi. the next week the final four will perform for their hometown we're getting closer to the big
3:35 am
series finale just two weeks away. a car stolen with an 88-year-old grandma in the back seat. the thief police say a 14-year-old boy. here's what stunning. where police found the grandma. and a college professor truly goes above and beyond the inspiring story behind these images.
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♪ a billboard got chick-fil-a a whole lot of attention probably not in the way the fast food chain had hoped. take a look at the malfunction that happened next to houston freeway. the cow somehow became loose and were left hanging over the edge of the sign dangling mid air. maybe the chickens finally getting revenge just as the plot is in the company's commercials. >> the plot is thickening. in your money tonight recall impacting many new parents. gerber wants to you toss out some of its baby food from its popular pouches because of a packaging defect. the company says some packs of its gerber organic second foods products the pairs, carrots and peas, pairs apples and man goes could spoil. they say you should be able to smell in your baby food is affected. if you don't wanting to that routes to it out. more information about the
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products affected and a number you can call to get replacement coupons is on just look on seen on tv. well seems like the list of things hackers can get into is never ending. cyber security experts say about every wireless mouse that doesn't use a blue tooth is vulnerable. hackers can build a tool for $20 that tricks your computer into accepting their mouse and once in they can take control of your computer. experts recommend installing security you updates before continuing to use your mouse. well a texas mom has no choice but to bring her toddler to her college class after her babysitter falls through. >> but someone else stepped in with open arms. check it out. 33-year-old katie humphrey showed up to class late. her professor said it was okay to bring her baby in. then her four month old started to fuss a little bit in class that's when baylor university professor darrin willow bee walk over to the little guy. >> she was fidgeting in her car seat so i was leaning down to
3:40 am
get her out and dr. willow bee comes over and he's just standing over me and i was like, yes, sir, and he goes well, hand her up i want to hold her. >> aww i noticed the little guy is a sweet little girl. the bow. >> the bow was the key there. the professor cradled the baby in his arms for the next 50 minutes while he couldn't to do teach. i just love it. humphries says it was no random act of kindness on behalf of the professor by the way. she says he's told her before it's never a problem to bring the little girl to class. i love that. >> um-hmm. even police say this is a first. dubbed the goldman under arrest in california. what they caught him doing that landed him in handcuffs. >> a teenager forced to make a decision now about her future family. we first brought you her story weeks ago ton night her steppedo [crowd cheers]
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♪ strike three out two down out there two down [crowd cheers] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] [male announcer] sometimes, coming home can be a battle in itself. our wounded warriors need everyone's support to meet the challenges they face every day. the uso provides every american a way to support them and their families. it's how all of us, as a community,
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can give something back to our heroes. it's how we can say thank you and assure them that their sacrifice is recognized and appreciated by every one of us. what? it's good to be back. join us. visit to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our wounded warriors and their families. the uso. until every one comes home.
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check this guy out. covered head to toe in gold spray pain arrested after a patrol officer saw the 21-year-old smash his car into three other cars on california interstate. the officer says his car was so damaged a wheel fell off and he had to pull over he apparently told officers he was on his way
3:44 am
to a photo shoot. they arrested him for hit-and-run and dui. well 88-year-old grand ma taken on a wild ride after the car she is sitting in is carjacked by a teenager. it all happened wednesday night outside of chicago. authorities say a family stopped at a walgreens leaving grandma in the back seat of the car which was running. they came out and the car was gone. they called 911. officers eventually found the car being driven by a 14-year-old boy. police say grandma was gone. the teen told officers he actually dropped her off at home. officers we were to the home where she answered the door. >> we're very happy that she was okay but you have to imagine she was terrified and scared that somebody jumped into the car and took her for ride. >> grandma was shaken but okay. police think the teenager is behind a rash of car thefts. the 14-year-old is now in a juvenile detention center. north carolina's governor getting backlash for signing a bill that prevents cities from
3:45 am
passing their own anti discrimination rules. the public facilities privacy and security act in response to a decision made in charlotte that let's transgender people use public restrooms based on their gender identity. this new bill requires people use bathrooms to correspondent with their gender on their birth certificate. one transgender teen says the new bill will affect him daily. >> people are going to freak out because i look like a guy. people are going to be like why sadder boy in here. they'll cause a scene like they did when i was younger. >> supporter of the bill say the charlotte city ordinance violates ree live johns? freedom and puts women and children in danger. few weeks ago we introduced to you a young teenager injury with a rare disease that causes tumors to grow on her brain. doctors are concerned her next treatment could destroy her chances of ever having children. the day after our story ran, a fertility doctor reached out to help in a big way. >> yes, karen hepp continues to
3:46 am
follow her journey thanks to angels in white coats. >> reporter: a lot can happen in just a few weeks. ma kia mason is already a regular at mainline fertility in bryn mawr. nurses draw blood, check her hormone levels and run ultrasounds. >> 13 egg on the right side. >> mom tasha by her side. ma kia ever the student takes notes. that's how important it is for her to one day be able to have a family. >> she's getting there. >> i'm so excited because i have something to look forward to in the future no matter how hard this disease is i have a future to look forward to. >> it's that dream of a future that keeps her going. ma kia has a rare disease where tumors grow unchecked on her head and nothing seems to stop them. not chemo, not surgery. in between years of treatments, studied and worked hard so one
3:47 am
day she can be a nurse. nurses are special people like michelle gonzales who was at home with her hub when her story touched her heart. >> next morning i came and in i said doctor, did you see this? i showed -- presented him with the story and without hesitation he said get me karen on the phone. we're going to take care of her. >> dr. michael gas they are got kia right in and went to work and great news on the first cycle. >> i think we'll have at least 10 eggs to go in the freezer. i'm hoping for more and if everything plays out correctly if you need these egg you shall be able to give you at least two kids. so this is what we wanted. you did really well. >> thank you. >> reporter: here's what happens. kia will come here to this operating room. her eggs will be retrieved. separated by these embry ologists incubated and frozen. saved for that some day when
3:48 am
she's ready. but all this costs a lot of money up to $20,000. something kia's insurance wouldn't pay and her family can't afford. which is why the practices donation of time and service is truly such a gift. >> d day will be monday. okay? >> i felt great. i had happy tears come in my eyes because now it's like i just got to go to the next step. and then in 15 years i'll come back and have some babies. thank you. >> like any proud grandmom to be, tasha is already beaming. >> it's amazing i get to see my future grand babies. >> and what she really sees right now is hope in her little girl's eyes. kia tries to live a normal life.
3:49 am
i just want her to live her life. accomplish her dreams and her goals and let her know matter what the situation is, you're a fighter. and if you set a goal or dream, go ahead and accomplish it. >> wondering faith, a huge weight lifted now to angels in white coats kia can go back to being just 18 and. >> when you're done chemo you do what you need to do but you won't have to worry about fertility. take good care of you. >> thank you. >> monday she's my daughter. >> kia retrieval went well and she can move forward with the neck phase of her treatment and her senior prom. we'll continue to follow her journey. mainline fertility by the way part of consortium that gives discounts to cancer patients and also gets them into treatments. i'm karen hepp fox 29 news. >> her little world filled with a lot of big hearts.
3:50 am
gofundme page set up for ma kia to help pay for her treatment. she tells us all of the money raised she's going to give to the fertility clinic. >> wonderful. >> yes. how about those villanova while cats! >> i'm shock they won that easy. villanova played a game no one expected tonight look at what's next for nova. and the flyers need every win and it's nothing easy about the
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ really did think tonight's game for villanova would have been a tough one but the wildcats made it look easy. very easy. villanova did everything well. they played good defense but offensively they were terrific. shot the ball extremely well. villanova wins it into-69. they shot over 60%. that's not -- that's very difficult in tournament game. 95% from the foul line. villanova made 103 pointers i mean shooting 63% is incredible. ryan arcidiacono had 21. >> i wanted to be aggressive from the start and we did great baseline out of play to get me
3:54 am
going and then just was being aggressive for plays that were called for me and i just read the defense and i think i was making the right plays at that time. >> dan and arcidiacono the seniors but everyone else buying in. we're definitely playing our best basketball right now. you know, we haven't played this well in any game this season. that's your goal. >> it sure is. flyers continue their road trip playing game three of the four game trip the flyers are cominig off a brutal loss the other night with 10 games remaining every game really big if the flyers will make the playoffs. tonight it's the avalanche. let's go to colorado. the flyers fell behind in the second period. scoreless game. the ball -- the ball. the puck comes off the boards. nick -- the ball, the puck whatever went in the net. it's one to nothing three minutes into the second period but the flyers off the shot belt mirror scores one-one after two periods. the phillies just over week away from real games in spring training to orlando. that's adam morgan he had three
3:55 am
innings, two hits, two strike outs, no runs, he's getting ready for the season. the game called after three innings spring training you just say let's go home. all right. really sad news today. former eagles fullback kevin turner pass away losing his battle with als. would it would be hard to find a nicer human being than kevin. kevin 46 years old. he's been battling als for six years. but would come out for a fundraising golf tournament every year in this area to help bring awareness and never complained. nothing but praise as a character person from the eagles teammates today. back in 2012, we talked to turner and how he handles his situation. >> i just reached a point where it goes back to my faith and really -- there's a peace about me, but until you experience that peace for yourself, i don't
3:56 am
think -- you don't get it, you know, and finally after four years i get it. >> people blamed football for the injuries now with als and concussions and all those things. >> right. >> he was a tough player but the reality is, i don't worry about that right now. you worry about 46 years old. >> i know, sad. >> has children. >> familiarly. >> the family and his golf tournament will continue jul july 11th in his name and to help raise awareness and money for als. >> that is wonderful thing. >> yup. >> thanks, howard. >> full hour of enter tame many with tmz followed by dish nation and chasing news and the simpsons. back here
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another violent night in the city of philadelphia while were you sleeping two shootings both happening within hours of each other, more on the victims and suspects police are searching for this morning. and bombings in brussels, several arrests made days after suicide bomber hit the airport and subway station. who officials say they have had behind bars and new information on some victims of the deadly terror attacks. no matter who you put on the floor for villanova, they execute to perfection and tremendous finish. >> now they are heading to the elite eight, wild the cats fans going wild this morning after last night's big win, who they will take on next in the march madness march up. good day it is finally friday, march 25th, 2016. sue serio, we're


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