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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 27, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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happening right now, not a whole lot of sunshine on this easter sunday, we take a live look at allentown. at least it's dry for now t rains moving in overnight. could it make tomorrow morning rush. i'm lucy nolan. >> tracking the rain for us let's get you over to dave warren in tonight for kathy orr to tell us more. >> big change by tomorrow, sfoit the clouds we hit 60 again. right now, we're 56, breeze ten miles an hour, dropping to the upper 40's, starting to see a few specs he of green, maybe just a passing light shower in this area. nothing compared to what we will see tomorrow morning. a lot of rain will be coming in overnight tonight. that's what you'll wake up to.
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there's that 40 degree temperatures along the coast a little cooler there in the 50's here in philadelphia. but very warm air. has these next two storms that we're watching, the first over the great lakes. the second off the coast of north carolina. two storms does not mean we'll get twice as much rain, in fact, we could get less rain because the storm off the coast will actually rob that incoming storm way little moisture, so a lot of the rain stays off the coast. a few showers will be developing by monday morning. here's the rush by about 7:00 starting to clear out by the afternoon. we have big changes in store by the afternoon. once that rain clears out, gusty wind comes in. a cold morning in the seven-day forecast, a little more rain, we'll look at that coming up a little bit later. also happening right now, number two seed wildcats are back at villanova. get back from louisville after upsetting the top seed last night. the first time since 2009, the villanova wildcats headed to the final four.
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>> my heart stopped last night five times. >> incredible game. >> fans still riding high after last night couldn't wait to greet the team today. fox 29 sabina kuriakose is there for the whole thing. >> reporter: triumph return, the wildcats back home to nova nation. after knocking off the tournament top seed in the south reap final last night. >> so nice to be home. so nice everybody came out on easter sunday. >> reporter: on campus, dozens of fans and a cluster of news a medical media eagerly greeting the athletes many still dressed in sunday best. >> once we go back to practice, we'll be focus other next game and next trying to get better. >> this shows how great our fans are. nova makes them, best fans in the country. tomorrow as soon as we start practice starts going, oklahoma,
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everything up to this points goes behind us and we focus on oklahoma. >> reporter: the battling it's way not final four tech fifth ever. so close to winning their second national title. fans and players alike you can almost taste it. >> they all played well actually. >> they deserve it. they worked to hard, it's awesome to watch the whole thing. >> reporter: it's not just the players story on the court, it's the personal narrative of the team team that seen it's share of disappointments, seven years into the final four, resonating wig fans reverberating through our region. >> you feel great about the kids can. then when you -- when they -- do something like this, the whole world feels great about the kids. >> they're going all the way: i'm so can have the confident. >> reporter: that's the attitude not just the fans but players, they headed inside to wrap up for the day, despite all of the excitement, their head is still
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in game and they're looking forward to winning it all on the campus of villanova university, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. >> thanks sabina. this will be the wildcats first trip to the final four since 2009. let's take a closer look at villanova win from last night. howard eskin live in the newsroom with more on big game. >> i believe it's very simple to see how villanova defeated kansas. it was clearly their defense. now, fans love the look at the way they shoot the 3's but when you look at the number, they were four for 18 behind the athlete point line. that's not going to win you many games but defense was terrific. that's what won the game. let's go to louisville. it was turn overs, they forced kansas into turnovers, eight of them in a shore span in the first half when a 13 run one there by josh hart with the score 16 turn overs is a lot for game like this. the biggest one 12 seconds left, arcidiacono gets the ball and
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wins 64-59, kansas was only down by three. after arriving back on campus today, the coach and the players still as we heard, relive fang the victory. >> like being a parent with these guys. you think your kids are great. all re other people don't know that. you live with them every day and we think our players are great and for everyone else to be able to see it. and mostly for them to be able to believe it is really fulfilling for a coach. >> overall everyone is pretty unique and pretty amazing. there's no other way to put it. i didn't really have any words or didn't really have any -- just like wow. this is great. >> more from nova coming up in sports. you get this far and now, yes, you want to win two more and win the national championship. we'll hear from the coach and players on the next game against oklahomaly. who has a player who's probable one of the top five picks in the nba draft coming up. we'll see you later in sports. >> we, of course, are tracking
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as they get ready to square off against oklahoma. click on facebook link and wish team good luck. tuesday of terror attacks in brussels. >> isis demonstrators are making their voices heard as belgian police continue to arrest more suspects. mike tobin is in belgian with more. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators coming to the home to the large makeshift memorial in honor of those killed riot police using, antiimmigration, government twflts who were shouting antiisis remarks. >> it was difficult because lots of families, we're here on it and we have some difficulty to confine those. >> reporter: terror concerns remain high following tuesday's attacks, the belgian government called for a planned rally at the square to be overtime
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pointed to limit the strain on security force. >> we're all over the country in threat level 3. there are inquiries. important inquiries going on. we need lot of police capacity. >> reporter: local media report the suspect wearing a hat is in custody. authorities conducted he several raised sunday which the fred prosecutor office says are connected to a fred case roareding terrorism and police in italy arresting an al engineerian man, used by suspects in the brussels and paris attacks. >> reporter: security remains tight as people make their way to the plaza to mourn those who were killed. in brussels, mike tobin fox news. and easter sunday attack in pakistan killed 65 people and injured at least 300 more. many of those who died are women and children. the explosion happened near the main gate of a park that had
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children's rides and swings. christians. celebrating the easter were crowded in the area when the the plaintiff hit afaction of the taliban is claiming responsibility. police believe a family argument turned violent and a mom and a teenage son are recovering from injuries. >> police are pointing the finger at the woman's husband. joanne pileggi is following developments live from philadelphia police headquarters tonight. joanne. >> reporter: lucy it happened me west philadelphia sadly on easter sunday when apparent domestic dispute turns violent act mother and son ended up in the hospital. police from the 16th district say it started around 1:30 this afternoon in the 800 block of fall instreet. a man was reportedly arguing with his wife and teenage son. the incident quickly escalating. the woman stabbed in the hand and leg. the 13-year-old stabbed three times on both arms. police arrived quickly but neighbors are upset saying it
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shouldn't occur on easter sunday or any time at all. >> i didn't know it was an altercation between family members. >> when i came out the cops had been there and talking to the guy and he was saying that, his wife had just stabbed him or something. and you know, they had him in handcuffs. and the blood was coming, like, running down his arms. >> reporter: police tell us they did recover a knife at the scene. the mother and son being treated for those stab wounds, and the man was arrested and taken into custody. we're live at police headquarters, joanne pileggi fox 29 news. lucy back to you. >> thank you, joanne. delaware, police arrest aed man for driving under the influence for the fourth time. delaware state police got a call yesterday that simian was driving erratically on route 13. troopers say when they pulled him over, they notice alcohol
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and noticed an empty heroin. a search uncovered three more bags of heroin. months before it's set to open the national museum of african-american history and culture is drawing criticism over an exhibit on bill cosby. that exhibit recognizes his work in entertainment but the museum will not address the comedian's sexual assault scandal, so says the new york city cure retains say his work should stand alone, accusers say the museum is insulting. it's set to open in sent. scary moments on passengers aboard a jet blue flight. flight 29 bound for the before a had a mas had a landing gear issue before landing friday in. the plane was forced to make a hard landing when no front landing gear, emergency crews sprayed foam to prevent fire. thankfully no one was injured. gives credit to the pilot for everyone being able to walk
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away. a new restaurant has people lining up. what has people protesting this new spot. this woman in the only celebrating easter, she's celebrating an incredible milestone and she isn't celebrating alone. who sent her a special letter for the occasion. >> it's an idea you might find surprising, not already in place, the new push for bulletproof police cars to protect those who protect us. flu
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. we're hearing from a pennsylvania car salesman. who experienced a close call when a big chunk of ice fell from the sky. the chunk busted through the windshield a car on the sales lot near harrisburg. salesman, was just a few feet away when it happened. >> it was coming in pretty fast. making that noise. you seen those fireworks that spin around. that's the noise it was making. i'm a little shaky, but i'm all right. i guess if i had been a little bit closer it could have hurt me. i'm good. it's basically the same shock you feel when you get no a moon fender-bender. a gas scare forces the evacuation of a philadelphia
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bar. >> let's check out the scene around 1:30 this morning outside the italian restaurants at 2nd and chester in olde city. the carbon monoxide detector was going off in the lounge forcing residents of up upstairs apartments outside. a woman had been cut out of her car after a nasty crash in bustleton early this morning. it happened before 2:00 near the intersection of red lion road. the car took out a utility pole before ending up on it's roof's once they got her out, the driver is in stable condition. norristown two people are recovering after a their car flipped on swede street past 4:00 this afternoon. driver and passenger went to the hospital with minor injuries, no word on what happened. christians around the would recall, of course celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ. the holiest day on the calendar. brian llenas is following
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the celebration around the globe. >> reporter: hope renewed faith, family button in his colorful eggs. first and foremost, christians commemorate the day jesus raw resurrected. st. peter's square, pope sending a hopeful message calling on the would recall not to forget it's my grants and refugees while denouncing the recent terrorist attacks in topic and in belgium. >> may he draw us closer on this easiest feast to the victims of terrorism the blind and brutal form of violence which continues to shed blood in different parts of the world. >> reporter: u.s. and nato troops serving in afghanistan away from their family attending goes temporary group in cobble. believes celebrated easter at a church in the middle of baghdad. christian manipulation there las edwined from 1.5 million to an estimated 275,000 that what many
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call a jen side at the hands of isis terrorist. in ireland a rainbow brightened the sky my clienting hundred years since their easter rising against british rule leading toed ireland's rule of independence. mexicans burned and imupload add ten foot at all of donald trump. president obama also smoking a cuban cigar in an isis fighter. it's all part of their annual holy week celebration. during their ceremony, they set fire their, a system for symbolic way of destroying evil. eight districts compete for the most elaborate. no shortage of diverse ways commemorating this holeiest of weeks. back here at home, kid were in their sunday best but weren't raid to get down and dirty at christ church in olde city. there was no safe space for any egg. may have been hoping to hide on church ground.
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you see the kids making off with baskets filled with those colorful eggs. a texas woman is celebrate herring 106 birthday this easter weekend. that's incredible. >> even one of the most powerful people in the world wrote her a special letter. >> reporter: she's awesome, alice holland reach a huge milestone saturday. alice just turned 106 years young. >> i'm happy i'm still here and i'll stay because i'm i being nice to people, and and i'm happy that i'm still here. and i'm going to hang on. >> reporter: holland celebrated with her close friends and family. in a letter from one of the most famous men on the planet. >> your story is an integral
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part of the american narrative and you have witnessed best of what our nation can accomplish. >> reporter: president obama has been writing her for the last six years. >> through the her years, she's never seen experienced a black person in her life. >> reporter: her family says she's still active and aware of what's going on around her. she credit her good fortune to her good karma. that's something she teachs to everyone she knows. >> her attitude, the way she is, she always says, i here this long because i'm good to people and that is true. you really get your blessings being kind to everybody. you really will. >> she still know you, and you know, that's -- to be 106 and you still know your family and
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your peers that come around you. >> reporter: alice says she's not going anywhere any time soon and 107 is just around the corner. >> incredible. alice's family is hoping to take her to the white house within her lifetime. she is oldest living member of her family. >> a pot belly pig survives a vicious attack by put a pack of dogs while animal group that is help her is upset with the owners. >> after this dog's owner passeded away he got pad news himself. how a group of strangers trying to make his final days happy ones. flu
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. part of central florida looking a bit like a snowstorm hit. about two and a half inches of hail fell in less than an hour, damages cars, windows, houses, strong winds and heavy rain pump emptied the area. residents say the hail backed was the most intense part. >> all of a sudden you start hearing this loud noise against
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the garage door and windows. and is that hail? and then you looked outside and there was a coming down. and then we noticed that the roof came down on the porch. >> after all of that, to injuries reported. terror for a california family when a in an re man kidnap add 2-year-old at knife point. >> ran into a mobile home demanded that the girl be handed over when she sat on her grandfather's lap, they visited the police station after the incident. during the ordeal, the suspect ran into an open door, demanded the toddler be handed over and tried to stab the grandfather when he attempted to resist, the suspect ran out the door with the kid and the grandfather ran to a neighbor for help. >> dialed 911 and quickly started talking to the operator,
6:25 pm
and kind of answering their questions. kind of crazy because we heard screams. he ran off. and i tried getting him but he just -- he was too fast. >> a neighbor was able to figure out where the suspect lived and deputies were able to rescue the girl. the suspect to appear in court wednesday pleaded not guilty. the family says they do not know the man. family members helped to see jaclyn peters singing in a church choir on sunday are instead preparing for a funeral. she was seven months pregnant her boyfriend found her body in their st. louis apartment. detectives say there were no signs of forced entry, no weapons found at the crime scene. so far, they have no suspects. a house in michigan explodes way family inside leaving nothing but debris. why emergency responders say this could have been a whole lot
6:26 pm
worse. >> it's an idea, the bulletproof police cars to protect those who protect us. >> trying to protect you from the rain. you may have seen scenes like this all day, cloudy skies but no rain yet. all about to change, things quiet for now but all of this is moving in our direction, i'll help you plan around it as you start the work week coming up with the complete forecast. flu
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. the vop presidential candidate for taking a break from the campaign trail on this easiest sunday but the rest of the white house hasn't shut down entirely. >> two candidates appearing on sunday talk show to outline on foreign policy. >> reporter: the gop candidates may be off the campaign trail this weekend but after the terror attacks in brussels, national security and foreign policy are fronts and center. on fox news sunday, texas senator ted cruz shot back at president obama for criticizing
6:30 pm
him this week when cruz suggested we patrol muslim communities for add radical individuals. >> it's rich saying barrack obama attack meeting when he just got back from going to a baseball game with the castros celebrating and toasting a communist dicktator who tortures and murders his citizens. >> he also hillary clinton and president obama by failing to stop isis by allowing to it grow with a weak foreign policy. >> this policy of weakness and peace meant doesn't work. the american people are tired of moralizing and lecturing. you notice obama and hillary seem more mad at me. >> reporter: donald trump responded saying he stop sign think europe is a safe place to visit right now and criticized for wanting to allow more refugees into the u.s. after the attack. >> we're allowing thousands of people coming in here, nobody knows where they're from, who they are and they're coming in
6:31 pm
hereby the thousands and let me tell you something, we're going to have problems. >> reporter: trump and cruz are nearly tide in the latest fox polls. trump still ahead by more than 270 delegates. the next primary contact is april 5th where 42 delegates are up for grab, i'm garry, fox news. democratic bernie sanders campaign is just kicked off a series of voter registration across philadelphia. volunteers are meeting with voters to discuss how the senator's policies would affect pennsylvaniaians. yesterday was a very good day for sanders as we want the caucuses in washington, alaska and hawaii, he still trailsly hillary clinton by nearly 300 delegates. >> we take a look at this time laps in wilmington, at least the rain held off for the days festivities. now, on to your fox 29 weather authority. >> morning right now
6:32 pm
festivities. that's key. hope you had a great easter. >> you too. >> hide a few eggs. i can't remember where i put them. cloudy, no rain, nice comfortable temperatures, that's about change. we have rain developing tonight, so it will be around tomorrow morning. mainly tomorrow morning. then that rain clears out, and we will see that wind gust once the rain clears, it's not exactly calm tomorrow. that will bring colder air. one morning very cold. not tomorrow, temperatures are in the 50's. high of 60. only dropping into the upper 40's, but this all rain. it's working its way north, stayed south pretty much all day today. few showers trying to work their way into southern new jersey. then that will all fill in overnight tonight. temperatures before that are well above freezing, will stay
6:33 pm
there, dropping into upper 40's. we will get a little warmer tomorrow. there's two storms we're watching one over the great lakes. the other over north carolina just off the coast of north carolina and virginia trying to pull up the warm air and it would be giving us a lot of rain if it wasn't for this guy stealing the moisture, keeps a lot of this rain off the coast as the two storm move right over the area. here's what it looks timing-wise a lot of the rain is off the coast and starts to fill in right about 6:00. so not everybody seeing rain tomorrow morning. there could be areas in the north and western suburb as it works it's way east. start there and be right about philadelphia by 8:00 or 9:00. rain push throughs throughout the morning maybe few showers by 1:00. this is cold air moving in. showers about 1:00, skies clear then these wind gusts increasing rapid between 1:00 and 6:00.
6:34 pm
continues overnight tomorrow and even tuesday. wednesday the wind dies down a little bit. but that let's these temperatures drop. here's the actual low temperatures for wednesday, this will be the coldest morning, 34 in philadelphia but below freezing and into the 20's in the north and western suburbs. windy monday tuesday morning and tuesday night but the wind dies down, skies clear up. temperatures drop quickly. so we're from 67 down to 34 wednesday. by wednesday afternoon, starting to warm's a little bit and we get warmer thursday and friday, that comes with a little more rain, rainy and mild tomorrow morning. into the 50's, upper 50's then upper 60's. once that wind picks up, the temperatures start to traffic stop and it gets colder. here it is in the seven-day forecast by wednesday morning, 34 degrees. up to 58 in the afternoon. showers coming in on thursday and friday. nice and warm into the upper 60's and 70's. doesn't last because saturday
6:35 pm
and sunday gets a little cooler. could be a snow shower on sunday. no fooling. >> by april? >> have you started planting yet? >> i know because of this. >> they want me to plant flowers. it's going to be cold. >> push it off till may. >> i'm going to wait till mid april, i'm going for it. new restaurant in oregon people lining up outside but it isn't to try the food. what has people protesting this new spot after this dog's owner passed away his life became there much more trying. how a group of strangers are trying to make his final days happy ones.
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. amazing survival story for a michigan family. their home exploded but everyone inside survived, four children and their dad. the explosion threw the dad from the house, one child was stuck under rubble but police saved her. no one seriously hurt. leaving emergency crews stunned
6:39 pm
in the aftermath. >> i agree, i agree a hundred percent, i can't explain it. i was like the second or third one on and i don't understand how we don't have more severe injuries. >> authorities think propane leak set off the explosion. look at that. nobody seriously injured. amazing. the father says he smelled gas in the home before the blast. a pot pelley pig in nevada is on the mend after a pack of dogs attacked her. >> an animal rescue group wants to know why the pig's injuries went untreated for a week. precious was found by animal control outside a house with bites and cuts around the neck and animal sanctuaries spent around $700 on surgery trying to nurse her back to health. one rescuer says she has a lot of questions about how precious was hurt and has concerns about a creating listed a looking to sell her for $300 even with her injuries. >> our vet believes she's got a week living with these injuries. and you know, to not have medical care for that long, it's
6:40 pm
devastating. >> it's a tragedy what happened to the pig. i don't want to be looked at as a person that is out there hurting animals. i'm not with that. that's not me. >> precious is now recovering at the sanctuary. she's expected to be put up for adoption in a few weeks. knew restaurant in portland oregon stirring set up a lot of controversy because of it's name, the colonial is getting attention. some people believe word colonial. the owner says she has no agenda. the vast majority of people support her and the restaurant's name. >> it's an idea you might find surprising. the new push for bulletproof police cars protect those who protect us.
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy.
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today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. katie she doesn't work many hou21 percent less.o. she handles as many customers, puts out as many fires, meets as many deadlines-- not 21 percent less. so why does she make 21 percent less?
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for my daughters and yours, i'll fight for equal pay for women. families need it; you've earned it. and our parents have earned social security and medicare-- i'll protect them. i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn. . here's a concept apparently come has come, police cars that
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are bullet resistant. three police officers have been shot and killed sitting in their patrol cars in the past two years. >> the tragedy prompted authorities to do whatever they can to make police car more secure. >> it's a shocking demonstration of the kind of threats law enforcement faces every day and the kind of protection that could help save lives. armoring vehicles isn't a new concept but technology has advanced to the points where materials are much more light weight and affordable. >> it's a tough job. we got to protect the police officers as much as possible. >> new york city cops have been killed through the windows of their patrol cars in the past two years, now they launched a pilot program putting pollute resist an panels on the doors in at a fraction of the weight and
6:45 pm
cost. >> obviously bullets aren't flying on the streets every day all day, but i would imagine there's extra degree of confidence when usual in a vehicle and you know you are protected. >> that's whole purpose of it to give the cops more protection and make them feel more protected. >> reporter: a maryland armor company called hard wire created the panels the nypd will employ. >> as these new technologies, new fibers become available that for the first time man has surpasseded spider silk, we can create armor materials to light weight and thin, that they can be applied to the average car. >> reporter: ford is offering factory installed ballistic protection is an option. the doors are beefed up with ceramic tile and testing showed it held you mean against small arms long guns and armor piercing ammo. >> several handguns round ranging from .38 caliber up to a
6:46 pm
45 an 12 guage shotgun all on one door. >> they can provide cover to officers under fire, a feature they hope they won't need but grateful to have. if new york, rick leventhal, 476 news. empire is about to come off three-month hiatus and return with new episodes. the first half ended with a whole bunch of cliff hangers. will luke, how will the record compete against cookies record company, lion dynasty. the drama ahead of this week's spring premier. >> reporter: he doesn't have empire when we come back, and there are some unlikely alliances that come back. ronda actually starts working for lucius, and for ca million la which is strange. and you'll see, you know, a lot of the knock-down drag-out
6:47 pm
fights with what happens with a 21-year-old running the company can. so there's obviously a lot of drama going on in the business side also. >> you can watch all of the drama as it unfolds. catch the spring premier of empire wednesday. right now on fox. it's bath time for tian, the giant panda at the national zoo. cameras captured the 275 pound panda taking a dip in the bathtub on friday. i can watch pandas all day. splashing around. washing behind his ears. saw before shaking off excess bubbles. >> that's one of the largest easter egg hunts in florida and organizers find a unique way to spread the eggs. hundreds participating in tampa as kids rushed to the chocolate filled eggs, helicopters hurdle it to the ground and children
6:48 pm
screaming to get the eggs scattered across the football field. parents say it's a great way to celebrate with their kid. >> the kid wanted to come and what do the pants say, you know? yso much fun. >> there's got to be more than 50,000 eggs dropped from the sky. >> they explain they're not real, ok, all right, what would the easter celebration be without peeps for a lot of folks? i've never been a big peeps fan. eric, do you like peeps? in wisconsin they found a new use for famous marsh mellow. the hanging wall art. the annual peep show is now on display. drawing how to people for this run. presidential candidate donald trump and ted cruz made their peep debut as did the grinch. we have all heard of bucket lists. maybe you got one. but what about a dog? .
6:49 pm
>> amy landing introduces us to a dog with terminal cancer making the most of his last days. >> reporter: buddy is having the best day. he loves. >> reporter: out for the stroll, buddy on the left, kyla on the right, dressed off checking off another item on buddy's bucket list. >> we have decided we would create a bucket list and check off the things a pup should do before they pass away. >> reporter: buddy's owner of 14 years and unexpectedly passed away rejoice full animal rescue took him in and dui discovered he has terminal cancer but instead of being sad they decided to make him happy. >> he's come out of a shell. went from a depressed dog to turn into just a happy boy loving the attention. >> reporter: so far buddy has been adopted governor ice cream wolfed down a kid meal at mcdonald and now, complete with pizza and sweet treats. we're here to celebrate his life
6:50 pm
and have great to him. >> how is the day going so far. >> she's playing hard to get but i believe i believe it's going somewhere. >> he may have to propose. i may see some wedding bells in the future. >> reporter: also a way to draw needs, a kyla is 13-year-old mix surrendered to a she would. >> buddy checked off getting adopted from his bucket list, she hasn't yet. >> reporter: if you're considering adopting a dog, think about helping a senior dog like buddy enjoy his last days and his bucket list. >> they may not have as many years as a puppy, they provide second to none. >> here's howard. the headcoach of penn state football team found another job. well, sort of. and the villanova wildcats are back from louisville on campus this time and now look ahead to
6:51 pm
the final four hear from jay wright and players coming up in sports.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
. they're having fun on the villanova campus for the first time since 2009, villanova has made it to the final four. they beat the number one seed in the region, that was kansas last night. they did it but not with their offense. when you hear what they shot last night, you would say how did they win? they shot 40 percent, four from 18 from three but their defense was the game and that was terrific. let's go to louisville. started in the first half, josh hart a lazy pass by kansas, steel's 16 turn overs, a lot in game like this and villanova turned a lot in the first half and with 12 second last
6:54 pm
arcidiacono was the deflection, they win 64-59. final four in houston in the semis, players know not to dwell on what just happened. >> enjoy this for day, once we get back to practice, we'll be focus other the next day and try and get better. >> we're trying to say we're not done yet. we have a couple games left in oklahoma, get a win against them. >> this is something we've been doing all year, you know, just moving on to the next game, and one of the biggest days doesn't mean change what we do. tomorrow as soon as we start practice, start with oklahoma. >> oklahoma after winning last night. it's nice to be back on campus, time to take a breath but you got to get ready for what's ahead. >> that is a great challenge of each level you get. when you get to the tournament, there's a lot of hype and then when you get to sweet 16 it's
6:55 pm
more, when you get to the final four, the more. we can hopefully help the players handle it. >> oklahoma defeated number one seed oregon. the guy that did it, this is in anaheim last night, buddy hield he's got to be a top five in the nba draft. he can flat out shoot. shoots when he's defended, shoots when he's open. he makes a lot of shot, had 37 points last night. the players the best in golf right now, the number one did it again, let's go to as you turn texas. it was the world golf championship. jason day is the new hot day, it was jordan spieth not too long, jason day with his irons and his putting is tremendous. that was on the 9th hole. he goes, it's match play, he goes up three. he's up three and this is where he closes out, louie. jason day, a winner again.
6:56 pm
some penn state fans say their head football coach may not be that good. maybe he found something he's good at. let's go to state college. it is easiest. easter. that bunny is james franklin. instead of taking the stick and hitting whatever the heck you call it, he jumps into it. that, he's good at. coaching a football team, there's a lot of questions. so penn state fans maybe if you push hard enough, you can get him to put out every easter instead of every saturday for a football game. >> he just attack that day thing. >> that's what he's good at. >> there you go. >> be sure to join us tonight for the fox 29 news. a woman interrupt as church service. what she said to the congregation that has police on the look-out for her. you loved them that grease, live
6:57 pm
on fox 29 what the musical just to together that brought one of them to tears. we have snow on the way down the line. got to make sure we say that. >> you mean december? >> maybe a flake. >> you know, all i can hear was that there was a possibility of possible maybe a little wet snow. that is stuck in my head. >> go there on next sunday. come on, howard, back me up here. >> this is ridiculous, stop with the snow. it's howard. >> tell him, howard. >> i'm not going to bring it up. >> stick to your guns. >> that's our news for this sunday evening. a presentation of grease.
6:58 pm
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danny, i don't want the summer to be over, i may never see you again. sandy, don't talk that way. but it's true. i've just had the best summer of my life, and now i have to go back to salt lake. it isn't fair. danny, don't spoil it! it's not spoiling it. it's only making it better. is this the end? don't think about that. just be here in the moment. all that matters is what's happening right now. (studio audience cheering) (grease playing)


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