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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 7, 2016 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> now on chasing news. >> did donald trump refuse to love a supermodel simply because she was black? >> he made the statement to her that he could i keep dating her because she was biracial. >> do you think i am trump's type? >> i met steve weatherford to find out what biotherapy is all about? >> it is a three-minute treatment and for me nothing could be better. >> i've been waiting for months to be able to say anything to put bacon and put it in a pancake and now it is here. >> oh my god, we did not give some to everyone.
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>> donald trump has clinched the republican nomination for president but not without alienating large parts of his own party. now, that his the people have a pretty stark choice. support trump are paved the way for a democrat, possibly hillary clinton to be in the white house in the fall. one of trump's most vocal attractors have been former new jersey governor, christine todd whitman. she supported todd whitman. she supported ohio governor, john kasich against trump. >> i caught up with whitman on her farm in huntington county today. the first time since cusick has dropped out and asked her if she is change mine. >> will you support, endorse, or vote for donald trump or president of the united states question work. >> none mark. >> none of the above. >> why? >> because i cannot get comfortable someone who is a basic campaign on people's fears, fears, hatred, divisiveness, who does not have any policy cap that i can see. i think he is dangerous for the country.
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dangerous and for this nation overseas as well. >> i asked whitman how trump's brash telling it like it his style was not an asset, what people wanted to hear? >> people feel left behind, they are scared and angry. that does not make it right to demonize an entire group of people. how disrespectful was it of him to tweet a picture of himself eating attack of saying he loved hispanics. i mean, really you are reducing an e entire publishing to a taco. somehow they're supposed to feel good about you for doing that? the sensitivity level is zero. >> the chief complaint is that trump is unfit not qualify for the presidency. when an office he could rule as an authoritarian, much like it did after being chancellor of germany in 1933. she said some of trump's past statements gel with that. >> there stalin, poon, i mean donald trump likes. >> people will say that donald trump is a racist.
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or that he's a bigot. >> he certainly asked like it. >> so i can be done? i asked at this lifelong republican if she was prepared to do what would have been on thinkable 20 years ago. but for a democrat like hillary clinton in november's election. >> in november, will you vote for hillary clinton? >> i hillary clinton? >> i do not know. i do not want to. >> is it a possibility for you? >> it could be. i doubt it. i'm not planning on it. i'm planning on writing and, frankly. >> she says she cannot protect the outcome of the november election but she says she feels like a lot of americans that the presidential campaign is underrated as a popularity contest is going to be between two people that the majority of americans want nothing to do with. >> this is a hustler choice. we have one person with a 65% negative rating and one with a 70% 70% negative rating. nobody is going to be terribly happy having these choices.
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>> trump may have liked it but he did not put a ring on it. did donald trump refuse to love a supermodel simply because she was black? i'm digging into donald trump's former flames and one in particular that stood out, carrot young. she is a supermodel, she was a victoria's secret model, she is featured on the recoverable several times and was also in playboy, and playboy, and on the cover of glamour magazine. i spoke to daniel hayes, he is a writer writer who wrote the article, did donald trump refuse to love this woman because she is black? >> something i've said by hurricane ukrainian not model who dated trump, during the course of the time he dated he made the statement to her that he really cared about this one woman was a supermodel but he could not keep dating her because she was biracial. >> trump started dating her in 2001 after he broke up with marla maples. many people believed at the time that she was the love of his life. i asked daniel if he thought maybe trump was a racist, is that what his takeaway was? >> the interesting thing about that to me is that he did not
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say i do not love her or i will not date her because she is biracial. but it seemed to certainly be based on the perceptions of, the perceived perception of other. >> you believe that trump come although he was with karen behind closed doors come in the bedroom he was concerned about how the business community with think of her publicly and would not marry her for that reason. and he moved on and mary milani a trump. i asked daniel if he thought i was trump's type? >> would you say that i am trump's type? >> i think any good looking woman is trump's type. >> so, donald trump actually famously called the stern show and spoke to howard stern to fight with aj benzo who is a gossip columnist and holst to fight to over carrot. basically same that carol left to you to date me. that interview blew up in 2001. it was actually. it was actually. >> weight left a gossip columnist to date trump. >> that's what trump claimed. to give give you an idea of how
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strongly trump felt about this woman. >> who did she date first. >> at the moment she was dated the other guy first and then trump. >> so trump is right. >> yes. >> i'm fascinated by this whole thing. in fairness to the donald, he dated her right after marla maples so she was kind of the rebound. right? >> you don't marry the rebound, right? >> he is a bigot for not wanting to marry her, how could he be a bigot for dating her in the first place? >> it's about the race. >> number two,'s not a bigot because of the association he dated all kinds of women. he has long history of dating all sorts of woman. >> to be fair the slippery slope when you judge them about who they sleep with. >> i don't think that's most controversial thing to come out of that stern interview. >> high-speed chase. start us off. >> it is a day four of the manhunt for escaped convict arthur buckle.
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he was last seen at a bernick is cbs on wednesday, the department of corrections is responsible for keeping him in jail to the police and search party is no longer there. they did not say where he was or how they know that previous summer at large and the tri-state area, maybe further. nobody know where he is. i'll keep my ear out my you know what we find out. >> they spoke at a law-enforcement service on thursday night in new jersey. >> referred numbers tonight about how many lives have been lost. every three days a law-enforcement officer in this country dies. but i do not hear the stories in the media. >> we all gathered, police officers, friends, family with the blue candles to honor those who work in law-enforcement and those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. the turnout was great and we talked to officers who went to
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d.c. for peace officer when memorial day on may sixteenth. at the end, they, they gave a certificate of appreciation. >> it decreases inflammation. >> i tried biotherapy. it is is the new trend of deep-freeze therapy that's board stars are trying to stay healthy, young, young, pain-free. i came to 256 below. i wanted to find out what it was like. >> i met next new york giant and nfl superstar, steve weatherford to find out what the hype is all about. >> here we go. >> it is a three minute treatment and for me nothing could be better. i am always looking at different recovery methods to get stronger, improve my quality of life, increase my longevity and health benefits. >> that is it. i am done. >> can i feel.
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oh yeah. that's cold. >> you get in a robe and walked back to one of the therapy rooms. inside room is a metal sci-fi looking to. it's a sauna filled with nitrogen. you step inside, you take your robe off and handed it to the technician, you put on mittens and they start circulating the liquid nitrogen around you. your body starts to freeze. >> i'm cold but i'm not uncomfortable. >> it wakes you up but it doesn't hurt. >> i go to 256 below zero fahrenheit and i could feel my legs start to tingle. it feels like needles.
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>> it's actually not bad at all. >> like right away. that last for eight - 12 hour. >> this therapy is great for inflammation, it is used to treat muscle aches and pains. steve told me that the next have been using it, the mets have a, cleveland browns have it, and the new york giants use it regularly. this can burn up to 800 calories per session because your body has to heat back up and continues to burn calories. it also helps your immune system and it smooths wrinkles. >> i feel? >> watch out, women are on the
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rise. i am chasing the glass ceiling corporate america. i joined top women in their f
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>> have a story we should know about? help us chase it down. log onto chasing >> multiple dashcam video
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catches the wild fire in canada. in northern alberta you see drivers trying to rush out. you see smoke, massive small, the sky is lit orange and blue. it looks like a scene out of a movie. >> sunday may 8, is it mother's day. we are wishing all the mothers watching a happy mother's day along with our own mothers. if you have not got a card card or gift it, better get moving. >> happy mother's day. >> at bill, your chase a story about our good friend tara celebrating women in business. >> i am chasing the class ceiling corporate america. why so many america are fighting it and what it takes to overcome it. to find out more i chase this to the hilton hotel in east brunswick. there i joined top women in their field on the red carpet. i started by speaking with the chief corporate affairs officer and executive vice president for
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barnabas health. i asked her what are some of the challenges women face when becoming a ceo. >> often time they are not aware of the talent pool that is available in order to promote them to upper organization. to that end, oftentimes women are not on the radar for the top positions. >> as ceo of a $2.4 billion company when she walks in the room people do not expect her. so she gave me a couple of stories. she was the acting state treasurer for the state of new jersey. >> they had that chair, i came into the room, i set down in that particular chair, turned to our external guests and said shall we begin. the individual who is not from the state of new jersey said, we wanted to wait for the state treasurer. >> she got up, left the room.
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i said really? she she said yes. >> later they came in the room to find me, it really there like what we do, and you said the meeting is over because the treasure was there. >> she taught him a lesson, it was a lesson not just for him but for everybody in the room to know that this is how you you treat a woman ever guys to know, watch out, women are on the rice. i also spoke to dorothy, she is a partner in a very big a very big law form in new jersey. i asked her how you manage and break the glass ceiling. >> my battle is when he can i can into a closing without lip liner in high heels. >> she also to me this secret to staying young. >> keep when your high heels, that's for sure. because you don't want to feel like an old lady wearing flats. >> i'm gonna follow her advice. she also said some challenges
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women face that's particular to the law field is that you have to log a lot of hours in the office to become partners. >> when you competing against women are not childbearing years and not taking off of work, when your time is a huge component to your evaluation, that is a factor. >> a lot of women have to make that choice. i also spoke to the mayor of camden, asked her what are some of the challenges for women in the political field. >> the challenge they face is waiting to be asked to run for public office where men are entitled to leadership positions. i think women do not need to be afraid of stepping up and stepping out there. >> you can really tell the leadership from tara when she pulled these people together in just the conversation there haven't. what i did not hear in any of these conversations the women had with you was pointing the finger and blaming men, or
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blaming the system. it was all about personal empowerment. >> be really good at your job is the first thing you do. >> be on time, were that thick, effort. >> there you go. >> check out this crazy video of plana nail out of a brick wall. the nail is estimated to be ten times the bees wait. when he extracted it let's the beavers and. >> you can have a good birth that a good bartender. folks in metropolis and outstanding mixologist. this is melissa who works in transmission in jersey city. she put just the right it kick in my mule. >> i want to say hello to all the guys that chasing news. i hope hope to see you ensued. you can check her out at the bar or at the latest edition of metropolis knights.
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>> if only potty training was this easy for everyone. we trained an entire litter o
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>> coming up next. >> this year we're given our roses to all of the mothers.
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>> have you ever had a puppy or even a baby, you know know that potty training is a challenge. i do not know how he did it but a guy in london did the impossible, he trained an entire litter of puppies. >> it's the best training i've ever seen. all he does is run, if only potty training was this easy for everybody. >> jessica, you are making bacon. and you're making pancakes. i understand you put the bacon in the pancake.
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making bacon pancakes. >> i could eat pancakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, what about you? >> me too. >> were making pancakes in the studio with recipes from her to ihop restaurants with her chef mikey. maybe she became one of the youngest franchise owners and opened up 2008 and opened a second location recently in patterson. her inspiration comes from her grandmother, restaurant owner in liberia, she escaped of a war in west africa at age 13 to come to jersey. the charity event brought us all together, feeding the kids and serving dinner to be with the family stirring holidays. she is is a mother of two children and happy mother's day dena. >> thank you. she is going to tell us about what she has planned for special celebration. >> this year were doing some special for all of the mothers that come to all of our ihop. we
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are given out roses to all of the mothers. >> there are eggs to. >> so i ask everybody to come out celebrate with us. us. it is going to be festive, we'll make it fun. it's 11 day we get to bs. >> one day just for her in your cut her off. >> mike is over here flipping the bacon with his hand. that's impressive. >> oh my god. we did not give everyone, were just. >> i got it covered. >> i do want to thank you for the past two years. you have done breakfast or
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dinner with us in december. the kids from the neighborhood, we feed families from the neighborhood and the community. it is so special. >> and the fact that you came to make bacon pancakes, i have been waiting for months to be able to say that. you take the bacon and be able to put it in the pancake. thank you. this is so good. oh my god. >> can i have one? >> you take the bacon and make a sandwich. >> i made a bacon sandwich. >> it would you buy this for one of your exes? >> what was i thinking when i married him? >> i wasn't. >> i hate all greeting cards think is the thoughtless gift you can give. >> their awkward, there's a reason reason for. >> i can only afford to get you this car because i broke from
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