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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  April 19, 2016 3:00am-4:01am EDT

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philadelphia police officer is homeless than 24 hours after he was shot in the job. police say officer james mccullough was chasing down carjacker when that man opened fire hitting mccullough in the leg. the officer tied his own tourniquet before his partner raced him to the hospital. >> i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. the suggestion inspected shooter in custody tonight. police arrested scott griffin early this this afternoon. he and another man commit add robbery before the carjacking that had officer mccullough and his partner chasing them. police say griffin turned and fired hitting mccullough. investigators say he's got a lengthy criminal past and just got out of jail last week. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live at the criminal justice center tonight. dave, why was this guy on the streets? >> reporter: well, iain works witnesses who were supposed to testify against griffin in a gun case here failed to show up in court. the judge dismissed the charges. but police tell us tonight it's not the first time griffin has
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been in court. he's been arrested 14 times. charges dismissed he's right back out the next day. >> reporter: court records show accused of gunman scott griffin on the streets sunday night allegedly firing at officer mccullough despite the fact he was arrest the last month on gun charges but those charges were dismissed in court last week when two witnesses failed to appear. griffin was released from jail before the charges could be reinstated by the da the very next day. >> the witnesses don't show. i mean that's,, what are you going to do. 14 priors at the age of 23. that's a recipe for disaster. >> egg a dangerous individual obviously. we're very happy to get him off the streets as quickly as we d did. it was just after 1:00 o'clock monday when police swooped down on the 1200 block of north alden street and arrested griffin for the shooting of officer mccullough sunday night 59th and market. >> it's amazing that, again, much like officer hartnett that
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he didn't succumb to more significant injuries. griffin was arrest the aft detectives discovered leads on his whereabouts. they recovered a gun that may have been used in the officer shooting during a crime spree in west philadelphia. >> the shooter has a arrested 14 times. >> when is enough enough. the testimony system isn't working too well. >> the shooting comes just a few months after officer jesse hartnett was shot at point blank range a short distance away. both officers work in the 18th district. mccullough was released from the hospital and resting at home monday night. we're very thankful that he's here with us today much he's lucky and did he a good job out there. police say mccall la did fire three shots after being wound much police also arrested 20-year-old zamir koy ette as his accomplice. mcnesby wonder wonders how grift a gun so quickly. >> get the guns off the street. >> both suspects face itemed
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murder, robbery, conspiracy and weapons charges. police will do ballistic tests on the gun they recovered today to see fit matches the gun that was used to shoot officer mccullough. lucy. >> thank you dave. as officer mccullough prepared to head home from the hospital, his brothers and sisters in blue were zeroing in on the man they say shot him. the 1200 block of alden street in west philadelphia was chocked full of police cruisers as police arrested 23-year-old scott griffin and took him to police headquarters. quite a surprise to neighbors. >> coming out my house and seen all the cars and i seen they had one guy they was putting in the wagon. >> neighbors we talked to say they didn't recognize griffin. maybe jim kenney says he's thankful that officer mccullough is going to be okay. he adds that the officer's courage and training is remarkable. coverage of course does not end here. you can track this from the beginning on our website also post any breaking details as they come in. just head to
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skyfox over a tragic accident in trenton, new jersey, a long time crossing guard hit by a truck and killed. now as police try to peace everything together, neighbors are dealing with the sudden and shocking news. let's get straight out to our brad sattin who is live in trenton tonight. brad? >> reporter: iain, very much loved this crossing guard was. this is a very bad intersection. 129 behind me signs everywhere that tell you not to turn on red. to stop here on red. there's one behind us. do not stop on the tracks. use the crosswalk. it's also the reason why they have crossing guards here every day from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. but today one of them fell victim. a red chevy avalanche pickup truck, a stop sign on the ground, marking the spot where this man says his cousin 51-year-old antonio wiley was killed this afternoon. >> i'm totally shock. i'm just saddened that someone would run a light or go around a car and not knowing what's on the other side. >> reporter: police still investigating but witnesses say the pick up failed to stop and
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hit one car before then striking the long-time crossing guard and throwing him the driver immediately stop. >> he's a big dude anthony. and boom, and i says, i seen him, oh, boy. he wasn't moving. >> the vick testimony well known here a regular at this market near his home. seen here just yesterday always quick with a kind word to employees described as a very friendly guy who took his work as a crossing guard seriously. >> he loved to shop. he loved to shop. he loved what he did. he loved helping people. he was always watching out for neighbors. >> wiley was employed by try county securities contracted by the city an employee tells us to help pedestrians maneuver across a very dangerous route 129 where people have been killed before. candles and this shirt serve as one memorial. just across the street, a school and a housing complex that serves many elderly and disabled tenants. this guard was called in following the accident and says he's seen many close calls and so has this man.
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>> i've known somebody personally from my family was a crossing guard here. he got hit. he survived. unfortunately this man didn't. >> leaving those closest to antonio wiley devastated. >> i just can't believe i'll never see him again. >> reporter: did speak by phone to his employer tonight who tells us that he loved his job. he was good at his job. there is no word tonight lucy on whether any charges will be filed. >> all right, thank you very much, brad. on your radar temperatures are holding steady tonight. looking live in wilmington right now. most of us are still in the 60s after hitting 80 today. borrow a line from phil cole loans lince no jacket required walking outside in pennsylvania lapped tonight. kathy, it look like we can leave our coats behind again tomorrow. >> absolutely. another beautiful day and this is why. we have high pressure sitting right over us, and that is keeping us very dry. all the storminess is to the west. and to the north. this is why texas and oklahoma seen so much rain everything is
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staying to the west. but soon that pattern will be breaking and we will see changes in our weather but not for now. philadelphia still 66. reading 69. allentown 68. pretty much everyone making it into the 80 today's. overnight, a few clouds, 55 in the city, 49 in the suburbs with a light wind. but coming up a cooler breeze will move into the delaware valley tomorrow. rain returns to the seven day and of course we're already looking ahead to a weekend. will it be another jen i'll have that later in the broadcast. >> i'll see you then talk to you then kathy as we hop outside in south philly you can take the weather authority with you it's our fox 29 weather app. see live radar get alerts sent right to your phone just search for it in the apple and google play stores. tonight police call the actions of a philadelphia father careless and wreck less after he shot and killed his four-year-old daughter. police say maurice phillips was waving a gun around the room where seven kids were watching tv in a kensington home on saturday. the gun went off and a bullet
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his here four-year-old daughter in the head killing her immediatimmediately. then detectives say her dad tried to opinion the shooting on to her five-year-old sister. >> the investigation we found out he went as far as to punish the five-year-old to show how much he felt that she did this. also, through the investigation we found out they took blood and actually wiped it on her shirt to try to even more so show that she is the one that fired the lethal shot. police say phillips confessed detectives hours later he's charged with third degree murder, involuntary manslaughter and related offenses. a operator had a right to be on the tracks during the weekend amtrak crashed into it. that's according to federal investigators to night. here's a new picture of the deadly crash in chester on apr april 3rd. a new ntsb report says the track where the backhoe was operating was shut down at times during a 55-hour maintenance window. now no word yet on whether the
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track was closed at the exact time of the crash. the train was going 106 miles per hour when it slammed into the backhoe. the backhoe operator and a supervisor died. more than 40 people were hurt. amtrak since ordered rail workers to get retrained on basic safety rules. in your you decide tonight the last day to campaign before the new york primary. democratic candidate senator bernie sanders still trails hillary clinton by more than 10 points. but he's hoping to get surge of support from the state of his birth. clinton meanwhile is going after republicans and so is gop frontrunner donald trump. >> we have candidates running for president on the republican side who are deliberately insighting divisiveness. >> we have a system that's absolutely rigged. it's rigged. we have a rigged system. >> however, others of the gops say nothing is rigged. it's the same rules that's been in mace since trump began his campaign and he's just upset
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because his campaign diss organization n new york right now polls have trump leading both ted cruz and john kasich by double digits. you can watch how it all unfolds tomorrow on the fox 29 news at 10:00. we'll have up to the minute results from the latest contests along with candidates reactions and the latest information on ♪ >> nabbed trio suspected bank robbers. they terrorized people inside the bank and got away way lot of cash. investigators say they used a local high school to pull off the crime. >> flood waters trap a man in his car. a tv reporter was in the right place at the right time to help safe him. why the driver didn't want to get out of the car. and what is going on here? bulldozers crashing into each other. people getting hurt. what witnesses say started this all out brawl with construction equipment. plus, what could be so valuable this woman would climb into a tiger cage to get it baaing? the simple thing she risked her live for.
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>> guy standing in the middle of this track a car speeding toward him, his back is turned of course. the incredible moment he survived. ♪
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♪ huge mess along i-295 in lawrence township mercer county this morning. a tractor trailer flipped spilling bricks all over the
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road near exit 67. took couple of hours to clean all this up. the driver in the truck though only had minor injuries. >> if you drive on route 130 in burlington county you'll have to deal with some construction work this week. sorry to bring you the news but nj dot says crews will close the left lane in both directions near the crystal lake dam through thursday. workers are installing concrete barriers and restriping the roadway. nj dot hopes to have things wrapped up by thursday afternoon the work is just part four and a half million dollars federally funded project to improve the dam and the roadway. new hope tonight for some pennsylvanians after governor tom wolf signed into law a bill legalizing medical marijuana yesterday afternoon. advocates the drug will mean a better quality of life for certain people. the measure officially takes effect next month. fox 29's bill anderson spoke to one supporter about how this could improve her life. >> it's been awhile. it's been a wait, but i've been staying positive and strong that i know it's going to pass. >> reporter: for many the
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legalization of medical marijuana in pennsylvania represented a political victory. but for allison dilizio and her family, it represents much more. she deals with serious seizures every day. so this law represents hope. >> when something like this comes along, that brings i was little bit of hope, you know, that you can -- that you can take advantage of that and let's what we hope for, you know torque try to lead a more normal life. >> sunday governor wolf's signature made pennsylvania the 24th state to adopt a medical marijuana program. and immediately provided family searching for answers another option. >> she's been through i just -- i think almost every anti seizure medicine on the market. she has tried them all. they have been some of them are just devastating to, you know torque your person. >> reporter: pennsylvania's medical marijuana program will be one of the most restrictive in the country and the dilizio know there are no guarantees. but they are hopeful that this bill will allow them another option to fight their daughter's 20 year battle with seizures.
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>> i don't think it's a pansy ya. we know we've been there before. things haven't worked. so we're not looking at it as the end all be all but we sure hope it could be. >> reporter: the bill passed but it's months, if not years, away from full implementation. even still, the dilizio recognize the political risks of this type of legislation and appreciate those who were willing to take them on. >> we're very grateful to the house and the senate and governor wolf because i think it's pretty forward thinking for them. >> reporter: getting the bill passed was the first hurdle to overcome. getting it implemented is the next. some say it could take as long as two years before adults in pennsylvania actually have access to medical marijuana. but hundreds if not thousands of patients like allison are happy that they add least have a light at the end of the tunnel. in the newsroom, i'm bill anderson fox 29 news. most young kids look forward to recess but for some children play time can be an overwhelming
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experience. >> that's true. that's why school administrators in upper darby unveiled a unique playground today tailored to children with special needs. this playground at prime mal elementary school designed for students who have autism. the playground will give these students a chance to develop their sensory and social skills. >> being a parent of a child with a dissable can be a very lonely experience. it is something them packets every minute of your day. if you do not heave that experience it's impossible to trial understand why this project was a challenge i can say i've been blessed by this journey in so many ways. one of the most meaning willful to me is knowing i was wrong. the extraordinary acts of kindness, dedication of time and generosity of resources has shown to me that we are clearly not alone. >> hoping many more playgrounds like this pop up everywhere. private contributions did fund the play ground. a disturbing find inside a bucks county bar. dozens of exotic birds living in
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filthy conditions. s puff ca officials are now caring for the birds. >> this is where you can help. fox 29's sabina kuriakose tells you how. >> reporter: parrots i believe have the iq of a two-year-old. >> reporter: 35 of them according to bucks county spca officer nicky thompson. thompson led raid friday that seized the he can on the tick birds from this home. macaw, african grace, cockatoos and conures. all kept in dark covered cages with little light. thompson says the intelligent animals got little stimulation. several of them speak. >> among them boogie woogie a blue fronted amazon that loves to sink. >> we think she was wild caught bird and probably about 40 years old or so. between 30 and 40 years old. >> reporter: thompson says the birds were being hoarded by a breeder who sold the chicks. most are mating pairs some
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nursing eggs. all found in filth with health problems thompson says stem from severe neglect. >> some of the cages contained what we prefer refer to stalagmites of excrement probable toll to 3 feet high. kind of a bird mill version of a puppy mill. >> reporter: we went to the home the birds were taken from. a man there didn't want to talk to us. thompson says the spca has filed 35 charges of animal cruelty against 59-year-old edward mcardle the alleged own are in of the parrots. this the barn the spc says the birds were kept in. the 35 parrots now being tenderly cared for by the spca staff. this female came in with a wound so severe veterinarians worried they had have to sever her leg. so she's been responding well to treatment. >> the bucks county spca says the bird need so much care they're now asking for donations to help cover all of the vet bills. they're asking people to stop by and drop off food and pet
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supplies and the spca is take the names of anybody who wants to adopt the parrots once they're available. in quakertown, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. that is wonderful thing there. and you know we do love a happy ending. >> we do. >> tonight we have a great one for you on a story we told you about last week. >> the missing dog in true best friend of a young teen with autism has been found. 15-year-old desean williams of pennsauken has autism and desean's mom tells us his dog buns helped him come out of his shell. somehow buns ran off last week after we aired the story everyone had their eyes looking for the pup and we're happy to report tonight buns is back home with desean as you can imagine they are both extremely happy. >> yay! love that. guy says his dentist pulled every tooth out of his mouth. everyone of them. and never told him he was going to do it. what his dentist says happened moments before he got started that proves that guy is lying. >> pastor living on the roof of
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his church. why he says he is he he cannot down for another week. >> a bunch of school kids have been searching for a missing cockroach. how they think he got more than 100 miles away. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. pothole patrols are coming back beginning tomorrow. they'll be working along 322 as well as i-95 in delaware county. and bring paint brush at the blue route tomorrow. they're going to be line paining on the blue route probably not blue lines but nonetheless between the turnpike and i-95. just watch out you don't want to change lanes behind the paint trucks or you have a nice little white racing stripe on your car for the morning rush hour. will the sun be shining? check the jam cams it all starts tomorrow morning when we see you
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now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ an amazing rescue captured on camera in ecuador as firefighters pulled a man trapped in the rubble to safety. rescues crews have been combing their way through debris since saturday when a powerful earthquake hit near the pacific coast. the dem toll stands at more than 400 people. off tens of thousands taking to the streets of boston for the 120th boston marathon. this year's winners both from
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african nation of evening yo what. 30,000 people taking part in the race. runners from kenya taken the most top spots in the past 30 years but this year evening yo what was the winner. the male finishing two hours and 12 minutes the woman finished a time under two a and a half hours. maryland pastor now living on the roof of his church. >> he says he simply cannot come down until next tuesday which happens to be his states prima primary. elder harris plans to live on his church's roof until 500 people from his baltimore neighborhood get out and vote in the primary. harris says it's his duty to take stunned for his community and encourage people to have a voice. >> something bold has to be done to wake up our community. >> he's asking people in this neighborhood to stop by the church or tweet using the hash tag i voted or devoted 500 after the vote. >> police catch a trio of suspected bank robbers they
3:25 am
terrorize people inside the bank and got away with a lot of cash. how investigators say they used a local high school to pull off the crime. >> flood waters trap a man in his car. a tv reporter was in the right place at the right time to save him. why the driver did not want to get out of the car. kathy? >> we stay high and dry for now with all that rain push the to the west and temperatures will be mild for now. the rain is in the forecast. we'll talk about that and when we cool down w
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>> three suspected bank robbers finally caught. we showed you surveillance video last month. two men dressed as women and a woman carrying a large silvery solver burst into this west deptford bank. they forced employees into a back room opened the vault and got away with close to $150,000 cash ton night police tell us they caught all three. >> their investigation revealed another crime those suspects prepared for that big bank hit. officers say win days of the robbery in west deptford last month they caught the three.
3:29 am
surveillance cameras helped them track down their get away cars. they connected one of the suspects to prepaid cell phone used to make an anonymous bomb threat at a local high school before, a week before the rob breach the school was evacuated but nothing was ever found. police say that suspect travis stan back admitted he call in the threat to see how police responded. so they'd know what was coming during the bank robbery. investigators have not found the money think stole. they are still looking for a fourth suspect connected to the robbery and the bomb threat 25-year-old charmaine stand back. >> the search is on for two men accuseaccused of firing shots ia car full of people in west oak lane this morning along the skate hundred block of north side den ham street. police say the two guys pulled guns demanded money. authorities say even though the victims handed over cash the men opened fire shooting three of the four people in the car. they're all in stable condition. on your radar. our dry weather is coming at a cost in the southwest. the flooding in houston, texas
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turned deadly with five people killed. this family put their child in a plastic tub to escape the water. more than a foot of rainfall len covering entire neighborhoods and highways with water. one couple had to put their children in to an open refrigerator to get to dry land. more than 1,000 homes are flooded across the area. kathy, it's a related that what's going on here. >> it's unbelievable, lucy. you've lived there. this area very prone to tropical storms, hurricanes an lot of rain associated with them but this is a stalled front. we have high pressure over us keeping us very dry. and this moisture just continues to flow up through dallas, oklahoma city, even wichita. the good news it's pushing toward the east slowly that means our pattern is breaking down. additional one to 3-inches of rain through louisiana, up through arkansas and extending up into missouri. but we will stay high and dry for at leave the next couple of days. we are seeing the jet stream
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begin to weaken and push toward the south and tomorrow we'll get into that northeasterly breeze that will be cooling us down. so beginning to see those changes but not today. today we stayed in the high pressure zone with temperatures running 15 to 20 degrees above normal. allentown was the hot spot. that's unusual for this time of year. 83 degrees and in wilmington and in philadelphia 82. 81 in reading. 80 in trenton. atlantic city this was at the airport 75 but on the boardwalk it was only 66. 66 right now in philadelphia. 60 in the poconos. in april? that's a little unusual as well. 57 in millville and 55 at the airport. but you can see on the boards 56, 54 in ocean city, 52 in avalon and in wildwood with that cool ocean water breeze. high pressure in control and it will stay that way for at least the next couple of days. clouds associated with a back door front slipping through during the overnight but it's going to weaken and not have a huge impact on our weather. a mix of sun and clouds for your
3:32 am
tuesday. and temperatures will be in the mid 70s and then we begin to kyle down. so 55 in the city overnight. 49 in the suburbs. a few high clouds. but mild during the overnight. during the day tomorrow, the high 75 degrees. mostly sunny and breezy. winds becoming northwesterly behind this front and then gus gusting to 25 miles an hour. so a win dyer day tomorrow feeling little bit of a cool down and if you suffer from seasonal allergies, the mild and windy weather will create some problems. it's those maple, eighty one per and popular trees neck the grasses tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday those allergens will be high. as you look ahead on the exclusive fox 29 weather authority seven day forecast, warm for your tuesday. cooling down wednesday a mix of sun and clouds thursday and then the pattern is broken on friday with showers and storms moving in but look it's mild. 72 degrees. you don't have to shovel that. saturday looking good, 67.
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super for golf game, iain on sunday and then monday looks for a mix of sun and clouds and temperature of 66. that's back to normal. normal is 65. >> good. i like normal. >> it looks good. >> you like normal as long as it's summer. he doesn't like normal in winter. >> you're right. you're right. >> all right, kathy, thanks. during the recent parade celebrating villanova's ncaa win good day's bob kelly met a special wide cats fan. >> -year-old blaze has been pat lincancer. here's a look at his first meeting with bob. >> did you enjoy the parade? >> put your v's up. >> put -- let's see your v. >> my goodness. >> you having so much none. >> where you guys from havertown. >> did you and joy. >> yup. >> come over here. >> blaze has a rare bone cancer called ewing sarcoma after the parade two of villanova's biggest stars ryan. >> arcidiacono. >> and daniel, ochefu. >> thank you very much.
3:34 am
>> surprised little blaze at home by making over his basel by nova gear. how cool is that? >> aww. >> they were in the house with him with a cake. >> i know. on good day his family told bob kelly how it all came together. >> we both went to villanova. >> cool. >> we contacted a family friend time moore to do the basement rehab for us, and he kind of got the ball rolling. a couple phone calls here and there. ended up connecting with dunphy and she connect width ashley howard and we had no idea. >> the basement was actually done so that he can play at home during his rehabilitation. >> that little sister stealing the show there. we have promising news about blaze. his parents say the chemotherapy appears to be working. doctors have not found any new cancer in his body. my prayers go out to them. we wish them the very best. isn't absolutely. a guy standing in the middle of this track a car speeding towards him with his back turn turned. the up credible moment he somehow survives.
3:35 am
a guy says his dentist pulled every tooth out of his mouth and never told him he was going to do it. what his dentist said happened moments before he got started that proves this guy lying. >> what's going on here? bulldozers crashing into each other. people getting hurt. what witnesses say started this all owl brawl with construction equipment. >> and when you wake up tomorrow, check out "good day philadelphia". you've seen them fly through the air but you've never seen a circus due sole lay show like this tomorrow on good day mike and alex take you behind the scen
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♪ can you imagine trying that? >> no. >> that's a stunt man damien waters jumping into a back flip over formula e race car at a track in mexico z it look a crew of about 60 people to get everything in place to make sure it all went safely. he made it look easy jumping over that car traveling about 60 miles an hour. >> amazing. in your money paying to get in shape in an i max theater. i max shift set to open new
3:39 am
indoor group cycling studio in new york city. the the concept features i max images and sound to people pedal through all of the, you know, scenery and stuff to music. the first studio opens next week in brooklyn the company says in the first spot, f the first spot is successful i max plans to license the concept to its movie theaters. >> the clock is ticking you got less than 90 minutes to file those taxes. the deadline is midnight. things were a little different this year filing deadline was today april 18th instead of the usual april 15th because this what are year the 15th fell on legal holiday in washington, d.c. but if you're not going to make it don't panic you can get six month extension but you still got tonight paper work for that he can tension. >> you sure do. target employees are about to get bigger paycheck. discount retailer is raising wages to at least $10 an hour the second hike this year. employees can thank a competitive job market and pressure from labor groups for the raise. until now target' minimum wage had been $9 an hour. so two rival construction
3:40 am
companies duke it out in the middle of the street. >> but this was no fistfight. just one look shows was we mean they started brawling with bulldozers in country in north china and a witness caught the whole thing. you can see two bulldozers ramming each other with shovels as the third tries to get away. one bulldozer gets tipped over there drivers get into the action. all broken up when the police started pulling up. two drivers were hurt and six vehicles were damaged. what could be so valuable this woman would climb into a tiger's cage to good it back? the simple thing she risked her live for. a bunch of school kids searching for a missing cockroach. how they t
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♪ drivers throughout seat got stuck in high water one reporter took matter noose his own hands to help a matter get out of his singing car pulled him to safety. he made the out minutes before that car went meetly under. >> okay. >> i'm fine. >> thanks. >> did you think that the water -- >> i thought it was just a puddle. just thought it was puddle. no more. >> you just basically under estimated the water. >> exactly.
3:44 am
high no idea i was going to go so deep. >> he's okay. authorities say if you see standing water, just turn around don't try to drive through it ever. >> deputes near detroit pull over man who just opened fire in a local neighborhood. signed the stationwagon they found several bullets but no begun. >> so where did they fine the weapon? hidden under a toddler's bed. fox's ingrid kelly breaks down what happened. my son and i both heard the bank bank bang shots. >> reporter: deputes respond to string of gunfire heard by a number of residents at this pontiac apartment complex around 11:30 sunday night. >> you hear about, um, five shots real quick and you hear second pause, another about three more shots. >> i just left my place as soon as i got there about 10 rounds went off. >> reporter: one deputes arrived their investigation led to question a 19-year-old man and search a vehicle they spotted nearby. >> they found 22 ammunition --
3:45 am
22 caliber ammunition on the person and then they found more 22 caliber ammunition in the vehicle but no weapon. >> reporter: after searching the man and vehicle deputes got consent to search a nearby residence and investigators see a woman who lives there with her two-year-old child had a prior relationship with the man they just searched. >> did not want him to come into the home. he forced his way in. our deputes asked her if it was okay if they searched the residence and they did and they found that 22 semi-automatic handgun loaded with around chambered underneath this baby. he had stashed it aunt sleeping baby. >> officials say they contacted children's protective services confiscated the weapon and took the 19-year-old man into custo custody. officials say the man is looking at a of a number of charges and he has a criminal history. >> apparently prior about a week or so ago this individual was seen shooting a weapon very similar to this in the area. so it all adds up this guy has been shooting up the
3:46 am
neighborhood for more than one day and it's good to have him off the streets. >> reporter: in pontiac ingrid kelly fox news. chain of events you may have trouble believing if you weren't seeing it with your own eyes. look at the tiger going nuts the video appears to show a woman hospitalling the first of two fences at the tiger enclosure at the tour ron so zoo. the tiger looks really really interested. the woman was grabbing a hat that had fallen over the first fence. not smart. all right. wild story out of the end inn. like the last one wasn't wild a dentist pull out all of his teeth without his permission. he says he didn't know it was happening now that dentist though says he's got proof this guy is lying. donny grigsby hence wife say that they went to the dentist office expecting four of donny's teeth be pulled. but when he left the office, he was missing every tooth. it turns out the den tiff says he signed a consent form to have all of them pulled saying everyone of the 28 teeth in his head were decayed and couldn't be fixed.
3:47 am
the den tiff said donny was sedated but awake the whole time and his wife was also aware of what was happening. >> donny's wife came back and forth between the waiting room and the treatment room multiple times, um, and visited with donny on different occasions the entire time. >> the den tiff says since donny has been telling his story he's been losing up to 15 patient as day. he's hoping that by telling his side of the story people will start trusting him again. a group of elementary school students are on a mission to find a missing cockroach his name is neal by the way. he was part of a science experiment. >> and now he could be more than 100 miles away as fox's chris cato explains they've even started a hash tag to help. >> reporter: the mission has lofty goals. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: get students excited by the at foss fear by
3:48 am
launching a high altitude weather balloon. >> i'm very interested in space and the science behind. >> reporter: this is the third year her stem class has done this attached to the balloon are boxes containing cameras an data recorder but this year's experiment is different. for the first time this flight is manned. or bugged. >> we attached a roach named neal to the exterior of the payload to see if he can withstand the atmosphere up there. >> students admit it sounds cruel if neal wasn't cockroach. >> i thought it would be a pretty cool experiment to see wawa happen with it. >> reporter: the intrepid insect and his payload lurched friday. >> three, two, one. >> reporter: winds were stronger than mission control anticipated gps tracking showed neal and his cargo woo aring far bound the bounds of polk county more than 100 miles east off the coast of sebastian inlet state
3:49 am
park contact with the cockroach was lost. >> it's kind of sad. we'll never know what would happen if you think about it he's in the water it body must dissolved or something. >> brian's teacher is more optimistic about the fate of our pilot. >> based on where the drift path was taking him he should have washed ashore late saturday night g she's hopeful a beachgoer will find the balloon and its crew. they posted the story on social media with the hash tag safe neal. he's more concerned about saving the cameras kneel had on board f we're probably getting video of sharks and stuff underneath. if kneel is still alive that would be amazing. >> we just check few minutes still no sign of neil. >> no sign of a of competitiveness on the ice from the orange and black tonight. >> no. they got smoked. >> yeah. >> it was -- the other team is better.
3:50 am
we'll get to that. eagle general manager howie roseman talks about the challenge to move up in the draft and get a quarterback. and those flyers fought but that's not what wins games. it was a game the flyers had to have on a night with a tribute to ed snider. that's all coming up in sports.
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♪ well the flyers are now in certifiablely real trouble them needed this game tonight down two games to none and got smoked. to the wells fargo center. it was a tribute to ed snider, video tribute as well it was really nice. and the flyers did really good thing. they gave out these wrist bands which they control the light up really look cool and 57 seconds into the game, scores off the manning shot and it's one to nothing flyers but less than four minutes later, it's not
3:54 am
pretty. he scores off the deflect it's one-one. second period midway through a line change ut-oh ovechkin got the puck that's a soft goal. power play goals were not the flyers friend. down two-one going into the third and then they really got smoke. mason failed to control the pu puck. 31 on the power play. washington scored five times on nine power plays. the flyers are seen-13 for the series they get physical and then they do what they do when they're losing they start beating the other guys up. it's its it sounds like the flyers thornier getting beat by a better team. >> it's not too fun, you know, we take a lot of pride eug playing in front of our fans and we plant play hard and it's not too fun. >> how many goals they score on the power play made the difference, upping, and especially team is a big part of the especially in the playoffs,
3:55 am
and when you're not disciplined enough you'll get punish. >> losing six-one is not good. not a good night for the phillies either at the ballpark. a dummy which the phanatic is put up by the mets and the mets had four solo homeruns two of them by david wright in the first inning phillies who don't hit and don't score lose five-two. nfl draft i don't know if that's going to get anything better gets closer for the eagles thursday, april 28. so many things can happen for the eagles. eagles the have the eighth pick in the first round but again they got to do a few things to move if you they want to get the quarterback. now la rams traded for the first pick obviously to take quarterback the eagles now have a tougher challenge if they do hope to move up and get that qb. they would have to trade lot to move up to number two. >> i think you got to weigh the reverse, too. you know, about being conservative and that's in life in everything do you there's risks walking down the stairs,
3:56 am
howard. you almost fell down that ramp as we walked in. >> not a risk for me. i'm not going to pay 20 some million dollars for a quarterback if i trade up end doesn't make it. the flyers let's be honest washington is a better team. >> it's a shame that it happened on night that ed snider has his tribute. >> very much so. >> stories are written in the movies. it's not real life. it's a shame that it happened that way. >> too bad. >> yup. >> all right. we got a full hour of entertainment news, tmz, followed by dish nation and the chasing nouns the simpsons much we're back here at 4am for fox morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio
3:57 am
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the officer shot in west philadelphia released from the happies as new details emerge about the suspect shooter, how many times the 23 year-old has already been a rested and why he wases in court just last week. plus race for the white house is coming to philadelphia, which former presidential hopeful coming to south south philly to campaign for one of the can states and where they will be making stops in our area. it was expect to be an emotional tribute to the late ed snider which turned into an ugly display on the ice and stand. what flyers fans did in the third period, that the fans, earned the players on the ice, a penalty. >> come on now. >> good day tuesday april 192,016th. we have a play nicely as they say. >> yeah, play well,


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