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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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little lore streets. now, police say the truck hit the man about 3:15. he he died on the scene. the driver did stop and he stayed with that crossing guard. police have not released any names. we'll bring you more as the news warrants. right now at 5:00 another arrest in the shooting of a philadelphia police officer. less than 24 hours after the shooting that sent two year veteran of the force to the hospital. police arrested the man they say pulled the trigger in around the clock manhunt giving way to sighs of relief tonight. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. the sore expected to be just fine. we have live team coverage right now. jennifer joyce is at penn presbyterian where the officer has been but we begin with dave schratwieser at police headquarters and de they just announced the arrest. dave. >> reporter: lucy, it took police just 16 hours to identify and arrest the alleged gunman who shot officer james mccullough last night. he is 23-year-old scott griffin. he has been charged with attempted murder. he's here at the police headquarters.
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police also recovered a gun and investigators tell us tonight he has a lengthy arrest record. it was just after 1:00 o'clock when police swooped down on the 1200 block of north alden street and arrested 23-year-old scott griffin for the shooting of police officer james mccullough sunday night at 59th and market. >> he is a dangerous individual. obviously. we're very happy to get him off the streets. >> reporter: griffin was taken into custody after homicide and narcotics detectives developed information on his whereabouts overnight. he was arrested as he got out of a car without incident. police also recovered a gun that may have been used in the shooting of 24-year-old officer during a mini crime spree in west philadelphia. >> the shooter has a lengthy record he's been arrested 14 times. the non-shot has been arrested three times. >> it's amazing that, again, much like officer hartnett that he didn't succumb to more significant injuries and so we're so thankful for that. >> reporter: shooting of officer mccullough comes a few
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months after jesse hartnett was shot at point blank range a short distance away. both officers work in the 18th district. >> police officers never know from one encounter to the next what will be in front of them. i mean it can be a very dangerous job. >> reporter: police say officer mccullough and his partner came upon a carjacking after earlier robbery by griffin and another man. the officers were chasing griffin when gunfire erupted. >> while the officers pursued the suspect, who had the gun, the suspect turned and shot the officer. >> reporter: mccullough fired three shots after being wounded. he was hospitalized in stable condition with gunshot wound to his left leg. police also arrested 20-year-old zamir koy yet as griffin's accomplice. >> the officer did outstanding job as officer do's the men and women in this police department do each and every day. >> reporter: court records indicate that griffin was arrested on gun charges just last month. his case was thrown out last week after a witness failed to
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appear. he was released from prison. district attorney's office filed the charges again refiled them the next day but he was already out of the prison. we'll much more on the investigation coming up at 6:00. iain. >> dave, thank you. police were able to take the suspected shooter into custody around 1:00 this afternoon in west philadelphia. let's get straight out to jennifer joyce live outside penn presbyterian medical sent. jennifer? >> reporter: good evening, iain. officer james mccullough remains here in stable condition at penn presbyterian hospital. he is going to be okay. that's positive news for the police department positive news for this city again he is the second philadelphia police officer shot in the line duty since january both officers from the 18th district. throughout date 18th district police officers popped by penn presbyterian hospital to visit one of their own. 24-year-old officer james mccullough on the force for two years shot in the line of duty sunday night.
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mayor jim kenney is applaudin ag his bravery and his a item to chase after the shooter while caring for himself after taking a bullet to the thigh. >> i want to comment the officer for his remarkable training and courage in doing what did he to a tourniquet to his own leg. >> reporter: mccullough sat in his hospital bed his brothers in blue went to work. by early afternoon shooting discuss inspect 23-year-old scott griffin was taken into custody on the 1200 block of alden street. our cameras were rolling as griffin was transported to homicide. a confusing surprising seen for people on the block. >> i was just coming out my house and seen all the cars and scene they had one guy they was putting in the wagon. >> reporter: these neighbors did not recognize griffin but police did. he's been arrested more than a dozen times. details of the case have mayor kenney reflecting on the dangerous nature of police work saying he's thankful officer mccall la is going to survive. >> since i've been sworn into
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office january 4th we've had two officers shot. thankfully they both survived. but it's tough. it's a tough job they have. >> reporter: a tough job they have. commissioner ross touched thon during a press conference as well. initially we heard officer mccullough may be released from the hospital today, however we have not yet heard an update on his status much lucy? >> thank you very much, jennif jennifer. stunning details about the tragic deadly shooting of a four-year-old philadelphia girl. police now say the girl's father framed her five-year-old sister with the shooting. joyce evans here now with what police uncovered. joyce? >> reporter: although investigators say the father has confessed to what really happened, detectives called his behavior with the gun quote careless and wreck less and even worse, was just how far the man went to could have up what he had done. 30-year-old maurice phillips facing several charges including third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter fort
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death of his four-year-old daughter. police say the girl was watching tv with her six siblings when phillips came into the room waving the gun. this was on saturday afternoon. the gun went off. one shot. the bullet hit the girl in the back of the head killing her on the spot. then detectives say her dad tried to opinion that shooting on her five-year-old sister. >> the investigation we found out he went as far as to punish the five-year-old to show how much he felt that she did this. also, through investigation we found out that he took blood and actually wiped it on her shirt to try to even more so show she's the one that fired the lethal shot. >> well, police say phillips also called his fiance' and told her the five-year-old did it. investigators say phillips left the house, gone by the time police got there. he turned himself in hours later and admitted to detective that is he had shot his daughter by
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accident. now police say phillips does not have a license to carry a gun and now detectives are tracking that gun to determine where the weapon came from. lucy? >> all right, thank you, joyce. police are on the hunt for two men accused of opening fire in to a car full of people in west oak lane. officers responded to the skate hundred block of north sydenham street around 1:00 this morning. investigators say two men walked up to a car with four people inside, pulled out a gun or guns and demanded cash. cops say one of the guys in the car did hand over money. then the two guys fired shots anyhow hitting three of the four people inside it. now, they're all in the hospital in stable condition. in kensington officers say they've arrested the man accused of shooting and killing three people. 46-year-old james dixon faces three counts of murder. police say he himself called 911 yesterday saying that he had shot three people inside a home along the 600 block of east westmoreland street. officers say they found them all dead inside.
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a fourth person shot police say. dixon is in critical condition. >> medical marijuana advocate pennsylvania new law realizing the drug for patients will mean better lives for those struggling withliness. governor tom wolf signed the bill into law just yesterday. it will take effect next month thanks to bipartisan support. bill anderson in the hughes room after speak wig patients about how this will improve their lives. bill? >> iain, they say they need relief. medical marijuana has been a controversial issue across the country largely due to political differences. but today we put the politics aside and spoke to local people suffering with illness and pain that they hope our new law will finally help them to address. >> at the age of six i had my first seizure. i wasn't truly diagnosed until i was nine. but i have seizures daily, every day, like non-stop. >> allison dilizio is 30 years old and suffering with epileptic seizures for 20 of those years. she's been hoping every day that
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something could give her some relief after pretty much everything she's tried has failed. >> front half of my brain -- that was separating halves of my brain and several other surgeries she's had brain surgeries. >> after months of negotiations and years of political debate on sunday pennsylvania became the 24th state to legalize medical marijuana. >> nothing has really helped her completely. so we have really been excited for the option to at least try medical marijuana. because we have heard good things about it. >> reporter: for many it was just a day to celebrate a political victory. but for families like this one who have a personal attach tom this issue, it was much deeper. >> to not have seizures for even a few days in a row would be a miracle for us. >> reporter: pennsylvania' laws will be one of the most restrictive in the country with limited numbers of sellers and only available for 17 identified
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illnesses. but still allison and her family hope that this law will help her get a little bit closer to a normal life. >> i would love to be at school. >> sure. >> and i'd love to be able to be out and with my friends. >> i i just could be out on my own more often. >> reporter: her last comment touched on it you really can't see speaking to allison but her seizures are so severe and frequent that she can't go to school. she can't work. she can't be alone for long periods of time for fear of a damaging seizure. medical marijuana even has had a chance of changing that she said she's ready to try. iain. >> absolutely, bill. thank you. >> following more like spring in your fox 29 weather authority. from old city to reading today all you had to do was step outside for some sunny mild weather and this is something we can finally get used to. let's check with in with meteorologist kathy orr. >> you think so, huh. >> i'll go on a limb. >> today's high temperature running 15 to 20 degrees above normal. we did it. we made it to 80 degrees.
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not only in philadelphia but how about 82 in wilmington. 81 in allentown. and in voorhees. philadelphia, trenton at 80 degrees and of course cooler down the shore in atlantic city on the boardwalk. 66 degrees. ultimate doppler we stay high and dry with all the storms staying to the west. unfortunately some serious flooding in texas and a lot of rain to the north. but we stay dry for now. temperatures still on the mild side. 81 in philadelphia. there's a new high temperature just in. 82 in allentown and 79 degrees in trenton. it's going to be a mild evening. by 7:00 o'clock, still 76 with sunshine. sunset not until 7:46 this evening. pleasant at 9:00 o'clock. still 70 and then by 11:00ly looking at a temperature of 64. as we look ahead we'll talk about temperatures that will be cooling somewhat this week with northwesterly breeze building in. showers and storms in the seven day and we're already looking ahead to the weekend. will it be another super sunday i'll have that later on in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> talk to you soon, kathy. it's video that has some
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people outraged an lot of people engaged in heated debate it shows school employees trying to spank a little boy. loud voices are now speaking out in support of the discipline they are. >> video you have to see to believe tonight. car speeding towards a man with his back turned. how he survived and how he prepared for this amazing stunt. howard? >> flyers playing at home tonight in a game that you can't use every cliche to describe the importance down two games to zero in the series much the players know what's in front of them. they talk about what needs to be done at home. hear from the players coming up in minutes in the newscast. >> see you then, howard. coming up all new at 6:00 woman dropped a hat at a zoo and apparently was so determined to get it back she hopped the fence into a tiger enclosure. yeah. how this ended and what investigators are trying to figure out now.
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♪ >> road is back open tonight along 295 where a tractor trailer flipped near exit sketch this morning. it happened around 6:30 in lawrence township in mercer county. the truck was carrying a load of brick that is spilled across the road and took a couple of hours to get that mess cleaned up. the driver of the truck though only has minor injuries. beautiful day in boston for the annual boston marathon. 30,000 runners raced the 26 miles. security of course has been high throughout the city since bombs hit the iconic race three years ago. as for the marathon itself, it's a sweep for ethiopia right there a man and woman both from the
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african nation won. all right. the flyers are back at home tonight for game three of their series with washington. they of course lost the first two games in the series both in d.c. >> they're hoping to return to philadelphia and a tribute to their late owner ed snider will give them a spark tonight. howard eskin in the newsroom with more on that. >> they need to score some goals along with that spark. the flyers are playing the best team in hockey that's a problem. the washington caps are a terrific hockey team and i'm not sure they have played their best hockey. i know the flyers have not made their best hockey either. the flyers have to prepare to score. they're zero-eight on the power play that's problem. washington goalie brayden hole bee has also stopped 60 of 61 shots but tonight has a different element as you mentioned the flyers will honor ed snider and his incredible accomplishments to the team and this city. i'm sure the players will feel the emotion. >> kind of waiting for this one at home. we got to control our emotions early and nice tribute to
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mr. snider and fans will be amped up as well women got to do a first job in the first period. hold our emotions in check. >> we have to embrace those emotions and that energy and harness it and have a great start to this hockey game. >> they need that. coming up on the fox 29 news at 6:00, more from the flyers on how they plan to try and create some goals, some opportunities and the eagles head coach doug peterson and gm howie roseman gave us a little draf preview tg about the possibility of eagles drafting a quarterback much that's coming up. back to you guys. >> see you then, how war. philadelphia mayor jim kenney continued his tour of pre k centers in the city today. to push for the expansion of early education. kenney join the philadelphia federation of teachers and win reach am pain at lasalle university today. the mayor specifically is calling object presidential candidates to make a stance on the issue. expanding pre k in philadelphia is one of the mayor's top
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priorities. >> pre k is absolutely something that we need and we need it for many children as possible. our goal is 10,000 kids between now and the end of this first term. >> the issue of course is paying for that expansion right now city council weighing a plan that would fund pre k through attacks on soda and other sugary drinks. >> you decide tonight the last day campaign before the new york primary. while gop frontrunner drum is that expected to win in a big way bernie sanders is hoping for an upset against rival hillary clinton. that's uphill battle. fox's joel waldman has the latest. >> reporter: less than 24 hours before polling sites open in the new york primary democratic underdog bernie sanders continueing to push back against increased attacks from hillary clinton. sanders another mitting he's tired of being beaten up by clinton. >> that's what's difference about our campaign. we don't get money from big money interest. >> reporter: sanders not the only one responding to amped up attacks from the former new york
5:19 pm
senator. trump is fighting back the same time a clinton super pac announce its preparing to spent tens of millions of dollars online trying to reach potential supporters in seven swing stat states. >> she's weren't running negative ads against us in new york. she's turn her attention to us which is a compliment. >> while trump is poised to win the new york primary by a landslide sprinting to the finish line with a mega rally in buffalo today. >> we love this city. look at the other folks that are running. they couldn't careless about new york. we do care about new york. we care about new york a lot. we care about new york. >> after trump loss all wyoming delegates to ted cruz over the weekend. the billionaire is complaining about the states he's not winning. >> donald trump a guy who wants to win marathon without setting a foot in the gym. over the weekend with wyoming the trump campaign made a conscious decision not to put
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any kind of effort into wyoming and he lost. >> reporter: ted cruz took to sweater to tell donald trump to stop whining firing back saying cruz had to self himself as gop because he can't win the voters in washington joel waldman, fox news. the philadelphia zoo has a new addition on the way. but you'll have to wait couple of nos see it. zoo announce dag that 21-year-old we were gorilla is pregnant. the baby is expected this fall and officia officials say they d she was pregnant by using an over the counter home pregnancy test the same ones humans use. dr. took ultrasound images of the baby. >> it's happening for the first time in nearly a year. more americans are going to iraq to fight their very special mission. >> and spring is finally here and those long summer nights not far behind. why sleeping without underwear is something doctors say you should give some serious thought to. and the local lumber jill is chopping gender norms how she's raising the stakes and the message she wants you to hear. ♪
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narrator: looking out for wall street ceos - that's what congressman sestak did. sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses.
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emergency crews ecuador comb
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through the rubble left behind hoping to find survivors after that massive earthquake over the weekend. at least 350 are dead after the 7.8 magnitude quake struck along the country's pacific coast on saturday. thousands of troops are being mobilized in the recovery efforts and help is also coming in from other nations. only 15 people are hurt after a bus explosion in jerusalem. police are calling it a terror tack and right now they're trying to figure out if someone left an explosive on the bus or if a terrorist exploded suicide bomb. police say two people who were on board the bus have serious injuries. the pentagon is now preparing to send additional troops to iraq to help in the fight against isis. this marks the first increase in forces in nearly a year. defense secretary ash carter was in baghdad speaking with iraqi leaders. pentagon says 200 additional troops will head to iraq. most of the troops are army special forces who will assist and advise the iraqis. remainder will include some trainers, security forces for
5:25 pm
the advisers and maintenance teams for equipment. supreme court justices are now considering president obama's actions on immigration and after at a today's arguments the court appears divided white house is ask the justices to allow it to put in place two programs that could shield about 4 million people from deportation and allow them to legally work in the u.s. but 26 states are challenging the programs which were put on hold bite lower courts. part of the state pots argument they'll be strapped with financial burdens under these programs and they claim the president's actions are illegal. >> we allow a president whether it's this president or future president no matter what their political persuasion oh their party to make changes in the law without congressional approval then we will end up with a purserred constitution. >> the obama administration says the president has some broad latitude when it comes to deportations and immigration policy. meanwhile 44 tight on the court
5:26 pm
would least cases in limbo justin scalia's death back in february left the court with an even number of justices a ruling is expected by june. video that some people outraged and a lot of people engaged in heated debate. it shows school employees trying to spank a little boy. loud voices are now speaking out in support of the discipline they ares. >> if you find yourself reaching for a sports drink during your work out there's something you should do with it instead of drinking it. that will help you even more. kathy? >> interesting inform weather we're talking about warm temperatures. high pressure really going our weather but it will break down and allow the clouds and the rain to eventually move in. we'll time that out coming updor to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people,
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ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few.
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♪ welcome back with a live look at sea isle city, new jersey. you know after a month of below average temperatures, we're finally back where we should be. it's just glorious. glorious outside. meteorologist kathy orr has a forecast you'll want to see coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. philadelphia police have caught the man who shot an officer last night in west philadelphia. officers arresting 23-year-old scott griffin this afternoon. authorities say griffin shot 24-year-old officer james mckilling la sunday. the officer was chasing him in connection to a robbery. >> a philadelphia father now faces charges in the shooting and killing of his four-year-old daughter. police say maurice phillips carelessly and wreck lesley
5:30 pm
waived a gun around his home as seven children were inside. they say the gun went off shooting his four year old daughter in the back of the head. and that phillips then actually but blood on his five-year-old daughter to frame her. then took off and changed his clothes of clothes. police say he later confessed. it's the video that provoke add heated debate across the cun treatment a principal and an assistant principal trying to give a little boy a spanking at primary school the boy's mom recorded and posted this video online and criticism has been coming in from all over the country against those administrators. >> but now support is growing for those same two women and the small community writ happened. fox's marissa mitchell has the story. >> reporter: jasper county primary school principal pam edge and assistant principal lynn mclane knee scene in this cell phone video preparing to paddle five-year-old thomas perez. his mother shaina perez recorded and posted the footage online.
5:31 pm
she says she allowed the administrators to do it because she felt pressured perez had been arrested forge truancy after thomas missed 18 days of school. she insists her only two options school leaders would suspend or paddle him. >> i really just feel like it was abuse for him emotional and physical to have to go through that the way he screamed. >> at saturday's rally for the administrators, not everyone felt that way. including the educators former students. >> i've been paddled myself. i miss so i deserve it. >> with asked parents about corp. wal punish many -- >> it's just a parent's prerogative and decision to make. >> a lot of us can't believe it is the way to handle some discipline problems. i don't mean beating. but a couple of spanks on the behind do not hurt anybody. >> reporter: wherever you are on the corporal punishment issue, everyone at the rally agreed. this is negative attention.
5:32 pm
and everyone in it is being judged for a few seconds of video. >> they are wonderful people who have dedicated their lives to education and the children of this community. >> the boy's mom said she is considering legal action and will seek the advice of an attorney. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. this is the weather that i've been waiting for. >> oh, nice. >> we can see outside because we're in the studio here. people with shorts, tanks tops walking around. >> mark street looks like summertime right now. >> even have white on. >> exactly. summertime. >> feels like summer. >> fro yo night. >> take nice walk in old city philadelphia. >> you're out in the city, stop by. say hi. we'll be out. >> look at our beautiful life picture in old city philadelphia. you can see a deep blue sky, low humidity. temperature 81. that's the high for the day. winds out of the west at just 3 miles an hour. so not even a wind to bother us. right now it's 79 degrees in pottstown. 70 in wilmington after a high of 82 degrees 73 in the poconos.
5:33 pm
and right now in wildwood it is 68. that is temperature in rio grand as we go down the shore little bit cooler about 10 to 15 degrees cooler. you can see that green contour ac on the boardwalk it's 65. on lbi beach haven 63. ocean city 66 the same in aval avalon. cooler by a mile they say in wildwood 66. cape may point with a lighthouse you remember that 62 degrees. we'll be there soon enough. high pressure sits right over us, and it's really blocking any type of cloud cover or precipitation. unfortunately, it is pushing i was all the rain and leaving it to the west where they've had devastating flooding in houston about 15 to 20-inches in some spots. an additional one to 3-inches along this area in the next 24 hours. the heaviest rain fortunate system already fallen there. warm for us for now but this gem jet stream is going to back down. we have a back door front moving n earlier it looked like we get much cooler air building back in the philadelphia area but it looks like this is going to be washing out and weakening so
5:34 pm
that means tomorrow another day well above average. wednesday closer to the average of 65. and then we warm it up thursday and friday our next chance of rain will come by the end of the week. in the city overnight, 55. the suburbs 49. sunset not until 7:43. so still a good deal of time to get out enjoy it. high pressure really taking control. it will slowly shift toward the east. and we are talking about sunshine again tomorrow with a few clouds moving on through. the high testimony cher 75 degrees. so during the afternoon, expect northwesterly wind gusting to about 25 miles an hour. so a little bit of a cooler whipped fours. when you wake up 58 by noon 70. 73 for the afternoon. any afternoon activities or ballgames and by dinner 69 degrees. eat outside, barbecue. why not? on the seven day forecast, we cool it to skate wednesday. thursday 71. some showers maybe a few afternoon thunderstorms for your friday. the weekend looks great. high temperatures in the upper 60s to around 70 degrees.
5:35 pm
if you need time to fertilize the lawn usually need three dry days do it saturday, iain. >> sunday is dry. >> i'm going to try to play golf. >> and monday is dry. >> or golf. >> looks dry. (laughter). >> what a decision. >> exactly. >> he's going golfing. >> that's right. i got to go. >> it has something to do with grass. >> make sure the greens keepers have it all ready for me. a driver found himself in desperate and dangerous position luckily a tv news crew was nearby. how a reporter to make sure to make sure this guy made to dry land. >> local lumber jill who is chopping gender norm haas how she's raising the stakes. >> play time is about to get serious. -- become serious much that's what i'm saying to say. become serious business for local children with autism. how this new equipment could local children with autism. how this new equipment could help open the world to them. fight back and rebuild
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an economy. local children with autism. how this new equipment could help open so does she. them. we need jobs that provide dignity and a bright future. new penalties to stop companies from moving profits and jobs overseas. for businesses that create manufacturing jobs, a new tax credit. and let's invest in clean energy jobs, with 500 million solar panels installed by the end of her first term. a real plan to create new jobs and industries of the future. hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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♪ check this out.
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parts of houston dealing with major flooding this morning as a result of torrential rain. cars throughout the city struck in high water. one local reporter took matters right into his own hands to help a guy get out of his singing car and pull him to safety. he made it out just minutes before his car was completely submerged and listen to the guy moments after he got out of the water. >> so, okay. >> i'm fine thank you. >> did you think the water -- >> i just thought it was just a puddle. just thought it was puddle. no more. you just basically under estimated the water. >> exactly. >> yeah. i had no idea i was going to go so deep. >> incredible. they say turn around don't drown. luckily owe okay as you saw. despite scenes like this around houston there are no reports of any injuries. authorities say if you see standing water turn around dorks not try and drive through it. actors johnny depp and his wife apologize over a legal debacle in australia. >> authorities say his wife amber heard smuggled their dogs into the country. the couple video taped an
5:40 pm
apology that played in australian court. heard plead guilty to providing a false immigration document. authorities say she illegally um poured the dogs nace pistol and boo into the country last year during filming of the fifth installment of pirates of caribbean. australia has strict began teen regulations to pre convenient diseases like rabies and spreading to its shores. >> i'm truly sorry that pistol and boo were not chief declared. protecting australia is important. >> you answer everything were you answer australia. >> authorities spared her jail time sentenced her to one month good behavior bond that means she'll have to pay a $1,000 fine if she commits any offenses in australia over the next month. spring is here. those long summer nights won't be far behind. why sleeping without underwear is something doctors say you should give some serious thought. and if you find yourself reaching for a sports drink during your workout, doctors say
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there's something else other than drinking it that will help you even more. i've always taken on the status quo. in harrisburg, they didn't like it when i stopped their perks and pushed for reform. as head of pennsylvania's third-largest county, i cut out wall street middlemen to protect pensions,
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stood up for marriage equality and protected our environment. now i'm fighting for criminal justice reform. i'm proud to be backed by president obama and people who care about our families. i'm josh shapiro. i'll be an attorney general who always fights for you.
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money.
5:44 pm
an "outrage," according to newspapers. for working families - katie mcginty for senate. she'll invest in education, not ceo bonuses. and fight for pay equity for women. helping families - not wall street. katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. ♪ south florida zoo where animal handler was mauled to death by a tiger is open again after the zookeeper was attacked on friday. the tiger is till there. now local state and federal agencies are investigating the attack. in indiana a man says a dentist pull out all of his teeth without his knowledge, nor his permission. his story has been grabbing national headlines. >> tonight that dentist is
5:45 pm
breaking his silence saying that's not at all what happened. zach myers has the story. >> reporter: dr. aaron strickland of white river dental in columbus says this is the consent form for a full mouth tooth extraction signed marc march 15th by donny grigsby who last week made public accusations that doctor strict land pulled all of his teeth without donny's consent. >> there are claims that we have got are false accusations. there's malicious. >> grace bee and his wife amanda have said they were expecting full four of donny's tooth to be pulled. >> i've got 32 teeth into in my head. i take care of them every today. >> the doctor says he had 29 teeth and 28 of them were decayed beyond repair with infection throughout the mouth. >> donny had multiple large cavities and almost every tooth. the cavities were so extensive that they were into the nerves of multiple teeth. >> reporter: strickland says donny and amanda both agreed to
5:46 pm
have all of donny's teeth removed and his mouth prepared for dentures before donny signed the form. he also says donny was under conscious sedation for the entire procedure. >> donny's wife came back and forth between the waiting room and the treatment room multiple times. and visited with donny on different occasions the entire time. >> reporter: as fort grace bee's claims that donny was overdosed during sedation, strickland says donny never mentioned his history of blood thinners or chronic blood clotting on his medical history form. if he had, strickland says he would have sent donny home with an antibiotic and referred him to an oral surgeon. >> when you have to remove someone's teeth you don't want them to have any kind of bleeding disorder. >> reporter: dr. strickland says his dental office has been losing tone 15 patient day since they made their accusations. this is the first time he's had legal authorization to tell his side of the story.
5:47 pm
>> i'm speechless about how things have turned out because i try to treat every patient as compassionately and caring as i can, and it's devastating. >> are they lying? >> yes. >> reporter: zach myers, fox 59 news. in your health tonight, the affected psoriasis may not be skin deep. the skin condition could give a warning about potentially deadly condition. joyce ivorians is here with those details and the day's other big health stories. joyce. >> reporter: lucy, this new information comes from a study in denmark the researchers there found psoriasis may increase a person's chance of suffering aneurysm that could lead to death. the study look at more than 70,000 people who have the chronic skin condition. researchers found as their pour isis got worse so did the patient's chance of having an abdominal, aortic oon your rich that's why doctors say pour isis patients need to know more about
5:48 pm
cardio rays vascular diseases. scientists still want to do more research on why there may be a link. there is no cure for psoriasis but certain drugs can help manage it. if sports drinks have become a vital part of your workout routine, you might want to dry spitting them out instead of actually gulping them down. doctors are concerned about the sugar found in those drinks. but the carbs can actually help boost your endurance. now researchers in the uk say squishing the energy drink around in your mouth for a few seconds is all you really need. spit it out and you'll still get those benefits from all those cashes without all that sugar. not so sure about any of this? well, drinking water is still the best way to stay hydrated during your workout. and warmer nights are finally here, and soon they can they could be down right hot. so going company man dough in the sack could be the healthiest way to get a good night's sleep.
5:49 pm
why? well a doctor in new york state says that underwear can collect sweat and all kinds of bacteria during the night. so just don't wear them. now, if you just can't sleep naked, doctors suggest wear some loose fitting cotton underwear as long as the air stays kind of fresh down there. i got nothing else to say. >> iain and lucy. >> all right, joyce. thank you very much. during recent parade celebrating villanova ncaa victory our bob kelly met a special young sports fan. >> indeed did he. blaze has been battling cancer but he's got good news. now here's a look at his first meeting with bob and what happened when he hung out on good day this morning. >> did you enjoy the parade? >> put your v's up. >> put your v. let's see your v. >> my goodness much having so much fun. >> where you guys from. >> havertown. >> come on over. >> four-year-old blaze has a
5:50 pm
rare bone cancer called ewing sarcoma and after the team settled down from their big win and the parade, two of villanova's biggest stars arf chi and ochefu decided to surprise blaze at his home. take look. >> in the basement, blaze. come here blaze. >> oh, my god! >> ryan and daniel. >> oh, my gosh, what a surprise and with us here to tell us all about that story my new little buddy blaze along with his parents andrew and annie. blaze good to see you again. >> you like seeing yourself on tv over there he's giving a big wave. >> hi, mom and dad g morning. >> good morning. >> who is this little one. >> this is lucy blaze's sister. >> how old is lucy, a two years
5:51 pm
old. >> about year and a half. >> they see themselves on tv. mom, dad till us about blaze and his situation. >> so blaze's diagnosed with ewing sarcoma after a couple weeks of limping he was diagnosed in february so he's currently under going treatment. he's about halfway done and then in a couple of weeks he's going to have pretty extensive surgery they're going to take out the diseased part of the his leg and make a graph from his lower leg. >> okay. >> so he will require some extension seive recovery and we were hoping to do that at home and that's how the basement remodel hammed. >> gotcha. do you the villanova fans come around? >> well, annie is a big fan for while. we both went to villanova. >> cool. >> and we contacted a family friend to do the basement rehab for us, and he kind of got the ball rolling. a couple phone calls here and there. ended up connecting with dumb fee and she connected with ashley howard and we had no idea. >> the basement was actually
5:52 pm
done so that he can play at home during his rehabilitation and what did you think when you came down into your playhouse and the basketball guys were down there were you surprised? >> were you surprised? >> were you surprised? >> do you know, i'm so happy that i got a chance to see you on the parade route. >> they're both so cute. those two little kids. we have some promising news about blaze. his parents say the chemo appears to be working and doctors have not found any new cancer in his body, saying prayers for him. we wish them the very best. >> this is video you have to see to believe tonight. a car speeding towards a man with his back turned how he survived how about he prepared for this amazing stunt. coming up at 6:00 medical marijuana is now a reality in pennsylvania. the local family that has been waiting decades for this change. >> a woman drops a hat at a zoo and so determined to get back she hops the fence into a tiger
5:53 pm
enclosure. how this ended and what investigators are still trying to figure out.
5:54 pm
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♪ my mom always told me she had eyes in the back of her head i don't think this is ba she
5:57 pm
meant. unbelievable video of mexico that stunt man damien waters doing a back flip over a form e race car in mexico z it took 60 people to get everything into place. how fast was that car going? about 60 miles an hour. waters made it look super easy. didn't he. >> that's impressive. >> that is impressive. >> wow! >> i don't know. i don't either. >> wow. you probably heard lumber jack, right. >> what about a lumber jill. >> i have not. that's a female wood chopp chopper. >> photojournalist bill rohrer introduces us to one local who is taking wood chopping to a whole new level. >> this is yellow popular. >> tucked away in martha's king's charred forward family home training begins for what is male dominated sport. >> sometimes pits me against the men and i really like push myself and not that i try to make them look bad but i like to make them a little bit nervous. ready?
5:58 pm
>> yup. >> the sport is called wood chopping or in martha's case lumber jilling the object is to split inch diameter log with the fastest times. >> accidents are inevitable. >> a man lost his toe. that was pretty nasty. i draped it over and underneath my foot. >> she must wear protective socks. >> keeps me from severing anything. i will probably break bones. everything is a little bit dangerous. no risk new york city fun. i try to be careful and real whole i'm up there chopping in competition i don't think about it. >> reporter: martha is the world champion in her favorite event. under hand chop. and she was recently picked by the us national team competing all over the world. >> sometimes you get trophies. ribbons -- um, little scarfs, um, and prize money, chainsaws, that's always great. >> reporter: march than us team won the international relay this spring in sidney aids strahle ya. >> once i get up there, i surprise them. and i think other girls see that
5:59 pm
that could be me, too. why not? and i'd like to encourage that. you know, it's not a typical sport for a woman to do. but if you love it, why not pursue it. >> reporter: in chadds ford, bill rohrer, fox 29 news. ♪ >> tonight at 6:00 police make an arrest in the shooting that sent a philadelphia police officer to the hospital. what investigators just revealed about the terrifying night that unfolded before the bullets started flying. and a search for a robbery suspect comes to an end but once they nabbed him investigators quickly made another discover reach the evidence that has him in even more trouble. >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at six. tonight at 6:00 search for a man accused of shooting a philadelphia police officer is over. the tireless manhunt that started last night ended today as that officer continues to recuperate.
6:00 pm
good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the officer is expected to be okay and is being praised for his courage. we've got live team coverage for you tonight. jennifer joyce is at penn presbyterian where that officer was treated but let's begin tonight with dave schratwieser at philadelphia police headquarters where police announced the arrest. dave? >> reporter: iain, it now appears according to court records that the alleged shooter in this case, 23-year-old scott griffin, was out on the street because of gun case against him had been tossed out of court just last week when a witness failed to appear. now, those charges were refiled but by the time that happened, griffin was a free man and now he's under arrest for attempted murder charges. >> he is a dangerous individual. obviously. >> reporter: just 16 hours after officer james mccullough was shot police swooped down on the 1200 block of north alden street and arrested 23-year-old scott griffin for the shooting sunday at 59 many and market. >> this is a amazing again much


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