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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 5, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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♪ >> right now at 10:00 preparing for a freeze warning. it's spring and we're talking about temperatures that will be well below freezing and you'll wake up tomorrow it will be return to the 20s. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. freeze warning is about to take effect for most of you watching right now. let's get straight over to meteorologist kathy orr for the details. kathy? >> the arctic front has made it through the delaware valley right now we're seeing dry conditions and the winds are picking up as well. to the north and west, we have cold air cold enough for snow in the great lakes. for us, it just means cold air that will feel like it's in the winter season. right now in philadelphia, 42. 23 degrees in the poconos. 46 in millville. and right now in dover 49. it was 70 degrees there today. the freeze warning goes into
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effect at 1:00 a.m. through tomorrow morning. for temperatures below 32 degrees. most of us will be in the 20s. the next two nights temperatures will be below 32 degrees so protect any tender vegetation out there. your tulips, your lillies if they popped they're in jeopardy and those pair trees and cherry trees could have a problem come the morning as well. let's take a look at the winds. the winds forecast to be gusting to 30 miles an hour tomorrow morning. so you have a gusty wind and you have cold temperatures and that means bitterly cold wind chills in the teens. do you believe it? coming up we'll talk about our next warmup when rain moves back into the forecast and a look at the weekend weather. iain i know you want to get that golf game in. we'll see if we can work that out for you. i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right, kathy, thank. as you prepare for the freeze download the fox 29 app like having our meteorologists at your fingertips much it is available in the apple store or on google play. >> frightening moments for children in bucks county
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tonight. the bus driver experienced some chest pains and brought the bus to a stop in the middle of i-95 in bristol. it's not clear how many children were on board that bus. the good news s we're told that no one was hurt. developing to night prosecutors say lesean mccoy was defending a friend during the old city bar brawl back in february. the district attorney decides not to press charges against the former eagle. >> as chris o'connell tells us that prompted a scathing response from philadelphia's police union. >> we had insufficient evidence to determine if anyone should be champed. >> reporter: flanked by a team of prosecutors, district attorney seth williams announce nothing charges against shady mccoy saying the nfl star was trying to defend a friend during an old city nightclub fight back in february. >> he saw his friend on the ground with someone with their hands around his friend's throat. so he went over there to protect his friend. >> reporter: two off duty philadelphia police officers were injured during the fight
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over liquor inside of recess lounge. prosecutors say the officers ordered four bottles of $350 a bottle champagne but after enter viewing 27 witnesses, the story got fuzzy from there. >> the two people that were injured the most gave conflicting accounts about how that even started. they're friends were there together. >> reporter: right after the announcement, this tweet from philadelphia's police union lodge five. safe to say the announcement didn't sit well with union boss john mcnesby. >> we were shocked. we were surprised. we were puzzled. >> reporter: he called seth williams a seasoned ticket hunting district attorney. and when asked if mccoy's high profile status has anything to do with the decision -- >> if i was a betting bet i'd bet the house, the dog, the ranch, the wife, everything absolutely positive dull. >> reporter: mccoy's attorney says the buffalo bills running back was relieved with the news saying mccoy all along has claim his innocence. >> it was important for him to be in a position to represent to
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his team torque represent you know to his family that this thing, you know, is now over. i think, of course, he's relieved. >> reporter: head of the police union also tells us he will now ask state attorney general kathleen kane to look into prosecuting this case and also the possibility of pursuing civil action. chris o'connell, fox 29 news. happening now new information about the amtrak crash in delaware county. officials from the ntsb providing details about the moments before the deadly derailment. officials have now had a chance to look at cameras on board the train. >> now they're trying to piece towing everything to figure out exactly what went wrong. let's get right out to fox 29's jennifer joyce she's life at the scene of the crash no tonight in chester. jennifer. >> reporter: good evening, iain. a lot of questions remain and it will take months before we get many of these answers. the n to tsb is sifting through evidence and conducting interviews to try to answer the
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biggest and perhaps most straight forward question, why? 36 hours after amtrak train 89 killed two workers on the tracks the national tanks portation safety board says it's digging deeper to determine a cause. sifting through evidence like various communication devices and an event recorder to shed some light on what happened leading up to the crash. >> the event recorder data was of good quality and recorded up to the point of collision. the engineer placed the train into emergency approximately five seconds from the end of the recording. speed at that time was 106 miles per hour and the track speed at that location is 110 miles per hour. >> reporter: ntsb lead investigator ryan frigo conformed a forward facing train camera clearly shohows the backe positioned on amtrak's active track when it was nailed by the train just before 8:00 a.m. sunday.
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killing backhoe operator 61-year-old joseph carter, jr., of wilmington and 59-year-old worker peter add mow fifty seven of chester county. why the backhoe was operating on an active line as the train was scheduled to pass through remain the big question. >> we're still gathering facts on that information. as to who had the authority to be on that track. >> reporter: ntsb also confirmed tonight that there were several workers on the track when the crash happened. they told us that will begin interviewing those workers tomorrow. iain? >> jennifer, thank you. when the passengers of train 89 had nowhere to go on sunday, a church in delaware county opened its doors to stranded riders. reverend james ford watched amtrak trains blow by the trainer united methodist church for decade but yesterday it became a sanctuary for 300 passengers. a day after the tragedy the reverend is still shaken by the sudden loss of two men that worked along the tracks. ford says his heart goes out to have one affected.
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>> so many of the people were under dressed. they weren't prepared to be walking in all of that wind from yesterday across a field. so that they were quite chill whole they got here. >> 35 other passengers were taken to the hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. philadelphia police are looking for two men who broke in a gas station in juniata park it happened early saturday morning at the liberty gas station here on the 900 block of east hunting park avenue. now one of the men used a hammer to break open a glass divider. once the glass was broken, the men took cash, cigarettes and entire display full of lottery tickets. if you recognize these guys, give police a call. smoke filled children's clothing store in upper darby this afternoon. fortunately everyone got out safely. this happening at the children's place on south 69th street. crews quickly got everything under control. still no word yet on what started the fire or how bad the damage is. terrifying shooting in the middle of the day in west
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philadelphia has got a neighborhood on edge a coalition of community groups banding together to say enough is enough. that group will be known as the anti-violence coalition. >> they held a news conference today in an area of west philadelphia where nine people have been killed in the last two years. fox 29's shawnette wilson is in west philadelphia tonight with more on how this coalition will work. schaub net? >> reporter: well, that coalition held a news conference today to announce its mission. it was held on the same day philadelphia police released video of a brazen shooting that happened in broad daylight in that same area. surveillance video captures a brazen shooting in the middle of the day in west philly. watch as a gunman opened fire on a young man standin standing on0 block of market street in front of a chinese food store last week. police say the 21-year-old man was shot in his upper body. taken to the hospital in critical condition. now, investigators are looking for the suspect captured on surveillance video. it's one of many shootings
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around the area of 52nd stree street. now, new anti-violence group is taking action. >> young man was killed in front of this bar on february 17th this year. >> reporter: the group released video of a news conference today outside danny's cousin's bar shut down organizers say because of all the violence that happened nearby. >> it was reported eight individuals have been killed since 2009 within two blocks of this bar. >> reporter: taylor is the vice-president of the organization called the philadelphia anti-violence coalition. we spoke with her tonight at a community meeting about all the violence. >> it's killing our families. it's separating all of us and brothers and little sisters and then the retaliation is back and forth just like the little boy that got shot. >> the made of 48 similar groups around the city they're combining resources to combat violence and educate communities plagued with it. >> it's just back and forth. everyone is losing somebody. people don't step up and care until someone in your family or
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close friend of yours dies. it's time to step up now and take back our neighborhoods. >> state representative vanessa brown attended that community meeting to night pledging support for the anti-violence coalition. iain, back to you. >> little girl with cancer going through a fight for her life and it's not the first time but now she's facing new battle. a community is trying to kick her out of her home. >> it's a sad thing, a child need grown ups to take care of them. >> the rule they say she's breaking. >> take a close look at this clip. that's a car and there is a woman still inside. what happens next makes this even scarier. but the driver's luck is about to take a turn for the better. >> this guy is in big trouble accused of firing his gun at his fiance''s ex. what was brought into their home in a fish tank that set it off? >> see that blanket moving around? that's no child under there. what police say is really going here and why it is so creepy.
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♪ a pennsylvania man is in jail tonight accused of of opening fire during a fight over a pet hermit crab. police in nazareth arresting 32-year-old mario, last night. officers say it all started when he and his fiance' were standing outside their home and the fiance's ex-husband was dropping
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off their son. he and the ex-husband started arguing about the pet crab the boy was carrying in a fish tank. police say he fired at that man's car and then pointed a gun at him. he's charged with aggravated assault. in montgomery county a driver is facing numerous char charges to night in connection with a hit-and-run crash that killed an elderly woman. you can see the aftermath of the crash at the intersection of 40-foot in welsh road in hatfield friday morning. gentleman quill johnson went through a red light then slammed into a car driven by at-year-old shirley russell. russell's car flipped and she died at the scene. prosecutors say johnson kept going but did return to the crash area an hour later and was arrested. investigators say he was driving on a suspended license and without insurance. a bill that would place limits on abortion in pennsylvania has made it out of house committee. the house health committee voted 16-10 in favor of the proposal that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks.
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the current law allows abortions up to 24 weeks if the bill becomes law abortions after 24 weeks would only be allowed if needed to save the mother's live. tensions are rising over the future of atlantic city today the state of new jersey filing suit against the city. the lawsuit would prevent atlantic city from making a payroll payment friday because governor chris christie says the city owes its school district $34 million. lawsuit comes two days before city council planned to vote on converting workers to a 28 day pay period to keep the government functioning. governor christie says it's the only way to fix atlantic city's finances. >> when you look at this, the simple math tells you, that even if we did nothing, they wouldn't have the money to make these payments in may or june for the school district. >> governor christie also says the atlantic city government has been unwilling to crack down on police and fire fighting
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expenses. one philadelphia city councilman introduce agnew bill at city hall to protect defenseless animal. >> goal to ban the sale of animals from kitten or puppy mills. councilman kenyata johnson says currently there's no legislation in the city prohibiting the sale of kittens or puppies that come from a mill. johnson says there's no evidence that stores win the city are selling animals sourced from mills but it's time to close the loophole. >> restricting the retail sale of puppies and kittens to only those that are sourced from shelters or rescue organizations is likely to decrease the demand for puppies and kittens bread in puppy and kitten mills. >> the humane society says other big stories like los angeles, boston and chicago have passed similar ordinances. neshaminy high school says one of its students has per to us known as whooping cough. that student has siblings who attend maple point middle school and because of that, the school district notified all parents.
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whooping cough is contagious for those who are not vaccinated. 25 years ago today, a private plane crashed in a fire ball over a mainline elementary school. two little girls on the ground died on that plane u.s. senator john heinz. eighths tragedy that even 25 years later the families from our area find too painful to talk about. fox 29's karen hepp recounts a day that claimed seven lives. >> reporter: image so many of us can never forget. traumatized children holding a ribbon being led away from a tragedy that fell from the sky on a beautiful thursday in april 25 years ago today. it was april 4th, the first and second graders from marion elementary had simply gone out to play after lunch when all of a sudden a plane an helicopter collided overhead raining down flaming debris, killing two little girls, first graders rachel blum and lauren, seven-year-old david ruttenberg was covered in jet fuel and caught on fire. he was burned over 70% of his
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body as he ran from the flaming wreckage. he did survive. we reached out to those victims families 25 years later it is still too difficult for them to discuss the tragedy. what happened? senator john heinz was popular and well liked republican the sole air of the heinz ketchup fortune from pittsburgh worth more than half a billion dollars back then. he liked to hopscotch across the state on small planes to attend numerous events. that day, his twin engine piper was having landing gear trouble. a helicopter came to check it out and one much its rotor blades splashed the main's wing. a fuel tank exploded unleashing a fire ball that blasted both crafts out of the sky. killing all five adults in the air. 52-year-old senator heinz, his two pilots and the two helicopter pilots. the horror of having their bodies all that flaming wreckage fall over five block area in residential neighborhood over a school still brings tears to survivors eyes.
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and memories that even 25 years later don't erase the pain for those involved. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. this man suffered a brain injury and was told he'd probably never get out of bed again. well, not only is he proving doctors wrong now, he's pulling off seemingly super hero acts. >> california makes history by raising the minimum wage to the highest in the nation but another state is stealing the golden state's thunder. where else paychecks are about to get a lot bigger. >> i got in! i'm going to college! >> we all watched and cheered as this local girl learned she'd and september to do college. as she eyes her next chapter the lesson she's been teaching others for years. >> now with tomorrow's traffic, here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for delays all this week on the kelly drive. repaving project began today.
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they're going to work around the clock with the exception of the morning and evening rush hours. nonetheless you'll find that up even pavement and a lot of traffic pushed over to the martin luther king drive or the schuylkill expressway. then tomorrow, right after the rush hour, they'll be working northbound knife shutting down the bridge street off-ramp. folks will have to go up to cottman or think ahead and jump off at allegheny to avoid that delay. what you need to know before you get on the go. i'll
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ california governor jerry brown signed a bill into law today that would gradually raise the state's minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022. both houses of the state legislature proved the measure an thursday. rem can and business groups warn the move could cost thousands of jobs. governor brown says california's fast-moving economy can absorb the raises. meantime in new york, governor kuomo signed a similar law into today raising the minimum wage to $15. the bill also gives paid family leave to workers. the $15 minimum wage is expected to be fully implemented by the end of 218. experts say many other states
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may follow despite the president's best efforts congress has been slow to act on raising the federal minimum wa wage. you decide 2016. we are a few hours away from the start of voting in the next primary battleground wisconsin. democrats are going fight over 96 delegates to the summer's party convention. republicans are scuffling over 42. hillary clinton was in new york today where she's been campaigning for the last five of sick days. polls show bernie sanders with a small lead in wisconsin. meanwhile donald trump is in an 11th hour fight with ted cruz for a win. that's just weeks ago looked like a sure thing for trump his poll numbers though have dropped in recent days. some experts blaming his controversial comments on abortion. but trump says he's the guy to beat. >> but when people look at me and then they look at this guy cruz whose totally controlled by the people that give him the money, 100% totally controlled. but when they give him that money, or when they -- how about kasich? kay kasich is one for 32.
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>> ted cruz says drum system not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. in canada a woman survives a steep fall after she drives her car off a cliff in newfinland. then she falls out of the car and police aren't even sure if she jumped or how she got out but she landed about 60 feet down from where the car stopped yesterday. mack us willy she survived. although she was taken to the hospital in serious condition. could we finally have the weapon to win the fight against homelessness? these people are building homes for people who really need them. but when they're done, the houses will look a lot different than you might expect. plus, a child who's battling cancer just got bad news. and that was before her family learned a community may try to kick her out of the her home. the rules she's breaking, kathy? >> the rain has long left the shore, and now colder air is going to be moving in. we're talking about an arctic blast that will send temperatures down into the 20s overnight. wind chills in the teens.
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i'll show was to expect and how quickly when we rebound when we come back.
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♪ right now at 10:30, we are bracing for freeze warning. here's live look at trenton. people here and throughout our area you'll want to make sure you bring your pets inside and cover your plants. temperatures will dip below freezing overnight and meteorologist kathy orr will have more on exactly what to expect tomorrow morning coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. hundreds gathering today in delaware county to remember a local firefighter who lost his battle with cancer. >> ♪ >> funeral services this morning in drexel hill for upper darby firefighter byron evans. officials say he developed cancer because of on the job hazards. first -- fellow first responders joined his family filling sane bernadette church for mass before laying him to rest at
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arlington cemetery. evans leaves behind a wife and three children. >> blockbuster release of millions of financial documents has european and asian leaders running for political cover. the so-called panama papers paints a picture widespread corruption and tax evasion by wealthy and famous people from a number of countries. implicated either directly or through close associates our russian president vladmir putin the former iraqi prime minister and family members of pakistan's leader and the late father of britain's prime minister david cameron. retrial start dad for former vanderbilt university football player accused of of raping another student. prosecutors delivering opening remark in the case of former football player corey beattie. he plead not guilty national tennessee courtroom he's accused of raping unconscious female student in june of 2013. beatty and another player were previously convicted of multiple counts of aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery in the case but the verdict was overturned.
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after lawyers discover the jury foreman was a victim of statutory rape. a florida man is behind bars after police say he hit a teenager on a moped and just drove away. it happened early sunday morning troopers say 18-year-old nick ethan was rear ended by a man in a nissan extera and pulled up on to the hood. he was stuck there for several hundred yards before being throw off the car. florida highway patrol says craig, was under the influence when he hit the boy. >> i'm so angry. it's not fair. it's not fair. live's too short, you know, and for him to come such a long way and doing great, just taken right out from underneath him. >> he's charged with dui manslaughter and leaving the scene of a fatal crash. a seattle residents are lending their time and talents for very good cause. >> it's all to give the homeless place to come in out of the cold. carpenters from sisters in the
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brotherhood cutting plywood and insulation for eight small houses at oh fellow village teaming up with volunteers helping out by taping walls and painting. one volunteer says he's motiva motivated to help because of those he knows living on the streets. >> it's incredibly hard. it's an incredibly complex iss issue, and i'd rather just be doing something than knot nothing. >> organizer are hoping villages like this one will serve as models for other cities and neighborhoods and would like to build similar tiny houses as part of the fight to end homelessness. on your radar, it was a little wet start to the day and now it's starting to get little chilly. >> um-hmm. our camera is shaking a little bit at the airport. you can see temperatures are already into the 40s, winds out of the north northeast at 16. visibility is good. with a clearing sky. cold temperatures. the high today 65. by 7:00 p.m. we were at 55. within the next hour we'll be down to 41. 3:00 a.m., 34 and by 7:00 a.m.,
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we bottom out in philadelphia at 29 degrees. and it will be colder in our suburbs. right now you can see that dividing line. some 40s and 50s from philadelphia south and east for the most part to the north and west 30s and 20s. 23 degrees in the poconos. as we widen out you can see farther to the north through new england and new york temperatures in the 20s in quebec it was 18. where was this cold over the winter. we have it in the spring it's kind of reverted this is our arctic front that brought the rain, behind it much colder air. we're not just talking about the philadelphia air getting cold this cold is going to go all the way down into the mid atlantic. tomorrow windy but we will be seeing some sunshine. the same goes for wednesday. temperatures moderate and this is our next weather maker for thursday. we see some warm many ahead of it but then another cold front will be swinging through. so temperatures up and down throughout the rest of this work week. the jet stream taking a big dip and pretty much staying in this
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pattern with not much flexibility over the next seven to 10 days even two weeks. we will stay in this trough position the cooler air on the east coast. the west coast enjoying the warmth i don't think we'll be seeing consistent warmth back in the 60s or 70s until the end of this month. sorry, guys. overnight tonight in the city 29. in the suburbs 24. windy and cold. winds gusting to 30 miles an hour and the freeze warning goes into effect. during the day tomorrow, we make it to 44. but wind chills will be in the 20s and even the 30s during the afternoon after that freeze warning the winds still gusting to 30. let's talk about the wind chill. right now feels like it's in the 20s and the 30s. by tomorrow morning, it will feel like 18 in philadelphia. 15 in allentown. and four in the poconos. by the noon hour, maybe step outside get some lunch. 15 in the poconos. 28 in philadelphia. so one of those days you just want to bundle up and just chalk it up to it's april, transition time. wednesday 53.
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milder thursday. temperatures will be in the 60s. then you can see we cool it back down again with showers on friday. saturday 46. sunday still chilly, not as bad, though, 50 degrees and then monday temperatures rebound. so if i were going to plant a -- plan a golf outing i may think about playing hookie on monday. >> okay. >> i'm just saying. >> monday after the masters. >> maybe. put you in the mood. >> exactly. we got to look at the double rainbow. >> yes. can't for that. beautiful rainbow after the rain obviously in center city philadelphia this evening. >> i wish there was a pot of warmth at the end of that. (laughter). >> not so lucky, iain. >> not for while. thank you kathy. this man suffered a brain injury and told that he would probably never get out of bed again not only is he proving doctors wrong now he's pulling off some seemingly super human acts of strength. plus -- i do have have my feel line partner with me. >> those words may not be the first thing you'd expect to hear when police officer pulls you
3:35 am
over. what the officer's kits tee partner was about to undertake to keep the streets safe.
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♪ a man who suffered major brain trauma and told he'd likely spend his live in hospital bed defying the odds. seth overcome huge medical obstacles. now he's won a power lifting competition four years ago he was hit by van and doctors said his family he'd like be in vegetative state for the rest of his life. but seth proved everyone wrong and now won the special olympics power lifting competition at louisiana tech university. >> he's a great example of how to overcome, don't settle for where you are, and then like i said we saw that today. >> live your live with no regrets tomorrow. don't waste a breath. that is his philosophy and has been from the get go, and he's proof you can do if you just keep pushing. >> good for him. seth is going to college and majorinmajoring in massage ther. >> in your money tonight another way to fly alaska airlines expanding its region in the west coast. parent company of alaska
3:39 am
airlines announce dag it's buying virgin america. alaska air will pay up in a deal worth more than $2 billion and if the deal passes regulations it would make alaska air the fifth largest airline in the united states in terms of passenger traffic. alaska says the deal is expected to close no later than january 2nd, 2017. well have you bought any vanilla ice cream lately accident the price may have zen a chill down your spine. according to the website munchies the price of vanilla ice cream has double in the last month because madagascar had poor vanilla harvest last year. some manufacturers are using synthetic alternatives to try to get that vanilla taste. mcdonald's in japan about to super size one of its burgers big time. take look. this is the gig good big mac looking at four beef patz. 2.8 times more meat than regular big mac. mcdonald's locations in japan will roll out bigger side items and soft drinks as well.
3:40 am
the burger is going to go on sale for limited time on wednesday then disappears at the end of the month. see that blanket moving around? no, that's not a child under there. what police say is really going on here and why it is so creepy. plus -- i got in! i'm going to college! >> we all watched and cheered as this local girl learned she had been accepted to college. she eyes her next chapter the lesson she's been teaching others for years.strike two [crowd cheers] ♪ strike three out two down out there two down
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[crowd cheers] ♪ ♪ [crowd cheers] [male announcer] sometimes, coming home can be a battle in itself. our wounded warriors need everyone's support to meet the challenges they face every day. the uso provides every american a way to support them and their families. it's how all of us, as a community, can give something back to our heroes. it's how we can say thank you and assure them that their sacrifice is recognized and appreciated by every one of us. what? it's good to be back. join us.
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visit to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of our wounded warriors and their families. the uso. until every one comes home.
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♪ people in buffalo of course are used to seeing snow but it's never easy to see it in april. many waking up this morning to find their cars and roads covered with a fresh coating. it did cause several crashes and slowed down the morning commute. no more snow in the forecast for tonight but temperatures will be well below freezing. take a good look at the right side of your screen. see that children's blanket moving? police say that is a burglar trying to use the blanket as cover while he hit the place. police in new zealand released this video. they didn't say how he got into the house but did he get away with cash and jewelry.
3:44 am
a california company has found yet another use for drones and this one is intended to save lives. san francisco based company will start using them to make deliveries of blood and medicine to rwanda in july. it's called zipline international and it's backed by google venture. here's how it work. the drone is shot in the air and right before reaching the drop off area, the bottom opens up and a cardboard box with a parachute plops to the ground. packages are delivered in 15 to 30 minutes cutting down on refrigeration needed for blood and other supplies. residents in a florida senior living community are outraged because management is threatening to kick out one of their own. it's all because the woman's cancer stricken granddaughter is living with her. eight-year-old amani norton has a rare form of stomach cancer and is in the middle of 16 weeks of chemotherapy treatments. amani, her mom and her siblings were forced to move into the retirement community while amani gets treatment. management says they have seven
3:45 am
days to get out or their grandmother will be kicked out. >> i have no income so we're just staying here while she was getting therapy. it's easier. have i help with her and my other children. >> her family is set up a gofundme account with the hopes of raising enough money to find temporary housing. it is the video that went viral. >> yeah. a local girl's incredible reaction reading her one and only college acceptance letter. >> advise you your acceptance into the program. i got in! >> i'm going to college! (laughter). >> i got in! >> so fantastic. she's not just any girl. fox 29's lauren johnson caught up with 20-year-old rachel grace who has a lot to be proud of. report roar she's the sixth man -- >> she gives a hundred% and she is all in. >> reporter: on the north penn women's basketball team. >> she's like sister. it's great having her. >> reporter: rachel grace is
3:46 am
the team manager. >> it's thrilling ride. aww roller coaster ride for me. >> reporter: a job she does not take lightly. >> proud of this -- being part of this team, this team is like my family. >> reporter: how did this all come about. a former assistant athletic director a special education teacher recommended rachel and the rest is history. >> it's been a match made in history. >> player and friends amy has nothing but fond memories. >> what's one of the big things you've learned about being around her for threers years. >> to always as have positive attitude. >> rachel has not let living with down syndrome slow her do down. >> you're going to college! >> yeah, i am. >> how excited are you. >> i'm very excited. >> this video clip shot by her mother has been shared all over social media. >> i'm going to college! >> it's the moment rachel found out she's going to college. the only school she applied to, east stroudsburg university. >> i'm going to be on my own.
3:47 am
>> she's the middle child who always lived to be independent of her two brothers but her basketball family gives her the sisters she doesn't have. >> i'm going to miss the team a lot. and i love having them on my side. like they always have my back. >> so watch out, world, rachel grace is about to leave her mark. she's not afraid to do anything and i think, um, that she'll surprise people. lauren johnson, fox 29 news. >> rachel tells us she plans to be the team manager for her college basketball team and owe by the way she says tonight villanova will win. let's hope she's right. isn't all right n your health one doctor is taking a different approach to peanut allergies. dr. eric williams is without allergy partners of rowan salisbury says about 12% of the 3 million americans with the allergy will have have an accidental exposure recommending program that gradually introduces peanuts that have an allergy starting with a tiny
3:48 am
amount. >> i start my protocol at two micro bands of peanut protein to give you a sense. there's 250 milligrams of peanut protein in one pee in you. >> he admits that everyone reacts differently and the program has about an 85% success rate but he says it's safe and worth a shot to get rid of the allergy. we've all scene police k9 units but have you ever heard of officers using cats for a drug search? one utah officer's body cam was rolling as he told drivers he was part of the feline unit. >> i do have my feline partner with me. i'm going to deploy my cat around the outside of your vehicle. this is officer fru-fru. she's been with the department for eight years. >> i can keep playing with you. this is april fool's joke. (laughter). >> that passenger got a kick out of that.
3:49 am
you heard the officer it was all april fool's joke but it definitely had drivers confused. the police department put the video on their facebook page and it's had more than 3 million views. all right. big sports night. >> yes, it is. >> big sports day. phillies showed us what kind of team they will have this year with their opener in cincinnati. he's had a career that has given us many classic moments. and today he got the vote for immortality. allen iverson is now a hall of famer. hear one of his classic moments
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
♪ villanova trying to add to their basketball history with their game against north carolina and right now if you're watching me instead of that game, i'm just trying -- i'm just saying, you know i'm saying. right now, villanova is leading in that game 53-48 just under 10 minutes left to go in the game. tom srendenschek in houston at the game. tom, it's a villanova game right now. >> reporter: it is a villanova game right now.
3:53 am
it's been a game back and forth kind of like as they say howard a heavy weight like carolina up by seven. nova up by as many as five. it's going to go back and forth i think right tilt end. the thing that struck me in the first half of this game is exactly what we didn't expect. we looked for villanova to dominate from the perimeter instead it was carolina hit, 73 pointers they made only four the other night in beating syracuse. villanova we thought would be dominating inside instead it was villanova out scoring carolina by sick in the first half. you just hope that continues. hope that trend continues because if you take make your free throws you're fine. carolina seven, three pointers in the first half. uncharacteristic and they haven't made one in the second half yet so far, howard. >> it's what's interesting carolina you would hope that they do not crush them off the boards and right now they're winning the battle off the boards but shots and villanova has a better shooting percenta
3:54 am
percentage. tom, hear from you after the game. >> absolutely. >> thanks. we will have more after the game assuming villanova wins. another big announcement if houston allen iverson one of three living inform ba players voted into the basketball hall of fame on his first try. iverson played 12 years with the sixers. after he was the first pick in 1996 average close to 27 points. a game and is now seventh all time points scored. but there are moments we will all remember. >> oh, okay. iverson dresses the way he always dresses, jeans, hat, chains but the classic moment this is one of the classic moments. in the finals against the lake lakers, steps over tie ron lou they're good buddies now. it doesn't make any difference. there's a classic moments. there's always moments that never get old for iverson. >> we sitting here, i supposed to be the franchise player and we in here talking about
3:55 am
practice. i mean, listen, we talking about practice. not a game, not a game, not a game. we talking about practice. not a game. not -- not the game that i go out there and die for and play every game like it's my last. not the game. we talking about practice, man. i mean, how silly is that? we talking about practice. i know i supposed to be there. i know i supposed to lead by example. i know that. and i'm not -- i'm not shoving it aside light it don't mean anything. i know it's important. i do. i honestly do. but we talking about practice, man. >> how the hell can i make my teammates better by practicing. >> why would that work? nobody ever does that. the phillies hoping exposed some flaws. let's go to cincinnati. first inning flaw cincinnati scores theirs first run. easier grounder to freddie galvis and howard.
3:56 am
howard was zero for three besides that error. galvis took away that mistake in the second the only run the phillies score they go up two two-one and implosion for the phillies in the eighth upping their bullpen is a disaster. five runs for the cincinnati reds. this is james russell the pitcher. i don't know who this guy is. joey, with the base hit and reds go up and win the game sick-two. practice? >> practice. >> he needs more practice. >> i guess. >> full hours of entertainment news tmz followed by dish nation, chasing news and the simpsons. we are back at 4:00 a.m. for the fox 29 morning news. sue serio and bob kelly will have your weather and your traffic covered all morning. >> remember we're back on the air if villa
3:57 am
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3:59 am
4:00 am
arcidiacono, for jenkins, for the win, yes. yes. >> chris jenkins for the win, yes. >> national champions. >> oh, baby. >> villanova national champions what do you think of that lauren dawn beyond son and how exciting. the it all came down to that buzzer beater. >> from the stadium to the streets along the main line students went wild, celebrating, that big, big win. good day everybody it is tuesday april 5th, 2016, what a morning it is, wildcats fans, waking up, champions after last night's big


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