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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  March 30, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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right now candles and tears remembering a local teen killed by a driver who just kept on going. dozens of people showed up tonight at this vigil in camden for 16-year-old quasan turner. he was crossing the street when a car hit him and sped away. and tonight's vigil his family staying strong for those who loved him. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. that driver now arrested thanks to a passenger in her car. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at tonight's vigil and joins us live at pennsauken police department. shawnette? >> reporter: well, a tearful vigil was held tonight for that pennsauken high sophomore. in the meantime, police say the woman who hit him is behind bars after family member turned her in. >> it feels good to know that everybody impacted by quasan he was a good person. he was great person. it's not even words to describe how mazing he was. >> reporter: family and friends of 16-year-old quasan turner turned out in large numbers for a candlelight vigil
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tonight at mcgraw park in camd camden. the pennsauken teen was killed in a hit-and-run last night. >> on the ground crying screaming why, why this ham. that was me earlier. i can see myself doing it now. because that's my brother. he wouldn't want that. why he want somebody to cry when he's not in pain. he's not down there. he's up in heaven next to god. >> reporter: stuart turner is his brother he showed heartfelt words during the vigil to console others grieving the loss. he urged the crowd not to hate the woman who took his brother's live. >> she did what she did by leaving the scene, maybe she would have been there he could probably still be here. something better could happen. we not a family of hate. >> reporter: 11:30 last night when quasan was hit trying to cross route 130. police later found the driver. identified as 40-year-old susan highland after her 19-year-old niece a passenger in the car called 911 after her aunt fled to a home near 29th and clinton in camden.
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quasan's family says they're thankful for her actions. >> that was her family. she did the right thing even though that was family. >> reporter: as the crowd tonight held balloons and made posters in quasan's memory those who loved him vowed never to forget him. >> everything i do will be dedicated to him. from here on out until i die and see him again. >> reporter: and police also tell us that woman tried to run out of the back door when they arrived at the home to arrest her. they also say that she was driving on suspended license when she hit quasan. lucy, back to you. >> heartbreaking. all right, shawnette. skyfox over a home that caught fire late tonight. you can see firefighters on the roof of the house on the 1100 block ofness system avenue northeast philadelphia. the fire started about 8:30. firefighter doctors have it under control in about half hour. but medics rushed four people to the hospital. we do not know their conditions. we don't know what started that fire as of yet. on your radar temperatures dropping again. here's live look from wilmington
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tonight. you'll want to break out that winter coat in the morning because most of us will be at freezing. you might not realize it though looking at these people out playing soccer in t-shirts and shorts in south philly tonight. but scott, they'll have that jacket on tomorrow. >> iain that winter coat will come in handy especially tomorrow morning when temperatures pretty much area wide will dip to freezing or below. right now, it's already 49 degrees in philadelphia. clear skies, winds not as blustery out of the north northwest at about 10 miles per hour. already 33 degrees in the pocono mountains. 40 in allentown. we have 47 degrees currently in millville. but watch the clock much as we go hour by hour, by tomorrow morning, at 6:00 a.m., we're looking at freezing in trenton. 32 degrees, 32 in atlantic city. upper 20s in reading. what about 33 degrees in around the philadelphia area. so a cold start tomorrow. temperatures in center city in the low 30s. by the afternoon, a high temperature of 60 degrees. so a little milder. so once again those winds are
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diminish get ready for a winter feel overnight but a warmup is ahead believe it or not we have 70s back in that seven day forecast. we'll time out that plus chanc s for rain coming up. back to you. >> all right, scott, thanks. make sure you're ready to walk out the door in the morning with the fox 29 weather and task authorities from the latest forecast to any problems out there on the roads you can watch sue serio and bob kelly starting at 4:00 a.m. new developments to night in a video leaving many absolutely disgusted. those are young children swearing, spitting at and even hitting passengers on a septa train. the video posted on facebook to add insult to the injuries, no adults stepped in to stop it even the adult riding with them. tonight, septa police tell us they have found the boys and their parents and are helping them with social services. our bruce gordon spoke to septa riders about this stunning vid
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video. >> reporter: video posted on facebook apparently by the passenger who shot the footage and was the target of some of the abuse lasts just a minute and a half. long enough to make you wonder what's happened to our society. >> bleep. bleep. >> reporter: we've bleeped every f bomb and n word uttered. we showed the unedited footage to frequent septa riders the look on their faces gives you some idea of what they saw. >> are you serious they're just kids. >> oh, my god! >> wow! >> septa officials tell us an adult female caregiver boarded the mark frankford el with several young children at second and market around 7:30 last thursday night. the children are seen running a muck, swearing at fellow passengers, spitting at the adults around them in the case of one tiny terror, punching the videographer in the groin while screaming insults. all as the adult caregiver makes a feeble attempt to stop the chaos. >> watch your language.
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>> reporter: even as the group leaves the el the abuse continues more swearing, more spitting more punching. >> i guess the septa patrons around them are subjected to whatever they dish out because people are that are supposed to be taking care of them aren't handling them. >> oh, wow. that's just -- that's not right. i would say that's bad apparently. >> reporter: not supposed todd to be like that. >> no, have respect. >> reporter: city lawmaker was blunt. >> it shown our loss of humani humanity. that simple? >> yeah. >> i don't think you have to be a suit sayre to be able to tell these kids are headed down a bad path. >> reporter: the goal is to change that path. to turn these kids around before this kind of incident becomes even more disturbing. even more violent. iin the newsroom, bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> new castle county investigators trying to track down whoever is setting trailer homes on fire.
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the latest this afternoon in newark trailer park started just before 5:00 tonight. and damaged nine vacant traile trailers. one firefighter had to go to the hospital. but that firefighter is in good condition. this is the fifth fire since january of last year. investigators have ruled all of them arson and say the people behind them are also damaging fire hydrants in the area. so firefighters cannot get the water they need to fight the flames. authorities in egypt say the highjacking of an egypt air jetliner is not an act of terrorism but it is raise something questions about security in that country. police say 59-year-old saaed mu staffa threatened to blow up a flight from egypt to carey. he claimed to be wearing explosive belt which turned out to be fake. the flight ended uplanding in cyprus where everyone did get off safely. now the incident though has some concerned about egyptian airport security. >> this just somebody who had an issue and caused great distress for everybody or did somebody get through what should be an
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security protocols in the region and able to get explosive on board an airliner? >> the man wrote a note to his ex-wife when he landed. police describing him as psychologically unstable. he is now locked up in facing a number of charges. traffic moving again on the pennsylvania turnpike after this fiery wreck. officials say a tractor trailer crashed and caught fire at the toll plaza right near the delaware river bridge in bucks county around 9:00 this morning. nobody is injured. the state had dee economic that toll in january and it is now slated for determination. it's a scam that police from all over our area are investigating tonight. elaborate speeding ticket scam they say people in our area are getting e-mails demanding payment. >> but police say it's all bogus. chris o'connell tells us what you need to know so you're not a victim. >> reporter: police say what makes this scam so alarming is the amount of accurate information being sent to the victims. police here in tredyffrin township police hackers are responsible and they're using
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traffic and navigation smart phone applications we use every day. drivers around chester county are getting more than directions from their gps apps these days. some in tredyffrin township are getting fake speeding tickets coming to their e-mail box. you were caught on camera speeding. you must pay a stiff fine. but police say those e-mails are fake. >> it is crazy. like people watch us all the time. they have access to us all the time. >> reporter: so far at least three people in tredyffrin township got the e-mails that look surprisingly real. hackers are using real victims names, township, road and speed they were driving. but police say the clickable attachment that comes with the e-mail is actually a malware virus. that is automatically installed on your computer. >> turn left and then turn right. >> reporter: police say hackers are probably getting to their victims by using traffic or navigation apps most of us use on our smart phones.
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the e-mails have come from the address citation at save the police warn it's anything but safe. corey uses gps apps on his phone and wonder what is this digital world has come to. >> i would like to know who is you? how did you get to me? why did you get to me? >> reporter: investigators can't say for sure exactly which smart phone apps these hackers are using and they're also reminding people that police do not send traffic citations through e-mail. in tredyffrin township, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. motorcyclist speeds right past this cop going close to 90 miles an hour. starts a wild chase. who the mystery man is behind the throttle that shock officers. a cop in big trouble tonight because of what he was keeping in his squad car. what landed the officer in handcuffs. plus a woman hears the weird noise coming from the dumpster by her apartment. she thinks it's a toy. >> i think god was just telling me something.
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don't stop. keep digging. fine out. make sure. >> reporter: what she found buried under dozens of trash bags she calls divine intervention. and most of us have at one time or another been rather annoyed with our fellow airline passengers. what one woman did with her ponytail that set a man off at 35,000 feet.
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>> breaking news. a 14-year-old boy is in the
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hospital after police tell us he was shot in the back. skyfox is live over the scene right now. this happened within the hour along the 300 block of north 60th street. police rushed the scene to presbyterian hospital where he is in extremely critical condition. investigators are still looking for the shooter. we of course will bring you any updates as soon as we get them. scary sight on septa. a passenger spotted someone today with this gun and that rider followed law enforcement is famous mott tecce something, say something. >> septa officers then acted quick toll make an arrest and this is not the only case of transit police nabbing suspects with guns today. dave schratwieser live in spring garden septa station tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, that see something say something slogan along with some good police work got this job done today. got those two weapons off the trains. one of them was a 357 magnum. the arrest came before anyone got hurt. when the el train pulled into the spring garden station tuesday, septa police were
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waiting to intercept the train after they got a tip that a man with a gun was on board. >> we have a number of guns that are out there on the street and one of the biggest things that we always ask for the public's help. >> reporter: police moved in and arrested a man that matched the tipster's description. he was carrying this ruger handgun. >> giving us those tips and that little bit of information can go a long way. >> once you make a decision to pull that trigger you can take that back. >> reporter: few hours later, philadelphia and septa police teamed up to get another gun at the somerset septa station. it happened police say just moments after a young woman on the 2100 block of east or lean street was robbed of her i-pad and alcohol inside a home here. >> 24th district officers responded to the incident. they provide nash information. >> reporter: minutes later the three suspects were nabbed. police found this loaded 357 magnum in a book bag along with a stolen i-pad and the booze. the three suspects were about to board a septa train to make their get away. >> quick response by 24th district officers, good communication with septa police,
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and good response to be able to get these guys and get another weapon off the streets. >> reporter: paul small wood rides septa every day. he was glad to hearty suspects and their guns were off the streets. >> families travel and on these trains today. i travel on the train every day. i don't want to get stuck up and get stuff taken. >> milton rides the el every day, too. the last thing he wants to see is a guy with gun on septa. >> no, we don't want to see no loaded guns. there should be metal detectors or something. >> bottom line we have to get the guns off the streets. too many of them out there. >> reporter: four suspects arrested in these two separate incidents are facing charges to night. septa police took to twitter to thank the alert rider for helping them out in the first case ton a known nouns the arrest and show off that gun in the second case. lucy? >> all right, thank you, dave in trenton, new jersey state police are in perfect formation ahead avenue very special mass at saint mary of the as assumption cathedral. annual blue mass sends up prayers for the safety of all law enforcement officers.
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it also honors fallen officers and their families and during his sermon the priest spoke about having faith during difficult times. >> we gather here in our cathedral in trenton represen representing every tradition, the very levels of law enforcement throughout the state of new jersey. we -- you, you give witness to hope. >> authorities say 600 representatives of the law enforcement community traditional al tendon the mass. a smokey drive on the rows vessel boulevard today. this car burst into flames right near welsh road this morning in northeast philadelphia. this video was taken right before firefighters got there on the scene to get things under control. no one was hurt. model janice dickinson's defamation lawsuit against bill cosby should move forward that's according to a los angeles judge. dick kipp son sued cosby after he denied her claims he drugged and raped her in 1982.
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cosby's attorneys argued dickinson's story changed over the years much the judge says she was not assessing the credibility of dickinson or cosby but rather that will be up to jury. dozens of women accused cosby of sexual abuse. he is charged with sexually assaulting a former temple university worker in montgomery county in 2004. decades after the vietnam war, local veterans finally got their celebratory homecoming today. 's tribute honored the service members who sacrifices were not always appreciated by their fellow americans, because of unpopular war. bill anderson was at the ceremony. >> i remember back in the vietnam days when i came home on leave, there were some folks wouldn't even talk to us. >> reporter: officials call it the long overdue welcome home that they deserve and today they got it. philadelphia area vietnam veterans were honored in a ceremony at the national guard armory. >> because of the climate in this country when they returned from being deployed overseas,
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they came back and not too many people went out of their what to thank the service members for their service. so 50 years later, it's time. >> reporter: friends, family and respectful strangers gathered to say thank you after 50 years and to many of the veterans it was a show of appreciation that they never felt before. >> they made us feel ashamed for what we had done. serving our country and shedding our blood. >> it's a healing process for the amount of, um, pain and anguish we went through. >> reporter: there were long lines of applause, hasn't shakes, hugs and tears and some family members who came to represent their loved ones who didn't live to see this long overdue show of appreciation. >> i'm here repping my father who unfortunately left us three years ago. he was proud of his service, and this is -- i guess, parade he never got. >> several speakers praised local vietnam veterans and each veteran received a certificate of recognition.
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all of that was appreciated. but more than that, the veterans seemed touched that after 50 years, they finally received a welcome home. kind of brings tears to your eyes because it's wonderful to see all these folks out here remembering all of the suffering and contributions their veterans have done. >> reporter: it was touching to see the level of appreciation that they received today. it wasn't about debating the merits of the war. it was about showing them that even after 50 years their sacrifices have not been forgotten. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. a bizarre scene plays out in this neighborhood. that's a car hanging from a utility pole. the driver stuck inside. the mystery cops can't figure out about this crash. a grandmother is countering up the bullet holes in her home. targeted with her grandchildren asleep inside. >> somebody shooting up my house. i'm scared now. i can't sleep.
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>> gunmen weren't done. what they told this grandma when they came back. plus july row to decorate your thigh? new one seat getting a lot of attention. the real reason they want to you take a close look. note with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for work zones tomorrow. southbound lanes at 295 heading into bellmawr they're also going to be working during the day along route 42. and then midday work north on i-95 between center city up past bridge street all the way up to cottman avenue. so northbound tomorrow a hot mess after 9:00 a.m. sue is turning off the wind and turning up the sun. weather and traffic when we see
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ >> this video enough to make your heart skip a beat. check it out. police in gibson county tennessee say speed was factor in this crash that left that car hanging from utility pole. the woman driving the car was trapped up there for nearly two hours before crews were able to lower her to the ground. incredibly she's not seriously hurt but police are still not quite sure how the car got caught up in all those wires. >> that is nuts. oscar winning actress duke
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passed away at the age of 69. her age says the actress died early this morning of sepsis from a ruptured intestine. she won an oscar at the age of 16 for her role as helen keller in the miracle worker. she played identical cousins on the patti duke show. >> after police say he assaulted a reporter. police in jupiter, florida released this security video they say shows what happened at a trump rally earlier this mon month. former reporter michelle fields was trying to ask the gop frontrunner a question she says campaign manager corey lou want do you ski grabbed her and almost made her fall. trump stands by his guy aig he's absolutely innocent. massachusetts community rallying behind a new mom in heartbreaking situation. >> her husband died hours before she gave birth to their twins. 39-year-old deena tribbey an
3:25 am
know died unexpectedly in his sleep at his home friday night. doctors still don't know what happened. the next day his wife sue gave birth to their healthy baby boys caleb peter and jacob dino. >> this was the happiest time of his life was to wait for those babies to be born ton see her be a mother and him to experience being a father g she's getting all the sport she needs. but she's heart broken because they were the love of each other's lives. >> friends set up a good fund me account to raise money for sue and her boys. so far donors have raised more than $50,000. cop in some trouble tonight thanks to what he was keeping in his squad car. what landed the officer in handcuffs. it looks like an emergency on a world class beach. tourists thought someone had crash. why this was not what it seems and it seems like we'll get cold, scott? >> we really are. we're looking at temperatures dropping two or below freezing
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for most tonight, lucy. strike twooday in the the upper [crowd cheers] ♪ strike three out two down out there two down [crowd cheers]
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♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] [male announcer] sometimes, coming home can be a battle in itself. our wounded warriors need everyone's support to meet the challenges they face every day. the uso provides every american a way to support them and their families. it's how all of us, as a community, can give something back to our heroes. it's how we can say thank you and assure them that their sacrifice is recognized and appreciated by every one of us. what? it's good to be back. join us. visit to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our wounded warriors and their families.
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the uso. until every one comes home.
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right now 10:30fbi on the hunt for bank robber it considers armed and dangerous. agents want to find this man. they say he's behind three bank robberies in center city. the most recent robbery was two weeks ago at the first trust bank on market street right around 15th. the fbi thinks this same man robbed two other banks in july of october of last year. he does the same thing every time. passing the teller a threatening note before getting away with the money and the fbi says so far his disguise is baseball cap and sunglasses. police in new castle county, delaware are investigating a disturbing find. inside a restaurant bathroom. state police are saying that an employee of mow's southwest grill along kirkwood highway in wilmington found small digital camera inside the woman's bathroom. the worker told investigators the camera was positioned to take pictures of women using one of the toilets. police are now working to try to figure out who put that camera
3:30 am
there. new information tonight in the deaths of four people who lived in a wilmington apartment building. investigators say exhaust pipes designed to let the carbon monoxide were rusted and chanc chanced. the department department of natural resources and environmental control made the discover roo when investigators toward the evergreen apartments yesterday. on friday police officers do a welfare check found four people in two apartments all had passed on. authorities have yet to release an official cause of death but suspect carbon monoxide poisoning. in florida, a police officer is in trouble with the law arrested for what fellow officers say he was stashing in his squad car. >> fox's david williams spoke to the police chief who kill still can't believe what happened. >> i'm speechless. >> reporter: police chief greg graham is embarrassed and just can't believe one of his own officers was arrested for having a stash of pot inside his police cruiser. >> it's disbelief how anyone
3:31 am
could be, um, that stupid to do something along those lines. as a sworn police officer. >> reporter: 26-year-old officer jeremy hall was being watched by his own department after they got tip he was smoking weed with a man who lived in this rv park. investigators used gps to track him and found out his car was at the address 13 times. >> i saw the officer here plenty of time. he was in uniform with car. sometimes he wouldn't be in uniform. >> reporter: report says haul was on duty on friday when the two investigators watched him walk into the trailer. they waited for him to come out. then discover the pot in his c car. and suspended him. >> we don't have any proof that he was using on duty but we certainly believe that he was. we're not trying to hide anything by any stretch, and anything else that goes on around here we try to be as transparent as we possibly can. ocala taxpayers are surprised. >> it makes me angry, because
3:32 am
those type of people are representing and protecting myself, my family and my children. >> this is the people you saying supposed to be protecting and serving. >> reporter: there are three cases hall was working on that are now in question because of the officer's arrest. >> police chief tells fox's david williams the officer no longer works for the department. scott williams looking -- work very hard tonight. looking at what's going on in our area. looks like a lot of cold stuff. >> it really is lou cease and iain. clear skies right now. the wind not as blustery as yesterday. the perfect combination for to tumbling temperatures right now at the airport it's 49 degrees. winds out of the north northwest at about 10 miles per hour. once again, those winds contin continuing to die down remember last night those winds will really how long across the area. so cold conditions overnight. by tomorrow afternoon, temperatures a little warmer. 70s even by thursday and friday. and then as we move toward the second half of the weekend and
3:33 am
early next week, colder air will move back in. so once again, we are dry and quiet. high pressure in full control. so we'll stay dry at least until thursday night into friday. but look at those temperatures right now dropping into the 40s. 43 degrees pottstown. 44 wilmington. 30s already in the pocono mountains and we have 45 degrees in atlantic city. but watch the clock much as we progress toward tomorrow morning, look at those temperatures dropping right around freezing for most. so you'll need your heavier winter jacket early tomorrow morning. we're looking at um per 20s in lancaster along with reading. 32 in wrightstown. millville about 32 degrees. so here's the setup. high pressure tomorrow, a cold start a milder afternoon, a lot of sunshine. so have the shades as well but as we move toward your thursday out ahead of our next system winds out of the south and west will allow the temperatures to climb into the low 70s and then by thursday night we're watching thicker clouds and rainfall
3:34 am
chances moving in. it looks like a wet start to your friday across the area as that front continues to pull through. we'll likely see about a quarter of an inch of rainfall out of that. now, temperatures tonight, mostly clear, cold, we're looking at 20s north and west. low 30s in the city. a lot of sunshine tomorrow with that cold start and high temperatures topping out around 60 degrees. the pollen levels are going to be going up over the neck sever days as well. keep that in mine and as we move toward the next seven days, look at the 70s on thursday. 72 degrees. clouds roll in showers thursday night into friday. still pretty mild, 70 degrees on friday. a cooler breeze on saturday. highs around 60 and then look at sunday into early next week. high temperatures only in the upper 40s. and tuesday, looking at some rain across the area. it could be cold enough especially the hee high valley and poke now mountains with that system for a few flurries.
3:35 am
>> no, it's not an april fool's type joke. >> that's right. but it's north and west, right. >> yeah. not big deal. >> all right g. thank you, scott. >> it will melt. it is a big deal to you. >> just to hear it in april. all right. thank you, scott. motorcyclist speeds right past this cop goes going close to 90 miles an hour. starts a child chase. who the mystery man is behind the throttle that shock officers. >> money rescued from police trying to pull this guy to safety. why officers were looking for him in the first place. most ofs have at one time or another been annoyed with our fellow airline passengers. what one woman did with her ponytail that
3:36 am
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♪ check this out. in houston suspect jumps into a money river after leading officers on chase. then, the man had to depend on officers to get him out. suspect is jose orta of the chase all started after his friend was pulled over because he had some warrants. orta was a passenger when his friend was being arrested he jump into the driver's seat and tried to take off. he's now facing weapons and drug charges. n your money tonight, cans of campbell's products will be missing something. the camden based company says it's removing the chemical bpa
3:39 am
from the lining of cans by the mill of next year. the change comes after concerns chemical raises the risk of cancer among other health issu issues. the fda says bpa is safe at current levels in food. other people. campbell says it's gravy soups, swanson broth and spaghetti o's will make the switch. >> there's jewelry for the gap between women's thigh. a student in singapore designed this website hoping to lure people in with the promise to hang off woman's hip bone. the pieces are priced up to 195 bucks on its website. sun a little odd? the company actually doesn't really exist. the website takes customers to what appears to be a check out page but instead of paying, users see a message that says the site's mission is to start debate on unrealistic body images for trade on social med media. we've all been there on flight that passenger near you just does something that just gets on your nerves?
3:40 am
>> that's when i have a bloody mary. one woman's ponytail was enough to push one man on to twitter with a bit of a rant, iain. he posted this picture, okay, showing how the woman in front of him put her long hair over the back of the seat covering his in night tv he tweeted. even vent add whole new way to be awful at 35,000 feet. a whole bunch of suggestions on twitter on how to handle it from cutting her hair off to asking her to move it. somebody in the studio recommended using it as a hand towel. the later tweeted he was finally able to get her attention and she did move the ponytail. >> could always just talk to her. >> right. grandma counts the bullet holes in her home targeted with her grandkids inside. but the garage gunmen weren't done. >> a woman heard a strange noise comincoming by the dumpster fror closet. why she thinks it was divine
3:41 am
3:42 am
3:43 am
♪ u.s. department of justice says pest control company term minnick agreed to pay $10 million for using restrictive pesticides inside
3:44 am
residences in the us virgin island. you might remember this guy and his family got sick while vacationing in the islands in march of 2015. the company will pay $10 million in fines restitution for using toxic products. the epa banned those products more than 30 years ago. n florida, dash cam video shows race between 22 bikers with speeds as high as 100 miles an hour. police say an off duty officer and his girlfriend were the ones they were chasing. they both tried to get away but tiffany later showed up at the hospital after crashing her bike. brush took off because she was scared and did not want her boyfriend to get caught since he's a cop. both now face charges. >> this is a very, very serious charge. and it's nothing we're taking lightly. i can't even describe how serious it is to us. >> officer francis downey on paid administrative leave during the department' investigation. florida grandma counts the
3:45 am
bullet holes in her home. someone drove up and opened fire. she was asleep inside with several of her young grandchildren. >> she says the guys the same ones came back with a message. we spoke with that grand month. >> there was a hole here. bullet hole here. >> reporter: she counts five bullet holes. >> and with each one, gwendolyn bryant counts her blessing. >> i thank god my grandson didn't die. he got shot in the arm and the leg. >> reporter: her 18-year-old grandson was sitting on her porch thee am saturday when someone rammed his parked car on purpose. >> i don't know what's going on. i was asleep. i heard the car crash. >> reporter: several minutes later the sim car came back and someone opened fire. >> somebody shooting up my house. >> reporter: six people were in her home inn clueing two other grandkids just five and eight years old. and this 64-year-old grandmother still can't believe it. >> i'm scared now. i can't sleep. i can't sleep.
3:46 am
i'm scared somebody going to come back and shoot one of my grandkids. >> reporter: family friend says the whole neighborhood is shaken up. >> this is diverse neighborhood with very little problem. you now someone is trying to take over. >> reporter: her grandson is okay but the ordeal might not be over. she says someone called treat 10 to go kill everyone in the house if they talk about what happen happened. >> and that is -- i got babies in there. i got babies. >> reporter: that's why she call police any way. detectives don't think this was random shooting but they aren't elaborating this grandmother wants whoever did this in jail or at the very least -- >> leave us a loan. i don't know was. i don't care to know you. just let me rest in peace with my grandchildren and my childr children. >> that grandmother is hoping someone who knows the shooter will call police and turn them in. >> all was not as it seemed on waikiki beach in hawaii. take a look it seems like a small plane crashed right on the beach. it was really, though, the set
3:47 am
for the cop show hawaii five-o row. folk on the beach took photos and videos of it sitting on the sand thinkin thinking the carefy crafted set was an actual crash site. >> a woman here's a noise coming from a a dumpster. she thought it was a toy. she calls it divine interception an newborn baby is alive and safe thanks to her ax. fox's tom, explains. >> i just kind of fell to my knees and started crying. >> reporter: before she heard her own crys paula andrews heard the cries of a newborn baby coming from a trash compactor friday night. >> don't know writ came from but i'm so glad god sent moo he there to find that baby. >> reporter: another woman first heard the cries but thought they were coming from a baby doll. she felt somebody wasn't right. she call 911 in her easter dress and high heels she jumped in the dumpster full of garbage. >> i had this motherly instinct.
3:48 am
i think -- i think god was just telling me something. don't stop. keep digging. find out. make sure. >> reporter: paula ripped away about 20 full bags of trash and lift add large microwave to fine the new baby boy underneath it covered in blood with the cord still attach but surprisingly alive. >> i just want to do make sure it was not doll. i was totally shocked when i found out it was baby. >> reporter: medics quickly check the baby out warmed him up before rushing him to provence regional medical center. >> always alternatives to what happened in this case. but the best alternative to care for the child and bring it to place and get care together. >> reporter: washington state save haven law protects a person from prosecution if they take a child less than three days old to any fire station or hospital. in this case, fire station is just a three minute drive away from the dumpster. paula is glad she could be there to save this child's live and hopes to be reunited one day. >> to find a baby in a dumpster
3:49 am
easily could have been compact compacted. he's got some meaning in- there's a purpose for this baby. >> that baby is doing well tonight. also expected to be released from the hospital and police say they're still looking for the baby's parents. all right. empire if he nat ticks you can rejoice to hit drama back on fox 29 tomorrow night. >> yes. finally getting to get some answers to the big cliff hangers from the fall that includes how the lyens will get their empire back after a sneak attack from hakeem and camilla, and what happens with rhonda after she was pushed down the stairs? act actress caitlyn double day shares she survives but you have to tune in to see if her unborn baby does. many are just happy to see that the hugely popular cookie back making some big moves. her from taraji tomorrow she sat down with alec holley many she has behind the scenes accident took place for you for the show tomorrow right here on fox 29 news at 10:00. make sure to tune into empire at 9:00 tomorrow night
3:50 am
followed by of course as i said fox 29 news at 10:00. i can't say that really enough. do you know that we're on tomorrow at 10 fox 29 news? >> really. >> at 10. >> is that changed? is it a different time than we normal are on. >> fox 29 news at 10:00. saying eight few times. >> hammer it home. >> okay. >> 10 fingers. the flyers are bringing in another goaltender tomorrow to possibly give steve mason a break. it's time to feel sorry for the sixers head coach brett brown and wait until you hear his post game comments it's obvious he's tired of saying how bad this team is. they're on the search of an inform ba record. we got all of that coming up in sports.
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♪ the sixers they have seven
3:54 am
games left in this horrible season. now in talking to many people they want the sixers to lose the rest of the games and then they would own their own record for the worst in nba history with only nine wins. now i agree. i too want them to lose the rest of the games. only thing left in this season. listen to this misleading spin from the head coach brett brown after the game. >> we had a franchise record i think 16 made threes and tj had good looks. had he ever been good looks that -- that maybe would have turn the game. >> look at this. all right. it's the real story. this is how brutal they were tonight. they shot a season low 27% in the first half. we're 16 for a record 44. they took 44, threes that's a record number and we're out rebounded by 20. let's go to the wells fargo center. and watch the clang parade. bang! that's one. clang. clang. are you kidding me? and then before the end of the half,
3:55 am
charlotte goes up by 16. all right. sixers were out rebounded by 20 and walker with the three. sixers after the first half you could have left. i d100-85. charlotte within the game. the flyers down one goaltender with the knee injury and surgery to goaltender michael. it's not good to play steve mason every game i'm told the pliers want to send anthony stole lars back to the phantoms to get playing time. they have brought in a familiar face. former flyers goaltender ray emery is in for try out. he has not played in the nhl since the flyers shot to resign him this season he has played overseas. they're desperate and hoe emery can show them enough in a workout. >> this kind of a shortage of goalies around here. i come here to, you know, to fill in and do whatever i can whether that's being an extra body in practice or backing you or getting in game. want to see the team do well. >> i've got something the sixers
3:56 am
should try. for that, let's look at the globetrotters. here they are, joke. to toronto, from the catwalk, it's buckets blakes. that's his name. buckets blakes. 130 feet today bang. >> let's see it again. >> you'll see it again. it's coming and it's good. >> wow! >> yeah. nice. how many times did dough that, though? >> like the sixers he could have shot 50 time. sixers only hit 34 threes. >> all right. full hour of entertainment news tmz followed by dish chasing and chasing and the simpsons. >> back here at 4am with sue and bob and of course we have tonighghghghghghstrike two
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