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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 1, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good day style. ♪ i have been a zero for 20 years. okay. >> sue has got to be over here. >> we will figure it out eventually. >> what are we doing. >> i don't want to be number two. >> is that right. >> look at that.
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>> okay. >> yes. hey, guys. we are just getting the party started. we have some great stuff planned for you. dj is setting up. big barbecue is here. people want to have their barbecue. we have dunkin' donuts, jody is directing traffic. from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m., which is right about now. we invite to you come down. the as you can see it is a rain or shine event. sue serio says there may be some sprinkles, here and there, but we have the tents, to keep you covered. join the fun at fourth and market streets. dunkin' donuts is ready to rock and role. we have lemonade, butter pecannized coffee. hold on to that. we can come on down, what is
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the dj starts, and people start smelling the food, there will be lines, might want to get here early, back to you guys. >> hey jen fred, i have a balloon, custom made for you you. >> if it says zero. >> no, it doesn't. >> it says fabulous. >> fabulous. >> another year, of fabulous and it is free. we like that too. >> what a great way to kick off the celebration. we have surprise guests, pamela anderson is coming on. >> right here. >> thanks for sending in pictures, norma. >> a memory from the you gotta try this party. >> yes. >> okay, sue. >> there is another memory, that i posted, proud and happy to be bus stop buddy a's mom and friend of dawn timmeney, of course. >> yes. >> who is the dad, i have never known him over 20 years. >> that is a a secret perhaps one day. >> he has been taken out
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of the country. >> by the way, make sure you use the #, i don't think sue did. >> yes, i did. >> good day 20. >> good day and number 20. >> oh, by the way, i hate you. >> i am going to clean up the place while you do the weather. >> we will go to the confetti filled, weather by the numbers. it is a six. we have showers around, and a few cloud and buddy in his party hat with the umbrella and rain coat. you will need it before the end of the day. there is rain heading toward washington d.c., from virginia. we're hoping to keep that that away for the rest office show. we have clouds in olde city. 68 degrees. 16 miles an hour wind out of the south/southwest and a high later on of 76 degrees. sunset is at 7:26. so showers around, it is unusually mild but we have a roller coaster ride in, our seven day forecast, bob kelly.
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7:04. double accidents on i-95. north bound i-95 at allegheny avenue construction zone. accident in the right lane. there is an accident southbound, right at girard avenue. so only two lanes opened, both directions, here on i-95. jammed leaving the city and coming into the city, on i-95. twenty minute delays on the media elwyn regional rail line, due to equipment problems this morning. coming in from south jersey, southbound lanes of 295, a a slow go as you work your way through the construction and a accident just south of 42, approaching route 45. and downtown we will go, vine street local, still blocked here, just off of 15th street. this situation happened early this morning. so everybody is going around the block here. it is also causing delays for any within exiting the vine street expressway and out here in lansdale route 309 and 202, a crash, weather not impacting any delays at the airport and not impacting our party out
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here at fourth and market. mike and alex, back to you. that is great thing about this show "good day philadelphia", that has been on for 20 years. we will go from part toys serious stories this got real serious yesterday afternoon at 5:00 o'clock at king of prussia food court. >> a baby was kidnaped. baby boy is back in his mother's arms after being kidnaped at the mall. >> dave kinchen is on the story. >> reporter: the baby is doing all right. there is a suspect in custody. that is relief to the family here. the baby likely going through much needed rest, after a emotional reunion last night. to this is video of the family reuniting with seven week old ahsir simmons. it was just after 5:30, thursday evening when a with man was captured on surveillance cameras leaving the king of prussia mall with the child in her arms. they say the suspect just befriended the baby's mother sitting 30 minutes with them in the food court and allowed
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to hold the child, as he was fussing while her mother checked on other kids and took a phone call. that is when cops say the kidnapper left the mall. police launched a massive search at the mall complex. checking every vehicle that was leaving the parking lot, littal sears grandfather reacted to the kidnapping and questioned the suspect's motive. >> tragedy not knowing where your baby is at and someone has your baby. she might have a problem. the lady might have a problem. you know what i mean, she might have have a little problem or something like. that she might have had a child, might have lost her child. i ain't going to say i will forgive her, but, you know, there is a 50/50 chance. >> so what is mote sniff we don't know just yet. we can tell you that the baby was check out at a hospital and is doing okay. amber alert was issued about four hours after this happened. there are questions as to why it took so long for that amber alert to be issued.
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meanwhile we are awaiting more information about the suspect including a name and also a exact charges and we will see where things go for that point. we will hope to find out more this morning. back to you. >> unreal. >> thanks, david. houston, we do not have a problem. we're coming your way. >> there might be a problem on the court but oklahoma will have to deal with that. >> i think buses will get here around 10:00 o'clock this morning. certainly a lot of excitement. villanova received abot hundred student tickets, gone within three hours, i'm not surprised. these students want to see their team play in houston. students are amped up. but the players are excited. they have been in houston a day and a half and quickly they came across those distractions they were concerned about. of course, there is a lot going on at the tournament. but these players say that they are hyped up to play the game on saturday night. ryan arcidiacono says it is even better then christmas morning as a kid.
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>> this is kind of craziness. is this over board or is this what every final four is like. >> special players, every time you watch, abe at the end everybody just waits for that one shining moment song. it is something you dream about for sure when you are a little kid. to be in it, it is crazy. >> enjoyment isn't winning, so, you know, if we win, then we will enjoy it. >> christmas growing up was sweet but final four is definitely a little will bit better and year with the guy and know the struggles we went through and to be able to have an opportunity to beat oklahoma and play in the final four is unbelievable. just after 6:00 p.m. their classmates are joining them and supporting them in texas. buses will gather around 10:00 d transport students to the airport and they will be on their way to the final four. the excitement continues, to build, mike and alex, i would say earlier just watching the smiles on their face, and the players so excited, i just
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can't stop smiling. >> i got a couple friend on their way down there right now. >> yeah. >> people are still leaving. people are coming together whether you went to temple, st. joes and they are crossing those lines and saying we will go to philly. >> some are. >> some are. >> some. >> it is exciting. >> it is tough. you went to temple, it is tough. >> this is a philly area. it is not really in philadelphia. >> yes. >> lauren. >> yes. >> did they identify file that woman from the other day. >> yes, they did. authorities say, a friend and co-worker found 36 year-old markia been sun dead on wednesday. there are signs of a struggle inside of her apartment and there was writing on the wall, but they wouldn't reveal what it said no arrests have been made but investigators say they think the victim knew her killer. former proves ara at villanova university facing charges for having child porn on the computer at the school. radnor police say hundreds of image where is found in the investigation of christopher haa as who work as a history
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professor. he is facing 415 child porn-related counts this all happened after the university contacted the police after noticing suspicious activity on a shared computer at the school. he had waved his right to a preliminary hearing in court yesterday. smithsonian says it now plans to acknowledge sexual assault allegations, a begins bill cosby, at his new african-american history museum on the national mall. the display will feature two items related to cosby's career in television and, stan up comedy, initially, they plan to include historical facts about the item without mentioning, and, drawing criticism from the museum founder ape director did not address how they would be addressed. it is an apology almost 70 years in the making. fill ill city council has vote add formally a will guys to jackie robinson from racism for 69 years ago. robinson is credited were being the first african-american major league baseball player, and the resolution by city council, will officially apologize for
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robinson for the treatment he received on april 15th, 1947. he was refused services wye a local hotel in the city and was taunted by then phillies manager ben chapman and the players on the phillies team. mike and alex. >> all right. nice job. 7:11 now. investigators still are not sure why a man shot and killed a state trooper at a bus station, in richmond, virginia yesterday. >> it happened while she troopers were participating in a training exercise nearby and police say that troopers chad dermeyer has spoken briefly to the man and then was shot multiple times at close range. and the gunman was killed by two other troop hours returned fire in the greyhound station. two other people who were wounded are expect to survive. the guy, who was the shot, the trooper was from chicago with a long rap sheet. a 15 year-old girl who was sprayed in the face with pepper spray at a donald trump rally could face a disorderly conduct charge. the she's accused of punching a man.
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police are still trying to identify the man who used the pepper spray on her, and although they have released photos of him. the girl claims that she was secretary you'llly sexually assaulted a and that is why she punched guy in the stomach. runners can now register for philadelphia marathon. >> are you going to. >> are you going to. >> no. >> i want to make room for everybody else. registration for those who will run the full length, 26.2 . registration for half marathon and other races by the way, open up on may the second. you have time. sooner you sign up, less it will cost. registration will last until november the first, or until all spots have been filled. that will happen way before then. the easily by sunday. the race weekend is november the 18th. through the 26th. >> you just said i can do that. does that mean you can sign up
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for that one. >> what? >> um. >> exactly. >> you know maybe i'll he run 20 miles today, on honor of 20 years. >> you're not running anywhere. we will be here for 20 hours. here in studio. >> i can do that. >> we will stay in this studio for 20 hours at 1:00 this afternoon, sue. >> it will be interesting, sue. >> thank you so much, so much fun for you. enjoy yourselves. the pocono mountains, no snow, no way. it is in the 60's, up there this morning. but there is a possibility, snow this weekend. no kidding, no fooling. the cold front, we have a tornado watch in effect south of atlanta, georgia. we have thunderstorms here in virginia right new but we're hoping to hold them off, for the next couple of hours. looking good so far. for the foreseeable future. we even got rid of the rain down the shore. as we talked about severe weather there is a chance later on today, some marginal
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risk of most of the area slightly higher down to the south of us. the as we head into sunday after two cold front, count them, two, coming through we have a high wind watch late saturday into sunday morning for possibility of 50 miles an hour wind gusts. that is sunday morning. it will be so cold you won't believe it. it is 68 degrees right now. and a lot of changes copping, over the next couple of days, wind gusting to 17 to 22 miles an her right now. so here let's break it down. this isn't a joke. it seems like it with 76 degrees today and early high of 60 degrees tomorrow. temperatures fall throughout the afternoon. we have some showers around. windy and much colder on sunday, monday, we will bounce backup in the mid 60's. tuesday, back town to the mid 40's. these are 20-degree, temperatures swings, in the space of a day, but by wednesday morning we're talking about snow flurries. bob kelly, i think i'll call it out. >> yes.
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>> twenty years. >> 7:14, coming up at 7:15. twenty years of fun. >> yes. >> here's a picture from my first week. >> that was your first week. >> my first week. >> check this out. >> yes. >> pie in the face. i was the prince for the halloween show. i got picked up off a bus stop. so much fun. share your picture of the fun you have had all here over the last 20 years post them to facebook, twitter, instagram and use that #good day 20. live look not a good day for anybody using i-95, northbound i-95. watch out for an accident here, right at girard. this is between girard and allegheny. on the southbound side, another accident approaching girard avenue. so two separate accidents here right between girard and allegheny avenue, causing delays for the gang in the north east. south on 295 for gang in south jersey watch for an accident, approaching black horse pike,
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as you, also, 20 minute delays on the media elwyn regional rail lines. >> now you have been silly sprayed. >> welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> get it all in there. >> having some fun as we do each and every day. >> i wish i was here for all 20. let's get to houston, texas where shredder is, covering the game, sooners verse wildcats tomorrow. >> he is making sure we are ready to go. how are you liking texas. >> well, loving texas so far mike and alex. it is little early, dark, sun has in the popped out yet. you know what woke me up was perspective of mike jerrick running a marathon. the thought of mike jerrick doing 26.2 miles through city of philadelphia, that got me awake. i'm ready to go. >> this guy, does run marathons. >> are you going to run it this year, tom.
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>> i am going to do a half marathon this year. >> i will do the half. >> he is an inspiration. >> i'll tell what you enormity of this event when you get to the final four, you go through early round of the big east tournament, is there nothing like the final four. just the size of it, scope of it. one of the real keys for these villanova guys, oak, north carolina, syracuse will be the handle the moment. when you see the court elevated. you see 78,000 seat stadium. you see sign. you realize, dorothy, and this is for you, mike, you are not in kansas any more. >> so here's the deal, tom, when you play in a football stadium, they always have a hard time with the perspective, you know, especially the shooters. >> the fact that you shoot begins, mike, even in the wells fargo center, it is fairly close, small arena a
7:18 am
you are looking back 20, 30, 40 yards almost into a cavern. they shot yesterday inside the arena they will do it again today. until you do it tomorrow, you know, you get in the game situation, it is like nothing they have ever done before. one school that may have a advantage is syracuse because they play in the carrier dome so they are a little bit more used to it. hopefully we get to monday night it is north carolina and not syracuse to deal with. >> what is the schedule like. are they practicing all take or rest up and relax. >> is there an open practice for all of the fans, there will be about 25 or 30,000 people that will go into nrg stadium. it is more of a shoot around day, light day. let's be honest, x's and o's what you have to do to beat oklahoma, you know, that has been already done. today is maintenance day, let's break it down and keep a routine. they have not played since last saturday. you want to get them back to as much of a routine as
7:19 am
possible, keep things as normal as possible and remember it is a game. one thing to watch tomorrow night, we will talk about the arena first ten minutes are huge. they will be the first game. both teams will feel that stage. you just don't want, you don't want oklahoma to blow them out early, getting caught up in the moment. if you get to the ten minute mark and close game, then you start to settle in, and play basketball. nfl players told me they want that first hit. they want the first five minutes of the game out of the way and then it is a fat ballgame. tomorrow it is bigger, different court, get through those first ten minutes, keep the game close, and then you just play another 30 minutes of basketball, best team wins. >> hey tom, have fun, looking forward to the reports. >> one final thought here, mike, all through the signs and everything we have seen with the size and scope we see nc for north caroline, syracuse s, v forville know
7:20 am
of, ou, there is no jayhawk. there is no jay hawk to be found here. >> good point. >> i looked all over for the k, there is in k in houston. >> you have to keep looking. >> maybe they left it the in the a rena where kansas jayhawks won the 2008 championship what year was that. >> it has been 31 years. >> you are supposed to cheer for us. >> i am cheering for us. >> yes, thanks, tom, a appreciate the support. you know what fantastic, the hotel where they are staying. >> is it. >> it is jammed, the bars, restaurants, every hallway, filled with people in blue. >> we are representing. >> and a electric car, that is selling like hot cakes, tezsla. look at the people lined up to order this this car for $40,000. why? we will tell you. >> i love this song. tezsla.
7:21 am
>> crank it up. >> for our 20th anniversary celebration pamela anderson is one of our celebrity guests coming up. we have food, and coffee.
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♪ ♪ strength is an addiction. you can never get enough of..
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now it's time.. to bring that strength to your tooth enamel. new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. it strengthens weakened enamel 4x better by replenishing it with vital minerals. so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. if you are smoking you need to come by and check this out, and make sure, that everything is okay. >> yes. >> he is all right. i think he had another doughnut there. >> yes. >> i forgot that happened live on the air. doctor mike how long a ago was that. >> five or six years ago.
7:25 am
>> knocked the horse down. >> he fell over with the doctor present. >> let's get the guy name, he has been with us, jordan roach. you saw his feet. >> deserve i've that fall. >> he did. >> you can tell doctor mike was fairly new back then. >> yes. >> he just kept walking and talking good keep walking, keep moving. doctor mike joins news a little bit. big autism news, big break through. >> we will break down what that means. >> lauren simoneti, i have a message for you. >> what is going on. because you are 20, right. your 20th birthday. >> yes. >> today. >> happy birth the day. >> true. >> thank you, lauren. >> you know what i want for my birthday. i want a tesla, the car. >> let's talk about sex, baby. the crazy tesla ceo will call model three, model e, model s,
7:26 am
trademark, reverse e to a three and it is really cool. this is electric car for masses. $35,000. probably less, more like 30,000 when put those federal and state incentiveness there. what is so cool about it? well, it has a glass roof which might not be so cool, when it is really sunny out but nonetheless, glass roof. it goes from zero to 60 in six seconds, possibly less, 215 miles on one charge. >> that is good. >> it looks cool. >> folks, they wanted this car so badly before they even knew what it looked like, they lined up for hours. they have placed their order at the last count 137,000 preorders for this car. >> wow. >> you have to put money down to get the car. tesla's stock is up at least 7 e of demand, mass market demand for this new car. >> how much is it again. >> thirty-five. >> wow. >> incentives down to 30. >> that is affordable. >> yes.
7:27 am
>> at first i thought tesla, no. >> no gasoline. >> yes. >> we can afford this one. >> lauren. >> yes. >> thank you. >> yes. >> i'm always scared when you say lauren at the even of our hits. >> lauren. >> yes, mike. >> oh, alex, don't you know. >> she doesn't like it when you say her name. >> yes, very typical woman in this country. >> lauren, we will see you monday. >> happy april fools day. >> right back at you you. >> okay. is there a better, dressed basketball coach in the college ranks then jay wright. >> i don't think so. >> well, guy that makes his custom suits its coming in and we will slap one on bob kelly what do you think about that. >> hi, jen. >> he looks normal but this is no april fools joke. frank harper, miguel franco, why does this guy have all of these major leaguers in his phone. find out, next. check this out, it is a party.
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happy 20th. how are you doing. come on back we're having fun.
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you are holding the microphone. >> yes. >> i'm not stupid.
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>> yes. >> thank you, mr. mayor. >> see, the rain is holding off. that is great news. we will be out here until 10:00 o'clock this morning. by the way, we have a huge tent, that is behind the cameraman there. >> party is rain or shine. come on out. there is free stuff. >> yes. >> you have had some barbecue. >> yes. >> before you eat it, you are bloated. >> bus stop buddy had has fingers crossed. the rain will hold off. there are showers in new jersey, at the moment, and temperatures are in the 60's. can't have a party without a pointy hat. buddy is looking good this morning. now we have the showers that are watching closely the ones down in virginia, to see how long it takes for them to get here. not just yet, so keep the clouds, 68 degrees, and southeasterly wind a at 15 miles an hour. high today of 76 degrees, with clouds, rain, and maybe a few pop up thunderstorms.
7:32 am
wind will gust up to 30 miles an hour. tonight we are down to 53 degrees with more showers and thunderstorms around, big temperature change over the weekend we will have that coming up, bob kelly. >> wait until you see the cake, they are trying to bring in the front door over here, in the studio. >> my goodness. >> good thing about friday is here is that we eat very well. 7:32 is our 20th birthday, 20th anniversary on good day. it is also april fools day. here's a good thing to play a joke on with the kid, you take the remote, and put candy in instead of the batteries, and see how long it takes them to figure that out when they are trying to get their video games and tv going on there here's i-95 northbound do you think you're having a bad start to the day. look the at this fellow, disabled in the construction zone, northbound right here near allegheny avenue. we are bumper to bumper. big rigs come past them here from center city up to
7:33 am
allegheny. there is than a accident southbound i-95 near girard. we are jammo from academy into girard avenue and then also an accident southbound lanes of 295 a approaching black horse pike and we have 20 minutes delays on the media elwyn regional rail line. april is autism awareness month. with that some encouraging news. new cdc report find number of children diagnosed with autism in the u.s. has not increased over the last two years. so does this mean medical profession as are ahead of the curve. with me we have doctor mike and doctor craig schaefer as well as terry matthews, and her son who has autism. nice to he zoo you here. first i want to know, starting with you mike, should we be celebrating at this news. >> i think it is encouraging there has been no change over the last two years but it is a little will priest mature to say hey, we are winning the
7:34 am
war here. >> why is that. >> well, we have seen stabilization, before and then arise in the past. it may be a number of different factors. maybe it is that doctors and providers are being able to diagnosis more accurately. but i think, i'm reserving the celebration, just yet. >> okay. doctor schaefer, thinks also an important development because key is being able to diagnosis it because it is no the an exact science. >> it is a step forward. it is reassuring. even if that 1.5 percent prevalence rate hold that still means individual are living in the country and annual cost of autism are estimated to be $250 billion. it is i a significant public health challenge. >> it has stabilized before but what can we do new to make sure it doesn't go up again. >> we have to do our best to do everything that we cap to recognize the signs and symptoms of autism as early as possible. the data does show that these
7:35 am
children who are diagnosed, and we he knew had autism by age eight, about only 40 percent of them had their first comprehensive evaluation, before age three. we can do better than that. >> terry, you can speak to this. how old was your son when he was diagnosis. >> two and a half, and it was something even though he had been at the same pediatrician. she wasn't the one to diagnosis him. he had to go to a pediatrician out of state nerd to be diagnosed good that is why it is important to have resources because parents need to be equipped was what they need to have to get their child check out. >> i think the doctors here would agree with me sometimes we think because a person is seeing their pediatrician that they are able to diagnosis them. >> they should be cover. >> that is not the truth. >> it does take a developmental pediatrician or someone who specializes in autism, to really give them the proper diagnosis to a child. >> what were zoo of the signs that said i need to see a specialist. >> well, in jayden's case he was born normal and developing
7:36 am
normal. it wasn't until he lost all a built to speak, point and he went back in the diaper. the it was like wow, what was going on and no one actually knew. >> so do you think doctors we need to have more awareness then so their parents can know. what is the key then moving forward so they can keep this stabilized. >> we are still trying to figure out what causes this. >> true. >> we don't really have any good treatment. the key as primary care provider myself is is early, early diagnosis because then we can get services, and support into place, to help these children. >> just so we're clear early diagnosis, they can actually diagnosis by the age of two and earlier but we're sure by the age of two. >> it is so crucial. >> yes, for parent to have any concerns about their child development can contact early intervention programs in their region. there are preserve zest available for initial developmental assessment. in fill at organization is known as child link.
7:37 am
there are similar organizations, in every surrounding county and in new jersey. it is early intervention. >> because i think a couple years ago, it is one in 150 kid were diagnosed. now it is one in 68. so we are seeing some progress. so thank you so much, for shining light on this issue. coming up at 7:37. we will take a quick break.
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happy 20th anniversary. >> "good day philadelphia". >> temple university, happy anniversary, "good day philadelphia". >> well, thank you very much. it is our 20th birthday. >> 7:40. >> by the way, the cake is here. >> the cake is here. >> it is so big, it is so bigot is on a what a little rolling platform. >> yes, it has to be rolled in. >> push it, push it, push it real good. >> move that cart. >> move that cake. >> that is the bottom square thing that is cake. >> it the is all cake. >> that is our building. if you have ever been to fourth and market, this is what it looks like on the
7:41 am
outside. >> who are women pushing it. >> they are sweet t's bake shop in haddonfield, new jersey. >> that will build up to over 7 feet tall, there will be 20 layers of cake. >> twenty layers of cake, for 20 years. this will be huge. they will work on this throughout the show. >> yes. >> there is my office. >> which i don't have a office. >> cubicles this guy has a cool job. small factory in norristown, pennsylvania. they make major league baseball bats. >> so bryce harper and more are using these bats and he has the name of the company. >> good morning to you. >> good morning. >> crazy day good wonderful day. >> we are getting ready for the huge big season. i said in your phone you have, bryce harper. >> correct. >> you have people from the enemy teams. i want you with the home team. talk to me about miguel franco. >> miguel has been absolutely tearing it up this season as you well know with the home runs he is with the phillies.
7:42 am
>> absolutely, main stay for phillies. charlie manual introduced miguel franco to my bats and one of my partners is pedro feliz, both number seven, both from the same small town in the dominican republic. the it is a honor to make bats for miguel and other players. >> what is different about your bats. what is different. >> we designed and engineered them. crazy idea a few years ago to make a bat that lasted longer, felt better, sounded different and hit the ball further. >> you are getting young guy because it is same bats for major leaguer, high school, little league and college. >> you need at approach that the bats that we make for amateur players, youth group, senior league can go to chandler and get the same quality, specifications as what we use for big league player you mentioned amateur. turf try this bat out.
7:43 am
>> here we go. >> keep it coming. keep it coming. >> let's go, let's go. >> ladies and gentlemen, that is not bad. >> might need a little more practice. but bottom line come on out, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> hey, jen, thank you for our bat, take care. >> look at this. >> my goodness. it says happy 20th anniversary. i love this. >> we have the hand held. >> we will knock it out of the park for next 20. >> look at that good i didn't hear you because they are talking in my ear. >> i said because we will knock it out of the park for the next one. >> that is good good be careful. >> nicely done. >> thank you for that bat. >> good day turns 20, for sure and a big star is coming. if you are just joining the program here is news to you, pamela anderson will be joining us before 10:00 o'clock this morning.
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at i'm brian mcmanus, super bowl champion. happy 20th anniversary "good day philadelphia". >> now, he is a super bowl champ. >> dy soul is outside getting the party started.
7:47 am
>> um-hmm he is amped up, look at him. >> people are saying we need to go outside and get some. >> there is barbecue, great mack and cheese by the way. >> oh, bobby. >> yes. >> i'm not going to be able to have any mack and cheese because i'm getting fitted for a new suit. >> okay. >> i'm having jay wright's taylor who is here fixing me up, and chalking and quickly making me a suit here. >> i hear you. >> we will be showing that coming up in a couple of minutes. ninety-five, southbound, an accident right here near girard avenue here. that is causing a major jam for everybody heading in the city. the benny is looking good coming into downtown. no problems or delays, at all here. twenty minute though, behind schedule on the media elwyn regional rail line because of some early equipment problems. double accidents on i-95, as i mentioned, we had a northbound one at allegheny, southbound at girard causing a jammo, on
7:48 am
this april fools day. no fooling there. probably about a 40 minute trip from academy on in and then southbound lanes of 295, watch for a crash, approaching 168. busy plans outdoor for the weekend, sue has the weekend forecast coming in in just 15 seconds. we're hoping to hold off the rain until our party is over. i don't know about that but when the rain does come in, in another couple of hours it will be pretty light and we will save our thunderstorms for later on in the day. really nothing to show you on radar except the slight chance of severe thunderstorms, later on in the day. we have a marginal risk and slightly higher risk down to the south of us. keep your eye on the sky later on if you see some sunshine
7:49 am
and you heard about how chilly, and cold it will get on sunday. sunday morning we have a high wind watch in effect already we could see wind on sun date in the morning of 50 miles an hour or more. i'm telling you, after 76 degrees today. what a big difference by sunday, and then monday we're backup in the mid 60's. tuesday it is cold again. we have a chance of flurries, on wednesday of next week. mike, are you ready for the roller coaster ride. >> i like the roller coaster ride. >> i am ready for some basketball. tomorrow night at 6:00 o'clock, oklahoma sooners will take on our villanova wildcats. i have brought the a couple coaches in. they don't coach villanova. they could. they are good coaches. we have jim noland and great valley high school and jim ruleo who coached kevin rafferty at malvern prep. >> good to see you, coach. >> they are both named jim because they spent so much
7:50 am
time in the gym. >> that is right. >> tell me burr player. >> kevin rafferty a hard working, walk on player. >> walk on. >> at villanova. >> did not the get a scholarship. was not recruited out. he worked his way on the team. tremendous student. finance major now going for his nba. >> wow. >> a walk on. >> and now he is playing for a national championship. >> yes. >> how did you know? when did you know he was good. >> we knew he had talent. the his work ethic was second to none. the it was just about providing him an opportunity and credit to him because during his journey, there were a lot of in a sayers who said you weren't good enough. why are you wasting your time. you will never have that opportunity. to his family who are tremendous people, his work effort and just to have him, his work ethic. >> other coach, jim, tell me about mikhail. >> great kid. great kid. growing up in malvern, great valley, when he came to me,
7:51 am
skinny, tall. >> look at him now. >> lou at him now. >> he still is called sticks because his legs are so skinny, but coachable, great teammate, great work ethic. wonderful fall talent. again, young though. he was young. he went to villanova. the conversation became maybe taking a year to mature, grow and you can see what he has done for them. >> have you talked to them. >> absolutely. >> yes. >> over last hours or days. >> i spoke to kevin yesterday. he is enjoying the ride. he is absolutely on cloud nine. tremendous opportunity for him. >> dream come true. >> the party try to tell him is to absolutely enjoy it but understand you aringing there to win a championship. although his role may be limited. he is part of the team. >> no question. >> mikhail? >> he is so crazy, busy, but i
7:52 am
think grounded, know you why are there is correct. i'm sure, you know, keep your focus because there is so much going on down there. >> keep your focus. >> can they win it all. >> absolutely. >> complete thely. >> i agree. >> good luck, guys. >> where are you watching. >> your house. >> i'll be over. >> sure. >> all right, bob. >> you have a villanova story here. >> you know what, the fellow that make jay wright look as good as he does, gabe denuncio. >> nice sue. >> you look just like jay wright. >> i stayed off jelly doughnuts all week. wait until you see the suit he is making us. more chest and little waist. >> hold on. >> check out that guy's pockets. check out this, frank, thank you for that message. good day family happy 20th. >> congrats, i watched fox 29 every day. thank you, thank you, thank you. that is steve keeley.
7:53 am
highlight of the lifetime right there.
7:54 am
he could install your ceiling fan.ce said he couldn't. and that one time ron said another chili dog was a good idea. yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. the e series. legendary john deere quality.
7:55 am
unexpected low price. e series compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty.
7:56 am
i'm henry winkler and would i like to say happy 20th anniversary to good day philadelphia a. >> wow. twenty years. >> hey, thanks. that is cool. people are showing up now. it is spitting rain a lot of people. hi everybody out there good to see you. look at our on outside. hello ladies. chowing down. i love our viewers but they really love mack and cheese and barbecue the at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. hello, ladies. >> hello, ladies. >> yes. >> it will be crazy by 10:00 o'clock out there. >> they are all waving.
7:57 am
>> yes. >> women have their faces up against the window because bob kelly had his pant off during the commercial break. >> who is this. >> this is gabe denuncio, the man behind the scenes, that helps jay wright look as good as he does on the court. >> lets look at the pictures of him in different suits. what do you say. >> what does he like. >> well, he likes something that has a little crispness to it, something that has a little bit more defined striping or a nice plaid with an interesting lavender, purple, and we're always trying to do something that is different but never really crazy. >> yes. >> he carries it well, whatever he wears. >> isn't the key, the fit, because he is a trim guy. everything looks really well fitted. >> absolutely. fitting, i would say, if it doesn't fit, it doesn't flatter. you could get a great
7:58 am
expensive suit but if it doesn't fit what good does it. >> he likes lavender purple in his shirts too. >> we try to match, if i give him purple, lavender suit and i always pick out a couple shirts that will go with it in that color tone. whatever suit we get we do try to match the color tone. >> alex brought in other suits you have made for him. is this what you are talking about. he does like a lot of line. >> yes, he does. >> and this is interesting because it has a dark blue and a little lighter blue and almost lavender blue. >> yes, very interesting. >> this is more of a solid. we tried to make it more interesting, with a tie and a shirt. but this shirt i would do a shirt with a little print and a tie and then pocket squares. he like pocket square plane to show the clip. >> gabe, i think bob kelly
7:59 am
kind of looks like jay wright. >> yes, he does. >> same body. >> same hair. >> yes. >> he is a little slimmer than jay. >> say that again. >> i have the jacket on. >> let's look at how handsome. >> the lighter suit makes me look thinner and younger. >> sure it does. >> my goodness, pop out of the way. >> go backup to the split screen backup. >> yes. >> he has his unbutton. are you ready. hold on. >> hold on. >> there you go. >> i have a better idea, go over tour green screen. >> okay. >> and we will put up some basketball footage. gabe, thanks. you know who does television broadcast, before the game
8:00 am
they mention your suits. >> yes, they do. >> it is very satisfying, to have someone, that can dress up well. >> how much do these suits cost. >> i want to show you this one right here. >> one of the most expensive fabrics made in the world today, this is 11,000 doll ars. >> now, i will show you one that is only 9,000 and this has, gold threads in it. >> everybody needs a gold thread tuxedos. >> $10,000 for a suit. >> get out of here, really. >> well, this is cheap one this is $4,500. >> thank you so much. >> jay, looking sharp. bob looking sharp. >> let's do another hour. what time is it anyway, it is
8:01 am
8:00. twenty years of good day philadelphia i'm taraji p hanson, congratulations on your 20th anniversary. >> i'm jane seymore, happy hand versery, "good day philadelphia" celebrating making your milestone in our history. come over to fourth and market. >> pamela a anderson is in the good day studio. who you about that. why the former bay watch babe, is going to be here today. it is our 20th would it day. >> yes. >> is what your favorite good day moment. is there so many. >> ♪ >> so join us as we take a trip down memory lane. use the #, good day 20.
8:02 am
the number, two-zero. >> ♪ >> okay. it has been fun. >> yes. >> we're 21, we have to get rid of these chairs. >> every time i watch that i'm looking at you in that music video. i just saw a shot of myself, i like crazy. >> you have the hottest color shirt. >> yes. >> yes. >> crazy. >> that was so much fun. that is one of my favorite memories. >> thanks for being here on our 20th birthday. our friend over at sweet t bakery. >> sweet t bake shop in haddonfield, new jersey. >> come on, let's go. >> my goodness. >> it is a cake so bigot has to be rolled in. >> that is just the bottom. >> but that cake.
8:03 am
>> wow. >> is what the pole for. >> for to you dance on later. >> i can't dance with my $11,000 suit on. >> that is really cake. >> yes, it is. >> spin it around. >> we will build it right here. >> that is our building. >> look, you you can see, can you get down here. >> yes. >> on the set. >> just how it is when you go up fourth and market. >> mike. >> hold on now, hold on. >> we have challenge sweet t's bake shop because they win competitions all the time, we asked you can you put together, i saw that app, can you put together a cake that is 20 layers. >> yes. >> can you do 20 layers. >> this will go up 20 layers. >> yes. >> yes. >> this is the first seven. >> so is there seven floors in
8:04 am
our building. >> exactly. >> so this has like seven layers and it weighs 150-pound. >> 150-pound. >> yes. >> this part. >> we will start layering it up. >> is this fundant. >> you are getting layers prepared and we will check with you layer by layer, live on tv, lets see if we can do this. that is why there is a pole, bob. >> yes, that is a lot of cake. >> let's get to the number of the day with all of the confetti and everything else we are giving you a six out of ten because in case have not noticed it is cloudy. luckily we have been spared, so far for our part think morning. is there bus stop buddy. it is not the a party without a pointy hat. he has the umbrella and rain coat on. temperatures are really mild in the 60's. we're still keeping the rain away, see a little bit toward state capitol of harrisburg. nothing here right now but cloud cover. and, 69 degrees.
8:05 am
15-mile an hour wind at the moment. we are heading up to 76 degrees later today. be on the look out for thunderstorms popping up later on as well. we have a roller coaster ride in the seven day forecast and maybe on the highways this morning, bob kelly. how is it going. >> 8:05. good morning everybody. party time here at the station, big old party on i-95, however i don't think you want invite here. this is southbound i-95 jammed approaching girard avenue. accident in the right lane here. this has been out here a couple hours so only two lanes, squeezing on through here a at girard avenue. so far so good coming up and over the bend any towards downtown. twenty minute delays remain on the media elwyn, regional rail line and because of those two accidents on i-95, just a hot hot mess. look at this begins up atwood haven road bumper to bumper. we will call this a double jelly doughnut delay for sure all the way down into center city, northbound you are heavy from penns landing up to
8:06 am
girard and then 295, extra heavy as well, southbound working your way in toward the black horse pike from an earlier accident. delays coming in through that construction zone, and then also delays north on 202, with an accident right here near paoli interchange that is 252. mike and alex, back over to you good thanks, coach wright. lets get to the villanova campus. >> that is where jenny joyce is getting ready for fans and students heading to texas. >> they're going to houston. >> yeah mike, i was wondering what time is your flight. >> kansas isn't playing, jenny. >> another problem because i'm here in the studio, for 20 straight hours. >> we will be here for 20 straight hours. we're a little busy. >> that is definitely way more important. visit them at the studio tomorrow ahead of tomorrow night's game and we do know that 700 lucky villanova students did receive that golden ticket. they will be boarding a bus in a couple hours leaving campus,
8:07 am
heading to philadelphia a international airport. they cannot wait to get to houston and from what we're hearing from the players, our tom sredenschek is there and players had no idea what to expect in the final four. they are witnessing those distraction that is they were concerned about, coach jay wright, he has been to the final four, he was there seven years ago. but these players had no idea what they are were going to get themselves into. >> this is kind of craziness, is this over board or what every final four is like. >> special players, every time you watch, at the end everybody just waits, for that one shining moment song. it is something you dream about when you are a little kid. to be in it, it is crazy. >> even joint is winning f we are winning, we will enjoy it. >> christmas growing up is sweet but would i say final four is definitely a little bit better and year with the guys and know the struggles we went through and to be here to
8:08 am
have this opportunity to beat oklahoma and play in the final four is you been believable. >> if we win, we will enjoy it. villanova is the favorite. all eyes will be watching again. students will be leaving here later this morning. >> how about archie saying final four is better than christmas. that is pretty cool. >> reporter: i love it. >> especially if you win. >> that is what they are saying. >> it seems like archie's enjoying it no matter what. just so much pressure. jenny, thanks a lot. good job. >> we have seven layers as a base. that is our television station at fourth and market. tony, chrissy. do you want to dot honors here. this is layers eight and nine. >> layer eight and nine. >> oh, momma. put it down the pole.
8:09 am
>> wow, is this the sky line of philadelphia. >> it is. >> i think the comcast building just fell off but that is okay. >> we can leave that down. >> gently put this down. >> oh, no, come on over here. >> there we go. >> this is layer eight and nine. >> eight and nine. >> okay. >> we have 11 more to go. >> this is a lot of layers. >> this is cake, i just want to look at it. >> by the way, i just got word in my ear, pamela anderson is coming. >> we have another star. would i call this a star. wow. kenney from south park, kenney from south park is going to come in. it is an animated figure but still, this should be pretty
8:10 am
cool. kenney from south park. >> that is a good get. >> nice. ladies of philadelphia a phantoms all women's football team have their first game tomorrow. i want to see if they are ready for it, coming up. keep the picks coming will for sure. >> okay, happy 20th anniversary fox 29 philly. wouldn't be a good day without you. >> and happy 20th anniversary to the best news team in philly. got that right. >> kevin. >> and kevin says we don't look a day over 19. >> good one. >> alex says hope you have the same good day gang for the next 20 years. >> mike, will you stay around for that 20. >> i will never make it.
8:11 am
when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor
8:12 am
by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a.
8:13 am
fox 29, happy anniversary, to good day philadelphia we have everybody in philly here. >> ♪
8:14 am
>> this friday night, at 7:30 at wachovia center, thanks, guys for coming out this morning. it was really good, i didn't fall yet, dorothy. >> sue, as someone has watched your skating career very closely you are making some serious progress. >> serious practicing gress. >> i'm sorry, sue. >> stop laughing. >> it was the worst thing was the embarrassment because did you note that is guy was really good looking. >> i did note that is. >> by the way, dorothy krysiuk was our traffic report she is making an appearance in this month of april our birthday month. >> we have spoken of it. we have made arrangements. you have to see which day she decides to drop in. >> drop in. >> yes, get it. >> watching some thunderstorms just south of washington d.c.
8:15 am
right now, hopefully they will just stay well to our south, we have still got a few you more hours of good day and of our party, later on today, marginal risk of severe thunderstorms, slight risk to the south of us and high wind watch for sunday morning. lets get right to it. because this should be an april fools seven day forecast, so crazy. mid 70's today and then tomorrow, temperatures drop from an early high of 60. by sunday it feels like winter with a high of 47 and high wind so it feels colder then. that we have rebounded briefly to 65 on monday, cold again by tuesday and bob kelly, flurries on wednesday morning. >> unbelievable. >> flurries. >> what are you talking about 8:15. good morning everybody. problems on i-95 continue here, this is southbound i-95, all morning long, only the two left lanes opened. we are down a lane to begin with. we are jammo, double jelly doughnut birthday delay as you
8:16 am
head south in towards center sit friday woodhaven all the way down, come from the north east, avoid i-95 or go for jumbo coffee, 20-ouncer at dunkin' for that ride. twenty minute delays on the media elwyn regional rail line. tomorrow a trip until south philadelphia a flyers at one, phillies at 1:05, sixers a lot of turn over in the a stadium area all day tomorrow. mike, back over to you. >> okay. time for another layer. we have got nine layers, out of 20 on there now. tony and chrissy. you guys make me nervous. >> yes. >> a little heavy though. >> do you see these cakes that people do.
8:17 am
>> what do you think the deal is. >> there is ten. >> yes. >> and there is 11. >> yes. >> you will see it. >> you have some surprises for us. >> yes. >> we have got the alarm clock here. >> wake up wednesday. >> it is quincy. >> never looked so good. >> quincy, i am going to eat your head off later. he is playing football later with women. >> man, guys, i'm out here with the philadelphia phantoms, the first football game is going on tomorrow, a all female football team. >> all female 6:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> well, you guys, you ladies were just, you know, holding tryouts. >> yes. >> you have the full roster. >> we have 36 on the roster right now. we have a few out here.
8:18 am
we have more but 36, we're ready to go. >> so, you told me you have some really dedicated football players. you have somebody coming from miami. >> every week she comes from miami. her team folded last year so she makes that travel every single week tend play with us. >> how difficult was to it put this team to go. it is first year of the philadelphia phantoms. >> it was hard work but the passion behind it, is what drove me. i love it. it is something i'm passionate about, excited about, and all of the hard work paid off. >> eight games, four at home, home field at gratz field. >> gratz stadium which is my alma matter, graduated from gratz. marcus foster stadium. >> now, you have been playing football for a while. is this a talented team. >> yeah, we definitely can take it. we have a few veterans, a few mvp, all stars and we have a lot of rookies. we have been working for august. they are prepared for saturday
8:19 am
>> let me hop in there. hey coach, i want to hop in and play some offence. what should i do. >> come play, let's go. >> all right. >> what play are we calling. >> blue right, 24 spread. >> blue right, 24 spread, hut. >> let's see if they can hit. >> hut, hut, set go. >> all right. they are ready for tomorrow 6:00 p.m. tomorrow at gratz field these ladies will be ready. lucky didn't hit them this time. >> because next time you got hit. >> you got to spare me. >> they want to you play tail back, come on out here alex. >> my goodness good i don't know. i don't know. >> look at you, seriously. >> i'll think bit, seriously. >> they are working. >> the cake hasn't fallen.
8:20 am
>> no, it is still good. >> that is your cute. >> people don't believe me that kenney from south park or pamela anderson is coming up. >> it is 8:20. it is time for somebody to walk on in. kenney, kenney. >> wait, that is the cue. >> there we go. >> it never gets old. >> find out hoist behind the door. >> hold on, hold on. >> we made this door. >> there it is.
8:21 am
8:22 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think?
8:23 am
♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above good day philadelphia. >> and, kathy orr is on her shirt. >> kathy has never looked better. >> warm front moving through. >> 8:43. are you ready for kenney from south park. >> i'm ready. >> okay. we shouldn't make him wait.
8:24 am
>> why are you making him wait. >> he dingdonged two minutes ago. >> this is our new "good day philadelphia" door. there will be a surprise guest for the next 20 days on this program. >> it is pretty. >> by monday we will have some light nothing this area. >> do you think. >> yes. >> the dor will come to life. >> ready, kenney from south park, come on in. >> yes. >> from south philly. >> it is kenney from south philadelphia. >> okay. >> mr. mayor, good to see you. >> watch your step. >> a lot of stoop. >> come on over here. >> mr. mayor thanks for coming on. >> hello, nice to see you. >> this is first time you have been at the desk, as mayor. >> yes, absolutely. >> so what do you think. >> it is wild in here to day. >> did you get something outside.
8:25 am
>> no. >> look at all those people. >> wave to the mayor. come on out here. this woman wants to you come on out. >> she wants me. >> are we seeing any of this. >> look at that. >> i have to tell you, i want to thank you, mr. kenney for watching this show. i know you do. >> i wake up every morning with you. >> really. >> i get dressed every morning with you, it is wonderful. >> that is a special relationship. >> he will send messages, i didn't like that segment. i really didn't like that segment. >> i didn't like your tie. >> well don't go that far. >> congratulations on your 20th anniversary. >> yes. >> we will get to 25. >> you have to see this. isn't this amazing. >> is that supposed to be bob kelly. >> come on over here mr. mayor. >> we will go 20 layers on this thing. >> wow. >> this is i a cake.
8:26 am
>> can you believe it. >> twenty layers. >> this is tony. >> tony and chrissy. >> how are you. >> nice job. >> if you want we can have have the other layer right now. >> do you want to do another layer. >> another layer real quick. >> love it. >> did you bring us a proclamation or anything. >> no. >> anything at all. >> no. >> he is still getting the hang of it. >> so what layer is this. >> i don't know if i can count. >> nine, one some 11, 12. >> this is 12. >> marries here. >> pink and purple. >> is it supposed to be slanting. >> yes, it is. >> i'm an absolute mess. >> i will never make 21. >> where are we going next. jen, what are you up to. who are you talking to. >> i'm trying to make riley do
8:27 am
the baby dance. she keeps looking at me like i'm a crazy person. no. you don't feel it. check this out these people are feeling it. that is the window they are looking into say hi to you, mike and there is plenty of your girlfriend out here. so come on back, we have an amazing party going, i will tell you about it all after the break. >> will do you this. >> yes. >> yes. >> strangers. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
to you, they're more than just a pet. so protect them... ...with k9 advantix ii. it not only kills fleas, ticks and mosquitoes, it repels them, too. so do more to defend your four legged friend... ...with k9 advantix ii. for the love of dog. after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. when looking for a van to take your business to the next level, look for more. with the ram promaster and promaster city, you can do more. hold more. handle more.
8:30 am
organize more. and get more out of every drop. all for less. ♪ happy 20th anniversary to "good day philadelphia". happy birth the day. >> wow. >> wow. >> people are raving about the food. >> they are. >> so they have mack and cheese lady here, that is
8:31 am
whether they called her here. >> and barbecue. >> now, did you just cheat. >> they just brought in another layer. >> oh, no. >> i'm sorry. >> it is okay. >> what layer is this. >> this is 13. >> number 13. >> what is it. >> yes, it is. >> let me get around the front. >> it is a pizza. >> sushi and pizza. >> i wonder who that is for. >> i know what is going on there, i think so. segment we do every monday you got a try this. we do a lot of eating on this show, no question bit. >> it looks good. >> i'm getting hungry. >> all right, sue. >> all right. we are watching ultimate doppler radar, watching very closely the showers and thunderstorms south of washington d.c. and in virginia making sure they do no make it here before our party is over but you will have to keep an eye on the sky all day which might be
8:32 am
difficult with your pointy party hat on just like bus stop buddy, temperatures in the mild 60's this morning and plan on a high of 76 degrees, later on in the day. sunset time is 7:26 and watch out for those thunderstorms. it will not stay this mild do not get used to it because cold, cold temperatures are coming in the seven day forecast. >> cold. >> yeah. >> chilly tomorrow if you are outside on that soccer field or t ball field with the kid in the morning. here's a live look at i-95 jammo at 8:30 pretty much from woodhaven road all the way down to girard avenue. well over 45 minutes. than a earlier accident the culprit here. here's a live look at disable tractor trail other the bypass out near route 82, and through the weekend, septa will be using shuttle buses to replace trains on the warminster line and add just continuing some of the times ape right now they are running with 20 minute delays on the media elwyn line.
8:33 am
so far so good at the airport. schuylkill behaving as well, this morning for the moment, mike and alex, back over to you. i completely forgot, i had to go to this event and american idol was on. >> now they have narrowed it down to the final three. >> jen has details on that. >> mckenzie is out, but that is okay because we have dalton and, by the way, they are ready for to you come out here and do this. >> ♪ >> riley still not doing it, but dalton is still in it. he says he fridays outside of dallas. he has a grandmother you will meet in a minute but patricia lives in doylestown and we have to cheer for this guy. he went home. it was an amazing episode. ladies and gentlemen dalton and his other grand mom. >> very, very sweet.
8:34 am
>> so, that is dalton and big good day fans. say hi to everyone. he's from doylestown. people figured he would be in the top three, quite frankly. another girl that i was loving, le porsche. >> ♪ >> so she's going through next week is not only finally of this year but it is series finally. i will be in l.a. talking to j lo, harry and keith, please
8:35 am
watch all morning as well. this party wouldn't have been possible without some of our sponsors. sue serio said there might be rain, guys from liberty event rentals said we're in. so we will really be happy to do it, and it doesn't happen without dj soul. he knows, he feels it. >> we have to love him, baby. >> hey, jen. >> tell me about the mack and cheese. >> i have no idea where the mack and cheese is. >> 8:35. you know i will feed mack and cheese to pamela underrer son today. >> pamela anderson she will be in her good day studio. we will tell you why she's in philadelphia we have a big announcement that effects all of you guys, that is coming up. >> yeah glit is a gigantic party. >> keep watching.
8:36 am
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
happy 20th anniversary good day philadelphia. >> oh, man, they are lined up all the way around the block. >> breakfast, how about a leg. >> yes. >> for breakfast. >> they will be here until just past 10:00 o'clock, so we have another 90 minutes or so. >> do you remember when this happened earlier this week donald trump talking about abortion. >> you believe in punishment for abortion, yes or no as a principal. >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> for the woman. >> there has to be some form. >> that, i don't know. >> why. >> i don't know. >> i do take positions. >> if i know chris wallace, he
8:40 am
willow owe if i know chris wallace he will have done old trump as a guest this sunday is that true. >> we will. >> let me get to the important stuff, happy birthday, 20 years, what is so interesting about this is the 20th anniversary of "fox news" sunday is in four weeks. you guys must have gone on the weeks, i guess four weeks before we did in 1996, that is very cool. >> that is where you got the idea for your show, our show. >> i was than the here then but probably. roger aisles probably stole it from himself. >> yes. >> we will have done old trump for sunday. i can't imagine a more interesting time to talk to him. he has had a tough couple weeks whether it was going after ted cruz wife, his campaign manager grabbing that report are and now you his comments about abortion and punishing the women who have
8:41 am
abortions, of course, that he walk back but caused problems. we will talk to donald trump on sunday. can't miss tv. >> okay, i will be watching for sure. chris, thanks for being part of our show every week, probably for the last five or six or seven years. >> it is 13 years and do i get free breakfast too. >> sure, i will send it down, fedex me, i'll fedex you some mack and cheese. >> it sound great. >> even cold mack and cheese. >> i like cold mack and cheese better than warm. >> why i before this up, everybody involved in the show gets their picture on our birth daze cake today, so i'm sorry, i cannot find a picture of you on that cake. >> i'm checking, mike. >> i have been on the show every week for 13 years. >> all right, i will print something out on the cap year upstairs. >> take a picture of me and stick it on the icing.
8:42 am
>> will do. we will be watching sunday, thanks, chris. >> donald trump. >> yes, and chris wallace together again. >> 8:42 on this friday our birthday, is amber a thief? you're darn right i'm talking about philadelphia's amber rose. what did she steel from kim kardashian. we will show you.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
♪ >> wow. >> that video is so old my hair was white. >> and a beard, what is going
8:46 am
on with those side burns. >> hi, everybody. >> i didn't know we had t-shirts. >> thanks for coming out, thanks for watching. i have been getting so many tweet from his sue saying i have watched from the beginning that means a lot. >> also those following on snap chat alex dot holley, holley, taking behind the scenes video of the craziness. i love it. >> by the way, yesterday, alex discovered snap chat and now, on it 24/7. >> i do it for you. >> yes. >> well, meanwhile on old fashion twitter and facebook we have been posting pictures i have found #good day 20. just posted one of my daughter when she was three years old. it has been fun. this may not be fun. we are watching these thunderstorm down around washington d.c., chesapeake bay. they are heading in to delaware over the next couple
8:47 am
of hours, hopefully, they will a void, so we are watching that on radar and watching the possibility of pop up thunderstorms especially later on in the day but here it is, seven day forecast, mid 70's today, dropping from 60 degrees tomorrow, 47 on sunday. i wish this was an april fools joke this seven day forecast but this is really, a believe rebound on monday, we will go up to 65, down to 46 on tuesday and then mike and alex, believe it or not, chance of flurries on wednesday morning and 28 degrees. >> liar, liar, pants on fire good i can't believe it. >> that is why yesterday i was walking around i don't wanting to inside. i need to soak it in now. >> too bad you are going to be inside for 20 hours. >> here's something for you. >> south philly's own. >> yeah. >> and we have got to come up with an app, dax of tmz because i heard amber rosies making millions, potentially millions of dollars off an
8:48 am
app. >> it is emoji, amber emoji is that how you say it. >> yes, these are the amber rose ones and, you know, people are giving her criticism because they look so similar to the kim kardashian emojis. >> and, big look similar. so people were giving her a hard time. she said i'm laughing all the way to the bank. she already made four million-dollar on them. she got a fat paycheck for actually signing with the company. and then day one of their release they made two million-dollar and she gets a cut off that. so, she is like make fun all you want i'm getting rich off of my emoji. >> you were looking at those emojis. we cannot show them because there are some interesting ones, did you down load this.
8:49 am
>> no. >> there are some funny ones, good ones and very interesting ones, to say the leasty just drew an emoji, how much are you paying me for this. >> it is not even in color. >> we will work on it, dax. >> we want to talk about cat williams. >> that is a pretty one. >> that is great looking. >> we want to talk about cat williams. he got the in to a fight here in philly but he is having more fights since then and now he is going to court. >> yes, he was in court yesterday. the judge actually let him post bond which was a big deal because he has been in one thing after another and this goes back to the disorderly conduct arrest with the fight with the 17 year-old. he faced a judge yesterday and judge said this is not a popular decision to let you had you be released on bond but i will go ahead and do it and i think we're kind of sick of seeing each other here. i need to you just slow down and think about what you are
8:50 am
doing before you do it, and maybe try to get more control of your life. this judge was very nice to him and hopefully he takes that into account, with anything that he does down the road. >> couple things here, could you rerack that tape. what courtroom is this? >> i don't know the courtroom. >> the jailhouse jump suit matches the handcuffs, did you see that. >> i know, that was pretty nifty, right. >> and then, it is in atlanta, and as if that is not enough they have put the word inmate on the back of the shirt. what else would you think he was at this point. >> maybe just visiting, on vacation, i don't know. >> i'm visiting. >> but i love the combination jump suit gold, yellow, gold. >> you might find yourself in one of those. >> probably true. >> dax, have a good weekend.
8:51 am
>> thanks, dax. >> happy anniversary by the way. >> i was waiting for it, dax. >> i love that guy. >> let's put another layer on the cake. >> i'm's on snap chat now so we can get this layer. >> this is my favorite bakery, sweet t's bake shop. you can guess whose layer this is, hey, tony. >> this is sue coming down. >> she's coming down with the storm. >> we have front and cloudy skies and what layer is this. >> layer 14. >> yes. >> if you want to contact or take a look at sweet t's bake shop it is sweet, of course, t's and that is the sweet t's bake shop. instagram and facebook. >> look at this, tom. >> what is this. >> don't take it off. >> don't touch missouri.
8:52 am
>> there is chris wallace. >> appreciate it. >> do you have something i can stick him on there. >> i don't think so. >> she's so pride full of her cakes. >> that is not hand painted. >> that is my art. >> it is art. >> my goodness. >> thanks so much, tony. >> chris on a pole. >> getaway from my layer. >> pamela anderson. >> is she here. >> not yet, not yet. >> i'm told she's in the green room. >> in the green room. >> there he goes. >> he may in the come back.
8:53 am
i'm backing josh shapiro for attorney general because things have to change. we need criminal justice reform because our prisons are far too overcrowded. we have to deal with drug addiction through treatment, not incarceration. and use our prison for those who are truly violent. and we need to get illegal guns off our streets.
8:54 am
i'm joining with president obama and leaders across our area in supporting josh. josh shapiro will be an attorney general committed to fairness and equal justice. (is committed to truth on thee plabel.d when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one.
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and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at brmilk and fresh creama. and only sustainably farmed vanilla. breyers has fresh cream, sugar and milk. breyers. the good vanilla. our milk and cream come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones. this is so good! we owhat made their mystskin more radiant?nt. what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin.
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♪ >> the line is really long. >> thank you all for coming out and thank you a lot of people watching too. >> it is wonderful. >> it is 8:56, down on our 20th birthday. we're looking for i traffic reporter. >> you saw me tweeting. >> yes. >> do you want to try to to traffic. >> what the heck, busies not coming, trash truck is blocking the street. >> okay. >> you stand up here. you use this monitor and this monitor and do traffic. >> let me take my stuff off here. >> lou very familiar. >> let me take my jacket off here. >> you said this is a demo, right. >> look who it is. >> here we go.
8:57 am
>> good morning, everybody. >> that was my day buy, everybody. >> good morning, everybody. i was not here from day one. it has been the blast the last year and a half. i love you guys. my wife calls it the frat house. you are not going to work you get to the frat house every day. here i am on the cake the i got the snowplow. i have my little traffic light, double jelly doughnut delay. >> look at the plow heading for steve keeley's face again. >> that was a great moment on our show. >> yes. >> what about that other guy in the yellow hoodie. >> he was interesting, wasn't he. >> that morning. >> just a remind their pamela anderson is here. >> bob, good to have you here. >> twenty more years. >> let's do it. >> more memories to share. >> we have more memories, coming all next hour.
8:58 am
>> this is a good one. >> ♪
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