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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  April 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> guys, please. >> eagles draft pick carson wentz touches down in the city of brotherly love. are you looking at the birds next great hope? the big talk happening right now. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 5:00. breaking news right now out of port rich mop. skyfox is live over i-95 where penndot tells us its crews just wrapped up emergency repairs in the northbound lanes. we're told an expansion joint broke and crews had to close down two lanes to make repairs. this is right nearly a gain knee avenue. the work backed up traffic for miles. again, things just opened up minutes ago but officials say you can expect those delays to linger. and right now at 5:00, searching and waiting for answers in the death of a local teen. those hoping for an arrest in the tragic beating death of a wilmington high school student will have to wait. police announced today no charges at least not yet have been filed saying they still
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have nor work to do. good evening, i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm dawn timmeney. officers say they have a lot of information they need to get through. let's get straight out to fox 29's bruce gordon wilmington tonight. bruce? >> reporter: town hall meeting earlier this week wilmington's police chief told concerned parents he hoped to be able to announce arrests in this beating death by week's end today he was forced to tell the public be patient. with mayor dennis williams by his side, police chief bobby cummings told assembled reporters there is more detective work to do on this case. interviews to conduct. phone records to check. forensics to be analyzed and so -- >> because there's still a lot of work left to do by our detectives and the attorney general' office, in terms receive viewing evidence and relevant facts, we are not in a position at this time to file charges. >> reporter: amy frances joyner 16-year-old sophomore at howard high school of technology in wilmington was apparently beaten to death in the girl's
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bathroom of of the school last thursday. three female students are considered persons of interest. they've already been suspended from school. we spoke to amy's father the night of her death. >> the children are out of control, and they shouldn't be because innocent people like my daughter they get hurt and it's not right. >> reporter: in the absence of hard facts rumors have swirled this week that the beating began as a fight over a boy, that amy had been stabbed with pencils. chief cummings off no details on the girl's death except to say -- >> i wanted to confirm that there were no weapons used in this attack. >> reporter: as the memorial to amy grew outside her high school last week, sonny frances told us he wanted justice for his daughter. wanted answers that might ever so slightly ease the family's pain. >> i think this is a dream and i'm trying to wake up and i'm just thinking maybe this is a bad dream n this really did not happen.
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>> reporter: chief cummings says unlike on tv dramas real investigations take real time. so a father's bad dream continues. dawn, we were unable to reach sonny francis today. >> all right, bruce, so heartbreaking. police are looking for killer who gunned down a man in kensington section of philadelphia this afternoon it happened just about 2:00 o'clock along the 1400 block of north fourth street. police say the man was shot twice in the chest and was pronounced dead a short time later at the hospital. happening now, the newest philadelphia eagle has landed. newly drafted quarterback and number two overall pick carson wentz landing earlier today at philadelphia international airport. wentz met by fans already wanting his autograph. the 23-year-old from north dakota state was drafted less than 24 hours ago. >> after arriving at the airport this afternoon he went right to straight -- straight to south philly that's where we find fox 29's sean bell live at the novacare complex tonight. hey, sean, big day for the bir
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birds. >> yeah, chris carson wentz ready to talk about half an hour. hopefully we don't hear any brett favre comparisons. let's lay off the legendary comparisons. leave that to another time. hasn't even played a game yet. let's fall back a little bit, doug pederson. but, he's coming here. he came here this morning from chicago and this is philly. it's not north dakota. hopefully he doesn't have a culture shock because fans were there right away, trying to get some -- trying to talk to him get the autographs. he went straight to the novacare center where of course did he a bunch of meet and greets. get to know everyone in the organization. now, everyone loves him from what you hear all the talk is that he's a perfect polished guy and howie roseman talked about why they picked carson wentz. >> i think when you talk about carson you're talking about a blue collar quarterback this has incredible worth he can thick, incredible passion he fits into the personality of this city and you see that when he plays. he plays with that passion.
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he takes kind of the city and team on its back, and that's what he'll dot minute he steps in here and it's infectious. you know all of us when we were around him you want to be around him more because he has that energy and that desire to be great and to win. >> as you hear all glowing reviews and it better be glowing reviews because we gave away the franchise. gave away everything to go get this guy. so he needs to be that good. he needs to be that polished, of course, sam bradford should be in. so he'll wait a little bit of time to sit out and learn and then eventually be pushed in. i'm guessing mid season. because he's number two pick. you can wait that long. okay, carson wentz once again scheduled to talk in about half an hour. when he comes up, we'll have him live right here to hear what he has to say. chris? >> a lot of fans waiting for that one. thank you, sean. more chilly temperatures, more rain in your fox 29 weather authority. let's go outside for the ben franklin parkway tonight. somewhat grim end to the work week and unfortunately the news is not much better.
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let's get chief meteorologist scott williams with more. hey, scott. >> hi there, chris. a lot of folks are in town we're talking about the penn relays the broad street run. the weekend right now looks like it's going to be kind of a 50/50 combo and right now, temperatures stuck in the low 50s. well below the average high for this time of year which by the way in the upper 60s. winds out of the east northeast about 8 miles an hour. we have the cloud cover, a couple of spotty showers moving through the area. but it looks most of that rain is going to lift on off to the north and east. but we will keep temperatures, look at this by 7:00 o'clock, 49 degrees. upper 40s by 9:00. 47 degrees by 11 alcohol tonig tonight. so clouds around. chilly conditions and also a little bit of drizzle but it looks like that heavy rainfall has moved out. for tonight, we're looking at 45 degrees the low in the city. low 40s in the suburbs. we'll keep those winds out of the east. it looks like for tomorrow the better of the two upcoming weekend days will kind of be in
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between systems. but coming up we'll time out this rain, headed in our direction for the second half of the weekend and how that rain will impact some of the events taking place across the area this weekend. back to you. >> all right, thank you scott. in western pennsylvania, crews are investigating the cause of a huge gas explosion. that blast caused names to shoot into the air in salem township about 30 miles east of pittsburgh. it happened at a pipeline complex this morning. one man was burned as he tried to escape the fire. that explosion also damaged nearby home. police arrest a woman after they say she assaulted a dunkin' donuts employee with a tip cup. they say sasha brown became upset with her service at the dunkin' donuts on the 1500 block of washington avenue in southwest philadelphia. according to police, she started knocking stuff off the counter before she then picked up the ceramic tip cup and threw it at the manager causing a cut on her wrist. brown is now charged with
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aggravated assault. back here at home, police say a woman shot a man three times in the street it happened around 12:30 this morning in philadelphia's frankford section. the 44-year-old victim is recovering at the hospital. meanwhile the shooter drove away in a car with another man but police caught up with them a short time later. however, police have not announced any charges. it is not clear from the victim and the shooter knew each other. things are running smoother tonight at philadelphia international airport after two planes make an emergency landing there this morning. federal investigators say a piedmont airlines jet had to land after a crew noticed smoke inside the cabin and cockpit. the plane was carrying 50 passengers and four crew membe members. no one what hurt and faa also looking into a second emergency landing. airport officials say a republicans airlines jet had a steering issue but was able to resolve the problem. the zika warning signs are
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get clear are as the weather warms up. nasa scientists are now projecting the virus could reach epidemic status in florida this summer. >> meanwhile lawmakers are leaving d.c. for a week after failing to agree on emergency funding requests to battle zika. fox's phil keating more from miami. >> reporter: public health officials are pulling out all the stops as the zika virus continues to spread. nasa now getting into the game creating a map to target future search and destroy missions for the mosquito that carries the virus. they've also determined most likely places for zika to become a full on epidemic this summer. analyzing weather, poverty, travel patterns and disease history of 50 suspected zika hot spots and it's no surprise miami is expected to be ground zero. >> we feel that we are prepared, and we have the resource that we need to be able to do the appropriate spraying, the appropriate surveillance. the appropriate education and
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out reach. >> reporter: but making sure those resources remain available through the summer moss could be easier said than done. congress left town for a week long break without coming to an agreement on an emergency funding bill to battle the vir virus. republicans and democrats both blaming each other for the lack of couldn't centos. >> our friends across the aisle have requested a $1.9 billion blank check. they haven't told us what the blank for the use of the funds is. >> reporter: white house now urging both sides to come together on the $1.9 billion bill as soon as possible. noting zika has already been ruled a public health emergency and time is running out to contain it. >> there's no reason that this should get bogged down in the kind of political games man ship that republicans for some reason seem to delight in. >> reporter: health officials say all it take in this much. a bottle cap full of water for the disease spreading mosquito to lay eggs and 35. in miami, dade counsel too, phil keating, fox news.
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a local woman is about to pound the pavement in the broad street runout but this is the latest chapter in 10-year love story. it's a story that hasn't always been pretty. >> sometimes it stinks. like sometimes running still for me is really terrible and i don't weren't to do but stick with it and it's worth it. >> how the miles are racking up and hang on. you may have to remind yourself to breathe while watching this video. three swimmers and a potentially deadly situation in hawaii. how they made it back on to dry land. imagine never sweating aga again. no more stains or smell. one time treatment that will let you ditch the deodorant. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 this pennsylvania woman is in big trouble. authorities say she created a face fake job to try to steal tens of thousands of dollars. the scam that didn't quite work out. ♪ a
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♪ jacksonville florida deputy arrested and fired for punching a handcuffed woman. the sheriffs office released this video showing the officer hitting a 31-year-old woman while she was being checked into jail. police say they arrested the woman at a bar after she was acting drunk and belligerent while waiting to be booked police say the woman kicked an officer in the leg but authorities say that didn't justify what happened next. >> she is handcuffed. there are ways that this could
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have been dealt with without striking her. >> you had one officer that walk over to him and you can tell he puts his hands on the subject officers arm there's no audio but the subject officer at that point let's go of her. >> authorities are still investigating this one. the officer is charged with battery and because he was still on probationary period he cannot appeal that firing. a woman is dead after fiery crash in salem county, inform. sky fox over route 77 in upper pitts grove. this was about 7:30 this morning. firefighters worked to put out the flames. officials say the driver somehow lost control of the car and hit a utility pole and then burst into flames. police have not yet released the identity of that woman. new jersey environmental protect department says it's making changes to the way the state and its water utilities protect drinking water. agency says it will ask water suppliers to post the locations
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of lead service lines on their website. it also says it's working to strengthen a rule that gives water utilities up to 30 days to tell their customers about high lead results and the department says it plans to incorporate better practices for corrosion control. happening right now, the fallout continues after a donald trump protest turns violent. things turned bloody when trump supporters clashed with protesters nearly two dozen people were arrested. after a day of mostly peaceful protests, but some of some in the crowd turned ugly as the trump event was wiping down. still protesters didn't seem to dampen the spirits of supporters inside the venue. fox's garrett didn't knee has more from washington. >> reporter: last night, it happened again. protests outside a donald trump rally in companies at a mesa california turned violent. demonstrators smashed the windows out of a police car. attack some trump supporters as they tried to leave the event.
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>> thank you, thank you. >> reporter: meanwhile, inside the billionaire businessman rallied supporters in a state that is a must win for him to secure the republican nominati nomination. southern california has struggled wit illegal immigrantf grace for decades and trump call to build a wall has gained traction among his supporters there. last night, trump shared the stage with people who lost family members at the hands of illegal immigrant. >> people that should never have been allowed to come over the border and they come here like it's nothing. they walk through it like it's just nothing, and we're going to stop it and we're going to build a wall. >> reporter: california is the biggest prize in this primary contest with 172 delegates at stake. currently, trump hold as comfortable lead in the golden state according to recent polls but his campaign isn't leaving anything to chance. certainly true for ted cruz's wealth who is continue to go barn storm indiana with this vice-presidential pick carly fiorina. >> i was so delighted to be in indianapolis when i accepted
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with great humility and pride both at the same time the offer to serve as ted cruz's running mate. >> reporter: indiana holds its primary on tuesday and cruz is hoping with john kasich agreeing not to compete in the hoosier state he'll be able to overtake trump who is currently leading that in the polls. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. second jill biden will host a celebration in virginia to honor the start of construction on the future uss delaware submarine. as a sponsor aft tack submarine jill biden will host the ceremony in newport news on saturday. well we are now less than two days from the broad street run. this is the 37th year for the annual 10-mile street race through philadelphia. 10 years, five marathons and one big love story, new jersey native jenn miller shares her journey with running in her new book. >> her hope to inspire others to stay the course even when you're ready to quit.
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fox's lauren johnson has more. ♪ i hope to run until the day that i die report roar it's a love like no other that all started with a broken heart an few on the things. >> my boyfriend at the time broke up with me. my grandfather died. and then i bought a house and the recession hit. i'm self-employed i lost half my clients. >> reporter: she laced up her sneakers to release stress. >> i really found a lot of power in myself through running. >> reporter: she loved it so much she started writing about it. >> a magazine paid me to train for a 5k and write about it and that's where it all started. >> when business is bad you don't want to quit or do something else you got keep hammerinhammering at it eventuay you'll get to the finish line. good morning. >> good morning. >> it's become part of my life and it's made me a better writer. running really quites down the mind, body and i say soul. >> reporter: her soul now satisfied. it's been 10 years and five marathons of running and racing. winning and losing.
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>> sometimes it stinks. like sometimes running still for me is really terrible and i don't want to do it but stick with it and it's worth it. >> reporter: it all started at the start line. >> my mom's first race she finished dead last. she was so excited that she finish. >> reporter: she started running at 58 years old and now she's preparing for her first half marathon. >> there's a sense of accomplishment in training for 18 weeks for marathon and coming out on the other side of the finish line. >> reporter: thousands are expected to cross the finish line in the broad street run on sunday. >> even if you finish last, who cares? you finish. >> reporter: miller remembers her very first one. >> i'm gettin getting bathroom e immediately boothage be long unwant to go. >> reporter: sixth largest race in the country. through the streets of philadelphia. >> it's going to be crowded at the start no matter what. it's a huge race. >> reporter: a race many will call their first. jenn applauds all of them forgetting out there because she knows how much it can help save your life. >> i've been through dark stovaine came out on the side.
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i really hope to do it for the rest of my life. >> reporter: lauren johnson, fox 29 news. >> 40,000 people are registered to run the train gets crowded very fast as everyone races to the start line. i'll be out there joining jenn. she's great runner and great voice in the running community. the good news is, if you're going down that septa broad street line free for everyone with a race bib that day. good luck! >> very cool. nasty car wreck in texas and the driver's dog is the one who needs help the most. the frantic effort to save the beloved animal and the happy ending. plus vice-president joe biden in the vatican city talking about a matter of life or death. the alarm he just raised about what he calls a constant emergency. and it's not a call many deputes expect to get an alligator on the loose where he shouldn't be but this officer was ready. how she got the situation under control really quickly. ♪
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at least 11 people are dead following a helicopter crash off the coast of norway.
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officials say 13 people were on bore the helicopter when it crashed. so far 11 bodies have been recovered. two people remain missing. severe weather moving through the midwest yesterday. views from the sky over indiana show severe damage. you can see a barn really took a hit. residents there say they spotted a funnel cloud but tornado has not been confirm. thankfully, amazingly no one was hurt. 16 u.s. military members have been disciplined after military officials say they mistakenly attacked a hospital in afghanistan. that attack left 42 people dead. officials blame human error. process mistakes and failure of equipment but say no one involved will be facing criminal charges. the hospital was run by the group doctors without borders and they are calling for an independent investigation into the incident and say the military punishments do not go far enough. vice-president joe biden and pope francis find common ground on supports the sick. at the vatican biden spoke at a medical conference to push for
5:26 pm
more funning for cancer research. urged making new treatments to be hire priority. >> cancer is a constant emergency. the united states alone we lose more than thee thousand people a day to cancer. we should be doing everything possible to accelerate cancer treatments and cures with urgency. >> meanwhile, the pope used his speech to call out a prophet driven medical research system. you may have tore mine yourself to breathe while you're watching this video. three swimmers in potentially deadly situation in hawaii. how they made it back on to dry land. plus, a heart-stopping rescue above an interstate. a woman right there hanging over the roadway feet away from dea death. how police got her to safety. scott? >> chris, it's been cloudy, damp, dreary and temperatures well below average. what will the weekend look like we've got you covered with the
5:27 pm
penn relays forecast, also the broad street run. it looks like rain could impact a part of the weekend. details next.
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>> welcome babble. live look at bush kills fall from pocono mountains cam a never get tired of seeing that pretty picture. more chilly temperatures and more rain though today and this won't be the last of it. when will things finally start to improve? chief meteorologist scott williams will have that answer coming up in your fox 29 weather authority. today wilmington police say
5:30 pm
they have more work to do before they can file charges in the death of amy frances joyner. the keep-year-old died after a fight at howard high school of technology last thursday. three female students are considered persons of interest and have been suspended from school. police have released few details about her death but say no weapons were used in that atta attack. investigators from the federal aviation administration are investigating not one but two emergency landings at philadelphia international airport this morning. officials say a piedmont airlines jet had to land after the crew noticed smoke inside the cabin and the cockpit. that plane was carrying 50 passengers and four crew members. no one was hurt. the faa is also looking into a second emergency landing of a republican airlines jet that had reportedly had steering issue. take look at the video that will make you cringe but you cannot turn away. these three swimmers in big trouble in hawaii. we are happy to report all three of them are okay tonight. >> but authorities say this
5:31 pm
story could easily have had a very tragic ending. here's fox's alexander. >> you can see waves crashing and bystanders yelling at three swimmers to get out of the wat water. >> climb up already. there you go. there you go. there you go. >> reporter: video sent to us a by a viewer lasts only about three minutes but the swimmers especially one woman are almost swept away and then swept back against the rocks. >> bleep. bleep. >> reporter: we showed the video to shane em right with the honolulu emergency services department. >> watching this my heart raises. it's terrifying. if i didn't know the out come of this, i would believe that we had three fatalities here. >> reporter: i wanted to know why a place like this isn't highlighted on the hawaii beach safety website. >> get up there. >> the thought behind that we want people to go to guarded
5:32 pm
beaches where there is a lifeguard there that can tell people about the conditions. they can inform people of the who are sads and the risks. >> reporter: we came out to waikiki beach to see if the website is something tourists knew about and residents also and if not if it's something they would use. >> if there's website hawaii beach that outlines all the beach. that's something you think would be a good good thing for touri tourist. >> definitely for people who like to swim. >> yeah because i think everyone should always be safe, like, on the beaches. like make sure what is okay because there's a lot of people who bring their kids and they don't realize how unsafe some of the beaches are for the kids. >> and to put this into perspective hours after the incident you saw a california man drowned in that same general area. ♪ >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. kind of cold and damp and drea dreary. >> it's not getting any better i hear. >> i mean hard to believe we're about to close the books on april and move into may and the high temperature today was only
5:33 pm
53 degrees. we shall be in the upper 60s for this time of year. it looks like we'll keep below average temperatures fort upcoming weekend but saturday is going to be the better of the two weekend days. and by that i mean temperatures will be in the low 60s tomorrow. and also it looks like tomorrow will be dry. 50 degrees right now as we take live look outside our studios. looking in old city. you can see the cloud cover still intact. and look at that easterly wind at 11 miles per hour. so that's also helping to lock in the clouds and those cooler temperatures so grab the jackets and sweaters. if you're stepping out for your friday evening plans. most of the light rain is lifting on off to the east but we still have some areas of drizzle but not anticipating really heavy rainfall tonight so as we go hour by hour, you can see by your saturday, we're dry, we're quiet, but we'll call it partly sunny to mostly cloudy throughout the day tomorrow. we've got the penn relays taking place. the weather should be dry for that and also temperatures will
5:34 pm
top out in the low 60s but you can see that rain it really moves back in pretty much the entire day on sunday. at least the first half the day looking wet for the broad street run. moving ahead to brunch looking at clouds and showers across the area. so how much rain do we anticipate tomorrow? you can see, none looking pretty good. that rain starts to add up during the day sunday. it looks like many locations will see on average an inch of rain right along that i-95 corridor. maybe lesser amounts once you move into the shore areas and also central and southern sections of delaware. so the allergy forecast starting to improve a bit because of the clouds and also those shower chances in fact as we move toward your saturday, medium high category but then look at sunday with the clouds and showers around. low to medium category there we're looking at about 7.2 and then as we move toward monday, looking pretty good as well. temperatures are certainly chilly. we're looking at 49 degrees
5:35 pm
atlantic city. 49 in trenton. 49 north and west. so for tonight those temperatures low to mid 40s and then we'll break down your upcoming weekend. you can see 63 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. once again more clouds than sun. 58 degrees that's it as we move toward your sunday. and here's a look at that broad street run forecast. temperatures only in the low to mid 50s way good chance for that rainfallly seven day forecast shows temperatures still slightly below average early next week but then 70s will return by the middle and latter part of next week. >> it takes while. yeah. finally going to like may. >> not looking good for the runners on sunday. >> it will be kind of chilly. you'll be in that, too. >> i'll be starting the race. whether i finish i don't know. >> nasty car wreck in texas and the drivers dog is the one that needs the most help. the frantic efforts to save the beloved animal and the happy ending. police say this man stole a phone but he didn't get very far. the app that made it really easy for officers to crack this case.
5:36 pm
and coming up all new at 6:00, video hard to make out but police say these guys just commit add crime. the chilling words investigators say one of the victims -- one of them said to his victim. this change in attitude brought to you by escape to margaritaville, the new instant game from the pennsylvania lottery. featuring a second chance trip to the fabulous margaritaville beach resort
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♪ firefighters in austin texas arrive at the scene of a car crash only to be told the driver ran on to the road to chase after his dog. you see the pup escaped after the collision but then was hit by another car. officials say the paramedic talked with the owner while firefighters check out his dog. >> the patient, he just wanted to us work on the dog. we tried to attend to the dog. the dog had pretty good lacerations on its head. bleeding quite a bit. >> both can transpor transporter medical treatment. the fire depth says the man and his dog are expected to make full recoveries. that is good news. yes. architect in texas is rethinking how to build a home. i love this idea. >> you're not going to believe
5:40 pm
what she's actually using. pa tracery crows makes shipping containers who home additions she says the giant containers used to transport large items are great for bedrooms or offi offices. after her 160 square foot backyard office was featured on hgtv last year rios has been getting tons of interest for shipping container rooms. she says these types of additions are really great for everyone. >> we're seeing all kinds of ages, demographics, you know, income levels. it's just -- they're kind of made for everybody. it's been one of the best things that i've done. >> rios says building permit is not needed unless electricity or pluming is added to the addition. prices range from 80 to $300 per square foot. now, take look at this heart stopping rescue above an interstate that is a woman hanging over the roadway feet away from death. how police got her to safety. imagine never sweating aga again. no more tapes, no more smells.
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the one-time treatment that will let you ditch the deodorant.
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>> happening right now, eagles first round draft choice carson wentz quarterback now talking to the media. let's get down to the novacare complex and listen in. >> kind of back what i've been doing the last couple of week. obviously, i'll be getting ready for mini camp and everything. get myself ready and diving into that playbook if they allow me to, but, you know, just i'm an ansi. i'm ansi and ready to go. >> do you have the playbook yet and if you don't when do you get
5:45 pm
it? how long is it going to take you before you start diving in and learning it all? >> i'm not sure exact whole i'm getting it but i know once i do i'll be diving in right away. i'm pretty through this process i've made couple jokes to some people i'm like kind of going crazy i have no playbook. i'm watching film and i don't even know what exactly to watch for. i'm not reading defenses quite the same 'cause i don't have playbook. i'm fired to to get a playbook and dive right in. >> carson, have you been to philadelphia before? and can you walk us through your series of events since you touched down in philadelphia, um, what have you done since you've been here. >> yeah, i hadn't been here until my visit just one or two week ago. that was real brief. obviously it was 24 hours, and didn't really get a chance to experience a lot other than just being at the facility and everything. so i'm excited. i'm excited to kind of see what the city has to offer. see what, washington this place is all about. since i touched down i got a chance like i mentioned earlier
5:46 pm
to really just kind of see everybody again and reunite and just express how excited we both were to do this thing and get to work. >> carson, are you becoming a two handed monster? >> i did have a philly cheesesteak, yes. >> are you becoming a two handed monster? >> working on it, yeah. it's a funny statement, but for those of you don't know that was something from the john gruden show. working on ball security and everything and a lot better. >> carson, how familiar are you with personnel on this roster right now and have any of the players or anybody reach out to you since you were drafted? >> yeah, you know, i'm familiar a little bit. obviously, i'm going to get lot more familiar real quick here. zach ertz actually teched me yesterday seems like a great dude. i'm excited to meet him and a lot of tweets from other guys i think i missed a lot of them, too, but i'm excited to get to know everybody, and to get to work with these guys and it
5:47 pm
sounds like everyone talks highly of the group of guys in that locker room and i'm excited for it. >> carson, doug pederson said that you bleed winning. where does that come from? that competitive spirit with that and the work ethic. where did you get that from? >> i think first and for most it's how i'm wired. if i'm not the best at something it kind of tick me off and i want work my tail off to be the best. it's my up bringing. my parents, my older brother always pushed me. always was competitive with him and i just hate losing. it's kind of how i'm wired and hopefully i can bring that to philadelphia. >> carson, i'd imagine the last four days just getting off the plane on tuesday and then everything that they had going on in chicago leading into last night, is it the fulfillment of a dream? like can you describe what those four days were like? >> yeah, being in chicago was really fun. a great time to got to interact with some of the local kids there.
5:48 pm
went to middle school. were i was m got to be around top prospects at the draft. at the senior bowl you get exposed to those guys in real brief stints. i got to be around those guys and finally last night walking the red carpet got in there, did the national anthem, sat down and it was already on the clock. so that all happened so fast. it was really surreal. but unbelievable moment i'll remember for the rest of my life. >> carson, i guess you sat your first two years at north dakota state. i guess the plan going forward to let you sit and learn until you get up to speed on the nfl and the speed and all of that, but how, you know, how comfortable are you with sitting and waiting and, you know, how patient can you be while you learn? >> yeah, as a competitor you want to be out there. but you know i understand that there's a lot to that. i'm going come in and learn. for one that's not for me to decide. i'm just going come in and learn
5:49 pm
and compete my tail off. when coach feels fit for me to go out there and i'll go out and hopefully do well. >> carson, your coach doug pederson played here. he coached here. what did he tell you that you have to brace yourself for here in philadelphia? we gotten real deep with things yet just kind of been hitting it off well. but, yeah, i mean everyone has been telling me how passionate everybody is and talking last night to media again i just said, you know, they're passionate here. they hate losing. i'm like, heck, i fit right in. i hate losing i'm real passionate about the game as well. so i think that's what -- that's the general consensus i keep getting from this philadelphia area. >> did you hear the word tough? >> i did, yeah. tough love that's all part of it. again, it's all part of it. >> carson -- >> that's our howard eskin talking to the newest eagles quarterback carson wentz speaking live there now. we'll have more of what he had
5:50 pm
to say coming up on fo fox 29 ns at 6:00. >> someone stole a phone but made it easy for police to catch that. it was all due to an app that complexion evidence. >> reporter: p.m. how to get into this phone. cheese. the victim has an app on it called look out. >> reporter: sheriff grady judge says last wednesday michael buckley accidentally left his phones on the counter at a convenience store on spirit lake road. the clerk accidentally asked the wrong customer. >> he says, hey you left your phones here. he goes, oh, yeah, i did. and takes them and walks out. >> reporter: luckily for buckley, look out takes a picture whenever someone tries too many times to guess the pass code. and it sends it to the real owner's e-mail address. >> you're a fool, ha, ha i'll find you. the cops will find you eventually. >> it's so nice when our suspe
5:51 pm
suspects take a picture of themselves for us. >> reporter: once deputes put the picture on facebook, a tip rolled in. say hello to 40-year-old eric phelp turns out he'd already been arrested the day aft the phones were taken. for violating probation and driving on a suspended license. when he was booked into jail, he checked in three cell phones. two of them will be returned to their rightful owner. >> i have some pictures of my grandmother passed way a couple years ago on the phone so i can't replace those pictures. >> reporter: sheriff says it's like until phelps didn't even realize the app took the pictures. >> it is clearly evident that the phone is much smarter than he is. >> reporter: finding buckley's cell phones was a search. thanks to look out! >> i can't wait for the day that they create this app so when it takes this picture it shows the address of the county jail kind of like here's the directions just go ahead and turn yourself
5:52 pm
in. >> well phelps will now have several charges added on to an already longer list he faced. >> we all do it. some of us more than others. >> dawn timmeney sweats? >> sweating it is a natural thing, but excessive sweating cannot only be embarrassing but it could help you stop from living your life to the fullest. our lucy noland tonight with the way to ditch your leader deodorant and anti-perspirants forever. ♪ >> reporter: sweating part and parcel of just being human. but for some teal it gets in the way of life. >> i tried everything from dry sole which is a prescription antiperspirant. which really irritates the skin. i've also tried botox which is great and works but it's temporary. ♪ >> reporter: christine sharkey is an esthetician at dr. louis bucky' office and she pulled out all the stops to just stop sweating. >> once i hit puberty i sweat a
5:53 pm
little too much. >> the longest time botox was our only real good treatment for excessive sweating but that was needles in the under arm. some people get needles in their hands if their hands are sweating. >> reporter: you had to do it over and over again. >> you had to do it all over again. >> reporter: enter mira dry one and done technology. dr. bucky says 80% of people can trash their dieter rants and anti-perspirants after just one treatment. >> we're selectively microwaving the sweat glands. heating them up to point where they're now functional any more. >> reporter: ever again. >> ever again. >> reporter: lidocaine injections numb the area. while a template maps it out. so the energy targets each spot precisely. no overlap, nothing missed. >> this is causing suction and pulling the tissue up so that the energy can be directed right at the sweat glands. >> reporter: what are you feeling christine? >> just pressure. >> reporter: about 30 minutes aside and for women especially
5:54 pm
this comes with one big extra. no more hair. it's a two for. >> christine, that's got to be exciting. >> yes. >> no shaving new york deodorant. >> great. >> reporter: dr. jonas nelson the university of pennsylvania plastic surgery resident who just underwent the procedure. he's one of the 20% that might have to do it twice to completely eradicate his under arm sweat. >> just targeting those glands that tend to maybe sweat a little bit more than others were you're not working out or you're just doing your normal every day activities it just really makes sense. >> reporter: you won't end up sweating everywhere else more profusely. >> absolutely not. just going to sweat normally everywhere else and not sweat in those under arm areas. we get responses back like you changed my life. it's very row warring report rot don't worry do i have deodorant with me or, upping, kind of always checking. it's great. lucy noland, fox 29 news.
5:55 pm
>> it's not a call many deputes expect to get an al gate on the loose where he shouldn't be but this officer says she was ready. how she got things under control really quickly.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
well technically it's not in her job description but a florida sheriffs deputy helped trap an alligator over the weekend. >> yeah, and believe it or not she says it was actually pretty easy. fox's josh casio has the story. >> reporter: after 19 years with the czar is a society at a
5:59 pm
county sheriffs she have add gator wrangling to her resume not that she really want to do in the first place. >> i don't have any training on it. i have what my southern grandmother taught us how to do and watching trappers do it. >> reporter: the call came in saturday. gator was on the loose at an apartment complex in englewood trying to be helpful someone stuck a leash on it. depth pee brand now knew she and her partner had to get the situation the very angry snappy situation under control. >> i took the leash and started pulling him back and forth letting him role tiring out the gator. >> reporter: then she says she let the southern girl in her take over. >> i got it behind the gator. i put my hand on the gator's head pushed it down, and lifted his mouth up and had depth pee point set tape it a few times it was almost like it came naturally. >> reporter: if as that's not enough of a gator tale consider this. this was only her second day back from light duty after breaking her foot. >> that was the second day test.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: trapper took the four and a half gator away not before the deputy snapped a shots for the record. whether she's fighting crime or gators it's just another day at the office. >> it just seem likes i was doing what the cher rip department pace me to do, protect people. >> tonight at 6:00 this pennsylvania woman is in big trouble. authorities say she created a fake job to try to steal tens of thousands of dollars a scam that didn't quite work out for her. >> plus, grainy video that will make you squint but police say these guys just committed a crime. the chilling words investigators say one of them said to the victim. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. right now at 6:00 the wait for answers gets a little long longer. after the tragic beating death of a teenaged


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