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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  May 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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. >> i've glad sue it here good to i have here on this monday. at the white house correspondence dinner there was good looking people there. >> you were there is that what you were telling us. what did you think about michelle's outfit. she looked fantastic to me. celebrities bringing glitz and glawm or to the nation's capital and fun and fashion from the correspondence dip frer saturday night we have a special guest. >> and young boy with cerebral palsy hits the track and how he finds the strength to compete and what he's workingen now. he's amazing story. >> quinncy and dmris another battle of the home runs. okay, singles.
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>> okay here's the thing guys quinncy didn't make contact this year working on the swing when you swing don't dip down we say lot of work. >> i don't know what i'm doing. >> thank you. >> you probably noticed our good day door is gone. >> for the love of god. >> so we want to know, though, i have some people on twitter who say why don't you use it year round. so tell us what to do. we'll relie on to you make the decision. use #fox29goodday back to that. >> when they want it year round they want it behind us year round or in the area. >> it doesn't need to be behind us but it's distracting now that birthday celebration is over he could have it standing by. >> we could make use of it. >> sure. >> it's a world of recycling we don't want it to go to waste. >> that's true.
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i would like something they have walls at other stations to sign when you go through why not we do the sign the door. >> i suggest today you shut it down. >> i love the idea i have a sharpie with me all the time i never shot it down i love that idea. love. it. >> so if we keep the door we'll sign it. okay? we'll see what he everybody suggests. >> memories. >> you have become found of it. >> even every single day you complained about it. >> you maint today. >> i take it. >> we had a legitimate artist come and paint that door. >> steevry wonder. >> stop it. >> exciting news for malia obama president's oldest daughter will be attending harvard university halfard.
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>> park the car s in harvard yard. >> boston get ready tore traffic. >> she'll begin college career in 2017. as a member of 2021 she will take a year off both president and first lady obama are graduates of harvard law school and so malia's decision to take a year off before starting college is becoming more popular for students all across the country. >> the president started his college career at columbia right. >> yes. >> and then went to harvard for law school degree. >> yes. >> and and this is particularly true to admit to what you call selected colleges and university the ones i can not get into. >> fancy ones. >> yeah the american gap association that's what it's called. >> i was shongd by that. >> the enrollment rose 30% over the last few years. higher education policy excerpts say that's because selected colleges fachtiony
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high end university offer structured options they give you option why don't you take a year off we think it is good for you travel a bit and get life experience and then come back to our institution when you're 19 years old. that's what they do in europe. >> sure do. >> some researchers are saying if your significant other. >> what is this. >> next story. >> we're done to that. >> we're discussing? >> so they start discussing now? >> we've been discussing. >> i got a tweet from arthur he says we had our son take two years before college and he's doing very well and now he's in junior year at penn state. >> well, this is all well and good if you can afford this. >> that's true. >> that the thing. >> but some people say because we have someone who worked here that did that and there's a way you can do like a work program you can work and make money you know so you can survive.
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>> she went to italy and worked for nine, ten months every day to afford all that. >> yes. >> you can get it done rail passes and all that hostiles and things like that. >> what do you think? >> i get. it i would have liked to have taken a year off and travel and get life experience. settle down a little before thrust from june into klj by late august. >> and some do it after college before they start the work world take time off. >> and again i think that maybe you're already ft. school mode from high school and everything. keep going. >> i would fear thatfy talk took tat year off i would not want to go back. >> bye-bye. >> to sglool because you have the habits and you're focused. >> and used to studying and exams and you're in the school groove. >> true. >> if you will. >> and for me, i was concerned about being behind everybody. i was like everybody else will be already working on stuff and i'll be a year back. especially for people who did it after college i was concerned about getting into
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the workforce. >> maybe you're a year ahead because of the life experience you had and they're wack uing around a campus isolated, insulated. >> you're wordily. >> and you're in africa or china or whatever. >> that's true, mike, you can't put a price on that kind of knowledge. >> you can't. >> beautifully said. >> ah,. >> okay let's move on. >> something jucier. >> somehow researchers are saying if your significant other cheats on you, it may not be a bad thing in the long run and i'm stubbed by this research out of binghamton university. >> what do they know. >> is that upstate new york or england. >> probably upstate new york. reserveers studied more than 5,000 people and 96 countries asking about their relationships and their brea breakups and they found the majority of women who lose their cheating pen to other women are actually stronger and better off in the long run once
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they get through it. >> so these women came to the realization that they are not the losers it's the ladies that end up with exes that are the real losers. >> so people that took them back after they cheated. >> what's the saying how you get them -- or how you got them is how you lose them. >> that's true. >> so if you got him because he was cheating. >> once a cheater always a cheat are i heard that too. >> i know people that cheated on spouses and ended up with the person they cheated with and now you know who you're getting. you're getting somebody who is willing to cheat. wow ever trust them then. >> i don't know the point of the stud write was that the person who is cheated on ends up stronger and okay well that's fine the. but would you want to go through that experience again if you didn't have to. of course any time you go through a bad experience and you survive it. >> you come out the other side voonger. >> but still if you had a choice. >> i don't think they're
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suggesting you text him. >> any way, you can have sex with the neighbor lady. >> and let me know how it goes. >> if it happens to you, it could be an okay thing. >> life moment. >> and this is interesting because i saw this last night one of my friends on instagram posted this i thought it was deep so much of what we learn about love is taught by people who never really loved us. >> oh,. >> that's deep isn't it? >> yes. >> think about what you learn from those situations. >> sure because you say, well, i'm not going to put up with this anymore. >> you learn what you need and expect and from what you deserve and what you can't expect. >> that's too heavy for a monday. let's go back to the weekend. final correspondence white house dinner was saturday night. affectionately called the nerd prom. >> well you were there. >> that's what i need sgle it was star-studded i was having an okay night. all these gournls women in beautiful tress. >> sounds more than okay. >> guess who i ran into?
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>> who. >> adrianna lema. >> your big crush? >> i'm going to admit something. >> what. >> i was at a different hotel than event in georgetown and i left my phone in my room on the charger. >> and you had no sglikts so we don't -- you could be lying. >> well i got pictures. we'll put it up. >> when did you realize you left your phone was it point of no return you couldn't go back. >> about the time i saw adrianna, i go to get my phone -- i get embarrassed asking people toty pictures. >> did you speak to her. >> i met her a couple times. >> the love of my life. >> she was with some dork. >> isn't she married. >> yeah. she was with her husband. >> people arrived early to event to show off stunning outfits. >> will smith. >> there's will smith yes the president said it's the night washington d.c. celebrities -- i don't know what he said but
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look at you, so you got your journalists and media mogels and hollywood stars and some celebrities in attendance. you got your will smith. you saw john kery and his wife. i have not seen his wife in a long time. >> theresa heinz. >> and i never know how to say this. >> prianca. >> she is very attractive as well. >> did you see will smith you keep showing him did you get to heat him. >> i saw him in the scrum this little red carpet area there. >> okay. >> what about the first lady. what she wore. >> champagne i described it as champagne gown. >> elegant. >> gets hair and accessories simple because my gosh look at the dress. >> but it had sheer overlay. >> did you get up close to the first lady and president. >> i moved towards the stage. >> there's emma watson. >> she has not changed since "harry potter". >> and it's kind of swarmy event. >> why. >> journalists are supposed to
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be the watchdog over politicians and they're sitting at the same table with them hugging and kissing them. >> maybe you should be able to get along. >> and you call the next day, what about that affair. >> might get awkward. >> if you let people in from reality shows. >> jeners. >> i don't think it's a nerd prom because hollywood has taken it over. >> hollywood has taken it over nini and amrosa still survived and she's still supporting donald trump and he said you're fired on the tv show. >> and gabrielle union there she posted that video. >> this is a huge moment you know she's one of my sglaivrts look at that. >> and she was there alone because her husband was playing basketball. >> true. >> playing basketball♪ . >> he needs her to walk real slowly. >> and i noticed adrianna lema
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and morgan freeman were sitting together. >> how do they pick who sits next to who. >> there is morgan. >> there's place cards you have a number. >> which celebrity did you sit next to. >> not one celebrity at my table i was at the kids table it's been a while since i've been involved. >> you were there in the room. >> you got the tried chicken and peanut butter and jelly. >> fish. >> chicken fingers. >> okay we have breaking news this is not good at 9:12. breaking news out of emmaus high school in lehigh county. >> school superintendent says school is on lockdown after two .22 caliber bullets were found in the boy's bathroom. superintendent she place and school lead rear investigating this and details will be released throughout the day. they're in lockdown now. >> it was a big, big weekend for us as you knowet entire month of april because the show
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started april 1, 2006. >> we finished if off with a big bang. >> we did. >> we opts over and by the way this is a protest party in green room. >> you guys can go to my facebook page i took a video and was doing facebook show of all of us together outside work and it got interesting didn't it. >> i think more interesting video is on my facebook page of same event. >> he is trying to compete with me. >> it's good to see everyone all in one room. it doesn't matt manner much. >> were in the picture. >> no, i was not. >> there he is. >> 20 years, 20 years, 20 year years, 20 nor, 20 nor, 20 more, 20 more, "good day philadelphia", thank you. >> little electric slide there. >> so good turnout. that you all for coming out.
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i'm i'm sorry we had to turn some away because the room is a certain size and it's a nice addition to sugarhouse kas eeps 'webbedy hamilton knows how to flow eye party. >> and videos here with great moments. >> and norman thank you for sugarhouse with that event. we danced late into the night. >> and i like how the first song after everybody got up to say something that was nace we played up town function and that got the party started immediately everybody danced. >> right to the dance floor. >> and towards the end of the evening i said its with a love fest so i serenaded some guest guests. >> look at you. >> is that it? >> it was sound of silence. >> were you lip syncing. >> simon and gar function. >> when i was there there was this grandmother she comes to "empire" events and this event and meant top get her phone number i didn't get her name he tells she she has 59 grand kids and we were dancing on that
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floor and getting down it was so much fun. so if you guys know who i'm talking about i don't know many who have 59 grand kids in philly find me and a way to get if touch with her. >> get all 59 did in this studio. >> 59 grand kids. >> should we roll the tape. why not. it's 9:15♪ ♪ now that we found love what are we going to do with it♪ ♪ yeah i got bust for lip syncing so the answer to the question now that we found love with all our viewers what are we going to do with it. >> another 0 years. >> starting today, starting no now. >> okay. >> the 19th annual richie as ashburn memorial home runs for heart derby is happening at citizens bank park.
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>> we saw chris murphy who has experience he played baseball in college. >> this is lasts year when quinncy could not exhibit. >> this is big now that he is about to go up because he's never hit a ball at this event. >> let's see if he can do it this year. they're live at citizens bank park. >> if this begins the next 20 year chapter this is inawe spis ious start we've been taking lessons now it's treatment for prayer. >> may the for be with you. peace be with you. ready, take your time. who are you texting your girl. >> no. >> never mind. >> quincy. >> focus. >> what di teach you? >> twin down. here we go. first pitch come on. don't hurt the guy. we need him. he's one of the most valuable players we have at fox 29. >> he looked though he didn't
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have to swing. mike you want to weigh in on this your thoughts? >> let me come around here. >> all right. >> quinncy come on man. >> he has to swing down get the bat off his shoulder. >> come on quinncy here swing down a little bit. don't swing up we worked on this quinncy remember? >> you can do it. >> come on come on. >> it's counter intuitive. >> swing hard follow through. >> chopping wood. chopping wood. >> you can do this. >> chopping wood. >> he's getting upset. >> down now he's really getting upset. >> he's irritated so this is john now. john does batting instruction and hold on. >> okay. >> he also is head of phillies youth group. >> you can move the camera back to the batting cage wait for the pitch. >> move the camera to the back of the batting screen so you can see where he's going. >> choke up on the bat and stay
9:18 am
relaxed and watch that ball and put the bat in front of you. >> oh, geez. >> our photographer chris plays by the rules. >> he plays by the rules. >> here we go. >> that's it. that's it. >> you connected. >> as a fair ball. >> how far did it go chris? >> same thing. same thing. >> right here. >> it's fair. >> old on. >> it's fair. >> look, guys. >> it's a fair ball. >> that's fair. >> that built in single. >> you know they raised a lot of money. that's a cool event. >> every day citizens can go out there and be on the field. people on twitter want to know seriously they're looking for the sun. >> sewell see some today. >> whoa. >> if you look at comprehensiv comprehensively at the 7 day forecast you'll see yes there's rain in the forecast every day and you'll also see there's a chance of sunshine each and every day in fact enough sun to get us to 70 today.
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we could also have showers and thunderstorms later on. rainy day tomorrow. >> washout. >> and some thunderstorms popping up on wednesday, thursday, friday, and at least it warmsp a little over the weekend. the first full weekend. >> come on let's go out to brunch stefan's sunday it's mothers day for goodness sglaik i started off the weekend, which is very busy as you know, late friday afternoon into friday evening at the st. st. christopher's prom they call it the cancer prom they take the entire children's ward there all these kids dealing with cancer fighting it off every day and so -- is there any sound on this. >> they're all dressed up. >> look how cute. >> i don't get it. >> they're having a great time dancing. >> so they get great food. and there's dancing and singing and having a great time. >> face pointing. >> awe. >> and then i goat host the
9:20 am
darn thing and i introduce them as they walk down the red carpet. >> this is so special. >> now, this young -- these guys pretty darn good dancers. >> there's my friend laney. >> we see her every year. >> poking me with a fork. >> still hanging in there bless her heart. >> she said i'm taller than you now. >> she has her lipstick on laney looking gorgeous. >> she's five now. >> love her dress. >> by the way things improved. >> good i'm glad hear that. >> in her treatment. >> she stopped by when he did the 20 hours. >> okay you know what i want to eat right now. >> what? >> ears of big. >> what? >> that is something you can order at a restaurant here in philadelphia. no, don't ugh. don't knock it until you try it. don't knock it until you try it. let's eat the ears of pigs next
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♪ >> if you have ever been to a big roost or ordered eggs with bacon you know what you're in for. >> there's pig dish at a local tavern that can almost pass for french fries. >> i have to hear this. >> you have to try this. . >> well look where i have convenient toured i love the look of this building and bottle of this building on the ground floor is a restaurant fairly new called bam for brick and morter. chef brian is with me. we're basingly, it's on north twelfth street. >> yes. >> twelfth and vine. cue the music. kansas city. ♪ we're not in kansas city but in
9:25 am
philly of course. this used to be a factory right. >> yes. >> it was built in 1904 had gravidy all over it it was abandoned they paint pointed outside and then painted graffiti on the inside. he called and said you have to try this and i said i'm all ears because they're ears, pigs ears. >> they are. >> they don't look like ears brian. >> that's correct. >> what do you do to prepare. >> we braid them white wine vegetables braves them three hours. >> we chop it. >> slice it down. >> work right along the top of the ear right here and right along -- the pig ear is shaped like big try answering. >> yes. >> and we work our way along. >> what am i eating is it fat cartilage or what is it. >> it's a little cartilage an
9:26 am
kol again and what is does is safeens everything up the sauce. >> what is the dipping sauce. >> it's a mango chutney and spicy chile sauce sweet and spicy. >> bartender christina. >> hi christina. >> she we we should bring mi. it ie's with this here we go. oh, it's crunchy leak a french fry. kind of pour us in spots. kind of fatty taste. i got to tell you it's really good. >> thank you. >> and the chutney is a great idea. >> we should have done this because most of these pigs have two ears. >> yeah. >> you have to try this. >> well 9:27 a young boy with
9:27 am
cerebral palsy hits the track and how he find the strength to compete. and how he find the strength to compete. you'll meet him
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introducing oikos crunch. greek nonfat yogurt with delicious crunchy toppings like chocolate and peanut butter chips. crunched it! new oikos crunch. be unstoppable.
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>> another gives birth 26 weeks, praise her son will survive. that will little boy is now a 11 year old still learning to live with cp. >> just over 2 pounds when he was born on september 14th, 2004. his family quickly learned he was a fighter, that they had no idea what he would face. cerebral palsy affect part of the brain that affect muscle movement, and jameer was in a stroller until he was in
9:31 am
kindergarten, that's when he became strong enough to stand on his feet with the help of a walker. this year his family tried to get him a special walker so that he could play basketball, but it wasn't covered by his insurance. so he decided to practice running down the hallway of his house, until he felt strong enough to join the track team. his team welcomed him with open arms. jameer starts running at the 50-meter mark of the 100-meter dash, even the opposing team roots for him. his goal, to run the full lent just like his friends. (cheers). >> now he is a track star here in the studio, we have jameer with his mom lisa, his big brother. so glad you guys are here. >> thank you for having us. >> so it started with you running down the hallway, now what event do you do in track? >> hundred meter like they said, and shot put. >> okay, very cool. but you wanted to start with basketball?
9:32 am
>> yes. >> yes? mom, what did you think when he said hey i want to play some sports? >> i loved it. >> yes. >> i support him 100%. >> i'm better than you at basketball. >> mom, you play basketball, right? >> i do. >> do you guys play against each other? >> no. >> he says he's better than you, though. >> who won that game when it was like two-four? >> me. >> i love the confidence. >> true, true. >> and so this is really great because you also play sports. you play football? you guys are just really athletic family? >> yes. >> mom, when he was first born, did they think, the doctor, he would be able to play sports? >> no, they didn't know exactly where he would ends up. >> wow. >> so then when he said no, dow want to play, what was your first reaction then? >> dream come true. >> yes? >> and what did the team do when he came to them, he said i want to be on the team? >> so supportive, athletic director, coaches, they embraced him. they've accommodated everything. >> and so we're taking a look,
9:33 am
one of your latest track meets, right? and so you go through, you have coach that helps to train you, right? >> uh-huh. >> right? so i hear because you guys have shirt on, and everyone, people are wearing shirts, s cheering him on. how has the support been with the community? >> what do you think, mom? >> it's been great. they've welcomed us with open arms. that coach actually is the football coach, one of the football coaches. >> wow. >> so coincidentally he helps to be jameer's coach, as well. >> i was reading a article about there is he is so self motivated and inspiringment talk about that a little bit. >> my chin. >> oh, you can't look too down. >> he gets that from his brother. >> did he talk to him? does he help coaching some stuff? football you run, too? >> ya, every day we have fun, talk about track, football, sports. >> and that kind of connect you two? >> uh-huh. >> very cool. >> , give me, i used to run
9:34 am
track. what's your main thing thinking, you're starting out before they say go or shoot off the gun? >> i don't know, i'm scared. >> why are you scared? >> i'm over here thinking that they have the gun. >> ya? >> i'll be like -- >> it does make you jump little bit. then once you start going what are you thinking? focus in the. >> yes. >> really focused. yes? >> so i hear he is like signing autographs and everything afterward? >> nobody give me money, though. >> so you want money? >> i need my money for it. >> that's smart thinking, though, that's a businessman right there. that's for sure. >> so every time when you practice do you go little further and further each time? >> we practice, how do you do when you practice? >> i do the 400, then the shot put. that's it. >> got to keep going. well, it certainly is nice to meet you. and keep it up. keep us updated. i want to see your metals stack up. >> there are no metals. >> well, there will be. >> i don't know why.
9:35 am
>> well, you can, how about that? it is so nice to meet you guys. >> thank you for having us. >> no problem, we appreciate t9:35. an attack for an ad, some people on social media they had an issue with old navy twitter pot cents featuring inter-racial families. how supporters of the ad are responding to the criticism.
9:36 am
9:37 am
9:38 am
9:38, last week on friday, we told you about will fer hell been signed to up do a start, going to play ronald reagan in president reagan's second term, where he start today deal with dementia, and about three, four years after his second term, he was
9:39 am
diagnosed fully with altzheimer's disease. well, listen to this. will ferrell, actually his representative, says will never had sign up for this film in the first place, which would have made light of his dementia, ronald reagan's dementia. so will's camp released a staying saying the anchorman star looked at the crisp as well as many other stars in hollywood, considered it, said it was in poor taste, decide not to take the role. will the project move forward? we'll keep an eye on it. >> a lot of negative response. >> you know old navy of course, a clothing company. it is receiving more backlash and mixed opinions about one of their recent ads, it is a print ad, there it is, the ad features mixed race couple holding their child, but not everybody is feeling the love of this inter-racial couple. are we in the 50's? >> what is going on here?
9:40 am
they are calling it ad propaganda to encourage race mixing? >> well, haters of old navy's campaign said stuff like this. look at this. my family and i will never step foot into an old navy store again. wow. this miss generation junk is rammed down our throats from every direction. whoa. >> this is incredible to me. >> there was some positive responses. >> yes. >> you know, some people showed their own families. haloed navy my family and i thank you for the diversity in this ad. love wins no matter the color. then is for all of the racist and ignorant people boycotting old navy. another one from our family to yours, thank you, families like ours will continue to succeed and grow in numbers. >> yes. >> well, a lot of people say turn me around, i've never been to an old navy store, this ad makes me want to go to one. >> i could put my family there, hello. i really thought, you know, i
9:41 am
didn't think we were totally past it. >> no. >> and of course the negative haters will get more attention. >> yes. >> because it is so ridiculous. but here we are, 2016. >> you do you have us who wrote the negative stuff, old navy doesn't want you in their stores. >> yes and you won't stop what's happening. it would just be nice to say oh, look, there is a family, and not care what color they are. >> focus on the positive responses that it got. >> and not to the latest. >> can we see if jen, she really believes, a guy who chops on the tv foot ned work show. jen, what are you making? >> did i it once, i did it once. don't burn our butter, baby. me and big berry, we won't burn our butter. we have bacon to put in there. come on back and watch as that adorable handsome guy woos z again, because it is going down. >> it is going to happen. >> it is over. it is over. come on back, having a great
9:42 am
challenge here.
9:43 am
9:44 am
>> after the good day party at sugarhouse casino, alex had to hop a train, i hope i don't embarrass you here, alex, but we want to taught that you are now named mover and shake nerve america, and this was the award ceremony, i hope this is okay with you to show this? are you cool? >> i guess so. >> this is where in manhattan? >> yes, meat packing district. >> fancy. >> i literally got off the train, right, probably like
9:45 am
five minute before they said my name. so i could at least go up and say hi to everybody. it was a great, great event. so just crazy. >> now who sponsored this? >> this is nv magazine, magazine foreign interest pre even yours, leaders, bring people together. pretty cool. i went to new york, and i was so lucky to have one of my friends who lives here, she went with me so i wouldn't be by myself, also my friends jordan, he went to college with me, lives in new york, both came out. so we had these cheering sections and all of theme people, but they came out to support me. so i really appreciate. >> we couldn't go with you because we had our 20th anniversary party. >> i know would you have been here. here is the funny thing, while we were there, hey, why don't we spend some time. we decided to go to brooklyn, here is the thing since straight from the good day thing, i had my purple bag with me everywhere, i didn't have time to stop, so everywhere we went, at the party, at the award, out to dinner, they had purple bag me, it was hilarious, than i went to brooklyn, chef robe,
9:46 am
show on bravo, real known chef, comes to philly symptoms for the roots picnic, one of the hottest restaurant in america, by voted by open table, streets bk. i had to go with it, i texted him, hey, i'm in brooklyn, so he came over and said hi, made us stop at the restaurant, wonderful restaurant. like street food, but like a fancy culinary spin off from like 30 different countries around the world. so it was a great time, nice weekends. >> you had that bag with you the whole time? >> so funny, like out, or dinner walking the street, people are probably judging us, we have these purple bags. >> twitter hand until. >> on snap chat my snap chatty detailed the whole time everywhere we, were you see my bag? purple bag. >> congratulations, alex. >> thank you, mike. >> she mover and shaker on way up in this business. so, chef, he chopped on the foot network, love this guy, taking on queen of the microwave. that will would be jenn frederick. here is the big finish.
9:47 am
>> oh, boy. >> now to be clear, i have done nothing with mike low wave today. isn't that flu. >> absolutely, jen. >> chef, my condolences in advance. what are you making for thus morning? >> this is close to cinco de mayo, ranchero and churros. >> tequila? >> it is cook in tequila, yes. >> talk to me, you have your hot oil over there. you say people -- >> yes, a lot of times people are afraid to deep fry in their home. the thing is not to have the fire too hi, and test it out first. also not to have too much oil in it. you can't be scared of t you can't be like, you know, get close to the oil. >> that this is not a being cooing show, so do it quickly. >> get close to the oil, we have beautiful churros in here. >> what's the temperature on that into? >> 350. good idea to get a thermometer. >> that will be enough of you. now, big barry, what we are making is we are making eggs. >> go quadruple bacon,
9:48 am
quadruple cheese, and quadruple butter. you say don't be afraid to use but the when he cooking with eggs and bacon? >> absolutely. >> am i doing this right here? the whole thing. >> the whole thing. >> people have said i haven't been cooking this morning, i have been talking to big barry. >> but did you hell after job. heck of a job. >> between the two of us. now, here we go. that's quadruple bacon. >> for that amount of eggs, it absolutely is. >> now, i studied you earlier, setting up nicely, you say that is because of the butter. do we need to turn it up a little bit. >> turn it up a little bit. >> i like to turn it up. i said are you a 350 or 425 guy? >> # 50, but baking in the oven 425. >> really? >> absolutely. >> i'm always cooking at 500. >> oh, my jonas brothers. okay, so, are you ready to have the challenge chef? >> i'm ready to go. let's go. >> so we come over here, and just to make clear, let's look tip, it is big barry and i versus america. okay? so, literally all of new jersey has been helping chef. chef, are you ready?
9:49 am
>> i'm ready. let's go. >> you guys are not cooking students. but you're still going to be the judges, yes? >> yes. >> you are ready to rock? wait, i have to bring -- >> that's all right. >> my food is over here. >> i love coming. >> okay. >> tell, we've got one minute left. so wait. where is the food? do you have put your food over there, budd. oh, it is already over there. thank you, chef big barry. you guys casino of have to share, because you only made one. you hold this. okay? first time you've ever been on tv? i think. >> okay, whatever. so here you go. >> here. here we go. just cutting it up for you guys. so what this is, have a little bite, there you go. >> , of my food. cut it like that. you try it too. what i've made, chef, we've made quadruple bacon, quadruple cheese, quadruple begs, puff pastry homemade jalapino raspberry orange chutney.
9:50 am
>> yes. >> devised by me. >> all by jen. >> all right. and then what are you making, chef? tell everyone at home. >> then we have some labels rancher owe, little re fried beans, farm fresh eggs. >> yes. >> in williamstown, new jersey. >> williamstown new jersey. >> look at him nodding. did you try this yet? try it now literally 30 seconds. >> just grab one of those. >> grab a churro. wrap it up. which person do you think is the winner? >> wait. who is this? >> mine is that. so what do you think, chef or jen? jen is not the churro. holdup your thing. two pieces of paper right here. doesn't matter which one you grab. >> i feel like this is what we did last time. >> hold anyone. >> hold anyone up. hold anyone up. you need to holdup. >> oh, look at this! >> hole up anyone you need to holdup. now, just holdup anyone you need to holdup. >> hold that up. >> just hold that up. >> that's right. >> anyone you need to holdup. >> oh, there you go! >> great job. >> i feel like we won again.
9:51 am
>> we always win. >> seriously? you believe the churro is better than what i made? >> uh, yes. >> you are going down. listen -- >> sorry, jen. >> all they want savey match. >> president obama knows his job is almost done. how he poked fun at his retirement plan. what's your lottery numbers? trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. so remember the event we were telling but last week, honoring veterans, in delaware county? there is bobby rydel. >> yes. >> who was the headliner of
9:55 am
this rock in the troops concert, first ladies of rocking soul. they were on our stage last thursday. these are the original times. do you remember? >> i do. >> fell in love. >> so in love ♪ >> they watch the show. >> really? >> high guys. >> at the very ends, we will go back to that picture, because we're rotating around, little asia, seven years old, shares a liver with bobby rydel. she well companied her on to the stage with mom. i was there. >> look over to the right, next picture, ready? there i am. see? >> i see you. >> she gave bobby rydel a humanitarian award, they share a liver. >> donated liver. >> we had them on our show talking about her. >> we did indeed. she made little speech. made him cry. >> that's great. >> all in philadelphia. >> yes, but from now on whether it comes to quincy we better behave and be nice to for him. he is a beast. >> know said call him q hop. this was at night at the fight, liacouras center over
9:56 am
the weekend. congratulations, q,'s winner, the champ is here. >> look at him go. >> this benefits the urban league, he is a nice trophy, he posted over the weekend. that he got from this. >> this is real. this is real fighting. >> look at. that will oh, my gosh. >> i mean, they have head gear on, but they're throwing real punches here. >> our da, seth williams? >> he fought all three rounds, but they declared him not the winner, in a decision, but he fought well, as well. >> president braham barack obama popes hilarious plans, spoof first shown to those who attended the correspondance dinner, here it is, what he's going to do when he leaves the presidency. >> he is about to go from commander in chief to couch commander. >> what am i going to do in d.c. for two years? (buzzer). >> mr. president? >> i can't go every day, can i >> these?
9:57 am
or these? >> joe, they're the same. >> snap chat. obama care is great. and it is really working. sign up now. >> breaking news, michelle obama in hot water after posting this video earlier today. >> obama care is great. and it is really working. sign up now. no? >> no. >> get a lot of views. >> honey, enough, much. why don't you just talk to somebody who has been through this? i got to go to soul cycle. >> speaking of soul cycle, i need to go to soul cycle. my tux i wore to the correspondence dinner didn't fit t looks like it fits, right? >> look at you. >> bursting at the seem here, and the pants i have on there, they're like a cheap hotel. >> your face looks like it is in pain.
9:58 am
>> ya? like a cheap hotel. >> no ballroom. >> see you tomorrow. pet moments are beautiful, unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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it's live on the wendy williams show oig. >> wendy: how you doing. you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. all hot topics, all hour long. all puig. week. i take it straight in chaser. >> now here's wendy!nin chaser. >> now here's wendy!oin chaser. >> now here's wendy!n chaser. >> now here's wendy! chaser. >> now here's wendy!week. i take it straight no chaser. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: and away we go. happy monday. thanks for watching the show. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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