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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  April 17, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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this morning on good day, a developing story. a powerful earthquake rocking south america. dozens dead. hundreds injured. how they're responding. plus pennsylvania governor tom wolf will sign a bill legalizing medical marijuana today. when people will be able to get a prescription. and -- i never thought that, um, that it would lead to this. >> why some children's books can land a couple in jail? ♪ first we want to start with some breaking news this morning. four people have been shot. three killed and police say the suspected shooter turned himself in. this happened around 3:45 on the 600 block of east westmoreland street in kensington. police say they were responding to a shooting a block away when they got call about a man with a
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gun. that person refused to let police inside. but police say they learned there were shooting victims inside the house. we have crew on scene and we will have a live report coming up in just a few moments. jenny joyce will get to that just a minute. very very busy news day on this sunday morning. thank you so much for joining us. good morning, bill anterior. >> good morning, karen hepp and dave warren. >> really good morning, dave warren. >> really good morning dave warren. >> have you walked outside. >> it's nice. >> we will blame you when it's bad weather but -- >> we all blame him when it's bad weather. >> fair enough. you getted credit for the good. >> two thumbs. >> two thumbs up and we have even better day today. a little bit of frost out there this morning. little chill in the air. reading bright sunshine there this morning. beautiful start to the day there. get out and enjoy it. might need a light coat early in the day. now, one of the many events happening this weekend,
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especially here in philadelphia. here is sue and wendy. >> you've been hearing about it for awhile, and the day is finally here. we're so happy and proud here at fox 29 to be part of the dash for organ donor awareness. and so is weekend wendy it's happening right now really at the philadelphia museum of art. everyone is already gathered there. the 10k run happens in just a few minutes at 10 after 7:00 they kick off the 5k run at 7:20, and there's also a 3k walk for the rest of us who don't run and that happens at about 8:30 in the morning. but you'll meet lots of your friends from fox 29 over there at the philadelphia museum of art. are we going to be squinting in the sunshine, dave? >> yes, but ideal running temperature here right about the upper 40s right about 50 degrees. so certainly got a coat if you want to watch but great weather to get out and get nice run in this morning. sunshine is what we have here. that's our live picture. the frost advisory that's in effect for maybe the counties in
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new jersey. one or two here in southeastern pennsylvania. montgomery, bucks, lehigh valley sussex county in delaware not down to freezing close. one or two points 32-degree temperature not have to be freezing to see that frost develop. these temperatures this morning into the 40s. 35 in woodbine there's a 30 in mays lan landing med for lakes t 34. up there in wrightstown at 37. we could have some frost even though the temperatures right about the freezing mark. there's few 32s there. warming newspaper the 60s and 70s and that trend continues. i'll look at those numbers coming up in the seven day forecast. let's check in on the roadways. here's bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. busy day on the calendar. guess who's birthday it is? the phanatic's birthday, and we're having a big old birthday party plus a baseball game down at the ballpark 1:05 for the phillies later on 4:00 o'clock game for the soul. see a lot of action in and out of the stadium area throughout
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the day. if you are heading into the game or into or through town they're paving the kelly drive. we got regatta on the river. martin luther king drive also closed a loft recreational activity. and then through the weekend, actually next week beginning tomorrow all through the week penndot will be working southbound lanes of 95 from say the airport area all wait down through 420. expect delays keep that in mind for your work week, thirty nine the weekend septa is using shuttle buses along a portion of the west trenton line. enjoy the rest of the day. i'll see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning starting at 4:00. ♪ right now at 7:04 we want to get back right to this breaking news this is happening right now. four shooting victims have been found inside a home in kensington following a barricade situation and three of those victims have died. >> we do know this happened along the 600 block of east westmoreland street. let's get right out there to fox 29's jennifer joyce.
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good morning, jenny watch can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning, bill. three people are dead, fourth shooting victim was found about a block away and he's transported to the hospital. police tell thus this happened earlier this morning. police called out to the 600 block of east westmoreland street for a barricade situation. that went on for a couple of hours. police were communicating with a male suspect through megaphone eventually we are told that he surrendered peacefully when police walked inside the home. they found three people shot to death. police say there is a fourth victim that was down the block away that person was transported to a local hospital. we don't know the extent of that person's injuries. police at this time aren't releasing any information about the victims and they're relationship to the suspect. police say in addition to this situation, they had another incident in northeast philadelphia overnight. a busy and violent night. >> second barricade situation tonight overnight and in both instances detectives negotiated
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with -- work wig police radio were able to talk the subject out without any use of force without it's been a long night. it's been quite tragedy here. >> reporter: again in this case we have no information about the victims ages or relationships and as you heard police say, all they're saying right now tragic scene arc tragic situation a very tragic case here in kensington. bill and karen. >> thanks so much. jenny we'lling get back out to you shortly if you get any new information on that case. we're following a developing story out of south america this morning. dozens of people are dead and hundreds more injured after a powerful earthquake shook the coast of ecuador. the magnitude 7.8 quake rocked an area popular with tourists and fishermen. 10,000 troops have now been deployed to the area to help. the quake was the strongest to it ecuador since 1979.
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7:06. happening right now police say a four-year-old little girl was fatally shot by her five-year-old brother when he found a loaded weapon. police believe the gun belonged to the child's father. that gun was found at the home and this all happened yesterday afternoon on the 200 block of mayfield street. the little girl was struck in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene. the family is devastated. >> she was just an outgoing little girl. she just wanted -- i mean she loveloved barbie dolls. coloring she was a sweet loving little girl. she was full of life. >> police say the children's father left the house minutes after the shooting. hazmat crews had to be call out to fire overnight at a shopping center in ken sipping ton. officials say it happened on aramingo avenue and east york street just after 1:00 a.m. police were told there were fumes spreading throughout a store in the complex. fire was brought under control in about one hour. and thankfully no one was
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injured. crews say the fire may have started in a dumpster. viewer shared this video of flames, wow, shooting out of an apartment building roof along the 200 block of west branch avenue in camden county last night. officials say the three alarm fire happen at the mansion apartments in pine hill around 9:00 p.m. the blaze was placed under control at around 10:30. no word yet if anyone has been hurt. a man accused of of shooting two prince george's county firefighters as they wept to a house for welfare check has been released from police custody and face nos charges. firefighter, paramedic john, was killed an second firefighter 19-year-old kevin swain remains in the hospital. but is expected to survive. police say it was the shooter's brother who called 911 for a medical check but when crews arrived and no one answered the door then the firefighters tried to force their way into help and that's when officials say someone inside started shooting
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hitting the two firefighters. the shooter's brother who also made the call. he was a 13-year-old veteran of that department. 7:09. the nation of saudi arabia is warning the american government they will sell off hundreds of billions of dollars worth of as pets a controversial bill is passed by congress. the bipartisan bill would allow victims of 9/11 and other terrorist attacks to sue foreign governments. the saudi foreign minister told u.s. lawmakers last month basic until the country's investments to the united states could be in jeopardy if the bill passes. the obama administration has put a lot of pressure on congress to block the bill with officials warning that the policy could bring economic risk to the united states. sawed available key ally to the us and has denied any involvement in the 9/11 attacks. it is coming up on 7:10. so much news. let's see if we can talk about lighter things as well. it's irs is lighter. >> call eight gift, that's
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lighter from the irs. three extra days to do your taxes this year. >> did you call eight gift? >> i usually call eight gift. >> lots of procrastinators out there. they will not be filing until the due date tomorrow maybe getting an extension. if you have any questions you would like answered we'll have attacks expert on this morning and we also have simple things you can do to get a lot more money back. >> and philadelphia is planning for a wickedly exciting theater season. coming up the plays and musicals you can expect to come to town next year. make sure you're ready. >> also, show was you're doing on this gorgeous sunday. super sunday i'll call it. we can have 70 today's, middle 70s. maybe we should have '70s songs. >> we can do that. great day yesterday. if you got out and did something great. we would love to see pictures of it. we'll be back. ♪
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>> this week on fox news sunday two days before the next big primary the candidates criss-cross new york. we'll get a preview of tuesday's big contest with donald trump's controversial cam paper manager corey lewandowski and growing concern the zika virus is worse than we thought. we'll get the latest to the government's point man on infectious disease dr. anthony to you chi on what you can do to protect yourself. and our power player of the
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week. this week on fox news sunday. ♪ it is news really across the country but now pennsylvania governor tom wolf expected to sign a bill legalizing medical marijuana later on today. it's been 18 months since the state senate approved a medical marijuana bill in 2014 and the house has approved the bill by a vote of 149-46. the law will make pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana program. joining us by skype this morning attorney ken rothweiler. good morning, sir. >> good morning, bill. >> always a pleasure. now, i know that you've read it he can tension seive research because that's what you do. initially what's your impression of this bill? >> well, it's an interesting bill and there's many misconceptions out there. one biggest misconception first of all it's not to be used for recreational use but beyond that it's only going to be offered in pills and oil and ointment forms this is not like you'll be able
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to go to your doctor and get joints and smoke joints. it's not going to be smoked at all. the other thing is it's going to be implemented in the next 18 to 24 months. so governor wolf will be signing the bill today but on monday you won't be able to get, you know, any medical marijuana. you you'll have to wait. the process going to take some time. >> ken, kha* 11 with this the legislation comes into place and they go through the i supplementation process what tends to happen can't smoke it, that's one of the restrictions, and as you pointed out limited to certain specific ailments. does that open up the flood gates for lawsuits because you legalize it but then everybody says, we can't get it even now that it's legal? >> you know what it may. some people argue that opening it up for medical marijuana opens the gates now maybe for legislation for recreational marijuana. some other states followed in that way. it's true. there could be recreational use but it's going to be interesti interesting. i shall probably point out, too
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there's going to be 150 dispensaries around the state as many at 150, so the availability will be widespread. it also is potentially going to be big business for pennsylvan pennsylvania. as many as 25 processing operations. so if you wanted to get in the business of, you know, processing marijuana, you can go into that business. it's costly. there's a lot of red tape, but it's going to be interesting also from a business standpoint. >> really highly regulated business that could make huge amounts of money and tax revenue by the way. ken one of challenges that comes um everywhere you legalize it it's still illegal on the national level. it's still against federal law. >> true. >> how can you do that on state level passing something that is illegal on a federal level? >> that's really a great question. it is against the law from a federal standpoint. but the federal government has made a decision not to come in and bother the states when the states pass laws for medical marijuana. as you said we'll be the 24th
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state to legalize medical marijuana. so far the federal government hasn't come in and attempted to arrest anybody in any of the states where medical marijuana has been passed so we don't expect the federal government to intrude. they're basically letting the states decide this on a state by state basis and regulate in each one of the states. i don't think anybody really has to worry about any, you know, federal government interception here. >> as this unfolds i think we'll have you back pretty regularly. so many legal questions in new jersey. philadelphia and pennsylvania is next. thank you, ken. always a pleasure. >> always pleasure of mine, too, bill. thanks. >> see you soon. if you got to see it backlash especially online this morning because one of the sketches they did on the show. >> one of the many are upset they feel the show made light of a major problem. the country's heroin epidemic. let's take a look. >> i'm a mom. but that doesn't mean i don't like to have fun. >> i drive a mini van but i can let loose a little, too.
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>> i want to use heroin but i also want to get things done that's why i reach for heroin a.m. the only non drowsy heroin on the market. so i can get get my high on get to work. >> with heroin a.m. i'm more alert than if i weren't on heroin. >> wow. social media response to this one filled with anger, with that hash tag shame on snl. too much because this is an epidemic affecting basically every single community. here's some of the comments. from john, absolutely disgusted by the heroin 67 on snl tonight. drug addiction in funny. >> and more of this one from brian. shame, heroin is no joke. how dare you mock this serious addiction. they're calling for a boycott. >> last one from connie. i've lost people to substance abuse and people who are responsible users of long term pain management that heroin sketch was not funny.
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so many of us know people whose lives have been affected tragically lie heroin use. i feel like every other day we do a story on it. special coming up exactly on this issue in about two weeks. >> it will be interesting because in charge part that's what comedians do. it's hard to find that line. you have to remember this same show last week making jokes about, you know, swastikas and things like that. they towed the line a lot of people feel like this crossed it. >> tell us what you think use our hash tag fox 29 good day and let us know what you think about that sketch. 7:17. let's get a check of our forecast because this is a good one. no doubt about this one. no controversy here. we like the 70's. thank you, dave. >> we're heading for the 70s today. so maybe a little problem this morning when you step outside a little chill in the air. might have some frost especially in areas around south jersey and a few cun tease here in southeastern pennsylvania and delaware. but by this afternoon, it is perfect especially for this event here. >> tonight we open the doors for
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the museum storybook vault. tell us fox 29 good day what will the weather be? >> storybook tonight sounds like a lot of if fun this afternoon by this time look at the temperatures. 70s. off tonight start. 60 up to 70 today. a great day with bright sunshine and low humidity. we have 70 today's. we can be headed to the 80s tomorrow. let's get through this morning first. these are the actual temperatures do not have to be down to freezing to get frost. and we're seeing numbers into the mid to low 30s doylestown is at 32. we have levittown, trenton, philadelphia, we have chester, right about the 40, upper 30-degree mark. little warmer right in philadelphia at the airport. but you get into the suburbs a little chilly there. grab the coat if you'll be out now this will quickly warm up the next hour into the 40s and 50s. even chilly there in south jersey and delaware. where we have the frost advisory in effect. notice the temperatures not quiet to freezing but when you get these mid 30s, you get little frost on the ground this
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morning. so golfers might have to wait little bit before you tee off this morning. if you're looking to do that here. off to chilly start. warmer afternoon but we'll get that sea breeze today so it will drop along the coast. gets even warmer tomorrow we're talking about 70s today. headed to the 80s tomorrow. so right now you look outside, we have sunshine, 45 degrees. a little chill into the 50s and 60s quickly. look at this big temperature range there from the 40s into the 50s at 10. 60s at 2:00. 70s at 4:00 quickly dropping into the mid to low 50s by 11:00 o'clock tonight. 80s, seven day forecast i'll show when you and see how long it sticks around for coming up a little bit later. >> perfect. thank you dave. people should be waiting until at least 9:00 to play golf. >> karen, do you know anyone who hasn't filed. >> you. >> let's call them hasn't filed their taxes yet. they may be rushing to get it done because it's due tomorrow. >> these are questions you can tweet them right now or facebook
7:22 am
them. we have an expert that can help answer them. also, the things you need to double check before you send it in. there's some simple steps to make sure you get more money and mistakes you'll want to avoid. >> and gas prices up 30% over the last month. the average driver spending more than five bucks extra to fill their tank. coming up what you can do to save money at the pump. we're saving you money all morning. also here's some of your pictures and comments from joe, my wife doris at seaside last season. summer memories. can't wait. >> this one coming perfect beach morning in ventnor city. great picture. thank you so much for that. >> here's your lottery numbers. our 70s song. what are your '70s request? we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ we're playing your '70s music today. because we're hitting the 70s once again. phenomenal day on tap. let us know what you want to hear. good morning poe know mountains. >> absolutely.
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look great out there. talk to you about weather and talk tips. but right now let's talk to you about sports. >> this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning. i'm sean bell. the flyers can't go down zero-two to the capitals. they can't make mistakes and they can't let alex ovechkin get any opportunities. unfortunately, yesterday they did all of those thing. second period capitals on the power play. nicholas back trauma sets up a wide open, i mean wide open alex ovechkin. you can't let the best player in the league get a shot like that. thee lead the series two-zero. the next game is at the wells fargo center monday night. that will be game three. baseball the phils taking on the nationals. aaron nola had rough day. you know it real rough when you're letting rbi's and doubles to the pitcher max ciarrocchi with a two run double in the fourth inning giving the nationals a five-zero lead.
7:27 am
nola went five innings giving up seven earned run. the phils lose eight-one. avoid the series sweep today hopefully. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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♪ we're following breaking news right now. four people have been shot, three of them killed and police say the suspected gunman turned himself in. this all happened just a matter
7:30 am
of hours ago about 3:45 the scene is 600 block of eastwest more land street. that is in kensington. police say they are responding to shooting about block away when they got call about a man with a gun. that person refused to let police inside. police say they learned there were shooting victims in the home. our jenny joyce is there at the scene and we'll have another live report coming up shortly. looking for additional space in space usual robotic arm they unpack the new mod dull an damaged it to the iss. expanexpandable act ready module expected to be in place sometime in late may. the two year experiment will test how the free floating habitat holds up to the harsh elements of space much nasa is thinking this may be a possibility for living quarters for a future trip to mars. broadway show affecting our money? treasure secretary jack lou expected to announce this week alexander hamilton will stay on the $10 bill but changes
7:31 am
could be can you to go another bill. this is according to seniors officials. last summer the treasury department considered replacing former treasury secretary with a woman. but then all of a sudden there was his whole surge of a pro hamilton movement which gained steam after the success of that broadway musical show hamilton. however there are plans to replace andrew jackson on the $20 bill with a woman. the earliest that could happen would be 2030. ♪ so it's time once again for the philadelphia antiques show and it's back at the philadelphia navy yard. a great place for 58 exhibitors to show you all kinds of treasures and there even be some examples of modern art there as well. it's happening from 11:00 this morning until 5:00 in the afternoon. from one antique to another, dave, how is the weather? >> very funny, sue. like a bottle of wine i improve
7:32 am
with age. antique not quite yet. frost advisory outside this morning this will be improving quickly with the sunshine out there. the frost you don't need temperature down to 32. little coating of frost on the windshield, grass this morning in these areas. so it will start to improve pretty quickly. we have the sunshine now. these updates bottom of the hour. probably warmer than this right now. it was 30 in mays landing. one place down below the freezing mark but a lot of these 30s with that calm wind you can see that frost out there. 33 now in doylestown. perkasie at 34. valley forge at 33. and west chester at 41. go up to allentown where it's at 36 degrees. cool this morning quickly warming up. these temperatures will continue to climb today. we can be into the 50s by, say, 11:00 o'clock this morning. 70s later today. right now a light breeze at 45 that wind about 6 miles an hour. headed for the 70s and we have 80s in the forecast. i'll look at that coming up with the complete seven day in just a little bit. looking forward it to.
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>> thanks, dave. having filed your taxes yet i can relate but don't worry, you're not late. the irs gave a few extra days tax return is actually not due until tomorrow. april 18th instead of apri april 15th this year. reason friday was holiday in washington, d.c. emancipation day. but karen has got tips for you. >> i got an expert to give us some tips. we got a finance expert rob wilson joining us right now. some of last minute things we can do. first of all i want get some more money. what's your number one suggestion. >> you have to go through all of your spending and see the big items now. look, the taxes are due tomorr tomorrow. so no knit picking here you got to look for big things. if you had unusually high medical expenses last year, if you had moving expenses, job hunning expenses look for big things that you can deduct you don't have much time now. >> i did little improve manies this year i got a few hot water heater and realized maybe there's more credits i missed getting my roof done and heaters and stuff. >> you have to see if you're eligible for tax credits those
7:34 am
reduce your liability dollar for dollar. there's energy efficient home improvement if you've done some of those things absolutely have to take it if you have kids in college there's the american opportunity credit you need to try to take and so if you want to reduce your taxes fast you have to look for those tack credits. >> also, what else do you suggest. >> you have to look at all of your deductions. we talk about the medical expenses. we talked about job and moving. but there are 20% filers who don't take the income credit if you're eligible for that absolutely do it and some people shy away from the home loss deduction because it can get a little complicated. flock you're eligible for it that's what it's there for. go ahead and take it. >> i hear people forget to sign their name one of big mistake. what are other mistakes. >> people forget to sign, people forget their social security number or incorrect social security number. absolutely don't do that it will complicate thing. the biggest issues during time tax simply not filing. you have to filing. penalties and the interest is big. it could be up to 25% of the tax that is you owe if you don't
7:35 am
file on time. whatever do you, just file something and if you have to am it later, am it later. now, the other thing is, you can file for an extension. you get automatic six month extension from the irs if you still need some time. but that does not give you an extension to pay. so if you owe money, you still have to send a check tomorrow but you can still do some work and figure it out up until october. so absolutely do that. that is a big mistake don't forget if you do owe money, also get a payment arrangement. you don't have to necessarily write the big check tomorrow. you can get up to five to six years to pay that big tax debt off. >> the deadline is if you owe money. you have to have the money. most of us avoided doing or taxes because we money. who do you contact if you know that you can't make the payment and you just don't have it? >> just sign the form. because look the telephone is going to be inundated with people calling irs tomorrow. all you need sign the form, you can request the payment arrangement. irs will reach out to you and it
7:36 am
is up that payment arrangement with you. >> thank you. great tips as always. >> thank you very much. >> really appreciate coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you so much rob. if you have any more questions let us know tweet us using our hash tag fox 29 good day. bill? >> i'm writing down all the tips because i haven't filed my taxes yet. philadelphia is planning for a wickedly exciting theater season. coming up the plays and musicals you can expect to come to our town next year and gas prices up 30% over the last month. the average driver spending more than five bucks more to fill their tank. coming up we'll save you more money. we'll tell was you can do to save pennies at the pump. pennies add up and we continue to get your comments this one from peter sending it to dave. another picture perfect morning. keep the good weather coming! >> look at this. how cute. that is a beautiful picture kathy thanks for sending that one. good morning great day yesterday at the car show. another one on tap on this day.
7:37 am
we'll be back.
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♪ nicely done. that's what i have to say.
7:40 am
playing the '70's songs. great hit right here. broadway show. mamma mia. is that one of the ones coming up we'll let you know in our broadway series for next year. good morning, allentown. gorgeous day on tap. >> look great out there. we'll get back to that. ♪ i'm a little upset with you you know i drive that suv and the gas prices are going up. >> maybe final lapse for low gas prices up 30% over the last month alone. average driver spending five bucks more to fill her tank. >> why? >> here's what's going on. demand for ill is up a little bit oil price goes up we'll pay more at the pump folks are driving suv's like you and those trucks they use mr. gas. price is going up. >> smarty pants what can we do to get around it? >> just in time for the summer crews you're about to take few things we can save you pennies at the pump. when you're looking for that new
7:41 am
ride check out the mpg. make sure you factor into the long-term costs new car smell wears off still filling the tank. >> i'm smelling it right now. >> hey jenn remember this? >> what is that? >> cold cash and some gas stations take it and give you discount versus credit card. use cash if you can when you're filling the tank. >> that's what i'm going to do. >> okay. i like the cash idea but we're they don't give you a break. >> not break. gas an app for your smart phone that will show you gas stations in your area with the best gas prices using gps. >> i don't have to drive around looking for them. >> they'll fine the closest one for you. >> one more question. i actually traded in my old car because i couldn't afford the high test. >> if you're not driving a ferrari most cars regular is fine. so the myth is premium work better. not true. stick with regular. save a few bucks. >> i know that prices are going up. but with those tips i can
7:42 am
definitely be cool driving around. >> and you'll have enough money to drive around this summer topless. >> i mean top down. >> we're cashing in. ♪
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when you want itchy, watery eyes and sneezes out of the picture, you go to walgreens for flonase allergy relief- over the counter in full prescription strength. with walgreens right around the corner, it's easy to get more complete relief in a flash. how's that for picture perfect? well... "perfect" might be a slight exaggeration. swing by walgreens for flonase that helps block six allergic substances, not just one. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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taking a look at sea isle city. it won't be long now before we're all down there chilling at the beach. maybe we'll take the show on the road. we can play some of this music that has karen so happy. >> '70's music hitting the 70's right now. it is exactly 45 degrees and you can see by that flag the wind is blowing down the shore. but a beautiful morning. >> here's mel news. >> ♪ in your health this morning if you're trying to eat healthy foods probably familiar with sugar foods. hot ones right now kale, quinoa and chia seeds said to be packed with good for you nutrients that can do everything from protecting your heart to helping you slim down but super foods can be super expensive and they're kind of hard to find. so we found some cheaper substitutes that are just as healthy without the painful price tag. fox medical team's beth galvin joins us from atlanta. beth that sounds good. first, let's start with what is a super food? one food that can
7:46 am
do everything you need? >> reporter: that's what they say, chris. but we talked to registered dietician who specializes in cancer prevention and works with cancer patients going through treatment. super foods that's a that is traditional term -- nutritional term as marking term created by companies who want to sell their foods so they say it's the latest greatest thing and all you need in one food and she said there's really no such thing as one food that does everything that we need nutritionally. what we need she said is kind of this balance of these good for you foods. a lot of variety mixed in there of these foods. chris? >> you said balance. if i'm trying to balance my checkbook and not go broke by these super foods, what are some i guess of a fondable substitutes? let's start with kale if we can. >> reporter: kale is that dark leafy green vegetable everybody loves right now. kind of the darling of the nutritional world. it can be expensive. so our nutritionist said hey
7:47 am
instead of kale every once in while try broccoli brock cole system another dark green vegetable packed with nutrients also fantastic for you. a lot cheaper. at least half as cheap as kale. you know half as much you'll pay for kale. another one she mentioned a quinoa. that's that ancient grain whole grain that everybody has trouble pronouncing. it's basically really getting a lot of because it's pack with natural protein. so vegetable based protein great he is special physical you're trying to cut back on meat in your diet or you're vegetarian. but that, too s really expensive because that, too, is really hot right now, so instead of trying to get quinoa of time why to the try brown rice. brown rice is the healthiest of the rice. also really high in fiber. also high in protein, too. and maybe a great substitute and a lot cheaper probably a fourth of the price of what you'll pay for quinoa and the last one she says is chia seeds which you
7:48 am
remember chia pets now chia seeds are having their day and packed with protein and all these great nutrients. but she says chia seeds can be expensive they can be hard to find so she said try flaxseed. flaxseeds have been around for awhile. they don't have much sort of buzz going with them but they're great nutritionally. do you have to grind them up yourself but you can add them to your cereal torque your yogurt, and just get that real boost in the morning. >> chris? >> chia seeds are like poppy seeds a little bit. >> reporter: yes. >> when we go to the store and we look for these super foods, do we first start with color? >> reporter: that's a fantastic idea. tell kids eat the rainbow and that just means, the brighter the fruit and vegetables the deeper the color, the more nutrients in that vegetable. look for those deep purple egg plants. look for the blueberries. look for the bright yellow, bright orange, bright reds all of those foods that you find are going to be, you know, full of nutrients that you want and it's
7:49 am
great to get kind of a cross section to experiment to get outside your comfort zone little bit and go by color, okay, i'll try something new, you know, work in this bright color. then you're getting some real super foods in your diet chris? >> i love the color of your outfit this morning tore mine its spring. thank you. >> and look for color in the store. i don't know what kind of segue that was. thank you, chris. >> bill and karen, back to you. >> i eat a lot of that stuff. good information. >> i know do you. so healthy. look at the gorgeous sunrise sent to us by one of our facebook viewers thank you very much for sending in this 360 video from chalfont of the sunrise this morning. this was accept by storm chaser ray. thank you for that. dave warren, gorgeous sunrise. >> he's going to need a bright ticket if he wants to chase storms today. go all the way to the midwest. we're good here. beautiful shot. thanks for sending that inform you can see my house from there actually one town over. let's look at our weather scale today and pretty good. in fact great.
7:50 am
maybe -- pretty good this morning. a little chilly right now but beautiful afternoon and a great day tomorrow. bright sunshine and getting even warmer. speaking of that chill in the air, thick in allentown. pottstown also at 36 like reading. lancaster up to 40. maybe some patchy frost. frost advisory in effect until 8:00 o'clock for much of jersey, sussex county, and portions of southeastern pennsylvania even though it's not down to freezing you still get some frost out there this morning. clear on ultimate doppler. stormy weather only a cross the midwest and the southern plains and that's where it will stay. not pushing east. we are clear today with bright sunshine and that continues we can have a few clouds coming in tonight. maybe low clouds. right off the ocean there. there they go by tomorrow morning. that cooler air tries to work its way from from the coast here's what it looks like temperature wise into the 70 today's but look at that cooler air just work its way in from the delaware bay and the ocean here with a water temperature a
7:51 am
little cooler. you get that southeast wind will drop the temperatures quickly tonight. rebound easily tomorrow. upper 70s close to 80s. but only into the 60s atlantic city and cape may. that's that sea breeze developing this time of year that can keep the temperatures down quite a bit. seven day forecast we'll have 72 today. then up to 80 tomorrow. a little cooler breeze sets up on tuesday. this is the pattern breaking down. that should be the end of the warming trend on monday. by tuesday 68. 65 is on wednesday. that's near normal. that's about where we shall be. upper 60s on thursday. but one day with some rain coming in that will be overnight thursday throughout the day on friday. it's still fairly mild. just look for periods of rain. so pretty dry this week we could use that rain helping spring flowers on friday. >> there you go. you make it sound so g thank you dave. >> did you see on friday mike and alex we have the big door for our 20th anniversary all the surprise guests come through and they had their portraits created right here on the floor.
7:52 am
artist is absolutely fantastic job. >> beautiful. >> gorgeous right there. mike and alex. >> not to be out done we artist come in and do a little something for karen and i as well. >> um-hmm. that's the big reveal. our enormous debut of our wonderful portraits. look. >> i've leaned out. your hair looks good. >> i did wonderful -- they did my hair perfect the. >> keith in the control room said i need a pocket square to make it live like. >> look at that bill. man in the nation of georgia actually lucky to be alive this morning. >> that tree fell on top of his car but somehow he managed to get away. what officials say caused that huge tree to come crashing down. and it's gotten a bad rap for years but it turns out having a blond moment can actually be a good thing. coming up the new study that shows who is smarter, the results may surprise you and may make karen happy. we'll be back. ♪
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ rolling out '70's music and having a great time. hot stuff.
7:56 am
>> summer. >> wilmington, delaware. looks good. thank you for starting your morning with us. karen, knocking the king is always fun. >> howard, what you got? >> hey, howard, muhammed ali, i heard what you had to say the other day and you know it's a joke. >> with this kind of missteps and trending it in certain way no wants me to be that tough guy you told me i was and throw in the boxing gloves and say let's go at it, howard let's go. >> let me tell you i have reserved a date at the wells fargo center todd and i'm on. you better get your rear end here. >> no guy who puts that amount of product in his hair can ever beat up an nfl agent. coming to me up howie boy. stop actin acting tough. put in little press product and get back to being a journalist. >> you're dope. now clue about agents.
7:57 am
they almost never tell the tru truth. he certainly when he's asking for more money if you unthe whole situation from the eagles he's not going to tell truth. but i'll take him on and take any agent on because what i put out there has nothing to do with product, bro. okay? it has to do with reality and the truth. and that's what i'm trying to bring. i'll bring the gloves and i'll bring the truth and i'll even take you on, sam, with todd france. you got that, brother? do you think what -- i am the greatest. think you have what it takes to knock the king? shoots your video, up load it to us. down goes frazier. i'll talk to you next week. ♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ this morning on good day, we have a lots of breaking news. this in this case three people shot and killed inside a house. another person injured. what police say happened right before they found those victims. developing story. a powerful earthquake rocking
8:00 am
south america. dozens dead and hundreds injured. how the ecuador government is responding. what a season this has been big night for senator ted cruz racking some additional delegates in wyoming but donald trump says it doesn't matter. ♪ >> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia" weekend. ♪ it doesn't mat. donald trump, nothing faces donald trump. i don't care about those pesky votes and stuff like that. >> good morning to you bill anderson. >> good morning karen hepp and dave warren. >> good morning. >> and good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i always like a number of the day even though we don't always do them. give me a number of the the day. >> we're up to -- >> a 10. >> a 10. >> bill will give you the number. perfect. >> that's the on the way around. >> a 10. >> not one. >> bill, let's let dave do weather. >> they're telling me in the control room use 10 fingers. >> news guy. weather guy. help us out.
8:01 am
>> may mott feel like it this morning, we have a chill. few numbers in the 30s still. clear sky and one of the places that could see some frost is inland new jersey this is the live picture from be a key son. beautiful start to the day there with bright sunshine. let's see what we have going on this morning finally here's weekend with sue. >> a couple of things to tell you about actually in this weekend wendy because she's wearing a phillies jersey it's the philly phanatic's birthday today out at citizens bank park. so that will be celebrated the there. but before then or maybe even after you can enjoy skura sunday part of the cherry blossom festival going on for couple of weeks here in philadelphia. today it's going to be really special at the horticulture center at fairmount park from 9:30 to 5:00 with life music and dance performance, cultural demonstrations, martial arts even a little bit of karaoke a great time in the park today. what kind of day is it
8:02 am
blossoming into, dave? >> it's great because i can go there and do karaoke one of my favorite past times, sue. this is the life -- picture with our frost advisory dully chun now. 8:02 it was up just a minute ago. stops 8:00 o'clock. because of that we are looking at temperatures which are into the 30s but climbing top of the hour numbers just coming in. they're warming up nicely. 40s right now. one twenty four places a 30 like woodbine, new jersey and cape may county. mace lanning cold but up to 33 now. so we are climbing. on our way up to the 60s and 70s close to 50 in philadelphia but drops to the upper -- lower 40s in a few 30s like perkasie and doylestown right now. so live picture shows bright sunshine on market street. 49 degrees with light breeze out of the north at 6 miles an hour. today we climb into the 70s. in center city. a cooler breeze down the shore 58 degrees north and west. 66 degrees not all that bad with the bright sunshine. 80s we're in the seven day forecast i'll show when you
8:03 am
coming up. >> ♪ thank you, dave we're getting more information on some breaking news this morning. we know that four people have been shot, thee killed and police say the suspected shooter has now turned himself in. >> this all happened about four hours ago. the scene 600 block of east westmoreland street in kensington much that's where jenny joyce is right now with the latest on this. jenny. >> reporter: good morning, karen. three people shot dead. a fourth found block it way with gunshot wound to the arm that. person was transported to temple hospital. police were called out here to the six hadn't dread block of east westmoreland street for a barricade situation. that went on for couple of hours. police were communicating with a male suspect through a megaphone eventually he surrendered peacefully. when police walk inside the home they found three people shot to death. police say again there is a fourth victim that was found a block away. that person was transported to the hospital. we don't know how serious the injuries may be. police at this time aren't releasing any information about the victims and the relationship
8:04 am
to the suspect. police tell us the suspect made that initial call to 911 chief joe sullivan explains what happened next. >> also, contacted 911 and engage in conversation with the supervisor via radio indicating that he wished to surrender. homeland security unit attempted to negotiate on police radio. peaceful surrender of this mail. >> reporter: the case is now in the hands of homicide detectives. several police officers still on the scene investigating. trying to piece it altogether. again, police have not confirmed any information about the victims ages or relationships. police have said at this point it's a very tragic scene here.
8:05 am
karen and bill? >> absolutely. jenny thank you very much. 8:00 sorry five. following another developing story from south america. >> there's been another earthquake just a day after that deadly one in japan. now dozens more people are dead and hundreds injured. after a powerful earthquake shakes off the coast of ecuador this 7.92 quake rocked an area popular with tourists and fishermen. 10,000 troops deployed to that area to help the quake was the strongest ever to hit ecuador since 1979. more information on really sad story. police say a four-year-old girl was fatally shot by her five-year-old brother when he found a loaded weapon. police believe the gun belonged to the child's father. it was found at the home. this all happened yesterday afternoon the in town had hundred block of may feel street.
8:06 am
she was struck in the chest and pronounced at the scene. obviously the family is devastated. >> she was just an outgoing little girl. she just wanted -- i mean she loved barbie dolls, coloring, she was a sweet loving little girl. she was full of life. >> police continue to investigate and they say that the child's father left the house just minutes after the shooting. number of fires to tell you about. pretty big one at a shopping center in kensington. actually had to bring in mat crews to help because they were concern about fumes l this was on aramingo avenue and east york street just after 1:00. police were told the fumes were spreading throughout a store in the complex. the fire was put under control in about an hour. thankfully no one was injured. crews say the fire may have started a dumpster. another fire to tell you about. a viewer shared this video of flames shooting out of an apartment building roof along the 200 block of west branch avenue in camden county. last night officials say the three alarm fire happened in the mansion apartments that's in
8:07 am
pine hill about 9:00 o'clock. the blaze was placed under control at around 10:30. no word if anyone was injured. and west kensington a somber memorial service held for a two-year-old killed in a hit and crash a year ago. family of david released balloons at the toddler's honor last night on april 13th of last year the boy and his mother were hit while trying to cause mascher street the mom survived and the driver was arrested and charged five months later. 8:08, cuban president raul castro warning his people to be aware of the united states. castro says while he doesn't want to undermine the recent strides to renew relations between the u.s. and cuba, he does have some concerns. he says cuba should not renounce the principals of the revoluti revolution. castro says the one party system was the greatest defense against what he sees as an tempt to bring about political change. family and friends shared their stories of patti duke at
8:08 am
memorial service in idaho. there was hard al dry eye or an empty seat at the service. those who knew duke best shared their stories of a feisty woman they remembered as being so small and having such a big heart. through laughs and tears friends, family, fans, even complete strangers prayed together and said goodbye to a woman they all loved so dearly. >> i would not have missed it. i had the opportunity to speak about a woman who was so influential to so many and such an inspiration to so many but who was also a very very dear friend of mine four almost 40 years. >> patti duke of course was a very very talented actress and was on tv for years and years and years even had her show they had den cal cousins. she died back on march 29th of sepsis from a ruptured intesti intestine. she was 69 years old. now caught op camera take look at this. the man getting out of his car when a massive tree falls on the
8:09 am
car. swallowed up the car but the out come of this story it might surprise you. stay tune. we'll have it for you. plus, they say all kinds of things about blonds. they have the jokes, oh, dumb blonds. but is there any truth. results of a new study that answers that question. is there such a thing as a blond moment. >> i'm not touching it. >> plus -- i never thought that, um, dr. seuss back would get me arrest. >> why kiddie literature could land that couple in jail. look at this picture. >> our family out there at the run is the gift of life donor dash. that's dawn timmeney, sue serio out there representing us. we'll get out there after the show and say hell hoe. >> with their big fur babies. >> chris murphy is our huge host of the gift of donor dash.
8:10 am
>> great weekend daddy won. congratulations. kendall and daddy hugging it out in victory lane. congratulations jenn and family. keep the pictures coming and use the hash tag fox 29 good day. that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees.
8:11 am
our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message.
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♪ welcome back much this is
8:13 am
the donor dash the walkers and runners 5k, 10k and walk out there. such a fun time. thank you for all the folks that came out to help raise awareness about donating organs at the art museum steps on the parkway. >> if you're out there go after the show karen will be out there, many members of the fox 29 family are there. see the blue jackets. see friendly faces come on up and say hello. in other news right now 8:13, pennsylvania governor tom wolf is expected to sign a bill legalizing medical marijuana today. that's right. on sunday he's going to be to do it. that's how important he thinks it. it's been more than 18 months since the state senate approve the medical marijuana bill back in 2014 and the house approved the bill by a vote of 149-46. the law will make pennsylvania the 24th state to legalize a medical marijuana program. all right. we can be a little bit stuff in the city like to give people a hard time razzing in the blood. part of what we have to do. but there are tickets and this
8:14 am
is one of the things that makes us so an grow the parking authority gets a lot of people and cars get towed. explain this one. >> our bruce gordon probably can explain it better. one philadelphia man wasn't prepared for the parking nightmare he encountered but it's something could happen, where, only in philly! >> ♪ >> reporter: i'm bruce gordon. one of stories reminded me once again that philadelphia is a great place to live. as long as you can survive the day to day lune nazi. joe mcgregor walked out his northeast physical home monday afternoon quickly noticed his pop up camera was -- camper was gone. it had been there moments earlier he knows that for a fa fact. but now it was most definitely gone. in fact all that was left in the parking space right in front of his home on distant street was a space and a couple of scrape marks where the camper had been dragged away. it turns out hit basketball towed away. apparently on police orders after someone reported it abandoned. the camper had been park right
8:15 am
out in front of the home roughly 51 weeks a year for the past five years apparently without complaint. its paper work was all in order all up to date linking the camper to the address some 20 feet away. apparently no one bothered to knock at the door or leave a note to the mcgregors describing the fact their camper was sudden al problem. joe quickly figured out what had happened and quickly recovered his camper. in fact the very next morning. but under city rules, he was charged for two days storage in addition to the towing charge. oh, mcgregor claims this camper was damaged when the city contracted together company drag it from its parking spot. the company vehemently denies doing any damage. what adds to the mcgregor's irritation? remember when pope francis came to town last september they loaned the camper to their son-in-law 15th district philly cop so that you can use it as a rest station in between their 12 hour shifts. as mcgregor himself put it -- >> basically i donated this to
8:16 am
to the tee and this is how they repay me. nice. i'm a little upset. >> reporter: to be fair there is a philly or nance that prohibits parking unattached campers or boats long term on philly streets. an ordinance from everything i can tell is routinely ignore. mcgregor says if his camper was out of the line ticket it but don't tow him then gouge him on the price then he claims damage his property. one final note, he tells me this 19-year-old grandson was recently robbed at gun point in northeast philly. just another straw on the cam pell's back just another reason why mcgregor and his wife are considering moving out of philadelphia. the city that claims to love you back but has such a hard time showing it. only in philly. ♪ wow. as they say no good deed goes unpunish much that's unbelievable. unbelievable, dave. taking a look at trenton. looks great there. the dome shining over the state capital. some would say unbelievably weather in the future. >> in the near future i should
8:17 am
say. in the forecast gets even better much that's a nice shot this morning. from trenton the temperature there is 44. philadelphia is almost up to 50 allentown at 43. few suburbs, though, still in the 30s like doylestown, that's really about it actually. one suburb. doylestown at 38 degrees. everybody else has climbed into the 40s. maybe a few more here. like woodbine 37 degrees. that's about it. that's good. down at the freezing mark or blow in one or two earlier. even had some frost out there. but now with the bright sunshine we're warming up and we'll do a quick warmup today. we'll be into the 50s and 60s here in no time. a cool start with warmer afternoon coming up. it's cooler along the coast that is a cooler breeze sets up. so if you're down the shore might notice temperature dropping. maybe about one or 2:00 o'clock. we get warmer tomorrow. a look at penn's landing. this is a beautiful shot this morning from the top of our studio here. we have a temperature of 49 degrees with a light breeze at 9 miles an hour.
8:18 am
relative humidity at 54%. by 2:00 o'clock, we're in the 60s. 4:00 o'clock 70's but then quickly dropping. 50s down to about 52 by 11:00 o'clock so maybe not quite as cool overnight tonight. ultimate doppler certainly cle clear. the closest place we have some rain is over the southern plains that where it's been the last few days that's where it will stay today. not much change in our weather pattern maybe just a few clouds coming in overnight tonight. we'll see these low clouds developing so not quite as cool and another warm day tomorrow but changes in the seven day forecast. that's coming up. it's breakfast time right now. here's bob. good morning, everybody. it's time for breakfast. i am right on the dividing line here west philly, southwest philly, we're goining to inside one of the best spots in town. the cedar park cafe. take look at all of the items they lined up for us here just to give you an idea of some of the great food. it's home cooking right in the neighborhood. i'm over here with two of our
8:19 am
good day fans. what is your name. >> linda. >> linda and your name. >> renee'. >> now, you told me the best thing on the menu waffles and chicken. >> yes. >> what is the sauces they have. >> like a tie chili sauce. >> i dip the chicken in the sauce. >> yes. >> okay. >> dip it in the sauce. >> let's see. give eight dip. >> okay. >> give it a dip. >> dip, dip, do the dip, do the dip, dip, dip. >> okay. >> here we go. >> hey. >> there you go. right into it. >> um-um. >> tell me that's not good. >> that's delicious, right? >> that's good. >> let's get cute with it. >> we got cute with it. >> you hold the microphone. hold my mike. >> i got the mike. taking over. >> there you go. >> you want to cut a piece of the chicken put it on top of the waffles the syrup. >> oh! >> yeah.
8:20 am
>> that's like -- yeah. >> waffle -- >> um-hmm. >> chicken. >> um-hmm. >> and do the dip? >> do the dip. >> do the dip, dip, dip. >> here we go. >> there you go. >> is that good? >> jammo! >> nice and rich syrup. >> nice think belgium waffle. >> i'm going crazy. homemade here. all those flavors going ba-boom in your mouth. cedar park cafe here if you like me to come visit your spot all you have to do is hit me up on facebook and twitter and i could be coming for breakfast in your neighborhood. say bye. >> bye! >> ♪ getting cute with it. all right. what it wasn't so much fun started out as normal day for one man but a sudden turn of events almost ended his life. >> we'll show you what happened here. he's out there next to vehicle and avenues, bam a tree falls on top of his head. narrowly escapes that but what
8:21 am
caused that near tragedy. >> that's crazy. >> why one couple is actually facing jail time for reading children's books. coming up why dr. seuss may be to blame for landing this couple behind bars. >> the places they could go. speaking of celebrity birthdays. jennifer gardner love her, 44 years old. >> good for her. >> sick tour ya beckham 42. happy birthday. >> and rooney mara31. >> here's your winning lottery numbers. we hospital you have them. numbers. we hospital you have them. good luck. fight back and rebuild an economy. numbers. we hospital you have them. good does she. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs,
8:22 am
a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
8:23 am
8:24 am
♪ welcome back. it is exactly 8:24 on this super sunday. good morning see view, new jersey. my mom always said only thing you can count on in life is -- it's going to be beautiful today. changing up into the 70s from almost 50 right there. gorgeous day. there you go. we've been talking about this video all morning. let's take look at it. incredible video from the tiny
8:25 am
nation of georgia. this man leaves his car and, boom, gigantic tree comes crashing down on his vehicle. incredibly look at it again, the man walk away with only a few scratches. they say that strong winds are being blamed for uprooting the tree and having it fall on this man's car. all right. 8:25 is the time. they say that blonds have more fun. true? >> well i've been bruin net. that's obviously my natural color. >> you shall know. >> i don't know. i would say it's a toss up. >> they also say not so nice things about blonds. >> dumb blonds. >> yeah. you can leave that one behind because you're bruin net. >> let's see if it's rooted in fact. sue serio. ♪ every week we talk about sill yesterday topics in scientific research and this week's study is based on premise that's not just silly it's insulting. researchers at ohio state university set out to fine out if all of the dumb blond
8:26 am
stereotypes had any basis in reality. despite all those ridiculous blond moment jokes, they found out that blonds have the last laugh. we're actually smarter. they look at iq tests and hair color and blonds scored a little bit better than everyone else. here's dr. mike. >> science has shown there's no correlation between intelligence and hair color. what we needed to is stop the nonsense. blond hair, black hair, red hair, they're all smart. just use your brain and you will will go far. >> thanks dr. mike. your advice is always smart. this study anything but silly for all of us blonds. does that mean you have to be natural blond? ♪
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
♪ taking a look at the donor dash. our fox 29 family. there they are. >> there's sue. >> chris murphy. >> sue and kathy and dawn and chris everybody out there and shortly karen. >> dawn you'll always see her furry friends. her fur babies as welly finley.
8:30 am
>> sue as well. say hi to their fur babies much they're getting ready. it will be start for one of the events. 10k, 5k and then there's also the thee k walk. one of the teams they're getting ready to take pictures. good luck that's thanks for coming out to support an important cause. 8:30 straight up a couple in michigan facing jail time three months in jail possibly all for a dr. seuss book? the couple owes fees and fines to their local library for failing to return two books back in 2014 and 2015. now they're facing charges of failure to return rental property. they admit they did sent a money order to the prosecutor' office to cover the late fees and replace many costs but they refused to pay the additional divergent fees. >> i'm willing to pay the fines that the library and promise i won't ever come back there more. >> i'll never go to that probably again.
8:31 am
probably never any other library again. >> aww. they also had to pay $100 bond to avoid going to jail. on friday when they were served with arrest warrants. >> isn't a book like $6, dr. seuss books. $6. >> it's one of those common steps police thing. seriously. >> really? >> stupid. let's get over to our weather i have question for dave warren right now, dave, we had very serious situation breaking news this morning. we've had earthquake that has happened in ecuador and then yesterday we had another deadly quake in japan. what's happening? >> 90% of the world's earthquakes happen what's call the ring of fire here. primarily the pacific places. very active area. so this was actually the ecuador plate these are all he were quake in the last 10 days these are very very small here in southern california but they happen quite a bit all along this general area up along the islands and down through japan then through the pacific. so this is the very active area
8:32 am
and a lot of smaller earthquakes. last few days had some major earthquakes there. so that's why it's happening all in that same region there along the pacific. in our region we have temperatures into the 30s and 40s. now it's climbing into the mid to upper 40s. so we're continuing our warmup today. there's a closer to 50-degree temperature there in philadelphia and washington township, mace lanning still at 42. cold this morning with some frost. that's long gone. now we'll getting nice warmup with bright sunshine we'll into the 50's and 60s in no time climbing into the 70's later today. live picture shows beautiful shot this morning looking towards the delaware river, 49 degrees. light breeze out of the north at 6 miles an hour. 70s, except for down the shore a little cooler. get that sea breeze coming in later today. so temperature of 58. 66 not that you bad across the lehigh valley. you think this is good you'll like the seven day forecast, 80s i'll show when you coming up. ♪
8:33 am
(gravit (. >> it is going to be wick good philadelphia kimmel center for the performing arts may be defining gravity as hit former musical wick makes its way back to town as part of the 2016-2017 broadway philadelphia season. >> one of the many shows come to go philly in the upcoming season. productions with a combined 29 tony awards and 18 awards. four brand new touring shows. making their philadelphia premiers. >> joining us this morning to talk all about this what we can expect fran particular from the kimmel center. they look amazing. >> great season. so many award winning shows directly from new york to philadelphia. most of our season it's the first year these shows are out touring and bring the best to physical, best of broadway to
8:34 am
philadelphia each year. >> wick the most popular, right? >> wicked definitely the most popular. i think surpassed box office goals billions recently but we will start our season with american in paris beautiful mixture of dance. mgm musical starring gene kelly. jukebox musical great romantic for our season in notify of 2016. >> any other must sees people should see. >> presenting two really interesting shows in february. we have the bodyguard which is based on whitney houston. >> so much fun. how many people will be singing all the lyrics. >> exactly. i will always love you and queen of the night in the film but other songs from whitney houston's catalog including how will i know. just a great show. it's premiered in the uk a couple of years ago and first time in the united states. then we have a play based on the model the dog of the night which is a great story about a young
8:35 am
man who has many social challenges dealing with the investigation of what happened to his neighbor's dog and then also coming to terms with his family it's beautiful show you see the world basically through his eyes. >> more of the hits. cabaret coming back. >> great revivals. cabaret the king even most recently won the tony award for best revival at the the lincoln center and we also have the favorite of mamma mia coming back for the holidays. a lot of great shows coming in. >> fran, what do you say to the people who get on amtrak and go to new york. why not stay in philadelphia scene it. >> you're basically seeing a lot of the shows that will be coming to here will feature broadway performance because they want to see the country and also want to be able to perform for lot of different audiences. great thing about coming to philadelphia if ever been in the academy of music or the forest love the shows and the theme shows this season the touring artists are always excited to the response they get here. they love coming to philadelph
8:36 am
philadelphia. >> and pack houses. >> absolutely. >> how about motown the musical. have you seen this one. >> yes. >> one of my favorites. >> that's coming next june. return for two weeks. most successful presentations ever very excited to be bringing it back to the kimmel center to the academy. >> the audience was jumping when i saw that one. everyone is standing up and dancing so many classic songs we know. >> its like a concert. people go crazy 40. being are buying tickets and coming back and seeing it again you have a chance to see it again and again for 16 performances next may and june. >> very very quickly pennsylvania connection what's the basic store line of that one. >> best musical last year. allison becks tell from northern eastern p avenue the story of her coming to terms as young woman up in northeastern pennsylvania beautiful little chamber music show that will be at the forest in june a really wonderful show. >> fran, thank you very much. it looks amazing. >> we have to get tickets. i can't wait. >> we'll be calling. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> thank you.
8:37 am
♪ we can do our musical. >> take owing the political season as they do every week. it turned into something else as well. reunion that took place on snl last night. we'll tell you about it. plus are you willing to pay more money for something made in america? new study fine out we may not be nearly as patriot tick as we think we are. all that and more coming up on good day physical. ♪
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♪ welcome back. patti labelle. >> um-hmm. >> as we remember the '70's today. that's how high the temperatures are going to get. 8:40 right now. dave is here we're need your opinion much think about this one and be honest about the answer. something is made in america, does it make you more likely to buy it and would you pay for more that? really? >> would you actually pay more to have something made in the united states? new study that says no. >> recent poll done by the
8:41 am
associated press, majority of americans say they prefer lower prices over paying higher costs. made in america tag is not worth it to them. dave the survey went on. >> 9% of the people who buy -- 9% buy americans since most americans aren't making more money it forces family to look for the best bargains even if those things are made abroad. >> we like to do it on principal when it comes down to it, push comes to should have, i mean, you know, look at the two items. >> it's unfortunate. there's principal and then there's practice. at the end of the day, limit resources you can't just spend additional money to make statement or most people can't. >> we did with our car. we drive chef reveres that was important to him. >> what they say they want and what they really want are too different thing. >> what else? >> i think we shall include the fact you're getting quality product and a lot of circumstances the prices are comparable. you don't have to often make that choice. you can still make the decision
8:42 am
to buy american products and it doesn't have to cost i was whole lot of extra money. >> we want to get your opinion on this one much this is our instant reaction poll. do you try to buy only made in america products? you can vote, gosh to the weekend section of fox or vote on twitter using hour hash tag fox 29 yes if do you or fox 29 no. we'll be right back.
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8:44 am
modres: the cost of living the pay stays the same. i have to work extra hours just to make ends meet. it's a big struggle. one person that really gets this is katie mcginty. she came from a working-class family. she was ninth of 10 kids. she gets it. she'll fight for equal pay for equal work. katie mcginty will protect social security and medicare. that's why president obama and vice president biden support her, too. she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
8:45 am
♪ what is that, is that water slide? >> it look like it used to be the tubing area. they're changing over get ready fort spring and summer. >> a water slide. now that i would do. i'm on board for that. i don't do the skiing thing. water slide, i'm on board. >> moving on, you decide writ political coverage now. republican senator ted cruz picked up major victory as he battles donald trump for delegates. >> texas senator was the only republican candidate to campaign in wyoming and it work out pretty darn well for him. he picked up all 14 of the state's delegates. >> we're in all likelihood going to have battle in cleveland to determine who the nominee is. if we tum together and unite, we will win this nomination. >> donald trump says no. not having any of that rejecting
8:46 am
the talk to have a couldn't testified convention saying he's the only candidate who could walk away the nomination. >> he no longer has the road to the nomination. he will no longer after this weekend. i'm sorry, folks. you only got trump. >> republican john kasich picked up pretty key endorsement from nevada governor. criss-crossing new york right now. hoping to pick up as many delegates in tuesday's primary as possible. >> i think we're going to pick up momentum in new york. >> pretty quite there. on the democrat side of the aisle hillary clinton was in california stomping at a college after fundraiser and turning her sights on the republican candidates. >> everything i will do as your president is exactly the opposite of what they say and how they treat people and what they want to see happen in our country. meanwhile bernie sanders pick up 15 more delegates from
8:47 am
colorado. he's back in new york after wrapping up a trip to the vatican that included a brief private meet wig pope francis. >> it was just an honor to speak with him for little while. >> reminder to all of you watching. pennsylvania and delaware primaries are a week from tuesday on april 26th. make sure you're ready. every vote matter matters trends morning, last night saturday night live had some fun witness democratic debate. >> with julia louie dreyfuss as host and larry david playing bernie sanders as he has always season turned into little bit of a seinfeld reunion. let's check it out. >> our first question comes from a long-time new yorker she's work in publishing her name is elaine bennis. (applause). >> hi there. yeah, i have two questions.
8:48 am
my first is for senator sander. >> i couldn't hear the question. >> i didn't ask it yet, bernie. so listen, you've been pretty vague in the past but how exactly are you going to break up the big banks? >> you mean the big bank break up? >> big bank break up. >> you're breaking up! >> how? how? >> once i'm elected president i'll have nice schmitz in the white house and i'll go to the big banks, i'll sit them down and yadda, yadda, yadda they'll be broken up. (laughter). >> yo, you can't yadda, yadda at a debate. also, you got yadda the best part. >> i mentioned the summits. >> okay. all right. having a little bit of fun with politic. let's see what chris wallace has coming up after good day this week on fox news sunday two days before the next big primary the candidates criss-cross new york. we'll get a preview of tuesday's big contest with donald trump's
8:49 am
controversial campaign manager corey lewandowski. and growing concern the zika virus is worse than we thought. we'll get the latest from the government's point man on infectious disease dr. anthony fauci on what you can do to protect yourself and our power player of the week, this week on fox news sunday. and it will be nice sunday this afternoon. we're a little cool this morning. the temperatures dropped into the 30s. on their way up so just pretty good this morning at 10:00 o'clock but great all the way through today and tomorrow. the warming trend certainly continues. got the phillies playing this afternoon right after 1:00 o'clock should be a great day for that. the sunshine and warm temperatures. theirs up to 40s now close to 50 in philadelphia. 60s by noon. 70s this afternoon. little cooler in the suburb to the south and east, but warming up into the 40s now. that frost advisory this morning no longer seeing that issue now with the sunshine. certainly not app issue with any type of rain out there. showers and storms over the
8:50 am
southern plains that's where they will stay the weather pattern remains the same unfortunately they're seeing flooding there while we get the sunshine here and warmer temperatures. so not much happening today maybe just a few low clouds coming in you'll see the sea breeze developing cooler air coming in from the east overnight tonight come with few clouds. even warmer tomorrow. from the 70s we drop into the 50s and 40s. no 30s tomorrow morning bite afternoon upper 70s, close to 80 maybe just a little cooler right along the coast. so 80s should be the peak tomorrow. 68 on tuesday. cooler breeze comes in so the pattern starts to change a little bit. we're still dry wednesday and thursday a little cooler. by friday, there's a little bit of rain coming in for one day there for the end of the week followed by sunshine and a nice weekend. ♪ this is your fox food bite. i director of culinary and i'm going to be cooking prime pork
8:51 am
chip for you. we'll take these beautiful prime pork chops and as you can see, the nice thing about a prime pork chop is the marble link. you can see all that fat. people that are afraid of cooking pork chops don't be afraid. these come out beautiful. you don't have to worry about dry piece of meat. what we're going to do start off make glaze. how we're goinged to the glaze a basic barbecue sauce. start off with ketchup, about two to 3 tablespoons. little bit of brown sugar, a pinch, i like to really suite so it goes great with pork. little bit a gaff veigh a natural sweetener. you can use honey also if you have that in your cabinet. a pinch of chili powder or chipotle chili powder you can even use pap prick today. make it easy for your yourself. add that to the bowl and their with a brush or a spoon whatever you have. and it's that easy. let that sit and sugar melt. and that is a sugar is melt
8:52 am
wagon we're going to do season our pork chop a little bit of fresh salt and pepper on both sides. so i always use fresh ground. we seasoned both sides. tenure favorite olive i use extra virgin so we'll do that. both sides. and then after we do that you'll flip it, you want to make sure we season both sides always. salt and little bit more olive oil. here we go. so we can rub that in. at home you don't have to use gloves either. there you go. they're ready to go for the grill. you want to get your grill medium high heat and get that pre heated. what we wanted to cook these for about five to six minutes on each side again that's going to depend on the thickness your pork chop because of all that great marble link that you see in this pork chop, all that extra fat that regular pork chop doesn't have it's going give you a little bit of a leeway of over cooking without drying out. so we want to get nice marks on
8:53 am
here. we're actually going to turn this pork chop like a quarter turn so we have the bone basically at 5:00 o'clock. we want to turn it to like 2:00 o'clock. that will actually help give a nice diamond shape to the pork chop. when you plate it it gives a nice presentation to your gues guests. so i'm going to flip that. as you can see you got the nice pattern. we'll continue to cook these for another six minutes on the other side. you may have noticed had mott put the glaze on yet the reason for that a lot of sugar in there. sugar actually will burn if you put it on too early. what you want to do you just want to glaze these the last minute or two of cooking like do you a barbecue sauce. these are just about done. we're about a minute or two aw away. i'll start glazing them with the glaze we made earlier. you want to generously brush the pork chops with the glaze and get both sides so once you get one side done, flip it, and that's going to help caramelize
8:54 am
it as that caramelizes you get the other side. again, make sure you get the sides. you want that flavor all over that pork chop. that is absolutely beautiful. look how nice they look. okay. take these off. we're ready to plate our pork chops. what i love to serve with this is my famous pine al pep cole slaw. i'll show you how to do this on another spot of food bite. put a big pile right in the mill of the plate. take your pork chop and lean it on there a nice piece of grilled pineapple on top. give this try. yeah, you see how beautiful this is. little pineapple, it's incredible. very very good. this is chris, at row stelly mark fresh and this has been your fox food bite.
8:55 am
ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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♪ thank you so much for sending this one in. because i have them i buy what's on sale. i'm american. i live here. i don't have to buy american. >> here's one from michael. giving us great updates. they she had great time at washington lake park yesterday. >> hope you have a wonderful day on this sunday. thank you for sharing your time
8:58 am
with us. >> we'll see you right up at the dough are in dash. have a good one. ♪
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i'm chris wallace, two days before the next big prime air yishgs the candidates crisscross the empire state. >> great state of new york, how lucky they are. >> no matter where you go -- >> today, a preview of tuesday's primary with donald trump's campaign manager. >> our goal is to get 1237 or more going into that convention. >> corey lewandowski over michelle fields. >> there is a huge distraction. >> and his evolving role in the campaign. get the "fox news sunday" exclusive. plus, the democrats are frustrated.


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