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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 8, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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eighth, 2016. but, friday's doesn't mean good day philadelphia comes to answer. oh, no we're seven days a week. >> what is on your lip? lipstick there? >> i went to the green room. >> oh, no. let's see it. zooming in. oh, yes, lip print. >> uh-huh. >> who was kissing on you? >> buzz aldren. >> no. >> it is the woman who had rihanna's head shaved into the back of her hair. >> oh,. >> the one rihanna posted this on instagram page. >> yes. >> alexsandra. quite attractive. >> any, hot pants under fire, we can't do a story every day somebody under fire. >> like fire. >> hillary duff is catching criticism for this photo. where she was going that spark some anger on social media. she admits where she is headed dressed like that.
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i'll tell you where she was going. >> not normal. jennifer laurence gets honest about her appearance, why she says she doesn't have a, quote, normal body. >> well, if i could see it, all right. >> we'll show it later. >> so let's go to the movies. it is friday. what we should be seeing this weekend, one. women we absolutely love, so funny, melissa mccarthy back on the big screen, why it took her 15 years to become the boss. >> the boss, all right, american idol, crouds its final winner last night, what, 15 seasons that far show? >> fifteen seasons. >> between trent and laporche. >> ryan? >> the winner of american idol season 15 is trent! >> all the way down to the grounds. >> he was shocked. i'm also shock. >> he does look shocked. >> look at harry connick's
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face. >> that's he can actually who i was looking at. >> he was like what? wow. >> that means he wasn't expecting that, nope. >> you know what trent's new sing sell called? falling. >> yes, it wasn't because he fell down. he wasn't the only performer last night, though, i mean, anybody and everybody, they had passed hoses, past jess. >> but i know your favorite part, mike. i know your favorite part. j-lo. she went up on stage, perform her new single, i ain't your mama. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> you know, my mother never dressed like that. >> no, and this isn't the part i'm sure you loved, because she takes it off a little bit. >> the white skirt comes off. >> oh, it comes off. >> i like those tights. i want to get those little like diamonds in them. ya, i haven't seen them. >> what is the message here? >> yes, this is, you know, she is dating what's his name. >> casper. >> yes, a lot of people say, you know, she could be his mother. >> here we go. what, the age. >> why are you saying i ain't your mama, when you could be the mama. we still love her. only she could do it. >> but i won't treat you like your mother would treat you. i'll treat you like your lover. >> doesn't she look great? oh, j-lo, get it girl. >> kelly clarkson, i thought she wasn't going to make appearance because she is so pregnant. but she showed. >> and she did one song, whole medically -- >> it was on tape, still good. >> yes. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> i love this song. >> she has a good voice. >> so many good hits. just she does such a great job. i love her. >> jay hud came on, fantasia was there. >> latoya london. >> they all came together. >> they did. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay, i'm in love with her. >> oh, her voice is so powerful. >> it is why idol was so good. you know, legitimate talent that became stars, that blew up, you watch, like you're amazing. >> i defy you to tell me how she didn't win? i don't think she was even in the top five? >> i don't remember. all i know -- >> she was seven? >> number seven? >> wow. >> well, i mean, who are we to judge, you know what i am saying? it is america judging. we're not professional artists. >> i can judge. >> you can? >> i'm very judge mental. >> who did you pick to win this one? >> l a porche. >> and she didn't win. >> trent will be live on our show in just a little bit.
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carry underwood, did you see what she had on in a duet? oh, oh. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, she looks so hot. go girl. >> you two need to get those shoes. >> that skirt, everything. >> that body. she is amazing. >> she is. >> i still love that before he cheats song, probably my favorite one. >> key to the side of his pretty little souped up ride. >> but i'm better than that, you know. >> same thing.
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>> quite a nice moment came when host ryan seacrest brought oust his season one host. i was wondering if brian, back, the first season. >> yes? >> they both hosed the show. it was ryan, casino of an unknown, did radio show out in los angeles, and brian dunk elman, they did it for the whole season. >> and then ryan dunked on dunkelman. >> but the producer said you know what, the rest of the way, we'll get rid every you, brian, and use the ryan seacrest. he had the kahonas to common stage with seacrest. >> well, well, well, seacrest, looks like after tonight you're going to be out of a job. and trust me nobody knows the pain of life without idol more than me. >> good sport about it. >> great sport about it, here's what he didn't think
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about. ryan seacrest has 20 jobs. >> he loses this one, still has 50 more. >> how could he go without thinking about it, every day of his life, for 15 years? >> could have been ryan seacrest? >> well, could have been, well, ryan has made millions and millions. probably worth over certainly well over $100 million now. and i don't know what brian's doing. >> looks like, i think he's been employed over this time. >> looks like it. >> good for him. he's been employed. >> his brother chops wood for jenn fred. >> no. >> that's what she told us. >> these are fun fact you get no where else. >> only here. >> the original judges were there, simon, paula, well, randy and paula came out first, then they go, well, is he going to come out or not? you know, simon? >> they made it sound like they didn't know simon was coming. do you think they kept that a
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secrete what do you think? >> simon is such idol, that i missed him for the years he wasn't on, so thousand dollars bring him back. you had that no hope, you know, that he was coming, so i think it is pretty exciting. good to see him again. >> and randy looks so different. >> well, lost a lot of weight. >> you know, one of the things i'm upset about what? >> well the biggest return guest from last night was simon. >> of course. >> oh. we don't see him. >> was he wearing a black t-shirt? >> i think he had a white t-shirt on. >> oh, white, that's right, he does wear white. >> and he didn't shave, man. only 202nd left to the video. >> got really dressed up. >> well, meantime, i can tell you what brian dunkelman is doing. >> we still have 40, ooh minute left to the show. we'll find simon's appearance, because he did come out and surprise them, and he didn't shave. he looked like he had just gotten out of bed. >> he might have.
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>> what's the dunke man character doing. >> he said he left to pursue, you can see him in atlantic city sometimes. he made appearance on friends once. he's on celebrity club. >> let's bring him on good day. >> i feel badly for the guy. >> you won't even let him on the show? >> help a brother out. >> okay, so then the show comes to an end, and watch ryan seacrest, he is trying to bring up some tears, looks like, to be dramatic because the show is coming to an end. >> he should be crying. losing some money, isn't he? >> he has enough, stinking kardashian show he produces, here he is, closing up the show. >> and one more time. this is so tough. we say to you, from hollywood, good night, america. for now. >> that's the part that i was like wait a minute.
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wait a minute. for now? >> yes. >> what's he trying to hint? >> that they'll come back in some other format. >> yes. >> okay, that was a cool show. nice job last night. hillary duff, we're going to put up a picture of hillary duff. let's slap it up. now, all the way across the studio. what does she have on? >> well, they are hot pants, soupy super short hot pant, she is a celebrity, not that unusual, she is 28 years old. here is the thing, posted this on instagram, about to drop her kids off to school. >> is she getting out of the car? >> apparently because she wrote this whole note to other moms, all the rest of us, show up with our sweat pants, up from g, hair up in a ponytail. i came up with a semi cute outfit for school drop off. i, meaning her, usually rolls up in sweat pants or lululemon's look like a disaster, but his morning i managed to throw something cute together and i thought i would share. cut off or jeans, light weight trend of or sweater or t,
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cross body bag, booties, and pair of sunnies. >> what's sunnies. >> sunglasses. >> maybe that's what she thought it was okay, she had a coat over it, technically can't see it from the back. >> why would anybody be upset about this? first it is weird you even post it. >> the culture now. >> outfit of the did a day, you know the outfit, ootd, outfit of the day. look like what i'm wearing now. >> time for credit. >> oh,. >> style by so-and-so. >> what's wrong with us? >> we're just jealous because we don't have stylists to get us together. >> probably true. >> my credits. >> levis? >> oh. >> but not everybody thought it was cute. on her instagram page, hillary got comment like you call this cute? a lady of class and substance would not be caught wearing this even in her worse hair day. >> we also got this one, i don't know that the shorts are appropriate for school pick up, and i definitely don't
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think the outfit necessarily goes together. but do you, hill, that's all you've got at the end of the day girl. >> finally anyone who is upset with this outfit choice is, a, jealous, they can't rock cut office, and look this good, and b, needs to get a life. well, they all do. >> but about knowing your audience, certain things, show up with other women at the school, you don't want to act like, you know, penelope topper, here i am, wearing my outfit. >> maybe some days, if she normally is in sweat pant and stuff, you know those days, i just want to look nice, i want it dress up for no reason, just to feel good about it, you snow. >> she is not a regular person, she is hillary duff, that's what normal ladies we feel like, you feel like a grown up, good feeling. she is like a celebrity. >> maybe she hasn't been in a while. >> dropping her kids off to school, her latest performance. i don't know if you know this or not, but good day philadelphia is 20 years old, celebrating this birthday, all the way to the end of april,
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at least to april 29th. so we have surprise guests coming to our door. >> we had great one today. >> then we rolled tape of past segments. this was a classic moment when pat croce surprised our traffic reporter back in the day, dorothy. >> ♪ >> pat croce just came in the studio, in case you are wondering what that noise; here he is. >> accident on the jersey turnpike. here. can't avoid it. >> ah. my god. >> hey, girl. >> i feel great now. >> pick up. moved around. >> still on the air? >> i don't think we'll do traffic in this hit. >> you're done. >> back to you in the studio. >> oh. you never know what's going to happen here on "good day". >> popped abut on there. >> that was fun. >> that guy.
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>> i think his name is scott, scott english? is that right? he was here for about three days. >> well, melissa mccarthy, what? melissa mccarthy back with the boss, the name of her new film, and it looks pretty good. >> plaza billionaire. oh, here we go. >> teach these girls real business skills. we want some good recruit. get in there. go be aggressive, girls. >> casino of sweaty a scared. >> just the coffee kicking in. oh, you know what? oh, i may have switched, i put a splash of burbon in mine. >> my name is michelle, my partner, i don't mean partner, girl stuff. >> girl snuff. >> something you will dabble with in college but not stick with. unless you're hanna. it will fit you like a glove. >> hey, what do we say if somebody don't want to buy? >> buy my brownies or i'll kill you. >> don't say that crystal. >> okay. >> inapropriate, hilarious,
9:16 am
kevin mccarthy, what did you say? is she supposed to be a billionaire? >> mike and alex, good morning, yes, supposed to be a billionaire, self made billionaire. she considers herself the 47th welted yes, sir woman in america. that's what she says in the movie. >> is it good? >> ya, you know, it is interesting. i love melissa mccarthy, thought she was amazing in bride made, amaze inning spy, i did not like tam at this, identity thief or the heat. i thought this movie had blended together, she is amazing in it, there is some funny moment, directed by her husband, ben, also the air marshall from bride maids, remember the air marshall, hitting on her? that's her husband in real live. he is also the director of this movie. she is the best part, the problem with the film is never finds consistent comedic tone. the funniest parts are the trailers, unfortunately, she is great, don't get me wrong. i love her. the problem is the rest of the film is no where near as good as she s i'm a big game of thrones guy, peter in the
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movie, his character is terrible. really bad. i will say this, if you do see it, you will laugh half the time. so you might fine yourself cracking up in a lot of scenes, and then a lot of crick nets other scents, as well, unfortunately. >> well, good to see we have veronica mars in this. >> oh, yes, yes, yes. >> really funny scene in the film where she has this dental device in her mouth, that scene made me laugh. i don't know if we have the video. >> yes. >> that is one of the funniest things i've ever seen. i spoke to her about that, i was surprise today hear that brooke shields is the reason why she did that. listen to this. >> are they really, are they real. >> yes, yes, that's real device. and you know who i saw that i stole that, because chris works in our movie was one of the producers, and his wife, brooke shields, sent him a picture of her at the dentist. and i literally it, blew my mind, like how is she doing that?
9:18 am
what's in her mouth? like she is at the dentist. >> amazing. >> i said i literally a.m. going to get. that will so thank you, brooke. >> fun. >> i yes, funny scene. funny scene. that scene works, it does. >> real quickly here, hard core hint err, what the heck is that? >> mike there is movie blew my mind from a visual stand point. i don't know if you guys ever heard about this, so cool watch they did, they shot the movie almost entirely with go pro cameras watch that means is you are the eyes of the film. so the entire movie takes place from first person perspective, like a video game essentially, remember the movie grand theft auto, walk around, do crazy things? that's he can actually what this movie s the character is robotic soldier, trying to get to save his wife. story line doesn't matter, it will be action, so insane, the problem with the movie though it does become repetitive at times. but you are there, some people are saying they get little motion sickness when they watch it. >> i found no problem that whatsoever, but works, very, very cool. i gave it three and a half out
9:19 am
of five. >> looks cool. something different. what about demolition? >> yes, demolition is interesting. jake jill end hall movie. his wife gets into terrible car accident while he is in the car. shy dice. the problem is he doesn't miss her at all. and that, he feels, completely numb about that. and he's wondering why, so kind of goes on life john toy try to find out what's wrong with him, why he doesn't have these feelings, chris cooper is in the movie also, naomi, i gave it three and a half out of five. one cool thing about hard core henry, bunch of different actors played henry. all wore these helmet rigs with. >> pros attached to the mouth area. that's how they got the shot. kind of cool how they pulled it off. very, very cool. >> kevin good to see you, my man, we'll see you next week. >> good to see you guys, too, see in you philadelphia. you guys are awesome. >> have a great weekend. >> you rock at life. >> rock it. >> hey, j. wright just tweeted. he's ready to go.
9:20 am
>> they are ready to go. >> chip game ball. chip shirt. parade access badge. all ready for parade! >> what do we do it for? >> you, we do it for you. >> let's make the woman who just kissed me. >> let's do it. talk about major fanfare, if you had someone, some celebrity you loved, what would you go to, or go through, in order to get their attention? >> we got rihanna's attention, and she's from our area. >> by the way the back of her head looks different, rihanna starting to grow in. i might have to shave it.
9:22 am
sesame street live let's dance it's sesame street live like you've never experienced it before leeeeeeet's dance! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14th through 17th tickets on sale now!
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>> we first told but a woman from philadelphia who caught the eye of rihanna yesterday, she ended up getting rihanna the albumn cover, shaved into her head. >> yes, the back of her head. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:24 am
>> and here it is. live. >> look at that. >> in our studio. are you ready to be spun around? >> hello alexandra. >> good morning, pleasure to meet you finally. >> oh, great to move you. >> so why did you have to go all the way to texas? >> i had already been following rob the original, as much me flying out to him about him as it was rihanna. >> the haircut? >> why a famous barber, does all kind of portraits in people's head. right? and he's known for that? >> he is. >> so you've been following him, but want to go see him? so you got the ticket it just to get re ann's attention? >> rented it self as perfect opportunity for me to get ticket. i had always wanted to get a portrait. i didn't know what i wanted.
9:25 am
and then, rihanna's concert was coming up, i was like oh, my god. >> what city in texas? >> san antonio, texas. >> she was performing there? >> she was performing in philadelphia. so i throughout to san antonio texas for the day, went to the day, got my hair shaved by him, came back to philadelphia the same day. >> okay? >> and then went to the concert. >> and did she get wind of your head? >> she did. she actually, started following me, on instagram. and there are so many like fake accounts on instagram, so i didn't think it was really her, like all right, it is not rihanna, and then all of her fans started congratulating me. >> the rihanna navy. >> oh, my god, congratulations, rihanna is following you. >> then she came from back stage and you hugged? >> no, i actually didn't get to meet her. >> why not? >> unfortunately. >> i don't know how true it is, but a lot of her fans were saying they were looking for me at the concert.
9:26 am
>> really? >> but my seat were so terrible, i couldn't say anything, i started making my way closer to the stage. >> let's make this attrit err project this afternoon starting right now. >> rihanna navy. >> i'll turn your head around again, get maybe screen shots off it the. v, whatever, and then let's get ahold of her. >> let's all tweet rihanna try to get her attention, because, you said you'll try again when? when is the next tour spot? >> her next tour is this saturday. >> oh,. >> in baltimore, marylandment and i have floor seats. i'm red. >> i you're close. >> i want everybody to start tweeting her, instagram, whatever, whatever. >> facebook. >> social media, just make sure everyone gets re rihanna's attention so she knows i will be at her baltimore concert. >> thank goodness, for her to see what's on your head. >> not a bad idea. >> i've been sliding, ya. >> what's going on n did the m. just kidding.
9:27 am
>> what goes down in the dm. >> look, she dancing now. >> good luck. >> let us know if you get her attention. >> oh, absolutely. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you, as well. >> by the way, shut up and drive. no, shut up and dance actually, shut up and dance, for a great cause. >> ♪ >> where you can watch an amazing performance and help people in need. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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it is somebody's birthday. >> there is a special someone, we love the fact. >> true. >> we want to give a special shout out to one her name,
9:31 am
addie who is five years old. listen to her closely. >> it is april 8th. >> yes. >> what is your favorite show. >> "good day philadelphia". >> and who do you watch on there. >> mike and alex. and bob. >> um-hmm. >> and what does bob say, did we go see them last week. >> yes, good morning, everybody. >> happy birthday, how cute, is she. >> this is for our 20th anniversary party. >> very cool. >> happy birthday. >> good morning, everybody. >> okay. we have fun thing for you to do tomorrow, it is hip, it is hot, it is shut up and dance. >> it is happening tomorrow. let's head over to the pennsylvania ballet who you see warming up here foremanna, it attracts thousands of people. of course, for a good cause. >> who will be the spokesperson, iain, do you you want to do it. >> i'm here. >> welcome to "good day philadelphia". >> thank you very much. >> this will be a fantastic event. we will help out manna1 of our
9:32 am
favorite organizations, we are feeding the hungry here, in the philadelphia region. >> thanks, tony. >> yeah, sure. >> hi iain. >> sure. >> welcome to the program you have nice legs. >> what do you have for us. >> so manna made scones for you this morning, fresh from the ovens. it is from, you know, their kitchen, where they, you know, help all of the people that need help in the area. >> thank you. >> so let's make money foremanna such a great organization. do you know how many meals they have put together in a day, thousands for every day of the week. let's make some money for them. how will we do it. >> well, we will shut up and dance. our one and only night event, happens tomorrow night. i have some dancers from the pennsylvania ballet with me. we volunteer our time, every year to put on this one night event. you will see him hospital, modern dance, classical ballet, you will cry, you will laugh, all for a wonderful cause. we have a beautiful party at
9:33 am
the end the. it is hosted by our own martha gramcracker. >> we hoff martha gramcracker. >> it will be a fun night. we will see musical numbers. if you like any kind of dance, you have to come see the show. the it is for a wonderful cause. forest theater 8:00 o'clock saturday night. >> are ticket still a rail be a. >> where do i go. >> manna or call them or just show up to the theater at 8:00 o'clock and get a walk up ticket. >> can you do something for me. >> yes. >> can you you dance as we go to break. >> shut up and dance good how about if i shut up and you do the dancing. >> all right. >> that is teamwork, man. >> we will see you tomorrow night. >> here we go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:34 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it is national imonota day. knott.
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. we want to wish thomas a happy 91st birthday today. the his birthday is even more special because he is aville know of graduate, class of 1950, life long basketball fan, and his granddaughter haley shared that picture with us. the first is his villanova year book picture. >> how cute is that. >> and that was just from the other day. enjoy the parade there, thomas. >> everyone can watch starting a at 1:00. you and alex will be here.
9:39 am
we will have so much fun cheering on. >> there is a live shot, they will start clearing the streets here parade starts at one as karen just said. >> it is national imponota day, who knew there was a imponota truck here at fourth and market. >> it is a new thing, mike. we want to celebrate, don't we sue. >> i think first thing, we find out what a imponota is and who better to tell us than jamie a and her beautiful daughter, sammy. her husband is in the truck caulking an imponota. >> it is a dough and then deep fried. >> well, that is good for us. we are looking at your imponotas now ape is what the beauty of a imponota. >> the beauty of a imponota is it is hand held, it is easy to eat and it is comfort food. all different cultures have traditions where you wrap something up in dough and deep fry it. we have taken some of all of those, and put that goodness in our imponota. >> yes. >> this is a a new thing for
9:40 am
you guys. this is a beautiful truck. >> thank you. >> it is new. >> first of its kind truck. >> and that means grandmother, right. >> it does. >> your grandmother's recipe on some of these. >> actually one of of them is my mother's recipe which would be sammy's grandmother. the idea around this is comfort food, the stuff you grew up with at your mother's kitchen table or your family's kitchen table so we put a twist on it. they are not all traditional american. >> so lets see what some of these flavors are. what are we looking at, let's see, let's start over here on the left. >> on the left here. >> yes, here we go. >> that is philly cheese stake. >> if you are from here that is your comfort food. >> it is in a different package. >> it is wrapped up in dough and deep fried. >> beauty of the imponota. >> and what is that. >> blueberry. >> you can have sweet or savory. >> yes, we're in radnor, pennsylvania this is the nova
9:41 am
imponota, it is blueberry and it taste like the sweet taste of victory for villanova. >> how convenient. >> this one looks like another sweet one. >> this is an apple pie imponota, think about it. >> yes. >> yes, walk out to the food truck you don't need a knife or fork you put tonight your hand and walk around witt. >> exactly. >> what is this. >> thinks the glory imponota, name after my mother, it is filled with ricotta cheese, spinach, mozerella a cheese and it is the filling that my mother used to put in her stuffed shells. >> we have italian tradition. >> yes. >> and your husband is a irish guy. >> we do have not on today's menu we have a shepherd's pie imponota that we make for special events. >> we have a few left. >> this is our pizza imponota filled with cheese and deliciousnessness and barbecue
9:42 am
chicken and barbecue chicken. >> okay. >> before we have to rap can you tell us where you you can find you. >> you can find us on line, as find us on twitter facebook and headquarters but we are headquarters in the western suburbs in the radnor pennsylvania. we are available for corporate centers, private parties, at festival. >> okay, all right. >> thank you so much. >> mike, sammy, great job today. happy imponota day. >> yes. >> that is good. >> yes. >> i can't believe it is end of an another at final winner of american idol and all week long jen has been out there in hollywood, we will have her coming up next.
9:43 am
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so, is trent with us? i necessity jen was trying to line him up out in hollywood. he is our new american idol. >> the winner of american idol season 15 is... trent harmon. >> now normally, he has a long line of reporters lets see if he is enclose to jen's location in hollywood. jen? >> he is very close. he is currently speaking with insuring but they will pop over here, you can see everybody is getting laporsche
9:46 am
ready and these guys have been up literally all night. all night long. >> yes. >> you have been up all night long. >> a little bit. >> but they are getting him unhook as he comes over here. >> sporting the hat. >> we're live. >> we are live. >> is what up, philly. >> we're over here. >> hi, baby. >> dalton has a grand mom that lives in the suburb of philadelphia, doylestown. >> mimi hi mimi. >> on the playground where he spent most of his days. >> i was not going to do it. >> cheesy, i'm sorry. >> we have to talk about a couple things, a lot of people are commenting, you know how facebook is, maria says i love the farmer who put a suit on, won. >> you know what, i act you'll felt kind of comfortable in
9:47 am
the suit, maybe i was supposed to be a preacher in another life which is kind of weird to think about or something but sometimes you have to put on a suit and be on national tv if that is what it takes. >> he looks good. >> now you have a friend that did you a solid. you were telling a story earlier you were looking very sharp this morning. your friend came in from new jersey and what did your friend do. >> i actually am completely out of clothes. they say, we have to go here, here i said hold the phone, we can't do that. i don't have any clean clothes. my buddy, danny spadaro flew out here in new jersey, didn't even have a ticket but just wanted to hang on the the with me. he said i will give you my boots, pants, shirt, jacket, everything i have on is danny's. >> way to go danny from jersey. >> danny from new jersey. >> i only pack for one week. i only pack for one week. i didn't think would i make it. >> we're in a mall basically. they give you an allowance to get some stuff.
9:48 am
>> no, no. >> i would just go to the mall and buy stuff until my parents came out. >> that is true. >> you go to the mall, i need a shirt, i will go buy a shirt. >> by the way, you need up to date instagram, it just said finalist. >> i guess i'm's a finalist but i think i win you get to say winner. >> i jumped up, jumped out of the bed and did my warm up, in the shower and practicing lyrics to my song and thought you don't to have do that today. the show is over. >> i heard you a say, number one you need sleep. >> yes. >> and cereals. >> my gosh, frosted flakes, corn pops, any cereals, just sit me in front of it and let me go to town. >> i need vegetables. >> what do you need. >> a need a big fat burrito, from chilloso's. >> is that here. >> it is in texas. >> when we talk the other day you say you you are excited you won like this because people got to snow the stuff
9:49 am
that you like to inning is. >> that is right and i'm so proud that idol allowed me creative leeway to pick songs that i wanted to because if and when we make this album, it is more of a win now. it is in the just this big 180 he a sang that stuff on idol what is this album f you like what i sing on the show you should be able to buy the album and be happy about it. >> i of to say yes, i was so happy with my experience on idol. they let us be who we are as artists there was not real interference with the artistics involved. >> come to doylestown we will make you breakfast. you come to philadelphia, please. >> i will in the feed you a cheese stake because that is love. >> city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. >> they say that. >> i like that. >> thank you. >> congratulation is thank you, ma'am. >> congratulations. keep kicking butt. >> thank you. >> you you are awesome.
9:50 am
>> the hugging we will take a selfie after. >> you go back doing news and go villanova big parade. >> go nova. >> i will miss parade but i will take a selfie with these guys. >> we kept up with it, it was awesome. >> those two have have become absolutely best friend because of this. >> that is good. >> and hi mimi as well, and grandmother. >> really good. >> good reporting. >> you know that young man who just won that is from a town called armory mississippi. it only has 7,000 people in it. >> wow. >> is he the biggest thing to ever come out. >> they will all come together when he comes back. >> they will name the town trent, mississippi. >> not normal, jennifer lawrence gets honest about her appearance, why she says she does not have have a quote unquote normal body. maybe we will she her when we can actually see her.
9:51 am
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elmo's got the moves. sesame street live let's dance has abby elmo and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center april 14-17 tickets on sale now!
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six minutes way from wendy williams. if you are a single mother looker advice from qualified experts as opposed to non-qualified experts there is a free event tomorrow you may be interested in. chester county single's mothers conference will be held tomorrow at 8:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon at b reid henderson high school will in west chester, free workshops, on top and such as finances relationships will be held. meals, child care provided. by the way, absolutely free. all right. here we go oscar winning actress jennifer lawrence is pushing for a new, normal body image. explain. >> harper's bizarre said we have gotten so used to under weight when you are normal weight it is like my gosh she's curvey. she calls that crazy.
9:55 am
bare minimum for her would be up to the anti so she wouldn't feel like the fattest one. >> um, all right. i understand what she's saying. body image a, body image. >> cam yan diaz has a long list. we have justin timberlake. matt dylann. >> alex rodriguez. >> oh, yeah. >> um-hmm. >> but she says, they are all, your irrelevant, now that she's married. they are out of her mind. >> yes. >> she opened up about her marriage earlier this week on one of the shows, andy cohen xm show. i don't remember them or think about them at all. her husband is benjy madden. nothing else matters then him. they got married last year. when i met him i knew that he was my soul mate good do you believe in soul mates. >> i absolutely do not. >> well, i stum many in to people that is our soul mate. i would hope she would forget about everybody else she married this guy.
9:56 am
>> when i get married, i hope you forget what you have been doing. >> don't be thinking about everybody else. >> when you are lying in your own bed at night you don't know what i'm thinking. >> what are you thinking about karen. >> just because you are married doesn't mean you cannot have another fantasy. >> fantasy is different then somebody you had a relation ship with. that is your reality. >> but what is the material you have to work with in your brain. >> you fantasy advertised other men in bed with your husband. >> i would never, ever do such a thing. >> look at this. >> what is it. >> guess what this is, mike. >> it looks like an invitation. >> i won the office pool. >> march madness. >> most qualified person in the whole building. >> it always happen that way. >> how much do we get. >> we don't do that. >> we just do it for fun. >> yes. >> i have to get my bracket n i'm tied with sean bell. he has the exact right score.
9:57 am
>> okay. >> and tied. >> what is the mascot of butler university. >> shout out. >> rub it in. >> it doesn't matter. >> anybody with the police department, there is money in this, and she's gambling. the this is gambling. >> mike, did you get not that pool. >> i didn't put any money in it, i do it for the fun. >> that is yes is so mad. >> okay. simon cowell did make an appearance, big surprise, he what do you think of what he looks like right there. >> he does look good. >> okay. >> he wasn't wearing a t-shirt. >> but he has to show thaw chest. >> of course. >> a little scruff i. >> so we will meet you right back here a at this desk at 1:00 p.m. for villanova wildcats their parade, they are national champions. >> we have to celebrate. >> lets get this parade going, mike. >> they say there might be a hundred thousand people. is there a live shot at 20th
9:58 am
and market down to city hall. we will see you at 1:00 everybody.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> with all due respect, my girls have always turned out. i give it to you straight. now, here's wendy! >> wendy: ta-da! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thanks for watching. say hello to my co-host, my


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