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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the allegations connected to this location. >> new jersey division of criminal justice. >> massive child pornography bust has netted 16 suspects in new jersey including a fifth great teacher here at the john's winslow element elementary school in vineland much john guzzi, jr. charged with having hundreds of files of child pornography on his personal computer. >> he was involved in drama involving children at the school's drama club. >> reporter: he was also a stage manager here at the broadway theater in pitman just today investigators announced they found a video of him hiding a computer tablet to record performers using a bathroom in one of the private areas of the very popular venue. also arrested in the joint raid by state and local authorities over the past few months, a bus driver to from north jersey. >> who allegedly would view child pornography during his breaks. >> reporter: investigators called the sweep operation safeguard. they say their team targeted offenders using online file sharing networks to download and
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share vial videos. >> the defendants in this operation all come from various walks of life but they all share a deprived desire to see children being sexually exploi exploited in the most horrific cases raped. >> reporter: the investigators say any time these videos were viewed it rei victimize the children. now, none every the children in these videos are new jersey residents according to investigators. that's the very latest right now from pitman. dawn, back to you. >> thank you, karen. well, not a bad week for villanova students. nash championship on monday no classes tuesday. and school officials just announcing class are canceled friday as well the university making that decision so, of course, wildcat fans can attend the big friday afternoon parade in center steam the parade will make its way from 20th and mark streets to city hall. we will bring it to you live right here on well, potentially dangerous conditions in your fox 29 weather authority.
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firefighters certainly had their hands full with this brush fire earlier in pennsauken, new jersey. skyfox over the blaze around 1:00 o'clock. so far no reports of any injuries. there's no word from officials about what may have spark the fire. meteorologist kathy orr with more on conditions that are not helping things by any means, kathy. >> not at all, dawn. as a matter of fact, the national weather service put out an alert that there would be a high risk of brush fires due to the cooler air moving in, the dry air moving in and the windy conditions. you can see right now that deep blue sky we're talking about very low humidity right now the temperature 52. the wind out of the south at 18 miles an hour. and this morning lows were so cold that you know that air was very dry. look at the morning lows. 12 in the poconos. 29 in philadelphia. and new record low of 22 in atlantic city. right now we're at 52 in philadelphia. we've rebounded to 51 in trenton. wrightstown 49 and 47 in atlantic city. the winds not helping these brush fires either. look at this. out of the south in wilmington 29 miles an hour.
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gusting in reading to 30 miles an hour and it's a warm wind. so you have the low humidity, windy conditions and of course those strong winds out of the south. hour by hour we'll see the clouds rolling in and by tomorrow, that brush fire rick will be diminish. rain by late morning that will continue with a few rumbles of thunder in the afternoon. we'll talk more about the timing also parade weather for your friday. you have to pack the winter coat for this one and rain maybe even wet snow for your weekend i'll see you later in the broadcast. >> all right. kathy, thanks. developing to night, bullets ripped through a home in the city's logan section. it happened late last night. the house was filled with people including small children. the shooting left 24-year-old shot twice and now investigators are on the hunt for whomever pulled the trigger. let's get right out to fox 29's brad sattin live outside the 35th district police station tonight. brad? >> reporter: well iain at this point no arrests you mentioned that 24-year-old victim. he's over at einstein hospital
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he was shot twice in the right arm but police are telling us he is not talking to them. he's not explaining what exactly happened. the gunman opened fire on that house with 12 people inside. >> i came and checked to see how everybody was doing. >> lynn stokes relieved to learn her friends are okay after a violent night here at the corner of tenth and wagner streets in philadelphia's logan second. >> it sounded like firecrackers. >> i heard a couple of gunshots. report roar more than couple just after 10:30 tuesday night. >> we know at least eight shots were fired from a semi-automatic weapon we found eight spent shell casings on the sidewalk. and the street. >> reporter: 24-year-old man possibly intended target was hit twice in the arm and made a run for help three blocks to einstein hospital where he's now in stable condition. police say it could have been much worse. the gunman turned his aim toward this home where a bullet went through the front door window and another through a living room window. 12 people including three children and a baby were inside at the time. we're very very fortunate, very lucky that no one inside
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the property was struck by gunfire. >> this is just ridiculous. it's crazy. >> reporter: among those inside two of this woman's children. she asked not to be identified. a young man inside the home telling us -- >> this happens all the time. this happens -- this happens all the tile. that's how it is. >> reporter: friends don't understand why. >> the kids be out here playing and they don't bother anybody. they all family. i don't know where that came from. i really don't. >> gunshots every night. it's just crazy when -- when it's real close and people that you care about. >> reporter: now there are surveillance cameras in that area police right now trying to determine if they may have captured what exactly happened around 10:30 last note. again, the victim at this point not cooperating, that's making cracking this case difficult. dawn? >> all right. brad, thank you. a former philadelphia traffic court judge is heading to prison michael sullivan sentence dad to 10 months behind bars. he owned the fireside tavern on south marshall street and prosecutors say he failed to
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report and pay payroll taxes for employees. sullivan was also ordered to pay more than $58,000 in restituti restitution. construction is beginning on memorial park at the site of the deadly market street collapse. ground breaking ceremony was held this morning where that salvation army thrift store once stood. six people were killed on june 5th 2013 when a building being demolished next door collapsed on top of it much the mother of victim says she and her husband learned that plans for a parking lot were being discussed just days after the collapse. >> we were appalled and we vowed to do everything possible to make sure this site would only be developed as a living perpetual memorial to those who perish. >> the salvation army donated the land and a committee was formed to raise the money needed to build and maintain that memorial park. now you decide 2016. the democratic arrivals for
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president court the labor vote in philadelphia. ahead of this month's pennsylvania try primary on the 26th. hillary clinton holds substantial lead in the delegate count. bernie sanders run up a strong recent string of victories keeps this one a close contest. both candidates making their pitch to the pennsylvania sflcio this week. bruce gordon live in the newsroom. says hillary clinton was first up. >> she sure was. secretary clinton was relatively low key in her approach. no particularly aggressive shots fired at her chief rival. mrs. clinton in fact rarely mentioned the vermont senator by name, but the audience did not have to wonder what she thinks about bernie sanders views and his record. >> you got to get the energy log going. >> reporter: secretary clinton check the boxes early on in her 30 minute speech to state labor leader as reference to her pennsylvania roots her grandfather lived and worked in scran ton for years and a shout out to the villanova men's basketball team and she took veiled shot at the republican frontrunner donald trump. >> we've got other candidates talking about building walls and
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pitting americans against each other, right? my campaign is about breaking down all the barriers holding working families. >> thursday clinton saved most of her ammunition for her chief psychiatric rival. she acknowledged they agree on lots of issues. >> but senator sanders and i have some real differences about how we would go about achieving our goal as president. >> reporter: she suggested sanders solutions are often unworkable, impractical, lacking specifics. >> it would be like negotiating a contract and you walk in and you say to the employer, we want a really good deal so do it. that's not the way i've he have seen it work. >> reporter: mrs. clinton rarely mentioned sanders by name. the implication was clear. he can't arctic can i law it problems but hasn't the legislative support to solve them. >> every candidate asking for your vote owes it to you to be clear about how we are actually
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going to keep our promises. >> reporter: this was of course a union crowd so trade was big topic. secretary clinton vowed to crack down on china whom she called global trades biggest abuser. >> we're going to once and for all get fair treatment or they're not going to get access to our marks. >> reporter: some individually unions have already made their endorsement to decisions clinton or sanders. but one of the local labor supporters here made clear whomever is backed they should have a d after their name. >> democrats are for working people and those that want to be working and republicans are for big business. >> reporter: tonight at clock bernie sander log rally at temple's liacouras center. skyfox over the scene moments ago a big and youthful crowd lined up for entry. tomorrow morning sander log make his pitch to the afl-cio. we of course will be there. republican candidates will also visiting pennsylvania over the next several weeks. blasting each other. democrats.
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iain. >> all right, bruce, thank you. we're following breaking news right now out of delaware county. police are investigating a deadly shooting in upper darby. it hammed around 4:15 along the 7,000 block of atlantic avenue. authorities tell us a man in his 20s was shot dead on the street. police say a group of people drove up, got out of a car and fired shots at a at another group standing nearby. police say they may have got tepp away in red car and of course as we learn more we'll bring the to you. congressman chaka fattah is getting two more weeks to prepare for his may trial. a judge delayed it today to give fattah more time to review more than 100,000 documents collected by prosecutors. the long-time congressman is accused of taking bribes and misusing campaign funds to repay deads from a failed run for mayor back in 2007. testimony in the trial is now scheduled to begin on may 15t 15th. objects you can find around your home just blown to bits in the garden state. the potential weapons of terror that police want you to know
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about. reporters usually try to maintain a certain distance from the stories they're covering but at this wildfire a crew knew they had to get involved. how they helped save a man's live. howard? villanova the players and the coach have text message stories and also two underclassmen who are thinking about the nba here at villanova. we'll have that coming up in sports. >> howard, thanks. we'll be watching the new episode of empire tonight on fox 29. so had our quincy harris. watch it together. join him watching it live tonight at 9:00 through a link on the fox 29 facebook page. full up of the days news, weather and sports on the fox 29 news at 10.
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vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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>> two storm chasers from local news indication station in woodward county oklahoma hemmed save a farmers live. >> this is really incredible. guy got way too close to wildfire burning out of control.
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>> come on, get out. come on. >> get in, hurry up, hurry up!? >> come on. get in! >> two chasers from ktv rescuing a farmer as he tried to move huge piece of machinery out of the of out of the fire's path but twenty two too late. the flames started creeping towards the machine. so the farmer runs out and into the news vehicle just in time. you can see the flames just. luckily no one was hurt. >> eyes mag. training to fight terror in new jersey. the fbi is teaching a lesson on the powers of improvised explosive devices. police in the first responders there in the garden state watched special agents blew up several things in edison. they demonstrated just how easily household items like vaseline and cooking oil can be used to make explosives. they created explosive devices that had been used by terrorists around the world.
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the key here out reach with our partners throughout the state that are involved in the chemical industry to try to basically educate them in the event that they do see any kind of suspicious activity they can report it to the fbi. agents say the demonstrations are held regularly as part of fbi training. breaking news coming out of gloucester county. skyfox live over the scene of interstate 295 this is in logan township. take look. this is near mile marker 11 emergency crews are on the scene of a wreck here. there's no word just yet on injuries. but you can see wreckage scattered all over the side of the road there. we're told this stretch of highway is closed to traffic at the moment. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. another cold day but are slowly starting to improve. >> meteorologist kathy orr has your forecast in just 15 seconds.
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not such a bad day after waking up to temperatures in the teens and the 20s. our camera shaking at the airport. of course, because winds are gusting to 20, even 30 miles an hour. but this is warmer wind. it was a cool day. the normal high for this time of year is 60 degrees. but temperatures will continue to be up and down. saturday 65. sunday down to 47. monday up, tuesday down, and today on the way up. 54 degrees your high in philadelphia. right now it's 52. the poconos 43. wilmington 49. in trenton it is 51. temperatures won't be so cold tonight. we have some clouds moving in and that will help things the 20s will stay to the north in canada. where they should be for this time of year. high pressure will move off the coast and that will allow the clouds to roll in tonight. maybe a few sprinkles. but the main event will be thursday. a few morning showers to the north and west of philadelphia.
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but by about noon, it really moves across the region with some showers, even some thunderstorm and warm air ahead of the front on the back side colder breezy conditions unfortunately for our parade. but i don't think anybody will mind cool temperatures they've been around so long. thursday we're talking about an inch of rain. i'm looking at our gfs american model and european model getting closer and the trend has been upward in the precipitation. here's what to expect. rain around an inch some showers late morning but the heaviest rain will come during the afternoon between noon and 3:00 p.m. and then as we go through the afternoon there is a chance of a few thunderstorms but this is very fast moving system. so in the city overnight, little bit on the mild side. 45 in the suburbs 42 increasing clouds, breezy conditions. but a southerly wind will help boost the temperatures into the 60s. after that moves through, of course, we'll be seeing some cooler air on the back side. that means for the parade i lowered the temperatures a few degrees, mostly cloudy at
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1:00 o'clock on friday for the parade 47. by 3:00 o'clock, breezy maybe even windy with a temperature of 49. a mix of sun and clouds by 5:00 p.m. an temperature of 52. on your exclusive fox weather authority, seven day forecast, you can see the trend those temperatures continuing. warm tomorrow but wet. cooler and windy for your frid friday. rain or wet snow shower possible saturday with a fast-moving clipper that will bring a shot of even colder air. that's why sunday morning is only 28. we could have another freeze warning it's just ridiculous for this time of year. afternoon high on sunday is 45. but i'm so happy because for the phils home opener on monday, it looks nice. a lot of times it's raining and raw. not this year. and then 69 for tuesday. with a few showers. little bit cooler for wednesday, 58. but at least we're in the 50s and 60s. >> right. we're desperate. >> that's right. >> all right. thank you kathy. they are not desperate atville move valve let's get back out to howard.
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what's coming up in sports? well, it doesn't seem like it's in the 50s or 60s out here. but however, what's coming up? well, a couple of players from villanova underclassmen are thinking about the inform ba. and jay met with his players. i'll tell was he said. that will be all coming up in sports. ♪
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built for business. ♪ here at villanova today unique concept the students actually had class today. however, for the parade on friday, i'm told that will not have class on friday. all right. jay wright met with his players today. normal still after the season to talk about basketball. this year today he tried to prepare them for what's ahead for what they're doing and what they're going to be seeing with the winning of the national championship. it came down to two players who are rock stars. whole team is rock stars and that was the shot, the shot that won the game for villanova ama amazing. when arcidiacono passed it to kris jenkins whose on the cover of sports illustrated but we're now in the world of social media and the text message world. the players and coach got hit up and i want to say a lot after
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the win. >> i look at my phone after the game even now, i have like 830 some texts that i have to read, um, so definitely guys i haven't heard from in awhile. you know, people that reach out to me that i haven't talked to since middle school. >> josh said he had 800 some text messages. >> i didn't even count mine. (laughter). >> i didn't even count them. >> so you've got den a lot. >> i've gotten lot. >> josh said he had 836 text message have you counseled yours. >> 400 from me. i get to like 480, 490 i try to knock them back down. i get to 420. and when i go back it's back up again. i haven't gotten over 500. >> not that many. i didn't have that many. i had like 180 or something. not even that much. >> most you've ever had at one shot? >> yeah, i think that might have been it. i think maybe after the big east tournament last year high 200 some. definitely didn't get 800. i don't even know 800 people. >> reporter: i have 4,000
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numbers in my phone. but whatever. jay wright also wants to talk to people and it's a special message for his friends. >> i can publicly say i apologize for anyone i did not return to it's someone i know -- >> public service by the way. >> i appreciate it. someone i know i'm going see i don't have to use it. it's hard. i don't really have a plan for that yet. >> all right. and juniors josh hart and kris jenkins are going to go through the inform ba protocol for possible draft but i think both those players will probable and likely come back. text messages, i don't think even dawn and lucy get that many tech messages during a show. (laughter). >> touche, howard. >> that will do it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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lost video. donald trump and marla maples on "lifestyles of the rich and famous." >> i'm pretty sure no one has seen this clip since it aired. >> what does tiffany have of marla's? >> she's got marla's legs. orenthal james simpson not guilty. >> after the verdict turnings told story of o.j. simpson's life in exile. problems with the law. >> nothing to do with me. nothing to do with my girlfriend and me so don't go there. plus, amy schumer. why she's so upset about being called plus size, like these other beauties. and monster. is this the


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