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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  May 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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paralyzing south jersey community. the new details we've learned about the man at the center of a manhunt. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 5:00. breaking news right now at 5:00. a case of road rage involving a gun. skyfox is live over the blue route near the schuylkill expressway in west conshohocken. state police say a driver fired at least one shot at another vehicle. this happened just after 3:00 o'clock. we're told the shooter was driving a dark blue lincoln town car and has left the scene. no one was hurt but a mitts about she lancer was hit with at least one bullet. we'll continue to follow this breaking story throughout newscast and bring you updates as soon as we get them. >> to your fox 29 weather authority from bad to well wor worse. fox 29's meteorologist kathy orr is here. kathy washington you got? >> we have a washout of a frid friday. it is going to be a soaker for sure. you can see for the evening we have a few passing showers all
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of this moving inland with a persistent northeasterly flow if the kids have softball game, lacrosse game soccer this evening it should be a go but tomorrow is the really wet day. this is a developing coastal storm and now it look like it's going to add little bit of insult to injury with the track of this low. watch as we go from friday and into the weekend. first we have rounds of rape being pushed inland, and then this low actually retro grades or pushes toward the land. very unusual but it is known to happen. so this means the rain will linger into the weekend. unfortunately. now, we do have coastal flood warning in effect for the jersey shore. for times of high tide and advisory for the delaware and also the rancocas. high tide down the shore between 7:30 and 9:00 p.m. it will be overnight for the delaware. so delaware avenue early tomorrow morning there could be some localized flooding. this evening down the shore, minor to moderate flooding is expected and some road closures
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are possible. so move your car if you're in one of those flood prone areas. as far as tomorrow morning is concerned, temperatures will remain in the 50s and you'll see that first wave of heavy rain for tomorrow morning's rush. so coming up a lot to talk abo about. we'll be tracking the timing of the rain and that coastal storm. a mother's day update and our next sunny day is still in the seven day. it's going take little while. sorry about that. i'll be back with the seven day later in the broadcast. >> kathy, thank you. things are moving again along new jersey transit's river line after serious crash this morning. sky fox over a section of the tracks in riverton just after 10:00 o'clock. a train slammed into a stationwagon it happened right near main and south broad streets. officials say the train had 35 people on board at the time of the crash. a worker at a restaurant nearby says people jumped into action after they saw the train push the vehicle down the tracks. >> some of the customers right over there and they tried to help and called 911, and the
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police and the ambulance, everything, come right away. >> two people inside the train were hurt and firefighters had to remove two people from the stationwagon. medic took all four to local hospitals. we are told their injuries are not life threatening. traffic came to stop on southbound lanes of northeast he can tension of the pennsylvania turnpike. skyfox over that big jam near the lansdale interchange this morning. it's all because of a box truck that overturned. crews had to shut down the road to get that truck out of the way. things though are all clear tonight. new information tonight on the story that's continuing to develop in new jersey. authorities in ocean county aren't leaving any stone unturned in the hunt for escaped prisoner. meanwhile residents in barnegat township are on high alert as arthur buckle remain on the loose for a third day. today we learned jury previously convicted buckle of killing a 10 month old child in 1995. he served 14 years for hitting the baby that wouldn't stop crying. what's happening right now in
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the search here's fox 29's dawn timmeney live in the newsroom. dawn. >> reporter: lucy the mayor of barnegat township says they will continue to search for arthur buckle until he's found or until there's proof he's no longer there. state police cars he is cored school buses home today even after barnegat mayor john novak said a flood of leads failed to turn up arthur buckle. buckle was captured on surveillance shopping at an area cvs on wednesday. today police officers were stationed at every single school in the area and just a short timing a authorities announced they will once again be posting them there tomorrow. >> the safety and security of all of our residents is paramount but most assuredly our school children. live in barnegat for businesses, families and schools will continue as will the law enforcement mission to capture mr. buckle. >> reporter: buckle was colonel serving out a sentence for aggravated assault. he was scheduled for parole or parole hearing later on this
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month. of course we will continue to follow all these latest developments as the hunt for arthur buckle continues. iain. >> dawn, thank you. woman cued of kidnapping a seven week old baby boy from the king prussia mall facing a judge in montgomery county. prosecutors say sherri amoore took the baby from his mother in the food court last month. >> let's get out to fox 29's karen hepp live in king of frosh night. karen? >> reporter: good evening, guys. i just preliminary hearing on this just wrapped up about half an hour ago. in fact a lot of video to that extent you can clearly see what happened. so coming up in to court today we did have sherri amoore come in. she has the long purple hair. she was very emotional certainly in court. she was crying actually excuse me it was sherri when she was coming out was very very upset. very upset. in court as well we know this all happened and so was of course the baby's mother. we know that seven week old baby
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was kidnap at the king of prussia mall according to investigators. we had two police officers who testified to that extent today as they showed new video of the encounter between the suspect and the victims. they were talking as they were being be friended and that child being taken out as the suspect moved very quickly. you can see two steps at a time trying to get out of the mall. here's what the lawyer had to say mark steinberg. >> it is obviously a case out of a who done it or what did she do it appears pretty obvious if you look at the video that they showed at the preliminary hearing. it's a case of why did she do it? so that's something that we'll be determined later. >> reporter: sherri was held over and all charges which include kidnapping and interfering witness custody of a child. there's going to be another hearing coming up on june 22nd in this. she's getting mental counseling her defense attorney would not confirm or deny if there ever was a pregnant. he says did he know for a fact
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what the situation was but was not able to reveal that. we spoke with the prosecutors and they say they have been unable to confirm that sherri was ever pregnant. so of course we'll learn more as this does go to trail and that ain't rah many will be coming up later in june. that's the very latest right now, iain, back to you. >> karen, thank you. convicted child molester jerry sandusky granted an appeals hearing. a pennsylvania judge made the decision earlier today. the hearing will take place in two weeks. sandusky' attorneys will prove claims that prosecutors lied with hell evidence and leaked secret grand jury information to find additional victims. former penn state assistant football coach was sentenced in 2012 to 30 to 60 years in prison for child sexual abuse n bucks county officials say they've got chemical leak now under control. sky fox over the scene at the tullytown water treatment cent center. a lime carrying cleaning solution started to leak just before this morning. main street closed from the tullytown bridge to the riverside industrial complex. as a hazmat crew assessed the
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whole situation. police say the spill has not impacted the water supply. it's been two weeks since the death of a wilmington teen who police say died as a result of an assault inside her own school. joyner francis died april twenty one after three girls assaulted her inside the girls bathroom of howard high school of technology. wilmington police are still investigating the 16-year-old's death. no charges have been filed as of yet. woman's recovering at einstein hospital after she was seriously burned overnight fire. that firebrick out around 12:30 last night. north 17th street in ogontz. the sketch-year-old woman inside the home had burns to her face and neck as well as smoke inhalation. she is now in stable condition. officials say the fire only burned in one room and was under in control in about 10 minutes. no word to the tonight on what caused the fire. happening right now, firefighters in texas have their hands full with a warehouse fi fire. officials say hazardous materials are creating all kinds of black smoke as you can see
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right there. this fire started at a home neck to the warehouse this morning. quickly spread. authorities have told residents in the west houston area that is a wide swath of the city to stay inside. keep their windows shut and air-conditioners off while authorities work to figure out what chemicals are in the air. so far no injuries. the cause that's under investigation as well. despite the efforts of more than a thousand firefighters, a massive wildfire in canada is still growing. the raging fire in alberta has now consumed more than 200,000 acres. more than 80,000 people. 80,000 had to abandon their homes. some getting out with little more than the clothes on their backs. this fire has destroyed entire neighborhoods in the city of fort mcmurray and gusty winds are making the battle all that much harder for firefighters. still ahead tonight on fox 29, skateboarders hitting free ways across the country. creating a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. the growing trend pushing them
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to take such a risk that's coming up. a priest kidnapped and tortured by isis is telling his story. what his church had to do to free him. bizarre standoff going on for hours a man climbs on top of a commuter train and refuses to come down. why police say they have no choice but to wait him out. temple university's graduation is happening right now. one student never thought she'd be able to participate after an accident. nearly killed her. but she's there. her inspiring story is next. new at 6:00 a local store clerk' attempt to fight off a robber takes a terrifying term. the victim quickly loses the upper hand and it's all caught on video. you'll see exactly how the clerk managed to survive. that's new at 6:00.
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>> happening right now, temple university holding its graduation ceremony at least one student has come a really long way to participate. little more than year ago rachel hall was riding her bike near temple's campus on diamond street when a car hit her. that impact damaged her brain and she spent the past year in rehab. >> but we've got a happy ending to that story. rachel is making big strides including one across the stage at temple's graduation. fox 29's shawnette wilson talked to her about today's ceremony. >> reporter: it's ban live altering journey. this honor student and athlete who had been accept flood the police academy in washington, d.c. was hit by a car in april of last year just a few weeks before graduation. the accident left her in a coma unable to walk or talk. >> there's been hard days but overall hasn't been too bad
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because i was just thinking about the next day. a bad day tomorrow will be better. >> reporter: hatchel spent the past year in therapy determined to walk again. she still working on her balance and speech. >> walk, talk, eat, everything. most basic things. >> reporter: all of that with amazingly optimistic attitude. >> being negative wouldn't help me at all. why would i beat myself up over nothing. i stay positive. >> kathy says her daughter' determination to get her life back is the reason she's making a come back from the brain injury and torn artery that required a stent be placed in her neck. it could have taken her life. >> she's a miracle to me. absolutely a miracle. >> rachel says putting the teen hit her and kept going out of her mind has been crucial to her recovery. >> just keep moving forward. no reason to be in the past any more. >> amazing outlook. shawnette tells us rachel is still in rehab with medical bills in the millions.
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so you can go to if you'd like to make a donation to the fund set up for her or if you'd like to send her an inspirational message for her graduation. now, as for the driver who hit rachel, in october a judge sentenced roberts to 11.5 to 23 months behind bars, plus, five years probation. a man in central pennsylvania facing charges for trying to poison a bear. game wardens say 76-year-old marvin johnson tried to poison the animal after it damaged his property. the columbia county man is accused of of putting out trace of bread soaked in antifreeze. he's now facing four game violation citation. scary moment for local couple -- employee called on camera police are looking for this guy who point add handgun den manned money at j and a breakfast and deli on elmwood avenue in southwest philly much after taking money from the register the suspect took off west on elmwood avenue. he's described as a black also is male with medium build around 20 years old. if you recognize him call
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police. atlantic city could run out of and in a matter of days, and right now there's no relief in sight. first today some sort of meet wog happen on friday between new jersey state senate president steve sweeney and assembly speaker vincent pre yet tow. rumor had it they were going to figure out a compromise to save atlantic city from running out of cash. well, sweeney says that's not true. no meetings are schedule. he says proposed relief bill was dead on arrival in the senate. governor chris christie supports a plan that leads to a total state takeover to get the city's finances in shape, and if lawmakers simply cannot pass bill -- >> frank is kicking the can down the road. not preferred. not preferable to the alternative of just writing them more checks on the backs of the people of the state of new jersey, yeah. that's preferable. >> governor christie says atlantic city could be broke in 10 days. the governor supports sweeney's
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plan that gives the city less time to try to get on its feet on its own before a state takeover. nearly 40,000 verizon workers have now been on strike for more than three weeks. as of sunday. those employees are no longer getting health benefits through verizon but they are eligible to buy cobra out of pocket. contract talks which began 11 months ago have broken down and employees say verizon is refus refusing to take steps to secure jobs in the u.s. pennsylvania congressman bob brady is trying to bring the two sides together. >> tell me what you need. if i'm there, they're at a major impass. nine times out of 10 it's personal. they will do it for you, they won't do it for movement you want me to come n tell me what you need, not what you want. >> verizon is currently using 20,000 non union workers to fill the void of the striking employees. >> the e-cigarette industry has been largely unregulated that changed today. fda will now require e zig devices and their ingredients to
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be reviewed. so that means hundreds of electronic cigarette brands will have to seek federal permission to stay on market. the new rules limit e-cigarette sales to minors and also require new health warnings. e-cigarettes are battery powered devices that turn liquid nicotine into inhalable vapor. you decide 2016. the republican and democratic conventions still more than two months away but donald trump and hillary clinton are already going at it. bernie sanders meanwhile saying not so fast reminding clinton he's going stay in the race until the last vote is counted. meanwhile house speaker paul ryan says he's quote not ready to endorse donald trump as the republican presidential nominee. fox's joel waldman has more from washington. >> reporter: the dog days of summer are still weeks away, but the presidential dog fight is already begun. hillary clinton calling donald trump everything from a loose cannon to a bully. democratic frontrunner unleashing on twitter. republicans agree donald trump is wreck less, dangerous and
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divisive. trump the presumptive republican nominee for less than 48 hours returning the favor. blasting clinton from on going private e-mail controversy to her ham handling of the ben gas see terror tack. trump pivoting to the general election is focusing on something else, who is vice-president might be. >> marco rubio brings something to the ticket that ted -- that donald trump doesn't have. he is from a very very much a battleground state of florida. his latino background is important, and he is a young face in the republican party that can really help to unite it. >> reporter: before hillary clinton can consider her on vp candidate she must still get past bernie sanders. vermont senator is leading in the next primary state west virginia. >> we have now won 18 state primaries and caucuses. and with your help on tuesday, west virginia will be 19! >> reporter: despite his
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opposition sander wog need 95% of the remaining delegates to up end clinton. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. still ahead on fox 29 news at 5:00, signs of life buried in massive destruction. six days after a deadly collapse searchers have new hope finding survivors. plus food poisoning even a cancer fight didn't keep one teen out of the classroom. why perfect attendance for 12 years is so important to one student and the trick his mom used to get him out of bed. an angry bird knocks a five-year-old girl off her feet. she's okay. coming was that she was doing just before the goose attacked. ♪
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sirens blared across israel today marking holocaust remembrance day. people stopped in their tracks and paid tribute to the 6 million jews killed by the natzis in world war ii. israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahou honored the millions of victims at the wreath laying ceremony at the hollow could have museum in jerusalem. >> after six days trapped under a collapsed building in kenya, more survivors are found. four people rescued today in the rubble of an apartment that crumbled nearly a week ago in nairobi. officials say heavy rain was to blame for the collapse. a woman who was eight months pregnant was among those found alive. today's rescues giving hope that more people might be still alive in a disaster that left 36 dead and dozens missing. former cleveland browns quarterback and heisman trophy winner johnny manziel was in a texas courtroom today. manziel's first appearance after being indicted last month on misdemeanor domestic violence charges. the judge ordered manziel to have no contact with his accusor and he's also not loud to have a gun. next court date hasn't yet been set. our country's oldest world war ii has died. frank livingston died tuesday in
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end inn. he was 110 years old. he received an honorable discharge in 1945 after the war he became a union worker. specializing in settlement finishing. he got a hero's greeting during his first ever visit to washington, d.c. just last december. he never married nor ever had children but stayed very close to his many relatives. still ahead on fox 29, police say this man stole middle nearly a million dollars from a local farm. how he used it to hit the road in luxury. dinnertime. parents, are you dealing with the picky eater? coming up, a group of teens an chef and they're now whipping up healthy food for all of us. kathy? >> um-hmm. i have one of those. we are looking at a developing coastal storm that will bring waves of heavy rain right in time for the morning rush. we'll time it out when we come back.
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>> breaking news right now at 5:30. case of road rage involving a gun. skyfox over a mitsubishi lancer someone shot at this afternoon on the blue route. it happened right around 3:00 near the schuylkill expressway in west conshohocken. they say the shooter is driving a dark blue lincoln town car and has left the scene. nobody is hurt but that lancer you see right there has at least one bullet hole in it. we're on top of the story. we'll bring you more as the news
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continues to break. four people are recovering tonight after a new jersey commuter train slams into a car. skyfox over that scene just minutes after it happened this morning along main street in riverton. the new jersey transit river line was shut down for a couple of hours while crews had to clear the scene. two people in the car and two people on train had non-life threatening injuries. the cause of that crash is still under investigation. philadelphia police are after the person who pickpocketted a woman at a laundromat. surveillance camera shows her standing at the cashier's booth. the guy walks up behind her. this is on the 1300 block of north 52nd street in the parkside section of the city. it happened last monday. police are just now releasing these images. they say that guy reached into the woman' pocket stole 300 bucks. then took off. all right. you steal checks from your employer and you buy luxury cars an trip to the bahamas. >> that's what authorities in chester county say a man now in jail did. police say clifton wilson work at a farm in willis town township and they say the farm's owner noticed fraudulent checks
5:30 pm
toll link more than $900,000 were written between may of 2014 and february of 2016. police say wilson bought a couple of mass rat tease, a porsche an land rover. he's now in jail. the man who championed our four leg friends who have given voice to the voice less is saying goodbye to a storied career and humane law enforcement. (applause). >> oh, my god! >> he was shocked. today the pennsylvania spca through a party for long time humane director george bengal. doctors have diagnosed him with terminal cancer. he doesn't know how much longer he has left which fueled raw emotion today from the bitter cold to sweltering heat bengal and his team have saved thousands of animals and brought countless criminals to justice and from around the world, well, well wishes have been flooding him with tweets and e-mails.
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>> for me it's a thank you from the bottom of my heart. for, you know, what i'm saying all the support that people have been giving me. i mean, it's amazing. i would have never thought, i mean, when i see e-mails and letters and tweets and everything coming in from all over the united states and actually overseas because we did the two shows we had the nat geo wild show and animal cops we are on the air for three years, and you know, if you would have told me this, i mean -- i just -- it's hard for me to believe. >> the pspca has established the george bengal fund to end animal cruelty to carry on his mission of protecting animals and preventing cruelty throughout pennsylvania. he has made an enormous impact. >> he has. our thoughts are certainly with him. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. yes. >> i don't even -- say what i said the last few days. >> we can roll back the tape. >> we can't see the sun.
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when is the sun coming out. >> same old story. different day. >> peek are walking past us on market street with scarves and hats on. >> it's hard to believe it's may and of course sunday is mother's day but it doesn't real like it. all of a sudden it's going to be upon us. don't forget mom. >> absolutely. >> ultimate doppler showing a few spotty showers north and west of the city. everything moving on shore. it's all because of that persistent northeasterly flow. which is going to continue at least for the next couple of days. as we look outside our weather window you can see nothing but clouds, thick clouds temperatures in the 50's the high for the day 57 with a northeasterly wind at 10 miles an hour. that high is actually our ninth consecutive day of below average temperatures. the average high for this date is 71 degrees and we have not been close for the past nine days and of course it's ninth consecutive cloudy day as well and tomorrow will be in you number 10. we'll look when we'll get out of the rut in the seven day forecast. 57 in philadelphia. 58 in allentown actually milder there. not much of a range in
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temperatures because of that ocean influence. ocean city 53. 56 in cinnaminson. voorhees 56. avalon 52 degrees. so it's going to be cloudy, it's going to be cool we have coastal flooding at times of high tide this evening, and we'll watch this area of low pressure develop off the coast. it is going to continue to push waves of heavy rain inland, as the rotation around the low is count clockwise. you'll get all of the moisture lifting up from the south and from the east and this low is actually going to move inland unusual we call it retrograding the good news is by saturday, it's going to slowly break apart and dissipate but saturday we still will have some spotty showers and even on mother's day there's a chance of a morning shower or sprinkle before we dry it out. now on the fox future cast you can see a few sprinkles areas of drizzle overnight tonight. during the day tomorrow, 7am north and west, a little mist but philadelphia south and east here comes the first wave of heavy rain it will move from the southeast toward the northwest. even the noon hour trying to go
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out and grab a sandwich it's not going to be great day. maybe some take out for lunch. and then by the evening, some spotty showers we know for many locations it's prom night. really not going to be that pretty. not great hair night either but there will be some moisture that's going to linger into the evening. some spotty showers if you're going to be going out tomorrow night and also saturday morning. any morning activities the fields will be pretty wet for sports and we will still have some showers scattered about. i wish i had better news. by late saturday you'll see possibly some breaks in the clouds. wouldn't that be something? when you look at the amount of accumulation for friday most locations around an inch of ra rain. so this is going to be a soaker. overnight lows in the 40s. some clouds, some drizzle. the main event comes in for your friday. high temperatures right around where they've been the past several days. first half the day, really seeing heavy rain in the morning, noon and then in the afternoon but by about 4:00 o'clock, it gets pretty spotty on your exclusive fox 29 weather authority seven day
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forecast, after friday, saturday some leftover showers, mother's day a chance of a morning show shower. then skies begin to clear and then we're really breaking out of the this pattern i know i keep saying that it is coming. 73 on monday. tuesday 75. 80 wednesday. maybe a few thunderstorms. and by thursday, a mix of sun and clouds the temperature 75. if it weren't for that shift in that system actually moving inland, we would be clearing out by tomorrow. >> all right. have to wait another couple of days. >> hang in there. >> be patient. all right. thank you. >> boy do i have something for you guys. still ahead on fox 29, kentucky fried chicken rolling out a product no one saw coming. i mean no one. >> no one. >> this is amazing. >> how the chain is combining cosmetics with its best selling food. >> 10-year-old boy won instagram nothing. how the child beat the social media giant by uncovering a big bust. >> interesting. coming up at 6:00 what is
5:36 pm
threatening a vibrant community garden and the fight to save it at 6:00. z test text1 p
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♪ speeding driver in washington had a monkey on his back. i mean literally a monkey. state trooper clock the driver going 112 miles an hour as he exited the highway he lost control of the car and crashed. he took off running but then went back to his car to grab his pet monkey. police arrested this guy for leaving the scene of an accident and released the monkey to one of the suspect's relatives. if you think kfc is finger licking good we got good news for you i guess. >> yeah. you can now have the taste on your fingertips all the time. kfc in hong kong teamed up with the nail polish company to bring that chicken flavor to your nails. what? i'm not joking. i wish i was. i'm not. paint your nails with the polish let it dry then take lick whenever you need that chicken flavor fix. that's how they're selling it. i don't know. i don't think that's probable guilty for you the chemicals. i'm just saying.
5:40 pm
we're hearing it tastes like the real thing though. it doesn't appear there are any plans to bring this to the u.s. just yet. >> all right. instagram is paying 10-year-old hacker $10,000 for poking a hole in its security. social media company a lot of times pay hackers who find bugs in their their apps much the 10-year-old found a big one. he discovered that he could delete other people's comments by put something malicious code in the comment field. so instagram of course which is owned by facebook says the boy is the youngest person ever to get paid through its bug bounty program. >> that's pretty cool. >> recall tonight giant super mark chain is recalling sweet and sal tee almond chewy granola bars. giant says the bars could be contaminated with listeria. no one has reported any illnesses as of yet but if you have any of them in your home throw them out. you can take a receipt to any giant or martins to get a full refund. skateboarders hitting free ways across the country creating a dangerous situation for everyone on the road. the growing trend pushing them to take such risks. that's coming up.
5:41 pm
>> the massive mother goose what this five-year-old was doing before scary encounter witness big bird next. howard? >> the phillies, they played another tough game in st. louis. pitching is good. then you got the phillies offense. something very strange from a fan at a game. that's all coming up in sports. pet moments are beautiful,
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unless you have allergies. then your eyes may see it differently. flonase is the first and only nasal spray approved to relieve both itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. when we breathe in allergens our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. more complete allergy relief. flonase. 6>1 changes everything.
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♪ goose attacked little girl in texas. cameras caught it. check out those pictures which folks have retweet the tens of thousands of times. the person who took the picture says the little girl was feeding a gosling when momma came over an tacked. momma was trying to protect her baby. the girl is is doing just fine. california priest is talking tonight after he says he was tortured by isis. >> he's now sharing his
5:45 pm
harrowing experiences. dennis shanahan has the story. >> i consider myself a lucky guy among my people. >> reporter: in his home country of iraq father douglas, has survived two bomb attacks and much, much more. >> they destroyed my car. they blew up my church in front of me. i got shot by ak47 in my leg. still the bullet still in my leg. i was kidnap for nine days. >> reporter: he shared with us how they broke his nose, his teeth and a disc in his back he shares how the kidnappers released him after nine days when his church paid ransom and he stayed in iraq. but because of continued persecution from islamic state stream mists he actually fled to the north curdish territory where it is safe for christians he shelters 400 people who also fled their home towns. >> to be christian in iraq it's impossible mission. but even so, i'm not actually surprised when they attack my
5:46 pm
people. i'm surprised how my people -- >> reporter: before 2003 there were more than 2 million christians in iraq. now there are less than 200,000. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has declared what's happening there a genocide. (inaudible). >> he spoke about our stories. let the world know what happened to us. >> new cancer treatment trial in ohio for dogs attracting pet owners from across the country. meet monkey. he has a dent on his mark that marks where a deadly tumor has taken over. his owner drove from rhode island to the chagrin pet clinic to help his dog it's the only place in the us offering a free clinical trial using a treatment out of australia. dr. carol osbourne runs the clinic. she's optimistic about the
5:47 pm
treatment. >> 47% of dogs almost one in every three will die from canc cancer. but i think that immuno therapy will be the cure of the future. >> dr. osbourne will only know if the treatment is working after more research but many owners say they're already seeing signs of improvement. you don't have to tell parents picky eaters how exhausting it is to get their kids to eat their veggies and other nutritious foods. even tougher, getting your child who has a debilitating potenti potentially deadly disease to eat enough. >> joyce evans shows how experts at nurse dupont hospital who turned a group of teenagers who turned food into dishes healthy for them and all of us. >> look at this. you can't tell me this looks good. it might taste good. >> but it doesn't look good. >> reporter: it looks like a real challenge. >> name one thing that's gluten free that's good. >> try it. >> no. >> reporter: trying to get your finicky teen --
5:48 pm
>> ew. >> reporter: to eat something. >> nasty stuff. >> reporter: just one thing. >> i really only like vanilla yogurt. >> reporter: anything. >> it says whole grain. >> that's probably nasty. >> reporter: remotely healthy. >> grocery store run can turn into an awful nightmare. >> mom, none of these look good. >> reporter: mom gets frustrated. >> gina dennis watkins has to lay down the law with a maya. >> i never had this one before. just get it. >> her diet is kind of up and down much she's she likes probably 10 things. encouraging her to eat things that are high in caloric inn stake kind of hard. >> reporter: you can tell just looking at her but a.m. ia has sickle cell anemia. and she's spent a lot of time here in the hospital. >> she gets pain. she's up able to walk at times. headaches, um, she loses lot of her blood volume. which will require her to stay
5:49 pm
hydrated and that's another hard thing for teenagers. >> reporter: it's an inn her rhetted blood disorder black populations are highly affected miss shane cells cut off blow flow and oxygen to parts of the body causing severe pain, infection, organ damage and worse. >> they actually tend to be smaller and thinner than their peers. >> reporter: feeling they're parents pain, nemours dupont dietician michelle needed something to entice sickle cell youngsters to eat more. >> we want to encourage high calorie, high nutrition food. things with folic acid in it, vitamin a and c. their bodies are burning up those a lot more they're peers. >> i can throw it in smoothie. she's a smart girl. she knows what i'm doing. >> reporter: but it was just that kind of blending behind michelle's idea to get her young patients involved in compiling a special recipe book. full of foods that they like
5:50 pm
that also give them calories and nutrients they need. to keep them healthy and hopefully out of the hospital. and there's amia right there in the middle. >> for instance if the kid will eat a salad maybe sticking nuts on the salad for sickle cell disease that will give them more calories and a little bit more folic acid. >> reporter: almost tricking them so they don't know they're doing better. >> shhh! (laughter). >> making the book was fun. learning like what i could eat to help my body. >> reporter: stuff that's quick and easy. >> you have the nuts, you have some of these. >> not only do we have the folic acid from those two ingredients, but we have the vitamin d in the yogurt which is important for sickle cell disease and actually been shown to decrease sickle cell pain. >> apple it's so hard to find a good pap pell. >> cooking up her own ingredients she normally won't even eat like the chili.
5:51 pm
>> i don't really like tomatoes. i'm not like big vegetable person. >> reporter: there's a lot in there. >> yeah. but it was good. >> reporter: and it's food that keeps her from feeling different from others. >> kind of makes you feel regular. >> by eating something specifically because you have sickle cell disease they already have to do enough things just because so that cookbook was on the lines of we're just like everybody else. >> reporter: michelle and the kids are working on the second edition. expected out soon. joyce evans fox 29 news. that looks so delicious. now you think so too,. that children's recipe book is free so we've posted a link on so you can get yours. still ahead he's cursing, spitting and at one point was nearly killed. a man on top of a train stalls the morning commute. why police refused to force him down. new at 6:00 local college student a dark web. he used it to bring something dangerous on the campus.
5:52 pm
and wiping out unpaid par parking tickets with just a visit to the grocery store. where canned goods can get drivers out of trouble.
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5:55 pm
>> freeway state skateboard ago growing trend and got its own hash tag on social media freeway challenge. as you can imagine it's got police across the country worried. video shot by a driver on a los angeles freeway. officials say it's just a matter of time until someone gets hurt. one guy, one big tie up. san jose, california the scene
5:56 pm
of one large transit mess all day long. authorities say the man sat right on top of a train tis morning and stayed there for nearly twenty three hours. he finally came down before the evening rush hit. an ambulance took him away. >> we asked him why he's up there. he says he wants to mess up everybody's commute. he is talking about military issues. we're still trying to find out if he was ever in the military. >> well he messed up the commute. transit officials are now check the top of that train to make sure he didn't tamper with anything. sickness, vacation, family obligations, children can miss school because of a lot of reasons. >> but not for one chicago student. fox' larry yellen has more on one teen's request for excellence. >> you've got two weeks to go. that's a lot of pressure. you got to make it? >> oh yeah i'll make it. >> reporter: the pressure is on. but steven hannah says no big deal. if he can make it until his may 22nd graduation without missing a day of school, the
5:57 pm
18-year-old senior from bloom trail high school will finish with 12 years of perfect attendance. he'll also make the high honor roll. >> my number one priority to to get to school. if you don't go to school how will you learn and excel in classes. >> perfect attendance runs in the family. we met steven eight years ago when his older brother tommy graduated without missing a day. jimmy did the same. they credit their mom who admits she sometimes woke them up with a water bottle to get them going in the morning. >> i'm going to get the spray bottle and squirt you. i got bottle upstairs squirting it. >> perfection of course does not come easy. steven says over the years he was once tempt the to stay home because of a serious bout with food poisoning. he also wanted help his mother cope with her thyroid cancer. she said no way. >> no. i'd rather him be at school.
5:58 pm
>> as the years progressed and the perfect attendance started stacking up you guys can't quit now. you can't quit. >> 12 years of perfect attendance. >> it was awards night for bloom trail' senior class. steven, his parents and his brothers of course were there. steven was honored for you guessed it his perfect attendance. larry yellen fox news. >> 12 years. i'd liking to 12 months. >> impressive. >> right. special gender reveal party today. >> that was because it was for a penguin. when penguins hatch, you can't actually tell if they're boy or a girl. you have to wait six months then give them a blood test. adventure aquarium in camden we found out that topper an african-american penguin -- african penguin is a girl. staff at the i was yeah come say the chick was part of endangered species one thing she loves to do. >> she loves to swim. she loves to swim. she took to the water the first day we put her out she took to
5:59 pm
the water quickly didn't want to come out. >> that makes sense. penguin. following topper gender reveal she officially joined the exhibit in the penguin island colon knee. ♪ next at 6:00, terrifying robbery caught on tape. the clerk seems to have the upper hand, but not for long. the violent end counter he manages to survive. a lush urban oasis put these local families in danger of getting dull bulldozed. >> people from the community feel safe here. >> what's threatening the garden and how neighbors are trying to save it. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ breaking news right now at sick. a case of road rage involving a gun. sky fox over mitsubishi lancer that was shot at this afternoon on the blue route. state police say it happened around 3:00 o'clock near the schuylkill expressway in west
6:00 pm
hahn hock ken we're told the shooter is driving a dark blue lincoln town car. no one was hurt but that lancer was hit with at least one bull bullet. we of course will continue to follow this breaking story throughout the newscast and bring updates as we get them. it is busy night. let's go to beltsville, maryland for more breaking news. investigator it's are on the scene avenue deadly shooting in the parking lot of high point high school that's in prince george's county. one person we understand has died. another is injured. we do not know if any students are involved in any of this at this point. but that parking lot it was crowded with cars. we will bring you more as the news continues to break. let's take live look right now at trenton. it's dreary, it's chilly again and in case you're wondering we're on day nine with no sunshine. who's counting? good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. looks like the weather will get worse before it gets better. let's get right over to fox 29's chief meteorologist scott williams. >> hi there iain and lucy. unfortunately, we're looking at more clouds and even heavy rain headed this way come tomorrow. lo


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