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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  April 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> 76ers general manager sam hinkie has quit after being blamed for turning the organization into one of the worse teams in nba history, keep of doing it on purpose, so the kind of odd reasons he gives for leaving. and then there is this. >> we can do this. >> philly feeling the burn again. where you can see democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders, during his second straight day of campaigning, in the city of brotherly love. >> for the wildcat, celebration won't stop after the parade tomorrow. the special invitation the national champs' just received. they're going to the white how the, good day, it is thursday, april the seventh, 2016. >> always fun to get an invitation from the president of the united states. >> specially when he calls
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personally. >> like jay white, where were you? were you like at the wawa? were you at the cash register? >> what do you have on? >> your pj's maybe? >> we have the details, by the way, archie's dad is coming in today. >> awesome. >> yes, we'll hear him say his own name. >> please. is it ryan arcidiacono? >> well, no, not at this early hour. let's do something simple, gave you a number for the day. >> seven? >> rain on the way, nope, it is a five. because we've got some wind coming, as well, and there is bus stop buddy. you know what, we put american idol hat on him today because tonight is the last night of the show. been with us 15 years. temperatures are miler in the 40's, a's there is morning, that's something. but it is also cloudy and the rain is on our doorstep. it will be south jersey, delaware, 56 degrees, with 15-mile per hour winds right now in the city.
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temps as we said in the four's, 50's, just about everywhere. and a high temperature of around 06 degrees today, some folks could even see a thunderstorm, bob kelly? >> little thunder boomer there, sue. 6:02, good morning, everybody, looking liver, northeast philadelphia, woods haven road, between the boulevard and 95. roads are dry, starting to see some volume pop on the freeway, coming in toward philadelphia. as you leave south jersey, accident on the boulevard, roosevelt boulevard, at tyson avenue. there in northeast philly. anarchs lot of political event will bring us some political jammos today. first of all bernie sanders and an event at 9:00 a.m. at the hotel thereon penn's landing. and then a motorcade up to the sheraton here, at 17th and race. that event at 10:00. at the same time, right after the morning rush hour former president clinton, playgrounds, out here, along pickering avenue. all of these events, will bring of course the extra security, and the detours. and new schedules go into
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effect on sunday. grab new timetable today. mike, alex, back over to you. >> just reading the daily news here. oh, oh, oh, at 6:00 # three on a thursday. today's daily news cover features sam hinkie, i said former, when he went to bed last night he was still, but now former gm sam hinkie. he's in a get-away car with a caption scram hinkie. >> learning more about hinkie's decision to leave the team. because he left pretty long good-bye note. >> thirteen paper, i've been reading, steve keeley on this story. have you red this thing, man? >> mike, 7,000 words. like one of the break up letters one of your girlfriend sent you. >> that's true. >> it is so long, so weird, i don't even know how to pull out highlight. but i tell you this, the leader of the angelo cataldi of the wip morning team, where
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we are, he and i picked out the same highlight, about the flight let the moa, more on that, later, but a lot of people didn't know who sam hinkie was, they only new that the sixers stunning since he was hired in may 2013. so he didn't even last three full years or three full seasons, and when are the words weird and wacky understatements when they're used to describe the now former gm resignation letter, single space, 13 pages, by the way. and from outer space, in many parts. you could be wrong for the right reasons he wrote. this may well proof to be joel embiid. top player wasn't played. i may be re potted professionally, that's often uncomfortable, mother growth is, but often unhealthy over the longrun. and here is al more gant i, another member of the morning team, his take on this. >> i actually was in favor at the beginning, i didn't know it was going to go off the
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rales lick this, but i thought, okay, the foundation, you can set it, but he got kind of crazier and crazier as it went along. >> this, you almost wonder, is he okay, you almost hope he's not mentally disturbed. >> well, i mean, 13 page letter, we've always made fun of the words that he used, i mean, it's been on radio shows more than couple of years here, i guess you could wonder that, but he seems pretty secure in his i had eosin krass is i guess the way i would put it. >> sixers statement just three sentences long. saying hinkie stepped down, wasn't fired, saying we are disappointed, and also saying that sam's work has put us in a very strong position for an exciting future. soap, with those things, you can say, that's a weirder statement than hinkie's 13
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pages. >> wow. what a story. man, radio sport talk is going to be wild today. all right, thanks, steve. 6:06. hey, lauren, what else? >> democratic hopeful bernie sanders will be back in philadelphia for second straight day of campaigning, he is scheduled to speak at the hilton at penn's landing around 9:00 this morning, sanders along with democratic rival hillary clinton, they were firing up crowds yesterday, ahead of this month's presidential primary. sanders questioning whether clinton is qualified to be president. she spent much of yesterday criticizing his preparedness for the job. sanders told crowd of more than 10,000 people, clinton thinks he is not qualified to be president, clinton calling sanders' solutions impractical. >> it would be like negotiate ago contract and you walk in and you say to the employer: we want a really good deal. so do it. not the way i've ever seen it work. >> i don't think that you are qualified if you get
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$15 million from wall street through your super pack. >> lots of back and forth, clinton spoke man responded to the claim on twitter, hillary clinton did not say bernie sanders was not qualified, but he has, now, absurdly said it about her. this is a new low. >> cash strapped ac avoided government shutdown, approved move to pay city employees monthly instead of every two weeks starting tomorrow. according to publish reports, say new plan should allow the city to stretch funds until june, once they receive that quarterly tax pay-out. atlantic city council president, marty small, will join us at 7:30, to explain much more about this. >> roosevelt boulevard, not working, that's according to sit leaders, now, they want your ideas to help fix it. so, here's the deal. mayor jim kenney joining leaders from septa, penndot, oh, ate cyst, to announce a series of public form ups called route for change. the $5 million studly focus on transforming the busy roadway, officials say, there have been more than 3,000 crashes along
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the boulevard, in just five years. mike, al next. >> i've been screen being this for 15, 16 years. already called the most dangerous road in america. why don't we do something about it? why don't we do something about it? so finally somebody has come up with a idea to at least talk about how to fix roosevelt boulevard. >> here is the thing. just very beginning steps, you know, getting people to talk about it, everyone nodes it needs to be changed. >> thirteen lanes? i don't know. >> very confusing. >> at least somebody brought it up. next for the villanova wildcats, sell breaks won't stop after tomorrow's parade, alex holley. this special invitation, the champion team just received. they're headed southbound. vo: president obama endorses
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katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> president barack obama is con great rating the wildcats. >> well, it was buzzer beater. >> it was a great game. wasn't like north carolina gave it away. you know? >> yes. >> they had big shots, and you guys came right back. your team showed grit, really, high character team. >> congratulate all of them, tell jenkins he looked pretty cool out there take that shot. i'm looking forward to welcoming you guys to the
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white house. >> very nice of you. >> congratulations, coach, thank you. >> thank you, take care. >> that's a call you like to get. >> and said he was rooting for him the whole time? let's see his bracket. >> i think in the final game, probably was rooting for him. >> like the whole game. >> i guess. >> still nice to get a call from the president. >> president obama called jay wright following the team's victory. >> so now we know they're going to the white house, like you said, always happens, but dinner and stuff, or just come, take a picture? >> take a pick, congratulate you, normally bring him villanova jersey, with a one on it, obama in the back. >> do you think we'll get to go? maybe we'll cover it. i'll volunteer for that. >> no, forget it, you're not going. >> there are media -- >> forget t who is coming through the floor. >> road to the white house, like mr. smith goes to washington? >> al innings, no. princeton lacrosse coach is
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without a job this morning, what he is caught doing on the field that caused him his position. i mean, everything is videotaped. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist
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it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above >> pressure is on. tomorrow afternoon, mostly cloudy skies to start,
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breezing will be out there, making 47, 49 degrees, feel little chillier than it is, so make sure to wear a warm enough jacket. maybe couple of layers, so you're comfortable, while cheering for the team. the rain almost here, knocking at the door, out to the west, state capitol in harrisburg, some heavier downpours, that are to the west of that. watch this to continue from west to east, see the heaviest downpours roll, in then possibility of pop up thunderstorms around lunchtime, 1:00 in the afternoon, once the heavy rain is gone, not quite finished, we have what we call your wrap around moisture coming through. gone by midnight, dry day friday. look what's going to happen on saturday. snow in the morning, and then another round in the afternoon. more about that tomorrow. we will talk about today and the rain, 61 degrees, mid 50's tomorrow, cold wintery casino
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of weekend really it, will feel like winter. and got that messy weather in store for saturday. by monday back to seasonable temperatures. we have slight chance of rain for the phillies home opener monday. better on tuesday, where is the problem here. >> 6:17. this is live look at an accident, looks like flatbed, one of those flatbeds that take your car, that's involved in a accident, to the garage. southbound newtown yardley interchange exit number i think it is lick 49 or so. come southbound, as soon as you come over the scutters falls right at exit 49 with some police and medical crews there on the scene, so just heads up there. another accident on the roosevelt boulevard, right at tyson avenue, trenton, new jersey, involving downed pole, as well, route 29 just off of
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sullivan way. on sunday, brand new schedules go into effect on the regional rail line. grab new timetable today so you are good to go, for sunday. and couple of political event in town, penn's landing we got bernie sanders at 9:00. he's then going to take motorcade madness trip to the sheridan, another event at 10:00. of course all of these events will come with motorcades, detours and delays doo during the midday. >> alex, another person died from injuries due to he can providing airbag. honda said 17 year old killed in texas at the end of march when drivers airbag inflater ruptured in the crash, so 2002 honda civic, the tenth known death in the u.s. from the inflate or, 11th world-wide, more than 100 people have now been hurt. the transportation security administration coming under fire after it has been revealed the agency sits
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$47,000 on app that point passengers left or right in the security line. the app is used to randomly assign passengers a lane at certain airports in order to shuffle some into faster pre-check line where passengers don't have it remove the coats, bolts and shoes. 2014 bloomberg article explained the app was a way of making it harder for terrorist toss detect and predict patterns annex ploit them. also aim to restrict racial profiling. >> superstar singer lady gaga expected to take the stage today at event in las vegas to raise awareness about sexual assault on college campuses, seemingly odd couple stopping at the university of nevada a part of the white house it is on us campaign. lady gaga expected to perp form at the afternoon event, biden has been heavily promoting the initiative, that urges people to support sexual assault victims, and intervene when consent is questionable. >> number every states have
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passed controversial legislation in regard to lgbt rights. ellen degeneres addressed mississippi religious freedom bill perhaps only in a way that she could point yetly articulate. >> the governor of the state signed a religious freedom bill, which might sound good, because the word freedom is in it, but here is what it means. under the law if you say for religious reasons you can deny gay people marriage, adoption and foster care services, fire or refuse to employ them, and decline to rent or sell them property. now, i'm not a political person. i am really not. this is not politics. this is human rights. >> mississippi government nor bryant signed bill into law believe to protect people's rights from discrimination, critics argue it is the most anti-lgbt legislation in our country. mike anal next. >> i would say so. 6:20. big game for the flyers playoff chase last night in detroit. sport in a minute.
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>> let's go to detroit. needed this game bad, so did detroit. andries, on the break away, against mason, he shoots, he scores, flyers lies it three-nothing. all right, last night, i confirmed from two team source that is sam hinkie had stepped
6:24 am
down, as the sixers general manager. the sixers then confirmed that in a statement. the nba asked the 6ers to bring on jerry co-angelo now chairman, he knew he would have been fired. sam hinkie was done, since hinkie had been here, sixers were 47 and 195 over the last three years, the sixers under hinge asked the fans to trust the process, the process was a joke, and the 6ers have hired jerry's son brian co-hang low as new general manager. all right, the phillies blew another game, ninth inning, phillies up two-one against cincinnati. and dire, two-run double, cincinnati wins it three-two, that's our sports in a minute. >> oh, we'll have a lot of game like that where the bullpen implodes, two in a row there. princeton fired its men's lacrosse coach. but not because of a losing season or anything. >> the head coach elboed opposing player this was during a match.
6:25 am
>> when they were playing brown. >> so video shows chris bathes sticking out his elbow hitting the player as he was running off the feel. principal ton said the move came after thorough review of the incident. seventh season at princeton, and led to the tigers three ivy league championships. >> the player in shock, symptoms, turns around. >> like did that just happen? >> did that just happen? well it, it, now he's out. >> let's turn to dave can i chen, are you lining to up see bernie saunders last night at the liacouras center. dave? >> big crowd there, no people lined up just yet. breaking detail, bernie sanders will be meeting with the wca union dealing with contract dispute with verizon, happening here at the hilton, penn's landing, we'll take you thereafter the break.
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sam hinkie has quit after being blamed for turning the organization into one of the worse teams in nba history. but the and severed reasons he gives for leaving. won't be long. >> and this? >> so we are going, we can do this. >> where you can see democratic presidential hopeful, bernie sanders in a couple of locations, in
6:29 am
philadelphia. this morning, starting at 9:00. >> painting to look leaner. >> what? >> contouring usually for the face, make your nose look smaller, your face more chissled. >> you can contour other areas? let's look in a. good day, it is thursday, april the seventh, 2016. why the door? we have surprise guests all april to celebrate our 20th birthday, sue. >> yes. >> you never hope who will come through that door. >> it is a surprise every day all leading up to the big party on the 29th. we've got bus stop buddy,'s wearing an american idol hat today. the very last night of that show after 15 years, so commemorate that. also need the umbrella with you today. milder, temperatures in the 40's, 50's, depending on where you live. follow seeing any rain in the area yet. but on the doorstep. lot of cloud cover in the
6:30 am
meantime. winds advisory starts at 7:00, goes until this evening, for south jersey, delaware, where we are expecting wind gusts of 45-mile per hour later today. 56 degrees in the city with 15-mile per hour winds, sunrise happening moments from now, at 6:35, but not a lot of sunshine with all of the cloud cover. we get to 6 degrees, rainy day on and off, not constantly but on and off. maybe even thunderstorm, 42 degrees tonight, as those showers taper off. wait until you see what we have in store for the weekend, plus we have the parade forecast, coming up. bob kelly? >> yes, we do, sue. 6:30, good morning, everybody, on a thursday. a live look, at an accident here, this is 95 south, right near the newtown yardley interchange. >> everybody offer to the shoulder, traffic not impacted scutters falls bridge, police out on the right shoulder as you head south down in toward the city. two big event, actually three,
6:31 am
political event today, bernie sanders, 9:00 a.m. event, at the penn's landing limit on. and then, motorcade up to the sheridan, at 17 and race for 10:00 a.m. event. we have former president bill clinton in town speaking at the emanuel playground along pickering avenue right near holy except call cemetery thereto give you a locate or just off route 309. so a lot of presidential motorcades drags, detours, north on the boulevard, right at tyson avenue, all out outer lane drives blocked all because every accident scene. being detoured, there up in trenton, route 29, sum van way -- sullivan way. here is septa's parade plan for tomorrow. they got extra service on the norristown high-speed line. both market frankford, the paoli thorndale line coming in from the birds, nova fans,
6:32 am
stops it, villanova, radnor, paoli, malvern, those trains will run every 30 minute to get you into downtown. and then all of the septa buses will be detoured along the parade route, that kicks off at 120th and market. >> did you see all of the people in north philly yesterday evening. i mean, they were wound up. wow, look at that line. wait to go get inside the liacouras center at temple university, where bernie sanders had a rally. >> and of course the democratic candidates have their sites on philadelphia right now, hillary clinton was in town yesterday, now, bill clinton is in town to support hillary clinton. bernie sanders decided to stay another day. >> dave is down by the river. bernie sanders will be meted withing members of the wca, workers contractors of
6:33 am
america, he'll be meeting with them and speaking at 99:00 at press conference here at the hilton hotel. and he also will be address being in center city, drew massive crowds at temple university, yesterday evening, where talk about making college tuition free for public colleges, and university. and he talked about climate change, too. but of course the headline grabber was a political shot heard around the country targeting had i rival, secretary clinton. >> i don't think you are qualified if you are supported virtually every disastrous trade agreement which has cost us millions of decent paying jobs. >> also speaking at church, nan response, president bill clinton, former president, will be in philadelphia speaking, talking about his wife's qualifications. so undoubtedly he will be refuting the claim thereby
6:34 am
senator sanders that she is not qualified for the job. so interesting politics unfolding here in the city of brotherly love. specially with the democratic primary taking place in about three weeks, on april 26th. back to you. >> that's right, april 26th. and we have big convention here over the summer. it will be an interesting summer. thanks, 6:34,. >> last night, something came out, and i think a lot of people are like wow. >> here is a 13 page manifesto enough my hand from sam hinkie of the sixers. >> and it details his decision to leave the 76ers. >> but steve why now? the season is almost over. >> right in the middle of the night. >> market street this morning, the reason i switch was bernie said to me, hey, keeley, did you see hinkie's resignation letters? it is huge. and --
6:35 am
>> huge. >> wip is here, these guys having fun with us today. even before villanova became philly favorite basketball team, philly's pro team lost so much the past three seasons, and hinkie was in charge, that the pro team fans in this town completely lost interest. forty-seven and 195 the records under hinkie over the three seasons, not exactly going to sell out the place. so the general manager who kept telling us to to be patient and trust him began it get national criticism where it was the league apparent lip putting pressure on the sixers to bring in newman andment. they d most figured the gm with reduced or shared responsibility wasn't going to last too long, and so he didn't. hinkie quit. the way he quit, though, will be remembered more than anything he did as gm. here's angelo cataldi. >> thirteen page resignation letter it will go into the archives of the weirdest things that have ever happened in philadelphia sports. he's referencing 500 pounds flight less birds from new
6:36 am
zealand, and he's quoting warren buffet, our abraham lincoln, and i think it kind of proves the whole point about sam hinkie and his time here. he didn't relate to anyone. and it was time for him to go. i'm thrilled that the sixers are finally convinced him to leave so they can get a sane person running their franchise. you have to read that letter. that will letter will tell you just how bizarre that man was. >> so, mike, when you quit, in 45 years, probably, maybe if you make it to 50 years from now, you will to have to top this somehow. so better start on your letter today if you want more than 7,000 -- >> steve, he has always said he's going write a book, right, have you started on that book yet? >> no. but steve keeley will be in the first chapter that far book, no question about it. >> thank you. >> i'll write the forwards. >> thank you, that would be great. 6:36. well, good news for villanova's students and staff planning to attend tomorrow's
6:37 am
parade. well, we will be. >> the university will be closed friday, and all classes canceled, so that way everyone can go to the parade. of course in honor of the champions. the classes were also canceled yesterday. the day after the villanova wildcats i guess tuesday. canceled on tuesday. >> so the parade start 1:00 p.m., running from 20th and market streets all the way five blocks to dilworth park, city hall. where a rail will be held. >> how exhausting, five blocks. don't you think they'll be on duck decker bus the players? >> for sure. >> flatbed. remember the phillies? >> i say bob one of the red double decker buses my prediction. >> probably paint it blue. but will there be con fity? i want to see something throwing in the air? >> alex as i told you, the day of the ticker tape parade is over. we don't have ticker tape parade any longer. everything is electron glike below it into the air. >> what? >> confetti, little pieces of paper. >> you're in charge.
6:38 am
>> i'll start ripping up paper now. >> here we go. >> talking about maybe partying not such a good idea at temple university. they're cracking done on under age drinking and excessive parking, starting tonight new student conduct rules stilled up patrols go into full force, teams of graduate students will be scouring off campus housing looking for violators, off campus rent he is could be find to up $1,500 or providing alcohol to minors, student don't also face expulsion. what is supposed to be a place where neighborhood children can play and learn safely. but people in west philadelphia say their rec center just fallen apart. the president of the west mill creek rec center advisory council says that the censors in desperate need of repairs along with playgrounds and athletic fields. he took off inside to see the cracks in the walls and the floors, and there is an empty room inside, because he was forced to remove computers because every leaky sealing. outside things look worse, ripped fencing on the fields, playgrounds in a can barely be used.
6:39 am
>> we had no swings for the bigger kids to play on, no swings, they got the polls and everything and the make up. they just put the sprinkler system in two years ago, and the sprinkler system don't even work. >> just to have had, you know, a band aid approach to fixing things, we fix them the best we can. >> says mayor kenney's 2017 budget invest $500 million in parks and rec and libraries around the city could help centers including west mill creek, that budget with its controversial soda tax still has to go to get through city council. is he search is on foreman who sucker funds every a trolley driver. shows this surprise attack. watch the trolley stopped at springfield mall head today media. the man is about to walk off the toll when he leans in and hit the driver right in the head. video shows the suspect running away toward the mall. the trolley driver said he was stunned but shook it off and called septa police. >> unprovoked attack, unnecessary, appears to be irate passenger in disagreement with the trolley operator.
6:40 am
>> authorities say the passenger was upset because he fell asleep and missed his stop. so i guess he just decided he'll take it out on somebody else. >> well, that's just ridiculous. >> it is. >> okay, i've been on facebook over the last 24 hours, have you check your facebook lately? facebook rolled out both load of new updates, and we have all the info you need to know. new features are for facebook live. >> that's what they're calling facebook mentions now, facebook live. so people will be able to use live reactions, though, to comment on videos. seems casino of like snap chat to me. share your opinions using the love, ha, a, wow, sad, emojis. watching something your best friend would love? facebook makes it super easy to watch it with you. click on the invite icon and pick your pals and you guys can watch together. >> what a super twi waste a lot of time. >> isn't that what facebook is good for? you get to spend so much time just scrolling and looking at
6:41 am
people's time lines and things. >> waits being your life away. tonight is the zest on series finale of american idol. oh, my goodness. and we want to send the show off in a good way. good day tribute to the musical show you won't want to miss, we're all doing duets here on the grow gram -- program. that should end this show in philadelphia. >> in the next hour, more deserving than villanova? finds out which philadelphia sports legend one local writer says should get their own parade instead of the wildcats. is a controversy. for years, i was a laboratory chemist,
6:42 am
developing drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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(is committed to truth on thee plabel.d when we say real meat is the first ingredient, it is number one. and we leave out corn, wheat and soy. learn more at >> mornings, accident, westbound, at the off ramp for conshohocken. looks like we got a dump truck, waiting for the police. on the right, eastbound headed into your curve, headed into downtown philly. south on 95, already, stacked up here from cottman, in through girard avenue. through the construction zone, and then coming out of bucks county for anybody that comes over the scutters falls, as
6:45 am
you head south on 95, an accident, right near the newtown yardley interchange. exit 49. repaving the kelly drive. you're going to find that uneven surface, look out, hit one of those raised manhole covers, that will knock your alignment out of wack, set you back 100 bucks when you have to get it re-adjust dollars there. all during the midday, and then on the overnight, the crews are out there, doing the repaving. what if i told you that you could have breakfast and 18 rounds of golf, all before 10:00? >> i would love that. >> that's what we will do today. going to the neighborhood, juniata golf course, big fundraiser, for northeast catholic, with our breakfast with bob sellment today. and hopefully the weather cooperate. but, i doubt it, later on today, when the weather get little nasty, probably going to see delays start to pop at philadelphia international airport. what time will that weather get a little nasty? sue has the answer, coming up in 152nd.
6:46 am
>> we have a big parade in the city tomorrowment looks lick it will be chilly. make sure to have maybe couple of layers on dressed warmly enough. in the 40's, with breasts, make it feel little chillier. we top off 52 degrees, mix every sunday and clouds, here is the rain headed our way, any minute now, really. but over say over the next couple of hours see it start to spread in heat rain to start, heavy downpours roll in say, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00. any time between noon and three expecting perhaps some thunderstorms to pop up as well. not fin shall after that, scatter showered throughout the evening return the nighttime hours, midnight all gone, then saturday. combed friday night. we wake up saturday morning,
6:47 am
to the possibility of some snow, depends on where you live. might get snow. might get rain. might get mix every both. looks like it could be on and off throughout the day as well. see it still snowing around philadelphia. 5:00. that's gone by midnight. spec about inch of rain today. tomorrow, dries out, mix of rain and snow on saturday. finally gets seasonable again monday and tuesday. then we got to worry about some rain, for phyllis, as they kick off their home opener, on monday. >> last two contestant ever on american idol. >> the final night. >> yep. >> doubt to trent and la
6:48 am
porche. yes. removed last night. so, no more american idol. >> do you have watch tonight. >> two hour finale, can't say good-bye in just one hour. >> anchor idol. this is the trophy right here. >> beautiful. >> so what -- >> heavy. >> what we will do. we'll have chris murphy and lauren sing. you annually sing, a duet, they had a lot of duet last night, then bob and sue will sing a duet. who will win this coveted trophy? >> we will. >> not so fast fish face. >> we have chris murphy and lauren dawn johnson. >> what will you sing? >> the girl is mine. >> it is monica -- >> no, that's a boy. this is michael jackson. >> yes.
6:49 am
>> thriller albumn. >> just fired already, mike jerrick didn't know our song. >> i'll play the role of paul mccartney. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> chris, do you have to do anything? >> wait for chris' part. >> i'm trying to focus. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
6:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, time's up. time's up. >> ♪ >> well, we can't beat. that will i'm out of here. >> that was pretty great. >> have to think of something good, mike. >> listen, this is not the gong show, okay? >> wow. >> got gong dollars. >> are we done. >> we'll let you know what the judges determine. >> get out of there, chris. >> judges are base will you you guys on facebook, twitter, and everything. >> do we have a hash tying for this? >> probably good day 20. >> do good day 20. and let us know, but don't vote just yet. we haven't gone, we have other people, bob and sue will go. so just hold on. but that was pretty good, i have to admit. we have to think after song, mike. >> i know, couple elf hours to go. >> contouring undoubtedly biggest beauty buzz word,
6:51 am
contouring your face. well, now you can contour your whole body. >> oh? >> i'd like to contour something. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪
6:52 am
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6:53 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> people are loving this anchor idol already. jeff gordon says, so glad i tune in every day for this madness, comedy show with a w news for a twist. >> that was performance. >> jeff gordon, really good race car driver, too.
6:54 am
>> thank to beauty bloggers and youtube too tory ors, by the way, jeff watches every day. >> he tweet us all the time, thanks. >> contouring your cheek bones is the way to go for 20 years now. >> yes. but now there is a new trend that's officially taking things and some people's opinions, too far. >> ♪ >> so they look a little more toned? >> yes, just makes your legs look more toned. >> yes, contouring if for your legs, you know, they've done this for answer all along the one that i've seen rest endly really got me going, you can now, contour and put in clevage, if you don't have it. >> oh, ya. you can contour your clevage. >> no, but look for women who don't have it, makes it looks like there is that line. >> that's what i am saying. >> i didn't know if that's a thing people have been doing?
6:55 am
>> make your breasts look bigger. >> well, yes. >> you know? i just haven't seen that. so you have seen that. so do you go to up women and rub a little bit? >> no, i do don't do that, i haven't contoured anybody lately. my body right now, i have total, total full body contouring paint on right now. >> we can't see your body so why would you do that. >> but i know, i know, all that matters. >> do you have any on your face? >> no. in the next hour. shot down avoided. how about this yesterday after innocent? at least for now, atlantic city moves to keep city government open. let the governor not happy. man, did he have some harsh words for the city leaders of atlantic city, we will play that for you after the break. and then, steve keeley, in center city. >> what we won't play, high priced, high salary anchor to be in that duet segment, so they cut kitchen doing crazy train featuring kitchens, shreading air guitar, but, you know what? maybe we will get it on line
6:56 am
somehow. anyhow, i'm outside wip holding 13 page resignation letter, from the general manager it, would take something for the sixers to bump villanova offer the sport page, or the front of the sports page, but they did it, wait until you hear how.
6:57 am
winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today!
6:58 am
>> so long, sam, scram, hinkie, the masterminds behind
6:59 am
the sixers process, is gone. judge he is talking about flight less birds, and the blackberry keyboard in a bizarre 13-page resignation letter. how cash strapped town is avoiding a shutdown. >> tell jenkins he looked pretty cool out there, take that shot. >> coach jay wright, the president of the united states. on the line together. what president obama told villanova head coach about monday night's big win. >> the we say farewell, live in hollywood this morning, getting you ready for tonight's big night.
7:00 am
>> i'm on team la porche tonight. >> i love her from the beginning of the season, she is genuine. >> i loved you from the beginning. >> i think she will win t we have to see, though. >> more importantly, who will win anchor idol? that's what i want to know. >> anchor idol? >> we'll find out later. >> we'll sing this hour, bob and me. >> number of day, not high number, rain on the the way, don't see it outside your window, no you like bus stop buddy you need your umbrella with you, he is using his american idol cap today because it is a last day of the show after 15 years. sigh the -- see the rain starting to edge in. so


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