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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 8, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> that is what i love throughout this show over the last 20 years. >> kiss me. >> yeah. >> frank sinatra on the show today. >> no. >> mike. >> maybe a hologram. >> you cannot accuse of being subtle, around here. >> not at all. >> that is the environment. >> let me do it like i planned to do it. >> okay, rewind. >> okay. >> let me see who is here. >> okay. >> no you are the one making it obvious. >> okay, hi everybody. >> hi, mike. >> sometimes you you wish you were in outer space. >> i believe i am all right.
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>> sue serio, ladies and gentlemen. >> we have a number of day, higher then yesterday because we're expecting sunshine. it is just chillier but we have a seven out of ten in your weather by the numbers with bus stop buddy and his villanova cap back on. also a warm coat because wind chills are in the 30's and 40's. temperatures mostly in the 40's. we will see precipitation north ape west of the city, should make it here, we have plenty of sunshine but deceiving because it feels like 35 out there. actual temperature 44 degrees in the the city. plan on sunshine mixed with included for the entire take, a priest i afternoon with a high of 53 degrees, bob kelly, where is the problem right now. >> hey sue, good morning. 7:01 on this friday morning. here's a live look at i-95, this is southbound right at broad street. we have a trash truck here. i'm not sure whether it is a fire or breaks are smoking here but nonetheless we have philadelphia fire fighters on the scene and they want to
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keep those whatever flames we have here from spilling into the cargo here. we have southbound i-95, that is broad street off ramp. we are all backed up here head willing south down toward that girard point double decker bridge. another accident south on the extension, right at the mid county interchange, getting reports that this is a hit and run. is there police activity in this area as well. here's 42 freeway, we have sun glare popping out this morning. pack your shades, no complaints, because we're not going to have that sun glare tomorrow but we will have a parade today. it kicks off at 20th and market later today at 1:00 o'clock. catch it right here on fox 29. come down and join us live along market street but if you are going down to center city early, no parking, along market street, right now, and just watch for those white signs plastered all over the parade route, mike and alex, back to you. have you seen this footage. horrifying car crash in south philadelphia. >> a driver lost control of the car and crashed, look at
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this. >> sped across several lanes. >> yeah. >> hopped a median. >> a slammed in the peco building down there around not far from oregon avenue on columbus boulevard. >> you can see it spin, right after. >> wow. >> so two people in the back were killed and then two people in the front are hanging on and dane kinchen is on the scene, dave. >> it is still here at accident investigators work to scene here along columbus just before oregon. let me show what you we're looking at here, that white tarp here was covering the bodies. those bodies were removed. a man and woman in their early 20's were in the back. they're dead after this car lost control and then crashed into this peco building. a uber driver we spoke with shot video of the crash as it happened. you can see the 2005 mazda hitting the median on columbus, sparks fly, this is
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around 2:30 in the morning and then car jumps on the other side of the road and hits peco building. the driver says that this all started 3 miles back when the driver of that car. so he followed the vehicle due to eradic driving and saw the crash as we say as it happened. >> i seen her starting to drive real crazy, and the car was swerving and she came around that corner and hit a pothole and jumped up on the median and then i seen the sparks shooting out of the car and then i really back off and then she shot across the road and that is why she ended up hitting the building. i immediately stopped and got out and called 911. >> as we come back live here you can see crew members, maybe they even work here at the peco building, examining the gamage there l and i had to come out ape check the structural inn telling grit for the building and found it safe to go to work now.
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the driver, 23 years old was taken to jefferson university hospital, with injuries to her hand, and face, and the front seat passenger a 25 year-old woman taken to hahnemann university happies what police are calling guarded condition. police say that they are checking, they are not sure at this point if alcohol or drugs were involved, but toxicology is standard procedure for an investigation. those tests are in progress at this time. >> going over 70 miles an hour at 3:30 in the morning. nothing good ever happens. a huge celebration today, and, 50,000 people will estimate. do you think it will be that big? what is your prediction. >> reporter: i think there will be double that because there was a hundred thousand in 85. i don't know why this team is any worse then the 85 team that got a hundred grand. is there more people around here then there were in eight 56789 you don't get these championship parade in this town too often. we were going to throw smarty
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jones, that is how desperate we were back during smarty jones reign. so the stage is set for villanova. look at the amnesty that the philadelphia parking authority, beyond those two buses, wait until they go by you will see the line of tow trucks, that we thought, and we were told were going to start towing people promptly at 6:00 a.m. because that is what the signs say no parking starting at 6:00 a.m. that he arrived before 6:00. but maybe they are being nice because we were showing and calling them vultures earlier but very nice. you got an hour of amnesty and i do see them moving out as i talk here. there the is one following this bus. if you are park on the street get off the street now. lets go to the video. we saw barricades going up, through the sidewalks, you you jaywalkers will to have walk in the crosswalk now to get across the street because you cannot just walk in the middle will of the block because barricades will block from you getting backup on the block across the street. here is one of the leading city officials talking about what to expect today.
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>> it is always good to celebrate got things that are part of philadelphia, and part of this area. so, we welcome it. >> we figure this will cost 15 to $20,000 and this cost is absorbed by villanova so the city is, you know, not footing the bill. that is the concern normally. so yeah, it is a villanova expense. >> the city is still open. downtown still open. folks still coming down but there will be a lot of people, be patient. mr. wilson is skeptical. he didn't think there would be a huge crowd. he said is there 6,000 kids at villanova i doubt all 6,000 will show. so he seemed to think it was single digits. these numbers are always weird how they estimate crowd size but guess what, this is my seventh parade, and i will see it like i have never seen any of the others. i'm riding with the team on the bus for that vantage appoint. so it will be kind of cool. i will duck down because i
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don't deserve to be any part of. that we will bring you coverage from the team bus, live on the air, when i'm talking to you next, live at 8:00 o'clock hit. after that i will be able to talk to you from the perspective on the team. >> you are not even on the media bus in front of the team you are with the team, you are standing next to archie. >> i think it is all one double decker bus, so turf figure it the out. i'm on the bus in a parade though, mike, okay. when you have buzz aldron. >> well there goes the surprise guest, thanks, steve. >> you have got to come to the meetings,. >> you ruined the surprises. >> reporter: that is why i just blew it. >> how do you know it is not someone else. >> i will get you another mystery guess. this is what you get for dragging me into the meeting, this is what they get, in more meeting. >> one meeting he goes to and now he blows it what are you
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talking about steve. >> let's try that. >> what are you talking about steve. >> seriously. >> alex and i will host this darn parade. >> i'm very excited. >> we will not be as close as steve but we have a lot of people very close. if you don't make it down you you will feel like you are there. >> that is for sure it is quite the buzz. >> and steve is expecting more people. i was looking at 1985 pictures there were students in the trees trying to get a glimpse there was so many people there. >> you will see that today. >> oh, yeah when they start talking in front of the city hall. >> yeah. >> quite the buzz, i like that. a new jersey assembly committee approved a new version of the atlantic atlantiy take over bill but will be veto by governor christie. bill was introduced by vincent preto, give the state authority over city finances only if the city fails to meet performance targets. that bill will be voted on next week but christie has said the bill is a desperate
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effort by pre to to protect his political friend and he will not support it. one person hurt and another killed outside a bar mountain wynfield section late last night this happened on the 5,000 block of city avenue. philadelphia police say a 28 year-old was found lying in the parking lot after being shot in the shoulder, and he was taken to the hospital, where he later died, a second victim was shot in the stomach, he is in stable condition, at the presbyterian hospital, a suspect is in custody, right now. a nine year-old is recovering after police say he accidentally shot himself, with a gun found, inside of his own home. the shooting happened inside a house in the 500 block of south 32nd street, and police say that the boy picked up that semiautomatic weapon he found lying in the bedroom, and then the gun went off. the boy was hit in his left ring fixer and his family rushed him to the hospital. the shooting remains under investigation. amtrak has been ordered to immediately, retrain track workers, on basic safety rules after sunday's deadly collision in chester. this order came from the federal railroad administration, and telling
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amtrak to reenforce the rules that the track will not be reopened until all workers, have left the area, or been warned about an approaching train. the administration suggested that the two workers killed sunday when a train slammed in the backhoe on the tracks may not have even been told that the track was reopened to train traffic. amtrak says it will comply with that order. it the looks like philadelphia will soon have a new fire commissioner. there are reports that mayor jim kenney is expect to name a former fire chief from virginia to that top spot. the marry fuse todd confirm this morning but he says that he will have some news for us next week. it is not clear when kenney will introduce adam thiel as the new commissioner, he would replace derek sawyera pointed two years ago by then mayor michael nutter. police in cherry hill new jersey on hunt for a man who followed two young girls home. security cameras in a nearby wawa captured the man and his car. investigators say it happened on wednesday. authorities say 29 girls were walking near south lincoln avenue when the man approached
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them. >> he pulled up alongside of them, on the curve and rolled down window and asked females did they need the ride home. they absolutely, yelled no, they ran away, and they went home and reported it to an adult. they did everything that they should have. >> good for those girls. police believe the sedan possibly a buick. if you recognize the man right there on that car you are asked mike and alex to call police you better believe it. bill clinton i don't think saw this coming. he was involved in a heated exchange with black lives matters protesters. and yesterday at a campaign event. and he went back and for the for almost 15 minutes with protesters who objected to the 1994 criminal justice reform bill that he signed into law when he was president. bill increased prison sentences for a number of gang related offenses. gang lives matter activist claims that the bill disproportionately hurt african americans. one protesters kay black youth are not super predators, reference to a statement hill willry clinton made as first
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lady. the former president, well, he shot back. >> i don't know how would you characterize, a gang lead shore got 13 year-old kid hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder african-american children. maybe you thought they were good sittens. she didn't. she didn't. >> well, bill clinton says he was defending his record as president, back in the 90's, and his wife's past statements. she's regret that had statement about super predators, that she made, in the mid 90's. >> i bet she does. two burglary suspects in california became instant celebrities yesterday, when they let police on a hour long, chase, on the freeways of l.a. >> but then it wasn't that bad this is what they did after a it stop. >> this is normally on live tv and was again on the helicopter. >> they were tracking a convertible. they had top down even though it was raining. they were doing doughnuts on the highway this he were
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driving the wrong way they were cut off by a tmz bus but they were able to get around, look at them throwing things and everything. it is what happened once it ended. people came out to them, tried to take selfies, one making a phone call. >> waiting on the cops to show up. they did. but then let's take you you into custody. >> i'm sure that selfie was on social media it was on so long people knew where it would end up so they came out kind of like it was during o.j. thing, do you remember. that it went on so long you were you able to get to an overpass and watch it. >> is what wrong with us. >> i don't know. >> but we cannot look away. >> that is right. >> so this is something you will want to look at. the villanova parade today. be prepared for slightly chilly temperatures especially fuzz are not on the sunnyside of the street. there will be gusty wind out there, upper 40's when the parade begins. we will end up in the lower 50's but it will feel chillier because of those breezes, and in the meantime we're looking at a little bit of
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precipitation up to the north of us. it looks like it might be just a few snow flakes flying around, maybe a few rain drops up around allentown and maybe a little bit in berks county. again, not supposed to be here, the event tomorrow is a bigger deal abe even though we don't expect a lot of deal, it will be april 9th tomorrow and there will be snow. mainly grassy accumulations, south and east of the city, yeah, grassy, and... up to an inch. i don't know. it is cold. i think we do need a new season. we talked about it last time. sprinter, it is in the really winter, it is not spring, it is sprinter. >> i saw that. >> it is all over the internet. >> sprinter. >> 53 degrees today. >> forty-two tomorrow. we will give that a two out of ten. tricky travel be careful tomorrow. cold start on sunday, high of only 49, and then back to the springtime temperatures, by the beginning of next week, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody. 7:15. if you you are getting ready to come down to the parade
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today here's the deal, 20th and market is the start point. up market street to dilworth plaza if you cannot make it down catch it all right here on fox, beginning at 1:00 o'clock. coming in the city for the parade or work this morning, no parking on market street an inside streets that have no parking signs put there especially in the a area of 20th and market, where they have the stage of those double decker buses, bringing the team and media down market street. you just watch for those tow signs, ppa is out there in full force this morning. take mass transit, take kid for a train ride. they have extra services on the norristown high speed line, market frankford, subway, gang for the main line, villanova students who got the day off, paoli line will have trains every 30 minutes coming into center city. right now if you are heading southbound on i-95, past the broad street interchange, we've got a smoking tractor trailer here, it is off to the shoulder but you can see we are backup from penns landing all the way down to broad street. we have an accident south on the northeast extension at mid
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county. this is listed as a hit and run. there is a lot of police activity there as well. mike and alex, back over to to youy know somebody who has had a good week. >> an amazing week. >> first he was named coach of the year. then, he won the national championship in the dramatic fashion. then, he got a call from the president of the united states. and today he gets a parade. >> but the ultimate a award for coach jay wright of the villanova wildcats, is his appearance now on "good day philadelphia". coach, welcome. >> good morning, guys, how are you. >> how do you feel on the day of the parade. >> it is exciting, it is. you are the first personally got to talk about it, and and, never been in a parade; and i have been to a lot of them in philadelphia. i went to the first flyers parade when i was in eighth grady remember getting out of school on this day. and a it is cool. it is really cool to be part of it. >> now you are in one.
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okay, i have not been able to talk to you. you beat my kansas jay hawks. we will not talk about that. let's move on from that. let's go back to the final game. >> mike, i got to give you that, they are good. they are good. they were good enough to win it. they were definitely good enough to win it. that is the part of the tournament, it is who is hottest a at this time of the year. after that, you jump on after. >> of course, i, did i started wearing stuff. >> i made sure he did, jay. >> yes, villanova pajamas, underwear, everything like that. >> we have not been able to to talk to you, jay when that happened. when that ball went in and tied the game after coming back from ten down, honestly did you say oh, no, over time. >> i was thinking during the game, this is the greatest game. i always, i am either a at that game because we have coaching it or watching it on tv. i'm thinking thinks an
7:19 am
incredible game. when page hit the three, i thought wow, it will be even better, this will be overtime. then i realized we have 4.7 seconds. we have a shot at this. i shut down that kind of thinking. i really thought this would be one of the greatest finals ever. >> but then, were you surprised when archie, he got the ball and he passed it to chris jenkins. >> did you do a oh, no. >> no, i actually, that is a play all coaches have a play with zero to 42nd and then a different play thaw run were four to eight seconds. we knew what we were going to run. in my mind as a coach at the end of the game when they take those shots. you are helpless. ball is in the a air. you got no control. when our team shoots it, i say in my mind, i say, bang. and when other team shoots it and end of the game i say, no
7:20 am
way. but, i never knew, my lips moved. so i got caught, saying bang when that shot was in the air, bang. >> now it is in the air and once it went in and everybody screaming, i'm screaming, everybody, is screaming, then they show you, and jay wright he was the smoothes man in america. it was like it was nothing. >> i knew it would happen. >> i did not necessity it was going to happen. it was not that smooth. my job, what we do for a living is coach 18 to 22 years old. so i knew, when i saw them all over the court, confetti coming down, i thought, all right, i'm the only sane one here. we will have .3 seconds or .2 seconds, they always put time back on the clock. so i thought i got to get this under control, this is chaos. you never have to worry about getting 18 to 22 years old excited. you have to settle them down. so i was thinking okay, i got
7:21 am
get this in order and then our assistants jumped on ton of me and roy williams. i never got to hear them say, there is in time left the game is over, we just started celebrating. >> so now we talked to your, taylor the other day, he came on the show and cut a suit. >> did he. >> yes. >> what a cool guy. >> what are you going to wear a parade and do you have a go to wave, you know when you are on top of the bus. >> you know what, that is a good one, i better come up with one real quick. >> it has to be manly. >> you can do a miss america wave. >> it can't be that. >> no, i can't do that one. >> usually, i just put my v's up. >> yes. >> that is it. >> you got me thinking. >> what are you going to wear, nice suit or a championship shirt. >> i will just wear villanova, you know,ville know of basketball track shirt and if
7:22 am
it is, i think it might be cold down there. we have one of of those big v letterman jackets. that is what i will get good that is stylish. >> coach we could not be happier for you, and congratulations and enjoy this day. >> hey guys, thanks for our relationship with fox you have been great all year. we appreciate you following us thanks, we will look forward to seeing you at the parade. >> see you at is 1:00 o'clock. >> it business safety and why they are one of the most safe ride. >> that is what they say. >> they ripped that off why the company is paying ten million-dollar over safety concerns.
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it is their motto they have about safety, lauren. >> yep, you cannot say you are the best on the road, you have the safees vehicles with the most safe drivers when you don't or at least you do in the know exactly if you do. this is a lawsuit about two years ago they came down on uber and some other ride sharing services like lyft, which has settled basically saying don't use that language. it is not true. you do not do fingerprint
7:26 am
checks. we saw what happened a couple months ago with that uber driver in michigan, right. >> right. >> so now uber is agreeing to settle this lawsuit paying ten million-dollar, and perhaps, 15 million additional dollars, if they use language, touting their drivers as the most safe out there. >> you can say we're kind of, we're kinda the safees. >> sometimes the safees. >> well, yeah. >> or fingerprint their drivers. so why aren't they fingerprinting their drivers. >> that is a great question, it seems to me they would do that real quick, those drivers can say they are in the private contractors but they are indeed employees of the company. >> okay. >> they have the money to pay that. >> lauren, we like your blue, villanova blue. >> we appreciate the support from villanova. >> oh, thank you. funny story behind this dress but go nova. >> funny story about your dress. >> you say that and now we have to go. >> why am i saying it?
7:27 am
>> i guess we will look on your twit tore get it. >> put it on the gram. >> you you got it. >> thanks. 7:27. is it really ever? is it ever over. >> what, american idol you are referring to the two words rye april seacrest said, but i heard it. >> we all heard it. >> we will play it. look at 'em!
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villanova fans, this play is never getting old. coming up, on good day we have ryan arcidiacono, chris jenkins a and they will reinact this dramatic final moment of the national championship game with quincy. and this wedding, will end up being a real cliff hanger, do you know what i mean. how a man asking his girlfriend to marry him ended up being rescued from the rocks. i know it is terrifying to pop a question he but my goodness. good morning, it is 7:30 on this championship friday, parade day, hey mike, where did you go. >> i was just looking for our surprise guest and he is stuck in the crater, i will help him
7:31 am
out. >> okay. you do that. >> i don't know if you have been watching all morning but we have a special guest to celebrate our 20th anniversary, stay tune in a little bit but we have to talk about villanova. we have the parade going on today in philadelphia the city will give the team, fans a chance to really celebrate this championship together. so steve keeley you are with the city represent turf talk about how this will work from 20th and market down to dilworth park, steve? >> reporter: we have sheila hess, with us, big day, she left a great career at a famous insurance company in town, 24 years, to be a city representative. and this is her first live tr interview, and to show you how you dedicated she toys this it is i, she has a phl pin to match every outfit in her class it. what else do we want to talk about? your career, first live interview for the city, how
7:32 am
exciting is that. >> steve, this is very exciting, and i'm thrilled to be here on fox 29. >> i know we were in the supposed to talk about this but looking at first cars towed and i have to mention breaking news as it comes by, behind your head, ppa is finally towing cars, that has nothing to to with she will, that is a pp a things. we have been warning you not to park on the streets. all right, she will, here's a big question. everybody says 50,000. i talk to my high ranking, philadelphia a police friend over there, who is a awesome, and i said how do you come up with 50 grand. they have six grand under grad, four grand in the law will school. we expect another five grand from penn, temple and other colleges, lasalle to take part, and then all of the alumni. >> i think more than 50. >> i agree let's hope it is more than 50,000. we're ready for them if it is. >> reporter: we're backstage. police are back here as well. so a little stage. not like a papal stage, you
7:33 am
you remember that before you got into office here but that stage is big enough. is dilworth park big enough to hold a pretty big crowd like this. >> we are ready, steve. it will be available to hold all of the crowd. we have out skirt where people just come down and we will be ready to entertain all of the guests coming will to philadelphia today. >> that is a tiehl blue pin and outfit you have on. you know, villanova people are thinking that is in the our blue. >> it is not. >> is what the deal. >> i will go, have a stan here with merchandise and villanova hat and t-shirts and i will sport my villanova gear. >> you have a darker blue phl pin. >> that is good good so we had a hundred grand for first villanova parade and i asked police why hundred grand in 85 and only 50 grand now. that was a broad street parade, long the parade, and they think because it involved broad street it was longer, and bigger. >> yeah, this is a shorter sized parade because it is
7:34 am
only from 20th and market down to dilworth park. that is what we're thinking. >> you are hoping some of the parade goers stick around during happy hour and do restaurants as well, like and it benefits the city. >> it sure does, it is friday, and folks will be out and about, on this beautiful day out today in philadelphia and definitely there will be entertaining and great for hospitality here in our city. >> things go as your career is planning them to go, eight years of the kenney administration is what your prediction how many more championships do you we get, during two terms as you predict. >> well, steve, we are smooth and we are ready that we can create an event a at anytime any year and we are ready to did all of our sports, so bring it on report report sheila hess, former sheila from south philadelphia, first live interview on tv, i think
7:35 am
i will give her a 9.9. >> that is great, i want a ten. >> why in the give her a ten. >> don't be so hard. >> reporter: you have to have room to grow. >> you can always improve. >> sue, we need to pick it up with how cold it is, with coach jay wright, he said i'm not sure if i should have mize t-shirt, varsity letterman. >> jay wright did think he would need a warm jacket, coat or sweat shirt and he is indeed correct because we have temperatures in the 30's and 40's right now. we will be in the upper 40's by parade time but the breezes will make it feel colder. now looking north and west of the city, you can see a couple sprinkles, snow flakes around, not a wig deal and we should retain our sunshine here in the city. 44 degrees. but lot the at wind chill. the it feels like 35 out there, today a high of 53 degrees, a win up to 15 to 20 miles an hour and that will make it file chillier if you
7:36 am
are not outside in the sunshine. 36 degrees tonight. after midnight is when the rain, and snow, will roll in. yes, i said that four letter word again bob kelly. >> soap in your mouth get black pepper out. 7:36. good morning. here's i-95, almost back to normal right here near broad street. we have word of an accident on the eastbound schuylkill expressway, right at the conshohocken interchange, right before the conshohocken curve and wondering whether or not sun glare had something to do with that because it is just about above the tree level now where it is hitting you in the head like a stale babe he will there coming into philadelphia also getting an accident on the 42 freeway, here northbound coming in toward philadelphia a, right here at the 55 interchange, between route 55 and creek road, and burlington bristol bridge on stand by for a bridge opening in about 7:45, and here's the parade route, we invite to you come down and join us, if not, catch it the right here on fox 29, beginning at 1:00 o'clock we will kick it off at 20th and
7:37 am
market, currently right now no park ago lot market street as you saw from steve's shot there, they are starting to toe the truck, toe any of the cars that are park out there, just follow and watch closely if those towing signs are on any of the streets you will be parking on here in philadelphia. but take mass transit, septa beefing up extra service on the norristown high speed line, market frankford and subway. for all of those student watching out on the campus of the villanova the paoli line is the train to use and they will be running trains every 30 minutes to bring new to downtown. mike and alex, back to you. >> speaking of the parade, daniel ochefu, our big guy in the middle will be on good day. guess who else. >> pants on the ground. >> pants on the ground, pants on the ground. >> american idol, last night, last night it was a good show but jen has all of the interviews from hollywood next. vo: president obama endorses
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>> fifteenth and final winner of american idol. >> last night's finally mark end of the era for the hit tv show that created stars like kelly clarkson, carrie underwood, jennifer hudson, fantasia. >> but we are wondering was this really the end. >> they say that because final seconds of the broadcast idol host ryan seacrest said something that has many people speculating here he is at the very end. >> and one more time, this is so tough we say to you from hollywood good night, america, for now. >> of course, that was a planned comment, waiting until camera switched away from him. >> oh, yeah. >> the show's creator and many former winner say they are in the ruling out a come back for the show probably in a different format.
7:42 am
dick clark used to say and dick clark was ryan seacrest mentor. dick clark used to say that, every now and then, for now, til then. >> was it a tribute to dick clark or a hint of what is to come. >> they are teasing us. they are teasing us. >> they will in the let this show die. >> the show also had its fair share of unusual performances. >> who could forget william hung. >> he came out, and sang a part of it. >> larry flat's original pants on the ground because he wrote that song. >> sure. >> jen fred caught up with him ahead of the finally and found out he is working on a new show. >> i will make another show song about a politician. >> i love it. >> you are a politician. >> big story here is the nails on the woman behind him. >> wow. >> look at those things. >> how does she write.
7:43 am
>> look at those nails. >> my goodness. >> what about, you know. >> i didn't hear a word he said i was so distract. >> those freak me out. >> do you you see those often. >> i have seen them before. >> wow. i wonder if they are there. there is no way she can write a letter. >> how does she type. >> how does she tension. >> how does she go to the bathroom. >> well, stars of the villanova championship team hanging out with our quincy harris to see how they manage to reinact the final dramatic moments of the winning game.
7:44 am
♪ we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it's the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. fodeveloping drugs to fight deadly diseases. as a scientist, i know there's more that washington can do to help families. i'm running for congress to protect planned parenthood funding so more women get cancer screenings and treatment... to pass a ban on fracking in the delaware river basin to preserve our clean water, and to always protect medicare and social security. i'm shaughnessy naughton and i approve this message.
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7:46 am
opening up of the burlington bristol bridge all traffic stopped on both sides of the river. third opening we have had there this morning. thinks a live look at the schuylkill expressway inbound we had an earlier accident near conshohocken. we have sun glare on the conshohocken curve. north on the 42 freeway an accident approaching creek road. we're backup in the city. also an accident northbound on the new jersey turnpike at exit number five for burlington mount holly. coming down to the parade mass transit, always a best bet. we have extra services on the
7:47 am
norristown high speed line. both market frankford and subway have added extra trains and if you are coming from the suburbs, we're talkingville know of, the student,s radnor, malvern, the paoli thorndale line is way to go and these trains will come into philadelphia a every 30 minutes. once in town the buses along that parade route will be detour, beginning at around 12:30. what is the forecast looking like for the big parade? sue standing by, she will have it in 15 seconds. well, all right. a little bit of activity, on ultimate doppler radar this morning, all north and west up in the allentown pottstown area a few snow flakes and a few rain drops, we don't expect that to be a big deal. big deal is tomorrow, tomorrow
7:48 am
night we are expecting up to an inch of snow. it will be a very messy saturday. some will folks will get rain and at times rain and snow, but some folks could get up to an inch of accumulation. chilly right now. 44 degrees. but our wind chills are mostly in the 30's this morning so keep that in mind. if you haven't walk out the door it is chilly and will stay that way with 53 degrees. wind making it feel colder. two out of ten tomorrow with 42 degrees and then that messy weather, it is a cold start to sunday morning with a freeze watch in effect as we will be below freezing and then back to springy temperatures but also spring showers, monday and tuesday, of next week, mike and alex. >> hey sue. >> do you like a good embarrassing story every now and then. >> fodder for many of them, yes. >> me too. >> listen to this, a marriage proposal came to a dramatic end in california yesterday but it wasn't because of the women's answer to the proposal. >> it was a man and the way he asked. so 27 year-old michael bank he
7:49 am
had to be rescued whether from a 600-foot cliff. he climbed down the rock on face time with his girlfriend to propose to her. she said yes. then he got stuck on a steep ledge and dangling 80 feet aboveground. it is illegal to climb on the rock where he was but police have not said when got a ticket once they reese qued him. all that for face time. >> you know, for the view and all this and have this wonderful memory. >> do you have good service on the rocks. >> i don't know, man how embarrassing, he is putting everybody's life at risk to come rescue him. >> true. >> bad idea good so our quincy harris caught up with the villanova wildcats players yesterday. >> in the within place they can talk basketball and more, the safe place for men. >> the barber shop. >> the barber shop. >> now, you are a big time barber. >> no just a barber. >> yes. >> villanova players get their
7:50 am
haircut here. >> a couple of them, yes. >> a couple of them. >> a few of them. >> they are here right now. is that darryl right there? >> that is darryl. >> he is getting massages or whatever. we have big shot, kj, chris jenkins, wave to the camera. bro, wave. >> we have to talk. i talked to you a couple weeks ago do you remember. >> yeah, i think i beat you. >> you fouled me. >> i don't know about you. >> you don't remember. >> i don't remember that. >> i did ask you i said see if you win the champion ship how does that feel? >> yeah, it was a team effort, unbelievable game and just an unbelievable feeling now. >> now it was a three pointer, that was an unbelievable shot, the due double pumped and clutched and did all this stuff, boom and they made it. what was going through your mind when that happened.
7:51 am
>> we were still going to win the game. we run the same play in practice and we were going to know what was going to happen and i wanted to be a aggressive. i heard chris barking my name. >> how cool is jay wright though, chris makes the shot, people going crazy. i was in the pavilion. people were going crazy. jay wright is like, he is ice, he is cool. >> he is cold blooded, that he what he is, coach wright, he is cold blooded. that is what we love about him. >> this is callville know of. >> called nova. >> 4.7 seconds left in the game, i'm chris jenkins, i will be chris. >> get the screen, chris, arch, arch, arch, i throw it back to him, he shoots it, and he cashes it out who can hold this. >> you hold this microphone.
7:52 am
>> okay. >> four, arch, arch, arch. >> i will have have to have wet it. >> yes. >> this will be better. >> one, 23,. >> arch, arch, arch. >> shoot it. >> forget it. forget it. >> i think it proves how good a shooter chris is, he did it on the first try with 75,000 people in the stand, chris jenkins stepping up to the plate. >> and i could not. >> that is fine. >> thanks. >> we're here with the champions. >> parade today we will have some fun. i will be on the float. >> amazing we will see what we
7:53 am
can do about that. >> back to you in the studio. >> he didn't make the shot. >> guess what? our big guy, daniel ochefu joins us here in just a few minutes. he is over on the villanova campus getting ready to head over to the parade route but will talk to us first live.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
it is friday morning. >> so what do you drink when it comes to the milk. >> no the fat, skim, i used to drink whole milk. my mom would give me that. >> i was always 2 percent. >> then i went right to non-fat. i mean nothing. i think it tastes fine. >> you go back to doing whole milk. >> new study suggest eating, full, fat, dairy foods, and what, what do they call it, d, what is the most fatty milk you can drink. >> is there half and half, that is the heavy duty stuff.
7:57 am
>> i thought we were supposed to be drinking skim and stuff. >> the tait a and science continues to change, that is what i love about medicine and science. bottom line is we learn more and as we're learning with these two new studies is hey, maybe whole fat milk might be good for you. in fact, it may reduce your risk of diabetes and obesity. >> how about that, 46 percent. >> yeah. >> and we think it has to do with things that are in the fat and the milk, that a how you to feel full, quicker. it is that whole thing of like the atkins, eat protein and you get full, quicker and you tend to eat less. >> we're showing all these different kind of rice, and almond, soy milk. >> yes, there is all kind of stuff. my wife loves will almond milk. >> ahh. >> the thing is that what i want people to take home from
7:58 am
this, this new information if you are going to go use milk, it is probably okay to go with whole fat milk. >> but i don't want people going nutso and having cheese steaks every day. >> orized cream. >> you don't want a lot of high fat stuff. don't do it. >> lets do something now never been done before on television. >> what? >> could you pour me the vitamin d whole milk, which is the most fat. >> whole milk. >> pour it into this little cup. >> there we go. >> ladies and gentlemen, a woman by the name alex holley said she has never consumed whole milk. >> i am not a big fan of milk that is why i'm so short. >> never before done. >> okay. >> all right. >> well, it is thicker, that is for sure. >> it noise that the bad. >> not that bad at all. >> do you feel better. >> have a good weekend. >> i need a milk mustache,
7:59 am
hold on. >> one thing comes to mind. >> we have milk new you. >> friday april the eighth, 2016. >> live from the fox 29 studio... this is "good day philadelphia" celebrating 20 years. a thrilling day in philadelphia a. villanova wildcats get their championship parade. the traffic closures you need to know about before you leave the house. plus daniel ochefu joins us live in just a few minutes. trent harmon. >> trent is the new american idol, as curtain closes on the final season are does it close. ryan seacrest has us all wondering this morning can the show come back. >> we know mariah carry can sing.
8:00 am
>> ♪ >> so it is no surprise she's insuring her vocal cord for millions of dollars. the other surprising part that is, included in that. >> excuse me, alex. >> and who will be our surprise guest this morning. we have you buzzing about it. we will continue to celebrate 20 years of good day philadelphia, why this guest is, so out of this world. all right. it is 8:00 o'clock. lets get to weather and traffic, boom. >> we have decided upon a lucky seven. it is going to be sunny,. >> arrow says five. >> i was going to say your arrow is stuck. >> it is a a seven. i kind of like seven better. >> well, seven is the real number. >> okay. >> seven, i'm committed. temperatures in the 30's and 40's.
8:01 am
maybe i just bring that number down. we have activity on radar north and west of the city. we do not expect any of those rain drops or snow showers to make it here. look at how bright and sunny it is because it is deceiving because it is 44 degrees with the wind chill of 36. breezy afternoon means 53 degrees will feel like it is in the 40's but we have a nice long day ahead, sunset time not until 7:33. and bob kelly you you are going to the the parade. >> we have a big parade. 8:01 getting to work early so you can move out, for the parade, burlington bristol bridge, slow, both side, from an earlier opening, an accident, actually, this is vine street expressway here, heavy, westbound, heading over toward the schuylkill expressway, and expect a lot of extra volume in and out of the city to day with the big villanova parade. an accident northbound on i-95 right here near 476 taking out what would be the left lane there as we head up from
8:02 am
delaware county. forty-two north an accident approaching creek road, and an accident north on the new jersey turnpike approaching exit number five, for the burlington mount holly interchange. fuzz are coming in for the parade today try using septa. they have beefed up services, norristown high speed line. market frankford, all extra service. if you are coming from the suburbs,ville know of, radnor, radnor area paoli thorndale line is root you want to use. those trains are running every 30 minutes to get new for parade time. mike and alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. >> 8:02. >> developing in south philadelphia a tragedy when a driver veers out of control, slams into a building. >> wow. >> this morning two people dead, two others injured. driver seen on video seen speeding and driving erratically, sparks flying from the wheels as it came from the median and into other lanes of traffic and then second grader, it spins after it hit a building. >> it hit the peco building down there.
8:03 am
>> on columbus boulevard. >> this happened just before 3:00. authorities are still investigating. to they have nod said whether drugs or alcohol were involved. >> two in very critical condition. >> yes, two people dead. >> 8:03. >> here to celebrate the wildcats basketball team. >> alex and i get to host the parade at 1:00 o'clock on fox. thousands are expect. steve keeley predicts, triple, no a hundred thousand people. >> i think so. >> we will find out at 1c o'clock, steve. >> reporter: for people not watching last hour i blew mystery guest. people know who he is already but he you could have correct the problem. i guess i have to go to have meet to go tell you thousand do a mystery guest. if i had number 23 from villanova on daniel ochefu, he would have been the mystery guest. nobody would be bigger then him. what i would have him do is bust the door down and have smoke coming up. than steady of the opening a mystery guest door he knocks it down and burst through,
8:04 am
that have would have been cool. >> well, it ties late. >> how will you top that. >> that was the plan and now we can't do that. >> you ruined that surprise. >> see. >> that is right. i wish i could have blew two mystery guestness one day. i will be on the media bus. i will be interviewing other reporters from other station toss get their perspective on the parade. bye, guys. >> now pressure is off i don't to have feel like i'm at the bottom have of the team. we will be on the trailing bus that people will be, they will be throwing ticket tape at players we will get roxanne the bottles. anyway. >> i was told to stretch that is why i'm talking like this here's the set up, right now, barricade around city hall. we will face the rizzo statue and love statue in the far distance. you may not see them. my guest is there is so many people there some will be hanging on both statues and
8:05 am
police will be knocking off saying get down but you can make out, if chris, i will have chris pick up the cameraman, i always love this, pick up his tripod and you can see the love statue through the stage, how about that for live television people. we are at 8:00 now. parade start agent 1:00. five more hours just before the three of us, will alex and mike start our parade coverage live on this air. we will have the best parade coverage. first of all you want to be here but set dvr. if you do not watch us, watch us on tape later, keep it for keep sake on your dvr because we don't get a lot of sports parade here and for proof, here is a kid who wasn't born last time villanova won championship so he could not go to another parade. >> it was since 1985. i was 30 in two weeks. >> it is always good to celebrate good thing that our
8:06 am
part of our philadelphia a and our area. we welcome. >> the cost is being absorbed by villanova it is a city event. >> the city is not footing the bill. that is the concern. it is a villanova expense. >> city is still opened, downtown still opened, folks still coming down but there will be a lot more people but just be patient. >> he is talking about being patient getting out of work if you air normal commuter and wondering where these people are on the the street still and making friday rush hour, even worse then it normally is. as we come back live there is a big clothespin and whenever you see pictures from big events, past parades and you will notice that is a reiser thaw see all of these people on there and people every where, so, that is what we will probably see again today.
8:07 am
do i think that it will be crowd exceeding 50,000. there was a hundred thousand for first villanova parade but police say they he thought that crowd was bigger because it came up broad street, broad street thing as veteran officer work ago this day told me. then i asked him why are you still working 31 years later as a police officer, you cannery tire with a nice pension. he said i love my job just like we do. >> i a gree completely. >> kicking and screaming out of here. >> i can't wait for this parade. alex and i will be hosting. >> tune in and watch it with us. >> it will be on for about an hour and a half or so. >> again, today, we have buried the lead story. if the world is coming to an end by the end of this month, shouldn't that have been the first thing we talk about today. >> well, a at least we will have our parade and then we can talk about that. >> that is a good point. according to a space scientists, yesterday we talk about a mysterious planet that
8:08 am
some think wiped out life on earth millions of years ago and apparently it could happen again and if it will happen it will be happening by the end of this month, again. that is the lead story, alex. >> we have to bring in derek pits from the franklin institute. >> it was supposed to happen april 1st. no kidding. >> so what is the name of this planet. >> this planet that is talk about is planet nine. this is not just been discovered in the very far reaches of our solar system. scientists aren't 100 percent sure it is there. there is work to be done to confirm its existence but we think it is there. but people are making an analogy between this and a mythical planet that used to be known decade ago have of planet x or people would say that this this planet was, a secret planet, a stealth planet that would cause a lot of disturbance in the solar system.
8:09 am
>> is this just bunk. >> the story that we have heard most recently it really is bunk because it is a combination of two stories, one from an article in 1985 and one from the possible discovery of this new planet. someone put these two stories together and the idea of the end of the world is always a great sensational story. >> because it is a possible discovery you are telling me is there a chance. >> there is no chance that this is real because if there were something really serious like that we have a vast array of incredible detection equipment that tells us about stuff that is going on out there that could really be a problem for us. the idea of planet that comes around every 20,000 years and causes some kind of stinks, well, just think about it, we have been here 4.5 billion years, life should have been wiped out a hundred thousand times, and that hasn't
8:10 am
happened. >> do you know when the world will end. >> yeah but i'm not telling. >> can i get a warning. >> i will tell you throw me a bone. >> about 7 billion years from now. >> 7 billion. >> it used to be nine but now seven. >> yes, getting closer. >> there we go. >> okay, i got to get the door. >> you go get the door good we are doing a special guest, every day. >> happy 20th. >> thank you, derek. >> so mike has been our official welcomer. >> door opener. >> he is so pleasant. >> here we go. >> my goodness. >> my gosh, buzz ald theron. >> how are you, i'm mike. >> how are you, buzz. >> i came from that planet that is coming in.
8:11 am
>> i came here. >> this is most dangerous thing you have ever done in your life. >> yes. >> bus, derek is one of the top astronomers in america. >> in fact we have met before, we have done a program before. >> together. >> okay. >> it must be quite a memory. >> no, right here in philly at drexel university. >> but welcome from the other planet how are things out there. >> far out. >> so great to have you here. >> so nice to meet you. >> pleasure to have you you here. >> what a surprise. >> now he sees alex. >> let's talk burr book it is great when we come back. this change in attitude
8:12 am
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8:14 am
@carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it's something you earn. brookside. talk about delicious. ♪ one small step foreman, one giant leap for mankind. >> that is of course the voice
8:15 am
of neil armstrong. >> buzz is here, second man to step on to the moon. so, great to have you in philadelphia. where were you when neil was saying that. >> still in the aircraft. >> well, see i just push him out of the door. >> make him go first. >> and he fell down the ladder , so, we had to record it all so i turn on the camera. >> very important part of the first mission, to be number two. >> that is what you say in the book. >> exactly you are doing quite well for being number two. >> when i'm 95, or 98 maybe, they will wheel me out, and somebody will say, and our speak are for tonight is, the second man on the moon. that is me. that is how i will be men for the rest of my life. not the fifth, in the the first.
8:16 am
>> not the third. >> the second. >> is there nothing wrong with that. >> iconic picture with the visor. >> yeah, yeah. you know when they asked me about that picture, you will in the show that. >> we will show it. >> yes. >> that is the most publicized picture of a person on the moon. >> you got a good lead there. >> now is that you or is that you in the vior. >> i'm in the helmet, behind the visor. >> but that is magic of being second, neil was able to turnaround and take a picture of you. >> it was a little later but he got me coming down the ladder. >> i'll tell you what when you were on gemini 12 i believe you took the first selfie on earth. >> yes, i didn't name it the that, it was just a haphazard gee, i wonder if this thing will work. >> you are on a space walk right outside capsule.
8:17 am
>> yes. >> standing in the hatch with an open hatch and the camera was mounted on the spacecraft behind me. >> he is tethered in out of space. >> the first selfie off of earth. >> yes. >> that is a a good point. >> you also did something else, first man to handle business. >> i had had to check this device. >> if you know what i mean. >> nasa calls this the uce. >> what does that stand for. >> urine collection device. >> okay. >> was there any spillage or how did it work. >> it worked well. >> if it got too full, you could empty it out but taking
8:18 am
the suit off, there is a little valve. >> yes. >> you hook it through the suit and now to get the flute you had to kind of do a little hoola, hoola. >> that is how i look when i got to go. >> that is right. >> let's talk about the book, what life lessons can we learn from reading it. >> don't give up, because it may be getting worse. >> don't worry about asteroids. >> life lessons from a man who walk on the moon. >> i think i quoted somebody else, if at the first you don't succeed, try, try again. >> that is story of your life. >> yes. >> i have people write speeches and all, if it is good, i will say it.
8:19 am
that was pretty good. >> here's another one, neil had, he said buzz, follow me. >> good thing you did. >> you spent a lot of time at the jersey shore as a kid. >> you bet you. >> what town. >> right across from asbury park, no, point pleasant. >> point pleasant. >> yeah, my son was born in point pleasant hospital. >> wow. >> they tore it down recently so i could not get a picture but that is manasquan. >> good luck with the book, thanks for being our special guest. >> thank you. >> what a special guest. >> derek is excited. >> i am. we wanted to give you one of the buzz's books and get it signed there is a sharpe. >> buzz would do you an on.
8:20 am
>> you see a sharpe will leak through. >> he signed a couple autographs and the reason why we use this page. >> i got it. >> there we go. >> what is his name. >> 2r's. >> yeah. >> hold on. >> do you have a pen that works. >> we have a low budget the, here, derrick. >> enjoy this conversation while we go out, to talk about american idol. >> it came to than a end last night, testing the best performance and jen is live doing that in hollywood. >> but first a new jersey man on the five-year trek around the world is now one year in. we will check in on him and see how that is going. >> he fridays south jersey. remember when he came on the
8:21 am
show. he called me last night. guess where he is? i will tell you. elmo's got the moves. sesame street live let's dance has abby elmo and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center
8:22 am
april 14-17 tickets on sale now!
8:23 am
april 14-17 ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
8:24 am
this guy came into our studio a little over a year ago. he lives, well, did he live in haddon township, in new jersey, and he had this lofty goal, on april 2nd, 2015, so little over a year ago, he walk across the bridge, came to our tv station and said, mike and alex, i will walk around the world and get myself five years to get it done. >> wye talked to him the day before he left and said what are you doing. >> why? why? >> to do something good. when i was 17, my good friend, passed away, made me realize i need to do something with myself. >> live. >> live, get out there and live. >> are you scared. >> i have been thinking bit for so long, no, it is just
8:25 am
part of who i am he walk off the studio at fourth and market. he walk basically southbound until he got deep south to the united states, walked over to texas, walked into mexico, through central america the. he text me last night, he is in columbia. >> wow. >> then he will have to cross over to australia but that is where he is right now in columbia. four more years to go. >> did he send you a picture. what does his calf muscles look like. >> they were big. >> these are from his web site. >> yes. >> or are these picks that he sent you can check in on him every day. >> there you go. >> beautiful. the beautiful. the color. >> yes good he has a nice camera. >> keep track om on him for next four years. >> big man in the middle for villanova wildcats daniel ochefu joins us next live from the villanova campus live on
8:26 am
if good day.
8:27 am
8:28 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo.
8:29 am
boy, that is a good feeling right there after all of the hard work, man, what a moment, lifting the trophy, at national champions, alex holley. >> villanova wildcats. >> daniel ochefu joins us right now welcome to "good day philadelphia" a, daniel. >> thank you, thank you for having me. >> is that what you are wearing to the parade. >> i have my high school jersey, so i just had my high school jacket on. little love for west town you are heading to west town school right after this, what will they do for you. >> they are retiring my high school jersey so they have a is in big ceremony for me. so it is a big honor for me. >> wow, that is huge.
8:30 am
>> they will put it up in the gymnasium them. >> yes in the gym we use for home games. >> so when you came from baltimore, to play at westtown did you ever imagine this in your wildest streams you would be in a parade as a national champion. >> no, i didn't, especially not in my senior year. it is a great feeling. i wouldn't take it any other way but to go out on top. >> did anybody get hurt in the pile up, after the winning shot that night. >> i don't think so, i was than the there, i was running around looking for people. i was than the there for good five minutes. >> you are looking for anybody to hug there. >> yeah. >> since we're talking about the game, coach jay wright brought up a moment about half time, when you guys were in the locker room and he said he
8:31 am
tried to go in and say no coach, i got this and you said something to the team that got them pumped up. he said there was a little bit of yelling too, what did you say. >> i mean i was just telling my guys, we have to play villanova basketball in the second half. files were getting on each other trying to recommit to our core values like we have been all tournament when we have a little slip. it was great to see guys like henry lewis, darryl reynolds step up and giving inspiring speeches to the the team. we realized if they can beat us and play 20 minutes of theville know of basketball then we tip our hats to them. >> it work because you got out ten points ahead, got nervous at the end but then chris came through for you, for sure. >> yes, definitely that was big. >> we're looking at some of the footage now of you playing this is oklahoma, by the way, how did you beat oklahoma by
8:32 am
44 points. >> we just played good defense. buddy hield is a great player and his team is great players but started with buddy hield and glad we were able to stop him. >> you think you condition play in the pros. >> excuse me good can you play in the pros do you think. >> yeah, i'm definitely looking forward to that, but right now i'm just enjoying the celebration of our championship, the parade later today and see how things work out. >> we will see you a the 1:00, dan yacht, congratulations. >> sound good, thank you very much. >> such a nice guy. >> 8:32. >> to have your jersey retired and you are still in college. >> and he will wear it right to the parade. >> what a moment. >> so after 15 seasons of winners and finalist and judges and performances, it the all came to than a end last night on american idol. >> it was between trent harmon and laporsche renee and
8:33 am
america chose. >> the winner of american idol season 15 is trent harmon. >> i have to tell you i'm very happy for trent and i think people are but everybody was like wow we thought la aporsche was going to win, even judges looked shocked. >> the judges were shock, i was shocked in my own living room because i was rooting for her but come on, both of their lives have have changed forever. jen business laporsche right new. >> we are here, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> last night was a complete blur for you. >> yes. >> so many people thought you were going to be the winner, i'm assuming it is a bit of a disappointment but you have an amazing career ahead of you. >> thank you. >> talk to me about all a of the things that you want to do now. i'm sure career wise assuming you you want to sleep first.
8:34 am
>> yeah, i really can't think of anything else right now but i know i do want to push forward with a singing career and continue to try to make a better life. >> when you hear people like fantasia, kelly clarkson and harry connick junior all want to hear music, to perform with you, that has to lift you up. >> it does, and in a way, lift me up, on like a brighter side of things. >> are you disappointed. >> just a little bit because i ended up getting everything but the title, i got the record deal, i got the car, i got the money, it was kind of, not really a shock because this kind of thing happens all the time usually the runner up or the person in front runner
8:35 am
never wins. but it is kind of a macing the an amount of sporty had from not just people but a lot of the former idols, a lot of different celebrities. so it is mind boggling a little bit but it is okay. >> philly is behind you. you are amazing. and i loved getting to know you over the past couple of days. >> girl power all the way. >> yes. >> all right, guys in we will be back in about an hour with trent and i will give her some hugs, make sure she necessary she has philly love all over. >> yes, i know. >> good luck to her. >> probably been up all fifth 5:30 in the morning. and what happened is people think somebody wins and they don't bother to vote for them. >> people still made it big,
8:36 am
jennifer hudson. >> to her point. >> we know mariah carry can sing, that is for sure. how much do you suppose she insurance her vocal cord for? how much do you think that is worth? >> probably worth a lot of money. >> she put money insurance on another body part. vo: president obama endorses katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
8:37 am
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8:39 am
fun talking to coach jay wright earlier this morning on "good day philadelphia". we talk about what a big week he had. one thing he did, he talk to the president of the united states. >> it was a great game because it wasn't like north caroline gave it away. congratulate all of them and tell jenkins that he looked pretty cool out there, taking that shot. i am will's looking forward to welcoming you guys to the white house. >> thanks for calling, very nice of you. >> congratulations, coach,
8:40 am
bye-bye. >> thank you, take care. >> just got word chris wallace, "fox news" sunday will interview you one of those two people. is it coach jay wright or is it the president? >> well, i wish i were interviewing jay wright but i had to settle for the president and we sat down with him yesterday at the university of chicago where he used to teach. of course was there promoting his supreme court nominee judge merrick gar land pushing for republicans in the senate who are refusing to even hold a confirmation hearing let alone a vote on that but we talked about other things as well, war on terror, hillary clinton, her private e-mail servicer, what happens if the the justice department, fbi decide if she has broken the law, we have talked about a lot of things. some less heavy subjects like his best day in the white house, worst day in the white house, what he is going to miss most, what he looks forward to when he leaves have
8:41 am
fascinating interview. we did not talk about jay wright andville know of but i have to say congratulation the to the philadelphia area. ways rooting for villanova. not originally but when it came down to unc, and villanova inn chris jenkins is a stud, what can you say. >> it change his leave. >> we're having a big parade here at 1:00 this have afternoon. we will it here on fox. the real quickly, ted cruz, when i was watching the primary coverage of him in wisconsin i am thinking this isn't the ted cruz win as a donald trump loss, would you agree with that. >> i would completely agree. i think i don't want to minimize what cruz pulled off but some of this support was people who just want to stop trump and figure had that cruz is a way to get to a contested convention where be in has a majority and they can try to work it out in cleve land. trump had two terrible weeks with the tweets about heidi cruz, cruz wife, abortion,
8:42 am
flip-flops and now trump is retooling his campaign, bringing in some people with more experience the question, is it too late. interesting to see. >> he still gets big crowd in new york. our big primary is april went sixth in pennsylvania. chris, we will be watching sunday. >> thanks, exclusive interview with barack obama but first with him as president on "fox news" sunday. it took us eight years but we got it. >> nicely done, chris. he never gives up. he is a bull dog. two guys in the convertible on the run from police but fans came out to get their autographs and high five them, doing doughnuts on the highway and somehow, tmz's bus got it involved. we will talk to dax holt he was driving the bus.
8:43 am
8:44 am
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8:45 am
don't let the sunshine fool you as we look at this beautiful shot of the ben franklin park way. you see the sun dabbled roadway. if you are at the parade and happen to be in the shady spot like right there it will be chilly but we are fortunate with the weather for today's
8:46 am
parade because it could have been yesterday when it was raining or it could be tomorrow when it is going to be snowing. so at least we're getting sunshine even if it is on the chilly side. we have gusty wind and temperatures in the upper 40's, ending up, by the end of the parade at 52 degrees. it looks like a decent day. looking at ultimate doppler we will see a couple rain drops, snow showers in the western part of the viewing area. we are not expecting anything to make it here, we're still expecting the sunshine to continue. our high temperature day, around 53 degrees, tomorrow, just messy, 42 degrees, a two out of ten with snow and or rain, a cold start on sunday morning with temperatures below freezing, in the 20's and 49 degrees for a high. back to springtime temperatures but early part of next week when phillies start their first home stand of the season we will watch out for a little bit of rain. >> yeah. >> still hard to top last year, sue, do you remember
8:47 am
80 degrees. >> yes. >> wasn't a cloud in sight. it was amazing. the as lopping as it is in the raining or snowing. >> you know what i just got delivered to me at the front door? somebody brought by toilet paper if i wanted to throw it at the parade. >> yes. >> we will use this. >> because you like to visit that help tell over there. >> no, they have plenty of paper over there. >> okay. so lets put up footage again from los angeles. the these two dude it starts to rain in southern california during a high speed chase. they started to do doughnuts. look, tmz bus cuts them off. now rumor has it that dax holt of tmz was driving the bus. the lets get to him to find out if that is true. were you on the bus. >> no, but that would have been great. >> it is funny on the tmz tour you get to see those celebrities. those guys are celebrities now. >> they turned into it
8:48 am
yesterday afternoon. >> they did. people were taking selfies, hanging out with their friend after the chase. i would say one of the more interesting car chases in l.a. in a very long time if not most bizarre one but when that tmz tur bus cuts them off and they throw their sandwich at it, funny thing was, everyone thought this was some kind of work of our vigilante tour bus driver but in fact, we talk to him and he said he was innocently changing lanes and did not see the chase coming up and was going to change lanes when it all happened and was caught in the middle of it. he wasn't trying to stop them by any means but very funny moment and everyone is going crazy over it. >> what a great commercial for you guys. >> no kidding, we will take it. >> well, funny part was, yeah, the tour wasn't even going on at the moment. they were transporting the tour bus from one spot to
8:49 am
another. that would have been bad if there were tourist on there, that would have been scary. >> nobody should get involve with that unless it is dangerous. >> we are looking forward to janet jackson's tour. >> she postpone things but can i get my money back? >> you are not getting your money back. people are kind of upset about this that she has postponed her tour and we don't necessity when she will be back and they are trying to get their money back. they are saying no, it will be rescheduled. for right now people are not getting their cash. it is up in the air because she said i'm canceling it i'm starting a family, doctor's order. are you pregnant? what is going on. she is in the revealing too much. >> mariah carry insurance her vocal cord. of course she should do that. >> she makes her living good but there is another body part that she insured which one is it. >> her legs. you know, a little amount of
8:50 am
money, she did 35 you this dollars of insurance on her boys and other 35 -- million, 35 milan her voice and other 35 milan her legs. so 70 million that she is insuring in total that she has very successful tour going on right now. she is in south america. there is money on the line which means they are spending thousands of dollars per month on premiums but it is worth it because she's bringing in so much cash. >> it is her legs. >> dax, you should put out insurance on your hair. >> yes. >> $5. >> that is about right. seems right to me. >> see you next week. >> thanks, dax. >> the gloves have come off but so do the pants. women throwing hey makers the at each other in the zoo parking lot on national zoo day. we will show you rest of this brawl and what it was all about.
8:51 am
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nothing like a cup of coffee, and a pretzel, for breakfast, thanks to the philly pretzel factory for sending out the pretzels look for the press vel v on the parade route today. getting ready to push down tacony palmyra bridge, traffic stopped from an earlier tugboat heading southbound roll out, an accident on the martin luther king drive right at sweet briar drive and that is causing delays and then here's the plan coming in for the parade, extra services on septa's norristown high speed line, market frankford, subway, coming from the suburbs, nova students, malvern, radnor, you can use paoli thorndale line, septa has trains coming in every 30 minutes and of course along the parade route buses will be
8:55 am
detoured until the team passes, and everything back ready to go for rush hour. mike and alex, back to you. >> bob kelly, this is actually national zoo day. >> oh, okay. >> who has the first zoo in america. >> philadelphia. >> get things going for free. >> some zoos are aren't the country are free admission, yesterday as well and sometimes over the weekend. i'll check with our zoo about that. >> yes. >> what is best way to celebrate national zoo day? how. >> beat the heck out of each other. >> watch it now. >> this was in houston, texas. the it was free day at soot in houston. the it turns into a big brawl, this is out in the parking lot. one side of that mayhem three people are wrestling. then on the other side of the women fighting, pulling each other hair? what sparked this? a parking spot. witnesses say woman jumped out of the line of cars and tried to jump in the space to get ahead have of everybody and there was a with man holding
8:56 am
that space. have you ever done that for somebody. first car in the line was in the happy bit and then the chaos ensued. cops had to be called. people were hauled off. >> yes they never got in toe see animals good kids are watching from the cars, strollers. >> wow. >> idol comes to an a end. boy it was a good show last night. went out with a bang. coming up recap of the great performances. >> jen talks to l a porsche but now you she's talking with the winner, trent live on good day. in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars
8:57 am
on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us. fox.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> good morning, guys, tginf. >> it is friday, april the
9:00 am
eighth, 2016. but, friday's doesn't mean good day philadelphia comes to answer. oh, no we're seven days a week. >> what is on your lip? lipstick there? >> i went to the green room. >> oh, no. let's see it. zooming in. oh, yes, lip print. >> uh-huh. >> who was kissing on you? >> buzz aldren. >> no. >> it is the woman who had rihanna's head shaved into the back of her hair. >> oh,. >> the one rihanna posted this on instagram page. >> yes. >> alexsandra. quite attractive. >> any, hot pants under fire, we can't do a story every day somebody under fire. >> like fire. >> hillary duff is catching criticism for this photo. where she was going that spark some anger on social media. she admits where she is headed dressed


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