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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  April 21, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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us beauty and interesting things, and fun things to do, and place toss eat. so, think about these places, and this one is a little, take a guess, where do you think that is? >> i know, i can tell. >> oh, really? >> can i just say it? >> by an el? >> yes, west philly of course, but i've never seen those. that's going to be good segment, cool. new changes are coming to the 20-dollar bill. our seventh us president, andy jackson, andrew, and he's off the front of the bill, and put on the back. >> harriet tubman will now appear on the newly redesigned bill. so she was a and on i shallly, leader of the underground railroad, some called her moses, but she helps southern slaves escape to the north, the first african-american on us money, and the first woman to appear on any currency in 100 years. >> these are so many sites, dedicate today harry tub happens man in our area, where she was born, understand, the chesapeake bay area, we went
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by it, so neat, with the kids. >> take pictures? >> i do have pictures, so cool, really impressed, we start today read, you know, all about her history and everything, the whole underground railroad, where it was, and they brought people up. so i think it is really neat. >> i do too. so that's the 20. so, andrew jackson, who was slave owner, look on the back of the 20. lab yet tubman on the front. >> really, put them on the same one? shows america's complicated history and how we progress, so, but there are some people who feel that maybe it is not the best. because a lot of people want it on the 10-dollar bill. that will come out next. >> but this is weird. let's talk about that 10-dollar bill. so, who will now appear on the new 10-dollar bill? that's l axe kerr hamilton. >> he will remain on, there so petition, circulating. >> because of the play, because the play was like the hottest ticket on broadway, that it made this huge
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resurgence, like we can't get rid of him, now all the sudden we love hammill job yes, so who will be on the back? >> whole bunch of different people. >> lay it on me. >> going with some of the people involved with the whole sufferage movement. a lot of people. >> susan b anthony, truth -- it will be good to have that. so multiple people will be on there. >> now, susan b, didn't she have a coin? >> she did. real popular. so now she will be one. >> everyone hated the coin. >> i haven't seen one in years. >> what about sacajawea a? >> i haven't seen one of those in years. >> been a while. a lot of people would keep it. >> it was very pretty. keeping it, not circulating it. >> yes. >> and don't leave out the 5-dollar bill. the front will of course remain, abe, abe lincoln, but the back will depict people involved with historic events. society lincoln memorial of course is on there now. so, by the way, marion anderson, of philadelphia, born in philly. >> she is going to be on it, because of course she
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performed there in 1939. >> and of course first lady of our country, eleanor roosevelt will be on it, martin luther king on there. >> so a loft reaction, a lot of people my gosh, this is happening. and a lot of people are reacting well. kyle wrote: yes, harriet tubman on the 20-dollar bill is dope. >> dope. >> our system so super messy and fly, no racism isn't over. that is complex victory. >> nice tweet. >> then there was this tweet, harriet tubman on the 20-dollar little will help me save money. >> funny. >> neat. >> and then next up, tweet from megan, glad to see important inspiring woman in history finally getting the recognition she deserves hashtag harriet tubman. actor wrote: harriet tub mans man on the 20-dollar bill, well done national treasury, well done. >> another, to have hamilton off the ten, wasn't he involved in forming the treasury of the united states? >> exactly, one that began the whole thing. like he created our legacy. >> you put it so well, that it
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is like any family where we're dysfunctional, you have all of the different problems, but like our history, so good of have it altogether, you have, you know, as things change, things evolve, our money changes, reflect who we are. but what our values are. >> exactly. whether is the first bill going to come out? >> like 2020, then 2030. it will be a while. >> how about this? having discussion last night at dinner. >> what? >> why don't we just create new bill? wouldn't you spend 30-dollar bill? >> 30-dollar bill? >> ya. >> i mean, i guess. >> money is monday. >> i so expensive now, you don't use pennies any more. >> maybe 25-dollar bill. i think 30 is like weird increment. >> well, you got a ten, you got a 20. how about a 30? >> bring back the two. >> but the 30 doesn't go into 100, like 25 is good, like four, 25's, would be a hundred. >> how about a 40? >> no, i don't like a 40. we're not your hyphal using had. >> what about a 15-dollar
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bill? >> what about a 16. >> how about a five. >> what about 101-dollar bill? >> just going to keep going, dollar, dollar, dollar? >> who son hundred, grant. >> franklin. >> franklin is on there, what is ooh list east? >> the ooh. >> grant is on the? >> do you remember -- i haven't seen an ooh in years. >> slumdog millionaire, the boy in india, they can't believe he has that reality show. >> right. >> that was like millionaire, they couldn't believe he knew the answer that ben franklin franklin was on the one, tells the whole story of his life. >> never saw the movie. >> i have but it was a long time ago. >> all right. just saying because he knew all of the faces in. >> it was important, that's how i always remember it is benjamin. >> who is on the money in new dely? >> gun did i. >> nice guess. sue, could you like that up?
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>> it's true. >> do they even have a hundred dollar bill? >> roof is. hundred dollar roof is. >> that's true. >> is began did i on any form of curreny? >> yes, believe it or not. i've been to the taj mahal. >> you have? oh, wow. >> you're probably on the 100 most influencial list from time magazine. let's look it up. open the magazine. see if karen hepp is in there. >> different areas, titans, leaders, icons -- >> time magazine tweeted out six different covers, one with leonardo did i crap rio, nicky minaj, leo one of the icons. another icon is nicky minaj. >> and, a thirds, priscilla chan, mark zuckerberg as the pioneers. >> okay. >> facebook. >> they married? >> they are married. that's the wife. she didn't change her name. >> okay. >> and the fourth is mir canada, pioneer, speaking of hamilton. >> he is the one that created -- >> he's in it, isn't he? >> he is in it. >> and then the fifth is a french lawyer. >> her name is christine laguard. >> and she is a leader.
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>> she runs the ims, as well, person who held the post after having social troubles. >> i see her on bloomberg tell vision all the time, all over the world talking money. >> spent a loft time here too. >> yes, yes. and then is it pryka chopla she an actress, isn't she? >> i think in quantico right now, been whole bun of of things, you may remember because she was in one of the beauty pageant. >> the and classified as the artist. >> i haven't even that quantico tv show. >> i think it is on another network. >> what about quantico down in virginia? >> you got it. fbi. >> fbi. some other people who made the list, well, you got your hillary clinton, who was in philly last night, ted cruz, he is here today. in our state. >> donald trump is in our state. >> he will be in hershey. >> then we have taraji henson, adele, and bernie saunders oh, bernie sanders, and bernie sanders will be -- >> today, here. >> redding? >> yes, will be in our area. >> maybe donald trump is in
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redding? >> , no donald trump is in hershey. >> okay. >> and bernie stant in scranton, then bernie will be coming down, i think our neck of the woods later. >> yes. >> how do you tell if the guy you are dating on married to is genuinely a good guy, you know, how is your husband? oh, he's such a good guy. he's just a great guy. in reality he could be a stinking jerk. so here are the warning signs, car won't know all about this, she has complied this list. >> all right. so he says mean things in a nice way. do you ever have someone do, that trying to give you the backhanded compliment, like a dagger right in it, embed in the it, mike jerrick? how about he pouts when you're busy? that's broken up a lot of relationships in marriage. >> what do you mean? >> like you're doing your events, doing the book club, then they get all hurt feelings, you're not spending time with me, and kind of jealous. >> i'm going through that right now.
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>> why? >> because during this birthday month we have events almost every night of the week. so i'm never home. >> what are the consequences? >> well, she's thereby herself. >> your fiancee. >> yes. >> because now she in the area. >> why yes. >> did she move down? >> what? when did that happen? >> eh, two weeks ago. >> i heard last week she was in town, she was mad because you were slumping getting ready to get into work, waking her up, being grum bridge. >> where did you hear that? >> because you talk about it on good day. >> you may be married to a jerk if he keeps buying you nice things that are real not your style. >> oh, why does that meanest one? >> well, he doesn't know much about you. >> doesn't meanest a jerk, though? maybe in the process of getting to know you. >> or trying to change you. i feel like that's kind of how kanye was with kim in the beginning, all of this mono cromatic white stuff. >> we wanted to upgrade her in his minds. >> but didn't look good in it. she likes her leopard print.
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>> well, if he likes it, then she likes it. >> but it is controlling. >> it is. >> i don't get this next one. he defers to you in all of the decisions. there is no chatting back and forth. he just lets you make the decisions. >> isn't that nice? make your own decisions in. >> going to let you rice and fall on them, oh, whatever you want. whatever you want. >> and interested then? >> how about, i heard that is correct he keeps tabs on you? where were you? where are you? what are doing, what's up? >> that's the most dangerous, because that can really -- that is the one you should really see as a red flag, like when they are always checking your phone, they shouldn't be in your phone, if something pops up, you can't help but see it, just -- >> and it is there. >> but other than this they shunting digging through, shouldn't be in your e-mail, shunting questioning your friends. >> speaking of that, you know, when somebody texts you? >> yes. >> how do you disable it? >> my phone is lock, i need to figure it out, how do you do it so it doesn't pop up on the screen. >> way to do it now, i noticed this recently, even if someone is like having your phone and
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looking at it, you know, the iphones, drop down, you can make it where it doesn't happen. all it does is vibrate won't even send notification out. that's the players mode. >> expert for that one. that happens -- >> certainly settings. >> i thought it was more complicated. >> i can tell you. you're engaged. >> i can relate, too. he talks trash about exgirlfriends. i feel like so many times we hear guys and they are talking about their ex, you know the line they use use, mike? oh, she is crazy. oh, she is crazy. can i not stand when guys say. that will you want to know why? >> you will be called crazy? >> new york i haven't. whenever a guy says oh, my ex she is crazy, big ma'am, a the thing is what did you do to make her crazy? i'm sure you played a part in that. don't just put that all on her. that's it. but i don't think anyone has called me craze. >> i probably not. >> but is this crazy woman, is she the common denominate or in many relationships? do all of her ex's call her crazy?
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>> we don't know because i don't talk to the ex. >> do they even know if they're being called crazy, you just asked has anyone called me crazy. would i know if i've been called crazy? >> okay, here is another one. he has strained row lakes ships with other women in his life. what do you think about that? here is the final one. he shows no other emotions. >> if they don't get a belong their mother, with their sisters, and show respect for women, they're if the going to show respect for you. and it is like how you treat other people. and you have to have positive relationships with other women. >> seriously said, karen. >> i think men call crazy because they are the ones they make you crazy because they are the ones cheating and whatever, oh, she is always thinking, so suspicious, paranoid. >> they go back and forth with you, so the girl is thinking you might still be date when you are not, really she just thought were you still dating because you're still over her house, ya, that casino of thing. >> still over her house.
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>> judge another day, another day to find a darn gift. >> mike? >> they only gave birth to you, brought you in, wipe your back side. >> yes, all right. well, mothers day approaching. it is going to be sunday may the eighth. and if you're struggling with what to get your mama. >> oh, i apologize. >> the smelly kardashian's have some help for you. >> i never smelled -- >> they probably smell good. >> for instance, on her website kim kardashian recommends a 58-dollar dessert plate. >> save your money, don't worry about it. mom does not want that, does not need that. >> not bad compared to the other stuff. more expensive with khloe kardashian's idea, 1,500-dollar clutch. >> go one to dsw, buy one for $15 with mike's new 15-dollar bill. >> on a $15,000 surf board. >> just what my mom want, channel surf board. >> is this what they are getting their mother or recking this to their fans to
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buy. >> really? >> just another way to get publicity. i bet none of them chose those gift. some minon, some publicist put that together. >> account minon afford it. >> can i tell you the best day in the entire week is at our house? >> what? >> tuesday. >> why? >> this coming tuesday. >> any tuesday. >> why? >> it is trash day. it is free entertainment. the guys come up. they got the big machines, the big trucks, they have their things. you get to watch the compactors being all of this stuff, pretty exciting. >> is this for mother day? >> , no just in general, one of the things we love. because kids love to watch the big machines. >> so the three boys love trucks. and they'll run to the window to watch the guys and the women loading the trucks? >> we know their names shall i just put my house on market, thinking of selling it, and they're sad to move their trash guys. >> mothers day? >> no. >> oh, okay. >> oh, and she killed the
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chat. that's what happened. >> oh, there was a girl that wanted to go see the garbage truck, but when you kill the chat in the middle of it, really wanted to see it. >> oh, i see. >> you know the name of your trash haulers? >> well, the boys do. >> the boys do. >> yes. >> they love them, yes. >> it was a girl that really she loved the trash men so much, we will bring it back, tell you ball it in a moment. >> okay. all morning long we have been talking about jen's closet. i'm talking about our jennaphr frederick, total mess. chaos in her closet. so she wanted to do some spring shopping. now, jen needs our fashion expert, here at fox, her name tori, they're going to go to century 21. >> yes, you can get good deals there, first need to know, still getting guesses, jen, how much was in the jar? >> money jar? >> okay, we can talk about that after mike acknowledges that the president of the org sizing association said it wasn't that bad. i'm ready for an acknowledgment. you heard her say t you heard
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her say it. >> i did. >> you were nervous about that. >> i was. and i think she is lying. >> torsi here. ready for the total? >> what do you think the total was, mike jerrick, you have a guess before we reveal it? >> you were so thinking your closet is amazing and you should be getting a full apology. >> i apologize. >> okay, good. but how much money do you think was in there? more than $20? >> oh, ya, more than 20. >> well ya. >> 200, $268.07. let's go shopping. and again, it is because women are clearing their stuff out. >> yes. >> but we also don't have cash to just go and do this. >> exactly. >> but a change bucket good place to start? >> good place to start. they don't want to spend those tax refund checks. i don't know why. >> some people upset.
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so talk to news general way first of all about some things people might add. that's how the conversation started. she was like well what kind of things are you adding? i said i don't have plan. so some items that every woman casino of needs? >> right. for me i think your spring shopping list should include white jeans. we throughout a pair of yours because they were too big. >> another pair was too small. >> yes. nude pumps because i think they go with everything. uncle do them with dresses, jeans, with your little romper sets, perfect, you didn't need this but i think a lot of people do, a tote bag. essential tote that you can take through the week and the weekend, for all of your stuff in, there the zip cups, wallet, lip glops, sunnies and you're good. >> do i put my purse in my tote bag. >> sure. >> okay. >> that can happen. >> he can actually. other things, bright shirt. you're on tv, spring, it is summer. >> okay. >> let's do some pop of color. >> this i thought was interesting. floral scarf? >> yes, it is spring. we're in bloom. and it is chilly. they look cute with your
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little jean jacket or cute blazer, ready to go. >> okay. and then you said sneakers. >> yes. >> think white sneakers, converse, you know, little keds, something like these little guys. they he like with dress like little fitted sweater dress. and jean jacket. you're ready to go. >> look at these shoes i have on right here. >> and slip ons. i do like them. you say i need one more pair. >> one more pair, something little more simple. but i do like those, i love them. >> so you did the shopping. >> yes. >> you have your number. >> yes. >> tell us what you found for me briefly. >> we got pretty top here, cute, do this with skinny jeans because it is flow i, so keep the bottom skin. >> i yes. >> romper, because why, jen? what are we doing? we're hot moms. out all day. >> she does want to make me hot mom. >> and you look great in pink. >> i said my style icon is like jessica alba. >> yes. >> and jessica alba would wear that. here are your white jeans you needed super skinny. and -- >> why are you laughing?
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>> because i think you need, it is different, with the, pretty, lover the green with your blonde hair. >> i am trying to be sexy but my kind of sexy, i like sex any sweat pants is a new me. >> bye, felicia. this pretty peach blouse, got, that ann kline, this is cute, too, hot pink. >> my step mom who would wouldn't some tea, please. >> it is short, darling, not when you put that on with your skinny jeans. >> and with your pumps. >> hello. i will say this, i was having drinks with my friend last night, who is always dressed to the nine's, christy, and she did say to me, she goes, what's the difference, you put on sweat pant one leg at a time, you can put on skinny jeans. >> thank you, christy. >> i don't really believe it. >> i will try. >> thank you. >> i'm not worthy of your help but i'll try. >> thank you. >> and then last thing, how much money did you spend?
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>> so we spent grand total of $264. >> okay, so i still have five bucks for a beer. >> do it. >> she is buying me wine. >> what do you guys think? >> course light all around. great stuff. and christy is like that big is the problem. and when you put on the sweat pant, you're comfortable. when you put on the skinny jeans, you're not. >> uncomfortable. >> but they got a lot of colorful clothe interesting for the 200 whatever it was. >> ready for spring. >> nicely done. i love that store by the way. and so close. >> i'm there a lot. >> the skank leg. >> do you know the dances in. >> do them every day. how some of the dance craze z from the last decade being brought back in a special tribute. >> ♪
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across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
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that's what congressman for wsestak did.ceos - sestak was one of only eight democrats to join republicans to allow ceos of bailed out banks to pay themselves unlimited bonuses using bailout money. an "outrage," according to newspapers. katie mcginty- tough on wall street ceos, a fighter for pay equity for women. praised by former gov. ed rendell, "she'll stand strong for working families." katie: i'm katie mcginty and i approve this message. >> let's fly down to atlanta hey, ever go out to the sixers
9:24 am
games, no, i know you don't. >> i do. >> i've been with co-workers when they put the kiss cam on you. >> at the atlanta hawks game, they have kiss cam, too. but watch this couple goes at it, but check out the person behind. she is double fist that pizak man. >> that is so me. >> oh, she knows she's on. that's great. >> look at the ones in front. >> ya, really, seriously, most people do the peck, move on. >> i don't know about that holding the other person's head too, when you are making out? >> like you are forcing them. fake? >> gross. well, when i first saw it i thought well they caught the woman with the pays, a but the pays a woman knows he can actually what she is doing.
9:25 am
>> but eating like the mouth wide open. >> to make it funny. >> i've never been on kiss cam, thank goodness. >> you are now. >> hold on. >> have you guys ever been on kiss cam? >> i just told you the story about kiss cam. >> so sixers, the season is over. >> all right, let's go through this. what, about a medically of dances? >> so there is a dab, the kwon, zoom in on this one, okay, so dance moves getting not only a lot of attention but making people famous. so the new yorker decided to put the famous moves on one video, also famous face that is may love to dance in this video. >> the new york, err? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:26 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, the scan i leg. >> do the scanky leg. >> atlanta. >> oh, teach me how to dug i, that's just wrong, do you have to dallas for that. >> whoa. >> teach me how to dugy. teach me tech me, remember, i had that? >> six years old. >> that dance is foe fun to do. i see you, conditions i. oh, i wonder if that's in there. how recent it is. you know how people are doing what the millie rock? oh, i remember this dance, too. >> the ron clark academy, atlanta georgia. by the way, you also saw ucla gymnasts in there, too, really good. >> this is millie rock.
9:27 am
yes? 2014? >> two years old already. >> people are still doing this. what? am i that late guys? >> i guess so. >> i thought it was very obvious new york magazine, put that together. he used to be stuck up magazine. >> everyone doing these dances, man. >> you were even doing it. >> why don't we develop our own? >> i want to watch the end of this, now see the dab. maybe late on that, too? >> did you see? >> everyone's doing millie rock. >> who made -- i mean -- >> cam newton made the dab. >> 2015 was the dab. >> okay. >> tell us where you are seriously? >> not yet. >> i will tell you after the break. but a place that might be seldom seen in philadelphia. we're going to highlight t and tell but this new hashtag, sort of going around social media. coming up after the break.
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you know, there is a philadelphia that we all read about in history books and textbooks, tourism brochures and then there is the philadelphia a that you have have come to know only if you head deep in the neighborhoods. >> a lot of times we pose take pictures and they are great places but they are the same familiar once. >> would i like to take exception to what i just heard or saw or read on twitter. you must ever take the el because it is obvious where lauren johnson is. i was about to say it but you wouldn't let me. >> well, yeah, i wanted you to keep it a a secret, mike but we are in west philadelphia near the el. a lot of people up there can see these fabulous murals that are here in our city, right. but it is not just about the murals. there is a new #going around
9:32 am
called seldom scene phl, tell me the idea behind this. >> the painted bride, wanted to highlight neighborhood and areas that weren't as popular, or basically just not as niche as, you know, center city and that their version of philadelphia was not at well known. >> they want people to step outside their boxes and get out in our neighborhoods. >> basically. just decide, that the community source and you figure there are 200 neighborhood in philadelphia, 40 zip code. at the very least you want to be able to show that everything that is in the walls around center city. >> a lot of the pictures when you look up that #is, in kensington but you will keep this going. >> yeah, i think that people really have just had a great liking to it and you figure, you know, when you have so much areas to cover in the city, you know, and so many neighborhoods, at the very least you should highlight your neighborhood. have after all not everybody was born and raised at city hall. >> show us what is in your hand right now.
9:33 am
>> i have my camera here. >> every where you go. >> you figure, your phone, it is always, your useful tool, because now it is smart phones but at very least once you blow up a picture from your smart phone it doesn't look that great. you have a camera for prosperity reasons. >> alex holley got a fancy camera and she has been snapshotting the city taking pictures. if you could give people in their own home comfort zone one place to go start this exploratory search of our city, where should you say they should start? seldom seen thaw are loving right now. >> i think penn treaty park, in northern liberties. >> over near the casino. >> people will go to the casino and they don't know that there is a park right there. there is a great view of the ben franklin bridge. that ace great spot. people walk their dogs and walk up to the water and see this great view of the city. >> do you think when you do seeing like this, social media is a big thing and gets people
9:34 am
reinvested in their community and loving their neighborhoods. >> yeah, i think that people do love philadelphia a. i just think sometimes they have a hard time showing it. through instagram mainly people have really been able to have such a love fest of philadelphia it is like really nice to hear. when the pope came everybody want todd show off their best foot forward. so they kept taking these great pictures of philly to let people know now that the dnc is coming this july you want to show these great pictures of neighborhoods in philadelphia and what makes philadelphia, philadelphia. >> we love you for putting our city in the spotlight. keep using that spotlight. seldom scene phl the #. so mike, alex, karen, i know you are out in the suburbs at times, karen. city follow accounts don't necessity bit. the put a picture up. we will search #and find new placees let's grow this #. isn't there world instagram meet up day. >> tell me about the instagram meet up day what day is that. >> it is this weekend instagram calls it worldwide instant meet weekend where it get everybody to come together
9:35 am
and shoot pictures together. so this saturday, a at independent hall, at 11:00 a.m. we are having a big meet up where we will go walk around, olde city, chinatown and have have a big festival. >> alex, grab your camera, get ready, put on your sneakers, not your heels, it will be fun. >> i love doing that. >> here's the thing mike had a good suggestion. if you participate in this seldom seen phl put the location so we can know where these great places are. >> like i said, the dog and glass sculpture on the wall there. >> fire hydrant. >> that is over by painted bride in olde city. >> yes, exactly. >> okay. >> what about the the one big philadelphia sign with the light bulbs. >> i want to know where it is and i want the tree that was the hair. >> that was so funny the portrait. >> well done. >> #, pretty cool. >> it is thursday that means we are having breakfast with bob. hi there, bob. >> hi gang good morning. you have all heard of soul train? but are you ready to try the
9:36 am
soul roll, live from pine hill, wait until you see this puppy, wow, when we come right back.
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good morning everybody. you know what thursday means it is breakfast somewhere different in the different neighborhood are you ready for the soul roll? >> yes. >> wow. come on, it is like soul train here, but it is the soul roll, we're at sweet t's on the blackwood clementon road in pine hill, new jersey. mom av a tell us how you got started. >> my daughter has been cooking ever since she was a child. then she went to business school. she didn't quite understand. that why are you going to business school when you love
9:40 am
to cook. then she went to culinary arts school. then after that, you know, things went along but then, we join the church call light house of the deliverance gospel church. >> right. >> our pastor, happened to say one sunday, anybody interested in the business, just put together a business plan and i will help you? that was the beginning of it all. >> bam. let's go over here to your daughter, felicia. >> good morning, bob. >> good morning. >> they nicknamed you, t. >> yeah, t. >> thus, you like sweet. >> sweet t. >> yes. >> are you ready for the soul roll? >> yeah. >> i love it. okay. tell us what the soul roll is. >> this is my personal trademark item called southern soul roll. it has everything you want in the soul food dinner, bake macaroni and cheese, collar greens and smoke chicken in the role with extra cheese on that. >> um-hmm. >> goodness on the go. >> yeah.
9:41 am
>> soul. >> okay. then over here, we have this dish, called myrtle beach, this has salmon cakes, cheesy creamy grits, and a scone with a blueberry in the middle. >> look at this pile up over here. >> jammo. >> banana pudding french toast. >> everything you love from the south. >> then last we call this the big man's platter just meat and potatoes, plane and simple, every man loves it. come on in. >> i'll tell you what, this is fantastic. thanks everybody for coming out. i had deserts in front of us. we will all get dessert here. if you would lake me to come to your spot to feature your favorite breakfast spot in the neighborhood just hit me up on facebook and twitter. who knows next thursday i could come knocking at your door. back to you guys in the studio. >> the soul roll. >> my goodness bob kelly has soul now. let's talk empire, empire rap, what about this moment
9:42 am
with luscious, can you believe what he was saying. more importantly at the even of the show, who was that with man in the chair. tweet me your guesses we will try to figure this out. the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
9:44 am
okay. time has come for the empire wrap, i feel like this recent episode was subdued but there were important point that were made. so we will bring in my empire panel. we have torey williams and quincy harris.
9:45 am
hello. >> and then, didn't the philly celebrity make an appearance. >> cat washington she plays the rapper, she was like nicki minaj, kitty cat. >> shout out to you. we should outline that for our next empire wrap. >> let's start with luscious and andre. they seem to make up. help went to the cemetery. they talk about where this iser with his mother is buried, what do you think. >> gave me a whole lot of gifts. she has done a whole lot for me. i didn't think we working together and we can fix a whole lot of this stuff. so what do you say, are we good? >> he i feel like this moment, he is opening up, he is starting to address it. he has issues. was that for real. >> nothing is for real. i love it. he is just playing everybody.
9:46 am
the only thing he cares about is the empire. >> right. >> that is all he cares about. >> he knew he needed to make a fool of hakim because he knows about the money which is perfect to the shareholders. he played into his hand. he talk about the baby dying. >> yes, exactly. >> but i feel like this was real because they were at the cemetery. he teared up a little bit. >> i believe there is a heart new in there. >> no, no. he put a gun to his son's head last episode saying i will kill you. >> yes, seriously. >> yes. >> everything he does. >> this was a big moment, annika finally comes clean. she didn't need maury to do it because they know hakim you are the father. she made the move. she wants a family. luscious says i just want to give you money. when he showed up, what luscious said about cookie. >> you cheated on me first, you slept with cookie. >> was never going to leave you for cookie.
9:47 am
>> you broke my heart. you made me behave -- >> made you behave. you can't blame me for your actions if you acted like a loon particular it is because you made those choices. i said my peace. there is an offer. it is a good one. please don't make me getting youly. >> first of all, are you for real. you are not going to leave her for cookie. >> you do believe that. him and cookie have a great love but annika was good for him on paper, and they work together with that power couple thing, and, he wasn't going to leave cookie. >> he wasn't going to leave cookie. >> he was going to leave her. >> no. >> listen, luscious is like lucifer. he does not care. he is with whoever will help him look good at the time or whatever he needs to work his little dealings out w he will tell you anything.
9:48 am
biggie small had a lyrics back in the day he said, throw back thursday, separate the game from the truth. that is all he does. he knows your weakness and he plays on that. every time. >> okay. >> you can't believe anything this guy says. >> that is true. >> you have a theory because he started talking about when he said hakim was a father. he said is there somebody else. you were cheating and stuff. what was he talking about some other guy might be the father of her baby. >> the music producer guy, from last season. >> i think it is complicated, but you are talking about jamal's baby in the beginning of the season. >> yes, the little girl, yes. >> you know, he smells the kid hair to get dna samples to make sure the kiddies not his. that lead me to believe why did he do that? is it because he killed the babe i. >> you think luscious pushed annika down the stairs. >> wow. >> that is a good one.
9:49 am
>> okay. >> we need to keep going. >> sorry. >> lets get to cookie because things got out of control at shareholders meeting. >> yes, poor cookie. >> it could have been bad but thank goodness cookie is always there. >> luscious is a legend, can't take that away from him. that is right, give it up. but my son hakim has become a mogul in his own right, he helped me build lion dynasty from nothing and for that he deserves the respect and yours too. so why don't you come up here and show these shareholders that you will not fight with one another but you will fight together to make this company great like we all deserve, right? >> empire was built on family. >> you got to love cookie, she
9:50 am
puts tonight perspective. i think she will be the next ceo. >> i think so too. >> i don't think that she wants to be the ceo of that, she knows how much that means to luscious and i think she likes to play the background and be more -- >> it makes sense. >> yes. >> it does make sense to have her because this is this voice who will continue to fight them. with cookie he knows he will not win. >> yes. >> so lets get to the biggest moment of the night, the last scene, they waited for it. we see luscious's lawyer who goes out and check on a woman and pays some money. but who is this woman, really, take a look. >> would you like to say hello. >> no, no, no, everything is fine and dandy. i don't want to bother her. >> okay. who is would the man on twitter, people are saying it
9:51 am
is his mother, a lot of people think it is his mother. >> yeah, i think it is his mom. reason being because they connect, that scene with her singing the same song that luscious was singing, backup. >> luscious never said my mom did this, like this is what my mom did. but we never really heard the story. >> yes. >> of what they did. >> when it comes to empire and everything isn't as obvious as you think it is. they did i flash back, i think it is his grandmother. >> no. >> no, no, no. >> it is not. >> it can't be the mom. >> if not mom maybe a decoy we will find out later. >> okay good we will see. keep tweeting me alex holley fox 29, who is that woman? what is your theory. thanks for my empire wrap panel. >> it is not a problem we love being here for you. >> thank you.
9:52 am
>> 9:51. rob kardashian and black china did they get married already? there is a new post that has people questioning their relationship status.
9:53 am
9:54 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky.
9:55 am
so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. there are so many celebrations happening all over specifically this one is going to be tomorrow, april between the second from 7:00 to 10:00 a.m. at parx casino. if unwanted documents bring them down there and they will shred them safely and get rid of that important information so it does not the get in the wrong hand. >> that is all well and good but more importantly did rob kardashian marry black china? >> well, they just a announced their engagement april 5th. people think maybe they will
9:56 am
wait a while but last night rob called black china his wife and instead of fiance in his instagram post. he said my beautiful wife. you know, sometimes they say wifey. but he said wife. more serious. fans are making these comments this comes just hours after, he gave her, a new purple lamborghini, which cost about 200 you this dollars. >> are they kind of ugly. >> i love color purple. >> do you like it on that car. >> it is something no one else has, that is for sure. >> they have not confirmed if they have aloped but they just return from new york. >> mike, you like purple. >> i don't like a lamborghini. >> why not. >> anyway. >> anyway. >> how does he have 200 you this dollars to spend on that car. >> that is what tmz lives was discussing. >> from selling socks. his sisters and parents. >> do you think they give him
9:57 am
money. >> they have ton shoveling money in his account. >> he makes appearances. well now that he is back with black china. >> i don't know. >> okay. another royal treat to this morning. we will get one. day after buckingham palace released a photo the owe featuring the current and future of the thrown, they have have more pictures. >> the queen is turning 90. >> they are so cute. >> i always like to see baby george. >> yes. >> annie liebwits took photos and they were just released. >> she's seven grandchildren and great grandchildren and that is including prince george and princess charlotte. >> he's two now good my baby is almost exact same age because her baby was two weeks later. yes, he is two. about to be three. george will be three. the remember i got to play her one time for good day. >> yes, halloween. >> yes. >> that is all i got. >> are you done. >> are we done here. >> we will do facebook show so go to alex holley fox 29 and
9:58 am
it is after show, show. >> what is topic today. >> what should we talk about. across pennsylvania, he's praised as a progressive champion with a record of reform. josh shapiro the democrats most compelling candidate for attorney general. he'll protect seniors from scams and stand up to polluting frackers. he's backed by law enforcement, supported by planned parenthood and he's endorsed by president obama - who says shapiro "represents the next generation of progressive leadership". democrat josh shapiro an attorney general...for us
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] thanks for watching our show! [ cheers and applause ] say hello to my co-hosts, my studio


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