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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  April 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> i'm iain page. wind could be problem. let's get right over to chief meteorologist scott williams. >> severe thunderstorm warnings on going right now in sections of new jersey, iain and lucy, along with pennsylvania. take look at them. you can see as we move outside mercer county into ocean county, until 6:15 severe thunderstorm warning with that cell a lot of heavy rain, gusty winds. as we move just to the west of the philadelphia area, chester county, delaware county, until 6:30 we have a severe thunderstorm warning producing heavy rain, gusty winds lightening and torrential downpours. in particular, as we move just to the north and west of jackson take a look at that very heavy rain. this moving on off to the south and east about 30 miles per hour so just a heads up we're looking at the potential for some winds in excess of 60 miles per hour and rainfall rates up to 3-inches per hour. now, off to the west of philadelphia, you can see as we move into sections of chester county right now, around west bradford moving toward the coatesville area, downingtown,
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we have chester, torrential rainfall and this particular cell approaching lower merion at about 6:15 moving toward the philadelphia area if it holds together close to 6:00 their. we have some activity that just moved out of philadelphia and into camden, gloucester county but also earlier we had 50 miles per hour wind reports just outside of the pemberton area and also down the shore. you can see winds gusting close to 30 and 40 miles per hour. so the entire area under that severe thunderstorm watch until 9:00 o'clock. the main threats will be damagindamaging wind in excess f 60 miles per hour along with some hail. we'll have another check of ultimate doppler coming up in the broadcast. back to you. all right. thank you very much, scott. be prepared for severe weather by downloading our fox 29 news app. let live radar and alerts sent right to your phone very easy to find just search for it on the apple and going good play stores. happening now, a shooting and troubling questions a man is in the hospital after being shot in philadelphia's mayfair neighborhood. police say his father pulled the
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trigger. let's get straight out to fox 29's dave schratwieser in mayfair tonight. dave? >> iain that shooting victim 38-year-old shooting victim is in the hospital tonight under going surgery. he is in critical condition suffering from gunshot wound to his upper left chest. his father is now at northeast detectives being questioned in this shooting. it was just after 1:00 tuesday afternoon when gunshot rang out on the 3200 block of princeton avenue in mayfair. 12-year-old thomas norris and his friends were walking a block away when they heard the shot. >> like we thought it was firecracker. but then we heard a guy screaming and we looked down the street and the guy holding his stomach. >> reporter: thomas quickly called 911. a police officer who lives on the block also heard the shot and came out to fine the 38 year old victim on the ground bleeding heffly from a gunshot wound to his upper chest. he fell near this pickup truck belonging to his father. seconds later police arrested the man 66-year-old father and
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recovered a revolver. >> they were driving, some kind of disagreement, argument, and it became violent, and the shot was fired. >> first thing i thought was just call the police. that's what i did. and police arrived here in like 10, 15 seconds. >> reporter: an off duty firefighter on the block assisted the victim who was race to do an aria hospital and into surgery. >> makes very dangerous the world and what's come to go. people are aren't thinking and guns are everywhere. >> reporter: as crime scene investigators work to recover evidence neighbors were stunned bite shooting and concern for the children here. the gunfire interrupted a warm spring afternoon when many children were off from school. >> makes it even scarier i don't even want to have my kids be around here with something like this. >> reporter: thomas norris meanwhile was just glad to help out he says he was just following his mom's advice about calling 911. my mom said if you ever see anything happen in any situation, if you think there's
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someone who could harm you or anything just call the police, and they're there to help you. >> reporter: now the victim lives just two blocks away from here. he had just gotten in his father's pick up track when that argument occurred and the shot was fired. again, no charges filed tonight. we'll have update on this story coming up tonight at 10. lucy. >> we'll talk then, dave. you decide 2016 and the election across the country are watching right now. polls in pennsylvania and delaware close in less than two hours and 6:04. voters here are getting a lot more attention than in past presidential elections we're not just talking about the presidential race right now. bruce gordon is in old city with the races everyone is watching. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, let's start with the presidential contest as so often the case on these primary election days some of the candidates have already on election day moved on to their next target in this case indiana on the primary calendar on the democratic side hillary clinton doing some stumping for votes in hoosier state today but she is due back in philadelphia tonight
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for big election night watch party at the convention center. that left the field wide open for her chief rifle, that would be senator bernie sanders of vermont spending part of his day at philly's iconic reading terminal market looking for votes among the lunch time cro crowd. he trails lincoln in votes and in delegates nation alley and could according to polls fair weather poorly tonight as results from five states come in along the northeastern portion of the country including of course pennsylvania and delaware. sanders says no matter how the votes come back tonight, he will remain in this presidential race through the last contest that would be california in early june. we'll be looking at certificate key races tonight all of which we think you'll be interested in. some of the hottest act on the democratic side us senate race in pennsylvania the democratic primary shows katie mcginty with party backing. joe sestak hopes that crash that party and we'll zoo fit happens. the polls certainly suggest it's a possibility. in pennsylvania's second congressional district, that's
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the good chunk of philadelphia, the em balanced incumbent is chaka fattah, of course, hip deep in federal corruption probe. he faces several challengers chief among the long-time state rep dwight evans, and for pence attorney general on the democratic primary side, things have gotten pretty nasty between josh shapiro montgomery county commissioner facing off against the long-time dick district attorney stephen is a balance pal la. john morganelli also in that race that could be three way contest things have gotten nasty in that race with some of the local democrats choosing up sides. lucy as you mentioned polls open till 8:00 o'clock tonight here at the old first reform church near fourth and race. it's been a steady stream of voters. gotten little more steady since work let out seeing lots of folks coming and going. good to see get out and vote if you've got the opportunity till late tonight. lucy. >> the action is only beginning. thank you, bruce. from statewide to local races, watch all of the results come in tonight right after fox 29 news at 10.
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stay with us for our extended election coverage. it begins at 11:00 p.m. you can also find the latest results after polls close on, of course. developing to night in bucks county investigation into the death of a two-year-old girl. the toddler was severely injured in a home and later died at the hospital. >> now police are trying to figure out what happened. sabina kuriakose is following this investigation and she's life in falls township tonight. sabina? >> reporter: iain and lucy, an autopsy is now complete on the body of that little girl. we are waiting for a cause of death but so far we do know that she was bleeding from the brain when she died. tuesday fall township police standing century outside the sweet briar drive apartment where two-year-old athena wolf was found suffering from blunt force trauma sunday afternoon. >> they took her into the ambulance, and they worked on her. >> reporter: more than 16 hours later, the little girl was dead. doctors at children's hospital unable to save her, even after
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emergency surgery early monday morning. athena's mother 22 year-year-old kayla moore and her boyfriend anthony herrera have spoken to investigators. neighbor quinones says the toddler seemed happy and cared for. >> they were always happy, smiling, smiling much kids, kids being kids. they always wered whoing her, carrying her. that's why i didn't know she was two. i figure she was younger. she was very petit. >> investigators now peacing together her last moments. neighbors say the family had moved into the wellington wood apartment complex only about sick months ago. >> it's shocking. it's uncomfortable because it's a child. it's an angel and no child should have to go through this. so it's sad that it happened so close just don't know what happens hype closed doors. >> reporter: and tonight we know athena's mother and her boyfriend are quantity cooperating with authorities. iain, back to you. >> sabina, thank you police are trying to catch a man they say is a bike thief.
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the guy in this video stole bike on two different days last month in center city. they were in the basement of a building on locust street. >> getting around a challenge for local woman and that got even tougher for her today. why the double amputee and dialysis patient got kicked off a city bus. and two men in helicopter noticed some trouble from above. a driver in a life or death situation. what they did from the air to stop train and help safe life. howard? >> what's the latest on the eagles and sam bradford now and how the agent of bradford made this and tire situation a joke. wait until you hear what he had to say. that's coming up in sports.
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♪ >> april is national volunteer month so today city officials recognize the the american red cross eastern pennsylvania chapter and its volunteers from the red cross house. this month also mark the 13th anniversary of the house which helps people get back on their feet after disaster strikes. it opened back in 2003 and helped nearly 14,000 people. two police helicopter pilots in california stopped a bad situation from becoming even worse. riverside police officers were on the ground responding to a car that rolled over on train tracks. police chopper noticed a train barreling towards the scene and used the spotlight to signal the train to stop. it work. the train stopped just 40 feet from the car. officers arrested driver for suspected dui. tonight septa is trying to explain why disable rider got kick off a paratransit bus. >> passenger says the incident left her scrambling to try to get to her dialysis appointment. septa says, there's more to the story. bill anderson tonight in the newsroom to explain. bill? >> iain we got call from local
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woman who felt she was mistreated by a paratransit driver. the incident led to police being called and her removal from the bus and according to her, it was all over how she paid the $4 fare. >> over $4 and she had the money so it wasn't like she didn't have the money. it wasn't in the change that they wanted it to be. >> reporter: sharon irwin of darby goes to dialysis three days week. each time she calls community transit a septa subcontractor but for some reason she says today they didn't approve of the way she paid the $4 fare. >> i gave him a token, $2 and 20 cents. he told me that he can't take it that way. so i told him i said, sir, i paid this way before. i said it all adds up to $4. i couldn't get out because i'm a double amputee. i said and i had no way of getting, you know, any more tokens. >> reporter: mrs. irwin told me not only did the driver refuse the payment when she questioned him and supervisor,
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they removed her from the bus and refused to take her to her appointment. >> you know i have two artificial limbs. i'm two amputation, and i told him i said, sir, i just need to get to dialysis. well i can't take you. >> reporter: septa tells a very different story. statement they sent me reads, while we regret the inconvenience caused bye-bye this incident fair policies are provided to all passengers before they sign up for paratransit service. this fare policy for cc connect was put in place as part of i don't know area all effort to standardize payment so that service is not delayed. septa is always looking for ways to better accommodate our customers and in light of this incident we will review the fair policy to see if we can provide additional payment options. mrs. irwin told me she was frustrated that someone like herself who uses the service regularly couldn't be accommodated and hopes that in the future some sort of compromise can be reached. >> maybe they should treat people a lot different than what
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they treating them because, you know, some elderly people can't even get out of the house. you know. so that's all i can say. >> reporter: i did speak to septa reps on the phone and they explained that the policies don't allow drive discretion and are in place to remove confusion and customer payment issue from the past. mrs. irwin understands all of that but maintains that compassion should have been more important than policy. iain. >> kind of tend to agree. all right. , bill. >> um-hmm. >> thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. how about this rainbow over camden within the last hour. video recorded from someone standing at penn's landing. >> getting interesting video. that's beautiful. the other one was something i never heard of before a gust made tow. >> we saw a gust made dough in sections of burlington county earlier video sent in by shane a red viewer basically showing you
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low level row teague at the onset of that gust front. that was interesting video. that could also cause winds in excess of 60 miles an hour but no reports of damage with that system earlier in burlington county. right now we have a severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:30. just to the west of the philadelphia area. we're talking southern sections of chester county, also, delaware county right now. moderate to heavy rain gusty winds and lightning so as we zoom in a little closer, we'll put a tracker on that system for you and it will be moving toward the philadelphia area over the next 15 minutes or so. so keeping tabs oh and that heavy rain, vivid lightning rainfall rates one to 3-inches per hour brief downpours in association with this cell moving out of chester county into delaware county. so you can see mediaing looing at heavy rain. concord moving toward glenn mills. fisher corners upper chichester moving toward chester moving toward the philadelphia international airport as well
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looking at potential airport delays with that thunderstorm cluster that is moving right now toward the airport and also if it holds together moving toward center city. so just keep that in mind. of course it is primary day. brief downpours through this evening. that severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the and tire area until 9:00 o'clock tonight winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour. no reports of damage out there. large hail is also possible with any of those cells that develop. we had the trigger the front across the area but also we had the heat. 85 degrees that was the high temperature today. the last time it was this warm you have to head back to september 29th of last year. so real summer like feel across the area. a live look outside of our studios showing temperatures currently in the low 70s. but look at the pocono mountai mountains. 58 degrees. we have 84 in dover along with millville. 84 degrees at the airport in atlantic city. but take a look to the north. the much colder air we're
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talking tepp hers in boss didn't right now only in the 30s. look at this. 39 degrees. 39 in buffalo as well. so a sharp temperature contrast that clash the battle of the air masses and we're talking showers and thunderstorms across the area. so that front will sag to the south. showers diminishing after the sunsets but by tomorrow afternoon, we're still looking at some clouds hanging pretty tough in south jersey along with sections of delaware. cooler conditions tomorrow as well with high temperatures only in the 50s and 60s across parts of the area. so we'll spell everything out with that seven day forecast. showing the high temperature tomorrow 64 degrees. once again 50s north and west and also into parts of south jersey. showers move back in thursday into friday. temperatures a little blow average. the up coming weekend cloudy and mild and then more rain early next week. so we need the rainfall, but we can do without that severe weather threat. >> absolutely. all right, scott.
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thank you. >> howard eskin. >> hello. >> hello. >> vivid lightning, it's vivid. >> right. >> i'll keep an eye out for that. the flyers clean out that are lockers today after the playoff loss on sunday. now, steve mason the number one goaltender going into the season well we'll hear from him coming up and how the agent for sam bradford may have made things worse for the eagles quarterba quarterback. hear from the agent tom condon coming up in sports. z test textp
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♪ the fans of philadelphia still hot about sam bradford. i've heard them on wip sports radio and most can't understand how a quarterback that is not had winning record in any season of his career with that has made over $100 million and how he can be upset eagles drafting a quarterback. now i still think his agent tom condon has lot to do with bradford not comin coming to the voluntary mini cams that almost all the players tend. bradford and the agent think he has value in trade are crazy. no real offers have come to the eagles. last night his agent tried to put the fire out sirius xm radio that may have made things worse. >> if you're two year contract and the -- the second pick in the draft is behind you, you better really play well 'cause you'll hear it from the fans if you don't. your your teammates are going to be looking at you sideways and
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wondering when the neck guy will step in. >> well the two year contract tom condon is your fault that's all you could get. nobody wanted sam bradford for more than that and you turned down a four-year, 18 million per contract. trust me if he doesn't play well i can be on the side lines and the fans will be screaming. so get over it and get his rear end back in camp. the flyers are back at the ring today to have their skit interviews with head coach and the clean out the locker. you can accept things were good because they got into the playoffs but reality the playoff series created many questions one who the number one goaltender for next season? michael came in to game four and played great. where does that leave steve mason the other goaltender? >> both of us had playing time. so i think just going on to next season with not expecting any -- not to be given anything and just have to come and earn everything.
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>> and just in brayden schenn suspend the first three games of the season. >> one of the strangest things you'll see one at bat last night. call it coincidence let's go to new york. brandon phillips the first ball is off his foot in the same at bat. the next pitch is off his shin in the same at bat. now he has one pitch to rest up. and then the fourth pitch is off his hand. >> oh, my goodness. >> all in one at bat. he walked out of the stadium to talk about it but he couldn't feel very good. >> no. >> that should be sam bradford up there. (laughter). >> one of those dunk tank type of thing. that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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kelly ripa comes out swinging. >> communication, consideration, most importantly respect. >> then, oh, say, you can't sing. the school choir shut down from singing at the 9/11 memorial. here they are. >> you guys must have been shocked when that security guard told you to stop singing, huh? >> yeah. >> the untold story of presidential candidate john kasich. >> his troubled brother and the tragedy that haunted him for 20 years. >> the family of the slain fitness trainer speaks out. their message to the killer with the strange way of walking. >> family members, friends, they know who this person


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