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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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carolina team. we've got team coverage for you tonight. tom srendenschek is in houston for us but let's begin tonight with bill anderson live on nova's campus with a look how police are preparing ahead of tonight's out come. bill? >> reporter: guys, there's still several hours before the game and students are already making their way down the road to the watch party. they're hoping to celebrate late into the night. the administration hopes to celebrate as well but they have a word of caution for the students. >> it's a big game hours away the students are hyped waiting for their chance to celebrate villanova's first basketball championship in over 30 years. large numbers of students made the trek to houston but the excitement is equally high on the mainline campus. >> a lot of people are going watch right here in the pavilion here on campus. they have organized something for us so that we can all be a part of it i think it's going to be just insane. really special to watch. >> reporter: with hopes of a victory comes the hope of a celebration and both students and the administration are preparing just perhaps in
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different ways. >> they actually put oil on them to stop people from climbing them but i don't think that's going to stop us. >> reporter: greased poles were not confirmed but campus public safety is working closely with radnor and lower merion police and want students to be responsible with their celebration if villanova can bring home the championship. >> we certainly want the students to be mindful of their behaviors not just here at villanova but outside certainly outside of here celebrating off the campus. >> reporter: they also wanted to make the clear that the administration is as excited as everyone else. they just want students to be careful and be safe. >> i think the entire university is very excited. myself included in our department about the potential, you know, for you our basketball team. at the same time, you know, we want everybody to be excited but we want them to, you know, behave in a responsible way so that we can celebrate, you know, in a positive way. >> reporter: 30 years ago villanova won national championship as a huge underdog. but apparently they also went a
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little overboard with the celebration. administration hopes that the first part of history repeats itself, not so much the second part. they want students to celebrate but celebrate safely. iain and let's hope go cats! >> bill, thank you. let's hope. as we get ready for the big game nova fans because they did in 1985. it's been 31 years now since villanova won the title and the will newspaper night are hoping for history to repeat itself. tom srendenschek joins us live from houston. tom, they're ready to go tonig tonight. >> reporter: we are ready to go. since we joined you last hour, iain, the crowd has picked up. the know is picking union of you're starting to get that buzz here the baby blew of north carolina the navy blue ofville notify valve 31 years since the cats won it all. trying to do it again tonight. you know what as they get ready for this championship game there are no bigger fans than that 1985 team. 31 years ago, they capture the imagination of a campus and a city. >> nobody gave us a chance as
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you know and it's been a long time it stood the test of time now for 31 years. you know, i especially my part of the whole thing. i took three minutes of playing time. i've milked it for 31 years. i don't know if i can get much more out of that. >> their place is etched in history. >> almost like jfk shooting. people -- they remember where they were during that period when we won that national championship. hey, i remember in '85 i was in vegas. i was, you know, at this location. i was doing this with my family. of course everybody has a memory of that particular game. >> reporter: there is a special bond that exists between that '85 team and this 2016 team. >> i have all my life been a guy who enjoyed good basketball. good football, good baseball. but i never had that feeling of i'm a true fan. i am now a true fan of this team. >> reporter: but they say we've carried the torch too lo long. the drought ends tonight. >> i absolutely want this team
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to win. we're rooting really really hard for these guys because they're just great guys. i'll tell you nobody is rooting harder gore them than my wife kathy my wife has weigh been with me since high school and they're tired of hearing about the '85 team all the time. she figures if they win they'll stop talking about us but i don't think they'll ever stop talking about us. >> reporter: i agree with you 100% chuck. late wore the coach, rollly massimino will be here in houston tonight for the title game. when we join you later in sports, two seniors ryan arcidiacono and daniel oh chef few getting ready to put on the villanova jersey for the final team. what would a championship mean for them? we'll talk about it later in sports. iain. >> tom, thank you as students get geared up we want to see in you your nova gear. what are you rocking? tweet us your wildcat pride use the hash tag fox 29 philly. developing to night, lesean mccoy will not face charges in a nightclub brawl. that's the decision philadelphia district attorney seth williams announced today in connection with that fight that police say the former eagle was involved in
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old city night spite. now police union leaders are speaking out against that decision. prosecutors say it was not clear who started the brawl inside the recess nightclub in old city back in february. the fight apparently over a bottle of champagne sent two off duty police officers to the hospital. williams says there's no question there was a fight, but when it comes to filing charg charges -- >> we had no sufficient evidence to know who initiated it. we had evidence that would conclude that people can conclude that people were being justified in trying to protect their friends. >> it's absolute nonsense there's not enough evidence there. our detectives did the investigation. they forwarded it over to the da's office and he just decided probably weeks ago not to prosecute. >> in a statement local fop president john mcness guy called williams a season ticket hunting district attorney. williams says the high profile nature of the case had nothing
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to do with with his decision. >> on to your weather authority now. and the rain as we take a live look from trenton tonight. this system covering a lot of area right now. >> chief meteorologist scott williams is tracking the rain and possibly some thunder. scott. >> we are looking at a whole lot of weather to talk about right now. just a roller coaster ride. so bundle up and also buckle up as we look at what's happening right now, moderate to heavy rainfall moving right along the i-95 corridor. so allow extra travel time. wilmington new castle county as we move into delaware county, philadelphia county, right now really moderate to heavy rain. it's not going last that long. this is the system that will bring tumbling temperatures we're talking a good 20 to even 40 degrees colder than our high temperatures today by tomorrow morning. so as we go hour by hour, you can see that rain it will start to pi diminish after about nine, 10:00 o'clock down the shore but the cold air will be moving in. look at the temperatures already 32 degrees freezing in the poconos. 55 philadelphia.
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still 60 degrees in dover. so coming up we'll talk about freeze warnings in effect for tonight. wind chills feeling like winter and then also a rebound in those temperatures. back to you. >> all right. scott, thank you. the latest now on a developing story out of delaware county. the dent accounts of two amtrak workers killed in a derailment in delaware county were just released ntsb is trying to figure out why those workers were on that track just a short time ago the national transportation safety board tweeted out this picture. this is the data recorder taken from train 89. it's used to record data like speed and when that horn was used. the ntsb updated the media on their findings a short time ago. >> investigators have examined the locomotive and passenger cars. the examination included the collection and inspection of maintenance records. at this time no anomalies have been found. >> fox 29 sabina kuriakose is in trainer tonight she just learn
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the names of those two amtrak workers killed. sabina. >> reporter: iain we did get those names the backhoe operator 61-year-old joseph carter, jr., of wilmington and another worker 59-year-old peter don know fifty seven of lincoln new jersey. he's described by as a pedestrian work can he he may have been have been outside of the construction equipment at the time he was hit though amtrak has not yet confirmed that. now what we know so far as our sources first reported the backhoe was on the active rail line. the train 89 was using. there was also construction equipment on the adjacent line. the train was traveling at 106 miles per hour. that's 4 miles less than the speed limit on that stretch of track. now today we spoke with reverend who dealt with scared passengers as they fled the burning train. >> you see the vehicle once in while. >> reporter: several times this last moreover randy james ford has seen construction crews working on the tracks behind his delaware county church.
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he never match nine sunday morning he'd be running towards sirens after an amtrak train struck one of those vehicles killing two workers. >> it could have been so much worse. it's such a blessing more people weren't severely injured. >> the reverend hins congregation providing shelter as hundreds of scared passengers streamed out of the partially derailed train to seek comfort in train are in united methodist church. 37 others were injured. two remain hospitalized. >> we always have that idea in the back of our mind as far as what we'll be confronted we. >> chester officials recalling last year's fatal amtrak derailment in philadelphia. lessons learned back then kicking in yesterday. >> this is hard. it's painful and it's tragic. >> reporter: now tomorrow the ntsb plans to interview co-workers of those two construction crew members who were killed. now officials haven't said yet who was authorized to be on those tracks. whether it was amtrak or the construction crew and they have not said yet whether -- why both
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of those crews amtrak and the construction crew were using one line at the same time. iain and dawn, back to you. >> thank you sabina. the battle is heat up over the future of atlantic city. today the state of new jersey filed suit against the city. the lawsuit would prevent atlantic city from making a payroll payment friday because governor chris christie says the city owes its school district $34 million. the lawsuit coming two days before city council planned to vote on converting workers to a 28 day pay period to keep the government fudging. governor christie says it's the only way to fix atlantic city's finances. these guys hammer and kick their way into a local convenience store. next, see what they found on the other side of this barrier that could be worth big money. >> and police say this guy pulled out a gun on fiance'. but this is no love triangle fight. we'll tell was was brought to their gnome a fish tank that spark the squabble.
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everyone talking about villano villanova's big championship game tonight. >> we caught up with nova fans who have a message for the wildcats. >> i have a lot of respect for jay wright and 31 years is enough time for another championship. and go, nova! >> go,ville notify valve let's do this, yay!
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♪ >> philadelphia police are looking for two men who broke into a gas station in juniata park. it happened early saturday morning at this liberty gas station on the 900 block of east hunting park avenue. now one of the men used a hammer to break open a glass divider and once the glass was broken the men took cash, cigarettes and lottery tickets. if you recognize these guys, give police call. a pennsylvania man in jail tonight accused of opening fire during a fight over a pet hermit crab. police in nazareth northampton county arrested 32-year-old mario, last night. officers say it all started when
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he and his fiance' were standing outside their home and the fiance''s ex-husband was dropping off their son. he and the husband started arguing about the pet crab. boy was marrying a fish tank. police say he fired at the guy's car then pointed the gun at him. he is now charged with aggravated assault. one philadelphia councilman introduce agnew bill today at city hall. >> it hopes to prohibit the sail of animals from puppy or kitten mills. councilman johnson says there's no legislation in the city of philadelphia banning the sail of kittens or puppies that come from a mill and although johnson says there's no evidence that stores win the city are indeed selling animals stores from puppy and kitten mills he says it's time to close the loophole. >> restricting the retail sell of puppies and kittens to only those that are sourced from shelters or rescue organizations is likely to decrease the demand for puppies and kittens bread in puppy and kitten mills. >> the human society says other
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big cities like chicago, boston and los angeles have passed similar ordinances. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. the rain is here and the cold is not too far behind. >> scott williams will have your forecast in 15 seconds. >> wild roller coaster ride continues in the weather department. i mean, we had high temperature of 65 degrees this afternoon. but by tomorrow morning, feels like temperatures will be in the teens. it's really going to be a shock to the system. right now as we look at ultimate doppler watching a line of showers moving through the area. some heavier rainfall especially northern sections of delaware moving in to delaware county along with philadelphia county right now. so right along the i-95 corridor this will continue to push into parts of south jersey along with
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central delaware over the next couple of hours. socked in with the clouds right now the philadelphia international airport so watching for potential airport delays out there. 55 degrees west win at 10 miles per hour visible down to 4 mil 4 miles. so here's the system that we're watching right now. it's really system number one this week. it's going to push out to sea. high pressure moves in tomorrow. but wee will see winds out of the north and that will draw down some of that cold air from the polar vortex so take look at the tumbling temperatures. the high today 65 degrees. by 7:00 o'clock, we'll be in the low 50s. low 40s by 11:00. by 3:00 in the morning, 34 degrees. 29 degrees the low temperature for tomorrow morning. that's why we have those frees warnings in okay. already below freezing 31 in the pocono mountains. low 40s allentown, low 50s pottstown. 55 philadelphia. 60 in dover that. cold air continues to move in from the north. so take a look at the areas highlighted in purple. we are anticipating a freeze
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concern across the area. so cover up those sensitive plants. especially some of those fruit trees if you can. and also some of those tulips and lillies that have already been bursting with color across the area. so here's the dip in the jet stream. it looks like we're going to have another shot of cooler air by the latter part of the week into the upcoming weekend as we continue with that theme of below average temperatures for april. so look at the lows to night. temperatures in the city 29 degrees. 24 in the bushes with that freeze warning. 44 degrees the high temperature tomorrow. but it's going feel colder. look at future feels like temperatures by 7:00 a.m., 15 degrees along the i-95 corridor. and by 1:00 in the afternoon feeling below freezing so dress for winter tomorrow. that seven day forecast shows another cold start for wednesday morning. in the upper 20s. 53 degrees for the high temperature, showers arrive the latter part of the week. we warm things up into the 60s thursday but friday it's cooler and then you can see that chilly pattern again by the upcoming
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weekend. a lot to talk about in sports. howard eskin what's going on? >> what a day for sports in this town. allen iverson makes it in the basketball hall of fame. and says something interesting about his former head coach larry brown. it's the biggest night for villanova. their players, their head coach, and for some players on this team their final basketball game. we'll hear from those guys and tom srendenschek in houston coming up in sports. ♪
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♪ it's the first time in 31 years villanova is playing for the ncaa national championship. north carolina a slight two-point favorite. it's the final game for some of the players villanova for the big game in houston is our big guy tom sled depth check. tom? >> reporter: what lead how war. thank you very much. fans continue to go pile in to nrg stadium. you know what you love about villanova right now. jay wright wants this team playing their best basketball at the end of the season and wildcats are doing that right now. they treated this entire weekend as a business trip but i asked ryan arcidiacono yesterday, what is it going to be like tonight
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to put on that villanova jersey one last time? >> i'm happy about it because it's our -- it's last possible game where it can happen. i can put on that jersey. just taking so much pride in wearing villanova on my chest and hopefully we can go out the right way. >> reporter: they will always be remembered as the 2016 villanova seniors. >> one of my best friends in my whole -- out of all my friends i have a lot of respect for him and he's definitely -- when ever calls me he's going to have -- my number is open to him. 'cause that's my brother for live now. >> every graduating class at nova is special. but this one is different. >> these two both were always going to be held in high esteem amongst villanova basketball players. for their commitment level. now i think they'll have a chance nationally all our will alumni to be held in high este esteem.
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>> reporter: daniel ochefu the key tonight. carolina rebounds very well. he hopes to hold his own. if he does the cats can be national champions. howard. >> all right, tom. north carolina probably has two, number one picks and villanova nba probably has none but they play great. >> agreed. >> thanks, tom. >> we should be on after the game. shallville know have a within this game. that's tonight. >> tonight a big day or today a big day allen iverson. ai was elected to the basketball hall of fame on the first time he was eligible he averaged 26.7 points a game for this career. 12 of those with the sixers. seventh all time in nba scoring. and what people will remember a lot of plays but this cross over michael jordan made michael jordan look silly did he that to a lot of players. ai looks back to his coach, however, larry brown. >> i wish i would have bought into what he was trying to give me all along. being a certified bleep for
6:26 pm
nothing when he all -- all he wanted was the best for me. i didn't take constructive criticism the way i should have. >> the phillies played today. let's go to cincinnati. their first game. it's opening game cincinnati. ryan howard being ryan howard. first inning cincinnati scores a run because ryan howard can't catch the ball. however -- what's he doing on the team? however, freddie galvis cleaned that up in the second inning two outs. two run homer. right now the phillies lead it two-one in the eighth inning. he's their opening day starter and best one. >> a lot -- not much going on in sports. (laughter). >> crazy. >> how war, thanks. that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. find fantasy shows.
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is donald trump wearing a bulletproof vest? the shocking revelation. then, the soccer star charged with dui. you won't believe who's making fun of her. and escalator chaos. how dangerous are they? >> pretty crazy. then, wait until you see what miranda lambert wore on the red carpet as she introduces her new guy to the world. take that, blake. >> it was the moment that had everybody talking. plus, crisis in the high- end world of celebrity chefs. why would all these renowned chefs take their own lives? >> it's a really stressful job. and -- ♪ happy birthday to you ♪


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