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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: good samaritan paul rabb is shaken. >> it's still playing in my head. >> reporter: horror movie right on his front stoop at 3:00 this morning paul came out to find a 40-year-old woman with fat long gash to her throat. >> i heard the skidding as i was coming out the door and caught my attention. >> reporter: the victim through herself in front of a passing car in a desperate move for help. because of the cut to her neck she couldn't cry out or scream. paul and the driver wrapped a towel to her throat and they called police. >> she knew she was probably going die. if he didn't pull over and do what we do she'd be dead. we couldn't hear what she was trying to say. there was blood in the street and all the down the sidewalk. >> reporter: authorities found a trail of blood extenting 75 feet from stella street where the victim collapsed. paul thinks she may have been dropped there by her attacker because the trail ends on frankford avenue. >> she's a jane doe at this time. she had no identification on h her. she cannot talk about her throat is slashed.
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we don't have mow fief tour the stabbing. we don't have a description of a perpetrator or perpetrators. >> reporter: and tonight that victim is still fighting for her live in critical condition at temple university hospital. and i just checked in with police a that's right time ago. they tell me they have new updates on this investigation. iain, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. happening now a mercer county community is mourning a heartbreaking loss. he was a husband, father and beloved educator. steven mayer took his dog out for a run this morning but neither of them came home both were hit and killed by a driver. police say that driver was a teenaged student. >> as the investigation continues, members of the community are getting ready to honor city haven't mayer's memory during a vigil. bill anderson has spent the day in this community and joins us now from robbinsville. bill? >> reporter: lucy, it's honestly very rare that a school administrator is universally liked and respected but that seems to be the case with dr. city haven't mayer. everyone we spoke to all day had
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nothing but stories of love and that makes it that much more difficult to lose him. >> today is a sad day for our community. doctor steven mayer left us too soon. >> reporter: he's described as a leader and a friend. robbinsville, new jersey, in a state of shock following the tragic death of school superintendent dr. steven mayer. >> doctor mayer was a ball of energy. i mean, he was -- he was someone that you always wanted to be around. he was the flame that ignited so many things. he was passionate about our kids our schools, he was an educator. he was also a coach. you know, he was full of life. >> doctor mayer was hit and killed by a car driven by a robbinsville high school student as he jogged this morning. since that time, stunned friends and former students are searching for ways to express just how much he meant to them. >> i'm very saddened for my kids, for the community, especially for his family, and may he rest in peace. >> the stories we heard today paint a picture of a selfless
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man always willing to help others including an ironic twist a former student who himself had a car accident and dr. mayer came to his aid. >> the school i was on the side of the road nobody was really stopping willing to help but sure enough mr. mayer two minutes later sees me i'm not even a student any more but stops everything he's doing, parks his car, comes right over and, you know really just calm police down. >> young woman involved in the accident did stop and it's too early to know if she'll face any charges. but here in robbinsville that seemed far from their minds. all they can think about was uniting in support of a lot of loved one. >> he always had time for each person and i think that is ste steve. >> reporter: students of all ages friends co-workers all said that doctor mayer had time and a kind word for everyone. if i step out and let you see, people are already starting to gather for the vigil that's going to take place at 7:00 o'clock this evening. they're coming together to share
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stories about doctor mayer that sadly they can no longer share with him. and they're all going to come together to say rest in peace. >> lucy? >> all right, thank you bill. we will continue to follow this story on go to our home page for the latest on the investigation and how people are remembering steven mayer. tonight police are trying to find the driver who ran over a man and left him to die in the street in west philadelphia. someone called police for help when the man was found lying in the road at 45th and mark streets saturday morning. doctors at the hospital later realized he had been hit by a vehicle. the victim has been identified as 27-year-old jamal morris who graduated from direct system university with a degree in engineering. he was on his bike when he was hit. he died yesterday at the hospital from brain injuries. his mother has this message for the driver responsible. >> i am pleading with the person who hit my son, i forgive you, so you need to know that i forgive you.
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please come forward and let the world know, let the people know, let the police know, i was driving home, whatever the case was and i hit him. >> right now police have very little information about the vehicle involved in that hit-and-run. to your fox 29 weather authority now. and some dangerous conditions investigators are trying to figure out what started this brush fire in north jersey. this is kearney, hudson county. smoke from the fire was so thick you could see that, my goodness. several penn station bound new jersey transit trains had to divert to hoboken no reports of injuries. chief meteorologist scott williams brush fires are a concern right now, right? >> it really is lucy all because of the dry weather pattern we've been seeing. i mean the weather has been nice but it's a little bit of a trade off. take a look what's happening right now. we have a back door front that's brought cooler temperatures. dry air still in place along with debris. we have red flag warning in effect until 8:00 o'clock for the entire area.
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so basically what that means we're dealing with low relative humidity values take look right now the humidity in philadelphia only 17%. mild temperatures. 71 degrees and look at that wind out of the north northwest at 22 miles per hour. take another look at the humidity values across the area. only 23% in trenton. 21% in reading. 24% right now in wilmington and we have those winds right now gusting over 20 miles per hour with the tender dry conditions. be on the look out for that. elsewhere, we're looking pretty good. we have 70 in millville. 70 right now in wilmington. and temperatures in the 50s in the pocono mountains. temperatures will be dropping for night. we'll talk about how it gets, plus, our next chance for some rain. back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. investigators in new castle county, delaware, are looking for the man who violently attacked a runner. newark police say a 23-year-old woman who was running along the james f. hall trail monday night when someone push her from
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behind and punched her several times. someone saw the woman's body lying there unconscious and called police. medic took her to christiana hospital. no word on her condition. police say the attacker was a guy wearing a ski mask and gloves. a bucks county man is in jail tonight accused of sexually assaulting two young children. warminster police say an investigation led to the arrest of 75-year-old jose ramon green. authorities say green sexually assaulted a 13-year-old child and an eight-year-old child in july of 2014. a judge has set his bail at $1 million. bail has been set at $2 million for one of the men accused in a botched car robbery that ended with a philadelphia police officer shot in the leg. seam coyette face attempted murder aggravated assault and other offenses including in that 2 million a half million dollars bail on robbery charges. meanwhile scott griffin has not been arraigned as of yet. police say griffin is the one who shot officer james mccullough sunday night as the
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officer tried to stop a carjacking on market street. the officer was released from the hospital last night. the man accused of of killing a pennsylvania state trooper was back in court today. eric frein was escorted into pike county courthouse for a pretrial hearing. frein is a accused of shooting two state troopers at the bloo blooming barracks back in 2014. dixon was killed and douglas was critically injured. during today's hearing frein's attorneys asked the judge to throw out a taped confession from frein. a hearing on the suppression of evidence motion will happen friday. mercer county, new jersey, prosecutors charged a man was behind the wheel of the truck that hit and killed a well-known crossing guard. dwayne bennett faces charges for causing a death while driving with a suspended license. long-time crossing guard antonio wiley died yesterday after a truck prosecutors say bennett was driving hit and killed him. bennett did stop at the scene. new castle county, police are on the hunt for a package thief caught on video. police want to identify this guy
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right here. they say he swiped a box from a step at a home in bear yesterday. the home is on marjoram drive. the homeowner called police after spotting the guy on hur surveillance camera. they discovered empty boxes near a neighbor's house. >> medical marijuana is now legal in pennsylvania. governor wolf is taking the time to thank state legislators who pass the law. he stopped by state rep nick roll until rid tee park to thank him for his hard work. this does not mean recreational marijuana use is on its way to being legal. >> in terms of it being a gateway to the legalization of recreational marijuana, the pattern is just not there. this is really about addressing the needs of patients, families, people, fellow citizens who are just asking to be treated by their doctors the way they're doctors think they should be treated.
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>> wolf also stopped by the office of state senator damon leach in king of prussia this morning. beloved dog is back with teenager who relies on him of single day. where the pooch has been hanging out and at mazing thing that happened after we first brought you the story. >> it's not just people who need rescuing from those historic floods in texas. the massive evident underway to save hundreds of horses. howard? >> the flyers played ugly hockey but the fans made it uglier. not pretty sight and one flyer has been suspended. hear what the players have to say and sam bradford talks about what it's like hearing all the the rumors about the eagles trying to draft a quarterback much that's coming up in sports.
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she'll make a heck of a senator. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ pennsauken family elated to night their missing dog is home. >> this just ain't any normal dog. their son has autism and this pup is his best friend and helped him overcome so many challenges. fox 29's dawn timmeney is in the noose room with more on the return of buns.
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love these stories, dawn. >> reporter: i know, lucy. this story touched so many people because of how important buns is to this teenager. his mom says she was overwhelmed by the support she received. she says friends, family, strangers, were all rooting for this dog hoping that he would be found safe and sound and tonight this pup is back where he belongs. >> really goodson. really goodson much has mom for your child to ask you every day where their dog is, you don't have any answers, it's rough. >> reporter: then finally last night, gloria williams was able to tell her 15 year old son desean that his best friend buns had been found after two weeks on the run. >> i feel happy. >> desean who as autism was devastated after the one-year-old pitbull somehow slipped out of the family's house on shepherd road in pennsauken earlier this month. the family got buns last year and the playful pup has been miracle worker. >> he is the best friend. >> teen used to have difficulty communicating and expressing
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himself. buns has changed his life in the best of ways. >> that was his friend. that was who he talked to. that's who he walks around the house with. that's who he goes outside with much that's his companion. he was gone. >> family post add plea on social media and put up signs. fox 29 did a story on the missing dog. gloria's mom said they had two strong sightings but every time they got there, he was gone. >> this time when she got the call we were thinking, all right, strike three, but strike three was a hit. so she was able to grab him and get him. >> reporter: gloria says her son is overjoyed to be back with his best buddy. >> when he finally saw desean, he lick and jumped and rubbed and loved and by the time the end of the night they were back loving each other again. >> report roar this is the man who found buns. keith jones says he was keeping an eye out for him like so many others in the community. >> he found me on rosemont avenue. he ran up on me. >> he had to stop smiling since. he just sits there and rubs him
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and holds him and very happy that buns is back. >> reporter: it is unclear where buns has actually been. but as you heard the family is happy he's home. they're getting buns micro chipped an good collar with his name and phone number and they say they will keeping close eye on this precious pup from now on. dawn timmeney fox 29 news. >> dawn, happy ending. thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority. heartbreaking images from texas tonight severe flooding threatened homes, roads and even animals. emergency responders rescuing nearly 100 horses trapped in high water near a stable in houston. flooding almost reaching the roofs of some buildings in the area. the horses can be seen trying to get over what appears to be a flooded fence as you can imagine more rain fell there today. >> terrible. yeah. >> my goodness gracious. and apparently from what i understand, scott, some of our high pressure system kept that stuff down there for while. >> yeah it really has lucy. i mean we've been enjoying a lot of sunshine and certainly milder
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temperatures. take look at ultimate doppler the rainfall estimates last 48 hours dry pretty much for the eastern last of the us take look at all of the heavy rain that's been impacting the houston texas area. we're talking about 2 feet of rain over a thousand folks have had have been rescued a roy unthe houston texas area. take look at some of these rainfall totals just in the last 48 hours. over 24-inches just to the west of the houston area around katy and farther to the west on i10 just a lot of rainfall in that area. for us, a cooler wind later on tonight and more frost potentially in some areas late tonight and then again tomorrow night and then late week rain we'll see a break in that pattern as the high breaks down and allows for some rain some moisture to move in to really help us out with the pollen levels that have really been through the roof. take a look at the temperatures over the last several hours.
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you can see that back door front basically moving in from north to south. as opposed from west to east. that we typically see those fronts. 71 degrees right now philadelphia. but look at the 50s. as you move toward upstate new york. so pretty quiet and tranquil weather pattern for tonight with the clear skies. it stays a little breezy out there and then for tomorrow, more sunshine, seasonal temperatures right around 68 degrees but it will be cooler down the shore. so for the overnight, mid 40s in the city. upper 30s in some of outlying suburbs. the pine barrens of south jersey. it's going to be cooler and breezy winds could gust up to 20 miles an hour. for tomorrow, kind of similar to today. with sunshine but temperatures a little cooler only making it into the upper 60s. all right. let's talk about the pollen. it has been through the roof today. high again tomorrow close to 11. 11 for your thursday. and then continuing on the high side for friday and saturday.
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maple, eighty one per and popular are the culprits so take those meds if you are an allergy sufferer like me. hour by hour as we go in time dry conditions for your wednesday and then by the latter part of the week we finally have a threat of some rain. take a look at the clock here as we move toward your friday morning. we're dry but a better chance for that rainfall friday evening ending as we move toward your saturday. how much rain we're talking maybe a tenth up to .20 of an inch of much needed moisture to help the pollen levels a little bit. temperatures as we move toward thursday in the low 70s upper 70s again on friday before that rain moves in. then the upcoming weekend, temperatures top out in the upper 60s. looking like another winning weekend across the area. lucking out here. >> we need that. thank you i'm not even going to pretend you said frost. (laughter). >> there was a gasp over here however when you said it. >> i'll read about robert frost. >> are you? >> yes. >> love him by the way. >> different type of frost.
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>> sam bradford will speak for the first time he actually did today about the eagles going for a quarterback in the draft. how does bradford feel about the eagles looking for his replacement? and last night the flyers played an ugly game and one flyer received a suspension. but it's also what the fans did that make it worse many hear from the captain coming up in that make it worse many hear from the captain coming up in sports. ifbut find it harder and hardert to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all
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and not just the powerful few.
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those flyers they're in trouble. it's clear the washington caps are the much better hockey team. that's just reality after last night's six-one loss to the caps the flyers now trail in the series three games to none. it got ugly and it started with alexander ovechkin scoring in the second period. made it look too easy with steve mason letting in was was a bad goal. will it got to four-one in the third, the flyers then tried to beat up the caps. then bell got a one game suspension for his hit and the fans join when they threw the commemorative bracelets they received on the ice and it got really ugly. >> too bad it happened. you know, um, we love playing in front of our fans. we like -- they're pretty crazy and it's too bad we can get the result we wanted for -- for the fans and for mr. snider and i think we came up pretty hard -- came out pretty hard. it's not the result we were
6:25 pm
looking for. >> how about the fans are disgraceful. the eagles have their voluntary mini camp with all but two players. darrin sproles who's been excused and fletcher cox who won't report until he gets a new contract. sam bradford around him the eagles attempts to trade up to get a quarterback. you would think that would not be too pleasing to sam bradford. not according to sam g i learned a long time ago to stay away from all that stuff. it's not the first time i've gone through a situation like this. i think i learned a long timing a not to worry about anything i can't control. there's no reason wasting any time or any -- putting any worry into that. >> as i said fletcher yox not here because of the contract. why does sports have to be all about business? >> that's a deep question howard and maybe we can have a long conversation about it afterwar afterwards. i don't think i can give you a little sound bite right now to answer that. but it's just the reality of
6:26 pm
what we all do what we're all a part of. >> so money is more important than playing the game? >> i never said that. >> if it's a business then money is more important than playing the game. >> i never said that. >> you don't have to say it. >> you were trying so hard. >> but i actually am sad because we all grow up loving sports for sports. the players grew up loving sports but now to them they always say it's business. no, it's not. it's sports. >> except for the money part of it which is business. >> right. >> be sure to tune into tonight for fox 29 news at 10. this guy picked up a massive street sign and smashed it threw a plate glass window. customers were only inches away and this was only the start. what he did next that had employees calling 911. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10. have a great night. inside edition is up next.
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six is greater than one changes everything. kelly ripa and michael strahan. >> he is out of there. >> daytime tv viewers in shock as michael strahan says he is leaving his show. >> let's hear for michael strahan, everybody. >> then, everybody loved doris. >> i'm not just some trophy wife. >> remembering "everybody loves raymond"'s doris roberts. >> and her many moments with "inside edition." >> i could not yell or call for help. i was choking to death. >> and donald trump's 9/11 slip up. >> i watched our police and firemen down on 7-eleven. >> there are a lot of heros at 7-eleven. >> then, how rude. >> the moving contribute that turned into a


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