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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 26, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> if you don't like them. >> beyoncé released a new album. two of those songs are referencing marital issues and infidelity. >> so angry that somebody is trying to break up beyoncé's relationship. >> i am so sick of this beyoncé. bill: rohan, you are chasing a story to a high school about a teacher who got in hot water for playing a
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parody of donald trump. >> middletown new jersey south high school teacher was asked to resign after showing a satirical political videoing class. last week he showed a segment from john oliver's hbo show, last week tonight. >> donald trump is america's back mall. it may have seemed harmless a year ago, but now it has gotten frighteningly bigger and is no longer wise to ignore. >> they happened to screen the video, and a ministration received a complaint. one parent. they asked the beloved teacher to resign at the end of this school year, citing he violated his contract but revealing political views to the kids. another teacher resigned -- friday he rescinded his
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resignation completely. friend of the show and activist, history teacher in union new jersey, he contacted me with a lot to say. >> you have an interesting message. when you heard about what happened, what is you think was about that? >> that could have been me considering i use a lot of the same materials, basically engage students in history but also to kind of discuss history and a very satirical way. >> sensitivity is at an all-time high. everyone has to be careful about what they say and do in the classroom. we can see that well. bill: who asked him to resign? from what i understood, the superintendent said he was welcome back and would accept the fact he rescinded the resignation, and it was not going to take until the
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end of the year anyway. it seems like there are facts that are confusing. >> one of the parents booked me on the phone and said, he was asked to resign at the end of the year by school administrators. this happened so fast, like a tornado. when i hear that he was actually planning on showing videos, similar nature of hillary and others, he is not imparting his views at all. it just started with donald trump. bill: i spent the morning on the radio talking about this, and i have a lot of trump supporters calling to say keep the teacher. >> it is a largely republican town, and a lot of these people think it was not a big deal. they never gave him the chance to open up the rest of the class to the other candidates. >> on the premise that this is based on discussion, i
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think that it is great. many millennial's get their news from john oliver segments. understand that he is a comedian at the end of the day. ♪ bill: "high speed chase", allison. >> passed away at 44 years old. confirmed her death on facebook. the cause of her death is unclear. the 1st african-american woman in bergen county to serve as mayor, and she is survived by her husband. bill: so young. >> to you recognize this man? they say the suspect seen in these pictures attempted to rape a woman in philadelphia around 1:30 a.m. wednesday. pull down her dress. luckily,dress. luckily, she was carrying mace and was able to get away. ♪
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>> we found one over there, one in the bushes, and there was even one on the side of the road. >> who is behind these mystery animal poisonings? it is a question we have been asking. >> this is not an acceptable solution. some weird psycho enjoys doing things. >> and local say it is getting worse. >> four or five areas where we always find stuff. >> it's all under attack according to brian begley on a. >> the cats year, to. >> but the neighborhood on high alert. he organized this crew to search daily for evidence. >> people who have gone to these areas, had behind trees and cars to try to catch these people. >> a look at some of the footage captured on the so-called killer in action.
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neighbors say they found antifreeze and white powder at the bottom of trees, some areas reeking of contamination. he and others say they are living in fear, telling me that terror is being focused on them. >> serving pictures of dead animals being left at their doorstep. the question now is what could possibly be next. the group is in contact with nypd, but without real proof it is hard to figure out who is behind it. bill: what are they must've said about? >> people who lived in this neighborhood all there lives. >> we love the animals. cats, dogs, birds, everything. so if you don't like it, move out of the neighborhood. >> of course people are moving in.
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it is troubling that someone is leaving dead animals on the doorstep, but city shelters do taken animals and euthanize them all the time. bill: something seems wrong. causing people to come out and kill them. one guy, a gang? >> it is more than one person. the footage they have captured overtime has shown different people. anyone can take their dog for a walk and are sniffing what is on the ground. bill: you just can't leave poison on the street. >> flying high. the 69 -year-old is going through a tough divorce and to help deal with the pain -- the pain he bought a cessna and parked it here in his driveway. he garnered thousands and signs from the town but they refused to give up the fight
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i camei came out here back in august to hear about his one-man crusade and the people that he's say are throwing stones from their glasshouse. >> people can have their boats, i can have my airplane. >> the plane has certainly gone somewhere. that is because it has been removed by the town. they say did not heat the -- feed the day that they had given him. the plane residential storage is a violation of the julie zone ordinance but that 1st incident eludes to the main concern, which seems to be the safety of the neighbors. that statement reads, the health and safety that is get easily put the safety of
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neighbors at risk. said back in august he just wanted to fill his heart and warm the hearts of others. >> a nearby facility not too far away. whose side are you on? as always, tweet the show. >> before you start the engine. ♪ >> two days before the pennsylvania primary hillary rodham clinton made a surprise visit to my home church in philadelphia. >> unusually confident. >> supported by the cocreator of fox's hit show, empire.
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his 1st time at the oldest black episcopal church in the country. >> if your lucky enough, you know what happened. ♪ >> right up front. or download it directly for free. my best friend managed to get tickets for the show but did not tell me until the night of. ♪ >> the ford motor superfund site in ringwood. >> dumped in our neighborhood. bill: it looks like they are cleaning it up, on the other side there a testing they did not have to? ♪
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>> have i made any mistakes? bill: you are chasing a story, controversy surrounding a pop star. >> beyoncé, major pop star released a new album called lemonade on hbo and then she later dropped the whole autumn on the online streaming service.
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aa few of the songs referencing marital issues and infidelity. a lot of fans are freaking out that she could be having problems with her husband, rapper jay-z. twenty-four hours later fashion designer rachel rice instagram to this post, which purposely reference to having good hair, which beyoncé says he was a good hair. fans are now thinking rachel roy could probably be. if jay-z is cheating on beyoncé? >> beyoncé put out this new song. and one there seems to be a reference of jay-z cheating with a girl named becky with the good hair. put up an instagram picture of her a very good hair. trying to identify this becky, and it looks as if
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rachel roy. bill: how about rachel ray who got caught up in this. beyoncé fans went nuts and when after. >> i loved it. i know i -- i know her. she just wants to make a meatloaf, and now she is in the middle of this huge drama. she was just minding her own business, and the fans are so angry that somebody is trying to break up our relationship, they mistook rachel roy and rachel ray. >> i am so sick of this beyoncé. first of all, she is all about getting publicity for the sake of her family. secondly, all about all my single lady stand up for yourself and then goes and does not stand up for herself best things about it and goes and helps her husband.
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>> i want to envision a conversation. look, i'm so sorry i cheated on you. >> okay. fine. bill: is that how cynical it is? >> a billion dollars. nearly our home was coming out. she is part owner. she owns the company. making a lot of money about this. bill: tomorrow is day one of not having to talk about beyoncé. >> after 50 years of crying out for action because of what some call negligent action -- negligent actions members of the community say they have been ignored and smacked in the face once again. the epa now admits using
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outdated testing methods of the ford motor superfund site, and the latest discovery extremely dangerous carcinogen. >> no water from here. >> i spoke with the chief who says this is another case of flint, new jersey. >> the same thing is not what actually is occurring. 's wherever. >> the community met at ryerson middle school, and school, and you could feel the tension and disappointment in the room. >> the chemicals that have been dumped in our neighborhood. everything we have been through. we are out here trying to right or wrong. >> i spoke with kim cattrall , the mj d director who did not seem phased. >> we are watching out for their well-being, making
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sure the monitoring and investigation work being done is being done in accordance with rules and regulations. making sure people's health and welfare are being protected. >> i asked him what specific steps he is taking and what he can tell the people. there was nothing he could tell me at that point. he showed up but did not have any resolution for these people. i asked ultimately what he would like and he said, either they need to clean up the superfund or move his drive joe much safer and cleaner place. bill: it sounds like it is very one-sided. on one side there cleaning it up, on the other side there testing to what? >> is it conflicting or just that it takes a lot of people to do this kind of work. when they told everybody that that thought it was almost done they really thought that.
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it is hard to clean these types of sites up. i would say be careful what they wish for. that recalls a very ugly point in our history. do we want to be moved out of the area, really? >> that is not debatable. >> thanks, ashley. >> i never thought they would be perfect friends, like this video out of ukraine proves. ♪
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bill: coming up next. >> a new trend in baby photography is here.
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♪ bill: it was worse. >> i never thought a squirrel and cat would be perfect friends, but this video out of ukraine proves me wrong. found abandoned. brought them to a local, private zoo where the owner immediately took the men. she took the two babies
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girls and. the mothers took the babies right in. ♪ >> about to get a little bit messy. ♪ >> what do you get when you combine a photographer, a beautiful cake, and an adorable baby? cake smashing. ♪ that's right. a new trend in baby photography is here, and it is here to stay. this goes against everything you try to teach her baby. >> let's go. >> i had to bring along my son along. first we made a cake when the beautiful people here are going to help us out. >> this is amazing. >> going to be immediately
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destroyed. has to be out of buttercream or whip cream, something cream, something soft at the baby can get into and want to eat. >> and the smash. >> it was beautiful, but it did not last that long. >> tell them to dive right in. ♪ >> three things are most important. we have to be really happy. he should be well fed. >> big surprise.
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my son is a born cake smasher. cake flying, icing everywhere. but you have to let them do it. >> this is really fun. >> it could be a tougher day at work. >> if you want to have your very own cake smash session or any of the others the photography offers, please check them out on a facebook page. ♪ >> eighty-four -year-old wrapping grandma is thankful for everything president barack obama has done for the country. the music video getting over
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a quarter of a million views on facebook. >> i hope ♪ >> this is a fox 29 news update. good morning, i'm fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr. dry for now, but not for long. we'll watch clouds move in during the early morning hours. we have some rain and also some thunderstorms to talk about. these thunderstorms are going to be with us in the afternoon and some could be strong to severe. temperatures will make it to 80 degrees but watch out in the afternoon and evening. it will be a slow go. sue has the very latest beginnin
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