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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 16, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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the lesean mccoy case be getting a second look? philadelphia district attorney seth williams declined to charge the former eagle after a fight with off duty police officers. now the fraternal order of police what's the ag to look into whether there was any misconduct in the da's office. >> good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. it's been no secret that fop president john mcnesby was very unhappy with the da's decision not to charge mccoy. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live in our newsroom tonight with more on the fallout. >> dawn this is the letter that ag office sent to the fop and it could landis trick attorney seth williams under the microscope for his decision not to charge lesean mccoy. the letter signed by newly appointed solicitor general bruce castor reads in part the law quote does provide mechanism for a judge to overturn a district attorney's decision and appoint the general general to a case. we are reviewing the law in that area now end quote. fop president mcnesby first
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wrote to cane's office. the nightclub fight left two off duty officers injured one with a broken nose and ribs. mcnesby contends williams decision a case of peripheral treatment treatment against a well known athlete. it was allegedly over a bottle champagne. the letter states that cane's office will review the evidence to look at whether there was abuse of prosecutor ya'll discretion. but cautions that the bar for such a determination is streaksly high. castor will steed need to decide whether it's in the interest of the commonwealth to set a precedent. castor says kane has dell gator these decisions to him so as to avoid a she's acting us a perceived law running feud between her office and the da's office. now, we reached out to the
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da's office to williams says quote i stand by my decision not to issue charges against anyone in the recess lounge incident. he adds there was not enough testified press charges. dawn? >> thank you is a bean n. camden county woman tests positive for zika virus. the woman went to her doctor with symptoms of a fever, rash, fatigue and joint pain. the woman did recently travel to a country where there is local mosquito born transmission of the zika virus. it can cause severe birth defects in babies. officials say the cam county woman is not pregnant and she is expected to make full recovery. it's a murder mystery in burlington county, new jersey. neighbors hear gunshots ring out in upscale neighborhood now investigators are trying to figure out what happened. our bruce gordon has more tonight. midday sights and sounds in willingboro's windsor park neighborhood were remarkablely routine. trash trucks making their
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rounds, a schoolbus rumbling through. but the pre-dawn hours here were anything but routine. >> when you hear gunshots the first thing you think of is oh, goodness, you know, i do know that gunshots go through people's houses and people get shot in their house. >> reporter: shortly after 3:00 a.m., neighbors report hearing five gunshots at the intersection of woodhaven and court land lanes. within minutes willingboro police were on the scene where they quickly discovered the body of 31-year-old colby rogers of mt. laurel inside this dark colored kia with pennsylvania license plate. investigators are saying little about what happened or why but folks who live around here tell me the neighborhood has declined with one man blaming transplants from north jersey. >> now a days it's change add little bit, you know, got a let of people from the north that move down here and wreck the neighborhood. >> reporter: follow 29 confirms rogers was arrested in march of last year and charged with the january 2014 itemed
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smash and grab rob brief $26,000 in watches from a tj maxx store in evesham, new jersey. a robbery attempt broken up by a good samaritan who tackled him as he tried to leave the store. police said rogers escaped without the watches. i'm told woodhaven and court land was the scene of a shooting just a couple of years ago. many residents in windsor park are older. they've been here for years. and they don't like the change they're seeing. >> has in my opinion gotten little worse. >> reporter: in terms of the basic peace and quiet. >> yeah, it has been. >> this case is being investigated as homicide but the county medical examiner will perform an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death for colby rogers. in the news i'm bruce gordon fox 29 news. >> prosecutors say these three brothers led violent drug rink in camden with ties to the mexican drug cartel and today omar, edwin and edward urbina pleaded guilty to racketeering. they were dealing millions of dollars of year in heroin and
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cocaine. the ring was busted in 2013 during an undercover stink called operation north pole. this is the driver philadelphia police say hit a man ride ago scooter dragged him more than 200 feet, then left the scene of the crash. 36-year-old thomas dunbar was kill it happened wednesday night at aramingo and lehigh avenues in kensington. 62-year-old ramon morales was arrested last night. he is facing a number of charges including vehicular homicide. taking live look at center city on this friday night. today definitely had that spring feeling with blue skies and temperatures i in the 60s. and there's even more warmer air on the way. chief meteorologist scott williams here to fill us in. we like the sound of this, scott. >> i mean, dawn, last friday we were talking about snow for the weekend, this upcoming weekend it will be beautiful. so if you liked today, you'll love tomorrow and then warmer temperatures ahead fort second half of the weekend. dry, quiet right now in old city as we take live look outside our studios folks are out and about
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enjoying the weather. low 50s right now so those temperatures are dropping. look at the scenario. high pressure it's in full control so really not a cloud in the sky. winds are diminishing and that will allow those temperatures to drop. already in the low 40s atlantic city. upper 30s in millville. we have 51 degrees in pottstown. so as we go hour by hour by tomorrow morning, it's a chilly start. temperatures in the upper 30s to low 40s. there might even be a little bit of patchy frost in some of those outlying areas. now, for tomorrow, wall to wall sunshine. the high in philadelphia 66 degrees. but coming up we'll talk much more about the increasing pollen levels that complete weekend forecast and when temperatures could flirt with 80 degrees. back to you. liking the sound of that scott, thanks. a legal win tonight fort woman accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. montgomery county judge ruled this afternoon andrea constand is entitled to any documents or e-mails that cosby's lawyers shared with former prosecutor
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bruce castor. back in 2005 castor declined to charge cosby after constand told police she was drugged and sexual assaulted by the comedian at his cheltenham home. castor said last year constand enhanced her story when she filed a civil lawsuit against cosby. she's now suing castor for defamation. a new prosecutor filed charges against cosby in december. police in kutztown are trying to track down two men who they say robbed a college student at gun point. it happened last weekend near the intersection of west main street and south balding street. the two men hit the 20-year-old victim in the head with a gun and then took his backpack. police say the two got away in a white volvo. a woman with an arm full of packages picks up one more from a house in south philadelphia. the problem, it doesn't belong to her. the homeowner says she stole it while surveillance cameras rolled. and his wife was just feet away. >> he put the video on social media and that's how he started
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uncovering clues bout thief. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live at south detectives with more. joanne? >> reporter: hey, dawn, chris, it's not just a couple of packages. in one case, someone stole a ups box with 40 phillies tickets inside and now that the story has hit social media and making the rounds on social media, more people are coming forward saying someone stole from them. >> they're getting brazen. more and more brazen with these -- with home invasions and the crime things of that nature. >> reporter: just watch this surveillance video from home in east passyunk this woman strolls by but in less than 15 seconds she steps up the ramp, opens the door, takes a package and walks away. >> i was so mad that i went in to work and i put it on facebook and said, you know, i want to know who this few other words is, can you help us out? >> reporter: they paid 400 bucks on e-bay for a fancy car
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radio system. it was delivered this week. dropped in a brown box at their front door. rose who is in a wheelchair went to get it. >> i pull the front door shut the clear door but the other door was ajar and i went into the kitchen to get a broom to see if i could pull the package in. and that fast it was gone. >> reporter: just like that, stolen from the doorstep and since larry had signed for it online, so the dhl could drop package he has no recourse. >> we're not the only victims in this. by no means. >> reporter: after posting the surveillance video on facebook, others came forward saying it had happened to them. >> there's a pattern. there's definitely a pattern. somebody has seen this individual and we got to get her off the street. >> reporter: now, as for those stolen phillies tickets, that victim told me he contacted ups and phillies box office which voided the stolen tickets and reissued new ones. now, if you have seen this
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person in the surveillance video tape or if this has happened to you, contact south detectives. we're live tonight at south detectives, joanne pileggi fox 29 news. us today you dawn, back to you. >> joanne, thank you. we're hearing from the camden charter school accused letting one of its students walk out of school. anna martinez of pennsauken got call an hour after she dropped her seven-year-old son jerry off at camden community charter school that was monday morning. she says school officials told her her son left the building and someone saw him and called police who then brought him back to the school. jerry was found 2 miles away on a busy admiral wilson boulevard. now the school issued a response that reads in part the school cannot issue a specific statement, however, the administrators of camden county charter school and all those who work in the school are committed first and for most to the safety and well-being of our students. at no time has any student's well-being or safety been trifle arrived. ". >> philadelphia police searching for this missing man in overbrook. he is 71 year odd robbed kemp
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his family says he has dementia and needs his medication. kemp was last seen at his home an at wood road on wednesday he walks with limp and uses a cane. if you see the man, please call police. a man bound to wheelchair left in park. why family and friends are honoring that good samaritan a year later. and it's not all that unusual to see a mountain lion in california. but where this one showed up today has police on high alert. plus, you wouldn't think twice about putting your baby back in this swing. why fisher price is recalling tens of thousands of the swings. >> five-year-old boy screams as he's about to be spanked by his school principal how this viral videoing the reigniting the discussion of corporal punish many in schools.
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♪ skyfox over house fire in richboro bucks county this afternoon. you see a lot of smoke coming from the home's second floor. this one started about 3:30. no word on what started the fire, but authorities say no one has been hurt. it's been one year since this man fits roy anderson stumbled upon disabled man in cobbs creek park. police say he had been dumped there by his mother and left to die. if it weren't for anderson, that may have been how this story actually ended. >> now, one year later, his friends and family gathered to remember his life-saving actions and that is not all. fox 29' brad sattin joins us in
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southwest philadelphia tonight with more on the story. brad? >> reporter: chris, we can tell you there is a big party going on right now for this man fits roy. his family is from gentleman may a he was actually born in jamaica. a lot of them came here for this party. in fact they came from all over the us, everyone is here except fits roy. >> you never seen anything like this. >> never in my life. >> a year ago this week we met fits roy anderson who gave god all the credit for what he just done. >> god safe life. that's a good thing. that's a very good thing. >> reporter: a day earlier fits roy spotted some deer and followed them to cobbs creek park into the woods where in the darkness he thought he saw an animal covered up. he left but something told him to come back and when he did, he found it wasn't an animal, but a man. a quadriplegic allegedly left by his mother to die. fits roy saved his life. >> he really was bothered by it.
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he brought tears to his eyes. he was hurt to see human live laying there like that. ♪ >> reporter: today family and friends came back to that park not just to remember what fits roy did, but to remember fits roy himself. he took a little fall last month, nothing too serious but when he went to get check out at the hospital, doctors came back with some astounding news. >> he said the doctor said i have a lung cancer and it's spread all over my body. >> three weeks later fits roy was dead. tonight his family came from across the country to release balloons in his honor and share stories of a man whose live mission seemed to be to make others happy. >> the kids in the neighborhood he would take four, five, six kids and take them to the corner store. buy them candy. >> reporter: he work at mercy hospital for 21 years and they say you wouldn't find anyone who took more pride in his work. fits roy wasn't a doctor, he was a custodian and working a last minute double shift was never a
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problem. >> he never said no. >> always did it. >> always did it. just a sweet nice man. >> and sweet father. >> i love my dad. everybody loved him. >> reporter: he made impression even on me when i met him a year ago and asked him for a favor. so impressed with his attitude on life i asked could i get a picture as he seemeed to with ay request big or small he said y yes. >> obviously i kept that pictu picture. fits roy was 56 years old. he leaves behind four children his funeral chris and dawn is tomorrow. goodman there, brad, thanks. special tribute tonight at citizens bank park for baseball legend jackie rock robinson. robinson broke the color barrier in baseball back on april 15t april 15th, 1947. 69 years later, the phillies marking the milestone and the anniversary with a absolute to jackie rock bin son all players wore number 42 in honor of robinson. the phillies also honoring other
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african-american pioneers who opened the doors for other. >> saint christopher's hospital celebratincelebrating the grandf new critical care tower of the gala dicking off a weekend of events. tomorrow they'll be a block party for the hospital community from 1:00 to 4:00 in the hospital at hunting park. multi million dollars complex features latest in technology, security and the most up to date neonatal intensive care union. tonight japan is dealing with its second devastating earthquake a little more than a day. >> the latest magnitude 7.1 quake coming early saturday morning in japan. fox's laura ingle is monitoring the very latest. >> reporter: a nightmare second earthquake rocking southern japan early saturday. this latest quake a magnitude 7.1 striking little more than 24 hours after an initial deadly magnitude 6.5 quake hit thursday right in the same region. the epicenter of this new more powerful quake was once again
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near the city of coupe mow moto this one prompted tsunami advisory that was later lifted. >> it was just when i was trying to fall asleep and i saw in my eye i-pad the intensity was six plus honestly i was surprised. >> reporter: at a hotel near the epicenter guests were jolt the out of bed by shaking and alarms at 1:25am local time. >> we believe it will be safer for to you stay inside the hotel than to go outside. please weight here for the time being. report roar this new quake caused casualties. buildings to collapse. roadways to crack and at least one already hard hit hospital to lose power and depend on generators. this new quake hit at a desperate time as rescue workers were still actively responding to victims and problems created by thursday's quake. >> we are now seeing more patient who's come here because they were injured after returning home. >> reporter: first quake has left at least nine people dead.
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at least 1,000 injured and droves forced from homes. but friday rescuers were able to pull an eight month old baby girl from the ruins of one collapsed home. japanese officials have been warning of potential powerful after shocks following thursday's quake. in new york, laura ingle, fox news. chaos in in order zoo today. what had guests hiding in the gift while emergency crews rushed to help an injured zookeeper. >> who says sand box has just to be for little ones. how much adults are paying to play for toys meant just for them at this extreme sand bock. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. if you'll be out and about through the weekend just watch for this paving project. taking place around city hall. around the patio of city hall, market street and broad street. delays through the overnight and even all through saturday and sunday. busy weekend in south philadelphia tonight, tomorrow,
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phillies at 7:05. sunday double header phillies at 1:00, the soul cupping in at 4:00 o'clock. and through the weekend, septa using shuttle buses along a portion of the west trenton line enjoy your friday night. i'll see you bright and early tomorrow
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>> now your winning lottery snubs. ♪
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we are just four days away from the new york presidential primary. bernie sanders at the vatican today delivering a speech outlining his thoughts on world economy and social justice. the vermont senator not expected to meet with pope francis himself. hillary clinton meanwhile spending the day appealing for votes in harlem. meanwhile, republican frontrunner donald trump staying on the war path today in upstate new york widens his lead nationally against cruz and kasich according to fox news poll. florida's palm beach zoo evacuated today after a tiger turned on one of the zookeepers there. just before 2:00 o'clock when the tiger attacked a female handler. emergency responders quickly arrived on scene and the tiger was tranquilized. authorities had to wait however until the drugs took effect on the ththe animal before rescue crews could get to the 38-year-old woman. the zoo was evacuated and remained closed all day. unfortunately the veteran zookeeper died from her injuries earlier tonight.
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zoo officials say that at no time were guests in any danger. across the country different kind of cat giving police problems. this mountain lion was first spotted outside a school in california. the school was put on lock down as officials tried to capture the animal. that proved unsuccessful mountain lion jumped a wall and started venturing on to residential properties. that's when animal services hit it were tranquilizer to slow it down. lion fought for while but eventually was subdued. police were able to safely capture the mountain lion and return it to the wild. investigation is underway after a schoolbus crashed in washington, d.c. investigators say the bus was taking students back home from a field trip to an engineering festival. reports show the bus was the only vehicle involved in the crash. 22 kids two adults were on that bus all were taken to the hospital to be evaluated. their injuries believed not to be life threatening. fire breaks out at a florida home. firefighters get all the people out safing but they had their hands full witness pets.
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the shocking number of dogs that were inside just ahead. a local mom is outraged over what happened to her son. the disturbing trend that's making a return to philly streets. scott? >> chris it will be another chilly overnight but for the upcoming weekend we're looking at temperatures above average. find out just how w
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♪ right now at 10:30, dangerous and violent game is hurting unsuspecting people. this teen was sent to the hospital after a group of kids started pounding on him while he was just waiting at the bus st stop. philadelphia police say the group of teens launching attacks on pedestrians and stealing their cell phones. the mother of one of the victims says her son was knock out. she spoke to our karen hepp. >> reporter: 17-year-old jaffee sexton was just building his confidence to venture out by himself. he has special needs and taking the trolley alone is a big deal. but tuesday he was jumped by a
3:29 am
group of kids on his way home from school right here at 65th and elmwood and violently beat beaten. >> he got stomped in his face, kicked in his teeth, they kick his teeth out. >> reporter: three teeth knock out much his mom hugs him. he's so embarrassed he doesn't like to be seen in his current condition and doesn't even want to go to school. something he loves. >> they beat him up for no reason at all. and they beat up two other boys two hours after he got beat up. and they need to be caught like there's no child shouldn't have to be scared to go to school or coming home from school. >> reporter: he's not the only victim. the day before, a 16-year-old was attacked for his phone by what police think is the same group of roving violent kids at 62nd and glenmore. two weeks ago a 52-year-old man was swarmed and pummeled so badly he also had to go to the hospital. here's a picture of another man being attacked back in january. police think the kids are from the neighborhood and the
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community knows who they are and it's time to get them off the streets. >> kid just trying to build his confidence. parents trying to give it to him. he's trying to do the right thing and these kids are doing the wrong and breaking his confidence. >> when we spoke to his familiar daal he was just headed to dental appointment it will take while before he gets those three teeth replaced. just really shattered his confidence completely so tragedy on many different levels. we do need to get these kids that are responsible, according to investigators off the streets. outside southwest detectives, karen hepp fox 29 news. isn't. amc movie theaters are 96ing a proposal to allow movie watchers to use their cell phones inside its theaters. we first told you about the plan last night. would it allow customers to use their phone in designated roped off areas inside theaters or have separate theaters altogether that would allow cell phone use. well, now, a.m. c says after strong opposition from the public, it has squashed the idea. the company says, smart phone use in its theaters will
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continue to be banned. a warning for parents tonight. fisher price is recalling tens of thousands of its infant swings. the company says it has received multiple reports of the seats in its cradle and swing devices falling to the ground. fisher price says the seat pegs were not fully engaged. no babies have been hurt. the swings were sold at bye-bye baby, target and online between november of 2015 and last month. if you have one of these, you should contact fisher price directly for replacement and repair information. beautiful end to the work week. let's take a live look to sea isle city, inform, tonight. more good news is on the way in the forecast. may have you thinking about headed to the beach. chief meteorologist scott williams here to tell us more now. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. last friday, we were bracing for snow for the upcoming weekend. this weekend wall to wall sunshine, mild temperatures especially inland. but if you're headed down the shore it will still be a little chilly because water temperatures are still right
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around 50 degrees. as we take a look at the rainfall estimates rain expected over the next several days. we'll start the clock tonight and you can see most of the rain is going to stay well to the west so in the days to come, you'll be hearing a lot about flood concerns through parts of the midwest along with the south planes where up to half a foot of rain is expected but you can see we are looking dry through at least the middle part of week. our next rainfall chance really not until the lat part of next week. going up during the upcoming weekend we're looking at those pollen levels. you can see saturday high. 11. 11.2 on sunday. i mean the scale only goes up to 12. so we are looking at extreme pollen across the area over the neck self days with the dry conditions. 52 degrees right now. winds out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour. those temperatures are chilly across the area. low 40s atlantic city. wildwood 43. upper 30s already in millville and we have low 50s north and
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west in pottstown and lancaster 57 degrees in reading. so with those clear skies the lighter winds tonight those temperatures will certainly be dipping once again to support little bit of patchy frost in some areas. but once again no extreme cold or arctic air moving from for this upcoming weekend. for night, the suburbs dipping into the 30s. low 40s in the city. high pressure in full control. the entire weekend so we're looking pretty good for tomorrow. the high temperature in philadelphia will top out around 66 degrees. but once again cooler if you're headed down the shore. what about the phillies forecast for tomorrow evening. looking pretty good. again, 61 degrees by first pitch. you might want to grab a light jacket. temperatures will be dropping. 63 the high in the poconos. 70 on sunday. and if you're headed down the shore once again look at the difference. only 55 degrees tomorrow there. 60 on sun day. water temperatures around 50. if you like saturday you'll love sunday. 72 degrees and what about 80 on monday.
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back door cold front kind of comes through monday into tuesday dropping those temperatures back into the upper 60s but that's still above the average for this time of year. it stays nice thursday. 70s return again, 74 degrees next friday. and once again that's really our next best chance for some rainfall. so a dry stretch. little bit of a trade off, though, because the pollen, it is going way up. so if you have those outdoor activities, take precautionary measures and if you have to take those allergy meds do so. >> you said last week we were talking about snow, remember? >> unbelievable. >> are we done? >> i think so. >> you think so. >> you notice he said think. (laughter). >> no guarantees. >> i like those triple tens. let's hope not. ♪ >> hey, i know those kids. students at delaware county tonight performing the musical the lion king, jr., for a packed house in never providence township. mother of providence regional catholic school putting on its annual performance they've been doing this for years tonight was
3:35 am
opening night for simba, mustafa and all the ganglial la the show runs through sunday. well it's a video that's been viewed millions of times. a five-year-old boy paddled by his principal. why his mom says she gave permission for her son to be spanked. and who says sand box has to be just for kids? how much some adults are paying to play with toys meant for them in this
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♪ more teens are smoking e-cigarettes. that word from the cdc tonight. researchers say the use of e-cigarettes among middle and high school students jumped from one and a half% to 16% over the
3:39 am
last four years n2015, just over a quarter of high school students reported using a tobacco product and e-cigarettes were the most common form. regular cigarette use has dropped from 15 to 9%. tonight in your money criminals finding new ways all the time to steal your credit card information and it's happening right at the gas pump much police call them credit card skimmers you don't realize your info has been stolen until it's too late when you swipe your credit card the thieves get your personal information. experts say there are things you can look out for to protect your account. and one way is to make sure the seal on the pump is still inta intact. >> they're opening up the pump door attaching these devices to the card reader that's inside the pump. >> some experts say really the best way to stop this from happening to pay with cash. well here's something you don't hear very often. airline is cutting one of the fees it typically charges you. delta says it's dropping the charge for buying tickets over the phone with a human being or
3:40 am
at a ticket counter that typically costs travelers $25 when booking over the phone and 35 when buying at an airport. south we have also allows fee free reservations by phone or at the airport. tennessee's governor vetoed bill to make the bible the official state book. governor bill has limb says not only are there controversial, with the legislation. the state legislation however could still override his veto. tennessee would be the first state to make the bible the official state book if that does in fact happen. a five-year-old boy screams as he's about to be spanked by his school principal. how this viral video is reigniting the discussion of corporal punishment in schools. plus there's no cheesesteak like one from philadelphia, right? well, people on the other side of the state might have something to say about that. how pittsburgh is com
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♪ a disturbing video of a young boy being paddled by his principal goes viral. >> now the incident has ignited a debate over corporal punishment in? georgia this is the video released by the five-year-old boy's mother. it shows him crying while the
3:44 am
principal tries to spank him. georgia is one of 19 states that allow corporal punishment at school with parem consent. the mother says she gave her consent because she thought she would be arrested for her son missing school if he was suspe suspended. >> tried to hit another child and they said that, um, i guess he missed but he tried to hit him and then he tried to run around the bus line and they were all trying to stop him and he spit on somebody. >> we were not able to determine any crime has been committed it is not a crime in georgia to have corporal punishment the school has policy for corporal punishment. >> perez says she plans on legal action against the school district. in florida more than 30 dogs are rescued from fire what authorities are calling a hoarder house just north of miami. the broward county fire department says it got the call just before 10:00 o'clock last night. nine of the animals were taken to local clinics where five are in critical condition. many of the remaining dogs were
3:45 am
given emergency objection jenn on the front lawn by firefighters and veterinarians. all but one of the 34 dogs survived. no people were at home at the time of the fire. well it's got three rivers and pretty good pyro goes but there's no way pittsburgh has better cheesesteaks than philadelphia, right? >> can't be. not buying it but a popular poll says it's true. fox 29's bill anderson gets to the bottom of this cheesesteak controversy. >> reporter: it hard to be from philadelphia. our sports teams are struggling. we've got a tough reputation. some say we live in the shadow of new york. one thing we can always count at least we've got the best cheesesteaks, right? >> pittsburgh winning a cheesesteak competition? that can't happen. >> that can't happen. >> as of this morning, a usa today poll had a place called the groove cheesesteak company in pittsburgh leading the pack. numbers have jumped around
3:46 am
little bit, but should who's the best cheesesteak be a question? >> pittsburgh knows nothing about cheesesteaks. it's facade, yeah. >> everybody knows philly is the best. >> you're from pittsburgh. >> i am. >> and came here. >> yes, i came all the way down here just to get cheesesteak from pat's. >> reporter: of course to settle this high to go some of our local hot spots and although two of the top five in the poll are from outside of our area, to the people around here, there's really no question. philly is the best. >> hands down the best where they were originally made, i believe, and, great. >> we tried them all. we tried them downtown. we tried them everywhere. this is the best. >> philly stand up you can vote in this poll and correct this injustice. are we really going to let pittsburgh beats? >> we doing a trip of america and staying tonight in philadelphia and i said if i'm having a cheesesteak i'm having it in philly. >> charcoal steaks maybe but not cheesesteaks. >> reporter: you can go to our
3:47 am
fox 29 facebook page and tell us your favorite cheesesteak spots unless there's they're in pittsburgh and then you can just keep it to yourself. i'm bill anderson, fox 29 news. it ain't in pittsburgh. there's new playground opening up in texas but it is not for kids. it's called the extreme sandbox where adults get to use heavy construction equipment to do pretty much whatever they want it's a 10-acre sandbox open yesterday in the ceo says the location couldn't get much better from crushing cars to playing with bulldozers anyone 18 and up can join in on the fun. kids can also participate but they need pan's permission. >> we have practice areas and ultimately we have challenges obstacles for all of our equipment. >> it's been awesome. i like differ controls and -- i'm having a fun time. >> the cost of playing with all that heavy machinery about $200.
3:48 am
sounds like fun. >> it does sound like fun. all right. eight year olga good boy is inspiration to his community. >> he tackles obstacle courses and pretty much anything else he can find despite being born without legs. fox's justin feather caught up with the fearless young man and got to see him first hasn't in action. >> hi. >> reporter: eight-year-old gabe sanders is a force on the playground. rachel and clint sander as topped him in 2014 from orphanage in china. >> over overnight i went from not wanting to do pitt picking out a name saying i can be his daddy. >> gabe didn't play much outside when he was the orphanage. sanders family are super active and gabe caught on. >> it became part of what we did as family. >> gabe is one of those kids always looking for the next top spot to go, the next place to climb. he's a fearless eight-year-old.
3:49 am
despite being born with no legs. >> he can play and he can do all the things that the other chirp can do. he's able to just be gabe. >> the playground he's impressive but he really shines on obstacle courses. >> good job. >> my first one i like is big puddle of mud that was fun. >> were you nervous at first? what were you feeling before you did it the very first time? >> nervous. >> yeah. why? >> because like -- like people was going stare at me. >> and people do stair sometimes with their jaws on the floor. he's done three battle frog object at a kell course races done 5ks with the help of a scooter. >> we're pretty proud of him. he's a fearless little boy. >> when you first met your friends at school, did they have a lot of questions about how do you things? >> um, like they asked me what i can do, and blah, blah blacks.
3:50 am
>> what can't he do? one of the obstacles in race was pulling a sand bag about half his body weight. >> you can do it. what did dough? >> i dragged it with my teeth. >> really? >> did that hurt? >> you you. >> you figure out that a way to do that. that impressed me. >> clint sanders rigged family basement as a little training course. he's impressed daily by his son and hopes other families might hear this story and think about adopting a child with special needs. >> i just want to encourage people that it's not nearly as scary as it seems. >> reporter: as for gabe, more obstacles await. >> what is it like to know that other people see you doing these obstacle courses and think, man, you know, that makes them feel good? >> i'm proud of myself. >> gabe's parents say they chose his name because gabriel means gods able bodied man. obstacle courses and in life, gabe is proving his name.
3:51 am
>> justin felder. >> sean bell jong us now with preview what's coming up in sports. flyers hopefully getting some rest tonight. >> hopefully they are because you can't go down 02 to the washington capitals. anyone but them. they're the best team in the league so they have to get it done. in sports they talk about ge get getting what needed to done in game two and the phils on roll. coming off a two game winning streak they tried to make it four against the best team in the nl east but didn't go too
3:52 am
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♪ phillies sports starting not to look tow depressing. nova wins a championship. sixers fire sam hin keep flyers make the playoffs and the phillies look competitive. they've won five of their last six games but as soon as they start feeling good about themselves the nationals come in and take that feeling away. very rough day forger me. bases loaded jayson werth a shot all the way to the wall. cedric hunter can't make a play. that clears the bases. the nationals take a four to nothing lead. we jumped to the third. down five to nothing. ramos with a bullet gobbles up maikel franco can't handle it. goes to the out feel. hunt goes to second base instead. died there's no play at home that made it six-zero nationals. the phils lose nine-one ending
3:55 am
their three-game winning streak. >> that first inning set the whole tone for the game, and it wasn't a lot of fun. not much to talk about. we just got beat, you know, one day to the next it's a roller coaster ride. >> the flyers made the playoffs, of course, we were all happy. great step in the right direction with a new coach and some very young emerging talent but the washington capitals may be delivering a real reality check. capitals are the most talented team in the league and the flyers are learning how far they have to go. yesterday the capitals were just too good. it wasn't a blow out. but at the same time you could see the real difference in talent. the flyers with any shot of staying in this series they can't go down zero-two they have to take advantage of the few shots to they will be given. >> we try to force things but, you know, i expect to us settle down a little bit more in the second game and be more careful, not careful but be better with
3:56 am
the puck. >> you're not to get a lot of opportunities against this team. i mean they're excellent defensively, um, but, you know, we have to work to generate one are two more opportunities and then, you know, at the end of the day, you know, find a way to capitalize. some other play off action tonight i atlantics taking on the panthers. second period, getting it done. right in front of the goal. that made it three-one victory tying the series at one a piece and of course the flyers we'll all talking them in the playoffs. they got to get it done. >> finger crossed. >> go, flyers. >> full hour of entertainment news is next. tm seem, dish nation. we're back tomorrow. >> have great weekend. we're back tomorrow. >> have great weekend. remember your megeg
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>> judge judy: the defendant purchased the dog from a woman on the street. >> yes. >> announcer: a life-changing day with judge judy. >> judge judy: i'm not saying there's anything wrong. the question is, "is it his dog?" >> no. >> judge judy: well, you say no. that's why you're here. >> announcer: someone will leave happy... >> judge judy: who's gonna get the dog? you want to go get the dog. >> announcer: ...and someone... >> judge judy: put the dog down. put the dog down. >> announcer: ...will leave brokenhearted. "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution marcus mcmillan says veronica myrick refuses to return his lost poodle. veronica claims she bought the poodle for $40 from a stranger at the mall. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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