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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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♪mwe buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪ it is straight up 9:00 o'clock and it has turned into a dreary monday morning. lauren has join us now. breaking news flyers own are ed snyder has passed away at the age of 83. you know him. we have known him since 1967 when he brought flyers to philadelphia. here's a reminder of ed.
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>> he will be remembered to a generation as the owner of the flyers. but ed snyder meant so much more to philadelphia and its fans. ed snyder was born edward malcolm snyder on january 61,933rd in washington d.c. his first venture in philadelphia sports was as a minority owner of the eagles in 1964. but when the nhl was awarded conditional franchises in the middle of the decade ed snyder made his move. >> at 33 years of age i ended upstarting the philadelphia flyers hockey team. >> reporter: in 1967 the philadelphia flyers were born. he needed a building for his team to play in. so he had ed snider built the spectrum. it was beginning of the unique relationship between a man, a team, and a city that would
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stand close to 50 years. but in seven years of buying in, and building, ed snyder brought a championship to philadelphia. >> the flyers win the stanley cup. the flyers win the stanley cup. >> the flyers won their first of two consecutive stanley cups. >> the flyers have won the second in a row. >> justin edible. >> snyder's passion never waiver. his vision helped team and sport grow through different period of transition but his contributions weren't limited to wins and losses, and he understood the responsibility of a professional sport team and what it has to the city it plays in. >> so i felt i wanted to do something for these kid and i really didn't know how. then i came up with the idea that maybe i can do it through hockey. >> reporter: in 2005 snyder founded ed snyder youth hockey foundation to help inner city children with the game of
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hockey, and life lessons. included in the foundation, the rebuilding of four hockey rink s in the city. >> we're saving lives and to me, nothing could be greater than that. >> reporter: snyder is also a member of the six hall of fame including hockey hall of fame. he touched millions of lives in this city, his one with its fans, was unmatched. there is no greater love in sports then the philadelphia flyers and their fans. >> special feeling of family permeates the flyers organization. >> reporter: last time ed snyder got to see his beloved flyers was here at his home in santa monica, california when the flyers were on the coast this new year. so follow your gut, if you have an idea, take a chance, more often then not, the reward will be worth it risk. >> reporter: ed snyder was 83
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years old. >> a member of the the flyers family and i do mean family, broad street bully himself joe watson joins us on the phone. if family, that is in the over stating it. >> no, it isn't, no, no. >> so give me your thoughts. >> well, i came to philadelphia in 1967, never thinking we would be here a year because we had training camp up in quebec city, and we were there six weeks. we came down to philadelphia. city wanted to have a parade down broad street and we started to go down broad street. there were more people in the parade then watching the parade. i never thought we would be here a year. but because of a man who had a great vision such as ed snyder, we're still here today and we're revival part of the organization here in the city of philadelphia and all of hockey.
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mr. snyder's tenure as an owner, his longest tenure as an owner as long than anybody in professional sports. he owned that team for 50 years. be in else could say that. so he really had a passion for his team. he loved his players. he loved the people that were part of the management, just loved people in general. he was fair, honest, he was a businessman obviously. he wanted to be successful and was successful in so many different ways. i heard you mention there the snyder youth hockey foundation. that is where he became a very big success and part of the fabric of philadelphia, the flyers and i just saw him three weeks ago and there was bobby clarke and bernie and i we flew out to see him and it was so wonderful to see him and to see him witt era way was very, very sad for me. very sad.
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>> joe, i know you are a canadian and you played for other teams. you came back to philadelphia is one of the reasons because of ed. >> in 1977, 78, i was called into a meeting. mr. snyder was there. keith allen. they wanted to bring some younger players in. i was 36. they said we want to keep you here in the organization, but i said welshing i'm still young enough i can play a few more years. they asked me, where would i like to go. my response was colorado. i broke my leg very severely and ended up back in philadelphia at the hospital. mr. snyder came in and said we want you to be part of the organization. so, you know what, to be part of the organization, almost 50 years, 49 years and he said to me when i saw him three weeks ago. he said a lot have people can't say anything. they are still together after 50 years.
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i never thought of it that way. so, it was very difficult, really is. >> out of all of those years and memories i can't imagine do you have one that just sticks out for you, of you and ed. >> well... >> that you can tell us about. >> my gosh, almighty, oh no what i was getting married for second time seven years ago. he said i want to have a little party for you. we will goat to the capital grille. invite ten have of your best friend, and we will go down there and we will have a good time. he said i want to be in charge of the wine. i said, okay. he bought four of these big bottles of wine and, when i found out what the price were i said holy, smokey can't
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after that. he said don't worry bit, pal, if it wasn't for you guys i wouldn't have have, what i had today. it was very touching the way he said it. >> he built the spectrum for you guys. >> yeah. >> you won it all in 74 and 75. that is all he wanted was to win one more not so much for him but for all of his fans, right. >> right, yes. he loved the fans. he realized if it wasn't for fans he wouldn't have have what he had today and, of course, the players too. so he loved to support the flyers fan. he was very passionate about the team and obviously and fans, he met fans all over the world. i remember one time i was doing some scouting for the flyers foreseeing the team and coming back and getting reports. he had a big yacht down there in the island and caribbean. he haded a flag there every time flyers won the flyers would go up. i was on a 35 game unbeaten streak in 1980. he just loved that. people would come by in their
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boats to see if the flyers won. next day seeing the flag up there and i was doing all of the traveling, scouting, seeing these teams and bringing back reports scouting reports, and traveling here and there and every where. i'm glad the streak ended because all i was doing was traveling all the time. >> i know current flyers visited him just after beginning of the year at his home in california, they said look at the giant flag in front of the house, flyers flag. >> yes. >> joe, i can tell you are emotional. you lost a very good friend. our thoughts are with you this morning. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it, take care. >> sharing those memories. >> fifty years of memories. >> since 1967. >> steve keeley, i wouldn't doubt that maybe a little memorial might be starting out there at xfinity live in front of the statue and wells fargo center, steve. >> reporter: mike, people my age will always remember ed snyder as giving them the first championship team, in their lives. i mean this city had gone decade without winning,
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anything. eagles won in 1960 and phillies had won, at least just the national pennant but lost world series in 1950's. when i was born in 61 as a kid growing up as a crazy sports fan within ten minutes walk of the stadium, over walt whitman bridge, you just were just starved for anything. hockey was not big among people, even as a sport. as the flyers got good, a few of the kids with play hockey but when they won the stanley cup, stores were selling out of street hockey equip the, adult leagues and street hockey were forming. we didn't have have ice rink s. that was rare. we were all playing hockey in the streets, picking up net every time cars would go by and putting nets back when car would pass up the street. that is my memory of ed snyder. i didn't realize he had gray hair when they won the cup. i didn't realize he was just a kid himself with gray hair and big glasses. personally we are hearing how loyal he was. i can tell you, i was first
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patient of doctor mike cirigliano at the station and been a patient for 20 years now and so i had to, as a thank to you him go to certain social settings, for doctor mike, he has gotten married in those 20 years. he had a 50th birthday part that i was not such a surprise party and he was having it at a restaurant on north broad street at one of his patients had just opened up, one of his more famous chef patients. i said i have to go to north broad street on a saturday just because this guy has been so good to me as a doctor. he is turning 50. i go in there and there is ed snyder waiting next to me at the table and ed snyder went to that. that impressed me. here's a guy who could be anywhere in the world. you heard mr. watson in the caribbean, out in california. he made sure he was at some new restaurant on north broad street to say happy 50th birthday to doctor mike cirigliano. i will just say this to show you how close he was and how
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flyers and fans and his family. this team has had seven general managers. the guy on the right, who is hold ago this stanley cup, bobby clarke was two of those seven. players were the other three. paul holmgren and ron hextall current general managers. of the seven general managers in their history, four were philadelphia flyers players. being a player for ed snyder meant being a son to ed snyder. >> yeah, yeah. >> good memory there steve. >> doctor mike i'm sure will be in tomorrow to talk about this because he was ed's doctor for years and years and years. >> steve, thank you for that. >> lets go from a statue version of bernie parent to the real man. bernie, i know you were going to come in and be our surprise guest but scheduling did not let that happen. thanks for joining us on the phone. your thoughts, bernie. >> thank you. you know, it is a sad day, it is a sad day in philadelphia.
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you know, here's a man, in 1967, he had a vision, you know, a vision to have a team in the national hockey league and then what had happened his next vision was to win the stanley cup. back so many years, when you look back, the excitement he a has provided the fans, millions of people in philadelphia and throughout the world of hockey, you know, it is just incredible what one individual did. you know, all of the people he has employed throughout those years just because of the tremendous vision that he had. i remember quickly i remember, you know, in the beginning in 1967, you know, how many times
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he said at the kitchen table with his wife wondering how we would make the pay role and yet the man never quit. never quit. he followed his vision and look what he has done. just incredible. >> i asked joe watson this and i will ask you the same question. is one of the reasons you never left this area, the philadelphia area, because of ed. >> that is right, definitely. when we've owe first of all, we have so much fun with him, throughout the years. i remember in the beginning during the stanley cup years, we went on a fishing trip with clark, bob clark was there, paul holmgren and we went to north carolina. we went on a win beg owe, how about that.
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we spent four days, spent four days fishing and the fun we had was just tremendous. >> bernie, try to come in sometime this week and we will try to talk about ed. >> bernie parent. >> of course, current players devastated by this news, including the captain, claude giroux. >> i think we have a statement from him, right. >> he is a passionate guy. he cares about his flyers, like no other owner in the league and the thing he toss for his players and for his staff, it is pretty great. he really makes us feel like a family here good family, word is repeated over and over again. can you imagine a emotion when flyers are in the playoffs against the capitols. there is a i game thursday in d.c., saturday in d.c. but a week from tonight at wells fargo center, that will be
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quite a moment before the playoffs. >> even at the family statement they released about ed's death, he gave last ounce of his energy and strength to live through this hockey season but now the flyers, they must win, without him. >> and saturday they got the in the playoffs and we lost him, yesterday. >> they also said too that the ed snyder youth hockey foundation they pledge to continue to dot the great work they have been doing, in the community here. i'm getting, my child was in this youth hockey foundation. it is something they have pledge to continue. >> flyers story so sad for so many people. think of all of the young people the lives that he has touched throughout the years from 1967 until now. >> fifty years. >> wow. >> more on that, of course on the five, six ape 10:00 o'clock news and we will dedicate a lot of the show tomorrow morning to ed snyder. good day, it is monday, april 11th, 2016. here we go. philadelphia, big time last night at the mtv movie awards.
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>> well, philadelphia native kevin hart was representing our city along with the rock, johnson. >> will smith got mtv generation allah ward. we want to ask kevin hart to give to it another philadelphian. >> for those that do not know i grew up in the city of philadelphia. >> when i started doing stand up there was no bigger star than will smith that is why tonight he has taken home mtv movie awards highest honor. i'm talking about the generation award, people. >> that was great. >> yes, do you like that. >> yes. >> featuring andy sandberg performed a, smith songs before he accepted his award. >> ♪ >> ♪
9:18 am
>> ♪ the. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you know, it is just so genuine. >> it is not. >> that is not the good. >> halle berry came out. >> thank you. >> she went through his biggest moments on screen. >> we're going to save the world. >> ♪ >> we're trying to make this
9:19 am
world better. >> ♪ >> life is not the amount of the breath you take, it is the moments that take your breath a way. >> i was like my god no, that movie, that movie. >> i forgot how many he was in. >> then time to get up and accept his award and it seems he takes his role very seriously. >> i just wanted all of you to know that i am dedicated, to being a light in this world. there is a lot of suffering, lot of people are suffering in this world. when you see my material and present myself in public, and what i'm trying to build with my family and my friend, i just want you to necessity i'm dedicate until i die to life ape to love. >> what a great way to end his speech. >> he said at first when they told me i was getting this old
9:20 am
dude award. >> no it means you have had an a effect on people. >> he has been it for 30 years. >> lets talk about how his life is different from west philadelphia than his son jayden sitting right next to him. >> he is coming to philadelphia for the roots picnic. >> that is july. >> yes. >> yes, before the beyonce concert. >> yes. >> and fantasia is friday with anthony hamilton. >> big weekend. >> i love it. >> i can't wait. >> it will be big. >> lets go to cuba libre on second street because they have a big birthday, just like us. >> thanks for send ago this in. >> hi, macy. >> mason. >> national world. >> yes, tito and molson.
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>> ebony and ivory. >> yes. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard...
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there is a a place in our neighborhood here but it is like you are in cuba every time you go. >> they are planning a big celebration for 15th anniversary. mike tells us we have to try kuhn a libre. -- cuba libre. >> yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> okay. >> hey. >> thank you. >> thanks very much. >> okay. my spanish isn't that good but what they were singing was happy birthday to cuba libre. >> happy birthday, 15th birthday. >> chef jen. >> good to see you. >> that was great. >> barry is owner of cue cuba
9:25 am
libre and 15th anniversary. >> yes, since 2,000. >> i have been here a lot. >> yes. >> anyway, so wednesday i will be coming back and wednesday i want to you come back with me they are having a 15th anniversary fiesta. >> we are having a great party on april 3rd evened which is wednesday and that we have got tickets available on line at cuba libre, open bar, lots of food, roast pork, and the whole pig. >> yes. >> it will be delicious. >> sea food piaya. >> okay. >> i wanted to have this dish, can you describe this dish to us. >> it is a delicious asato and underneath is a black bean broth topped with a whole roasted pig leg. >> there is a lot going on there, woman. >> of course. >> what is yuka. >> it is a sharp cheese, like
9:26 am
a per tait owe. >> yes. tell me how to do it. >> you have to get it all in one bite, all of the tech tours and flavors. >> and then swing it around in here. >> swing it around, mike. >> i never had yuka. >> boom. that is really good. >> thank you. >> that is yuka and it is yummy. >> well, now what am i getting, some big burst, a little bit spicy. >> a little spicy from the jalapeno and the slaw. >> it is great. a great combination of flavors a lot of textures going on. >> you know what you are doing. >> a little bit. >> we will be here wednesday, day after tomorrow, so get on it, and call right now. good to he sue, barry, congratulations. >> congratulations and congratulations on your anniversary. >> by the way when you come in here, look around it really is
9:27 am
like a plaza, in cuba. >> yes, in old havana. >> you gotta try this. >> it looks good. >> he is right when you walk in and you feel like you are in havana. >> so great. >> that is where i met your mom. >> and i met your mom. >> yes, true. >> anniversary party. >> we should. >> 9:27. bold is beautiful, so forget doing crazy eye shadows and lipsticks, this new make up trendies all about your cheek. how you can wear purple, orange, blush folks and also look like a clown, jason promises, right. >> yes i do.
9:28 am
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>> okay, it is national pet day. oh, this one's cute. >> national pet day, we want to see all of your pet fixtures, use the hashtag good day 206789 now that we're get to go spring finally starting to actually feel like spring, when you look at some people's make up, you know, a the love people want to do like the spring look, right? so needs lots of colors. some people like oh, it looks so good, you must have taken some classes, others wait a minute, you might look like her, ragedy ann. that's never good. so with me this morning being the man who knows how to help me look my base, jason bowman, you're going to show us how we can take a mixture, have the bright colors but don't want to look like ragedy ann. >> supposed to make you look youthful, atlantic city more after glow, pop of color, but not too much color. >> okay. >> show us the fine balance. >> yes, you say not too much color. but you have some bright
9:32 am
colors. >> when you seabright, for example there is one from steel a called water blossom. >> okay. >> water blossom you can seabright, bright pink. >> it is. >> look at that. >> when you apply it, you want to make sure you're using the right brush. that's always important. less is more, is always it. >> the fact it is liquid kind of scares me. >> always scared of liquid, don't be scared of liquid. love liquid. you can see, i'm going on her cheek. it will give her nice wash of color. secular formation, right on her a.m. >> okay. >> so i know okay, jason, what happens if i use too much of this? so if you use too much of it, it is okay, you can always use a sponge. >> like a beauty blender? >> beauty blender, to diffuse it. >> so it won't seem -- >> as bright. >> as a contrast there. >> you're right, not as bright as it looks when you see it in the bottle. when i saw it in the bottle, i thought my goodness, i don't know. >> just lightly, you say the apple, i always dot smile thing? >> depends, what your face
9:33 am
shape s if your face shape is round or oval, be careful where you place the blush at, it can make you look little sleepy or tired looking but kind of keep the blush either on your apples if you have high cheek bones, place it on your higher cheek bones. >> up closer to my hairline? >> yes, definitely. >> now, see, she wearing this bright spring dress, too much to have the bright spring blush with the bright pink blush? >> you don't want an argument on your face, so i used lipstick and lip gloss called on sleek. the perfect combination to casino of give her still that bright pop of color but not too much color where it is an argue. >> it look like jennifer hudson whether performing at the american idol, that looks exactly like she was wearing, even sue said we love her lips. that looks perfect. thank you. let's do another color then. bold now. >> now we move to orange. >> orange. >> yes, owe around. >> okay. >> love orange. this happens to come from black up cosmetics, pretty
9:34 am
orange it, looks good on anybody but specially good on deeper skin tones, so using blush brush. >> okay, so look at the camera. real quickly so we can see the orange. >> look at that. that's bright orange there. >> very bright. >> okay. make it work, jason. >> then ask to you smile, smile for me. as you guys can see, i'm just going right on her apples. and you see how bright the blush is, circular motion, you can see, doesn't look that bright. it casino of goes right in. >> turn that way this little bit. very faint. >> very faint. >> see it little bit. >> now i would want to do a little more. you can't really show it. >> no, it would show up from pictures, can you go on little more. >> okay. >> because you can always build. build something very important when you are wearing make up. don't start off with the with a whole lot. less is more is my motto. >> do the other cheek quickly so we can see. >> there you go.
9:35 am
>> okay. >> so when you king of prussia blush, what colors do you lean toward? >> softer pink or maybe a berry casino of thing. i try to keep it safe. >> so we will actually put a red cream blush on aling. >> red, like red-red? >> not too red. i know that's when i was a kiddie used to watch my mom take red lipstick, which today is her birthday by the way. >> happy birthday mom. >> i would watch her take the lipstick, stroke it up her face, take a brush and blends it in. >> it is phillies home opener, so i'm down for it. >> so you're going to be wearing this red cream block from more on cosmetics. texture really good. >> okay. >> smile for me. >> okay, i don't want to look like ragedy ann. >> remember, we could always dip with a sponge whether whether would i want to use red blush? i'm wearing red dress now. >> make up is a expression, so
9:36 am
you don't have to really per say use it at any given time, casino of like accessary, like a handbag. so if you want to wear orange blush or red blush or pink blush, just whatever you are feeling at that moment. >> okay. and definitely spring bring in the colors. >> yes. >> okay, so what do you guysy? >> you're blushing. >> yes. >> definitely blushing. thank you. and i think you said earlier in urine is that gram we'll blush it up this spring. ladies, you here that? how can we reach you? >> follow me on all social media, shades every jason. >> do you want some blush, mike? >> yesterday on stain gram alex posted this picture, what do you think of these lips? >> oh, i love al next those lips. that's great color, right? >> great color. >> thank you. >> i always tell alex she should wear more bright bold colors. >> i do it on the weekends. i feel like it is too much. >> oh, she fights me. she don't want to wear the bright colors all the time. they look great on her. >> thanks so much, jason. now, 9:36. okay, she said yes. one boyfriends pops the
9:37 am
question, that's not all. what happened moments before that had police arriving on the scene. >> what?
9:38 am
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>> 9:40 there is monday morning, national pet day. so cute. >> brought some kittens in. >> let me get a tissue please, lauren? >> okay. >> cutest ever. >> on this program, ladies and
9:41 am
gentlemen, we have shown you many marriage proposals, some have gone great, others have been disasters, a man in kentucky tried to literally steel his girlfriend's heart by setting up elaborate robbery prank. >> she thought they were in big trouble, and that he was getting arrested. >> basically, they're being mugged. here we go. >> all right? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> are you okay? >> let me try to tell you what happened here on the street. so they're walking down the street, these guys come up, and say they're going to rob them both, right? basically mug them. and then he hired his friends to act like police officers,
9:42 am
to break it it up and save the day, then gets down on one knee and says will you marry me. she rad i can justly said yes. >> he saved her, like her night in shining armor. >> little too elaborate for me. >> this is kentucky, these hillbillies. >> mike! >> and he asked his black friend to be the mugger? >> yes. that part is a little, you know,. >> good singers, so, okay, good singers you play the muck ers, the black guy be the cons? chose them to be the muggers. >> how many cat kittens are in here? >> forty-five cats, all look alike. >> like i have to take some benadryl.
9:43 am
>> oh, there is one there. >> so, did you see what happened on the red carpet here? kristin bell, we love her, smashed a reporter. >> what? >> what's this? >> why? >> we'll explain. jen is at the ballpark, opening day, 3:05. >> two of the most important people in the building. neither one of them is going to be pitching today. come on back, i'll introduce you to the new general manager. good morning. >> and cane kane callous is here, of course, talk a little about his dad and the passing plaintiff snyder. we will be right back. come on back.
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>> opening day 3:05, today against the san diego padres. one of the tradition cents i miss and you do, too, harry kalas singing high hopes. apparently this little girl miss it is, too, listen to her. >> ♪ he had high hopes ♪ he had high apple pie in the sky hopes ♪ ♪ ♪ >> oh, how cool is that? >> adorable. >> so young, probably doesn't remember harry kalas singing this every season, but her parent probably toll her all about it, pretty good
9:47 am
rendition. shear hear. >> i when you are down get your head up off the ground there is a lot to be learned so look around ♪ once there was a silly old ant. thought he'd move a rubber plant. everyone knows an ant can't move a rubber trough plant. but he had high hopes ♪ he had high hopes ♪ he had high apple pie ♪ in the sky hopes. >> and the hopes came to true in 2008 when the phillies won it all, so appropriately, harry's son will be singing at the ballpark today. >> be sure you're on time. >> oops there goes another rubber tree plant. >> so he's with jenn fred right now at the ballpark. hi, jen. >> reporter: good morning, weaver to say proper good morning to our new gm.
9:48 am
good morning. >> good morning. >> pretty awesome. we have to say hello to you. >> hello, how are you? >> are you nervous at all about singing and performing? you know this is times a tough crowd. >> oh, such an honor to be here on opening day. i've done it couple of times in the past, not super nervous, i'm sure once i get out and see the whole crowd it will kick in. >> we've been spending time together off camera. all heart broke tone learn mr. snyder has passed away. you know what it feels like unfortunately to be the family member of icon. and you still feel the love of this community? >> absolutely. when my father passed away the entire community came together to really show me and my entire family support. and i sense the warmest support from the whole callous family to the entire snyder family, his work with the flyers and previously with the 76ers, he's going to be missed. >> yes. okay, so, we have a big job today. it is the home crowd. you have heard that we're very passionate, i'm sure. >> oh, yes. >> you have done well the past week. and we talked a little bit off camera. and i said i hate to diminish what you do, i hate.
9:49 am
but you're not really traditional baseball guy. more of like you have this mass genius scheme that's going to get us back to where we want to be. accurate? >> not at all. but i would like to hire meat geniuses to help us make good deed decisions, my whole thing, in order to make the best decisions we consideration we need to have the best information that we k and as part that far bee want to make sure we have good scouts and good sad is tis cents and good analytics people and make the best decisions we can. >> by the way it is working, i hate to jinx anything, but you have had an amazing opening week. >> i guess, yes. >> you want to do better, i'm sure you want to do better. >> we'll never be satisfied. starting pitching, has been a goal since the starting pitching but never -- not going complacent. >> talk to me about aaron nola. you know him obviously, people are ready to fall in love with another guy. and everyone who has met him says this is the guy. >> yes, and he is really easy to like, works quickly, throws strikes, multiple pimples,
9:50 am
command a strike zone as a fan we should all like aaron nola, especially cold day like there is keeps the day moving. >> and then we also love mikhail franco, i shared with you his bats are made in norristown. and apparently charlie manuel is who made the whole connection happen. he's another guy that fan are ready to love? >> and they should be. we had chance to watch him in spring training, hits it a long way, bright future, wearing phillies uniform for long time. i don't know a lot about the bats, but whatever works i'm fine with it. >> what's the hardest part about being the gm of the philadelphia phillies. >> i think first of all i'm new gm, so sort of learning the rhythm of the job, every month, every day present something little different that i haven't experienced yet. i'm settling in. and our staff has been unbelievable. our fans have been tremendously supportive of what we are trying to do, i couldn't have asked of anything more the last couple of months. >> what's the best thing about being the gm of the philadelphia phillies? >> dollar dog night. >> i haven't experienced that
9:51 am
but i've had a lot of cheese steaks. >> please stop with the cheese steaks. >> for now. see how long that lasts. >> real a honor to meet you. continued success. >> thank you so much. if you need help with and a lit innings, i'm good at fifth grade math. >> okay, good. thank you so much. >> thank you, jen. >> i know that you are going to have a moment at the game today to remember mr. snyder, as women, so i think a lot of fans will appreciate that. guys, back to the studio. by the way you will be seeing a lot of kane, because he is a professional poker player, and he's decided that i need to learn how to play poker. >> let's do it,. >> and go to the world series of poker. >> are you going to be there. >> you already said you would help me. >> as long as you show up. >> for what it is worth, i want you to go to a different world series. >> because you know i am unbeatable. >> i smell it. >> i smell something. so kane is going to sing the national anthem. how special will that be. so make sure get to the stadium on time. >> i can't wait. >> is he the youngest general manager now in the major leagues? let's look that up.
9:52 am
i know the red sox used to have a real young guy, he won it all. >> i think that's a hint for me to start googling? >> can you spot it? we'll put up a picture here, there is a major photo shop fail in this victoria beckham instagram video. we'll tell you where it is, can you spot it there? and again, people are upset. oh, geez. lottery numbers. at giant, shoppers are discovering
9:53 am
low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread."
9:54 am
[ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
9:55 am
>> ♪ >> you can telling we're wrangling cats. keep sending pictures, in we'll put them on our website
9:56 am
throughout the day, as will. hey, nick, thanks for that. >> yes, thank you for sending all of the pictures, i love, everybody's so proud of their pet. >> michelle, my baby. okay, so, can you spot the photo shop fail i guess you can call it in these pictures of victoria beckham? this is from the new vogue china issue. >> looks like a stork there. >> ya? >> so she posted it on her instagram account, mother of four, bold pose, take a look though at her leg near her foot where her foot is raised right there, so we highlight philadelphia so you can see it, people are going crazy because it look there is a gap near her heal, like her thigh is missing, right? >> i thought it was her white shirt, yes, it looks -- >> missing part of her thigh? >> she doesn't even know, she is just like i'm fierce in this photo. >> interesting pose. >> yes. >> i'm a stork. even more remarkable that she is able to stands on one little when a big chunk of her thigh is missing, seems like
9:57 am
it would make it unstable. kristin bell slaps this photographer, right, on the red carpet. >> why though? >> the premiere after new film called the boss, here it is. >> kristin, really. >> so the reporter's name is kevin donnelly from the fix. you know that show in well, website, the fox. publicity stunt. so, it is brian unger by the way, a good stand up comedian back in the day, brian ungar, and he has a cool show, might be discovery channel, where they talk about the shape, the states in the united states. how did that state get it shape is the name of the show. >> oh,. >> so, all right, tomorrow. and also 5:00, 6:00 and 10:00 and where we remember ed snyder, of course will be a big part of our show tomorrow. we'll miss you, ed.
9:58 am
vo: president obama endorses
9:59 am
katie mcginty for u.s. senate, calling her "a champion for working families." the 9th of 10 kids, her dad's union pension and social security made all the difference. in pennsylvania, mcginty helped implement obamacare and expand coverage. trump and toomey have attacked obamacare and social security. to fight back, president obama wants mcginty in the senate to protect women, families and seniors. vote in the democratic primary, april 26th. mcginty: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message.
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my girls are always turned out. >> wendy: hey! thank you! thank you!7ú oh, my gosh. here we go again. hi, everyone. thank you for watching. my co-hosts, my


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