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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  WTXF  April 14, 2016 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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this is fox 29 morning news. this morning, a fatal crash, a man hit and killed while riding a scooter. what the driver of an s.u.v. did after dragging him 200 feet. >> and, a man, shot in broad daylight, now a three year old left without a father. the plea, a local family is making to catch his killer. >> and it is cold out there. most of us waking up to a freeze or frost warning. it is another chilly start as we look live now at old city down market street. a warm up, though, is in store for the weekend, at least according to sue serio, watch this stuff. >> good day everybody, it is thursday, april 14, 2016. can we just say go flyers? >> go flyers. and a toast to them for making the playoffs. should we just bus this out? i stole this off alex holley's
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desk. >> first, not open it because it is not yours, second, keep it, it is a commemorative bottle. >> maybe if they win the stanley cup we'll get them all to sign it? >> fabulous idea. i like the way you think. we've got a lock at the freeze warning, frost advisory previously mentioned, and it seems like the entire area is under something except for philly and delco. once again, we had no cloud cover overnight, that's why with radiational cooling, we saw temperatures plunge. so it is 443 degrees, and it feels like 43, at least, with calm winds, but all we need is a bit after breeze. and it feels like it is in the 30's again. sunrise time 6:24 this morning. here are other temperatures, mid 30's mount pocono, upper 30's allentown, closer to freezing in reading and pottstown, we go down atlantic city, only 30 degrees, below freezing in millville, new
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jersey, to start your day. these temperatures around the same as they were yesterday. except for millville, which is even colder than it was 24 hours ago, so wind is not real a issue at all this morning. but the temperature itself is cold enough. soap, planning on another frozen start this morning, sunny and cool by lunchtime in the mid 50 as, and we should top off at least six off degrees for our high temperature today, and your sunset time, check it out, 7:39 p.m. officially. so, looking pretty good out there. just cold start again, bob kelly. >> yes, it isment and do we gain like minute a day don't we on that? >> something like that, yes. >> keeps you busy there adjusting your sunset time. good morning, 4:02, on thursday morning. we all got our orange on, ready for the flyers tonight, looking good on the blue route, no problems at all out of villanova, looking good on the schuylkill expressway, doing repaving on the trenton morrisville bridge, trenton makes, the world takes, and
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they're going to give us some delays this morning, southbound lanes of route one coming out of new jersey headed into pennsylvania. also, paving the area around city hall, so watch for an uneven surface, the work crews mainly set up on broad street, right there, in front of the ritz carlton this morning, also, paving the kelly drive, they'll be out there until about 5:00 then later on this afternoon, back at it. you may twenty's that martin luther king drive. ready for some afternoon baseball, phillies going at it with the padres, 1:05 south philadelphia. that will will throw some unusual traffic our way, into and out of the stadium area, mainly after the game, bamm, instant rush hour, at around 3:30, 4:00 or so, chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you so much. first on fox, overnight fire sends two people to the hospital. in happened inside two story row home on the 2900 block of nicholas street. just after midnight. told a man and woman were taken to hahnemann hospital. the fire marshall is on scene
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investigating. >> and, developing this morning, deadly hit-and-run involving a scooter. >> driver of the scooter drags and left to die in the street, steve keeley on this in kensington, steve, good morning. >> yes, let's get right to the video. because the good thing is so far is they've found the car. they just haven't found who was driving the car. and if you are a fan of breaking bad, one of the pant ac aztek's, they don't make these any more, but maybe a car that really stands out. so it was easy to find. they found it on the other side of town on cedar street, not too long after this happened, and the man on the scooter, talking about a vest pa scott err time think thing, but motor scooter you see people using to commute on the street. so they found the aztek. here is inspect store scott small with the latest on this 35 year old man who was hit by this aztek, and then dragged couple of hundred feet and pronounced dead at hahnemann soon after he got there.
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>> several good witnesses that witnessed the accident. tragic accident because this 35 year old victim after being struck was, according to witnesses g dragged, from underneath of the striking vehicle, about 200 feet. accident investigation officers did find about 200 feet of drag marks from the victim's body. so, from where the motorcycle was initially struck, and from where the victim was found by police, it was about a 200-foot distance. >> and aramingo and lehigh port richmond, very busy intersection. we don't know if the guy driving the scooter was legally driving this thing, whether it had a light on, whether he had a helmet on, and the accident investigation team didn't even really know that right away either because you heard scott small just saying how they had somebody dragged hundreds of feet just awful scene. and not only did the driver of the aztek hit the scooter but
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taking off from the scene and then he rearended another car that did stop and had the bumper hanging off. so this was a multiple hit. the two vehicles that they know that this person hit. who knows if he hit any more or she hit any more on the way to dumbing the car soon after. so, they are hoping to learn who the driver s they've search warrant. they'll go through the aztek and figure out if they can lift any print, as well, but it had new york plans plates on it, too, another stand out thing for this pontiac aztek that made it easy to find so fast after the accident last night, chris, lauren? >> steve keeley, thank so much. search underway for the gunman behind the killing of a teenage father. >> that teen gunned down in broad daylight. just doors down from a day care. dave kinchen on this one now in juniata park. dave? >> reporter: we're actually on the street where this happened here. the 4,000 block of howell and
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here, and it is such a senseless case, and all of this family has left are happy memories, really like this one, 19 year old miguel cologne, jr., recently celebrate add birthday with his son, as seen in the home video. sadly the last birthday he will celebrate. cologne shot and killed in his suv wednesday afternoon on the 4,000 block of holland street here in juniata park, killed blocks from his home. police say cologne drove to the block and stopped for some reason with his windows down when someone came up and opened fire, firing three shots, striking him in the head, chest, and arm. neighbors found him in the vehicle. he died 30 minutes later. >> i know there is people in that block, they see something, and i want them to take a look at their rooms tonight, because they're not going to have my son on his bed no more, you know? they can look -- take a look at your son. take a look at your son and if
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you see something, you don't have to say your name, just call the cops. >> just really so sad. detective checked the street but could not finds any shell casings or the weapon. police did finds several surveillance cameras on the street, and cologne's father, who you just heard from there, is hoping that those surveillance cameras can capture and show some image of his son's killer. back to you. >> all right, dave kinchen, thanks so much. >> and a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in pennsylvania is now sitting on governor tom wolf's desk, more that 18 months since they approved a medical marijuana bill. yesterday the house approved a bill by vote of 149 to 46. the governor says he'll sign the legislation on sunday. pennsylvania will become the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana program, first specifics within the bill, you can head to our website
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>> you decide, 2016, presidential hopefuls set their sites on new york, ahead of next tuesday's primary. republican candidate donald trump continues to cry foul over the delegate system in general. so, he says, it is rigged. so outsiders, just like him, don't get elected. senator ted cruz campaigning with his family tacking up the national convention during town hall in new york sit last night. >> the rules are simple. the way you get elected is that you win a majority of the delegates in elections, what donald is unhappy about in the last three weeks there have been total of of 11 e sections in four states, we've been donald in all 11 elections, he is unhappy about that because he is losing at the polls. >> however, the polls in new york show cruz trailing both trump and ohio governor john kasich. >> sticking with politics, donald trump attracting big crowds in pennsylvania, hundreds of protesters march through downtown pit burying
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last night to dis serve a trump rally. police did make several arrests after protesters and trump supporters clashed. no word yet on specific charges. inside the video trump feeling the love from his supporters in western pa. state's primary april 26 current polls show trump with a solid lead over both ted cruz and john kasich for the republican nomination in our state. >> and the democratic presidential candidate joined picket lines yesterday. supporting verizon employees in brooklyn. senator bernie sanders believes his momentum is growing, but, clinton shows strong leads over him, in both new york and pennsylvania. the two will square off in a debate in brooklyn later tonight. >> well, we have talk about it a little earlier. the flyers gearing up for their first playoff game in the race for the stanley cup. >> tonight the flyers will go down washington dc and take on the capitols. team plays two games there, then the series comes back for two at home at the wells fargo center. the flyers haven't made the playoffs in two years and last
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time they made the stanley cup finals in 2010 against the blackhawks out of chicago, illinois. >> now this team has something to really play for in memory of it founder educated snyder. >> wouldn't that be amazing, first expansion team, the flyers to win a stanley cup, they won two in a row back in the mid 70s, let's hope they can do it again. 4:11 the time on this thursday morning. >> yes, we have something nice to tell you about, a way to warm up this morning since it is chilly outside watch wawa is giving away to celebrate the anniversary of it first store opening. >> darby police get new top cop. how the hire is a first for delaware county.
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>> ♪ >> sing it, chris murphy. >> little rod stewart for you. >> live look in delaware. live sounds from chris murphy. temperatures dip into the 30's, sue will have your full forecast, but we have a way to warm you up. go to wawa, free coffee today, no strings attached, they dubbed it wawa day, celebrating its first store that opened in 1964. >> you can guess, any size cup of coffee, only catch, only
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one percuss tomorrow err. gives away. >> wawa, what do you want in your cough me? >> adorable. >> high, sue. >> so, one down side of all of this great wet their we have in the forecast is allergies. yes, we have the tree pollen up there going on maple, juniper and alder, big offer enders. anyway, pretty high levels of pollen. i think by saturday, sunday, maybe medium high. still you will be troubled if you suffer from earl gist over the next couple every days again because of all of the clear weather. not a cloud in the sky. the closest rain we can find is way down to the southwest. so, nothing for us to worry about in the foreseeable future with rain, temperatures, though, are pretty cold this morning, once again, it is had three in philadelphia. thirty's everywhere else including atlantic sit, where it is only 33 degrees.
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average high for this time of year is 63 degrees. by monday, we are well above average, almost at 70 degrees, for tuesday, it was 63, yesterday, thanks to that cold front that came through, on tuesday, the high was 58. but still, very pleasant, just on the cool side. i think we will beat that by couple of degrees today. you see this warming trend, each day, we gain couple of degrees, until we get to monday, where we're at 77. now, we go back down, just little bit, very pleasant weather even into tuesday and wednesday of next week. so, lots going on in that seven day forecast, meaning, lot of sunshine. so, bob kelly, yes, doesn't take too long to tell folks that it will be good. >> looking good, there the great looking forecast, four # 16:00. easy start to the morning. live look at the vine street expressway. no construction last night. we are open coming into or out of the city. as you cross town, here is a live look at the construction,
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along the southbound side of route one, coming over the trenton morrisville bridge. anyone coming out of trenton, new jersey, headed south over the trenton makes bridge, watch for it down to one lane until you hit route 13 here as you work your way down to levittown. checking in with septa, patco new jersey transit, all aboard, trains looking good. just keep in mind the market frankford and broad street subway. they are using shuttle buses until about 5:00 as they typically do on the overnight. the blue route looking good as we go for aroid here from i95, heading north up through mcdade, looking good through the baltimore pike, all the way up to villanova. no problems or delays at all. city hall, doing the paving along broad street. working in front of city hall, broad street, down past the rid carlton there. watch for delays, otherwise in good shape on the schuylkill, no problems on 476. rupp ready for that business meeting, chris, this afternoon. >> yes, at 1:00 in south fill. >> i 1:00, bring your profit and lost statement, the boss wants to that talk to us about those expenses, 1:05, it is
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conveniently a baseball game at the same place. >> yes, i heard just the meet something in south philly. >> exactly, afternoon little business meeting. that will bring extra folks down. chris, lauren, back to you. >> thank you. northampton day care shot down after three month old girl died on her first day there. investigators say a staff, from lehigh township, put the baby down for nap, left her unsupervized for 25 minutes, found her un response i have. she died at the hospital. doctors say it does not appear suspicious. >> the family of mckenna rose has set up go fun me page. their goal was to raise $5,000 at last check, it had topped $13,000. we have information on our website >> as you know, it was a sad week, memorial service now set for flyers founder ed snider. the 83 year old died this week after two year battle with cancer, arguably the most influencial executive in philadelphia's sports history. he was also chairman of the 76ers and was once part owner
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of the eagles. memorial services open to the public next thursday, april 21, at 1:00 a.m. the doors open at 11:30 in the morning. >> former penn state university president bride jordon died at the age every 91, the university confirmed his death. bryce jordon center, for jordan, served as president of that university from 1983 to 1990. jordan died on tuesday, at his home in austin, texas. >> heart breaking vigil for families who have lost loved ones to violence in delaware county. dozens of mourners gathered for the tribute in media last night. faces of the victims were placed on large quilt hanging inside the courthouse. each of their names called out and special memory about them shared with the crowds. family members say the vigil it, won't end their pain, but it is comforting knowing other remember and share their grief. it is hard to be here, but at the same time, it is comforting. we know we're not alone. we know there is support out there. >> it is not going to heal, i
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mean, my brother is going to be a broken man until the day he dies, will feel that hurt until the day he dice. >> the event held every year by parent of murdered children last night was the 21st vigil in delaware county. >> and speaking of delaware county, they now have their first african-american female police chief. >> her name regina price, sworn in last night, new top cop of the darby township police department. so, she is following in the footsteps of lauren dawn johnson, coming from florida, to the philadelphia area. >> welcome. >> she is actually from rivera beach where she served on that police force down there in florida for 29 years. now, she says there is appointment isn't about her gender or race, but her experience and what she bridges to that department. >> i'm more concerned they look at my experience, my training, what i am bringing to the table, that way i can share it with the darby township and take a police department from where it is now to a much greater police department in the hope that we will be more transparent and then mends the fences with the
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community. >> price said she feels very welcome. after nearly three decades down there in florida, she is ready for some northeast winter. >> oh, really? >> careful what you ask for. >> seriously? she better go inch vest in some sweater. >> seriously. still ahead, the the phillies trying to make it two straight over the padres, how a promise over a puppy played a factor in the game. >> kobe bryant goes out in style. what a game. you won't believe how many point he scored his final game. >> your winning lottery numbers. narrator: why have president obama and vice president biden
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endorsed katie mcginty for us senate? because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
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good morning, phillies with three wins in the last four continuing their series last night with the san diego padres. phillies haven't hit much these days, but pitching defense has been the difference. last night at the game, phillies win. we're get ago puppy. looks like fido is coming to the house, maikel franco with a double for rbi, solo homerun, that's all the phillies needed. they beat the padres last night. >> 76ers wrapping up miserable lowly season in chicago last night, had 24-point lead in the first half. chicago at one point went on 29, count it, 29 to two run, ouch. 76ers, season ends the way it started. last night in chicago,
4:25 am
115-105. the final rangers and penguins last night, lung guess takes stick, he leaves after the first period, he does not return. the penguin get that cherry pick goal from sydney crosby right there. they beat the rangers, five to two, lead the series one game to nothing. that's sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek. all right, 4:25, kobe bryant ends his storied nba career in style. he scored 60-point in his final professional game. >> was honored during a special pre-game ceremony there during the game it was all about getting the ball to i am had. he shot the ball 50 times. scored 60-point. he was big during the final few minute of the game, the lakers came from behind to get the win. kobe hits the go ahead bucket and was mobbed by his teammates. when he was taken out of the game with just few second left. >> so this is a game, look at that crowd, paying like
4:26 am
$30,000 to sit down there on the floor. he was talking with his kids after the game. his kids went dad, were you great. he goes when i was younger i did that all the time. go on youtube, you'll see what your dad was really like. >> not all parent want to say that, right? go on youtube. >> another huge nba story, 20 year old record fell last night, setting record for the most wins in nba season. >> set kerry, 46-point, ten, three pointers, making him first player ever to make 400, three's in a season. the 95-996 chicago bulls led by michael jordan held the old record of 72 wins. >> amazing. >> they say he is the best in the game, right? >> my goodness, the best three-point shooter we've ever seen. unbelievable. still ahead, new development in fatal amtrak crash, union leaders are blaming for the death of two
4:27 am
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>> this morning, fatal crash, man hit and killed while driving a scooter. the car dragging him 200 feet. >> man shut in broad daylight, now three year old left
4:30 am
without a dad. the plea the local family is making it catch a killer. >> most every us waking up under a freeze warning, chilly looking live at philadelphia international airport this morning. the warm up we'll be seeing just in time for the weekend. >> three words: language in there. >> i thought you were going to say: a chilly start. >> or: thank you lauren. good morning y ' all. >> all right, sue serio, what do we have in store in it is cold now. will it get warmer later? >> yes, it will be a little warmer later. i don't know if you can call 60 degrees warm, but it will be pleasantly cool. how about that? we have freeze warning in the area, where it is a darker purple color. and then the lighter blue is a frost advisory, until 8:00 in the morning, it is cold morning for some reason, philadelphia and delco, not included. but the reason is, we don't have any clouds around. so that enables radiational cooling once again, where temperatures just plunge without any cloud cover in the sky to prevent that from
4:31 am
happening. soap, we've got 43 degrees, but with calm winds, windchill to talk about, it is still pretty chilly though. sunrise time 6:24. other temperatures, only 36 in mount pocono, cooler in reading, with 34. we are in right at freezing in wrightstown, and 33 degrees in atlantic city, pretty chilly in millville, 30 degrees, usually the cold spot in the morning. and these temperatures to the north of us, not too different from yesterday. but a lot cooler in south jersey. so wind not an issue, this morning, but coming out of the northwest, which means, cooler air, but lot of sunshine again today. very pleasant afternoon. you want to go out, take a walk at lunchtime. this will be the day. mid 50's by then, six off degrees, just light jacket is all you need, sunset time, 7:39. of course we've got the afternoon game, bob kelly. >> yes. >> with the phillies and the padres, once more. >> oh, there is a game there? oh, i thought we had a business meeting? >> oh, is that what it is? >> business person?
4:32 am
>> mandatory, isn't it? >> mandatory, yes, going through the receipts for tax day. live look at the schuylkill expressway right near the roosevelt boulevard. everybody behaving so far this morning. looking good on the benny up and over into downtown, they are repaving, that area, around city hall. so watch for the septa buses or detours, that area right there, in front of the rid carlton on the south broad street. also, working southbound, route one, coming up and over that trenton morrisville bridge. who is hungry? >> we're starving. >> let's do it later on today, breakfast, with bob seg many. we are going to cedar park cafe right there along the baltimore avenue, if you are on the route 34 trolley, you drive right past there, you know the spot, out there live from 9:00 to 10:00 today. come on by. bring the kids, i'll give them an excuse note if they want to be late for school. mass transit, bus, trains, trolleys, all all off to good start, market frankford and the subway, and later today they're working north on i95 from like the delaware state
4:33 am
line, up through the airport area, and then keep that in mind if you are going to the afternoon baseball game. give yourselves some extra time so you're in your seat for the first pitch at 1:05. chris, lauren, back to you. >> developing this morning, hit-and-run involving a motor scooter leaves one man dead. >> police say getting closer to finding the person responsible. steve keeley with more on this for us. steve, good morning. >> reporter: well, here is where it all happened. and this is pretty major intersection, you see it there, aramingo and lehigh. we will follow the crosswalk and walk a little bit. you see the barricade across the street in that was already there, but that's where the initial impact happened. now, chris will pan left. i just talked to the paramedic who handled this case. and he says he dragged them hundreds of feet down lehigh until the body finally came loose from underneath this pontiac aztek. and the pontiac aztek you will notice new york plate on it, we show you the video, the pontiac acutes recovered no where near here, but on the other side of town in
4:34 am
university city. here is inspect sore scott small once again. >> we had several good witnesses that witnessed the accident. tragic accident because this 35 year old victim after being struck was, according to witnesses, dragged from underneath of the striking vehicle about 200 feet. accident investigation officers did find about 200 feet of drag marks from the victim's body. so from where the motorcycle was initially struck, and from where the victim was found by police, there was about 200-foot distance. >> paramedics said this was not some young kid too long around on a crotch rocket type thing. >> this was a 35 year old man just trying to commute somewhere and here following the traffic signals apparently, but the aztek obviously not. and as we come back to our live picture from that video of what was left of the scooter, notice, this about this corner here, the aztek
4:35 am
coming down this street cannot see cross-traffic because of that bridge and that cement wall, that concrete wall there. so you are not going to have any indication even if you were looking to your right, because you can't see to your right. and maybe have blown through a traffic light and maybe that's how it hit. accident investigation team trying to determine that for sure. up heard scott small say plenty of witnesses. but obviously the person think they did something wrong because they took off, then ditched the car, and who knows if they are from new york or they just happened top have a vehicle from new york and whether it was stolen or registered, who knows, they are tracing all of that stuff now, chris, lauren, by the way on our way here, we're at a traffic light. and we have a jersey car in front of us. i'm going to keep coming producer here in just weak; don't talk in my ear any more. behind the ford explorer. and it is not moving. light after light after light. i get out. the guy is passed out against the steering wheel, the top of his head against the steering
4:36 am
wheel. the car is running. in a instant you think somebody was in kensington, bought some heroin and od. we call nine is one. right before our eyes the great paramedics with the philly fire department show up, they put the narcan into him, and he comes to. and then they tell us this: every shift they do 12-hour shift they save a minimum of one person. and this guy wasn't the first person they just saved. so we just witness add guy's life being saved on our way to this story this morning, and had we not been detoured and come across him, that can kill in you four, six minutes, i don't know how long he was there, but who knows how much longer he had before they got to him in the nick of time and just saved a life. >> well, your vigilance, steve, may have saved a life today. amazing. great job. >> yes, if you see this, just call 911, and let the experts do it, and they know what they are doing, and they see it, and it is great to just witness something good after covering on the way to cover something so awful. >> that must give you chills. >> it was casino of cool. i know these guys do that every day, just shock to go
4:37 am
hear him say the one par med take administered say i do this every shift at least once, i can't remember the last shift where i didn't bring somebody back to life with narcan with a needle not just a needleworks faster than the knot trail. the nasal way. so they do that now, too. >> all right, great job, steve keeley. such a problem with heroin, with the kids getting a ticket dollars to it, and then you see in the street just like, that you come across it, it really hit home. >> remember we just had the story of governor wolf trying to get it into the schools for students? for that very reason. still ahead, big announcement from citizens bank park, major music act set to take the stage there over the summer.
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>> death of a teenager in juniata park. the teen's father with a plea to help find the gunman, dave kinchen on this story now live at the scene. dave, good morning. >> good morning to you, chris, lauren, very heart breaking story here. >> this all took place on the 4,000 block of holland street where we are now in north philadelphia. it is where a young father lost his life to senseless gun violence. the family now has just the happy times like this one, recently celebrate add birthday with his three year old son, seen in this home video here, and sadly the last birthday he will ever celebrate. cologne shot and killed in his
4:41 am
suv wednesday afternoon, police say here on the had thousand block of holland, in juniata park, and he was killed just blocks away from his home. police say cologne drove up to the block and stopped for unknown reason when someone came up and fired several shots. neighbors found him in the vehicle. he died 30 minute later. >> if you see something, you don't have to say your name, just call the cops. give, if you mention you have, to see if we can catch this guy, because today was my son, tomorrow can be yours. that's all i want people to know. there is more kids out there and i know a lot of true friends, if they really are true friends, and they know something, to say something. >> detective checked the street but could not finds any shell casings or the weapon. police did fine several surveillance cameras and the victim's father is hoping those cameras would show the
4:42 am
killer of his son. back to you. >> let's hope they can finds any information to help that father. thanks so much, dave kinchen. >> still ahead, warning for consumers, that's all of us, right? about potentially harmful pesticides on produce, the fruit and veggies you may want to avoid. >> you just dumped blackerries all in your yogurt.
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there are two democratic visions for regulating wall street. one says it's okay to take millions from big banks and then tell them what to do. my plan -- break up the big banks, close the tax loopholes, and make them pay their fair share. then we can expand health care to all, and provide universal college education. will they like me? no. will they begin to play by the rules if i'm president? you better believe it. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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♪ >> 4:45-o your fox 29. >> i'll give you $937. >> oh, i know who it is. >> no cheating. no producer getting in her ear. >> come on, who doesn't know who this is? >> big concert announcement. sir paul mccartney is coming to town. >> thank you lauren dawn johnson, liver nation announcing the music legend, sir paul bringing his one-on-one tour to citizens bank park. >> ya. >> mccartney will hit the stage on tuesday, july 12th, and guess what? >> he's a former beatle. >> well, that's true. there were five beatles, fifth beatle joined them not too long ago, former beatle, sir paul, played sold out show at the wells fargo center last june, you might remember. >> this show this year promises to unveil a dazzling
4:46 am
redesign set, dozens of classics from the most beloved catalogue of songs and popular music, the songs covering sir paul's entire career as a solo artist with wings and of course as a beatle. >> ♪ >> we could just sing mccartney songs all day. >> but we shouldn't if they sound like that. tickets go on sale tomorrow. billy joel is set to play at the ballpark on july 9th. sue serio, i just saved everyone at home from waking up to the chris murphy, the sounds every chris murphy. >> oh, come on, we know band on the run. that's another good one. >> all right, you know what? we'll spare you, and do it during the commercial breaks, we'll all sing our heart out. yes, tree pollen out there. it is high. one down side of nice stretch of weather. we do have nice stretch of weather ahead. thanks to high pressure in control, it is dry, dry, dry.
4:47 am
we do not see any precipitation in the offing in the entire seven day forecast, yes, here's what we do have, frost advisory for all of delaware and part of the metro area. and then in the outlying areas, freeze warning again, with the growing season, having already gun, so hopefully you covered up your plants, if not, probably too late, because it was freezing the night before as well. so, 43 degrees right now, below freezing in millville, new jersey, just a degree above in atlantic city, 34 in reading, 36 in mount pocono. average high temperature is 63 degrees. that roller coaster ride will continue, although, now we're going up the hill from here. 58 degrees yesterday. sixty today. six an on friday. mid 60s again on saturday. sunday begins that 70s show. and even warmer on monday. by the middle of next week, little bit cooler but still very, very pleasant. so we will probably start talking about a drought on something after that, but we
4:48 am
do enjoy nice stretch of good weather, get some of that yard work done, bob kelly. >> what? i'm actually a little under the weather, yes, the allergies. i really need to be taking it easy through the weaken, yes. >> clean all of the bathrooms inside the house. >> all right, i'll go outside. good morning, everybody, 4:48. got you coming and going here, 42 coming in toward the city. not bad at all, kind of quiet this morning, off to a good start. here's an example of the little bit after speed bump you're going to get when they're in the middle of the paving project of the broad street right offspring garden, you are going to change lanes here, you get the big old speed bump. also have the he can posted manhole covers that will set you back a couple of hundred bucks for new front end alignment. and you'll be chasing your hubcap here down the street. just watch it, again, repaving that area around city hall. right there spring garden street, also repaving portions of the kelly drive, as well.
4:49 am
so if you are coming into or out of the city, a lot of that action, especially, with the nice weather, that we're going to experience over the next couple of days. southbound lanes every route one, coming over the trenton morrisville bridge. watch for delays. i mentioned the kelly drive. a loft folks using the martin luther king drive as alternate there. then later on today specially going to the phillies game, give yourselves some extra time on 95 this morning. northbound, right after the rush hour, penndot's going to be working in delaware county, from, say, highland, all the way up through 476. so far give yourselves some extra time, so your a in your seat for that pitch. >> it is a lift bob you hope your not on. a look this morning at the worse jobs in america for 2016. >> it casino every hit close to home too. >> that's true. >> so career cast released its annual list of the worst professions in our great nation. topping the list: newspaper reporter. well, i guess that makes sense, right?
4:50 am
industry as media moves toward digital platform. second on the list, well, how do you get all of that paper? you cut down trees. yes, second on the list, a logger. >> oh, man. >> right off the top five, broadcasters. >> oh,. >> disc jockeys, oh, no, and those enlisted in the military. >> i guess we're all in trouble. >> sue and bob are both dj's at one point in their lives, now broadcasters. this is not good news this morning. >> how about when were you two of the top five? >> i know. >> yikes. i don't know i could be any more miserable than i am. >> have some coffee. >> project to see the development of cancer fighting drugs that harness the -- >> here is the deal. about 300 scientists at a leading cancer institution, including the university of pennsylvania, they got a bunch of these institutions together to do this, will all share their findings, newly created parker institute for cancer, immuno therapy, is being funded by $250 million grant from sean parker.
4:51 am
now there is bridges together parker at six top academic cancer centers, dozens of drug makers and other groups. so they have to tack they will issue of cancer? if you are like chris, trying to eat more fresh fruits, vegtables, you need to listen to there is environmental working group released its annual list warning consumers about potentially harmful pesticides on produce, for the very first time, strawberries are topping that list. non-profit says pesticide residue is found in about 98% of strawberry samples, tested by federal officials. now, rounding out the top five: apples, previously topped that list, nectarines, peaches, and celery. >> oh, good, so blackerries are not on this list. >> yes, because you just dumped a whole carton full in your yolk earth. still ahead, young boys at local school have some role models to look to. we'll introduce you to the men making it their mission to better the lives of young men.
4:52 am
4:53 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
4:54 am
♪ i could rise above >> now these boys are catching everyone's attention, chris o'connell has a story from southwest philly. >> if you grew up a young man in southwest philadelphia, chances are you've had a run in with police. >> you know you got to get your homework done. that's the main thing. >> but not a run in like this. at metro elementary school,
4:55 am
resource officer donald lewis doesn't make arrests. he makes men. >> all you guys have awesome attitudes, right? >> these young guys de is her after chance. i'm trying my best to help them give them that chance they de is her. >> called the men of mitchell. teenagers, some who don't have fathers themselves, who have committed to become role models and leaders in their schools. >> kids will bully us, say we're not this, not that. trying to say we're not cool. but it is the total opposite. >> the seven men of mitchel have quickly become big men on campus, sporting shirt and ties, they mentor younger kids, and meet after school for peer mediation. oh, and then there is the time they surprise their principal with flowers, just because she was doing a good job. >> this has become something that has become a real source of pride for our school. >> the new principal says the program has now drawn interest from the entire school. a big turn around, for what was one of the cities' poorest performing schools. >> i think there was such a negative steriotype on kids in
4:56 am
the city when if they are given a chance to put just a much noon the positive they are able to do so. >> for these guys, not only representing their school but their community. >> we are leading the school to a better, better chance for kids to get great education at the school. >> my p.m. is very proud of me, very, very proud. >> the kind of change off the err lewis envisioned when he started his mission. and says it is not over. >> they're going to college. that's my goal. to convince them that you have to get out of the hood, you have to be productive citizens in society and you can make it. >> chris o'connell, "fox 29 news". >> so the school's hoping to expands that program to begin the women of mitchell next month. >> already student lining up to join this. >> good for them. >> still ahead, man hit and killed while riding a scooter with a driver of an s.u.v. did after dragging him 200 feet. >> also ahead, man shot in broad daylight. now three year old left without a dad. the plea a local family is make to go catch a killer.
4:57 am
4:58 am
4:59 am
>> brewerytown, two people sent to the hospital. >> plus, hit and drag hundreds of feet. why police say they're one step closer to finding the driver behind a deadly hit-and-run. >> and it is back to business for the flyers, as they start their run for the playoffs. tonight first game sense the pa g of their leader ed snider.
5:00 am
>> all right, it is thursday, april 14, 2016. thanks so much for waking up with us. >> so woe tried to wear our orange and black, be in the spirit, want to cheer the team on. are you okay? >> i'm fine. is it too soon to break this out, just celebrate early? they're going to win the whole darn thing this year? >> no, win maybe, but you need to ask alex it, belongs to her, not you. don't jinx it, chris. >> true, sue serio. one game at a time. >> are you superstitious? >> yes,. >> i am sorry. >> okay. we could go into a lot of detail about that, but let's go into detail. frost and freeze warnings out there this morning. it is coal again, make sure you have warm enough coat on if you have to be outside this morning. even once the sun comes up, it will take little while to warm up. very similar to yesterday. so the fact that there aren't any clouds at all on ultimate doppler radar is the key here. 42 degrees, our current temperature, with calm winds, we don't have a


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