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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 27, 2016 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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. musical stars julieann ma huff just brought together that brought one of them to tears. a change is coming back as you head back to work and school, new start in 60 seconds. flu . right now at fox 29 a pleasant easter but it could be a tough monday commute.
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spring break coming to an end, deal with rain as we head back to work and school. look at that graphic right now, you can see what's brewing. i'm lucy nolan. >> let's get you over to fox 29 dave warren. dave? >> yes. it is not only just the rain, but also that rain and wind that could be the big issue. >> we're listening. >> future weather, this is showing what's happening here over next few hours. this goes to the current hour, each hour it does show that the rain continue to move in from the south. now, this will just be light rain around in the morning. a lot of the heaviest rain is staying off the coast. showers developing for the morning rush. once this clears out the wind will start to gust. and increase. we're talking about wind gust 40 to 50 miles an hour. that's mild overnight tonight. tomorrow things will start to change. once the rain clears out
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temperatures will go down. we have one morning where you can see this temperatures down to the freezing mark or below. i'll show you that in the seven-day forecast coming up when i come back a little bit later. >> thank you. happening now, one person is recovering after a fight breaks out in the middle of a south philadelphia carnival. this was the scene around 7:30 along packer avenue. police broke up the crowd after being called out and report that someone had a gun. but police say they found nothing to back up that claim. tonight. all looks calm and peaceful outside this home. but earlier today, police say a family dispute turned violence sending a mom and son to the hospital. the husband and father is accused of stabbing them. joanne pileggi is follow them. >> reporter: this is definitely not a happy easter sunday story. it was a domestic situation that ended when a mother and her son were both stabbed in west
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philly. >> i didn't see anything except the cops. >> reporter: cops from the 16th districts in west philly this afternoon called to a home in the 800 block of fallon street. a man reportedly arguing with his wife and teenage son and it escalated. this neighbor did not want to show her face on camera. >> activities, police patrol around here often. you know, they come out as soon as something happens. >> reporter: police arrive but they say the damage was done. officials say an unidentified man stabbed his wife two times and his 13-year-old son three times. >> when i came out of my block, the cops had already been there and they were there, talking to the guy. and he was saying that his wife had just stabbed him or something. you know, they had him in handcuffs. and the blood was kind of running down his arm. >> reporter: neighbors upset saying this shouldn't occur or easter or any time. >> it's a shame when they have
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this at all. >> reporter: police recovered a knife at the scene be again, the man was arrested and taken into custody. the victim, mother and son treated at the hospital for stab wound. none considered life-threatening. >> another philadelphia woman also ended up at the hospital after another violent incident this time a shooting in the city's oxford section. happen just past 4:00 this afternoon a bullet hit the woman in the neck. she's at the hospital. police say in stable condition. they have not yet made an arrest. developing story an easter sunday bomb inning pakistan. a break away faction of the taliban is claiming responsibility for an attack that killed at least 65 people. it happened near the main gate of a park that had children's rides and swings. christian were crowded into the area when the blast hit. many were women and children, 300 people injured.
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tense scene at a and a memorial of tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. protesters clash with police in the belgian capital. a look at how things quickly got out of hand. >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators calling themselves who'll begans showed up at a temporary shrine, mourns watched as police moved in. right police used water cannons to disburse the protesters. they were made up of antiimmigration and activity who were shouting antiisis remarks. >> it was a difficult police operation because lots of families were and kid were here. and we had some difficulty to confine those. >> reporter: terror concerns remain high following tuesday's attacks. the belgian government is call for a planned rally at the square to be postponed to limit the strain on security forces. >> we are still all over the
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country. there are inquiries. important inquiries going on for this inquiries we need a lot of police capacity. >> reporter: belgian media is reported the airport a bombing suspect wearing a hat in this surveillance photo is now in custody. authorities conducted several raised in belgian city sunday and federal prosecutors say those raised are connected to a case of terrorism. but they would not confirm if what investigators found is tide to tuesday's attack. meanwhile, police in italy arrested an man wanted in belgium for his involvement in fake ids used in the brussels and november paris attacks. >> security remains tight at the makeshift memorial honoring the people killed had in tuesday's attacks. a kentucky family says it received confirmation today that two of their loved ones are among the dead. justin and stephanie schultz
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were living in brussels reportedly dropping off a ralph at the airport on tuesday, couple was killed by one of the bomb blasts. in a tweet this evening justin's brother quote justin traveled the world and he left every destination better than when he arrived. lucy. >> so sad. back here at home, a driver and passenger will be ok after a rough ride. in norristown, the car flippeded in the middle of the street. the driver and passenger went to the hospital with minor injuries. no word as of yet on what happened. much more serious crash in bustleton section. firefighters had to cut a woman out of her car after she hit a utility pole and flipped near red lion road. it happened just before 2:00 this morning. police say she is in stable condition. in delaware, police arrested a man driving under the influence for the fourth time. delaware state police got a call
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that someone was driving erratically on route 13. troopers say when they pulled over phillip spear smelled alcohol and noticed a heroin bag. a search uncovered three more bags of heroin, he's now charged with dui and heroin possession. they soon find outer out if an american airlines co-pilot will be charged. he failed two sob sobriety tests. they say he is from pennsylvania in his early 50s, they will turn the investigation over to michigan prosecutors tomorrow. cameras are everybody and delaware a woman using a lost credit card. this woman used the card at a convenience store in selbyville wednesday morning. bought about $50 worth of stuff.
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she was driving a silver minivan such a ford wind star the team returning from louisville. for the first time since 2009, the villanova wildcats are headed to the final four. fans still riding high after last night and couldn't wait to greet the team today and fox 29 sabina kuriakose was there. >> reporter: a triumph return, wildcats back home to nova nation easter sunday after knocking off the tournament's top seed kansas and the south jersey region final last night. >> nice to be home. so nice everybody came out easter sunday. >> on campus, dozens of fans and a cluster of news media greeting the athletes, many still dressed in sunday best. >> enjoy this one, once we get
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back to practice we'll be focused on the next day trying to get better. >> shows how great our fans are, nova nation best fans in the country. tomorrow as soon as we starting practice and go to oklahoma, everything we did up to this point going behind us and we focus on oklahoma. >> reporter: battling it's way into the final four, fifth ever. so close to winning their second national title. fans' players alike can almost taste it. >> they all played well. >> they work so hard to get there. >> reporter: it's not just the players story on the courts that got people excited. it's the narrative of the teams that seen it's share of disappointments, seven years since the last time in the final four. >> you feel great about the kids. then when you -- when they do something like this, the whole world feels great about the kid. >> they're going all the way.
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they're going all the way. >> reporter: so confident. >> yes. >> reporter: that's the attitude not just of the fans but of the players, they just headed inside to rests up for the day. they say despite all of the excitementing their head is still in the game's they're looking forward to winning it all. on the campus of villanova university, sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. . cars cruised out of a dealership and you might have a hard time believing who was behind the wheel. come back. a sermon interrupted by woman's sob story while some church goers roll their eyes, others opened wallets. what they did next has police hot on her trail. mysterious piece of ice in central pennsylvania. a witness describes the odd sound just seconds before the crash. is there, the 6-year-old girl with a lot on her own plate. helping people in need.
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heart warming story. you don't want to miss. for years, i was a laboratory chemist, developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to
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protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message. . christians celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ this easter sunday. the holiest day on the christian calendar. a full house of the cathedral of st. peter and paul in center city. pope francis called on the would recall not to forget it's my grants and refugees while denouncing the recent terrorist attacks.
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in ireland a rainbow bride brightened the sky marking 100 years since the easter rising against british war leading to ireland's rule of independence. this 6-year-old has challenges of her own. today she was focused on other people's struggles and helped organize an easter dinner for the hung angry. brad sattin shows us how. >> reporter: two blocks from the beach in wildwood, the sign outside the pizzeria and restaurant may be easy to miss, but what permeated the inside aside from the food was the love of a 6-year-old girl. a girl who was quick to bring silverware to a man who otherwise would not have had a home cooked meal. even led him in a prayer. >> god is good. >> she to say grace with me. i thought that was cool. >> reporter: 6-year-old girl who
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has autism and seems to be asking what can i do for others? at age two, she gave away her toys and when she saw a family at a grocery store checkout short of cash, her concern turned to food. >> from that point she started wanting to donated to to different food banks. and hoping we can just feed them. >> reporter: today, she did. >> today. >> reporter: they haven't eat eaten in a while and you want to do help them. you've been feeding them. >> yes. >> reporter: what have they been saying. >> thank you. >> reporter: quite often in the form of laughs, this easter act of love much appreciated. >> reporter: they teamed up with the restaurant's owner. >> we stopped along the road and told people seemed to be out for easter to come by.
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>> reporter: and agencies like caring for kids donated the food. today because of her no one did. 200 people served. two dozen volunteered. upward of $2,000 food not bad for a 6-year-old. there was no shortage of easter celebrations around the area this weekend. one of our own fox 29 personalities was the center of a wig holiday event this afternoon. good day alex holley put on her bunny ears and got in a convertible. it's the building 85th year. finally got to see alex. >> yeah. tonight we're hearing from a pennsylvania car salesman who experience add close call when a huge chunk of ice fell from the sky. >> it busted through the
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windshield of a car on it sales lot near harrisburg. the salesman was a few feet away when it happened. >> it was coming in pretty fast. making that noise like you seen those firework that is spin around and make that kind of sound, that's the noise it was making. i'm a little shaky but i'm all right. i mean, i i guess if i had been a little bit closer it could have hurt me. i'm good. basically the same shock when you get no a minor fender-bender. >>. african-american american history and culture is drawing criticism on bill cosby. the exhibit recognizes his work and entertain but museum will not address the comedian's sexual assault scandal so says the new york times. they say his work should stand alone. cosby accuser said it is
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insulting. you decide in the race for the white house and bernie sanders is trying to round up pennsylvaniaians. volunteers plan to make stops at colleges across the city. tomorrow they're going to hold a drive at the university of pennsylvania. the primary is april 26 and, registered democratics can vote for their nominee, republicans for theirs. tomorrow last day to register. independent voters cannot vote. you probably seen this picture in your social media feed. a picture of a grandfather looking sad because his grandchildren didn't show up for dinner. fox meredith shows us, he got a big surprise this weekend. >> hundreds rushed to oklahoma from literally all over. >> we came from houston. >> des moines iowa. >> we love you, pa pa. >> why would we not drive five
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hours to go see somebody else's grandfather. >> this is kenny harmon but you might know him as pa pa. >> i lived in the area all my life. >> reporter: what did you do. >> an iron work for approximately 38 years. >> reporter: now, he's an internet sensation. but it took him a little while to figure it out. >> i didn't know about the story for 24 hours. i'm not on facebook. i'm not on social media. >> after his granddaughter kelce tweeted this famous video. >> i didn't know what she was doing. >> reporter: the nation embraced him. >> nobody showed up to his dinner and i was like what if no one showed up to had list cook-out? >> reporter: his grandparent explaining to do. >> i actually had a different obligation that i had plan add week before that. when he called me, i told him that i would be there thursday because it all happened
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wednesday. >> three of them had an excellent excuse because they didn't know about it. >> reporter: the family's main mission for today to remind us all about the importance of your family. >> you need to call your grandparents and say you love them and take them out because it is, it will come to an end. >> everybody needs attention. that includes grandma and grandpa. >> he has a good comment. three of the kids didn't know about it. i love the fact that he said i'm not on facebook. it worked out for grandpa i'm happy. >> even my dad is on facebook, just saying. >> huge mistake what homeowners heart broken a demolition company ended up at the wrong house. >>'s. a couple discovered a huge mess on their porch.
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was it caused by wild party or something else? the culprits that caused the homeowners jaws to drop.
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. group of ten thieves pull off a car hike in florida. two guys break in a a tampa car dealership by smashing a window, took off with a box of keys and passed them out to the others, the thieves drove eight cars out of the lot after another member of the group ran the van into the exit gate. some of the stolen cars had been recovered but they're still on the run. a girl died in an accident at an easter fare in great brita britain. lifted the bounce house in the air about 30 miles north of london. the police have arrested a man and a woman on suspicion of manslaughter. a massive mistake in north texas when demolition crews tear down the wrong home. the company ending up
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demolishing. . the wrecking team went to the wrong address. it was a heartbreaking discovery for the owners. >> when i did get here, i was just in shock, disbelief, hoping it was a really bad joke. somebody messing with me. sure enough, it was gone. >> your heart since first. and just because we felt so bad for lindsey and mr. cutter, that we made this mistake. we're going to make it right. we're definitely going to do right by both homeowners. >> you heard him. the demolition company is working with the insurance company to cover the costs of rebuilding the home. heads up helicopters are dropping egg at one of the largest hunt in florida. hundreds participated in the massive egg hunt in tampa this weekend.
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children rushing in to grab the chocolate filled eggs as a chamer hurled the candy to the ground. children screamed with excitement as they rushed. the eggs are scattered across the football field and there were no injuries. a woman interrupt as church service to tell a hard story. what she did next got them searching for her. >> what brought julieann to tears? >> when you wake up a little change, temperatures about the same but the skies they will be filled with rain coming down, rain starting off the day tomorrow with a light breeze. that breeze changes as the rain moves out. timing, what to expect coming up in the seven-day forecast next.
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. live look at the ben franklin parkway, very nice night in the city. 47 degrees, but changes are coming. fox 29 dave warren will be here to talk about rain and wind for
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monday and what's coming up for the rest of the week in minutes. a virginia couple got a big surprise when they glanced out the window. >> they say looked like somebody had a wild party on their patio and didn't invite them. they were partly right. two bears made the mess and they were still hanging out thursday morning feet from the back door. not too far from washington, dc, not the middle of the woods. >> it's a residential area. homeowner says she believes it was a mother bear and her cub. >> they had stolen a bag of bird seed from our cabinet and dragged it into the woods, so the baby went over and was playing with the bag and eating from the bag for a little while and kind of roamed around. eventually disappeared. >> they police say two bears were seen in the neighborhood. their advice? keep a respectful distance. church was in full swing when a woman walked in and
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interrupted the service in georgia and told the congregation. george franco has the story. >> the nerve. i could see in her eyes was roaming. i knew something was up. i just had the feeling that she was. >> he followed woman outside after she convinced the congregation to give him about $400 cash. he got her tag number and truck description which he handed over. >> she interrupts the preacher while he's preaching and says i'm sorry to interrupt you but my daughter was killed in an accident in ohio and i don't have money to get there to see about her. they took an offering up about $400. >> reporter: he says they prompted this be on the look-out for james david.
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the woman who the she ever says convinced the congregation. he says it's not the first time spun a tail out of church for money. >> how many churches do you believe. >> i don't know three here. >> they face charges of theft by deception. the pastor who wouldn't go on camera said she contacted him with an offer to pay back the money. nonetheless, the congregation came here to vote on whether or not to prosecute the couple. >> i believe they should be. otherwise, they're going to try to take advantage of someone else. >> well, the congregation ready to prosecute the couple. sheriff's office now searching for other victims at other churches. agrees live co stars can't seem to get enough. it showing some of the performers. on instagram. huff saying speech less overwhelmed with emotion right
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now that i can't even talk about what i just witnessed without bursting am i teams. hamilton tells the story of hamilton using hip hop. on your radar, rain. >> not a lot of sun this year, but this was at christ church, kids out in their sunday best. wasn't too bad out there. >> i was just thinking, you said president alexander hamilton. it's the play. i got it now. it took me awhile. isn't that lovely? this is what your kids were doing today, dave warren. >> like feeding the birds, scattered the eggs. helicopter wasn't available. so. >> didn't sign a release. >> you didn't have the chopper. >> no we didn't have a chopper. they found them. temps was nice and comfortable. wasn't bad. just cloudy but rain developing. that's coming in tonight. rain will be round mainly
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morning. wind picks up gusting to 40. 47 right now could drop down to 46. we hit 60 despite the clouds today. there it is, a lot of rain over north carolina and virginia. that will skirt by just to our east. west of that we're seeing showers develop. this will fill in and work it's way north over the next few hours, it will be hereby the time you wake up one or two showers along 95 right now. slowly moving north and we'll continue to fill in as it moves into this area. we'll stay in the mid 40's, not dropping down anywhere near the 30's. this will just ab cool wet morning tomorrow with temperatures into the 40's and 50's. 60's to the west. that's a warmer air try to be pulled up but the low off the coast, these two storms not really helping each other. they're working against each other. it's not really a lot of rain we're talking about. it will slowly start to fill in. briefly heavy at times. 6:00 in the morning, it's not
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everywhere. it's working it's way through the area between 6:00 and 9:00. look for rain developing. could be heavy at times. showers will pass by about 4:00 or 5:00. this when things start to change. the rain clears out but these are the wind gusts increasing dramatically into the 40's. mid 40 wind gust and that will bring in colder air. the seven-day forecast 67 to 54 and it die down by wednesday morning. but the temperature drop into the 30's. easily into the on this matter 20's in the suburbs. a cold start wednesday morning. gets a little warmer on thursday, friday, 65 with that rain ending now colder air is moving in and it could be just cold enough when we see a passing light snow shower. >> passing the key word there. >> all right. that will do it for us tonight. >> keep it right here for sports sunday, of course.
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♪ ♪. tonight on sports sunday, now that villanova has made it to the final four, what's next for the wildcats? the headcoach and the players talk about moving to that next step. and what's next for the eagles after the owner owners meeting last week? what heck was chip kelly trying to spin at the meeting? and what is that that the eagles need and what happened with the pick in the draft. dave joins us in the studio coming up on sports sunday.


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