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tv   Chasing News  FOX  April 30, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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"chasing news" if i can see the names in do remember everything. >> right here at 80 percent scaled-down replica of the monument in washington d.c. this weekend people can come not to remember vietnam and the men and women who died during the conflict. >> i have my jewelery and mike allen and a time for a rate of this parade i of headed to prom. ♪ it is not what you might expect. ♪ >> just up in smoke now one year later the power of karaoke people like the
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places like the arts. >> you remember everything like it was yesterday. >> here is a new jersey is the scale replica of the memorial's is in washington d.c. but this weekend people will come not to remember vietnam and the men and women who died during that conflict. is blurting that the paid in the wound of that conflict more than 40 years ago opened up very quickly for people who will stand next to this wall. even those who consider themselves among the lucky ones. >> dennis is a resident that i met here and he came by himself to go to the wall to see the names of some of his friends who were killed when
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he was in vietnam from an aide that he went up the rivers and the deltas from the dangerous work working ewery condoleezza and was involved in 22 firefights and came out without a stretch when dash scratch be he lost a friend even wanted quayside died. >> abraham bush to standing by the grenade launcher. and then we we're in a firefight. >> helped him to find his name on the wall. >> that's him. >> looking get his name the memories and the time he spent there were rights in the front of his mind. i didn't know how culpable
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that could be until we went to the next name. he can remember the night he died. member under attack and mortar rounds were streaming in a 20 mm mortar came in to cut him in half twitter you thinking about now? >> after the navy he came back and worked for many years and threw himself into his work always wanted a retired man around the clock but then when he retired the memories came flooding back. he to consult to the veterans administration for treatment. the lesson is just one veteran or those houses that the pace of war persist long after the conflict is over.
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>> well said. >> on wednesday 12 officers will graduate the police academy they were stuck in the elevator and had to call the local fire department. but not before they took a great photo. they all got out safely. but after spending nearly 30 hours in jail. the dead hours later he said at a press conference and that is the only place where they don't meet weekly. >> after $19,000 worth of marijuana. they said that is crazy. >> i have $19,000 worth of
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the leading? [laughter] >> out of the 11 people arrested on wednesday aside from a marijuana to looking at the usage fallen silent to see news. -- follow us on "chasing news". >> era when epidemic sweeping the nation and. here is what cory booker had to say about it. >> this is the crisis in the garden state. and then in 2014 alone that doesn't speak of the total tragedy. >> he joins other officials to talk up the epidemic as well as said new initiative operation and take back new jersey's. >> that class said it will be weighed addiction crisis
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that leads to a heroin addiction in. >> it is ruining lives to destroying families. with the staggering statistics. >> to be on board more than three times of the national average. >> this is a new jersey a problem. >> because this is the latest police department to get the medication and drop box these are extremely important because they help to get a news medications out of the home to be properly disposed of. >> it is very beneficial it helps the whole community to show that there is the solution to the problem now there. >> but 10 years of madison?
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eric and national prescription in drug takeback day there are hundreds like this around the state. send me your thoughts. >> i think that the hard to convey. >> "chasing" the story in a bar? >> are you wild? >> this is what it is all about this time i want to look different. betelgeuse is up bader based around the comedy just like the nightmare before christmas by tim burton of
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mastermind behind this are a few of my favorite guy is. they allowed meet the exclusives pete inside betelgeuse it. >> i absolutely love "the terminator". >> is said that the one movie he did not make? >> we were there to treat. ♪ >> now this sticks to the seed so there are yummy things to eat and just like
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edward scissor hands it is far as the eye can see with the betelgeuse and rendering. >> there is almost too much to see. i am getting the baby betelgeuse right here. [laughter] >> the movie opened for a limited preview time but the grand opening is may 6th. >> is just a gathering of people who love this kind of stuff is like hollow read all your.
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>> -- have lobbied all year. >> how are you? betelgeuse. betelgeuse. betelgeuse. [laughter] >> take go look at this adorable photo and tell me if you recognize the dog in the middle. we did his story the other day about the misconception of pimples and guess what? he was adopted a that is great news but it breaks my heart because i wanted him myself but there are other dogs just like him. personality over grief. >> it is a great time to walk so why not for a cause? i will oversee the spring kidney block the new jersey starting at 10:00 join the fun it it will help lot of
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people to greet the beat kiddies. >> ended to be discriminated against because he is white -- she is white and lesbians. >> it was because of comments she made about a vice principal.
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>> we cannot edit around that? there they go. ♪ are you all dressed up tonight? one of the oldest club said baltimore the arch social club know-how to have a good time.
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>> said that is the place to go. and this is karaoke unity is a huge steam crab. the arch is a social club. we had if you are low class or poor everybody can be a member of the club. >> sure. >> had to overlook the fact it was only one year ago that literally right outside
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the doors it is currently on trial facing charges into central booking. there may be a shift since the uprising. timothy economic conditions. >> ed dash save more than a third of residents brain problems like drug santic non-violence. -- like drug at the gang
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violence. >> but he said to write the arched like a west baltimore some people can go sit and talk. maybe it is just me. hit me up on twitter on tuesday news. >> kasich news. to be discriminated against when the teachers because she is whites and a lesbian. so we but to speak with her lawyer who told me this is what started the entire event. >> the rest of explanation given to her for the transfer. coldly later she found out the reason for the transfer was that because of comments she allegedly made late
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february 2014 about her vice president were to the building. >> that landed her in their rubber room two years. what was it? it was sexual in nature or derogatory but question the his credibility. >> she said i never made the comment will slip by a 12-foot room is the rubber room where teachers are reassigned. but for her case it was two years. you get no seat assignments down though lawsuits says that her principal only wanted to work with male african-american teachers as well as professors but said she is a woman a and a lesbian. >> and better employee was watching sexual image on the
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cellphone with other students and his investigation was 80 days you'd could stay on. my client was in the room two years. >> after two years to officially has been cleared but it is not over she has been reassigned it is now a teacher's assistant it is not back in her classroom. also the civil case of $1 million but she was to be back in the classroom teaching again. >> why don't you just get fired or stay home? eric is called the union. >> but there are teachers sitting in these rooms eight hours a day getting full pages because the system cannot resolve their case and they cannot be fired. it goes both ways and the taxpayers are on the hook. >> inside the grand ballroom
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the first centenarian from. -- prompt. ♪
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>> coming up next the reptile resisted arrest. >> why did the alligator cross the road? ♪ ♪ ♪
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. >> check out the crazy video in a louisiana home where there was an unwanted guest he said he found the intruder in his living room. the local hunter says the reptile resisted arrest and went on to explain his to be your is the results of a lonely heart. >> so he has defined his own.
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>> why did he cross the road? he had to get home. >> they were telling jokes on the radio this morning. >> ups driver just delivered a package. a five year-old answered the door with a cigar he said i your to deliver a package we should not be treating in smoky he said my grandfather was with hundred ted in he said was the smoking and drinking in five years old? now. he was minding his own business. [laughter] >> it was ted jokes. get your tickets it should be good. ♪ i stepped out in my account and have my jules no raid on
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this parade. i am headed to prom. ♪ but not what you might expect. ♪ >> this says prom. ♪ inside the grand ballroom of the brandywine and see your living room is the first centenary and prom. these partygoers were born 1963 and the their lovely dates are seniors celebrating the anniversary. >>. >> how old are you? >> i have to tell you? >> you don't have to tell
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the. [laughter] >> most of them were in their 20s world war ii and why is by the time of 9/11. ♪ the 109 year-old decided she is up with the times. >> but i am still recovering [laughter] she was born when teddy roosevelt was president and oklahoma became the 46th state to join in the union. day centenarians enjoy live performances filled with the in sync in a delicious meal and the moment of the night, crowding the promise -- prom king and queen posts were tendered three years old.
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so i did not meet the requirements for this celebration but i hope if i live to be 100 i will celebrate prom. >>. >> at the metropolitan in museum of art is is that menacing house sublimity remember this movie? >> i saw it -- after
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