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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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snider known just as many much for his work on the off the ice and we have live team coverage of the legacy he left behind. chris o'connell is live in cobbs creek with children who benefit from snider's youth hockey foundation but we start with howard eskin in the newsroom. >> ed snider brought hockey to physical as you heard back in 1967, but it's what he did in the years after that really made ed snider it really was more than doing everything he could to win a stanley cup. the flyers did win two in 1974 and '7 '75. when you met ed snider you never forgot. and so many were helped by ed snider. people called him mr. snider but he told me once, he never asked people to call him anything but ed. ed snider made it in the six hall of fames including hockey hall of fame and became friends and many times felt like a father to his players as well as the six children he already had of his own. but he would share himself as
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much with his players. >> see him come in and every time he'd come in you'd get nervous a little bit, you know, especially after a loss and he'd come to you and, we'd lose and he'd be telling us we played a great game and played hard and we'll get them back and he would get really fired up, and it kind of made you forget about that loss and be ready about the next game. >> the majority of games mr. snider would come into the locker room and kind of my first interaction with him face to face, he walk up and shook my hand and said he was happy to have me here. you know, it meant a lot to me. look i said, i never really spoke to the owner where i came from. >> nhl commissioner gary bet ton was a friend. he said ed snider was the soul and the spirit of the flyers. who reflected his competitiveness, his passion for hockey and his love for the fa fans. ed created the flyers professional, no nonsense
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culture fostered their relentless will to win and set the highest standards for every activity on and off the ice. it also challenges all who new him to carry forward the great works that are his legacy. back to you guys. >> howard, thank you very much. we'll have more coming up of course later in sports. under snider's ownership the flyers became the third philadelphia pro team ever and the last to win back to back titles it all started with the brawl. as you can see from this youtube video back in april of 1968, the flyers paid the rough tough -- played the st. louis blues. joe watson remembers ed snider' restokes that game. >> mr. snider vowed this would never happen to flyers team again. >> you would never get pushed around. >> the broad street bullies were in his mine and we'll get players that can play as well that are tough that can do the
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job, physically as well as score goals and that's what happened with the flyers. >> snider will go on to stock his roster with fighters and tough guys to protect his scorers the broad street bullies would win the stanley cup in 1974 and '75 and then return to the finals in 1976. >> now ed snider used the game of hockey to inspire young people across our city. help them build character. that's where chris o'connell is live at the skate house in cobbs creek. hey, chris. >> reporter: hey, lucy. you see these hockey players behind me. some of them many, many youth hockey players over the years present company included that have ed snider no to thank for introducing them to the game of hockey. take look much this is just one of the many rinks he has built funded by the ed snider youth hockey foundation that started about 10 years ago a foundation very close to ed snider's heart. you would often see him at one of these seven rinks where the foundation operates.
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3,000 youth hockey players involved at this time many on thes in years past. foundation allows kids to play hockey for free including free equipment donated to the playe players. but more this foundation is more about hockey. then hockey. night derr throughout the sport says, he wanted to get kids in the door. using hockey as the hook, the program incorporates fitness, nutrition, academics. we spoke with one former layer who says he went through the program and tells us how snider has impacted him. >> the list can gone how much he's done for me. he paid for the equipment. he paid for the year i played ice hockey in college and he didn't asked to those thing. you really meet human beings that care about someone they don't know. >> his legacy will be snider hockey many years from now when we all forget he founded the flyers, 30, 40, 50 years from now, snider hockey will affect these communities in a positive way. >> reporter: and here you have
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it. you're watching that very thing. this really wasn't a money thing for snider. it was personal. he spent many days at these rinks talking with these players at summer camps really personally involved. and he said it himself. his own words 10 years ago when he started this foundation. it's not the two stanley cup championships that he will be remembered by, he wants this to be his legacy. lucy? >> one young person at a time. chris o'connell thank you so much. you've been tweeting your condolences and memories of ed snider all day we would love to hear from you. just tweet using the hash tag fox 29 philly. moving on to your fox 29 weather authority now. we got some rain on the way. live look from allentown today and beautiful dry afternoon but that's all going to change by tomorrow morning. chief meteorologist scott williams tracking the that many could be here just in time for your morning drive. scott. >> that's certainly right much it's not so much the amount of rain we'll see it's the timing for tomorrow morning, iain. but look at ultimate doppler right now. most of us are dry and quiet.
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philadelphia wilmington, south jersey all of delaware. but as we move far north and west, a few light showers most of this will continue lifting on off to the north. so moving out doylestown area also limerick as i scan the view you can see thicker clouds and a cold front. that will bring us the majority of that rainfall tomorrow the first part of the day. but look at the temperatures. looking pretty nice right now. 67 philadelphia. 66 wilmington. 61 degrees currently in wildwo wildwood. so once again most of us stay dry this evening but take look at the impact on your commute. tomorrow morning a high impact most of the rain should be out of here by tomorrow afternoon. so as we roll the clock ahead you can see overnight not that bad but by tomorrow morning's rush, look at the coverage. showers across the area. some of that rainfall could be moderate to heavy at times. we'll time all of this rain moving out and big temperature changing ahead later this week coming up with the seven day. back to you. >> thank you very much. oh, my goodness what great day for baseball.
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forget the snow and cold weather we saw, what, about 48 hours ago, right? sun came out in south philadelphia just in time for the phillies home opener. thousands flocked to citizens bank park to see the game. they also were part of the special surprise just before the players took to the field. fox 29's jennifer joyce live at citizens bank park. jenny, a big crowd has been rooting on the fightin' phils. >> reporter: yeah, the thousands that flock to do the stadium are now exiting the ballpark game just ended unfortunately it didn't go in the phillies favor. but that's okay. people here tell me they are just excited for the start of a new season. ♪ >> reporter: it's a party at the ballpar/
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>> good foil lease. >> fans were part of the fun, too. who won want to take advantage of a classic tailgate spread. >> the next generation they got to learn how to do it young. >> reporter: new traditions and old. this snazzy crew dressed up in their game day best for the eighth year in a row. a fun, post college formal affair. >> it's formal occasion it's opening day. you can see how we're drove it's formal but we came to party. >> mid afternoon party kicked off with ceremonial first pitch by philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. a roaring reception for the officer shot in the line of duty earlier this year and ambush style attack by a man with terrorist ties. then big moment number two. hartnett proposes to his girlfriend in front of thousands of new friends at the ballpark. >> i'm hematoma. i'm very happy. >> report. >> this is wonderful. you know it's great.
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something they go out on the field and stand in front of all those people. it was really nice. >> reporter: if you want to see that special moment again i did post it on my facebook page. a mix of chills and butterflies. just so so tough to see and think about all that officer hartnett has been through earlier this year and to think about all that he has now to look forward to. lucy. >> big day there. jennifer joyce, live at citizens bank park. philadelphia police are trying to fine the man they say abducted a young woman in the city's hunting park section. it happened on friday. investigators say these pictures show the crime. police say that man force add woman into his green toyota camry along the 900 block of west luzerne street then drove off. witnesses told police that the woman was yelling for the noon get away. cops say the car has a partial pennsylvania tag of kbl137. >> a new jersey woman has been indicted in connection with deadly crash in 2014. melissa rodriguez charged with
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three counts of vehicular mom sigh. prosecutors say in may of 2014 rodriguez crossed a lane of traffic into the path of a new jersey transit bus and the vehicles collided. prosecutors say rodriguez was driving recklessly. trio pried their way in a local shop carrying a massive ladder but they weren't out for cash. what they walk out worth more than 60 grand. >> plus working together to solve a problem taking over a buck county park. the new plan to help hundreds of cats who now call that park ho home. first though the people of philadelphia remembering the founder of the philadelphia flyers, ed snider. >> i hope that his legacy will do go down in history in the hockey world and i hope that some day we'll be able to get a championship back to philadelphia.
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to work. police say they pry open rear door at the place on east hunting park avenue, but they weren't after cash. they swiped 24 cases of cigarettes with a value of $64,000. surveillance cameras don't know show which way they went but if you know anything about this, give police a call. a cash problem causing trouble in bucks county park. county official are hoping animal advocates can help heard stray. >> they estimate hundreds of cats call area home. quite a misconception when it comes to community cats. bill anderson is following this story from the newsroom. bill? >> reporter: lucy, what started off as one or two cats and some likely well intentioned people feeding them has now grown into a huge problem. literally hundreds of cats are running around a bucks county park and something had to be done. this problem has been going on for 10, maybe more years. >> reporter: this is beautiful 1200-acre park here in bucks county a place where most people come to play and relax but
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unfortunately it's also a place that hundreds of abandoned cats call home. >> people have been feeding them, cats have been getting dumb here at core creek people have to move, they just don't want their cat any more and they thought it was okay to just dump it here. >> reporter: it is sad but it's also become a nuisance. people randomly feed the cats as you can see have build up shelters for them. leading to areas filled with ferrell cats very very young kittens and strong smell of urine. >> it needs to be cleaned up. it doesn't look good. plus probably health issue. >> reporter: in response to the issue a coordinated group of volunteers and organizations have come together with the county to try to address concerns while still caring for the cats. >> we're trying to trap all the cats get them spayed and neutered and them adopted if they're friendly f they're ferrell we're trying to find barn homes to them. the county has given us permission to bring some back after they're deemed healthy. >> reporter: there were 400 cats in the park.
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as the organizes try to reduce the numbers in humane way, they also have a message for all of us. >> if you can no longer care for your pet take it to one of these amazing organizations. and take care of your animals. there are people out there that will help you feed them if that is the problem. just don't dump your cats on park. >> reporter: to give you an idea of the scale of the probl problem, 11 cats were trapped while i was there. 40 plus in the last 24 hours. and this is important. they have no plans to euthanize any healthy cats. they definitely have their work cut out for them and they'll need all of our support. >> all right, bill, thank you. >> let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority. scott is tracking a little rain on the way tomorrow morning. >> yes. thankfully rain, no snow like what we saw over the weekend, iain. take look at the temperatures today. 69 degrees right now 67. most of the area is dry. but tomorrow we're looking at some rainfall across the area. so first thing tomorrow morning
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the first part of the day at least you'll need the rain gear. a cool wind later on tomorrow afternoon and evening a couple of cool starts for the mornings but then take look at this. 70s back in that seven day forecast. so let's focus in on ultimate doppler right now. once again most of the region is dry. as we move into upper buck bucks county lookin looking at light s lifting on off to the north but as we expand the view take look at the thicker clouds off to the west. and look at that ribbon that line that's the cold front that will be bringing those showers through the region at least of the first part of the day tomorrow. temperatures out ahead of it looking pretty good. 66 degrees right now wilmington. 68 in dover. we have 64 right now in trenton. not a whole lot of cold air behind that system, but once again, the starts for the mornings will likely be in the upper 30s as we move toward tomorrow and then again toward the middle of the week. so as we focus in on the hour by hour forecast you can see once again that front off to the west most of the rain the first part
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of the day tomorrow we're looking at about maybe a tenth to a half an inch of rainfall across the area. but that rain gets out of here tomorrow afternoon. so as we look at some of the latest computer models you can see on average a tenth, maybe up to about half an inch of rainfall before all is said and done with that system. a closer perspective as we go hour by hour looking at 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. pretty good coverage across the area with some clouds, some showers, not anticipating thunderstorms with this system but then watch what happens behind that system those winds are going shift out of the north and west and those temperatures will drop tuesday night into wednesday morning back into the upper 30s across the area. so temperatures for tonight, not that bad. in the low to mid 50s due to the clouds moving in, showers by day break. 60 degrees that will be the high temperature for tomorrow. but once again turning cooler by tomorrow afternoon and evening as the rain moves out and that wind shift curse. you can see we're back in the upper 30s by wednesday morning.
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58 degrees for the high temperature on wednesday. then another chilly start thursday. but look at those temperatures in the low 60s. both thursday and friday upper 60s on saturday. and then look at the 70s as we move toward sunday. 72 degrees. 74 degrees as we move into monday of next week. so this upcoming weekend much improved from the prior weekends we've had a lot of wind on the weekends. we have rain and we had snow, of course, last weekend so it's going to be different story this coming weekend. >> i heard about the snow. >> good news. thank you. >> i was enjoying 70 degrees. >> welcome back. >> thank you. >> well, today in philadelphia honestly there's only one thing that is important. >> yes. >> that's the loss of the flyers chairman and owner elder he had snider. did he not attend any games this season because of his illness but the team had one last mee meeting with ed. hear from the family of players in my thoughts about ed snider coming up in sports.
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♪ such a sad day in philadelphia. for more than anything that has to do with sports, the flyers founder and owner ed snider passed away this morning at 83 years of age. he battled cancer for two years. now the last time his team saw him was when they went to visit over new year's at his home in santa monica, california, while the team was on west coast trip. as it turns out, his last team picture. he did leave something with his
6:24 pm
current and former players. >> we a little chat, you know, we were in la at his house, and we all know mr. snider was. he walked tubo hockey. he always tried to bring positiveness in your head. >> i'm sitting in the basement with him, and we're losing three to nothing. he came back, we won that game with three or four minutes left. we scored. at the time he wasn't doing great. he was in lot of pain. he got up, he was high fiving the fourth goal he got up out of his seat. something i'll never forget. >> i've known elder snider foreclose to 40 years. i would hope people know what terrific owner but even more what a beautiful person ed snider was to all of us. he was the best owner this city has ever had. he would do anything to help the flyers win. anything with money and beyond and he tried hard to get another stanley cup money was never problem but that is not close to the story of a man that was
6:25 pm
great to people. loyalty was one of his best traits. he always took care of people. never let any of his former players be left without job, without helping anything they needed he built hockey rinks in the inner city for the youth to have place for them to play. a very expensive sport for families never a prob hem with ed snider who spent millions to develop and build hockey rings and the ed snider youth hockey foundation. but it was the man that was the best. ed snider may have disagreed with me when it came to my opinions about his love, his lock key team, but that never affected him for more than minute. he owned wip at one time. but never told me what i had to say on the air and never stopped me. when i needed his help to do something, he said, he always said, yes. ed snider did many things for many people. someone who was very special to so many his legacy is beyond hockey. ed, you will be missed. more than you'll ever know. i will miss you, ed. so will thousands of people who have touched very special ways
6:26 pm
rest in peace, ed. >> that's very touching howard. >> nice tribute. he was a terrific man. >> tried to make it. >> you guys went back so many years. >> stories i can't even tell on the air. (laughter). >> i'm sure. >> appreciate that. >> he was a great man. he certainly will be missed. be sure to join us back here tonight at 10:00 a fast food restaurant rammed not once but twice. what was going on in the bathroom that had this guy trying to bust in. that will do it for us here at 6:00. see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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♪[ music ] my house is being robbed. how the homeowner watched it live as it all went down. >> i stood right up and i said my house is being robbed. >> and trump backlash over this front page spoof. >> did the newspaper go too far? >> then whopper of a prank. >> the burger king workers smashed in the windows because they thought the restaurant was going to explode. >> how cruel can these pranks get? >> i want to get out of this room please. >> no ma'am, remain calm. >> plus, epic live tv kiss. >> and bad doggy. >> oh, bubba. >> dogs left


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