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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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have stepped inside the fillmore in fishtown and you can see a crowd of people gathered inside waiting for hillary clinton to arrive. what we're told is that she will address this crowd and talk about breaking down barriers for pennsylvania families and she may even discuss women's rights. as you can imagine most are supporters here. and while we were outside we talked to a young man who says that he is still at this point undecided and he aited a bernie sanders rally in philadelphia last week and here's what we had to say about the can indicate. >> bernie spoke to me i like what he said and planned and i don't know if he can implement those things. i think i have trust in hillary. she can take us to the next four years. >> back here live again she's expected to speak in half an hour. this is her second event of the day here in philadelphia earlier today she attend aid discussion at a church in north philadelphia to talk about gun violence. we'll be here throughout this event which starts at 6:30 and we'll have a full report at
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10:00 tonight. back to you. >> we'll see you then. shawnet. and tomorrow get ready for on egg slawingt of presidential candidates here in pennsylvania. . >> and happening now if you plan on driving into the delaware on delaware memorial bridge be prepared to sit in traffic like this. live over the bridges as crews are making emergency repairs to the span and that means they closed several lanes. >> it's creating absolute traffic nightmare. fox 29 is live on the new jersey side of the bridge. still no word when this will wrap up? >> no it will be at least a few days. you want to avoid this span if at all possible over the next few days it's not only backed up for several miles. we've seen accidents one to the back of me here involving a tractor-trailer and car. that's what happens when you are backed up miles and miles and next thing you know you hit
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the car in front of you. the impacted span is southbound span from new jersey to delaware and not the one from delaware to new jersey. if you head south into jersey on the jersey turnpike, 290 south you don't want to pass the span here at the delaware river. rush hour traffic is backed up 6 to 10 miles. let us show you the work picture we took a short time ago. engineers busy doing inspx a couple weeks ago and they noticed three suspender ropes the thick wires that connect the main cable to bridge deck three of them needed to be replaced. there's a couple hundred that make up this bridge. we're talking about three. three is enough to cause the mess we're seeing here. only one lane getting buy and they were hoping as of yesterday to on up at least another lane this morning and that did not happen. as a result, it's very slo slow-going and drivers need pack their patience. >> my wife is yelling at me
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because i left too late. we're heading down to maryland. we had to work this morning. at least one of us and the other one is aggravated. >> i think they made as difficult as possible to get home in a timely fashion. >> you deposit get caught up 6 to 8 miles. >> i'm way too smart for that i've been doing this commute too long i came in the back way. i would tell you what it is but then everybody on camera would know what it was. >> there you go he's not revea revealing his secret. there's the problem. three x's and only one green lane and only one of the four lanes getting by now. your best bet to take an alternate route cross over walt whitman or come door barry certainly not here at the delaware memorial at least we're hearings a couple more days on southbound span guys. >> all right. brad thank you. five students under arrest tonight after lockdown that lasted more than two hours at a delaware county high school. upper dashy police say it all started with appearance drug
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deal involving three students at a trolley stop. one student threat toned shoot another in the foot before going into school and another student who saw it happen told the principal who called polic police. police got there and say they found marijuana in two students' lockers and loaded ghun another student's locker and marijuana and shells on fifth student and police arrested all five students. no one was hurt. >> to a developing story in bridesburg. a car fwhuvrt flames and neighbors were shocked to see the fireball. even more shocking though the driver of that car not seriously hurt. tonight investigators have clues about what started fire. fox 29, karen. . >> i heard a boom. >> melissa couldn't believe a car exploded right outside of her bridesburg home and even as she watched it kept erupting. .
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>> the driver narrowly missed. >> he was rushed to temple hospital and investigators rushed to the scene to see what was in the honda to make it burst into nraimdz and shoot parts all over the neighborhood and everybody on richmond street was shot. there was back smoke starting to come out of the car and then flames and before you knew it the whole car was engulfed in flames. >> blazing fireball amazingly people kept driving by the growing danger even a school bus. fire crews got it out and bomb squad and fire marshall were called in to investigate the charred wreckage. you can clearly see a large tank in the trunk and another thrown on to the street. police say one contained oxygen and the other settling. one of them erupted in the trunk igniting and fueling other creating this violent explosion. >> i heard a big, boom, you know like that i ducked, i duc ducked. >> this is a very, very busy intersection it was shut down
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for hours today while they investigated and clearly it reopened and they don't think there's anything suspicious connected to the incident. fox 29 news. >> new jersey schools had to postpone couldn't vaersial test because of computer glitch. students could not log on to take the test gauged for read readiness for college and careers. stated occasions commissioner says the problem lies with the company that creates the scam. and the commissioner is calling it completely unacceptable and the company confirms it hi ab proposal len and said it is isolated to new jersey and expects to have the web site fixed by tomorrow morning and park scam is standardized test in math and english and some rallied against it saying it's a big waste of time. >> mretz enters night out there and fox 29 weather authority we look at trenton. mild. also cool breeze combined to make another postcard wormy da day. but we're tracking changes. let's check in with chief meteorologist scott williams.
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>> we're tracking changes ian and included in that frost. we're talking about it getting cold in some spots late tonight and simply because of clear skies out there and winds will be diminishing and beautiful sunset across the area 70. the are calm. look at temperatures across the area. cooler down the shore. only in the 50s now. millville, 61. 67 wilmington and low 70s currently in the lehigh valley and 64 degrees in the pocono mountains. we'll zoom in down the shore now. look 55 beach haven and 56 ocean city and wild wood 55 and cape may point check again at 55. so get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine and dry conditions once again turning cooler in city by 11:00 we're looking at 54 and take a look at areas with the frost advisory and parts of south jersey along with north jersey we're looking at temperatures in the brian barren area dropping into the mid to upper 30s.
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cold enough for some sheltered areas to support a little bit of frost. so in places like mays landing and galloway and little egg harbor as we move to the for the river area watch for patchy foingt overnight. and we're looking at 30s in colder suburbs and 44 degrees in city with the clear skies and light winds and then take a look at ultimate doppler. dry and quiet and we have a chance for much needed rain fall bilateraler part of week. we'll be watching this area of low pressure move out of midwest and sections of the deep south and that will proytd us with some rain to kind of wash some of that pollen out of the atmosphere. coming up we'll talk about rebouping temperatures and shower and thunderstorm threat and previewing all important weekend weather forecast and this past weekend was nice can we do it again and the 7-day forecast coming up. back to you. >> go for. it talk to you soon. this picture captures trauma after a tready frighten township police officer rescued a 2-year-old from a kidnapper
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and investigators say larry sample abducted toddler coatsville sunday night. officers spotted the norristown man car route 202 early monday morning and the child is not hurt and to a developing story in burlington county. a fire at delran con flex right around 9:00 this morning we're told no one was injured and red cross is helping fire victims find a place to stay and investigators now looking into what started the fire. . >> and a philadelphia nun guilty of drunken driving and a municipal judge in washington township new jersey suspending sister lee kill kimberly license. she was drunk when she drove her car to auto repair shop in 2015. nora testified the last thing she represented that night was having a glass of wine earlier in the evening and taking an am bee a.
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when she woke up she was handcuffed. >> pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane withdrawn a motion of accusing water kleekd from a local numb and cane was in ming country court today and her lawyers will file a prosecutorial conduct motion in public next week rather than under seal. defense lawyer for cane telling us they like lick will not find out who leaked the information to the morning call of allentown and her law license is suspected and she's accused of lying under knowledge. >> police jumped into action saying it was a dangerous driverch the driver looked like he was ring having a medical emergency. >> two men walk into a store but. >> eagles shook up the world at least philadelphia in and nfl that waves them way up in the
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craft and a change in foal that waves them way up in the craft and a change in foal that's all coming up in sports.
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z test text1 >> parties at academy park in sharon hill are upset over the insects found inside the school and they're looking for answer answers. bedbugs are found in several locations indluding on a toilet in girls bathroom and bench and papers being handed to a teacher. pictures of students with bed bug bites are popping up on facebook and some parents are keeping their kids home. others want the school to be shut down for a couple days and completely fumigated. >> something has to be done to get rid of them. >> it's upsetting and scary and they get in everything, furniture, tvs, light sockets once you have infestation it's hard to get rid of.
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>> neither the principal nor southeast delco superintendent would talk to fox 29 referring us to the web site and parent and student concerns and detection dog is going to be brought in tomorrow through a professional pest service to identify areas that need treatment. >> two robbers get their hands on cash as kenning ton convenience store, they couldn't get cash so they settled on sandwiches. two men told a clerk at the quick stop on concernsing ton avenue to give them everything in the register. but instead the worker ran out the backdoor. one of the men grabbed a handful of food as he ran out the door. this happened april 9, 4:00 in the morning. if you recognize the men give police a call. >> some police officers in western pennsylvania are being hailed as heroes after saving an unconscious driver and officers in ohio township got a call about somebody driving erratically and they later found the car on the side of the road. the driver was unresponsive. that's when one of the officers
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pulled him out and gave him cpr. >> he reachs in for pulse and feels no pulse and he unstraps the individual had the seatbelt on pulled him output him on the ground and he's lifeless. >> the driver later came to and confessed to snorting heroin before the incident. and we're hearing the man is not being charged and is thankful for the officer's actions. >> it's one stop shopping for senior citizens looking for a new place to live. a free senior housing expo today. representatives on hand to help connect the seniors with fordable housing options in philadelphia. good stuff. >> speaking of good stuff this is great stuff. >> it's been sunny, dry, scott is tracking changes. >> good changes. i mean we need the rainfall to actually wash some of this pollen out of here. we had spectacular sun sets an a lot of sunshine across the area with high pressure in control. and the pollen has been through the roof. we have a little relief on the way in the form of rainfall by
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friday and that system will approach our area and in the meantime, it's dry, it is certainly quiet. and fay a look at temperatures right now. 70 in philadelphia we made it up to 71. average this time of year is 6 66. 71 still in allentown and 67 wilmington along with trenton and notice temperatures down the shore. it's only in the 50s right now. and avalon, 55. 55 wild wood and 54 degrees in beach haven and at the boardwalk in atlantic city, 54. water temperatures are still in the low 50s. here's the setup. high pressure in control right now. and chilly again tonight. with winds diminishing and that high moves a little further south tomorrow and thrown west and this is the system that bring us rain on friday. and in between we're looking at winds out of the south and west that will warm temperatures into the 70s again tomorrow. 7 degrees will be the high temperature. so, watch future wind gusts. calm for tonight and then by tomorrow morning picking up out
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of the gust and was we moved towards the afternoon and evening winds gusting up to 20 miles an hour. temperatures will be pretty warm tomorrow night thanks to that wind out at the south. we'll go hour by hour dry and quiet now and watch the clocks thursday we'll stay dry. no problems with the rainfall movinging in until friday afternoon. here's 3:00 in the afternoon. watching for. it showers, maybe a rumble of thunder keep that in mind for friday evening plans. you will be dodging showers across the area. how much rain are we talking? as we look at latest computer models gfs, american model, nam looking at .40" and temperatures for tonight look in outlying suburbs. it will be chilly, 36, 46 in city with mostly clear skies and calmer winds. >> temperatures for tomorrow
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back to the 70s. 74 degrees. mostly sunny and once again windy. winds gusting up to 30 miles an hour in the afternoon and yes, sir that will be blowing the poll and round. and in the high category thursday, staying high but it drops a little 10.9 friday and saturday and it is back up. . >> as we look at day forecast. you can see temperatures upper thursdays friday ses spite. >> the all important weekend looks pretty good. >> it does look pretty good, ten on saturday. >> i have a son with gfs initials to. >> how about the nam. >> no. >> i don't have one for that a. >> flyers made a change and called it a night and the coach trying to save the season. hear from the flier's head trying to save the season. hear from the flier's head coach and they made a big
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do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same as the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message.
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>> the eagles off surprise has been a wild one. today got a little crazy. trades and free agents signings have been a big part of off
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season the biggest ones today the eagles traded with cleveland browns for second pick in the draft and that's next thursday. the only question is which quarterback of the top two will be there at number two? the thought now is carson wentz will be there number two after the rams make the first pick. right now belief is jared goff will go number one to rams and wentz would please the eagles. here is the trade. eagles get number two pick this year in the first draft and then fourth round pick next year. and then what they give up is spread out over three drafts. eagles give up eighth pick this year flip flop along with third and fourth round pick and next year eagles gave number one pick and in 2018 a second round pick. sam brad ford will be starter this season there is risk with first round picks and harry roseman broke it down for me. >> you look at first round picks historically 40% of first round picks found in every position and when you get to
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second round it's 50% and third round is 70%. so i think that you got to take that into account too when you look at championship teams over the last five years not step years, 50 years, the importance of that quarterback position and so when you say to yourself there's nothing more important than the quarterback position and not having to play that guy right away developing them the right way over a period of time then for us it made a lot of sense. >> the flyers are down in their playoff series three games to none and tonight there will be a change. flyers are changing it. steve mason that did not play well is out and flyers lack of scoring and michael no, iburg started one game in the last month will start. . >> i think it's good time for a change for our team going into this game and you know i believe that he is the guy that can go in for us and this situation to do a great job.
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>> i need to score goals i wonder if he can score. let's hope. . >> exactly. >> so simple, right? >> right. >> join us tonight for the fox 29 news at 10. gourmet food packed with pot. baked around the corner. hottest new trend in local marijuana delivery. >> and that's it for us here at 6. >> we'll see you back here at 10. have a great night. 10. have a great night. "inside edition" is next.
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is kelly ripa on strike? >> kelly is off today. and filling in for kelly is ana gasteyer, everybody. >> she's a no-show. >> if she can't show up to a job that pays her $36 an hour! then, the suspect in the slaying of a fitness coach. >> could the person in the video actually be a woman? >> clues to the manhunt. look at the way the killer walks. plus, after his huge win, is the secret service now protecting trump's daughter tiffany and ex-wife marla maples? and the little rascal. the prince george photo the whole world's talking about, straight from the photographer. >> what's he laughing at? >> probably me. plus, remember this? the judge who recogned


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