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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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and first at six dose of winter weather in spring. to note we're watching ultimate doppler radar for the first signs of snow that could soon start to fall. all is cam and quiet right now but win a matter of hours, mess could start to form. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm chris o'connell. it may seem hard to believe, but we can't put away the winter gear just yet. let's get straight to chief meteorologist scott williams. say it ain't so, scott. >> unfortunately, more bizarre weather, chris and dawn, continuing for the month of april. we're dry and quiet now, but look off to the west. this is energy this clipper is headed in our direction along with the colder air for the upcoming weekend so those temperatures they're simply going to be dropping across the area as we time everything out for you, take a look at the clock. by midnight temperatures in philadelphia into the upper 30s. low to mid 30s north and west. then look at what happens. by tomorrow morning, we're looking at some rain in south jersey along with delaware, but north and west, of the philadelphia area, we're looking at that rain changing over to
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wet snow once again tomorrow morning. so this system is going to be rapidly moving in and we're looking at a rain and snow combination for much of the day tomorrow out of this system. new computer model information coming in on the track. along with snowfall totals. we'll outline that coming up with the seven day forecast. back to you. >> all right. scott. a procession of champions through center city today. check it out. site you don't often see near city hall. tens of thousands of people smiling and cheering all of them jostling for a chance to see the villanova players who just brought home the first ncaa national championship title in 31 years. our bruce gordon, you witnessed it all down there with him. he's there first hasn't. he's live in center city tonig tonight. bruce? good day. >> reporter: yeah, sure was. you know, chris, i was just thinking i'm still angry at my parents for not allowing me to skip school back in the mitter
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70's to attend those flyers parades. of course, 2,008 i was involved in our coverage of the phillies parade. >> the crowd arrived early to snag a front row seat to the best show in town. young and old here to celebrate athletic excellence and the civic pride that comes along with it. >> what makes you want to come here today? >> my mom made me and -- >> your mom made you. (laughter). >> you took your kids out of school today, why, what's the importance here. >> i went to villanova. since 1985 we've been waiting for this. my daughter is playing in the band so we had to come. >> reporter: it was not a lengthy parade but it was loud and it was raucous. it was full of pend up ex see cyber answer the kind you find in cities where championships come along too issue infrequently. >> it's great to sea a team around philly to win championship. wildcats paid tribute to past champions even as they honored the present. nova's 1985 champions shock the
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world but this year's team there we were aboard toes double decker buses put on the greatest show in title game history. capped off by the first buzz sr. beater of its kind. the fans ate it up. >> super exciting. unforgettable. amazing. >> reporter: at city hall, head coach jay wright made clear the cats may play in the suburbs, but on this day, they, we, are all philadelphians. and vise versa. >> everybody in philadelphia is a part of nova nation. (applause). >> reporter: among the players who addressed the crowd, the young man who made the shot heard around the basketball world. >> this is something nobody ever will be will be able tick away from us. whenever you teaching your kids to shoot tell them the one-two step and let it fly. >> as the streamers flew and the players posed i thought about the words of a bank employee i met on the street who gathered with her co-workers to watch the parade. >> she said sherri butts. >> i was walking down here and one person said, it's nice to
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see people smiling for a good reason. nobody is fighting. nobody is arguing. we need this. we need this. it brings us together. >> reporter: well, you saw a moment ago the last of the nova fans still heading back to their trains. back to the suburbs, back to campus. mayor jim kenney setter this afternoon made real clear, hey, if nova can come again next year for another championship parade, the city would be welcoming. they're ready for them. i got to say i'd love that, too. guys? >> bruce, that would be pretty cool. thank you. when the party was over the city wasted no time cleaning up. but don't tell villanova fans there's no more celebrating to be done. brad sattin is live on the campus tonight. brad, what's going on now? >> reporter: i physical was, dawn, think about the week these college students here have had. you win a national championship on monday. classes canceled tuesday. frankly i'm not sure how many of them went to class on wednesday and thursday. classes canceled again today as everybody heads to center city for the big party. they come on back and now it's a friday night. that's a pretty good week if you're a college student for
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sure, many of them over the last couple of hours making their way back here on campus. oh, what party oh, what a cleanup. >> it was so many people. the best thing i've seen in my life. >> reporter: if the city knows thou put on last minute celebration, it also knows how to clear out a crowd when it's over. the parade wrapping up just before 3:00 o'clock parts of broad street reopening shortly thereafter. as crews began clearing the big mess around city hall. organized chaos as fans headed to the trains. >> it was so crowded. you couldn't even move. >> the trains were super crowded but nova students are super crowded. we didn't care how raided the trains were. >> a celebration not just for villanova students. >> a lot of people here. it's hard to ham a lot of people i think they handled it really well. >> the whole city came out. it wasn't like the phillies parade. for small school of 8,000 people that was way more than 50,000 people. i'll tell you that much. >> reporter: for last minute
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parade no big problems reported. side streets after the parade saw less traffic than normal for a friday. >> it was perfect. because they had everything organize. the cops were all around. everybody was positive. >> what could make it any better? well maybe a repeat. >> do the same thing maybe against next year. >> of course. >> and the year after that. it was so much fun. >> keep it going. >> reporter: tell was can you imagine two in a row? they had a lot of extra trains coming in. everything went smoothly a lot of bus routes were detoured around city hall. as of 6:00 o'clock right about now those detours most of them should have been lifted. here it is now friday night on campus. it's probably, guys, i'm guessing the calm before the storm once again. >> i think you're right about that, brad. thank you. while most remained happy and well behaved during today's festivities that wasn't the case for everyone. check out video of a fight that started near the parade route. in the crowd you can see people shoving and throwing blows i doesn't look like anyone was hur
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though and police were able to quickly break things up. no word on what started the fight and no arrests were made. you can relive all of the action over and over again just go to and look for this story on our home page. questions tonight about a shooting in philadelphia's germantown neighborhood. skyfox over the scene near wister and nedro avenues about 4:30 police tell us a 16-year-old discovered he was shot in the leg while he was sitting oh and a septa bus. he was a passenger on the route el line the team was not shot on the bus and right now he's being treated at the hospital. we'll keep you updated. happening now, the search is on for some accused armed robbers in feltonville. take a good look at the surveillance video. police say on wednesday a 17-year-old boy was walking along the 500 block of east rockland street when he felt something press against his back. the victim says he turned around to see two men with a gun. according to investigators, the men took the man's backpack and took off. if you recognize them, call police.
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in princeton, new jersey drinking game is proving to be anything but fun. we want to worn uh-uh may find this picture offensive. some high school students were captured playing a game of beer pong dubbed holocaust pong. the cups formed the shape of swastika and a jewish star. offended student shared the image on her blog. >> as our karen hepp reports school officials are taking this very seriously. >> reporter: this is the alcohol holocaust a beer pong game with a dark twist. kids from princeton high are a ranged their cups in nazi swastika and a star of david and someone posted this picture on snap chat. classmates immediately recognized the partiers. >> it was so incentive and though it may not -- i mean i don't have any personal ties to the holocaust or any of the crimes against humanity that went, n happened then, it just still really resonated with me. >> jamaica ponder felt compelled to blog about it calling her post drinking games.
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>> initially i soon as i put the blog post up about three of the seven i think it is boys in the photo did contact me directly and begged me to take it down. and i'm not going to lie definitely considered doing so because i know these kids. and i did didn't want to cause myself any problem at school. but i -- i couldn't bring myself to do it. i felt like it was the right thing to leave it up there. >> reporter: many are glad she did, too. a fair number of not. there's a lot of tough conversations happening now at princeton high about bias, anti semitism and privilege. >> i do know that i found these actions offensive. i don't think these kids lives should be ruined. they deserve a second chance. i'm willing to forgive them. they made a stupid mistake. >> we have this sense we're um vince cybill. we think we're immune from our angst detail. >> the district superintendent is trying to make this a teachable moment. he writes i am deeply upset some of our students chose to engage in a drinking game with clearly anti september mitt tech over
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tones and broadcast their behavior over social medial we are talking to this students and their families. we are also focused on the lessons this incident has for all of us. school board says they're taking action on this. there will be consequences but whatever disciplinary actions occur they will they will be confidential. i'm karen hepp, fox 29 news. should teache teacher go ton for having an inappropriate relationship with a student even if that student is a legal adu adult. >> sean. >> i hope phillies fans are still enjoying the celebration because they won't debt anything like this from the phillies. the season continues to start poorly. a debacle in new york later in sports. []
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>> chaos caught on camera in texas. this surveillance video shows an angry bull terrorizing a neighborhood wednesday night. you see the bull's owners were
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taking to the vet for a check up when it got loose. escaped bull chased six different people. one man ended up on the wrong side of the horns and wound up with crutches. sadly, animal control officers shot and killed the bull so he wouldn't hurt anyone else. proposal posed law in new jersey has lot of people talking. it would make it illegal for teachers to have sexual relations with students even if that student is 18 and older and consents. >> fox 29's bill anderson gets the details from state lawmake lawmakers. >> i think we'd all agree it's inappropriate. >> i think they shall have more than 10 years for them. >> the question is, does the state of new jersey make it illegal. >> proposed bill here in new jersey is creating some controversy as attempts to clarify the difference between immoral and illegal as it relates to teachers sleeping with students who are legally add adults. >> this bill merely says that it's the student is under 20 years old, it would be
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inappropriate for any school personnel, teacher included to have sexual relationship with that student. >> reporter: as assemblyman pointed out this bill would make illegal and punishable by up to 10 years in prison for any teacher who has sexual contact with a student even if the student is up to 20 years old and the sex is consensual. >> under 21, child's brain is still developing, and on top of that, this is a person that does have a lot of power over the student. >> reporter: attorney timothy smith successfully defensed two cases of teachers who had sex with 18 year old students. he told me one problem is the laws aren't that clear. >> before someone could be stout criminal prosecution, it must be pursuant to the rule of law. it must not be pursuant to someone's personal notions of what is moral or immoral or what is right or what is wrong. >> reporter: to get your
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feelings on this i posted a poll online and nearly 80% of you did not think a teacher should go to jail for having consensual sex with a student whose legally an add dull. >> in person, people had different views. >> if a student is consenting adult and they're 18 or 19, then they're making their decisions with the teacher even know i don't feel it's right they are an adult. >> i think that 18-year-old young man is not real mal cher enough yet. >> reporter: the bill passed out of committee unanimously and a full vote is expected in the near future. we'll show soon if this bill will go into effect. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. and back to your fox 29 weather authority now. the wind made for chilly day. but everybody is talking about the chance for snow. >> yeah, can you believe it? chief meteorologist scott williams has your the forecast back in 15 seconds.
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snow is on the way for tomorrow. let's talk about today because it was cooler. 10 degrees below average the high only 51 degrees. the sun will set this evening at about 7:33. grab those jackets and sweaters for your friday evening plans because those temperatures will be dropping. weekend snow in the offing. then another freeze as we move towards saturday night into sunday morning. as temperatures will drop at or below freezing. take a look at the counties highlighted here. that does include the i-95 corridor. all of south jersey, all of delaware. so protect those sensitive plants. once again, saturday night into sunday morning that freeze watch already posted. we're dry and quiet right now but look at the energy off to the west around parts of the great lakes. this is the clipper system that will move in early on saturday start out as some rain then
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change over to some snow. then kind of mix throughout the day. not anticipating a whole lot of problems. we have the april sun angle and temperatures will be marginal as well. but watch the clock. by tonight, already into the 30s across much of area. especially north and west. and then by tomorrow morning, you're doing your errands for the weekend. we're looking at rain moving in. and also north and west changing over to some of that wet snow. so the higher elevation those temperatures will be colder and more snow could accumulate we're talking sticking mainly to those elevated surfaces also grassy surfaces and car tops. by 11:00 o'clock, we're looking at temperatures above freezing along the i-95 corridor. so mainly rain as you move into south jersey. and then as we continue into the afternoon, we're watching that system kind of pinwheel that was the area. temperatures could be dropping and then that system is moving out of here by the early evening time frame. but then look at what happens overnight saturday into sunday morning. those temperatures will drop into the 20s for most.
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so we're looking at mainly on the grass, the philadelphia area and then north and west the higher he will vagues maybe one to two slushy inches the highest elevations we're looking at two to 3-inches in the pocono mountains and those winds will be picking up saturday night into sunday morning gusting over 30 miles per hour. the seven day forecast shows that temperatures try and rebound on sunday but still in the upper 40s. low 60s on monday and then a couple of showers tuesday into wednesday of next week with temperatures topping out a little bit right where they shall be for a change for this time of year. so certainly it's been a roller coaster. >> i want 70's. >> maybe next week. >> all right. >> sean bell in with sports. great day in center city. >> come on, guys what else are we going to talk about. >> we have to talk about first and for most the parade. thousands and thousand supporting the only winning team we have in philly. check out the statement of the
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today. everyone in the city celebrating because we probably won't have another one of these in a very long time. thousands and thousands of people pack the streets. probable still out celebrating right now. the parade had the all cleaning players from the 1971 team that went to the championship. 1985 championship team and the 2009 final four team. coaches and players showing so much love to the fans and they had a few words at the end of it all. >> philadelphia, we are a city of champions again! (applause). >> thank you, philadelphia. thank you nova nation. your post throughout the whole year has been unbelievable. war going out as national champions and thank you for everything. we love you guys. go cats! (applause). >> we put a lot of hard work in this year, and this is something nobody ever will be able to take away us from whenever you teaching your kids to shoot tell them the one-two step and let it
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fly. >> that's big smooth. the bigger the stage, the bigger the performance. jay wright said this will lead to championships in all sports in philly but i'm guessing he hasn't watched the phillies this year. they didn't drop a lead in this one because they never had one. sixth inning mets walker with a single right up the middle. giving the mets a two-one lead. now we skip later to the sixth the flood gates start to open. michael, rips one right past ryan howard at first base. that's another score that comes in. in a route. the mets within an easy game seven-two and the phillies they stay winless the flyers are seeing their play off chances slip away. yesterday they lost toronto in overtime four-three. they're now one point back of the bruins for that final wild card spot. they still have chance but getting real dicey. >> we have a good task in front of us and we have a group that
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we're going -- we'll take that challenge and we got to worry about next game now. very frustrating not to get two points. at the end of the day we need to put this one behind us and get ready for the next one. >> of course, it's all about the parade. jay wright went on a tangent he said listen, this begins an all sports. slow down, jay. (laughter). >> stay here, don't go anywhere else this is beautiful an lot of guys are coming back. we may have more of these in the future because jay wright is the right guy. >> one at a time. >> he's smooth. chris jenn skins is smooth. everybody just -- >> i love that team. >> they can get it done. >> sean, thanks. that's does it for us here at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00 o'clock. have great night. inside edition is up next. thanks for watching. ♪
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>> most brazen car chase ever? >> yeah. look at that. whoa. >> getting high fives and cheers. just like o.j. simpson. >> go oj. >> social media frenzy. >> what unfolded here provided a mind boggling climax to the drama. then busted. the suspect with the pink bike in custody after a beautiful college student is murdered. and the heart broken campus she left behind. plus, it's on again. rosie versus trump. >> do weird things with my hair. wait until you see her bashing trump. can you believe what a presidential candidate ate for lunch. and end of an


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