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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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area. but we could still see trouble. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. busy night for the fox 29 weather authority. so let's get right over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> a lot going on. some activity on our doppler screen. you can see the reads and yellows so heavy downpours moving through south jersey and also some spotty showers and thunderstorms to the north and west of philadelphia. we'll take a zoom in earlier we had severe thunderstorm warning in effect for burlington county. this wave moved through at about 4:30 this afternoon and now another wave moving through tabernacle and shamong into woodland. now earlier today, we did pick up an e-mail from shane. he sent in this video looks like a funnel cloud in tabernacle. he owns a landscaping company the guy guys were working in the fielder. they were near russo's farm. apple trees in the for ground this was about mile away looking southeast zahn the rotating column of air appears to be funnel cloud. i sent this to the national weather service if they were
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picking up any rotation on their doppler radar at the time. i saw rotation near this area but we want to shane shaken for sending that in. you are eyes and ears in the field. so we want to see those pictur pictures. so thank you very much for that report. right now we do have more showers and storms moving through tabernacle along 206 south toward shamong. along the shore we've cleared out barn nat light they just had hail moving through. barn nat heading toward lbi so police be aware of heavy rain there and then another cell you can see to the north and west of philadelphia and through ridley, near the airport, 476, and near upper darby so please be aware of this. little bit of rotation right here near media. so please be aware of that. it does not mean tornado by any regard but some rotation in the clouds. severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the entire region until 9:00 o'clock tonight. so there is a threat of damaging winds and also hail with these storms. so in the storms, heavy downpo downpours they are spotty right now. we will see the possibility of
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gusty winds and also large hail if one of these storms turns severe. once again that watch in effect until 9:00 o'clock tonight. we'll continue to track the storms for now we'll send it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thanks. you can stay prepared for severe weather by downloading our fox 29 news app. you can get live radar and alerts sent to your phone. just search for it in the apple and google play stores. >> you decide 2016 and the most crucial day yet for many in past presidential elections nominees have been for gone conclusion by this point. but not so this year. in our area, people in pennsylvania and delaware are voting right now alt a time when neither party has necessarily presumptive nominee. did not just about the race for the white house though. >> there are many other crucial races in play. fox 29's bruce gordon is live in old city tonight with the races to watch. bruce? >> reporter:. iain, no question about it. hillary clinton and donald trump are at the very least the clear favorites among their respective parties for the presidential contest.
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both delegate wise and vote wise nationally and in the pre election poles in pennsylvania and in delaware. also, voting today. trump's lead in pennsylvania at least according to the polls appears to be overwhelming. this is clinton's lead in pennsylvania. not quite so large. so no great surprise. there was her chief rival bernie sanders outlooking for some last minute votes this afternoon among the midday lunch crowd at philadelphia's i couldn't neck reading terminal market. sanders has really beaten expectations around the country but still trails clinton delegates and votes by a significant margin and frankly time is starting to run out. poor showing among the five primary contests today would all but doom sanders chances though he has made clear seal he'll stay in the race until the final primary in california in early june. several other key races we're going to be looking at tonight, most of the real action is on the democratic side. pennsylvania u.s. senate race kate mcginty has the backing.
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joe sestak is making quite a race of this. we'll see how that plays out and pennsylvania second congressional district that's philadelphia and the long-time incumbent chaka fattah hip deep in federal corruption probe trying to stave off challenge from a number of candidates including long-time state rep dwight evans and of course for pennsylvania attorney general things have gotten nasty between montgomery county commissioner josh sha peer roane long-time allegheny county district attorney steven zappala. northampton john morgan elli in that race. we'll how it plays out. polls open until 8:00 o'clock tonight. scene is steady stream of voters. like to see that again. polls open until eight tonight. see how it all plays in our news this evening. iain. >> bruce, thank you. from statewide to local races watch all the results come in tonight right after the fox 29 news at 10. stay with us for our extended election coverage starting at 11:00. also fine the latest results after polls close on happening right now, man is in the hospital after police say
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his father shot him in the chest. this evening investigators are peacing together what happened. the shooting was on the 3200 block of princeton avenue in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood this afternoon. the sun is not at aria torresdale in critical condition. a 12-year-old says he saw it happen. >> we're crossing the street and we just hear like a -- we thought it was firecracker but then we heard a guy screaming and we looked down the street and the guy holding his stomach and then he fell. >> just horrific thing for little guy to see. police believe an argument led to the shooting. developing to night in bucks county autopsy results are complete on a two-year-old girl who was found severely injured in a home. she later died at the hospital. now the question tonight of course what happened. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is following this investigation in falls township tonight. sabina. >> reporter: iain, as you mentioned, the autopsy is now
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complete and investigators are waiting the official results. today we spoke with traumatized neighbors who witnessed this little girl's last moments. >> the police officers were ru rupping and yelling open the door, open the door! and they had her, she was dangling. and she didn't look good. >> reporter: sunday afternoon evelyn quinones could only look on as falls township police tried desperately to save two-year-old athena wolf the little girl who lived right next door at the wellington woods apartment on sweet briar drive. quinones says athena looked happy just a day before. >> i saw them saturday, and they were holding the door for me while i was coming out. they seemed very happy. the little girl was waving. hi, you know, the sister. real shocking to know within 24 hours something like that could happen. >> reporter: bucks county district attorney's office now investigating how the toddler died. authorities say she suffered
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blunt force trauma that caused bleeding to her brain. da david heckler says the child was airlifted to children's hospital of philadelphia where she underwent emergency surgery. she died just before 7:00 monday morning. that's the baby's life. she a whole live ahead of her. she's only two. >> reporter: reporters she lived with her mother and her boyfriend. can you believe also had another small child in the home. both moore and herrara gave statements to investigators. >> it's just sad. it's very sad, and i just pray to god that the truth come out what happened. >> reporter: again, autopsy results are still pending and we're told the little girl's mother and the mother's girlfriend are cooperating with police. lucy, back to you. >> thank you very much, see bean in a. 13 years after a fire killed five people in philadelphia's olney section a man now faces arson charges. police say the victims were in a
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home on widener street. this was in 2003. police now say one of the victims got into a fight with be a due rivera earlier in the evening and that rivera later set the home on fire. >> be a due and a couple of his friends found out where santiago lived and using an accelerant set the house on fire. killing santiago and five -- excuse me and four of his family members. >> 32-year-old abdu rivera faces five counts of murder, arson recent lated offenses. police say witnesses helped them make the arrest and more arrests could follow. >> pennsylvania state police released the identity of a woman killed in a crash that closed the turnpike for hours yesterd yesterday. 18-year-old kelly o'brien of moorestown new jersey was killed in that accident when they are car and a and tractor trailer sideswiped each other. are a dade ya university she was
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a student and they're offering counseling to those who knew her. o'brien's car was pinned under the truck and she died at the scene. the truck driver has non-life threatening injuries. set for preliminary hearing in the criminal sex assault against cosby. comedian will appear may 24th in montgomery county courthouse to face charges over 2,004 encounter at his home with a then temple university employee. the woman says she was drugged and molested. cosby says they had consensual sex. well yesterday appeals court rejected cosby' as tempt to throw out his case because of what he called a decade old deal not to prosecute him. former prosecutor had said that he promised to never prosecute cosby and urged him to testify in the woman's lawsuit. the release of that deposition last year led a new prosecutor to arrest him. police say a woman was snatching packages off a doorsteps of local homes but she made one crucial mistake that derailed everything. and look very closely here. this video is making a lot of people angry.
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see what's going on? someone quote unquote walking a dog while driving. the outrage that keeps growing on social media. comes home to find his door kicked n dozens of guns stolen. months later they end up in the hands of a criminal. >> i thought that maybe if they would have got on the ball a little quick can he we might have got them all back and got them off the street. i thought that all along. but they just never done a thi thing. >> why prosecutors thoughten was the bad guy. fox 29 investigates is next. and coming up all new at six getting around a is a challenge for one local woman and she says that got even tougher for her today. why the double amputee and dialysis patient got kicked off of a bus. ♪
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>> south philadelphia a woman makes a bold move to switch out some packages on someone else's doorstep and makes off with some stolen goods. well tonight police are hoping somebody might recognize the woman. bill anderson is live in the newsroom after speaking with neighbors on that street. bill? >> lucy, it was a mess. the latest surveillance video from police has people in a south philadelphia neighborhood just shaking their heads. catching someone stealing on video sadly isn't all that unusual but in many case you can even make an argument that the crime may be called maybe an accidental trade instead of a
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theft. ♪ >> it is crazy it really is crazy. >> reporter: philly police have released surveillance video of a robbery that has some on south philadelphia street laughing, others frustrated and all hoping they find the person. >> people do crazy things around here. so, you know, it's nuts. i don't know. >> you got creeps everywhere. >> reporter: video shows a woman walking down south camac street opening a screen door and stealing packages. while taking the packages the suspect appears to forget her own items on the front steps. minutes later she returns but scared off by a neighbor. >> i think it's idiotic. i don't think you get any dumber to leave your package and take somebody he will's package. >> weird. it doesn't make any sense why she would leave packages and take other packages. >> reporter: move of the neighbors i spoke to agreed that the block is safe and they look out for each other. but they're happy the video is so clear and believe she will be caught eventually. >> they're bound to catch this girl. they're bound to catch her.
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that's a clear view face. you can see her face everything. >> eventually somebody will tell you who it is, yeah. absolutely. >> reporter: they haven't found her yet take good look. after laughing at how she steals, the neighbors want to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> it's a shame you can't have a package delivered to your door today. because and people like that. >> reporter: now although some of the neighbors mock the woman they're all very serious about catching her. one neighbor told me the camera was actually rolling because it happened before several times. so hopefully now as the video spreads somewhat awkward thief will finally be caught. lucy? >> strangest story, all right, bill. western pennsylvania bus driver is out of a job tonight after authorities say she asked a student to actually touch a live power line. authorities in harrison city say the driver for penn school district asked 11-year-old student to get off the bus and move a downed live wire. the driver told a local paper she didn't mean to hurt the
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student. the boy's family says he burned his hands. no charges against the driver but police say she did endanger the student's welfare. bus company says it has removed her. you decide 2016 voters head to the polls in five states today including pennsylvania and delaware. in philadelphia mayor jim kenney voting this morning at his polling place the old first reform church in old city. once out of the booth, the mayor telling us that he voted for hillary clinton. the mayor formerly endorsed clinton back in february. former pennsylvania governor ed rendell vote coasting his vote for clinton. he was up early to vote in east falls former governor says bernie sanders had a strong showing among young people in the city but he predicts clinton will come out on top. >> i think she'll win here. the question is the margin, you know, bernie sanders is a tough candidate. we have over 100 colleges and universities where he does very well throughout the state. i think it will be fairly close somewhere between six and 12
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points. >> rendell thinks clinton will win in maryland but the things will be close in delaware, rhode island and connecticut. well today's votes in pennsylvania, delaware and three other states are huge for the democrats. nearly 400 delegates are at stake and the republicans nearly 200. >> the front runners are looking for a blow out but their competitors are most definitely hanging in there. fox's caroline shively continues could have ratch from d.c. >> reporter: hillary clinton wants voters to know she's winning by a lot. >> i am way ahead on the votes. >> now, wait a minute. >> look, i have the greatest respect for senator sanders. what he and his supporters are now saying just doesn't add up. i have 2.7 million more votes than he has. >> reporter: bernie sanders says he's in the race until the last vote is cast in june. >> i think people are responding to our message of the. >> reporter: connecticut, delaware, maryland, bense and rhode island vote today.
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but republica republicans john d ted cruz are looking i was towed future states. announcing sunday they'll be working together to try to stop the frontrunner donald trump. the agreement between the two involves kasich stepping back in indiana and in return cruz is agreeing to do the same for kasich in oregon and new mexico. >> that is brilliant political strategy but the execution is horrific. you don't talk about what you're going to do. you do it. >> reporter: the teaming up of kasich and cruz is also giving fuel to trump's claims that the system is rigged. >> i think it's collusion. i think it's pathetic makes them both look weak. >> reporter: some reporters nicknamed cruz kasich underdog alliance the thelma and lewis strategy. if you remember the movie you know why they said that. trying to block trump from getting the nomination out white with their only hope being a brokered convention. cameras caught congressional candidate brian fitzpatrick heading into polling place in langhorne this afternoon. republicans running to replace his brother congressman mike fitzpatrick in the eighth
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district. you can watch the results come in tonight right after the fox 29 news the at 10. stay with us for you are extended election coverage starts at 11:00 and find the latest results after polls close on right now, kitten season in full bloom look so cute but it's not pretty. at philadelphia's municipal shelter alone, four new litters bottle babies just came in today. they cannot survive without their mom or tender loving round the clock care. so if you see a litter of tiny kittens in your neighborhood officials say just leave them until they're older. of course you can check on them. however, if you know the mom is not coming back, call them for help. if you can help save the litters go to for more information. shelter says it will have to put down kittens overnight because they just don't have 24/7 staff to care for them. college students told to stay inside as a bear made a run for it. everything is under control now. and the bear is okay. but authorities plan to do something before returning this
5:20 pm
guy to the wild. >> texas student plans to mitt class for the rest of the year because of his ponytail the school rule that says he should cut it and why his dad says he deserves a break. little girl who is spreading love with the treats most all of us do love. how she got hundreds of boxes of girl scout cookies for police officers and who she's planning to help next. ♪
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30 years ago the worst nuclear disaster in history struck ukraine. chernobyl power plant exploded killing 31 people within days. the overall death toll disputed the world health organization say 9,000 people could die because of chernobyl relate cancer and environmental groups say that number couldn't 90,000 radiradioactive chemicals -- survivors remembered those who died in the disaster. >> these plaques here in memory of several friends of mine. i came here almost every year
5:24 pm
because it is a matter of honor to commemorate. >> clean up of the site in ukraine continues. the area is still contaminated. some families forced from their homes after the disaster have recently returned illegally. they say they just don't care about the radiation. former cleveland quarterback johnny manziel indicted today on a misdemeanor nor assault charge stemming from allegations he assaulted his ex-girlfriend. authorities say that happened during the night out in january. the browns have already dropped manziel and so have two separate agents and all of his endorsers the 23-year-old now faces a possibility of one year in jail and a $4,000 fine. prince's sister says today the super star musician had no known will and she's filed paper work asking minneapolis court to appoint a special administrator to oversee his estate. prince died last thursday. he was 57 years old. so far no cause of death has been released. tika nelson is his only survival
5:25 pm
full sibling. immediate action is necessary to manage his business interest. $27 million in property, prince's heirs could stand to inherit a small fortune. college students told to stay inside as bare runs from authorities. the whole chase which happened by mission college near los angeles was caught on video. 125-pound black bear sprinting from police even climbing a fence to get away. the bear was tranquilized and captured in and wildlife officials did check the animal out before returning it to its habitat. >> look closely here. this is video making a lot of folks angry. it shows someone quote unquote walking a dog while driving. the outrage that keeps growing on social media. it was a shock of a lifetime. thieves kicked in his back door and stole 44 of his pistol and rifles. he says law enforcement was too slow in chasing down the back guys. where some of those guns ended up as fox 29 investigates. kathy. >> we're still tracking showers and thunderstorms. some heavy downpours moving in
5:26 pm
across the delaware valley. tracking one cell moving through camden county. another moving offshore and yet another in pa. this is going to go on threw the evening hours. we'll continue to track the storms with heavy rain coming when we come back. i'm terrible at golf. he is. people say i'm getting better.
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>> well can you back. live look at ultimate doppler radar tonight. wide swath of severe weather has created scattered thunderstorms in our area. the nation's mid section things are a bit more serious and potentially even dangerous. meteorologist kathy orr will have details coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. it is primary day in five states today that includes pennsylvania and delaware, of course, presidential candidates campaigning throughout our area hoping to grab new voterings. those voters are casting their ballots today. we will, of course, bring you race results when we get them on air and on skyfox above a warehouse fire in south philadelphia this afternoon. smoke shooting through the roof of the property. crews were called out just before 2:00 o'clock this afternoon to south warren street and officials tell us the building was vacant and there's no word right now on the cause of that fire. animal lovers across the country uniting i guess in anger on social media because of a single piece of video. >> it shows someone walking their dog with their car.
5:30 pm
fox's kay, has the story. >> reporter: she's driving her dog down the road. dog runs alongside its owner's car. tethered by what amanda brocco visits fifty seven describes as a rope. >> disgusting. >> if you're going to be a dog owner, responsible dog owner then you need to get out and walk your dog. don't be lazy. >> reporter: owner whose face we've blurred though hard to hear in the video defends herself. she claims the dog wasn't dragged. >> he wasn't being dragged. i was watching his feet. there was no tension. >> despite the owner's defense brokovich was furious and posted her video on facebook. warning others this kind of treatment an animal is not acceptable. >> my first thought oh my god this dog will get hurt. maybe a car will go past him and hit him. >> pet owners we spoke to in stockton agree. >> they should -- shouldn't be doing that. they should think twice about it it's too dangerous the dog could get hurt running out in the street like that. >> you shouldn't have a pet if you'll be doing that. because that's not right to be
5:31 pm
walking your dog with a car that's not right. >> reporter: stockton police department says their animal control video reviewed the video at this point it appeared there was no animal cruelty. however, if officers had witnessed it, the driver would have been cited for distracted driving. >> even if it wasn't huring the dog, you're taking the chance of somebody else hurting your dog. >> she hopes by sharing the video other pet owners will step up and do right by their anima animals. >> give people more courage to actually stand up and say something and speak for the animals who can't speak for themselves. >> fox station in sacremento tried to reach tout that dog owner but they were not able to contact her. back to your fox 29 weather authority ma now. man it has been interesting outside. >> it sure has. we're talking about showers, thunderstorm, heavy downpours, reports of hail and also reports of a rotating column of air or vortex is it a gustnado, is it a funnel cloud? this was reported
5:32 pm
by shane he owns landscaping company in tabernacle. he was looking through russo's apple trees and the orchard looking southeast and he spotted this and i did reference this earlier in the broadcast. look it up on doppler radar also talk to the national weather service who said it looked like it was more shallow in nature and it could be a gustnado. >> a gust made dough. i never heard of that before. >> we don't hear about that much in this area. it's hard to distinguish between a funnel cloud and gustnado but this develops near a gust front that was in the area. so associated with a shallow vortex that develops along this gust front with a thunderstorm or showers. it may not be that big. but wind speeds can reach about 60 to 80 miles an hour with that no reports of damage and it was just in a field but we want to thank shane for bringing that to our attention as a severe thunderstorm moved through that area at about 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. ultimate doppler showing a series of some heavy showers and thunderstorms.
5:33 pm
very spotty through lancaster county. another one through chester county. this one moving into delaware county and into camden county as we take zoom in you can see the locals impacted by this. right now berlin, east wet atco into water forward moving toward the southeast about 40 to 50 miles an hour. so very heavy downpours associated with these and in ponding on area roads. so right now in pa and glenns mills also in lima we're looking -- lima moving toward the southeast toward aston you will be seeing very heavy rain moving your way. and they're not going to lot of all that long. you'll see the clouds, you'll see the heavy rain and then they'll be out of there. you can see in old city philadelphia some cloudy skies. we had a wild day of warmth with a high temperature of 85 degrees today. the last time it was this warm was back at the end of september of last year. september 29th. and with the wind and with the warmth allergies have been running high but that's going to change. high for wednesday. medium for thursday and friday. and then those oak, birch and
5:34 pm
maim pell trees will create another problem on saturday as we see the range between medium and high. as we look ahead temperatures already cooling down. it's 84 in wilmington. 74 in philadelphia. 59 in the poconos. and look at the difference. as you look through new york and new england, temperatures there in the 40s and some 30s and boston it's 40. in philadelphia it is 74. so a huge range in temperature with a front that is slowly pushing southward and this is setting off the showers and thunderstorms and this is going to stick around for couple of days. it may push back northward by the end of the week keeping the threat of rain in that seven day forecast. go hour by hour more spotty showers and thunderstorms with heavy downpours through the evening hours. and then it will be coming to an end as the front slowly sags to the south. you can see by 8:00 o'clock, even into the 9:00 o'clock hour, we begin to dry it out. so temperatures a huge difference between today and
5:35 pm
tomorrow into thursday and friday. going below average for a change with that normal being 68 degrees. so overnight tonight, we'll see partly cloudy skies turning much cooler. 52 in the city. 46 in the suburbs. tomorrow pretty nice. 64 below average. a cool breeze out of the northeast with partly sunny skies and as we look ahead on your exclusive seven day forecast the weather authority showing the cooler temperatures for thursday with a chance of an afternoon shower a few early showers friday we dry it out over the week and for the ms walk you'll see lucy and then a few showers next monday and tuesday. so so much for april showers. they are going to linger into the month of may. >> all right. the weekend looks good. >> yes. >> which is good. >> that's important. >> that's right. thank you kathy. >> you bet. texas student plans to miss class for the rest of the year because of his pone know tale. the school rule that says esche cut it and why his dad says he deserves a break. it would be robber called pizza parlor expecting the money to come to him. but police say he made a few crucial mistakes that helped
5:36 pm
officers track him down. coming up at 62 men in helicopter notice trouble from above. a driver in life or death situation. what they did from the air to stop a train and help safe life.
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♪ heartbreak apparently sending some people running to the doctor for botox of all thing. doctors are calling the trend break up botox. small study from the georgetown school of psychiatry shows 47% walk away with less depression after getting the procedure. researchers say looking happier actually makes some feel better. >> so we inject way out here in the forehead, and it raises their eye brows so their face is sad little bit with eyebrows going down, this botox races it up and when they look in the mirror after day works, three days, they actually feel like they're happier.
5:40 pm
>> here's the deal. botox is clinical trials for approval for depression treatment. a seventh grader in texas very worried he's about to get cut from school all because he won't cut his hair. this is isaia mew ton wearing his sign around his hometown arlington near dallas and he claims his school says his hair is too long and violates school rules. policy says that boys hair cannot fall past their shirt collar. the school hey as choice to comply now with the policy or withdrawal with four week left in the school year. >> they decide decided to end fe rule. they never enforced the rule until now. that makes me very angry. >> it is my position my son should not cut his hair because the rules have never been enforcenforced. >> he claims his father has had long hair for years and it's never been a problem before. he has to follow the rules just like every other student. came home to fine his door kicked in, dozens of guns stol stolen.
5:41 pm
>> i thought maybe if they would have got on the ball a little quicker we might have got them all back and got them off the street. i thought that all along but they just never done a thing. >> why prosecutors thought he was the bad guy. fox 29 investigates is next. plus the little girl who's spreading love with the treat you love. how she got hundreds of boxes of girl scouts for police officers and who she's planning to help next. howard? >> what is the latest on where the eagles and sam bradford stand? and how the agent of bradford made the entire situation even worse. whether you hear -- wait until you hear what the agent tom condon had to say. that will be all coming up in sports.
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♪ every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation. have earned the very best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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>> los angeles firefighters jump into action to save a stranded hiker. rescue happened yesterday afternoon. the man was hiking and got stuck on i'll side in griffith park. crews used a tricky rope system to reach him and get him to safety. thankfully he wasn't hurt. we still don't know exactly how he got stuck in the first place. the controversy surrounding north carolina so-called bath raul bill continues and now pop star demi lovato and nick joan that is a canceled their shows in the tar heel state. they're protesting. she wrote on twitter that she and jonas are protesting quote this hateful law. the two singers are in the middle of joint world tour. they're upset about a new state law that requires transgender people to use restrooms that match the sex of on their birth certificate rather than their gender identity. bruce springsteen, ringo star and pearl jam canceled shows in north car.
5:46 pm
a man with deep ties to philadelphia says he lives with a fear innocent victim will be shot with his stolen firearms. >> he claims investigators dropped the ball in the case. fox 29 investigates is on this story. here's jeff cole. >> reporter: for nearly three decades philadelphia native michael hoffman has owned what he calls 2 acres of ground here in the rolling hills and running water of sullivan county pa. hoffman, 60 a carpenter by trade and battling cancer lives by a stream in small home where the wildlife he and his sons have taken hang in the front room. >> if you were on a ranch you call a little rifle like this. >> reporter: he's an avid hunter an gun collector. by mid year 2010 his collection had grown to 44 firearm. >> winchesters, all revolvers, 45 revolvers from the cowboy days. >> reporter: then one day he returned from a medical
5:47 pm
appointment. >> when we got home we realized we were robbed. >> reporter: what did you see when you got in your house? a disaster report roar this back door had been kicked in and all his rivals and revolvers were gone from the gun cabinets and safes he used to secure them if the one door that was peeled all the way open. the other one peeled down at the top and they took the guns out of the. >> reporter: he quickly call the state police who patrol the tiny community and he posted a $5,000 reward. a trooper came out to investigate the break in. but from that day to this one, hoffman believes law enforcement dropped the ball in tracking the case and securing his stolen arsenal. he says, it's why he came to fox 29 investigates. >> i thought that maybe if they would have got on the ball a little quicker we might have got them all back and got them off the street. i thought that all along. but they just never done a thing. >> reporter: michael hoffman says, the toughest part about having all his firearms stolen is the fear of a late night
5:48 pm
telephone call in which a law enforcement official would tell him that someone had been shot with one of his guns. we traveled over three hours to sullivan county to tell his story. hoffman says, six months past before he met with a state police investigator who would track the guns. police say the delay was due in part to missing serial numbers for the guns. he says, when the numbers were enter the into a national tracking system it was learned that soon after the burglary, police in hagerstown, maryland, arrested suspects with his arrivals in their trunk. 11 of the weapons returned to hoffman, 33 are still out there. hoffman says, he waited to hear anything new and was stunned to be called to baltimore by prosecutors when according to court records police arrested dwayne morton and thomas wright on narcotics and gun charges.
5:49 pm
hoffman says prosecutors said they were carrying his revolvers and pressed him for answers. charges against morton were dropped. wright plead guilty and went to jail. >> i was more or less treated like i guess i was a straw buying guns. >> reporter: they thought maybe you were the guy who put the guns on the street? >> i didn't put the guns outright street. >> reporter: but they were thinking that? >> i would imagine so or i wouldn't have been called all the way down there. >> reporter: meanwhile pennsylvania state police trooper who met with us in the barracks but refused to speak on camera says he struggled to get enough evidence to build a burglary case for hoffman's gun theft. he told fox 29 investigators federal gun investigators passed on the case. police documents from hagerstown, maryland, obtained by fox 29 quote the trooper telling them he did not get the help from the feds, alcohol tobacco, firearms and explosives, atf, and that he was
5:50 pm
not going to follow up on the investigation. a spokesperson for the atf says the agency was contacted a year after hoffman's guns were stolen and adds cases sometimes are not right for federal prosecution. trooper says he decided to file charges against suspect james anthony reid arrested in hagerstown in june of 2010 just last year before the five-year window to file charges was about to close. in february, reece plead guilty in a deal to receiving stolen property and was given six months to two years in jail. the part-time county da says that was the charge all sides agreed on and it was the judge who imposed the second. michael hoffman says, it's too little too late and worries about all his guns floating in the underground. >> what are your thoughts about all of this? >> i don't know.
5:51 pm
i wonder how many times this has happened. how many guns really are on the street. >> reporter: the trooper says that were three other suspects in hoffman's gun theft case but they remain in maryland. he believes that state police efforts helped to get hoffman's 11 guns off the streets but overall, hoffman believes the case was bungled. jeff cole, fox 29 news. fox 29 investigates has been digging into those numbers. people holding federal firearms licenses have to report lost or stolen weapons win 48 hours since sandy hook the feds have been publishing those numbers. >> in 2012 pennsylvania topped the list with 1500 weapons lost or stolen. last year that number dropped but nationally nearly 15,000 firearms a year go missing. coming up a would be robber calls up apease is a parlor expecting money to come to him but police say he made a few crucial mistakes that helped officers track him down. >> coming up at six, getting around is a challenge for woman
5:52 pm
and it got tougher for her today. why the double amputee and dialysis patient says she got kicked off a city bus. police say this video shows a thief at a local building he shop be in and you're seeing just one of the crimes he's accused of committing.
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>> girl scout cookies all american favorite and one very special girl scout in maryland is using the treats to say thank to you police officers. elizabeth berry asked people to buy cookies and donate them to police. the respond has been terrific with 250 boxes of cookies donated. she just delivered them with letters reading, thank you for being brave and keeping us safe. >> i thank them for everything that they do to, like, fixing all the crimes that people do. i heard that one station lost a police officer a couple of months ago, and i wanted them to smile again. >> it make the day goes by a little bit easier and make it a little easier to go to each call you know there are citizens who real dollar care about us. >> that's true. her sweet deeds won't end there she's about to deliver more cookies to the va hospital in washington, d.c. wonderful stuff. in in order police say a would be robber attempt to snag
5:57 pm
a pizza left him with nothing more than a piece of humble pie. jail cell -- >> haley heinz on how the accused criminal led the authorities right to him. >> reporter: this story falls under the category of -- >> come on, man. are you kidding me? >> reporter: sunday night ronnie dougherty who goes byron knee d had a craving with wings with a side of crime. he gave hungry wee's in lakeland a call. >> this is not the address attached to the phone call he said that's my friend. >> it wasn't a friend just a random home nearby. when the delivery driver pull up dougherty appeared with a shirt over his face an gun in his hasn't he stole 20 bucks but didn't even take the wings. >> the people who actually live at the address had no idea what just happened. they also ored pizza a few hours earlier it was unbelievable i got goose bumps all over me. did that really happen. watch this kind of stuff on the news. >> this didn't take detective to
5:58 pm
solve. it took a clerk at hungry howie's solve it. >> you see, ronnie d gave them his real name, and his real cell number and address are in the system. in fact, three days earlier, he ordered himself a large pizza with mushrooms and steak. >> so our detectives walk over to the house, knock on the door and ronnie d opens the door. we go, you got to be kidding us life is tough. life is lot tougher if you're stupid. >> as for ronnie d -- >> you reached my mailbox so just leave me a message after the beep report roar he's in jail and won't be calling in any delivery orders for quite awhi awhile. >> guess what? they dope serve hungry howie wings or pizzas with mushroom and steak at the county jail. >> he may try to get some. authorities say dougherty confessed to the crime w they severed his home they found the clothing he was wearing that money, stolen money, beebee gun, two cell phones both with hungry howie's number in them. ♪
5:59 pm
tonight at 6:00, super tuesday number four. voters throughout our area head to the polls in primary elections with stakes higher than they've been in decades. the races everyone is watching. ♪ and two men in a helicopter noticed trouble from above. a driver in a life or death situation. what they did from the air to stop a train and help safe life. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 the threat of some severe weather. check out what appears to be a funnel cloud in tabernacle, new jersey this afternoon. fox 29 viewer sent this in to us and we're working with the national weather service to confirm exactly what's going on. we are hearing it may be a gustnado more on that coming. >> up the system stirring up trouble right now. tonight severe thunderstorm watch is neck. good evening, i'm lucy noland.
6:00 pm
>> i'm iain page. wind could be problem. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> severe thunderstorm warnings on going right now in sections of new jersey, iain and lucy, along with pennsylvania. take look at them. you can see as we move outside mercer county into ocean county, until 6:15 severe thunderstorm warning with that cell a lot of heavy rain, gusty winds. as we move just to the west of the philadelphia area, chester county, delaware county, until 6:30 we have a severe thunderstorm warning producing heavy rain, gusty winds lightening and torrential downpours. in particular, as we move just to the north and west of jackson take a look at that very heavy rain. this moving on off to the south and east about 30 miles per hour so just a heads up we're looking at the potential for some winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and rainfall rates up to 3-inches per hour. now, off to the west of philadelphia, you can see as we move into sections of chester county right now, around west bradford moving toward the coatesll


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