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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 1, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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happy 20th anniversary to good day philadelphia yo, make sure you go after your dreams. >> oh, look, it is the philadelphia eagles cheerleader, swoop out here too. they want to come by and wish us happy birthday. i believe to they said they have a 20 year anniversary cheer. >> eagles cheerleaders. they will do that. they will have their final audition, coming up tuesday night. >> all right. >> through are, final audition april 5th at miracle theater.
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maybe i can swing by and be a judge. >> i saw on the eagles twitter michael kendricks will be there. they can come see that and something for eagles. >> he is one good looking dude. >> i never noticed ity was at dell frisco's. >> you hung out with him one night. >> yes. >> yes. >> why didn't you call alex. >> he asked me too. >> no he did not. >> you are making that up. >> by the way, hi, it is a 20th anniversary cheer in a little bit. the as you you can see karen hepp is here. >> i was just outside with the whole gang, came down, so much fun. it is her birthday on april fools and she came down to celebrate with us. >> we're sharing birthdays. >> this is for you. >> okay. i broke my thing. >> we need another layer of the cake. >> is it. >> number 15. we are doing 20 layers of this cake, this is sweet t's bake
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shop. >> here's number 15. >> now mike we are trying to get each layer is a person. this is more tropical theme here. >> wait a second who would that be. >> who would that be. >> wait a second, are you trying to pin opinion this on me because i'm gone so much. >> well, i don't know. >> really. >> i guess we will see, when it is done. >> yes. >> of course, her in haddonfield, new jersey. you are down there on main street. >> main street in haddonfield, it is kings highway. >> remember, this is seven layer, this is our building. this was how many pound. >> that is 150-pound. >> 150-pound of cake. >> yes. >> is that supposed to be me. >> is that me. >> it is you. >> you look good. >> that is not bad. >> they do a good job.
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>> okay, mike. >> lick me. lick my hair. >> oh, sure. >> look at alex. >> my turn. >> yes. >> here we go. >> you got her legs right. >> is that it. >> really cute, little will legs. >> my gosh. >> you know how you remind me of in that red outfit. >> pamela anderson. >> that is right, at the the beach and that bathing suit, way back. >> oh, no. we have a big time star coming on because of our 20th birthday. we have this door here for the whole month of april we will have a surprise guest every single day through april. >> that ace a lot of guests. >> he is excited. >> i'm nervous. >> like a kid in the candy store. >> pam larks welcome.
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>> hi there, april fools. >> hi there. >> wait a second. >> i have never met new person. you look a little different. >> just a little. >> yes, but still just lovely. >> this is karen hepp. >> hi, how are you. >> come on over here. >> good to see you. >> how nice. >> pamela anderson. >> i'm confused. >> you can sit. >> it doesn't matter. >> she has beautiful legs. >> you are gorgeous. there is no question about it. i'm taken back, you look different. beautiful. >> yes. >> and blonde. >> are you really pamela anderson. >> i am a pamela anderson. >> do you have id. >> yes, i do. >> is that pamela anderson. >> you are pamela anderson. >> yes. >> you are pamela anderson. >> yes. >> i have a pennsylvania id where are you from.
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>> i live in glen mills. >> what has it been like being named pamela anderson all of these years. >> sometimes it has benefits. a arrived at the hotel and i got celebrity swag delivered to my room. >> what do you do. >> i'm a stylist, independent stylist. >> and you brought a tray of things here. >> i brought a gift for you and for the girls and a gift for you too. >> girls gift first. >> i love the necklace. >> you can put that on. >> do you see that. >> and the earrings too. >> yes, so we do in home trend shows and it is just a wonderful opportunity. >> really fun parties i have been to some parties where you have been with some girlfriend, drink wine, jewelry, buy some stuff, everybody has a good time and has fun. host test gets a hundred dollars in reward. >> so didn't she say you work with autism. >> yes, we're partnering with holy robinson pete.
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>> okay. >> you know holy. >> yes. >> and we're selling a bracelet called the harmony bracelet, hundred percent of the proceeds go to the holy robinson pete foundation. >> that is beautiful. >> there we go. >> you are better looking than the real pamela anderson. >> thank you you. >> she's stunning. >> of course, april fools joke. we were hoping it would be maybe an a funniest joke, right. but i'm happy the way it work out. >> here's the thing, is it april fools because it is pamela anderson. >> we weren't lying, she's pamela anderson. >> but you have to wear a red bathing suit. >> i have heard that there was a request for a red bathing suit but mike, that is a gift for you. >> yes. >> now see you were supposed to wear it because we are going to reinact a bay watch
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scene. >> i'm sorry. >> are you married and have kid. >> i'm married, and i have an eight year-old daughter, named emmy. >> you have an eight year-old daughter. >> i do. >> lou good. >> i've been married for 22 years. >> what does your husband do. >> he is a cpa. >> i haven't had my taxes done yet. >> give us a call. >> i was thinking maybe the real pam anderson would be here. she cannot be here. but as long as you are here can you do us a favor. >> okay. >> come on. >> come on. >> should i be nervous. >> always nervous, with mike. >> okay. here you are. stand right here. >> now start moving slowly like this. >> like the run. >> you guys are so funny. >> there she goes. >> there she goes.
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>> now run. >> there you go keep coming. >> you are such a good sport. >> mike you should be the hoff. >> yes. >> now we're talking. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> and the scene. >> thank you you, pamela. >> come on over here. >> have a good trip back to glen mills. >> thank you so much. >> nice to meet you. >> thanks for coming in. >> you don't want this back. >> i think mining should put it on for the end of the show. >> yes, please.
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>> wow. >> what can i say. >> pamela, let me guarantee you, these won't fit. >> seriously mike. >> thank you so much. >> thank you so much. >> she has an eight year old daughter. >> she looks good. >> i'm not convinced at all pamela anderson's in the world all look good. >> see, i was really hoping, that was going to be the trend. >> she looks good. >> oh, man. >> try to pull a joke on us, year after year it is always on me. so lets get into some of the favorite moments over 20 years. this will be very hard to do. >> we have had so many. >> so many. >> let me tell you this, what
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do you think why people see me out and about, what do you think they talk about. >> you are always wearing dresses. >> there is that and sue, what do you think. >> when you dropped your pants at the bus stop. >> wow, that was in 1999. >> i know. >> i almost forgot that. >> i will never forget it. the image is burn in my brain. >> no, it is acting like kim kardashian. >> when you are home with your baby and you are home and you are shopping on line. >> it looks good, sheneille. >> something fabulous. >> congratulations to both of you, i cannot wait to see you. >> can kim still hear us. >> the whole time. >> it is hot. >> can i have some cotton balls, i want to put mine up. >> why don't you like it.
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>> it is fine. >> i love this. >> i think they are stunning. >> i think they are fantastic. >> that went all over and kim kardashian saw it, and they played it on tmz and she said i just want to thank mike for selling more stuff at sears. >> they have not talk to me since. >> no. >> what do you think the other one is. >> ryan lot ke. >> you are right. >> ryan lotke the olympic swimmer was on, talking about, watch this. >> my philosophy is if you are a man at night you have to be a man in the morning. >> if i go out all night and i go dancing and i'm drinking, you know, i still have a job to do. >> oh, no.
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>> seriously, how are they go to go get enough material. what was the question that stumped him. >> i guess silence. >> no, a woman could not say anything. he is good looking. >> he is good looking. >> i'm a man at night and a man in the morning. >> a lash is going to come off. >> look out we have a lash off. >> we have a couple lashes off there. >> i remember watching that one upstairs and i just knew it, one of the things i came downstairs and mike said that
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was fabulous. >> and he saw it too. >> not too happy. >> all right, alex, you are up next. >> let's see, you know i'm a big fan of empire. i want to think mine is empire related. we have had those people who play hakim and andre, tray buyers and yaz the greatest and he busted out and started singing, honey. >> unforgettable, that is what you are. >> ♪ >> you are blushing. >> wow. >> wow. >> all you have to do is do that to get a woman's a tension. >> yes. >> then i was crying because it was so beautiful but now i cried because he got engaged the next week. that is just mize luck with men. >> he saw me, he said i will go over to her.
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that is fine. so, you also know then in my time here on the show i love singing, and dancing. >> and i love to dance and so i had to challenge, kevin h art. >> thinkings better when it happened because there was sound. >> well, it is okay. >> we can just watch it. >> well, come on, it wouldn't be good day. >> so in the movie, i forgot the name of the movie out but he was helping guys get married find girlfriend or whatever. he was dancing, and the dougie is big in dallas. i said i know how to do the dougie. >> you know what is harder about this when you are dancing, you cannot hear the music. >> isn't that something. >> he can hear it, i don't know. >> it is the joke. >> well, now we cannot. >> but, he said are you going to shoot me because you put me
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back to back. >> and then there we go. >> never seeses to amaze me. >> 9:16. you are up next. >> mine involves, your kid, it is always important. we watch, so many memories of sue and watching nia. mine is when my son got to co host. got to sit right here. we have pictures. it means so much to me. joining sue and you on the set. then he got to do weather with sue which was so cute. >> why was i dressed like that. >> it was all of the baseball players, jimmy rollins and all those people. you had quinn dunk your head right into a big cake you had on the set, typical mike style. as a parent it was precious. it meant so much. there is my face. we cannery live that today. >> there is a cake sitting there. >> he push your face in the cake and that made the back of my christmas card you were on my christmas card with my kid getting to dunk your head into the cake. >> if you put mike on the
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christmas card you have to put his face covered with sake. >> that is sacreligious, isn't it. okay, do you have another one. >> it is us dancing together at our halloween shows. we love when you come i odn't and join us this was gangman style 2012. >> oh, know. >> this was a lot better. >> maybe it is music one. >> yeah. >> hey, sexy lady. >> you know what i love, this is a perfect example of what good day has been for 20 years. >> we fine the clip even with no sound for two seconds and we have to see the at least that part. >> yes. >> here we go. >> that is okay. >> redo it in your chair. >> i hate that song. >> sue, what do you got. >> whenever i go anywhere,
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people remember when my daughter started school. it is incredible. that was a long time ago. the whole deal was i could not get the day off so i said well, we're bringing weather to my house because i got one kid and i will not miss her first day of school. >> let's see what that sound like. >> preparing your child for first day of school, so i thought would i help you out. tell your child in advance he or she would be going to school. stay with me. >> yes. >> be positive and reassure your child that school is a good place. >> yes good do you know school is a good place. >> yes. >> and then we watched live, as she got on the bus. >> there she business her dora the explorer backpack, getting on the bus, with the other kid in the neighborhood. >> you teased me because i made her wear dress and other kid had shorts on. that is my husband billy. and there i am. >> i don't think you knew you
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were on then. >> no, i didn't. >> it goodies to show you crying. >> you where to show my live crying again. >> tissues, again. >> bob kelly. >> it really there is my home movie of my child's first day of school, every time to this day when i'm somewhere with her, this is how long the viewers have been with this show, they say nia, and this is her first day of school. it is incredible to me how long the viewers have been with us, with this program and i cannot even believe i'm still here. >> that would have been 18 years ago. >> she is going to be 19, so it was about 15 years ago. >> so she's in college and she's doing great. >> yes, about to finish her freshman year of college. >> that was great. >> we will do jen later. >> 9:19. >> time for another layer of the cake i know you have been talking to me about karen's snap chat. i'm finally on it.
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>> okay. this is layer 16. >> layer 16. >> sixteen of 20. >> this one is blue. >> any what it is. >> i can see the back. >> it is a good one. >> it is perfect. >> you can see the information cast. >> thank you, sue serio. >> for the weekend there will be a sue that will be put on the cake later. >> yes. >> she's trying to put a surprise, and lets have a reveal guys. so stay on one side of the cake. it is a masterpiece. >> as typical i'm blowing the whole event. >> it is fun to see each layer as it evolved. >> look at it all. >> remember sweet t's bake shop in haddonfield, and let
9:21 am
will t if you want information on facebook. >> i'm getting so many viewers tweet nothing, thank you you for remembering your wonderful memories. keep that coming. here's one from sascha with my favorite weather person in the whole wide world go sue serio with at least 20 more. keep sharing your memories. use the #. >> when you come back you will see bobby rydel.
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hi, i'm bobby rydel happy 20th anniversary good day philadelphia. >> yes. >> the eagles cheerleaders, they have a special... >> they will have to do it again.
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>> thank you, ladies. >> okay. >> okay. >> this is the 17th layer of the birthday cake. i can see them back there. >> this one is different, okay. >> wow. >> pretty. >> so this is number 17. >> wait a second. >> it looks like colors of south america. >> okay. >> this is for you. >> a map. >> someone who likes to travel. >> that better not be me again. >> you are off so much. >> a map. okay. sweet t's bake shop in haddonfield. you remember mike how we first came across sweet t's. >> when was the first cake.
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>> first one we saw when nfl instagramed their super bowl cake. >> that is right. >> we saw it. we said wow look at that cake. >> and we have been friend ever since. >> hi, jen. >> hi there. >> people are challenging each other to a dance off which i love, we have got our spring coats on but it is not exactly what kim kardashian is wearing we will tell you about the amazing new spring trend and yes, it is a party out here. good morning. >> good morning. >> ♪ >> yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
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>> spring jack rest back in a big way. it is a great excuse to ditch the heavy leather, and to give your denim jacket a break for little bit. >> so, let's begin with lauren. she looks amazing, so she will come on, where, from philadelphia area boutiques. >> all from philly boutiques. this is from the gash a house,
9:32 am
right over old city, and it rings in at just $50, amazing. >> real cute bomber jacket. crochet details. real nice alternative to your typical denim jacket. >> it is a spring coat? >> it is a spring coat, real light weight, looks great over everything. >> awesome, thank you, lauren. okay, so now we have jade. and by the way, she doesn't look look bad in anything, but she looks real sheik in this. >> looks amazing in this, this is more of the style that you will see, like kim cards ash yan, christie teeing and wear, slouch i trench coat in beautiful gray color. this is from thirds street habit, also in old city, gorgeous, mice jacket. she looks fantastic. >> and she can dress that up, dress it down, wear it over whatever? >> wear it over address, wear it overpass tell jeans, wear it over white jeans, suits, dress it up or down, yes, you can wear this all the time. >> the thing is she's not very tall. all right, you go. finally we have alex, so this is sort of something we have
9:33 am
received with the cards ash yan's, floral idea. >> floral idea, kimono print. made bee theresa, which is a local philadelphia designer. this is available at shop six an in rittenhouse. really keel, bright, punchy, you can dress it down, dress it up it, looks really great over cocktail dress. yes, really nice, fun springy floral print. >> so if you're going to buy one thing this spring, by like a bold, amazing versatile spring jacket? >> buy a spring jacket. you always think of jackets for winter, but it is a weird transition period, and when the air-conditioning is on it gets colds inside. so you want nice statement spring coat. >> everyone hates to talk about the kardashian's, because everyone is addicted. but they're beginning to have a real style sense. they didn't necessarily start the trends, but people are paying attention because of them? >> yes, i don't know if it is kanye bolstered or what. but coming out with things that women can also wear, so
9:34 am
seeing these trends, and little less body con, more accessible. >> so you want to be like a rock star. >> yes. >> turn around. hi, everyone, it is emily! >> okay, so, before we go, i have to say, my favorite part about good day is right there what you are looking at. it is the people, i get to meet you, i get to meet everyone who comes in, i also get to meet celebrities, of course my favorite interview bradley cooper, no where to be found, but a lot of people out here, guys, have been asking me about my stunt. >> yes. >> one of my favorite things, when i did rep he will down that building, and what people don't know is that it was pretty scary. >> looks good. >> thank you, mike and sheinelle. i think i'm over, right. >> yes, you're over. >> okay? >> you're doing great. >> okay. >> all right, just so we're
9:35 am
clear, not a lot of speaking going on. when do i look to the side? >> am i doing it? >> you're doing great. >> so nerve wracking. >> this is a rock star herself. >> thank you, baby, i always like a little speech, little pep talk. and on that day i didn't get enough after pep talk. but obviously i came down, i'm good. i love the stunt. i love the people. you're gorgeous. >> unreal, jen. yep, we did that live. this show is something, isn't it? all right, we have 20 layer cake, number 19 is going into place right now. >> okay. what's up? >> what's this supposed to be? >> this, well, this is another mystery. >> okay, another mystery? >> another mystery. it is just a backdrop, but -- >> bill anderson made the cake. look at this. >> i know what it is. >> frosty face. >> you know how much i talk about poo on tv? >> oh, mike. >> no, that's not it? >> i thought it was like a
9:36 am
smokey man bar where they go there, you have anis whiskey or something, wood grain? >> all right, let's take a break. >> back to you, mike. >> that's the way the worlds should be. hashtag good day 20. >> i remember kim mccarthy. >> ♪ narrator: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare, and expanded coverage for 500,000 people. trump and toomey have attacked women's health care and social security. to fight back - president obama wants mcginty in the senate - to protect obamacare, social security, and for equal pay for women. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> good day philadelphia. >> i just heard it was your 20th anniversary. i personally had to give you guys a happy 20th, man. this is huge, after this you all will be able to drink
9:40 am
because you're be 21. ethnic joke. so good. >> really. >> how cool? kevin to say that to us. >> thanks, kevin. there is the mac and cheese everybody is raving about up and down the street here on market. >> oh,. >> so jen, where is it from? is she out there. >> no, i didn't want just a picture, i know what mac and cheese is. >> the mac and cheese lady. that's what they call her, because she is so good at mac and cheese. and she saved us some, mike. >> probably has some kind of business. >> sure. >> could you finds out and just put it in my ear. >> it was off the hook amazing. >> i know what mac and cheese looks like. >> is it time for the final layer on the cake. >> final layer. >> oh, they got music. >> okay? >> i can't believe. >> this the final layer. >> oh, no, it is not done yet.
9:41 am
>> well, we're running out of time. >> i know. >> she ask do it, i believe in her. >> kit cat kline, did you see? >> so what was the green top be? so what else do you have to add? >> we've got some people. >> people? >> we've got some just little trinket things that casino of -- >> trinkets and people? >> yes, things that people like. >> here, here is the thing, though, mike. so tell me, she is with sweetie's bake shop in haddonfield, the work started earlier this week. when did you first start working on this cake? >> monday. >> monday? >> we went out, we have some video, some behind of scenes, so you can see some of the magic that goes on in your back shop. and your five are the color is purple. so where do you start when you make these kind of cakes. >> you start with the smaller details like the sculpture, hands painting, because those last forever: you can keep those. and that's majority of the time is spent in hand painting
9:42 am
and. >> what should i call you, artist? >> cake artist? and then i just have been doing cakes just i started randomly one day, someone asked me to make their wedding cake. >> randomly? you hadn't made a cake before? >> because i like to bake, and i was an art ills, so we put two and two together. then ever since that day i love doing it so much. >> yes? >> it just turned into all of this. >> and how long ago was that? how long have you been making cakes? >> i would say eight or nine years now. >> well, thanks for bringing it in. >> thank you so much. how many pounds do you think it is now? >> at least 300 altogether. >> what? >> yes. >> 300 pounds of cake? i the love with bill anderson, with his t-shirts, he's always giving t-shirts away. each layer is one of the members of the good day family, and special things about them that make you think of them.
9:43 am
>> congratulations to dave kinchen, he made the top of the cake. way to go, dave. >> oh, mike's a little jealous >> put the finishing touches. next time you see the cake it will be done. >> sweet t's bake shop, my favorite. >> thanks for coming out, everybody. santa is here. yeah. >> mike? >> 9:43, coming right back. >> ♪
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9:45 am
9:46 am
♪ twentieth anniversary, good day philly, love you. >> here we go. >> look at that! who are you? >> oh, i love it. >> oh, very cool. >> good day everybody! >> oh, my gosh! this is amazing! >> hi, everybody. hey, what's going on? happy birthday. >> thank you, thanks for watching. thank you, thank you. >> oh, my goodness. hi, how are you? hello, high!
9:47 am
>> thank you very much. >> hi, how are you? >> oh, my goodness! >> you want to see sue serio? i'll send her out, okay? okay, i will. >> how are you doing? >> thank you. >> this is so amazing, thank you for 20 years guys! >> very cool. >> here you go. >> real quick? hey, how are you doing, guys? >> nice! >> selfie! >> good morning, everybody. hey, how are you doing? on tv, mike!
9:48 am
>> (cheers). >> thank you, thank you. very cool. hey, how are you doing? thanks for coming out. >> take it away! this is amazing, we'll be here. oh, my gosh. >> the entire world, thank you everybody. oh, thank you so much for all of that. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it was the ends of the line for idol contestants mackenzie, amazing just down to the final three, and just three episodes of idol left. mackenzie joins us now. thank you so much for coming on good day philadelphia this morning. listening to you gives me chills. how are you feeling this morning? >> i'm feeling all right, i'm
9:49 am
feeling all right, thank you for having me. >> what adjourn at this has been, i mean, following your story, and what it has been like to be on idol. what's your big take away from this experience? >> you know, it is crazy to think, you know, those same songs, you know, alleluhia, billy jean, roses, those are all songs that like six, seven months ago, i was just playing in my room for fun, and get to go kind of take that to a national stage and letting millions of people hear it, and knowing that, you know, those songs are the ones that really connect with people the most, it really meant a lot to me that, you know, i might be on the right track with that. >> you are 100% on the right track. and i love that you've overcome some health issues in your live, and living the dream. we will be watching and listening to you, for years and years to come. thank you so much for joining us here in philadelphia. >> thank you so much. >> and take of course still having our big party right here, weaver at least ten more minutes to go into the weekends and all night long with mike and alex.
9:50 am
we have, ready for this, a huge announcement. coming up. plus, also, please keep telling us your favorite memories. we love when you share with us, we know you take pictures with the gang, use the #goodday20. here's one. cannot imagine starting my day, oh, without all of you, the whole gang, happy 20th anniversary. save me some cake. heck ya. we'll be right back. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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and exceptional customer service,
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head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. >> all about good day philadelphia, 20th anniversary, dj, they didn't want us to be in the game gosh 20 years, so we're going to be in the game for another 20 years. we're the best. another one. >> how about that? >> we the best. that was amazing. they don't want us to be out here. >> been watching you for 20 years, really?
9:54 am
>> wow. >> congratulations, morning show. >> bob, i think jen is still out there, q still out there, karen hepp. was that a crazy scene or what? >> love our viewers. >> it is definitely a scene out here. everyone lovers it, we have some great times. i love these signs. >> we have chris murphy, yep. buddy, i love it. check it out over there, crashes you love that bromance thing. lawyer send here. sue is here. bill anderson, we want to say thank you to two of our sponsors, dunkin' donuts right over there, rita's water ice also a sponsor, but we couldn't have had all of this fun if dj sole wouldn't have come out. the barbeque guys came out. just been amazing, amazing time. here's what we do. mike will stay up there. i'm going to come through here, hold on one second. come with me, do you want to come with me? wave hello to the camera. because we got to get the people out here. he's so cute.
9:55 am
oh, you're gorgeous. so we are coming to you. hi, hi, high. hey, hey, hey. so there we are. as you can see, we have bob, sue, everyone is having their picture. this is what it feels like to be down here. excuse me, i'm right behind you. oh, hey, excuse me. here we go, back to you guys in the studio. >> so cool. sea of humanity, 20 years of people watching this show, we thank you, we love you for it. by the way, people, you are raving about this mac and cheese? look at that. it is from sean johnson, that's a woman, and she has a catering company called good for the soul. >> it looks like it is good for the soul. >> oh, good for euratom. >> i we'll need that whether we go for 20 hours. >> i'll explain that in just a second, too. bob real quickly can you bring that sack over here, too, and the people on high street, you know, that breakfast place. >> yes, and fork. >> and fork. oh, are you going to pop it? oh! >> oh, my goodness, there goes the mac and cheese.
9:56 am
>> i'm going to smell like booze for 20 hours now. >> that will be different. >> oh. who shook it up? here is the big announcement. this birthday party doesn't last just one day it, goes on for the full month of april. and on april 29th, we're going to throw a party to say thank you from 7:00 to 9:00 at sugarhouse casino. >> you're invited, all going to be there, rsvp on line at fox 29. let's party, people. >> unbelievable music, and fantastic food, and a brand new venue, at sugarhouse. you will be the first people to ever go into that new venue. >> we have more, thank you so much, the bagel board. this is a bagel and it says 20. >> people will be so happy about that. >> also, we will be giving away mitch he will and ness t-shirts. tell you about the contest monday. >> the cake is done? >> let's get to it. >> oh, my goodness. >> common in, ladies, let's go. >> we don't have much time. this is sweet t's bake shop, 20 layers. >> thank you! beautiful.
9:57 am
>> all right, from my team, we worked very hard on this. >> so you finish it off with bill anderson, dave kinchen, chris murphy, and lauren johnson. >> and dave warren. >> oh, yes, win i. it is wonderful. >> amazing. >> how do people get ahold of you at sweet t's. >> well, you can e-mail us at info at sweet t bakes. com. >> okay. >> sounds good. >> thank you so much. >> starting at 1:00 this afternoon, alex and i are going to be sitting in these chairs. >> okay? >> looking out at fourth and market, for 20 straight hours in honor of our birthday. how do you watch it? >> you can watch on line red banner on the home page. click on that. that's how you can see it, so that way you can watch us for 20 hours. come by. we're at fourth and market. look, people waving to us already at the windows. come by and see us, 1:00 p.m. until saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. we'll be right here, mike. >> join karen for what's the name of the show? good day philadelphia. >> we'll be here.
9:58 am
>> fox good day weekend? twenty hours to get ready for! >> here we go.
9:59 am
10:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show"! ♪ ♪ now, here's wendy! [ cheers & applause ] ♪ >> wendy: welcome to the big show. [ cheers & applause ] >> wendy: you're


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