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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a new born snatched from the king of prussia food court? how is that possible and who did it. kasich and cruz, cruz nothing to pennsylvania, two g.o.p. candidates coming to the state. where ted cruz and john kasich are scheduled to be just weeks from the primary. plus... will we be having a deja vu, in the vu is spelled with a big blue v. it is final four time. >> this is kind of crazy. is this over board or is this what every final four is like? >> well, 31 years ago we did it. can it be done again? the road to a national championship begins tomorrow against the oklahoma sooners. good day everybody. it is april 1st, 2016. we're celebrating 20 years of doing "good day philadelphia". man, we will have fun today. >> i'm excited. it will be all month long. >> all the way to april 29th.
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>> thinks big kick off. >> what is your favorite "good day philadelphia" moment? use the #good day 20. while we're thinking bit, why not come down to fourth and market to celebrate with us. we have so much food. great music. come on down to fourth and market right now. >> i think mother nature decided not to play an april fools joke. >> we thought it might be pouring rain. >> it is looking better for our forecast. we will give you a six out of ten. for the entire day we might see then are storms but they will hold off until later in the a afternoon. here's bus stop buddy and his party hat because it is not a party without a pointy hat after all and he is ready for some cake and for temperatures in the 60's. he has the umbrella, you will need the rain gear at some pint today, bright, mild out there this morning. there is a look at the rain and cloud cover on radar, so not much going on right now, if it stays this way we will have a a great time outside, and we will have a great time
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outside no matter what. 67 degrees. 14 miles an hour wind. sunrise 6:44. these are your upper temperatures in the 60's. so plan on 76 degrees for a high temperature. warm, and windy. don't get used to it. by sunday it will feel like winter again bob kelly. >> yes, we will take it. not bad at all right now. 6:02. twenty years ago, "good day philadelphia" was born. giving us a reason to put down our brand new nintendo 64. that is what we were playing with 20 years ago. >> twenty years ago. >> i had a couple of those. >> #good day 20 throughout the day. southbound i-95 stacked up at girard. we have a disable truck in the right lane and when that is a mess because there is only three lanes to begin with here as we work through that construction squeeze. an accident, vine street local, just off of 15th street here police are on the scene. north bound lanes of i-95 coming there delco a disable tractor trailer on the ramps
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to 476, and a crash over in cinnaminson, route 130 at taylors lane. one up here at welsh road at 40-foot road. the mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you i have seen a lot of things happen at food court of king of prussia mall but i have never seen this. >> a seven week old boy is back in his mother ars arms after being kidnaped at king of prussia. police say abductor is in jail, due in court later this morning. dave, what happened. >> reporter: yes, we understand that his kidnapping charges are pending in this case. we can tell you that fortunately this child is back with family, during an emotional reunion. this is video of the family reunited with seven week old ahsir simmons. it was just after 5:30 when a woman was captured on surveillance camera leaving the king of prussia a mall with the child in her arms. investigators say that the suspect had just befriended the baby's mother spending 30 minutes with the family in the food court and was even
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allowed to hold the baby after he became fuzzy while the mother check on the other kid and took a phone call. that is when cops say the kidnapper left the mall with the baby, and police launched a massive search checking every vehicle will leaving the massive mall complex, and parking lot, and we spoke with littal sears relieved grandfather after the reunion. >> there is a tragedy not knowing where your baby is at and somebody has got your baby. the lady might have a problem, you know what i mean. she might have a little problem, something like. that she might have had a child, might have lost her child. i'm not going to say i will forgive her but there is a 50/50 chance. >> that is baby ease grandfather, of course, talking about the suspect in this case. as you see more video of the reunited family. the baby was taken to the hospital briefly just to be check on but the baby is okay we're told.
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big question is what led up to this, what in fact was motive. we are hoping to find out more today and get name and information about the suspect. back to you good all right dave, let us know when you get that. lauren? >> i'll do it. republican presidential hopeful ted cruz and john kasich are scheduled to speak to conservatives in pennsylvania this is barely three weeks until the state's primary. they are scheduled to speak at the pennsylvania leadership council which is pennsylvania's largest annual gathering of the conservatives before that though kasich is holding a town hall style event in hershey. yesterday he was in center city speaking a at the union league. >> lauren, what else do you got. >> new jersey governor chris christie still pushing state lawmakers to approve atlantic city take over bill. the bill will allow alternative tax statements for casinos. only way to save sit friday financial collapse. christie says he is in agreement in place with the democratic senate president, that will have the casinos, make payments in lieu of taxes. he blames bloated contracts as
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a reason for the cities financial struggles. >> as i stand here today the city has horded 12.7 million-dollar, to pay municipal public employees rather than send these dollars to the schools and classrooms where they are belong. they are 12.7 million in the hole. >> governor also said he expected there to be a referendum on the november ballot to how casinos in the northern part of the state. villanova university history professor has been charged with more than 400 child pornography related counts. after the university contact police, radnor police say hundreds of image where is found in this investigation of 60 year-old professor christopher haas who was also a subject of the 2012 federal probe, in court yesterday, he waved his rights to a preliminary hearing in delaware county. he is in custody on $50,000 bail. smithsonian says it plans to ago a knowledge the sexual assault allegations against bill cosby at its new african-american history museum on the national mall. display will feature two items
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related to cosby's career in television and stand up comedy. initially the museum planned to include historical facts only, without mentioning the allegations. it was drawing criticism from cosby accusers. museum founder and director did not the specify how those allegations would be addressed, mike and alex. >> interesting switch there. well, everything alex has told me is bigger in texas. >> it will only get bigger as villanova wildcats gear up to play in the final four in houston. >> tomorrow night first game with the sooners. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county,
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i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions, stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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it is finally here. 6:10 on a friday morning. >> last team in the ncaa tournament have a arrived and time to get ready for final four. >> let's do this,ville know of, oak, north carolina and syracuse. they were practicing in that arena in houston for two semi final games. they will start tomorrow night at 6:00 when villanova will take on oklahoma a sooners. >> coaches and players were speaking to reporters at nrg stadium, home of the houston texans. so like many recent final four's players are having to contend with shooting in a football stadium. that will be difficult because it is a small floor but wide circumference. >> weird perspective when it comes to shooting. >> special moment, special players, you know, every time you watch, and at the end everybody waits for that one shining moment song. >> you you are with the guys and know struggles we went through and to be able to be
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here to have an opportunity to beat oklahoma and play in the final four is unbelievable. >> well, nova place oklahoma saturday night. they will be followed by north carolina against syracuse. winners play monday night for the title. >> we will all be watching around 6:00 o'clock. no matter how much you are in to basketball you know somebody who filled out a march madness bracket the for sure. >> for sure, if i have, a lot of people have. >> you won't believe stupid mistake one guy made that is costing him $50,000. >> wow. >> bob didn't make a mistake. >> my bracket has been busted. >> 6:11. good morning. the eastbound lanes of 422, we have an accident near collegeville interchange which is route 29, we're probably going to have some delays at philly international lets go there now put your tray in the upright position and we will have the forecast, plus, we will check rest of the jam cams when we come back.
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i'm 20, too. i'm not even 22. i'm glad i have been here all these years. i'm glad forecast is better for morning hours. we have that tornado watch down to our south, but, we only have some light showers, in southern new jersey right now. you have to be ready for rain but doesn't look like anything extreme at least not throughout the rest of the morning. the cross your fingers. down here in cumberland
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county, atlantic county cape may county we are seeing light showers. that is all we have for the moment. what we are looking for as we look into the future, rest of the day marginal risk of severe thunderstorms later in the afternoon. slightly higher wrist income southern delaware before the end of the day and we have a high wind watch in effect for late saturday into sunday morning, where we could see wind gusting as high as 50 miles an hour, or more, and it will be cold too. but right now it is close to 70 degrees in philadelphia a we're expecting a high of 76. ready for this roller coaster ride? early high of 60 tomorrow, temperatures drop throughout the day. only 47 degrees on sunday, with the wind making it feel colder, and then we have a brief rebound in the mid 60's on monday, cold gannon tuesday, with a chance of flurries, in the morning, with temperatures in the 20's on wednesday. i need a drama mean just
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thinking bit, bob kelly. >> you got it, sue. >> do you know what else. >> what else do you have. >> a special visit, you know what, i didn't get her on, in time. >> weekend wendy. >> yes. >> new outfits for this weekend. we have flyers at 1:00 tomorrow. phillies at 1:05. sixers in the evening. there will be a big jam in and out of the stadium complex. in addition to our 20th anniversary it is also april fools day. i brought in some brownies for the staff. >> through go. >> upstairs having some fun. >> that is good. >> southbound lanes of i-95, jammed that girard avenue right lane block with the disable tractor trailer. been here for over an hour. we are already bumper to bumper to bumper from the betsy all the way into downtown. look at to this fellow do you think you are having a bad start to the morning. he was going the wrong way, on vine street local. >> how do you do that. >> i have no idea. he had to go the wrong way on
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a street prior to this. philly police stopped him, i'm sure they are asking him some questions. >> yeah. >> i know his name. >> jack daniel. >> yes. >> there you go. >> jack needs bail money. eastbound 422, right near that 29 off ramp. mass transit looking g mike and alex, back to you. always interesting at a donald trump rail. >> fifteen year-old girl sprayed in the face with pepper spray could face disorderly conduct charge. the she's accused of punching a man. police are trying to identify the man who used a pep spray on the child. they have released photos of him. >> girl claims that she was also sexually assaulted, and that is why she punched the guy in the first place. >> police say the man who was punched is not wanting to pursue battery charge is a begins him but department has referred disorderly conduct charges to the juvenile authorities there chris murphy
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joins us with more stories on the political scene. >> what can be next after seeing another image like that for republican presidential candidate donald trump is meeting with the republican national committee chairman and other staff with quote terrific. trump says the discussion focused on unity yesterday. trump met in washington with the group of foreign policy experts that he says, he will be announcing later today. he says that the group had some amazing discussions about the topic including his refusal to rule out dropping a nuclear bombs, including on europe. bernie sanders say voter turnout in the april 19th primary could affect trajectory of his campaign. >> if there is a large voter turnout, we will win. if we win here in new york, we are going to make it to the white house.
6:19 am
>> the democratic presidential candidate, is selling hundreds of supporters in new york city if he wins the state's primary he will win the white house. empire state has 247 delegates up for grabs, second largest hall in the primary season. sanders was joined in that rally in the bronx by actress rosario dawson, director spike lee and singer, resident. hillary clinton gave a campaign proposal and her lead in the democratic primaries after she was disrupted by a group of bernie sanders supporters. i know, bernie people say that, we're very sorry, you are leaving. >> clinton responded sharply saying she had earned 9 million votes, in this election already, that is 1 million more than donald trump and two and a half million more than bernie sanders. democrats will head to the
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polls april 19th to decide who they want to represent their party in the general election. >> week later, we have ours in pennsylvania. >> yes, in pennsylvania. >> and delaware as well. >> you got the it. >> hey, thanks chris. so people on twitter are asking it is april 1st. it is your 20th birthday on good day philadelphia by the way i'm horrible at math. are you good at math? we will show some pictures. andrew sent this in, congratulations of 20 years on good day philadelphia thank you for those. >> and norma says bill clinton what's electric president 20 years ago. >> it is true. it was 1992 but i guess second term in 96. you are right, norma. >> thinks back in 2010 at fox. >> let me get my next question here. i'm not good in math. we have been on 20 years, five days a week, how many times have we said welcome to good day philadelphia how many episodes. >> you know people and math problems this morning.
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>> plus in the last year we are on seven days a week so you have to factor that in. >> so on twitter, are you having special guests in like you normally do on your birthday. >> of course, we have to. >> yes. >> pamela anderson is going to be on "good day philadelphia". oh, there she is, just a excuse to run this footage. that would be great. she will be joining us. we have three or four special guest that is will come through, a special "good day philadelphia" door we have made. >> yes good but our other big story is tomorrow night, alex. >> villanova finding out how different final his from any other tournament they have played n how wildcats are handling all of the distractions. >> pressure. >> lottery numbers.
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this is pearle vision. good morning, i'm howard eskin. villanova one day away from their biggest game of the season against oklahoma in the em is is in the final 46789 saturday at 6:00 p.m., wildcats are facing the world of college basketball media and many other distractions. >> to see all these photos and to be out on the floor is when it hits you all right, we have a game to play. we cannot just get caught up in all of this nice things surrounding this, we have to be out on that floor, 94 by 50 . >> game time when you go out there and see all of the banners and see all of the people. i might hit us a little bit.
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>> phillies found competition where they can win to reading, pennsylvania. these are futures stars as they billed it. herrera home run in the first. darren ruf home run in the second. the with the score 16-four, ryan howard against mark appel hoist a minor leaguer. that is a big hit for ryan howard. phillies win 19-four in seven innings. the mercy rule. that is sports in a minute. i'm howard eskin. >> mercy rule. six credit 25. this next story will have you shaking your head. >> heading in the final four this weekend, filled out an almost perfect bracket. to get a chance of winning $50,000. >> there is a guy he thought he had the perfect bracket. >> he did a bracket challenge. >> okay. >> there is a catch because there is always a catch. do you want to see the catch. >> this bracket was worth $50,000. the guy's name is james kiki from the sudan. he didn't necessity much about college basketball but like
6:26 am
most americans, took the chance and filled out a bracket in yahoo's, ncaa contest. the college student did such a good job picking the winners, he had syracuse, villanova, north carolina in the final four. he had syracuse. and then to win it all he picked, get this, nobody. he forgot to fill in the final box there. so, he forfeited 50 you this dollars. just in case you were wondering he intended to have villanova winning it all. so villanova would have won national championship and this dude would have won 50 you this dollars but he forgot to fill out the box. >> sound like something to happen to you because you didn't fill out your bracket all the way. >> look at that face. >> he was ready to give to it me. >> you didn't. >> i have a witness. >> difficult, and i sent her. i was down in the caribbean and my first. >> so sorry.
6:27 am
>> it didn't go through on my phone. >> i was down in the caribbean. >> beyonce broke the internet again yesterday. >> but here's the thing, lot have of people are like my goodness we're ready, new album, we have been waiting but something else. still good but something else. >> look at her. >> my goodness.
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well, a kidnaped new born return unharmed, whom police snatched this baby at the king of prussia mall. you know what they say, everything is a little bit bigger in texas. >> like this is kind of craziness, is this over board or is this what every final four is like. >> it will only get bigger as wildcats gear up to play in the final four in houston. say it again. >> he is a really good player, right there in the middle, our big guy do you know how to pronounce his last name, ochefu, can you handle the last name. it is april 1st day. >> she has been fooled once. >> it is 6:30. >> we have a 20 layer cake coming in from sweet t over there in new jersey. >> haddonfield. >> i love sweet t's. i said are you ready to come over. i get a text back and saying
6:31 am
cake is melted. we don't know what to do. they are like april foolsy can't believe i fell for that. >> so cake is in honor of our 20th birthday. this show has been on 20 years as of today. a guy, what is his name, i have lost him already, chase. >> yes, chase. >> he says, he did the math, he thinks it is around 5,500 shows that we have done over that 20 years. so five days a week for 20 years but then factor over last year we have been on seven days a week. >> yes. >> brian, come on over here, one of our viewers, come on in here. hey, brian. you are looking good in the white suit. >> very nice good hello. >> where do you live. >> kenneth square, pa. >> we know that very well. >> i'm's available to to weather. >> but look, scott can you help him push this stuff in here. scott our executive producer. he brought all this food in
6:32 am
here. >> that is all right. >> you are all over the place. >> yes. >> is that right. >> yes. >> brian, thanks for coming in. thank you for watching. >> so sweet. >> you got it. >> appreciate it. >> we have the best viewers. >> so cool. >> look at that. >> we have plates. >> sue, are you ready to go. >> bus stop buddy is wearing. >> we're in the doing this. >> what are we doing. >> i thought we were going to take a quick trip down memory lane, a recent but good memory, we're getting ready for summer time. >> ♪
6:33 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> that was fun. >> it was decent weather. normally when we are shooting music video which we have done 50 over the 20 years i bet, it is normally freezing cold. >> yes. >> look at chris murphy. >> so much fun. >> just having everybody together, at belmont plateau. >> that is one of our, sue, we're men for music videos. >> it is getting to be that way, i think, because of the excellence as we can see here in every frame. >> now will it feel like summertime. >> it is not a party without a pointy hat so there is bus stop budd which his umbrella and rain coat on. temperatures in the 60's. you don't need to bundle up
6:34 am
but we have cloud, clouds every where and a couple of showers. let's keep holding off those showers until our party is over. we have clouds over olde city. it is 68 degrees, on april 1st, that is not a joke. sunrise, coming up at 6:44 in a few minutes. is there our high, 76 degrees with sunset time at 7:26. but eye on the sky late are on because we have a chance of thunderstorms today and wait until you see how cold it gets on sunday. we will bring thaw number in the seven day forecast, bob kelly, where is this jammo. >> that jammo is on i-95. i love our viewers brought us utensils. we have napkins, forks, knives, we are all good to go here. we can always use forks, knives, napkins. some you the bound i-95 stacked up at girard. disable tractor trailer in the right lane. we are already jammo from cottman on down into girard, even a northbound delay as well, passing the scene from center city up through allegheny. forty-two northbound coming toward the city starting to
6:35 am
see delays here approaching the walt whitman bridge and then through the weekend watch for the traffic shuffles in bellmawr at 295 and 42. there is also an accident south on 295 right now at exit number 45, which is just south of bellmawr and that freeway. up here in lansdale route 309 and 202, watch for an accident, nasty one at welsh road and 40-foot road. everything looking good on mass transit. so far so good at the airport. mike and alex, back to you. baby boy returned safe and sound after being kidnaped from a king of prussia mall. >> yeah, police have the person who took that boy in custody. dave, what happened. >> reporter: what a frightening situation when everyone got that alert, the amber alert that went out to cell phones, social media, well, suspect is behind bars and facing kidnapping related charges. we can also tell thaw thankfully the story has a
6:36 am
emotional reunion, happy ending. this is video of the family reuniting with seven week old ahsir simmons. it was just after 5:30 thursday evening when a woman was captured on surveillance camera, leaving king of prussia mall with the child in her arms. police told us that the the suspect just befriended baby's mother a and family. she spent 30 minutes with them in the food court and was allowed to lure the child after he became fuzzy when mother check on her other kids and took a phone call. that is when police say the kidnapper left the mall, launching a massive search by police, searching the mall, parking lot, checking every vehicle leaving the massive complex there. we spoke with little ahsir's relieved grandfather after the reunion. >> you know, we kept our heads up. we didn't think it would be a big deal but everything came out, good you know what i mean. we all prayed in there together. so, it is great, you know, so everybody getting themselves
6:37 am
back together. >> reporter: more video of the reunion here. the baby was taken to the hospital to be check for a short time but we're told the baby is okay. do we have more information about the suspect. we understand that will come out later this morning or afternoon and can the family forgive the suspect? we will hear from them at 7:00 l answer that question. >> dave, thank you. 6:37 on this friday. investigators in delaware county are still trying to solve a murder mystery on their hand. police have identified would the man who was found dead in the bathtub of her apartment. authorities say that a friend and co-worker found 36 year-old markia benson dead inside of her new orleans park apartments on wednesday. police say there were signs of the struggle. >> the apartment itself is in total disarray, blood on the walls, feces on the floor, some writing on the walls. >> yes. writing on the walls. investigators won't tell us
6:38 am
though what the cruel message said but investigators say they do believe that the victim knew her killer. 6:38. it is an apology almost 07 years in the making, philadelphia city council has voted to formally apologize to jack robinson for raise asism 60 years ago. >> robinson is credited to be the first african-american baseball player. the resolution will officially apologize for robinson that he was refused service by local hotel in the city and taunted by ben chapman and players on the phillies team. >> good for them good that they are doing this. >> again, it is 6:38. >> 6:38. >> h is for houston. >> right. >> right. >> listen to this. >> while i'm very excited there is that little will bubble in the bob of my head reminding me there will be a lot of people but i know this is an incredible opportunity and i'm very excited.
6:39 am
>> she should be excited, she can play ball too. villanova junior, will play a special role in saturday's big game. she's in the playing in the game but she will be singing national anthem or part of it. carli crispin is university's representative singing the national anthem. what do i mean by representative? each school in the final four will have a a singer, each singing part of the star spangled banner. carli heads to hughes ton. no way she's going tomorrow. >> she need to go today. >> she better leave today. >> carli, leave today. >> because tomorrow would be the big moment all wildcats fans have been waiting for, the game in the final four. >> 6:00 o'clock. it will be a long day waiting for 6:00 o'clock. >> that is true. >> this morning hundreds of villanova fans are packed and heading to houston. are most of them flying, can you drive to houston if you leave now. >> reporter: they are flying. villanova, received 700 tickets for students and those lucky enough to score those golden ticket will be leaving
6:40 am
from campus later today. there will be a bus loading up kid and take them to philly international to fly to houston. they are excited. they can't wait to see their team. these students are amped up but players, man, they have been excited. they have been at houston a day and a half and they came across those distractions they were concerned b coach jay wright has been to the final four last time with seven years ago. he had an idea what to expect upon landing in houston but the players, they have never seen anything like this. >> everything surrounding the final four, you know, when you watch it on tv, all you see, you are waiting a a couple days and then you see the game. you don't see all of the behind the scenes stuff, that could be a distraction. >> as long as i can remember, it is just growing up, watching basketball even before i started to play organized basketball just seeing ncaa tournament and stuff on tv. to have this opportunity is something special. we don't take it for granted. we will be ready to go on
6:41 am
saturday. >> christmas growing up is pretty sweet but would i say final four is definitely a little bit better a and the year with the guys and know struggles we went through and to be here to have an opportunity to beat oklahoma and play in the final four is unbelievable. >> nova takes to the court tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. to play oklahoma in what is expect to be a very close game. there will be, at least 700 nova students in the crowd thanks to the student tickets released and buses will gather here, on campus around 10:00 o'clock and then take students over to philly international, mike and alex. >> i have been to a couple final four's and it is just different then any other tournament. you all hang out in the teams hotel. thanks, jenny. >> college memory you will never forget. when are a fan or one of the players, how special is this. >> you know what i one time drove to houston from lawrence, kansas with a bunch of guys to go to the final four. >> how was your experience.
6:42 am
>> and, it was so cold. >> trash cans. >> all right. >> something else involved. >> listen you people, who are watching on twitter, facebook you think this is a april fools joke. no, no, no. we have special guests, special day, our 20th birthday here on good day philadelphia watch for that coming up. >> beyonce broke the internet again. is there a new album. >> no. >> there is something else. >> beehive is buzzing. >> is beyonce coming in. >> wouldn't that be nice. narrator: president obama endorses katie mcginty
6:43 am
for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare, and expanded coverage for 500,000 people. trump and toomey have attacked women's health care and social security. to fight back - president obama wants mcginty in the senate - to protect obamacare, social security, and for equal pay for women. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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it is 6:45 on this birthday morning our 20th birthday. so, in a little while we will attempt another balloon drop. >> why do you say attempt. >> we have tried these before. >> we have balloons ready to go here. >> and somehow it has been given to me the job of pulling string, they never come down.
6:46 am
>> maybe you are not a good string puller. >> you do it. >> i don't want that on me. >> look at you. >> boom. >> big game tomorrow night. >> daniel who plays in the middle, good scorer, great defense, first name daniel. >> last name what. >> we will try to find out. >> it is hard to pronounce. here we go, chris murphy on the street. >> hi, it is daniel ochefu. >> ochefu. >> daniel. >> ochefu. >> okafor. >> okafor plays for 76ers, jahlil okafor but thinks just what? >> ochefu. ochefu. >> close. >> we will try again.
6:47 am
>> daniel. >> that is all right. >> block by ochefu. >> what is the first name. >> daniel. >> yes. how do you say the last name. >> ochefu good do you know who that guy is. >> yes. >> how do you say his name. >> ochefu. >> ochefu. >> ochefu you. >> ochefu. >> i'm sorry, ochefu, i do see chef in there, ochefu. >> what is his first name. >> daniel. >> last name. >> ochefu. >> you know your stuff. >> yes, i'm after rick can. >> ochefu, for two, lets hope we hear that over and over again. >> i'm not saying that, ochefu >> sue serio is here. >> we've got the some rain around but here's what we're hoping to do. do you see this batch of rain in virginia we're hoping to hold that off until "good day philadelphia" is over at 10:00 .
6:48 am
cross your fingers. we're in the dry spell right now and we hope to keep it that way. it is damp out there and we have a few showers around long beach and other parts of the shore in ocean county. that is about it. we have a marginal risk or slightly higher risk of severe thunderstorms but not until later on in the day. keep your eye on the sky. late saturday night and sunday morning we have a high wind watch in effect for possibility of wind gusting to 50 miles an hour, or more, early sunday morning, when it is really cold. it is opposite of cold right now. 68 degrees, 60's every where this morning, unusually mild, for this time of the year, our roller coaster wind gusting to 20 miles an hour. lets keep track of this over the next seven days. 76 degrees today. early high of 60 tomorrow. temperatures dropping during the day. only 47 degrees on sunday.
6:49 am
wind making it feel colder, a brief rebound on monday with a high of 65. back to the 40's on tuesday. we will wake up wednesday morning with low temperatures in the 20's and a chance of flurries. then we're back in the 60's on thursday, and bob kelly, i am exhausted. >> you got it. >> take a break. >> 6:49. friday morning, tgif, we have double accidents here on i-95, first of all, the southbound accident still there at girard. this is another accident at north bound 95 at allegheny. we have you coming and going here on allegheny and girard. forty-two slow going working your way in towards philadelphia. twenty years ago, we said hello, on good day philadelphia, and 20 years ago, jerry maguire said, i have you, you had me at hello. >> that is what she said to him. >> yes. >> exactly. >> you you had me at hello. >> i mentioned i cried at that
6:50 am
the other day, i was watching it last sunday. >> yes. >> twenty minute delays also on the media elwyn regional rail line, all because of some morning's quip. problems and then 295 we have an accident south of the freeway down the at route 45, that is again, south of route 42 watch for delays, up in lansdale an accident. so far so good an accident at the airport. mike and alex, back to you. >> as the kid like to say, they wonder why i stumble. >> but you never fall. >> never fall. >> amen. >> as the kid like to say, these days, beyonce broke the internet, not for a new cd or new song though. >> she has a fitness line out, it is for a company. >> she made the announcement in a video posted on line.
6:51 am
here's the thing, it talks about her personal experience. >> okay. >> she has had many. >> i would wake up in the morning and my dad would come knocking on the door, to go running. i remember wanting to stop but i would push myself to keep going. >> it is important to understand why it is called ivy park. she would be running and running and wanting to stop and then she would think of the sacrifices that her mother made for her and she wanted to make her proud and that would keep her going. whatever she is about to go on stage or before she gives birth she goes back to that park and she gets in the zone to keep going and pushing. that is why it is called ivy park. >> it has nothing to do with her daughter ivy has to do with her daughter but why the
6:52 am
park. >> yes. >> she has a daughter. she loves. and there is that park. i thought it was a great story. >> our tom sredenschek should get a picture of that park today. he is in houston. >> true. >> what do you think the park is called, beyonce park. >> no, you have to keep it ivy park now for her line but they will be available for purchase. >> i'm's talking about the a actual park itself where she ran. >> they should call that beyonce park. >> what is the name of the park right now. >> i don't know good wand fur there is a statue of her in houston. >> april 14th we can get these items as a joint even if tour. so here we have some competition. they tried to hang on but it wasn't a good idea. they deleted the tweet. >> they are always in trouble lulu lemon. they do say imitation is the best form of flattery. maybe beyonce is so craze any love would your brand, she made her own. of course, beyonce, beehive were not having that.
6:53 am
one person wrote you have not even seen the line yet in which lulu lemon says no harm, we meant nothing but love. another fan when you think she's dropping an album but she dropped kick lulu lemon. >> we are not throwing punches, everybody needs a little healthy competition. >> lulu needs to concentrate on making bigger yoga pants. >> you are not complaining. >> no. >> instead of dropping pant anal bum she fake people. they thought she was making an album. nope, no album. her first tour stop is april o new music. >> your knowledge of beyonce is deep, man. >> okay, tezsla, that car corks i want one of these new cars. >> can you afford it? they are not that bad, i'm not kidding. 200 miles with one electrical charge and these people are lining up. they have had a hundred thousand people sign up. you want to know more bit. i'll tell you after the break.
6:54 am
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kathy baker thanks for watching all these years. she loves her mr. q. >> mr. bill. that is another one from kate. >> hi, kathy. >> another one from kathy. >> well, kathy is busy. really when she wants to come over and riley, trying to get the word jimmy fallon and bob kelly traffic sent me this. lovely. >> keep the picks coming. birthday celebration starts in, two minutes. >> ahh
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
a seven week old baby taken from his mother. a lock down at the king of prussia mall. whom police say took that child. hoops hoopla, villanova getting ready for tomorrow night's showdown with the sooners. we have you cover. we are live in houston. and we have been at it for 20 years, and boy, am i tired. no, this morning we will celebrate our anniversary,
7:00 am
good day style. ♪ i have been a zero for 20 years. okay. >> sue has got to be over here. >> we will figure it out eventually. >> what are we doing. >> i don't want to be number two. >> is that right. >> look at that.


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