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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 15, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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here. >> diy. >> okay, lets get to the number of the day, it is a good one. we're going up to number nine. number nine. it is almost a ten. if it was president so cold out, we would make it a ten. we are starting out with temperatures in the 30's and 40's this this morning and budd stop buddy is wearing his shades. we are seeing plenty of sunshine but not helping yet. we have a frost advisory until 8:00 this morning for most of the area but sure is a beautiful sunrise were 43 degrees, right now, in allentown. it is only 34. in millville, new jersey it is only 32. it is 37 degrees in wilmington. keep that in mine waiting for the about us this morning and for kid as well but by lunchtime we are in the upper 50's. we should top off at 65 degrees on this fantastic, friday. so, bob kelly, you you are feeling fantastic but your voice, no. >> it is allergies getting me, beginning of the allergy season here, so i got my deep voicing on, for today.
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>> yeah, you are the first, you are the last, my everything. you work your way in to downtown. the schuylkill expressway, and, camera lens here. and, delaware county and no major delays there heading in the airport. upper dublin down wires in an overnight accident blair million roadblocked at welsh road. use dresher road for beginning of the morning rush hour. we have a medical emergency on the market frankford line. septa, is using between fifth and 15th streets, all passengers have to board, on the eastbound platform, coming into or out of center city. that will add some delays tour morning rush hour and through the weekend watch for delays also on the kelly drive, pavers are still out there we are looking good coming up and over bridge, mike and alex, back over to you good let's exercise this weekend. lets take a run on the schuylkill river trail. >> i love walking along there. >> yes.
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>> beautiful. >> but you got to be safe. dave kinchen how are they making it safer. >> well, it the is beautiful. >> reporter: it is beautiful but there are dangers a at night and dangers in the daytime too. and, we have found that there are runners working to secure the schuylkill river trail in recent months. there have been reports of rubbers being held up, rob, sexually harassed on the trail and prompting run tours launch schuylkill trail watch like a neighborhood watch in a way. head of the group run 215 said they will be trading volunteers of fellow runners a and bike tours keep alert eyes and ears and help restore calm to some runners hesitant about coming out here. runners we just spoke with this morning like the idea of the watch group. >> i think it is a a great idea. i think everybody deserves to be feeling like they are safe out on the trail running in the morning. i have been running here for 20 years and never had a problem but there have been problems reported recently. it is scary.
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scary for women. >> we kind of, avoid the trail where it is less populated. >> run 215 has held meetings with city council members, street department, philadelphia a, and other agencies and as weather gets warmer the group plans to train 150 trail watch volunteers, by this summer. that is number, they want 150. first trach session april 27th. we have information on our web site fox in the program, back to you mike and alex. >> i am interested in that program. >> yes, thanks, dave. 7:03. >> lets get to lauren. >> one person rush to the hospital after fire damages three home in the logan neighborhood. this happened, just after is 11:00 last night on the 4500 block of north marvine street. heavy flames and smoke were seen pouring from that home, apparently the fire jumped neighboring homes causing one person to be taken to the hospital in smoke inhalation no word as to what cause that had fire. authorities say four soldiers injured, two of them
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critically after their hum vee crashed and slipped on the new jersey turnpike. this happened around 2:30 yesterday in south brunswick. soldiers used a yak to lift military vehicle and rescue everyone trapped inside. injured soldiers are with the battalion stationed in queens, new york. at cues are of bill cosby's criminal sexual assault case in montgomery county wants the judge to void the clause, surrounding their 2006 settlement. they will be in federal court for a hearing set to weigh that issue and lawsuit cosby filed begins an tree a conn stan. her mother and perfect lawyer. the cosby's lawyers say that the conn stan camp has violated the seek resize pack by cooperating with officials who reopened, their police complaint last year. philadelphia a police investigating the shooting death of an elderly woman in east germantown. the eight three-year old had two gunshot wound to the chest this happened inside a home on the 400 block of cosgrove street just before 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon. she was taken to einstein, hospital, where she was pronounced dead. neighbors were shock, by the
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news of her death, and a gun was recovered at the scene, police continuing to investigate. the anti dose to heroin overdose, narcan, you can get those at pharmacies across pennsylvania. authorities credit the drugs with saving lives in the event, of an overdose. narcan reverses the effects of heroin opioid, available by injection or nasal spray. walgreens says it will begin distributing it, at its 120 pharmacies today. our very own steve keeley saw first hand how much a life safer the drug can be in an unexpect encounter yesterday. he joins us at 7:30 to share his story, as to how he stepped into help a victim, mike and alex. >> yes, indeed. that was yesterday morning. next time you go to the movies, they are making some changes. you know, sometimes if you are in there and texting and on the cell phone, a chauffeur will come by, shine a flashlight. >> hey, what are you doing good we can see those before you sit down and they start the movie, please keep all
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phones, turned off. >> well now, amc says we will let you text. steve, what do you think of this. >> well, i don't like it but i don't go to theaters because everybody does everything to bother me like sell even if wrappers a and things like. that i want to hear nothing but the movie. >> i agree. >> i saw the insider here, angelo cataldi was with me. we saw the movie, insider, michael mann movie, 20 years ago. some lady like brody had a big bag of candy she would rattle the bag. everybody was getting angry. i turned around and said something for the first time in my life. then security came, and removed would the man. >> they took would the man out. >> i can't tell you what i said. i said an r rated word, but i turned and said you're ruining this for everybody. you have ruined this movie for everybody. i'm trying to remember whether they offered us free tickets. >> she kept digging in to this cellophane bag. every four seconds. you could not hear the movie. >> a loud bag, just like that.
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>> yes. >> so keep that going the whole show. >> and they are talking about it, all around you, or making out, yes. >> i don't mind the making out. >> ryan in the production, do i have time to do my story now. >> you can do it now. >> yes, they have given me 45 seconds. well, lets go to the tape. we had our own batman at the theater last night. bruce wayne commissioner gordon asking people what they thought of allowing people to text at a theater. >> i think it the is stupid. >> reporter: you think they should aloud or not. >> no, they should not aloud. >> if you are in a movie theater, you paid for that movie, others paid for it, in the only do you ruin your experience but others as well. >> reporter: do you like the idea of separating them out the from the folks like you who do not want to hear that stuff. >> sure, even better, they can do it at home. >> reporter: are you one of those can't do without your phone kind of people. >> yes, but do i watch the movie and if someone message me i will put my phone away.
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>> i think that they will have a hard time moving over to what they see as an old fashion way have of getting their entertainment. >> reporter: even if they are allowed to keep their phone in their hand. >> we will see. >> reporter: so, if we weren't perfectly clear on this you are not the allowed to do this yet. this all came out in an interview. they are having their big convention of national theater owners in las vegas. the new ceo adam aron of amc, which is about to be the biggest chain in the world, said that we've got the to do something to allow young people to come to the movies, because he says if you tell a 22-year old to turn off your phone, that is like telling them to cut off their left arm. >> that is right. >> who wants to sit next to somebody when you are trying to focus on the big screen, have that little blaring screen, in your, peripheral vision. >> i know, i know. >> while they are typing away. >> these things have ruined our lives. >> all of the folk us i just netflix and chill. >> that is not paying attention either. >> yes. >> better than a movie
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theater, i'll tell thaw. >> yes. >> it is coming up on 7:09. things are getting heated, did you see this debate last night in brooklyn? bernie sanders, who was born in brooklyn as a matter of fact. hillary clinton. >> senator, from new york, yes. >> lays claim to new york too. >> she was born in illinois. she was born in arkansas. >> she is senator in new york for eight years. she gets that out there i'm new york too guys. >> yes. >> they got sarcastic with each other too do you want to hear this. >> yes. >> i stood up, against the behaviors of banks when i was a a senator. i called them out, on their mortgage behavior. >> secretary clinton called them out. oh, my goodness, they must have been really crushed by this. you were receiving, huge sums of money by giving speaking
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engagements. >> oh, man. >> well, former secretary clinton called bernie sanders attacks over her support for big banks, phony. she said he does not have the evidence to support all of his claims. so the primary, in new york, it is coming up in a few days, it is next tuesday, bernie sanders has won seven of the last eight contests, whether caucuses or primaries. >> and then mike, we both said we were watching especially in the beginning when they had national anthem. i was saying wow, her dress looked gorgeous the woman who was singing the national anthem. >> and she had looks like megan kelly. >> but noticed something else. >> birn sanders has giant hand. i don't know why i was fascinated by this but he had man hand. >> he is a man. >> well, he is a man. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> at some point i thought we were going to see his hand.
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>> there we go. >> now that you mentioned it. >> yeah. >> i mean, my goodness. >> it means nothing. >> maybe just position. and sometimes you put your hand there and you cup it a little bit there. he has them straight out. >> he put his hand overbrook lynn. >> hi, sueby. >> the things we obsess on. >> i know. >> it is crazy. >> all right. even though pollen counties really, really high, we're so excited about the forecast, for to daze. it is, chilly to start, but this just will continue to edge northward and we are setting up with this summer-like weather pattern with a bermuda high pressure system and giving us higher temperatures each day. this weather system we will see to the the south, not going to bother us. it will not at all, we've got a frost advisory, continuing until 8:00 o'clock this morning. it is still really cold out there with temperatures in the 30's, every where, but here in philadelphia a, where we're a
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chilly 43 degrees. so 64 is our average high. we were just under the average yesterday, today, we surpass it, with 65 degrees, and here you can see that gradual warming trend as we get through the weekend, two, ten's saturday and sunday, 68, saturday 72. sunday we will get to 80 degrees. >> wait, wait. >> it is ringing. >> you know what. >> i'm excited, i don't have a clicker, i'm so excited. >> mystery guest time, mike. >> yes, i got a tweet here, from a guy named ryan. he said if it is not dorothy krysiuk, we're going to riot. >> it better be dorothy krysiuk. >> let's see who it is. >> it could be kacie mcdonnell. it could be a andrea lacca. >> it could be jamie shupak. >> i loved jamie shupak. >> i hope it is jamie. >> you are such a brat. >> let's find out hot the heck this is.
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>> split is dorothy krysiuk. >> hey. >> so much fun. >> i love this. >> can i have have some cookies. >> dorothy is back. >> do you know will alex. >> hi, hi alex. >> i'm really concerned, there is not rioting in the streets now. >> thank god. >> oh, dorothy. >> like no time has passed a at all. >> hi, everyone. >> dorothy, you have have really let yourself go. >> it is all you, baby. >> do you want to do some traffic. >> i figure, i'm in front of the ben franklin bridge, why not just do it. >> for the love have of god you look good. >> it is my favorite bridge, in the world. >> what did you say. >> this is my favorite bridge in the world. >> it is the bf. >> the big f, the good old big
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bf, ben franklin bridge. hi everyone, hello, my friends. so we will start off with the ben franklin bridge just because it looks so darn beautiful, and i have missed it. i live in boston now but i drive by this every time in philadelphia. so traffic i can tell you looks darn good there, no volume to speak of. we have a little bit of traffic coming out of my hometown, the northeast, that is where i grew up. this is i-95 from cottman through to girard avenue where we do have a lot of traffic as per usual. there is in surprise. and there is an incident out there, an accident to watch out for in upper dublin watch for that at blair million road shut down at welsh road, your alternate is dresher road. hi, bob kelly, how are you doing. >> doing great. >> you just take a load off,. >> nothing for to you do. >> are you going to be here all morning. >> good. >> i'm just taking a nap. >> can you hang around for an hour or so. >> but turf tell but delays on the market frankford el.
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>> i'm not done just yet. >> on market frankford el another wonderful place eastbound borders, people are bordering on the eastbound platform right through. i'm nervous guys. >> are you? >> why? >> between 15th street is there a medical emergency and then one other item just a heads up traveling on the kelly drive, this weekend, paving operations, so do be careful and give yourself a little will bit of extra time. >> that was fantastic. >> i'm sorry about what happened at the dry cleaner. >> what do you mean. >> they tore your blouse. >> is it okay. >> i'm's okay. >> needle and thread you want to lend me. >> i'll talk to you. >> can do you a couple more traffic hits. >> i got two more in me good have you turned into a boston bruins fan or anything like that. >> all philly sports fan all the time. >> lets talk about the the flyers last night. game one last night for flyers and capitols. the flyers jerseys featured a
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patch honoring their founder ed snider. that was nice. he passed away earlier this week. it was a moment of aislens before the game. that was nice of the capitals to do that but then fights broke out. >> story was the power play. the flyers failing to score on their opportunities. they went forward on man advantage and they lost. >> brian, is back. brian, good to see you again. zero for four on the power play. >> you talk about missed opportunities in the game, ebb and flow we talk about yesterday. the flyers stemming the tide of the first ten minutes. they did that well. they came out with energy. caps didn't look that rusty. but when you look at this first period you get three power play opportunities. caps are a top five, top three penalty killing. this is a good hockey team. when you fail to put your opportunities in the first period, caps came out, and played well. >> the caps have a tendency to get better as game goes on and they dit last night. >> you want, key to winning on
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the road is getting that great start. couple more goal support. even caps defenseman john carlson if the flyers score anywhere in that first period the game may be different. we all necessity what happened. that was a big turning point. the other one was, manny cannot stress this enough losing shawn couturier for rest of the series. he is the best penalty killer. >> alex ovechkin gave him a good shot the in the board here. that is in the good for the flyers. they have to play shut down defense. it is not all doom and gloom here. they played a pretty good hockey game. pretty goodies not enough when you play best team in hockey. >> what about mason. >> he stood on his head. >> he did it all season. >> you predicted it yesterday, he will stan on his head and he did. >> you need great goal tending. holtby was not challenge. mason kept them in the game. you can make 40 saves, 50 saves if you don't score one you will not win any hockey games.
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>> couturier got hurt, people said series is over. >> well, i wouldn't say the series is over. they say the series does not start until the home game, loses a game. maybe that is saturday night. in washington. get this series back on the road again. >> okay. >> now if they can steel this one the saturday. >> come back on monday night. >> yes. >> you will have ceremony with ed snider, building will be charged up, ready to go we will see what happens. >> i'm's buying. >> you're buying. >> i'm buying. >> bring some beers by the way. >> so, you are still so positive. >> you have to be. we have waited two years for a playoff game in philadelphia a let's not throw ate way with one game, shall we. >> what is the deal when you you can't score on a power play. >> so it seems like wayne simmonds came here and said i will take this game i got to do something to infuse some energy like he always does but you you cannot be knocked out of the game. >> at the end of the game, they called him a calling card, and that is verizon center so they are using calling card there. do you like that.
7:19 am
>> i'm here all week. >> was the president at the game last night. >> i am hearing that it is only four blocks from the white house. >> if the president was there last time i was in washington it took me four and a half hours to get to the nationals stadium there. this is rough stuff. brayden schenn took a big hit. you cannot have wayne simmonds out, couturier out. you need your best players. >> brian, we will see you next week. >> i hope so. >> nice long run. >> we hope so. >> flyers will win tomorrow night, all right. >> okay. >> done. >> i'll write this down. >> i'm not even going to watch. it is time, it is the time of the year when football fans start counting wins and losses. the nfl schedule came out for all of the teams, including our eagles. >> so lets look at the big games this year. they are opening up the season at home against cleveland, september 11th. >> so who is cleveland browns new quarterback? hey, ryan in the control room? robert griffin the third. he is their new quarterback.
7:20 am
>> rg3. >> that makes that a big game. >> neck week a way at chicago on monday night. >> yeah. >> and then eagles have a very early bye week with october 2nd. that is not good. that comes in week four. so, feature of the schedule features a sunday night game at dallas october 30th and then they follow-up with the giants and tough trip to seattle on november 20th. >> yikes. >> monday night game at the link verse the packers. >> and look at that, january 1st dallas comes in all right. we have finish with the giants and dallas, like we do many, many, many times. >> four prime time games and finish with the dallas game. >> yes, huge day. >> it will be home opener, new years day. >> will we choose between watching mummers and watching the game. >> oh, man, think about what this day will be like. everybody up early, going to the mummers parade and then
7:21 am
get out the to the link for the dallas game. >> what time, i'll have to look ande what time it is. >> it is all day the mummers. >> all day. >> forget sipping your beer, how about just standing next to the beer, and you you get a buzz from the alcohol. i'll explain that in a second. plus all you can eat at mcdonald's, find out which item the company is considering offering a unlimited amount of. >> plus your lottery numbers plus more dorothy krysiuk.
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can you imagine this, you go to mcdonald's and you start eating frenchfries, and they say you have been eating as much frenchfries as you want, unlimited fries. >> you do not have to stop. >> lauren, do you like the sound of that. >> how does it work and how much. >> okay, okay. >> it hasn't happened yet. it is a concept. it will happen at a new restaurant opening up in july in missouri. so, this is going to be like a uber modern conceptual
7:25 am
restaurant where they will customizable burger bars and you can pick burger you want, design it, dessert bars, the coffee kiosk where you type in and brew your own latte, cappuchino, et cetera, and unlimit frenchfries or so we hear. mcdonald's is trying everything they can to get customers back in the doors and it is working. as a stock, it hit a lifetime high this year. it is working for the company. >> they blew off, trying to sell wraps and they have had to get rid of the wraps because people weren't buying those. this might work. >> how much would you pay for unlimited frenchfries. >> i don't know, their frenchfries are pretty expensive new when you just order fries. it is in the cheapest thing in the world. i have an idea and i think i'm on to something. let me know if i should start trademarking a french fry bar. we have a french fry, put them on the plate with different topping, crumbled big macs, all of the cheese sauces, and
7:26 am
just continues. >> yes. >> a platter. >> i think, yes you are on to something. >> that is a a good idea. >> i was at the a place a and they had pizza fries and i never heard of pizza fries before. >> so, yes. >> yes. >> i feel like we need to apologize to you. >> about what. >> she looks lick she works at mcdonald's because she had a yellow top on. >> i had no idea, happy birthday. >> thank you you, thank you, thank you. >> i didn't do anything. i had a quick brunch with a friend after work and that was it. >> let somebody know this time so we can tro a party for you. >> well, she did. >> she did it on instagram, happy birthday to me. >> i did it after, i did it after work, my segments. >> yes. >> are you an only child, lauren. >> no, i have brothers who are here. >> mike says the fact that you
7:27 am
put happy birth the day to me. >> i like it. >> who does that, she must be an only child but you are not. i don't see anything wrong witt. >> i also took a selfie in the bathroom. would you like to comment on that one. >> it was startling to see you you in a public rest room taking a picture of yourself. >> okay. well, i was taking a selfie and i thought the flash on my phone looked like a candle, like i was blowing out a birthday candle because of the flash on my phone so i decided to simply and cleanly put it on instagram. >> it is your birthday. you can done whatever you want. >> you can take pictures in the bathroom if you want. >> lauren, happy birthday. we will seal you tomorrow. no, we went. we will see you you monday. >> yes, thank you. it is a scent so strong it will get you drunk, how researchers discovered that smelling your beer and your alcohol, can get you tipsy, i have never known this.
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dorothy is back. she used to to a series called firehouse friday. she's with us. we will go back to some of her memorable moments here on the program. a major recall this morning, how this popular
7:31 am
product could put your child in danger. >> all right. it is exactly 7:31. well, a deadly, addiction to 2 million americans are said to be addicted to heroin, and this is really a big problem in the delaware valley. in question about it. one person died in this country every 24 minutes. every half an hour, somebody dies from a heroin overdose. >> and in 2011, less than thousand people. by 014 that number double to 10,000 to give you perspective that number of people could fill half of the wells fargo center. >> well, while reporting yesterday, early in the morning middle of the night our steve keeley got a dark glimpse of the first response efforts to save these victims once they have overdosed. and shot up in his car and nearly died behind the wheel of his own car. >> steve, you noticed this on your way to do your story a around 4:00 o'clock in the
7:32 am
morning yesterday. >> reporter: we were in kensington. i don't mean to profile people but i see a new jersey plate on a ford explorer in front of us, not that anybody from new jersey cannot be in kensington, right but it is 3:30. light changes once, green twice and nobody is moving. your initial thought is somebody is waiting, somebody is on the phone, whatever. we beeped, nothing. we walk up and man's head and i had sent in pictures and i don't know if we can show it but man's head, top of his head was against where the air baggies. nobody falls asleep like that in their car. that i feared that he was dead because i didn't know how long that car had been sitting at that intersection. there was no other people around in the middle of the night and his hand in his pockets. i could not get his attention banging on the window. i feared worse but i called 911. i talked directly to the fire department dispatch tore get paramedics out there they got there before police did. good thing they got there when they did. who knows how much longer this
7:33 am
guy had to live but they hit him with a shot, a needle of narcan and it brought him back to life. i don't know if his heart had stopped or whatever but fear was his car, was, his vehicle was still in drive, and his foot was still on the brake so that car could come for. they know what they are doing. they have seen this before. a lot of accidents in philadelphia are caused by people who shoot up their heroin dose. they want it so fast and so right now they do it right after they buy it and a lot of times they drive from the suburbs, most of the time, believe it or not, that is the biggest spread of the addiction right now, and they shoot it up and then they drive, and then they pass out behind the wheel and that is causing a lot of accidents. so they park the big ambulance, bumper to bumper face-to-face, in case, that car started to move. so, they know a thing or two and it was just amaze to go watch our first responders and paramedics with the philadelphia fire department safe a life in front have of you. i was trying to do my report and i knew somebody's life was in the balance.
7:34 am
i was amazed watching this. these guys it was just another chore on their day they do this every day, sometimes as much as five times a day, and i was amazed by this. they were like no big deal. the thing that was haunting them was hit and run from the night before, same crew from that and they could in the do anything to help that poor man. >> what do they do, steve when they pull up, they shoot this syringe of narcan up the person's nose. >> well, that was the original way everybody was doing it the but they told me syringe acts faster to get in the bloodstream and does a better job. a lot of police officers are carrying this with them as well and they shoot nasal spray up in their nose. earlier we were reporting walgreens would be latest big chain in this country to start selling narcan without a prescription over counter. cvs already selling it. new 35 states is a loud without a prescription. cvs had the price depending where you you get it and you get two doses. critics say we are doing this
7:35 am
and new we will let people say all right, somebody can save my life and have this close by but before you get help for your addiction, you need to be alive. so lets safe a life and then help a life once we save them. the this is so bad now that the government, in each state are saying we have got to get this stuff out there we have to save lives because we are losing too many to heroin addiction every day. >> i know you wrote facebook post about this and went in detail. you said that the crew, they used it, every shift, at least ones. >> that is right. >> just the fact that happens. >> it that is prevalent in the delaware valley. >> yes, it is that prevalent in the the just here but it is all over the country. richard prior or joked sane it didn't become than a epidemic until white people started to do it. now in the suburbs people are starting with these pain medications, prescription drugs, oxycontins and all those, they get on that, wear out prescription, they cannot get anymore pills and they go to heroin because it is
7:36 am
accessible, and cheaper than ever and better high than these pain pills. the the problem a lot of people have in the industry they say new that the company making these pain medications is now making money on the other end because they make narcan too. how about that. so they are making money selling this stuff in higher numbers as well. >> my goodness. >> all right, steve. thank you for. that thank you for acting. >> yes, acting instead obvious driving on by. >> all right. 7:36. we need some weather, don't we. >> um-hmm, lets go back to the bus stop because bus stop buddy is here. phillies cap is on. they won yesterday, exciting game, 30's and 40's. it is still cold out there don't forget your shades. we have a frost advisory continuing, through about 8:00 t is beautiful today. we are calling it fantastic friday. tonight we are down to 43 degrees. another chilly night. wait until you see weekend forecast in a few minutes from
7:37 am
the weather authority. did you guess our mystery guest? you know her from the blonde curls and here's some blonde, wait a minute. >> it is great to have dorothy back. >> yes, it is great to be back. >> hi, good morning everybody. >> great to be back. >> yes, who am i kidding. who am i kidding? dorothy krysiuk is back. >> hi, dorothy. >> great to see you. >> you stole my face. >> i need your hair stylist over there you are doing great, bob. >> you look like dee snider. >> dee snider. >> yes. >> he is twisted all right. my goodness. >> i love it, it is a mullet wig. it is very cute. >> hey dorothy, where do you live now. >> i live in boston. i live right outside of boston but i have family and friend here, in philadelphia. so i'm to still here very
7:38 am
frequently. i still drive on this, the schuylkill expressway occasionally and hey, you know what, you have to get to work this morning. lets get to business here. there is an accident on 76, like usual, right on the eastbound side, the driver heading in to town. the it is tying up traffic at montgomery. delay is from city through you to girard. volume building on the 42 freeway. your northbound ride starts off at the atlantic city expressway and goes through to 295 and carries on thereafter travel time lets get you out the door 422, oaks to 202 that will take you 11 minutes to get through delay and 14 minute commute on 202 from 30 to 76. otherwise, flights this this morning, we are hearing they are all on time, no problems reported, at good old p hl and heads up for weekend ongoing paving project around the city hall is still ongoing, abe it will continue through this weekend so watch for lane closures and a whole lots of volume, mike, alex,
7:39 am
back to you. >> she hasn't missed a beat, man. >> she looks good. she's smooth. >> wow. >> nicely done. >> more with dorothy, later. could sipping be replaced with sniffing? how researchers discovered smell have of alcohol could get you you a little bit high. just sniffing it. the tthan the bottom have mo100 million americans.nt how does that happen? well, they use lobbyists to get special tax breaks. my plan -- close the tax loopholes and make them pay their fair share. seniors who've worked hard deserve the opportunity to stay independent, pay their bills, and most of all, enjoy their grandchildren.
7:40 am
it's time to bring back a basic american value -- fairness. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
7:41 am
in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
7:42 am
it is 7:42. let's get to this story, sipping your favorite cocktail could be soon replaced by, sniffing. you are smelling your drinks. >> so new research found that smelling the scent have of alcohol lowers your inhibitions and can make you feel tipsy. researchers a say people wear face mask treated with alcohol and non-alcoholic solutions and they have been asked to perform tasks on the computer. people inhaling alcohol showed worse control on the test then these who had non-alcoholic solutions. so they are saying, that just by simply smelling alcohol it lowers your a ability to control yourself. i guess you can compare if you
7:43 am
are drinking. >> yeah. i guess being around it and smelling it, it effects you. >> i guess it makes sense. >> you know this guy, ice cube. >> yes, do we know ice cube. >> he a has been on the show as a matter of fact. >> he is back on good day philadelphia, barber shop, the next cut, it hits theaters today, hear how he and, oh, common got over their argument for the sake of this movie. of course we have more with our special guest this morning, hey, dorothy, she is helping us celebrate 20 years of good day. narrator: why have president obama and vice president biden endorsed katie mcginty for us senate?
7:44 am
because she's a "champion for working families." katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
7:46 am
what are you coming to me for today i'm done. >> do you want to see bottoms of my feet. >> let me see those shoes. >> they are blue, they are fun. >> wow. >> all right. >> yes, you are doing pretty good. good morning, everyone. lets get you out the door is there an accident to watch out for on the schuylkill expressway traveling east bound on 76 atmont monday. still tying up traffic there traffic on i-95 backing up from the northeast from cottman through to girard avenue, and there it is, there is going to be busing just a weekend trenton line, between,
7:47 am
melbourne station and sue, she's coming up in 15 seconds. we're having so much fun. it is a least union here in the studio, and there is i game, tonight, at the a citizens bank park. new opponent though washington nationals in town. about 58 degrees. make sure you bring a jacket the or sweater if you are going to the ballpark tonight. weather will be perfect. lets hope we will win. we don't have anything to show you on radar. get used to that. we don't have any rain the in the seven day forecast at all. couple more minutes of the frost advisory and things will warm up. 65 degrees our high. sixty-eight tomorrow. check out sunday at the 72. monday with 80 degrees.
7:48 am
the it cools off by middle of next week but still very, very pleasant this lovely stretch of weather ahead from the weather authority forecast, seven day forecast, there it is. >> hopefully, let the me step out of the way. >> now you back down to memory lane. >> wawa here on the desk. >> hi, dorothy. >> hi, how are you you doing. >> good to see you. >> you never change. >> i am a medical miracle, there is in question about it. this is cute. >> this this is from back in the day. >> back in the day. >> look at the that, i'm her fan and she's mine. >> mutual admiration society. >> you too work so closely together. >> for seven years. >> yes, but hey. >> sue, by the way, made me this frame, everyone and it has been sitting on my desk and it has sat through as i went through my life.
7:49 am
>> and she has always been with me good lets take a little cruise down memory lane. >> all right. >> that should be something. >> here's some minutes worth of highlights. >> on the beach, it is memorial day and good day starts right now. >> yes, sue they let me out of the cage on friday. >> morning ride would not be complete without delays on the ben franklin bridge, so reza shourd, we have them, and good news there is not too much going on. the bad news it is monday, i know, we're all feeling the same way. >> that was the slowest that anyone has ever driven on this track. >> ever so slightly on the highways for the most part, it has been very boring, not much is happening. >> you know, when in rome as they say. >> it noise references to the baked potato please, will you ask me butter or sour cream. >> news maker, head of state, mike jerrick. >> we never have to worry about what kind of underwear you have because you you are
7:50 am
forthcoming with that information. pat croce is coming in the studio, wondering what that noise is. here he is. accident on the new jersey turnpike, affecting north and southbound. you cannot avoid it. >> you look great, girl. >> i feel great, now. >> pick up, moved around. >> i don't think we will do traffic in this segment. >> so what years were these highlights. >> i was here for seven years, so from 2001 through 2008, a long time. >> i missed most of that, i only got to work with you one year. >> it was a blessed year, though. >> so blessed. >> perhaps the best years of my professional career. >> remember when we did the dream segment and we went over to a hotel and we shot you in the bed, you you don't remember that. >> i think i blocked that out. >> that is burnt in my memory. >> where is my psycho therapist. >> of all of the highlights,
7:51 am
that is the one. >> i forgot the about that good do you have a favorite memory since mike, what about from you. >> with mike. >> with anybody. >> i loved the underwear segment. the it lives on, it was mike, with the underwear,. >> we did that segment, we did a chat thing called the dish. >> i do remember that. >> i do remember that and we used to dish. you weren't working here anymore. you were up in new york. >> i came down to the city. >> were you doing mike and juliett. >> the topic was my underwear. >> clearly you weren't watching the clip. >> it was really a brilliant segment. >> it was a brief segment. >> good one. >> so you leave here, why did you leave did we fire you. >> thank you very much. the morning show is so rough, as you know with the hours, it is very did. so i just decided, i didn't want to do mornings anymore and then i went to work for
7:52 am
another station, still doing mornings somehow. >> where was that. >> i went to boston, no a wonderful station, channel five in boston good a powerhouse. >> best station, answer lieutenant thely hand down. it was amazing. but it is still morning and it is still tough. >> come on, you are up in the middle of the night. >> dorothy, stop it, you went out on a story and you met a guy. >> to that is not why i left. >> so what happened. >> i'm flush. >> what was the story. >> the story was biking to work injuries. >> was he injured, did you how help him up. >> no, he is a doctor and a he was my, he was the, he was the person who was the expert i suppose. orthopedic guy you are interviewing this orthopedic surgeon and what does he do, call you have award. >> no. >> checkup. >> i e mailed him, dvr alert
7:53 am
that the story was going to be on. >> who knew. >> it was very nice of me i thought. we just went out and hit it off. >> hold on a second, in the control room do you follow dorothy on instagram. she's a great follow. >> yes, you have to go on instagram to see pictures. >> can we show your husband. >> sure. >> beautiful. >> there he is. >> there he is. >> i don't do blonde. >> is he watching the live stream. >> perhaps he is. >> brian mccann and where did you go on your first date. >> we went to the four seasons. we a sat there at the lounge and we had cocktails. >> in boston. >> yes, in boston. >> beautiful hotel. >> have you been there i have been there. >> it was fun. >> we have been together almost six years now. he is a wonderful human being, really fun. very brilliant. very funny. and sue, you have met him so you know. >> you like him. >> he is good looking.
7:54 am
>> easy on the eyes. >> we will put his picture up he is a great guy. >> there he is. >> there he is. >> yes, never looked better. >> yes. >> your rolling stones face. >> beautiful wedding photo too. >> he is great. >> did you kiss on the first date. >> he did try to kiss me he pulled me in for a kiss. we had a very long date, many hours long and then it was time to go home, he trooped me off. i said, all right, i will talk to you tomorrow and he pulls me in for a kiss. the that is when i knew. that is when i knew, i knew i like him because next morning after the super long date he texted me, i woke up to a text that said, i had a wonderful time would you like to have dinner with me again. i thought this guy, i like it. you know what i mean. he doesn't play any game. >> yes. >> it was really nice. >> i like you. i want to be with you.
7:55 am
>> yes. >> the next day text which is most important thing. >> it is crucial. >> yes. >> are we supposed to believe anything you say. >> yes, this is my dorothy bump, do you like that. >> yes. >> dorothy, we're very happy for you. you seem very happy. >> yeah, i feel great. >> is he rich. >> he is not bad. >> he travels a lot. away a lot. >> he is out of the country a lot. >> why do you want to come over. >> why we have to take a break, we will be right back, dorothy, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> coming right back. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
7:56 am
♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
7:57 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above ♪ bring me a higher love modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare.
7:58 am
that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. get this a quadriplegic man can now let his mind, guide his hands and his fingers. >> it is all thanks to a small computer chip in his brain. >> yes, doctor mike what is that. >> a game changer. can you imagine, millions of people, suffer from paralysis. you have a diving accident,
7:59 am
you cannot feel or move your arms or your legs? guess what folks, technology is once again coming to the rescue. this is a man who could not move his arms or his legs, they put a implant in his brain, connected to a computer, and they bypass the spinal injury and he has electrodes on his hand and able to play guitar, move his arm, it is remarkable. >> where does it happen? >> well, i think the university of ohio. >> yes good and amazing stuff. a macing stuff. you cap see there, he takes it. what they do is they implant this into the brain and what happens is, that the brain impulses are studies, and the brain impulses are translated and when he thinks about moving his arm, it gets translated in to movement. >> just when he thinks. >> because the brain sets off the signals and allows you, look at that, it is fascinating, it is the way of
8:00 am
the future, so instead of the war big trying to get the nerve and the spine, to be repaired, bypass them. use technology to help have a little thing on your back, with a little will implant you won't even know you have it and it will allow people to walk. >> it is sobriety, you have to wear shades. >> you got to wear shades. >> yes, that is a total game changer. >> total game changer. >> it will spread across the country quickly. >> hopefully, quickly. >> doctor mike, thanks for driving in. >> i also came into see dorothy krysiuk, an old friend, a love her and love you guys. >> were you her doctor. >> am i allowed to say that. >> yes. >> yes i was. >> why do you think she looks so good. i take a lot of credit for her. a lot of hard work. you need a little bit more work. >> i'm only 31 years old. this this has taken a toll. good day, it is friday, april the 15th, no, it is not the tax day, that is monday the 18th.
8:01 am
it is just friday. a student with autism left bruised and beaten a at school, his nose broken, whom his mother says is behind the beating. and we have a major recall, folks. parents, listen up, the popular product you might have at home, that could put your child in danger. texting at the movies, you are not supposed to do that. forget silencing your phone. >> listen up you animals time to turn off your cell phone. >> reporter: why one of the largest movie theater chains in the country is considering changing its policy. >> ♪ >> ice cube, he is on "good day philadelphia" today. barber shop the next cuties now in theaters, how he and common one of our favorites, got over there beef.
8:02 am
they were arguing before but now they got together and in sake have of the movie. >> good day, it will be a good day. >> it is a good day. >> you didn't have to bring it out. >> yes, that is right. >> 8:02. weather, it is almost a perfect ten today. >> if it wasn't so cold i would have made it a ten. it is cold. so with the sunshine, temperatures are still in the 30's out there this morning. the bus stop buddy, he is nice and warm at bus stop and looking forward to maybe another phillies win tonight, after two in a row. we have 47 degrees. it is getting a little better out there in the the city, but as we look around the region, yeah, lower 40's, just about every where. so this time the sunnies doing its job after the chilly start we have got plenty of sunny skies the rest of the day and we are calling this one fantastic friday, bob kill which a high of 65.
8:03 am
>> bam. >> i think definitely we can get out of work earlier today, take a little lunch outside, good looking weekend. live look at the schuylkill expressway we are dealing with wicked sun glare coming a around that curve, all the way into downtown, we had an earlier accident near montgomery, live look, northeast philadelphia, southbound heavy from cottman down through girard avenue, typical through the construction zone and then this weekend septa is using shuttle buses on the the west trenton line from the trenton to the woodbourne station. otherwise little delay on the blue route with some sun glare, delays coming out west on the schuylkill and delay southbound into girard avenue. airport bridges looking g mike and alex, back over to you. allegations of assault at school, a new jersey woman says her son came home with cuts and bruises. >> yeah, she's pointing the finger at the school, a school aid, who was supposed to keep this child safe. lauren. >> yes. >> this child is dealing with autism. >> yes, and now police are
8:04 am
involved, mike and alex. fifteen year-old jordan is student at archway lower school in atco. he has a specific aid designed to work with him. the his mother, says he came home wednesday looking like this, cuts, bruises maybe even a broken nose. she asked her son what happened? he told her that his school aid took him into the closet the and she beat him. torres said a school administrators told her the same story. >> she actually observed what was going on and she said protocol was to remove the student and make sure that he was safe. i asked her if police were called. she said no. >> without providing specific on this situation school leased this statement. safety is and always will be our top priority. we have immediately reported the incident. new jersey institutional abuse investigation unit a and cooperating full which their investigation as well as that of the waterford township police. we are fully committed to providing safe and secure environment for those in our care. so now, the waterford township
8:05 am
police department is looking into the case, mike and alex. >> keep us updated. >> we will. all right. 8:05. fish are price is recalling tens of thousands of infant swings. company says it has received two reports of the seats, in their cradling swings falling to the ground because the seats were not fully engaged. >> wow. >> no babies have been injured and the swings were sold the at bye-bye baby, target and on rine between november 2015 and last month for $170. people hoff them should cat fischer price for more information on this. >> okay. well, the accuse inner bill cosby's criminal sexual assault case here in philadelphia a wants a judge to void the secrecy clause surrounding their 2006 settlement. a federal court hearing is set today, it will happen this morning, to weigh that issue and the lawsuit cosby filed against the accuser andrea constand. her mother and her lawyer, also involved.
8:06 am
cosby a's attorneys say that andrea's camp has violated the secrecy pack by cooperating with officials who reopened her police complaint last year after all of these years. all right. game one last night didn't go well for the flyers. story of this game was the power play, man, capitals making most of their opportunities and the flyers failing to score, on their. they went, zero for four on the power play, lost the opener two to nothing. game two, from them tomorrow night back to that verizon center in washington d.c. we will bounce back tomorrow. >> we have to make it up. >> yes. >> okay. next time you go to the movies, there may be rule changes when it comes to using your phone but first, it is banned and now maybe we should allow it. >> i don't know about talking on it. >> but texting. >> we have been talking about this. we have got some tweets bit.
8:07 am
here's a solution from georgeana. how about a texting section in the back row so it won't bother people in front of them. >> i like that idea good do you know you will text before you go to the theater. >> some people just don't want to be cut off from their phone. if i don't want to turn off my phone. >> what is this with man's name, georgeana. >> i like this idea. like the last five rows if you want to text get in the back. >> isn't that the make out section. >> that is true. >> what are you doing over there. >> make out people will be hanging out the with the texters. >> all of the distractions. >> sexting and texting in the same area. >> steve, do you like this solution. >> mike, you gave me another idea for another seinfeld reference, remember jerry was making out the through shindler's list. >> wow. >> newman ratted him out the to his parents. >> jerry, you made out during shindler's list, really. >> yes. >> sorry, you know, that wasn't planned obviously. i don't like this idea but i
8:08 am
don't like the idea of going to the movies anymore. i told you, everything, everybody does bothers me and i the funniest part of the jay leno's act, this is how we raise kid. are you done with those nachos and cheese and then just throw it on the floor. do you ever see the trash. we have got these hot tubs of coca cola, nobody can possibly drink 700-ounces of coke, that is small in the movie theater. are you done? jay leno said then just throw it on the floor. good thing about nachos and cheese now you have something that can get you traction when you walk through spilled soda. >> i have a question... >> go ahead. >> where did that ever get started because no where else in life do you just throw your food on the floor, only in the movie theater. >> i didn't think you were supposed to do that. >> it happens a all the time. >> also working night shift in the live truck are you done with that throw it under the seat.
8:09 am
guys in the morning will deal with it. >> who knows what from hong kong delight just throw it on the floor. are you done with the used chop sticks throw them on keeley's seat. every where i turn i sit on dirty chop sticks. >> what kind of theater did you grow up. >> some people spilled popcorn but they pick it up and throw it away. >> you ever walk out of the movie theater and you see bottom of the your shoes, your like that. >> what i like is you know how they have a little hole in the seat. they had little hole in the seat so cup could fit in there. they make cups top heavy because they have an 80-ounce cup and they make it like a cone so big coupe will fit in the little hole in the seat and that is why everybody spills their soda. >> i was going to run tape but who cares about this. i was going to say dorothy krysiuk stuff. i have dorothy krysiuk trivia, all right. this was a day, her last day, pivotal day in philadelphia history. sue a serio was such a news
8:10 am
day, big event, sue serio was out in the field. so when she said good bye it was her and sheneilley on the set. do you know what day that was. >> no. >> should i just say what it was. >> it was the morning, it was morning of the phillies parade. so, lot of people, had left their homes to go to the parade and they had no idea dorothy said good bye. so to this day, i have to explain to people where is dorothy? every time i see a fire fighter she would do firehouse fridays, including, yesterday, just yesterday, they didn't know dorothy would be our mystery guest. just yesterday fire fighters were asking me can dorothy come back and do firehouse friday. you know what else, i thought, we blew the chance to use two of the most stupid clicheness our business, we didn't use team coverage when we did traffic today. and we did not use i-95 corridor because dorothy lives at top of the i-95 corridor. sue is from baltimore at bottom of the i-95 corridor and bobbies in the middle of
8:11 am
the 95 corridor. mike, when i had a week off, mike goes to these tropical island. where are you going. i'm going to the i-95 corridor for my vacation. >> he hates that i-95 corridor. >> i hate team coverage. i refuse to say it. >> it is tv speak. >> we will have team coverage, and it will be like two reporters on it. >> what kind of of team is that. >> why do i have to hear some other broadcaster say it, so they say it. and that is why i like about dorothy a and bob kelly, they do it and they just talk. >> yes. >> there is a car crash, it is a car crash. >> dorothy. >> maybe get dart toy come back. >> you should keep in touch with us, i don't know why you turned your back on the delaware valley. >> i did not. >> by walking out on us. >> i did not, i did not turn my back. i love the delaware valley. i'm here all the time. i have family here. >> your last day was the phillies parade.
8:12 am
>> correct. >> steve, i love you, i miss you. he is absolutely correct. that was my last day. >> i remember, i was upset that morning. it was very emotional, we're like a family on show, and i got to do phillies parade. i had joy of the phillies winning and sadness, extreme sadness of dorothy, and all heck breaking lose that morning. it was an unbelievable day because of the phillies, for instance and then i had an anchor i had to speak for 70 minutes straight because i was only one that hat a live shot because they moved from from broad street to the helicopter because our facilities got destroyed. sue was at citizens bank ballpark i remember that morning. >> amazing memories, steve keeley. >> you leave, and the biggest day ever. >> steve has an amazing memory. >> steve, i remember that day too because i was, i had been scheduled to meet at a firehouse, but the parade happened, and it was also halloween, if you remember.
8:13 am
>> sure, it was halloween. >> and we had a whole thing ready to go with the fire fighters, they were all going to dress up as the good day gang, so there was a sue fire fighter, and teave keeley, a dorothy, and a sheneille, and the kicker of this is i have wigs for everybody, so there were five or six wigs, that never made air. and then they sat in my car for next eight years. >> dorothy, lloyd ayers philadelphia fire commissioner gave her a proclamation because how important she was just to get word out about fire fighters. they really appreciated her. so she had a fire fighter proclamation read to her by lloyd ay are toward the end of the day. >> thank you so much. so sweet of you. i loved doing those segments and the firehouse family. >> i just got a call from wendy williams, her show is starting.
8:14 am
>> oh, my goodness. >> so we will see you. >> dorothy, i love you. >> love you too. >> good to see you. >> we will take a break and wendy williams.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
a significance of jackie robinson, and life itself is undeniable. particularly, on this day. >> and, number 42, broke the color barrier. >> what are you doing with the white man's field. >> yes, in 1947, jackie robinson became first african-american to play major league baseball. with the brooklyn dodgers, his life on and off the field was anything but ease i. in fact, when playing against the philadelphia phillies, jackie was taunted by then phillies manager, ben chapman. he was also refused services by a local hotel, in our city. >> why don't lou the in the mirror. >> three years ago warner brothers released 42, a movie that opened to critical a
8:18 am
claim with actor chadwick bowsman starring as jackie robinson. it captured turbulent chapter in baseball's history which many would rather forget. just a few weeks ago our city council here in philadelphia adopted a resolution, honoring the achievements of jackie robinson and apologizing, for the racism, he experienced, while he was in our town. >> festivities are planned to commemorate jackie robinson's legacy but here in philadelphia there are some special things going on and quincy is highlighting those things. look at that mural. >> right now i'm at the broad and somerset, within of the many jackie robinson memorials. you guys are celebrating jackie robinson. very different from when you started. >> yes, we have been celebrating since 1996, when major league baseball instituted jackie robinson day. we have a great line up at the ballpark. we will honor jackie robinson and philadelphia a stars.
8:19 am
we will be recognizing jackie robinson foundation and philly's rbi scholars as well. the for the first time this year, we will have have, six local churches singing one of the jackie robinson's favorite songs oh, happy day on the field. >> i have a special t-shirt on right new the that the fans can get tonight, correct. >> yes, absolutely. first 500 fans that purchase tickets on line to the team night page have an to opportunity to have that commemorative philadelphia a stars t-shirt. >> i know you are friend with the family, you know, what does this day mean for them as well. >> it means a lot for them. i have been lucky enough to get to know them and their families. they have become my surrogate grandfather almost getting to know them throughout the year tonight philadelphia a phillies will be honoring jackie robinson and philadelphia stars. >> they have come around. we appreciate the phillies for honoring jackie robinson and philadelphia stars. >> thanks. >> back to you in the studio.
8:20 am
>> so, every player will have number 42 on. >> pretty special. >> yes. >> so, good move. >> the fact that the movie 42 highlight, of course, happened on the national level but they highlighted philadelphia and how he was treated in philadelphia a. >> so poorly here in philadelphia a. not a good part of the legacy. >> we are making up for it. >> darn right. >> it is friday. >> lets get to the movies. >> the trailers looked so cool, i cannot wait to see this. >> but hold on, before you take your kid to this i have a warning about this stuff. >> really. >> yes. >> okay. plus, say you are sorry. the right way. there is a perfect formula when it comes to apologizing, i need the one thing you need to do to make it believable. >> you you know, believe the number we're talking.
8:21 am
hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers.
8:22 am
♪ bring me a higher love ♪ i could rise above
8:23 am
it is 8:23. let's check out weekend box
8:24 am
office. three big films coming out. >> we have criminal starring kevin costner, barber shop three, with ice cube. >> yes. >> many little ones they cannot wait to see jungle book. >> yes. >> not so fast. >> wow.. >> so, our movie critic is kevin mccarthey, he is in the state of hawaii right now and he is a asleep. >> you cannot work in hawaii. >> you have been tweeting, i'm just saying. >> while on the beach he can contact us and he does the five stars, right. >> yes. >> he gave us his stars, but he will not be here today so we will make it, a kevin head. how many kevin heads, per movie. >> okay. >> he gave it four and a half kevins out of five. that is pretty good. incredible visual, emotional a
8:25 am
collection but does not recommend this for very young children, okay. >> he thinks that, for really young kid, it might be too scary. >> okay. >> it is live action. >> different when you see it in the the cartoon. >> yes. >> loud, and scary. >> yeah. >> next up barber shop three and i have seen this one. >> welcome to town. do you like it, you pay. you don't like it, you pay anyway. >> hutch do you charge for those wings. >> it will cost you $200. if you want to be beyonce, then, boom. >> boom. >> so, you saw to this. >> yes, i did. >> it centered around stories going around in it is is like chicago. >> so nicki, how was nicki in this. >> she was good. >> yes. >> cool to see her in the movie. >> but she had an interesting role. >> okay. >> you have to see it to understand. >> our movie critic gave it
8:26 am
what. >> four kevins out of five. >> well written about the drama and comedy and his favorite of the barber shop films. people have said this is best one and it does get emotional toward the end. >> yes good really well done film. >> how many heads would you give it. >> i would give it four as well. >> four as well. >> four as well. >> and then there is a film called criminal, kevin cost inner. >> you are an intelligence officer with the cia. hey. >> look at me. >> pay attention. >> you need protection, remember. >> you got him to the safe house. to that is all we need to know. >> it looks really good to me. kevin says stinks. >> one head out of five. >> he said it was awful. >> look at that.
8:27 am
>> no. >> hey, it looked so good and great characters in it. so something so cool is happening right now, in pottstown. >> because jen's there. she's rocking the block. >> we are rocking the block, we will clean up, and this amazing volunteers, but they are rocking the michael jackson, really cool i'll tell what you they are doing and why they are doing it and what you can do come on back.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is straight up 8:30. i remember her, she has been on our show so many times, bethenny frankel. >> she is being criticized for not really empowering women. what she said about women sleeping their way to the top. >> she's kind of for it. >> and then ice cube one of our favorite on "good day
8:31 am
philadelphia" today, barber shop, his movie is out, how he and, common, got over their arguing to make this movie. they are no longer, mad at each other. >> hi, nicki. >> oh, we have another guest coming through the door. >> yes. >> we have two, no, we have three surprises today. >> three. >> we have done dorothy krysiuk. two more people coming through. lets get to pottstown. this is such a cool project. bunch of people getting together to clean up a city block. >> it is called rock the block. >> it is called rock the block but mike, cue the camera guy, we are rocking out saying who are these clowns. we are getting in the spirit. >> absolutely, that is what this is all about. being out the here on this beautiful day rocking out and cleaning up the community. >> you are executive director for habitat for humanity for montgomery county and we're in pottstown. this is different. we are not building any homes today. >> we are doing community
8:32 am
clean up, repairs in the community, in the quite building a house today. >> why does this community and project. >> pottstown is an important community. we have nine home own hours live here and they were expecting some concerns about the neighborhood that they lived in and community itself is concerned about some of the things going on but they have a wonderful community spirit and assets, and so it is a great community to launch our new program neighborhood revitalization in. >> people know about habitat but maybe they don't have 40 hours to give you. maybe they don't necessity how to build a house. people are nervous, they don't want to mess up someone's new home. this is great way to get involved and without giving more time then you might have available. great way, you don't have to have skill to to it. you can only invest a morning. you don't have to have come out for a week to build a house. we have great people here to train you on lots have of skills like painting, cleaning up yard. if you are feeling uncomfortable about being in the house and messing up someone's house this is a great way to get involved.
8:33 am
>> what were pottstown homeowners talking about, what issues are they worried about. >> they are concerned about the age of the homes in the community. there is some, abandoned properties, that they'd like to see maybe fix up. there is, you know, a focus here on home ownership and there are homeowners struggling to make sure their homes are repaired and kept up. we are here to give some help. >> so what we will do now is we are keeping music on. >> absolutely. >> we have hill school students. >> pottstown school district students. >> that is correct. >> we will get them out of the school for a couple hours and spread out, and you can show us what they are doing at 9:00 . >> fabulous. >> okay. >> is that a yes. >> absolutely. >> we are allowed to dance while we do it. >> yes good does that feel nice. >> i like it. >> if i can paint and clean up, i say wait for it, i might clean up my own closet in my own house. >> and have this kind of music, yeah, it all works out. >> thanks, jen. >> yes. >> they touched off the the music.
8:34 am
>> we can dance in here because i'm loving the way this weather looks. >> i think folks in pottstown grateful as well, temperatures are in the 40's, we are off to a coal start but bus stop buddy, looking forward to the weekend and the phillies, maybe winning another one tonight, we have got 47 degrees out there with calm wind, it is gorgeous with the sunshine, just maybe chillier then what you expect and lower 40's, just about every where else, 45 degrees, in wildwood, new jersey. so plan on plenty of sunshine after earlier frosty start, plenty of sun and a fantastic friday, high temperature, bob kelly, how about 65 degrees, do you like it. >> owned good, better than i do. >> listen to you. >> my goodness. >> look what is going up, tacony palmyra bridge in the middle of an opening and a accident, westbound, on the schuylkill, near gladwynn, thanks to the allergies, for the rough voice here. alex, back over to you. >> thanks, bob. you need to drink some tea and nice honey, you know.
8:35 am
>> well, happy birthday, we are celebrating the fanatic's birthday this morning. so there is a stunt that will happen later in the show that has not happened, on tv before. we will not tell you what it is, so just you wait, it is going to be good. this ii got to see my dad, die on national tv. they don't know what they took from us. people are dying. we need a president that's going to talk about it. i believe bernie sanders is a protestor. he's not scared to go up against the criminal justice system.
8:36 am
he's not scared. that's why i'm for bernie. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. narendorsed katie mcgintyent obama afor us senate? nt biden because she's a "champion for working families."
8:37 am
katie mcginty will take on the republicans and protect social security and medicare. and mcginty will work for equal pay for women - because families depend on it. for the april 26th democratic primary, president obama supports katie mcginty. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message, because it's your turn to get ahead.
8:38 am
welcome back, everybody. it is 8:38. welcome back to good day philadelphia do you remember a couple weeks ago when donald trump's campaign manager got in the dust up with a female reporter and now you know that he will not be prosecuted, for allegedly grabbing this woman. prosecutors say there is not enough evidence to warrant misdemeanor charge is a begins him. so, a former reporter, for says that this guy, grabbed her, and then
8:39 am
almost made her fall down. tape really doesn't corroborate that. so this guy the campaign manager for donald trump will be on "fox news" sunday with chris wallace, chris? so whether are you going to ask him. >> welshing we will certainly ask about that and one question, will be whether or not he will a pol guys which is what he should have done. did he grab her. it seems that she had exaggerated the extent of what happened but just a pol guys my guess is we wouldn't be talking about this a in later. more perfectly we will talk about the state of the trump campaign because at this point he is kind of getting out work, out trumped if you will by the cruz campaign in terms of hoist being put in those seats. even it is person to pledge to vote trump in the the first ballot those people are cruz supporters and if it goes to the second ballot they can vote whom ever they want. so we will talk to corry lewandowski about that as well.
8:40 am
>> okay. >> for very interesting convention in cleveland when g.o.p. gets together there later this summer. so last night, i don't know if you saw, i'm sure you did, in brooklyn, bernie sanders, hillary clinton, i will play a snip it, right here, here we go. >> let's do it. >> if we're bet screaming at each other viewers won't be a able to hear either of you so please don't talk over one another. >> it got nasty last night, chris. >> does bernie have a chance here. >> well, there are two points i think. first of all, just a polite campaign. remember when bernie sanders says i don't give a dam about your e-mails and we will have a high brow campaign, just on the issues. i mean from the moment that they rang the first bell and it was a prize fight in brooklyn then a dean. they went after each other about everything.
8:41 am
do i think he has a chance in new york? slim. do i think he has a chance of winning nomination, even slimmer but having said that i never thought he would be around now. he has out raised hillary clinton. he raised 15 million-dollar more, and he won seven straight contest. if he were to beat her in insuring which is a state where she represented as a senator for eight years it would be pretty astonishing. the other person we will talk to on sunday is doctor anthony, the administration, the government's point man on infectious disease. as it starts on get warmer this zika virus is more of a concern. cdc believes there is direct link between zika virus and brain defects and skull malformations and new thoughts of whether it effect is a adults. we will get latest on the zi can. a virus and what can be done to protect yourself from it.
8:42 am
>> are you a capitals fan, are you a hockey fan at all. >> oh, yeah, and i'm trying to remember, oh, that is right we beat you last night and we lead one to nothing. in fact, i think we shut you out. >> yes, you did. we had four power play possibilities and we went zero and four last night. we are bouncing back tomorrow, okay, fish face. >> i understand that but you realize that we won the presidents cup and we had best record in hockey this year, the capitals did. >> here's the thing, capitals have won the president's cup, many, many times and they never have won a stanley cup. pathetic. >> well, all i can say is scoreboard, what? we lead one to nothing in the another is. >> is that right. >> we will see you next friday, chris and i will watch sunday after flares victory. see you then. >> and watch after the flyers defeat too. >> okay, sure. >> i love him. get this. if there was a fight between
8:43 am
justin beiber, and lebron james, who would win? >> what? >> the two are battling it out at quicken loans arena in cleveland. there is a a reason one may be without a home now. are you sick of harrisburg politicians
8:44 am
like steve santarsiero, who will say or do anything to advance his career? claims he ote nnsylvania's gun safety law. but the truth is he didn't. there is no law requiring universal background checks for all gun purchases. his campaign even bragged that he passed 54 bills. in fact, 7 years in harrisburg, steve santarsiero has never passed a single bill into law. i'm shaughnessy naughton. i approve this message because i am not a career politician. (avo) how mu18%? 20?in does your dog food have? nutrient-dense purina one true instinct with real turkey and venison has 30% protein. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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he's happy.t's with him? your family's finally eating vegetables thanks to our birds eye voila skillet meals. and they only take 15 minutes to make. ahh! birds eye voila so veggie good
8:46 am
8:46. we were certainly, pleased with the forecast for today, and i think we may be seeing some folks at the shore this weekend, what do you think. there is sea isle city, new jersey looking gorgeous. beautiful day at the ballpark yesterday especially because we won. new opponent in town for weekend, it is washington nationals. tonight's game at 7:05. great night. we will start off at 58 degrees, jacket or sweater is a good idea because it will get colder a after that. you know, i just hate you sometimes. but i say to that with love. yes. temperatures are in the the 40's, throughout the region. and, the average high is 64 degrees. we were just a smidge below yesterday, today, a smidge above, with 65 degrees. sixty-eight tomorrow. in the 70's by sunday, we will go even better on monday with 80.
8:47 am
cold front comes through monday night and tuesday morning but even after we cool off, gorgeous weather, continues. into the mid 07's again by thursday. so looking good, mike and alex. >> you know, i love you both. >> we love you. you are bringing sun. >> i love you like a sister. >> yes. >> summer loving. >> big brother i never had. >> within of my sisters is a good kisser. >> okay. >> this is a weird dilemma. >> if you had to choose between lebron james, lebron james, or justin beiber, who would you thick. >> here's the problem they have in cleveland. >> justin beiber is speaksed to have a concert in this arena called quicken loans arena in cleveland but cavilers have made it to the playoffs. they are both scheduled for the same night april 26th. who is going to get bump, get on twitter, facebook, who do you think will win this fight. >> i bet dax has something to say. who do you think will win. >> tmz is in the house.
8:48 am
>> i have to think they have been promoting this purpose tour for months, and then they just now released the cavilers playoff schedule that has them double booked at the this place. i have to think they will move justin. it would be game five if they make it, if they get through five games, but i have to think they have to move justin to a different arena you just cannot move cavilers to another place but you could move just continue to a new place. the eye think fans would understand. >> people bought tickets. >> alex, let's think this through you can move to era rena, give them comparable tickets good this is a dilemma. >> i would think that the cavilers game is more, would be more popular with a bigger audience. >> with the local, yeah. exactly. i think that you're in their city. justin is coming to the city, cleveland, but that is where cavilers are there. it is their city. >> what you could do. >> it is quite the dilemma.
8:49 am
>> at this time of the year weather would be decent enough you could have it at the football stadium. >> football stadium or baseball stadium unless indians are playing. >> what if it rains. >> that is true. >> so, this sound like such a headache for them. >> yes. >> very heavy. >> just having two huge things in the same nate. >> yes. >> beiber and lebron. >> lets talk jennifer aniston. why would anyone boo jennifer aniston. >> she's boring. >> she shows up to premiere of mothers day. she was there an her late. she was running way behind. she pulls her car up, goes to get out and there is fans waiting for her. they start screaming her name out, jen, jen, come over here. she waves, turns around and walks inside. she gets rushed in because she's so late. all of the fans just start booing her. and obviously very up impressed with her. >> because, julia roberts walk
8:50 am
a cross the street and said hi to people. >> that made it worse. >> we are told that, inside, everyone was waiting for her to actually start the premiere and that is why they rush her in real fast. i get it, everybody else was waiting. she didn't have have time but that is it. >> i have another dilemma, dax, if you you were to have an affair, but you never would on your beautiful wife, jennifer aniston or julia roberts. >> okay, um-hmm. >> aniston. >> you would go with jennifer aniston. >> i love jennifer aniston, yeah. >> i love julia roberts hair. >> i think that my wife would actually be like it is jennifer aniston, it is all good. >> give you you a a pass. >> that is great. >> okay. >> see if i can hook that up. >> i love that movie. >> no. >> you don't like anything julia roberts is in. >> ever since pretty women i don't like any movie she has
8:51 am
been in. >> plus her mouth is so wide. >> my goodness, you are terrible. >> she his a beautiful mouth. >> she has a beautiful mouth. >> i'm just jealous. >> of her life. >> yeah. >> well, i have very thin lips. >> it is okay. >> are you jealous of taylor's squad. >> and maybe too late to get one of your own, apparently there is an age when your social circle peaks. i just can't talk. it doesn't get worse but better good she has a girl squad. >> that is squad goals. >> all right. >> i would say 30. if you are still doing this at 30, it is kind of of lame. we will see what the study says. lottery numbers.
8:52 am
in the last eight years, the fracking industry has spent over $40 million dollars on lobbying in pennsylvania. so it's no surprise that even though they've had over 4,000 violations, all they've ever gotten is just a slap on the wrist it's time for that change. i'm josh shapiro, and i'll hold the oil and gas companies criminally liable for poisoning our air and our drinking water. i'll be an attorney general who always works for you. democrat josh shapiro. he'll stand up for us.
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8:54 am
♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
8:55 am
yeah, all month long we are celebrating our 20th birthday. i cannot win. every time the door was ugly, i painted it yellow. >> that is the problem you painted it. >> true. >> it is bright yellow. >> that is our good day colors are yellow. >> more than just yellow, blue, orange. >> true. >> so, some woman gave me trouble on twitter about the brand of paint i used. >> you cannot get to do anything right. >> why do you use behr, use sherman williams. >> how do we make the door more exciting. someone said people sign the door. i got a tweet from an artist who says i will come in and how about i paint the door. i know what i'm doing. >> i saw this tweet. he is here in the studio. the his name is jamill. >> he showed up. >> good to see you. >> what is up. >> so, what is your vision for the door. >> nice to meet you.
8:56 am
>> just trying to spruce it up. >> spruce it up. >> get over there, you have an hour. >> lets see what he can do. >> transform it. >> do you have anything in particular y'all like. >> we will leave it up to you. >> are you any good. >> i like to think so. >> it is spray paint. >> it is a little mix have of spray and acrylic. >> you have never looked bet ever squatting over like that. >> thank you. >> we will see what he comes up with. >> okay. this is what we have to talk about, texting at movies, it is topic for this morning, forget silencing your phone. a parentally amc chain will say it is okay to text. what do you think about that. happy birthday to the fanatic we are celebrating his birthday this morning. so what will happen later in the show though, that has never happened on live television. >> you are going to keep this this up.
8:57 am
8:58 am
elmo's got the moves. sesame street live let's dance has abby elmo and cookie monster dancing with you and your family! sesame street live let's dance playing liacouras center this weekend! tickets on sale now!
8:59 am
9:00 am
ahh. >> okay. >> wow. >> it is 9:00 o'clock. the 9:00 o'clock hour is about to begin. my goodness. >> what is on the bottom of my chair. >> my goodness. hey, fanatic you are supposed to be behind the door, go behind the door. >> my goodness. >> be care full. >> be careful. >> let me see who is a


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