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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  May 18, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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one sticking balloon that's it? >> that's all we need is one. >> one balloon. we're number one. did you see the reaction basically xfinity live. >> they're packed in there. nuts, nuts. >> so a tweet was sent 4:30 yesterday afternoon. are we doing this now? so this is what is weird. 4:30 yesterday average i'm looking at twitter feed and one former player in 2001 remember katumbo congrats to sixers own grabbing number one spot in nba draft wait a second. >> i was confused this sounds final wait a minute. >> it doesn't happen for 3 1/2 hours he works for nba and apparently this is my theory i look at it with scott o'neal from the sixers i think he had a tweet and got excited and
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blusted it out. >> that's hours early i don't know. i know this. i want him to pick the next lottery numbers for me. >> do you realize it was 20 years ago right around now, patrick macdonald croche got the number one pick of the draft. what did we do with it? >> remember that day he was excited. >> 96 yeah. >> and we used that number one pick to choose allen iverson. >> and they watch toyed shot at scott our executive producer this is his job now to pick up the bowls. >> he went for college for tha that. >> parents would be proud. >> all right. the number of the day is a 6.
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>> cloudy out there and cooler than average and not as rainy as yesterday but as we often say we can't rule out a stray shower. he's ready for a day game of the philadelphia phillies toda today. rain gear is nearby it's a good yawz because the sun is trying to burn through those clouds. 54 at the moment. expecting high temperature 66 with mostly cloudy skies and stray shower here than. that's a look at weather authority forecast we'll give you the weekend out. >> everybody, 7:302 if you watch at home here comes the balloon into your living room. one, two, three. boom. >> boom. >> here's a live look at bepy. we had an earlier sdebility on the down side. just cleared out of the way. and that's giving us a quick jam into downtown philadelphia on the ben franklin bridge.
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otherwise, you'll find normal delays on say i-95 southbound between betsy ross bridge and center city speaking of center city here's a nice, cool shot of the benjamin parkway. the archbishop will be with priests stationed here in the philadelphia dioceses. no problems on mass transit back to you. >> 7:03 now. a 19-year-old shot several times overnight in overbrook. >> why was the fire department called. steve, explain this to me. >> this 19-year-old guy wanted to kill another 19-year-old guy they're neighborhood and he goes to the guy's house but the guy is in his house midnight. to get him out of the house he light and lawn chairs on the porch. he has a gun and doesn't know where the other guys s he
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lights the porch chair on fire that gets guy and a female roommate to come out and say what is the smell of smoke and flicker of flames coming from. as they come out they see the chair on fire and guy approach them with a gun. they run back in the house and shut the door and guy starts firing at them through the door and he fired then three shots through the door. >> it was a glass container with ak sell respect of some type possibly we're looking in addition to had this shooting there was also an arson and preliminary we believe that this device was thrown on to the front porch in order to get the attention of the residents ever property. and when the 19-year-old resident came out of the property that's what he was confronted by the shooter. well, if you go kill somebody i guess you don't kill if you light the whole house on fire and kill more people.
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fortunately the fire department pulled the chair into the street and put out the fire and the four people that live in the house the other three get this guys help right away and they're smart and cooperate with the cops they don't follow no stixing unofficial law in the southern and they downed hughie is what he is wearing and where he lives. he's driving around in this silver mercedes. the police have not released his name they think they can catch him on their own. expect a mug sholt and address if not any minute from now. >> 7:05 police in camden investigating an overnight shooting that left one man in critical condition after the intersection of 36 and pierce around 1:45 this morning the vick fill was rushed to the hospital. no word on the shooter. >> a group willing protesting out city hall. action united is urminging council to shoot down the
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proposal. >> probably a hearing sketched today. officials talk about the plan which would charge a three cent per ounce tax on some sugary drinks. mayor kin any says that money would allow 6,000 additional children to receive a pre k education each year and he's addressing those that call this a grocery tax. >> this is not a grocery tax despite what they've been doing putting stuff on our screens i'm sure networks are happy they're buying time it's not a grocery tax it's a sugar tweet and beverage tax not on diet zero or coke zero or water. if you want to make a choice not to buy that you buy something else and the companies that make that products are making the sugar comments. you are not losing anything. >> for now the proposal stays at 3 credibility per oups opt sugary drinks. today atlantic city leader will
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strot allow on containers of shol on the boardwalk. drinking alcohol would be allowed between albany and massachusetts avenues this summer if city council approves the plan. i know we talked about it all day yesterday. i'm talking about it again. because today is the day. the proposal, drinks would have to be in a cup that has the logo ever the approved boardwalk bar that poured the drink. having alcohol on the streets or beach would be band we'll let you know what happens today with the vote. hey, lauren. >> hi, mike. >> firefighters work quickly to rescue a woman from a burning home. a firefighter they brought women out of her home on marvine street yesterday evening the woman was suffering from smoke inhalation and budg budges said all she saws was flamed shooting from the home of the home he got worries.
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>> it's like fire started in kitchen. >> everybody was screaming and hollering i lost it a little bit. >> officials say the young woman was reunited with her family and the case is being investigated. >> a little over a year of the deadly derailment has final drmd a official cause. washington d.c. yesterday investigators announced brandon bostian was distracted focused on word a nearby train was hit by a rock. that caused him to lose track of where he was before that crash and that's why he went into the frankford curb at nearly twice the speed limit. amtrak says bostian worked for them and he's on leave. a sgrukttive free vandalism in one philadelphia neighborhood and lease say there's not much they will do about it even though they know they're responsible. car owners furious after two young vandals showed up with 10 yarz there and police tracked them down and tell us they are
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only 7 and 9 years olt. and since they're young they cannot be prosecuted. >> you're talking over 10, 11, cars, 5, 10,000 dollars. do we even get it back or is something we eat. >> i came outside and talked to the kids, what are you doing guys? next thing you know, nothing, doing nothing. >> next thing they started booking down the street. >> running away trying to stay out of trouble the car owners must pay for repairs themselve themselves, file shurngs claims or go after the kids parents in court. >> house law makers in delaware approved a law that would change definition of family in first state. legislation would get rid of husband and wife from relationships that constitute a family and use the word spouses instead and it's designed so all references to couples are gepder neutral and it passed by a wide margin until the house and goes now to the senate nor a vote. >> speaking of voting lauren johnson hillary clinton is claiming victory in a tweet in the blue grass state.
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you know what the blue grass state is? >> kentucky. >> yes. >> even though officials results from kentucky's democratic primary are too close to call. she and bernie sanders separated by less than one half of one percent and .5. >> clinton does win kentuckyp it would be only victory of the night. and despite that hillary clinton is less than 100 delegates away from securing nomination and sanders still says he will stay in the race until the convention. >> where is the convention. >> philadelphia. >> he said i'm coming to philadelphia. >> we'll see both of them in philly. what, july right? >> man it will be big time if philadelphia. >> it will be big. >> not far from here. >> convention center in fact they'll be spread out. there will be thousands of thousands and thousands of people spread out throughout the delaware valley. sam bradford talks to the media for the first time since
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demanding a trade because the eagles drafted his presumed replacement. >> and he talks about why he left and said he was surpriseded when the eagles madeed move to get wentz back to the game and he said he needed time to clear his head, bradford, built he places the blame on trade demand on his agent. >> we heard this in the press conference he lit up a little bit got all aswit twitter sent ad wait a second, isn't the agent your employee. sam, you're the boss. >> there's a reason i have an agent. he's been through this before. if i didn't need one i would not have one or listen to him. but he's someone i trust and i feel like he's seen things things before and i'll fol he his advance. >> what do you think about that? i talk about my agent his name
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is larry kramer. >> i know larry. >> larry is a good guy. >> do you tell whaim to do. >> he is my employee. even though most people say, they feel like if you have an agent, people have a tendencey to feel like they're the boss. like your agent is the boss. >> if that's their area of expertise, i pay you to tell me what to do in these situations. >> what can you do? he said look i wanted to end my career here and finish it out and that's why he needed time. >> sue help me out here. i feel for sam in a way. because --. >> i kind of do too. >> because he wants a successful career. >> right. >> and why not go to some place where they want you. >> exactly. >> you know what i mean? >> everybody wants to be wante wanted. >> running kathy orr remember when they brought her in did you feel weird about that. >> no.
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>> is kathy your carson wentz. >> no, never felt unwanted here. >> still put in 100%. >> i want to end my career here. >> you probably will. >> hopefully years from now, mike. >> i've been traded i heard breaking news. >> look who is taking over, weekend wendy. we have a rare and special appearance to let you know today is museum day and some of the participating museums in the area brandywine river museum and pen museum and art of contemporary are on the campus and philadelphia museum of arlt have special things going on today. go to the web sites and get involved. it's a daytime phillies game today if you're out at the park 63 when the game begins and not moving too much from the temperature because of the clouds. sun will be drying to burn through. we can cannot rule out a showe shower. see there are showers north and south. and we're in between. we are still not seeing
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anything reaching philadelphia area. but don't get too complacent you might need umbrella before the end of the day. 66 today, 70 tomorrow. 75 friday. we're giving that one a ten. not so much on day. can't get the rain out of the forecast. a coastal storm is visiting us and those two words we do not like because usually it means not only rain but good rain. good at of raib. showers lingering into sunday morning and then we get into the 70s as we head towards middle of next week. bob kelly you can believe it's the weekend before memorial da day? >> ki not believe that. you know i used to call bingo numbers back in the day. >> oh. . >> okay. >> o-76 bingo. i was bingo number caller. >> i believe that. >> those ladies used to yell at me shake those balls they owe would say when i didn't call their numbers. a live look at the schuylkill
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expressway westbound headed out of town. is my computer fixed are you able to advance or not. we'll give it a try. there we go. a live look at the benny coming into downtown philadelphia stacked and packed mid span to center city. how are we doing in reading. we check the reading camera, bang, there we go. let's go up and knock on the window and wake them up [ [ knocking ] come on, wake up, good morning, here's a live look at reading pennsylvania, waking up, sunrise there in the background and a little bit ever delay on that schuylkill conshohocken tone city line. mike, alex over to you. >> you won't believe what you're about to see. 7:15 bob kelly hold on to your face this will be great. >> that means the number one pick in 2016 nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> and the 76ers are now on the clock.
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and we have six weeks to go after winning nba draft lottery we have the number one pick in draft. >> and a lot of people saying this is much needed win we've been waiting for this. >> it worked fleissly last tim time. 20 years ago allen iverson and this year. >> i don't know. >> before we get into that by the way his name is scott o'neal and it's lovely to be back. and let roll the footage of brett brown if you have it in the control room from last night. he knew. he knew. >> i'm telling you i'm there. you're actually there and sick to your stomach nauseous. i was sitting next to brian trying to get the deangelo carpal a it was awkward moment i faced forward and looked down and then you're sick to your stomach. you have boston, lakers and
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tomorrow town. >> he's very tall. >> darn lakers will do it agai again. >> that's what i thought, too. >> we were due. >> we are due. >> the fans were so amazing through this painful process of three years and now it's progress. this is about building, building and going forward. >> i know at 4:30 because i follow him on twitter. >> he spilled the beans didn't he. >> i'm telling you the actual process took two hours after he sentence that out. >> don't lie to me. >> that would be wonderful. >> it sounded officials he was like congrats to sixers. >> i have a feeling we would not be winning. >> i think maybe he got inside information. >> no. >> there's the tweet he put out there. >> there it is. >> i love him and he probably jumped the gun a bit and may have caused a little pain.
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>> he deleted it. >> 20 years ago this time of year pat croche got the number one pick and got iverson. . >> which would you go with. >> i defer to the basketball experts. i've seep her game she can handle the point guard, little point guard that can handle the ball. >> what, why little? >> stand up here, scott, seriously do you have that in a regular. it's a 42 reg. look at the jacket. >> that is nice. that is something. >> and look it even has a patch on there, stubhub patch it's official. >> this is indication you will draft somebody else from duke. >> i don't know. >> it seems people keep talking about this being two person draft. >> you're not going to help us get it on. >> this is the way you put it
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on turn around both hands he knows both hands back. >> nike and i had an argument about that that's why auto he's saying that. >> we have that in dark blue if you need. it let me check your in-seam. >> i'm going to be negative for a second. >> it won't be a segment with you if we deposit get a little to the dark side. >> let me bring that dark cloud over okay here it comes right there. >> maybe we shouldn't be so darn proud about all this because it was three years of tanking and so fanking is getting rewarded now. where other teams going to do what we did, lose, lots, lose,. >> 199. >> so we can win three years later. it's been three years, very difficult basketball. it's over. let's close the book and look forward. >> if teams choose to rebuild.
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>> rebuild. >> or go with measured rebuild or go young they'll be more available talent pool for us to go. this is about building a team and let have fun. great foundational piece. joxt joel embib and maryland jayliel and a lot of space. >> somewhere wondering though. >> we are coming at you. >> when they talked to coach brown he didn't mention nerlens. >> i have that jersey. >> you didn't pull it out today. >> no, i did not. >> what was i going to say. >> bet you love the sixers. >> joel embib went to my alma mater campus. >> what do you, me, and joel embib have in common. >> i don't think anything. >> we've never played in an nba game. >> you know what i'm hoping that changes soon. he's a wonderful juping man
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working his tail off and the kind of kid you wants in your team, oingization and nba. >> let me bring up sam hinkey other we're out of time. >> thank you, scott, for everything. >> i have seen him on the court. he can shoot that shot. >> beast. >> mvp. >> thanks, scott. >> it will be fun the next two weeks. >> rule changes in washington d.c.. you might get over time pay now. wouldn't that be cool? and plus, what's the differenc difference? we have a -- i'm sorry to say a snot survey. >> seriously what's the difference between allergies and you're sick and have a col difference between allergies and you're sick and have a col cold, lottery numbers.
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>> you don't get over time pay, do you? >> i don't think so. >> no, you have a contract. do you work by the hour or not? you should look at that thing. geez. talk to your agent. >> i'll tell you about it next
7:25 am
break. >> if you're getting over time and i'm not i want to talk to the boss. >> none of russ getting over time. >> lauren? >> none of us are getting over time. >> i want it now. >> in the meantime, this starts in december. if you make less than $47, 476, $13 a week you get over time, time and a half for anything you work over 40 hours. this is great news for middle class. it's a way to give them more purchasing power go out and buy stuff. there's always a down side. that's the fact that businesses this is not strong economy they're struggling to make ends meet and grow top line they're going to say this will cost us 12 billion over the next decade we're not paying workers more money. you may see ramifications, job losses or paying workers more
7:26 am
money which would be good thing so they don't have to dole out the ot. >> it's like minimum wage going up to 15. a lot of business owners will say i have to get rid of one of my employees or two sglets the solution is if you want workers to make more money you have to get the economy stronger. it's easier to pay bosses for money. >> i was telling alex yesterday i like to develop a talk show for you would be you intereste interested. >> i would love to do a talk show. >> he wants to talk show with you before you say yes just warping you. >> you are saying you want to leave me for lauren. >> that was fast. >> how about the three of us that's what i meant. >> a three some talk show love it. >> what if alex and i had a talk show. what if we booted him out?
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>> look she's already moving me out. >> it could be girl talk. >> okay we had that show already. >> okay. >> yeah. >> lauren? i got go. >> mike. >> i got to go. >> bye, lauren. >> bye, alex. >> we have to get to this thin thing. this will be a little gross. >> but it's important. especially this time of year. >> i need to know the color of your mucous because it's allergy season and many people in our area are suffering. what's the difference? how do you know if you have a spring cold or if it is allergies? apparently it's in the mucous. >> it's in the mucous. >> is that a song♪ . >> it is. . >> it is. >> the sound of mucous♪
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>> bus top buddy, he has the bumm brill a cloudy, damp, could possibly have a stray shower before the morning is throughment look at the ultimate doppler. little rain to the north, little rain to the south, quite cloudy inbetween. so one of those days where the sun's trying to burn through the clouds, but now seeing some of the rain edging into chester county, montgomery and bucks counties, as well. so hole on to the umbrella
7:31 am
54 degrees, very cloudy, mile per hour winds, and 66 degrees high temperatures with stray shower, possible, during the day today. that's your forecast for wednesday, big weekend coming one so many event watch about the forecast? we'll let you know coming up. bob kelly, what's going on out there? i know you don't have sun glare. >> don't have any sun glare, ya, at the moment. so, i guess that's kind of good. still have that delay on 422, live look, the eastbound side of 422, stack up, from collegeville, route 29, heading all the way in through king of prussia. nothing crazy on all of the major roadways. just your normal volume like on 95, as you head southbound, out of cottman avenue in through girard avenue. the schuylkill expressway heavy into town, platt bridge to or from the airport no problems or delays here. but you can kind of see what we're dealing, with little haze, the clouds blocking that sun glare, if you are headed down to the airport, no delays
7:32 am
at the moment. but, maybe a sprinkle, or some of the fog and some of the other areas, could be causing delays. good morning to reading, pennsylvania, 7:32, live look at the main drag here, no problems at all into or out of the suburbs, and in good shape on mass transit. mike and alex over to you. >> let's talk about that amtrak crash. listen. >> he hasn't matter many verbal to distractor -- >> cause of the deadly amtrak derailment, human error by that guy. and distraction, they say engineer brandon bostian was distracted by radio transmissions about a septa train going the opposite direction being hit by rocks. now, allowed his train to ac sell trite disastrous 106 miles per hour at the curve at the frankford junction. so i want better understanding how that could possibly
7:33 am
happen. joining us on the phone, this morning, man with 20 years of railroad engineering experience. gus, thank you for being with. >> glad to be here. >> this is what i can't figure out, gus. as you leave 30th street station headed to new york sit, you know there is a curve coming up in about six, seven minutes. how in the world, i don't kay hour distract in the guy is, how does the train get to 106 miles an hour? is it like driving a car with your foot on the gas? >> he can actually right. as the car picks up speed, you start backing up on the gas, until you get to your cruising speed. if you don't, the car will keep accelerating until it gets to its limit. >> so, okay, let's go back to the first part of this video that we're showing right now,
7:34 am
you can't see, there is a couple of handles here, one big black knob, and a big red, almost, looks like, well, it has got a bar across like you put your hand on it to half it backward and forward. you don't use your feet at all in the train, do you? >> no, no. >> so you're using your hands, are there different like gears? >> well, sort of. think of it as little occelating fan table top. click one, low speed, two, medium, three, high speed. guck off all the way to high in one move by going click click click or back down again. >> in a rare case, eight clicks, they call it throttle position, back in the old days they call them notches. so if were you going to put pedal to the medal in the train you put it into eighth notch.
7:35 am
>> so if i have it in the eighth notch, and i'm inbetween 30th street station and fran forwards junk, if i don't pay a at the sean the train will keep picking up speed until i slow down? >> that's right. it will goes as if a fast as the train is built to go. >> what? >> a lot of locomotives, they call it gearing. old gg1's, famous pennsylvania locomotive. some for passenger service geared for 100 miles per hour, freight service geared for eight -- 90. so the ones geared for 90 could never go faster than 09 miles per hour. >> so this train here, if he was on straight away, how fast could he possibly go? could you get up to one ooh miles an hour? >> i don'ti don't if these traie capable that far, but right beyond the curve that he was on, the maximum authorized
7:36 am
speed goes to up 110. >> yes? inbetween 30th street and the curve couldn't go past 110 -- >> so he is going 30 miles per hour faster. wouldn't he notice that inside of the cockpit? >> well, if he's not paying attention, enough to be tracking his speed, he may not be paying attention to do that. >> yes? >> i can tell you, that when you go 120 miles an hour, because i started my career out of penn station, on the northeast corridor where we were running metro liners at 120, you watch mile posts go by every 30 seconds. can you tell the difference between 180 miles an hour and -- >> i haven't gone that fast in a while but possible. again, if you are not paying attention to all of the other
7:37 am
things, i doubt you will notice that. >> then looks up, slams on the brakes, but too late. i know if you're over in ohio, never philly common in. we will be talking about this story for probably many more months. thanks. >> take care, thanks. >> 7:37. kelly, versus trump. face-to-face. one-on-one. how donald trump defended his bully like behavior during the debate. we'll play the clip.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy.
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>> i'm so excited, put up the picture of the big water slide, coming, look at this thing, goes on for blocks and blocks. it is huge. all sliding for blocks down the water slide. al next. >> i'm ready to do. >> this are you going to go down with me? just in, been caned. >> what? >> yes, the slide not coming to the city any more, quarter mile long wad err slide slate today come in in august, but city officials say the event organizers, did not obtain the
7:41 am
proper permits, and even started promoting the event before it was confirmed. waiting list of 25,000 people who wanted to purchase tickets and ride the slide. >> didn't this come last year, too? i think the water slide people canceled last year. >> put water and on it, we're good. >> let's do it. >> if that many people are interested, fox, good day philadelphia should go over to washington park. >> 25,000 people, we need to come up with a slide. >> yes. >> that's coffee money for
7:42 am
sure. >> is it a spring cold, allergies? what is the color of your mucus say about what you have it? we have a doctor in.
7:43 am
at giant, shoppers low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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>> good news, tractor-trailer fire, from yesterday, all cleared up, and everything is open. up to yardley we go, an accident, old mill, and oxford valley road. septa 101 trolley using shuttle buses between providence and orange, for some track work, and tonight, is also dinner under the stars there in media, delaware county. so watch for some jammo's in media. big jam in south philly today. 1:05 phillies games, will cause couple of unusual traffic patterns around lunchtime. and then if your co-worker doesn't come back it the office after lunch, he's down at the ballpark with sue serio, all right? then right after the game, bamm, instant traffic jam. septa adding extra trains, right now, if the a turnpike,
7:46 am
about 38 minutes, from philly over to vale forge route one. and then, route 30, up to the schuylkill on 202, coming out west chester, normal delays also normal delays on both the schuylkill and 422 >> see rain to the north every us, and to the south of us, as we look at ultimate doppler radar, and as we zoom in little bit closer, lancaster county, little portion of chester county around honeybrook, little bit of rain in reading, pottstown, up in milford, so will it makes its way here, and what about the weekend? we have the possibility of this coastal storm in fact looking more like probability, rolling in, just in time for saturday. and it does mean there is rain
7:47 am
in the forecast pretty much for the entire day. now, the question will be will this move off shore soon enough? to give us no rain on sunday? and that's looking optimistic at least at this point we would only have half of a rainy weaken. 74 degrees is our average hi, been below average since sunday, yesterday's high 62, today, manage 66, with all of the clouds. seventy tomorrow. friday is a ten. with 75 degrees. saturday, thanks to that coastal storm, not so much. seventy-two on sunday, we do think that maybe if we have lingering showers in the morning the sun will come out in the afternoon so best we can do now is half of rain free weekend. >> listen to there is friday you say is a ten? >> first trip, so over the next oh, nine, ten, friday's we will be all over the delaware valley, first stop. >> the doylestown get ready there from seven to 10:00 a.m. why don't you join us come meet us out on state road.
7:48 am
>> we have giant heads. >> we really do. >> come out, see how big our heads are in doylestown, on state street between -- state street, between, no, no, no, it is, wait a minute. i need this, it is -- >> does it matter mike? >> you started it, you got sick first. >> but i got a cold. i don't suffer from allergies. >> i don't think dow either. but how would you -- be confused, right? wiping your eyes, doing all that? >> we have no idea what we are talking about.
7:49 am
let's bring in doctor, what do i call you? is your specialty allergies? >> yes. >> oh, you're perfect guest then. that's good booking right there. let's get right into this, how do you tell if you have a spring cold or if you have allergies? >> allergies are spring and fall. so there are few factors that separate them apart. >> let's get into allergies first go, with symptoms of allergies. >> okay. >> so typical symptoms of allergies sneezing, itchy eyes, runny nose, sometimes coughing. >> and your muse us, if you cover up muse us, sorry to be so grows, it would be clear if it was allergy? >> clear, watery allergies, but can get thick. >> you have itchy eyes. >> itchy eyes only with allergies, don't get that with colds. >> lingers goes on and on and on. >> right. cold will be done in seven to ten days. >> go for the colds symptoms then. >> you're going have the runny
7:50 am
knows nose, could have the cough, the congestion. >> mucus is thick. >> what color? >> and it can be yellow, or even green, in the beginning it, can be clear, but will eventually, typically clear for few days, thick, then clears up again, where allergies -- >> and it will go away? >> seven to ten days. >> have to ride it out? >> ride it out. you have nothing will cure a common cold. >> doctor janet, if we have the allergies, we have established, not a cold, allergy, it will be with me for weeks. make us feel better. >> it won't go away, but make us feel better. >> lots of treatment for colds, i mean allergies, a will the over the counter now. so, there is three, two major classes every medicines, the antihistamines, then the nasal sprays. >> let me look at this. sorry, doctor janet. these things, like these two things, do these two things go together? >> these three. >> these three? boom. what are those?
7:51 am
>> antihistamines. they come in all different preparations, for, you know, chewable, liquid, pills, all doing the same thing, block cents histamine, histamine is the chemical that causing itching, sneezing, runny nose. >> hishistamine? >> is there a hersamine? >> no. >> always the guys fault. >> these used to be prescription until recently, now three over the counter preparations, and they all dot same thing, and they are really good for congestion. >> okay. >> what's this little one? >> so this is talking about natural remedies for allergies. so some people don't like to take medication. so this is saline spray. perfectly natural. just clears your sinuses out, natural decongestant t helps our nose is supposed to filter the air, so our nose traps pollen. that's the problem. this will clean out the pollen that's in your nose. >> now this one a lot of people here in the studio, sue serio, swear by this, the neti pot? >> exactly, same concept.
7:52 am
basically nasal wash instead after nasal spray. >> what do you put in there? >> same medicine, just saw lean solution. so it is all water solution. >> do i stick that thing in my nose? >> do you. >> it comes out on the other side. >> exactly. >> what? >> you use about half the bottle in one side, half the other, goes in your nostril and out the other. >> so you stick it up here? >> and lean over though because it will come pouring out. >> stick it up here. >> right. >> squeeze it. and then -- >> yes. >> oh, ya. >> it is messy, mess. >> i so good to do in the shower because it is -- >> some people do it every morning too. >> hey, honey. what's the honey for? >> so this, you might have heard people talk about using local honey for allergies. and the concept is that the bees collect pollen and therefore there is pollen in the honey that will casino of desensitize you, really what allergy shots are doing. >> so you put it up sorry. so you put it up inside your nose? >> no. >> comes out the other side. >> ya, that bob an idea.
7:53 am
>> you put teaspoon? >> actually it doesn't really help. i'm just brinking this up because it is a myth. >> trees and pollens are pollen ate dollars by the win, insect pollen ate flowers. but trees, the wind pollinates trees. and we're re ac to go trees and grasses, not pollen of the flowers. >> thank you. >> this is bob kelly's music. >> oh. is that what you use? >> oh, my gosh. >> thanks, doctor. >> thank you. >> what a great name. >> it is great. 7:53. are your friends hiding the truth? we asked preston and steve about the things your friends will never tell but your re relationship.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
all right, preston and steve and all of your listeners, here we go. guess what? >> what? >> we found a list of things your friends want to tell you about your relationship, but
7:57 am
never will. >> not while you're still in it. >> welshing i look through this list, sometimes i'm like okay, i'm dismiss of of these lists, this is actually good list. i like it. >> what do you like about it? >> couple of things that stood out to me. don't try to fix the person you're w don't try to fix your partner. it is the road to folly. it is not your job to do that. get outside interestsment don't have the same interests one item on the listment don't constantly be in each other's faces. that's the road to ruin. other one, very important, stop trying to get even. you don't win anything by winning a battle over your partner. >> okay, here is another aspect, preston, why don't you answer this one? if i don't like, say pick chris murphy, he works here, if i don't like his wife, should i tell him? >> here is the deal. okay, and that's what i was curious about, this list is why don't these people say these things to you, and let you know about that.
7:58 am
i had a situation where my uncle was married to a woman, none of us like her, we just did not like her. it ended up years later going south. she took advantage of him, all of this other stuff, tony, none of us like her. he was like why didn't you guys say anything to me? it is because you wouldn't have lanes. he said ya, you're right. in fact, would you have al yen ate dollars him by doing it, woe redirect that anger toward you. and would you have been the sucker. you really have to approach it with kid gloves. you have to go in softly if you're going to criticize. you really have to prep what you're going to say. >> if people don't like your husband, do you want us to say it? i mean, if he has really bad qualities, or say he's not treating you well, is it okay that i bring it up? >> you know what? i don't know. that's a hard question. see, i had a similar situation with a friend. and none of us like him, her husband, or she was marrying, she ended up marching him.
7:59 am
they are now divorced. they had extremely short marriage. they never actually even lived together. and at the end of it we were like we told you. and she is like why didn't you say anything? because at the time we thought were you happy, were you planning a wedding and you were enjoying it. we didn't want to ruin it. >> that's the thing specially going to weddings and say you're a bridesmaid, groomsman, standing at the walter aren't you saying i approve of this, this is okay? >> sometimes you're saying i tolerate this. >> ya. >> one of the aspect on that list is interesting. and we don't want it hear you guys arguing all the time. like you do. there are couples that fight all the time. but stay together and that's the one that i would want to jump in and say why are you guys even together? what's the point of this? you actually like that? but even going into that, difficult, as a friend, or family member, unless you are really really really close, it is just hard to tread on that ground. it is so personal. >> i think preston is right. kid gloves.
8:00 am
>> yes. >> exactly. >> all right, fellows. >> deep. >> but i think we've done some good today. >> i think so. we have saved some lives. >> see you later guys. >> be good to yourself. >> and to your relationship. >> yes, be kind to others. >> please take note that far. >> don't touch me. >> okay. >> good day everybody, it is wednesday, may 18th. 2016. >> from the fox 29 studios this is "good day philadelphia". >> the number one pick goes to the philadelphia 76ers. >> we're number one. we're number one. the sixers on top for one. now it is decision time. >> the power of veggies. one bucks county pharmacist turned juice err wants to you eat your greens. why he says food may be the best method.
8:01 am
>> now gang that's promises to breakdown marriage barriers, if you just listen hard enough. >> a common fear a lot of people hate clowns. >> quincy on the local woman, just can't stands them. you know what he's going to do? he's going have a special wake up wednesday surprise for her. >> from a clown? >> oh, ya. >> doesn't like clowns at all, so sends a cloud into her bedroom. >> i don't know. that's going to be a rough one. >> that's a bad clown. >> okay, it is time for the number of the day. ladies and gentlemen here it is. >> it is a six out of ten. because it is pretty cloudy out there, cooler than average, might see shower. is that enough? okay, bus stop buddy red which
8:02 am
his phillies jersey. and showers to the north of us, few down in delmarva. so, there you see berks county, lehigh valley, poconos, lancaster county, little chester county, with a limb bit of rain this morning and nothing but cloud cover for us here in old city. getting breeze which 14-mile per hour winds, high temperature of 66 degrees, stray shower is not out of the question, tonight, down to 52 with mostly cloudy skies. talk about brighter days, and some rain for the weekend, all coming up. bob kelly? >> good morning, sue. 8:02, and good morning to you. on a wednesday hump day, live look at i95, we roll southbound, past the betsy ross bridge, three cheers for the bus drivers school trip time of the year shall tons every was cents out during the midday, coming into center city for the class trip.
8:03 am
>> back up headed over toward 30th street. had two coming in toward philadelphia. your normal delay from the black horse pike into the freeway. by the way this time yesterday, we are dealing with the tractor-trailer fire. all of the ramps are open there in bellmawr. baseball this afternoon, 1:05 the first pitch, see a lot of volume headed into the stadium, big delay, is going to come at the end of the game. bamm. instant traffic jam for the rush hour. it happen every time we have afternoon game. for all of the sports fans, mike and alex back to you. >> i think big crowd, too. 8:03. >> nineteen year old shot several times at his home early this morning in overbrook. police say the teen was targeted and new the shooter. the incident now also being investigated as an arson. fire officials say the shooter set a chair on fire, outside of the house in order to lure the young man to the door, shooter believed to live nearby. victims in the hospital and in
8:04 am
critical condition deadly amtrak crash last year, speaking out now. they say, federal investigators failed to consider alternate reasons why the engineer may have sped up the train. national tran takes safety board ntsb says brandon bostian, engineer, lost track of where he was as he approached the sharp curve because he was likely distracted by approaching septa train going the opposite direction, that was struck by rocks. and engineers were talking become and for the about the incident. short time ago, on good day philadelphia, we spoke with railroad engineering expert on the northeast corridor, what it is really like to run a train. >> if i have it in the eighth notch, and i'm inbetween 30th street station and the frankford junction here, frandford curve, if i wasn't paying attention, the train will just automatically
8:05 am
keep picking up speed until i slow it down? >> that's right. it will go as fast as the train is built to go. >> what? >> a lot of locomotives, they call it gearing. if a train, for example, the old gg1's, remember those, used to apply the same territory. >> yes. >> up and down, famous pennsylvania locomotive. some for passenger service geared for 100 miles an hour, freight service geared for 90. so, can ones geared for 90 could never go faster than 09 miles an hour. >> so this train here, if i he was on straight away how fast he could go? up to 150 miles an hour? >> i don't know if these trains are capable that far but right beyond the curve that he was on speed goes up to 110. >> ya, he hits the curve. amtrak has accepted list of recommendations from the ntsb
8:06 am
yesterday as for engineer brandon bostian, he still with amtrak but on leave for all of this time. 8:06 now. >> sixers fans, pump up and ready for the team to make a come back after the seasons we've h199 lost. >> , what over three years? >> yes. >> the team securing the number one pick in the draft, which is june the 23rd, dave, are you finding excited people on 69th street? >> on the way into work, took about three years, finally the first pick. >> made by the los angeles lakers, that means the number one pick in the 2016nba draft goes to the philadelphia 76ers >> so the biggest victory the sixers have had in quite a while. that means two big names up
8:07 am
for grabs in the june 23rd nwa draft, will the sixers go with ben simmons from lsu or brandon ingram out of duke? bolt getting love from the sixers fans already. >> someone whole lot, whole lot of athleticism. but just fill in the paint and help out a little bit. that would probably be great for them. >> talking about simmons from lsu or talking about ingram. what do you think? >> simmons. simmons look like probably fit in our scheme, in our system. i think they'll do all right if they pick simmons actually. >> i think ingram, better choice for him. >> you know, just like jordan started, they got to build around them, after, that maybe they can make the playoff and move little forward after
8:08 am
that. >> simmons has one year at lsu, debating big shoe deal, either with nike or adid as, either way a winner, we have to see what happens. back to you guys. >> i am gram or simmons? >> i think i'm leading toward i am grab now. >> ben simmons, people are saying he may not do as well. >> man,'s athlete, though, australia, played at lsu. now, alex just going when the guys around the podium there, representatives of the last three teams, they had 14 people got down to the last three, goes how come the man in the middle is standing on box and other two aren't? >> is this like the olympics? first, second, third place? >> looks like he won. >> that's what i was thinking, oh, no. >> no, that's mitch cupcheck, used to play for the lakers, probably six-ten, something like that. >> oh, my gosh. >> tall man, sure. >> 88:00o hillary clinton is
8:09 am
claiming victory via twit nerve kentucky, even though the official results in that state don't say that yet officially. democratic primary is your last night. >> associated press as of about an hour ago still won't make the call. separated by less than half a percent. so what happened in the state of oregon? had, bernie sanders won that one. hillary clinton is less than 100 delegates away from securing the nomination now. bernie sanders still has -- going to stay in the race, going to stay? all the way to the convention here in philadelphia. woe have to win 70% of the rest of the delegates to have a chance, doesn't look good. >> so watch megan kelly last night. >> her special, presents aired, and donald trump, who was on, addressed range of topics with megan. so trump says that bullying victims, must stay strong and retaliate against their attackers.
8:10 am
that's the way he sees it. >> bully like him sometimes. most person paranicus end raise their children not to bully, not tees, not taunt. how can we effectively bring that message when the frontrunner for the republican nomination does all of those things? >> i'm responding, you know, i then responds to times maybe ten, i don't know, i respond pretty strongly. but in just about all cases, i've been responding to what they did to me. >> so donald trump conceded that in looking back at the debate, he absolutely has regrets about some of the comments, he did say if he hadn't conducted himself in that way, though, casino of being a bully at times, he admitted he bullies people sometimes, he probably wouldn't have come out on top. he may have a point. >> change of topics. >> okay? >> magic mushrooms.
8:11 am
why the psychodelic drug shrooms may be a breakthrough for treating depression. >> how about that? first medical marijuana. now we may have mushroom. >> medical mushrooms? okay, well, we will show you something that's not an ordinary picture frame. it is one to actually transform your home every day. how you can get your hands on this and other cool new home gadgets. >> how does that work? >> i don't know, we have to ask. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> remember sunday, so sunny i took footage of myself over at penn's landing, man, tough. >> it was so wind. >> i look, he flies! this is not a winds machine. this is actually on a place called mount washington, up in the state of new hampshire. 109-mile an hour winds rare to see he flew for a little bit. can you see that part again? i think it is coming up here. it seems like this would be more than 109.
8:15 am
>> exaggerating. >> jump. jump. >> walks to the left side of the screen, just kind of stops. >> walk to the ends of the sidewalk here, whatever it is, and then -- >> okay, i'm done. >> yes, pretty much known as the windiest place in the country, wet r reporter station up there, those guys are meteorologists, i would guess, very geeky and very enjoying. >> if you're into weather, all right, weather for today, at the bull game, weather for all of us, cloudy skies as phillies play the marlins, a business person's special. it is 63 degrees when the game begins. clouds maybe stray shower, during the game. be one of those days where you will see the sun trying to
8:16 am
break through those clouds. casino of sandwich inbetween two weather systems, this one to the south and this one bringing rain to berks county, lancaster county, maybe little bit of chester county, hasn't made it to philadelphia. really don't expect it to. ready seeing steady who testify i rain. what's happening over the weaken low pressure system starting in the gulf of mexico. will come up as a coastal low. and give us some rain probably saturday, we hope to have it out of here by sunday. average high 74 degrees, below average, past couple of days, including today maybe tomorrow, could crack 70 tomorrow. friday, high of 57 degrees, still giving that 110 out of ten. thanks to that coastal storm, rain, probably all day, sorry to say, on saturday, bob kelly, we know we got the radnor hunt on saturday rittenhouse row, the
8:17 am
preakness, piazza, preakness at the piazza. >> italian festival down there at ninth street. >> oh, goodness. >> oh, we have to eat indoors down there at the italian mark. 8:17. peaking on an accident here, the ramp from 202 south to head east on the schuylkill, notice, the sharp curve ramp ahead. causing delays in kop. coming in from new jersey, the scene of the tractor-trailer fire yesterday. everything open. and we're ready to go. right before you get to that point, crash here, northbound, 42, near the black horse pike. and then, on the pennsylvania turnpike, later on today, they'll shutdown this e-zpass, so they can make repairs to the send ores above. we have question from the young student in in the back, michael. >> sir, sister, sir.
8:18 am
in all of your years of doing traffic, have you ever seen live accident, like when you punch up a traffic camera are? >> happened to me once on the schuylkill. left lane, like, you know what? watch it. >> this guy better get out of there, in the left lane early in the morning, no sooner did that happen, bamm. >> so bob kelly talking about this before. never too early to plan for your fathers day gifts. okay? local's get you four, five week in the here. >> i appreciate that. >> cool stuff out of the consumer electronics show, in vaguest, baby. now some of those items are available for you to buy me. >> buy you? you have daughters who can buy you stuff. >> get my daughters on the line. steve, what do you got? >> good morning to you guys. liver in las vegas at the consumer las vegas show,
8:19 am
prototypes, sam recall, favorite stuff from the show on store shelves. starting with this right here, the me men tow smart frame, one of the big stands out from the show, because it is a 4k smart frame. this model in 35 minutes, about $899. high contrast, low glare, true to live pictures. i don't know if you can appreciate the quality on tv, but these images are stunning in person, internal member rip, also adjust to the light in your room with censors built in. new on air magnetic headphones. popular on back order. these, 450 bucks, not keeping true audio files from ordering them, incredibly light weight, high e fishy is he low distortion, all of the information digital. , iphone, ipad, so instead of the olds school pin you use forehead phones, all of the information musically comes digitally, which is real nice. talk about home awed john, on
8:20 am
claire cliff, worlds' first 5.1 wires free home theater system, at about a thousand dollars. simple set up and again the idea these communicate wirelessly with one another. no cords, bling home monitoring system, cameras battery operated so could you literally put them anywhere you want to around the house without any concern about whether or not you can get power to them. because they are battery run. very inexpensive. no monthly monitoring. systems start about $99 for two cameras, bill up from there. this configuration about 200 bucks. dual screen smart phone. we all walk around with our smart phones in our hand. with ton of wasted real estate on the back, world areas first dual screen smashed phone, so e-reader calendar music, news feed, social media feeds, unlocked and ready to go for
8:21 am
gsm networks, talking at&t, t-mobile, cost you about 499. promo code on facebook page for 100 bucks off. finally for you real quick, the one smart piano, will actually teach you how to play, hook up with your ipad, iphone, gives you either video lessons on the screen, lighted led guide, so tells you exactly which keys to push or guitar hero like games up to 2,000 songs. i've been using this thing for about a week, first time you sit down, you will be playing the piano, not well, but you will be playing. >> first time? >> all of this stuff right now, this one is 300 bucks for the keyboard, piano configuration, as women, comes in black also. not bad price point. >> oh, i would take anyone of those, steve, your area the man. >> 82:00; magic mushrooms. we have medical marijuana now. will we have medical
8:22 am
mushrooms? apparently helps with depression. >> plus, special surprise for this wake up. >> don't be clowning. >> wake up wednesday. we have greg here. >> how are you guys doing. >> a man in a restaurant, you want to wake up your fiancee? >> yes, i do. not into clowns, not tetley terrified, but doesn't really like them that much. >> we have jazz. >> i high. >> the laughing clown. we are bea to wake up regina, whispering, because we're about to go in and wake her up.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> possible treatment for depression, mushrooms. according to a new study, a chemical in mushrooms, which causes hallucinations, you know, people misuse this sometimes. how, study only done on 12 people. now, qualls it to be expanded it to hundreds and thousands of people to see if it actually helps with depression. any mushrooms. all right, here's jen. >> she ' -- >> mike, i know you will pay
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:26 am
attention to this next story. we have a pharmacist, turned juice err, who is going to make out of some of this stuff natural viagra. which fruits can you make natural viagra out of? that's right. i'm in doylestown talking about this. pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors.
8:27 am
in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> are we over sharing social media? someone videos the live birth of their child. some are sad about this. others are happy about this. the season finale of empire is tonight. so, we will recap the highlight of the season, but here is the thing. what are some of the biggest mysteries that we hope gets solved tonight with this finale, okay? >> that's one. good for you, that's a bit obvious one. some other questions we need
8:30 am
answered, okay? apparently i can juice, if i find the right fruits, next them together, jen there is guy you're standing next to said i could be drinking kind of the natural viagra. by the way,'s licensed pharmacist. good morning. >> thank you. >> so this place in doylestown. we will be here a couple of days. but i have to preview. you're juicing now instead of giving out pills? >> yes, part of a lifestyle change. orange nation every early medicine. >> food has always been medicine. >> yes. >> one thing you say, if we are talking about food and medicine, has to be organic food -- >> correct. if it is other, conventional, then chemicals built into it, then that becomes a drug in itself. >> i know our scientist, but to explain to you there is show is a bit of a circumstances, so we need the
8:31 am
party tricks. so this is what people will take away. kind of crazy information, we tease it going into the segment. so couple of these fruits combined could be like a natural viagra? >> that's right. >> what are the fruits how does it work. >> the one -- two fruits. after all of these, they all have different properties. but, watermellon, and beatings together. >> really? >> become vie agorae but the interesting part is the part of the watermellon that's important is the -- not the red part, but the white part. >> okay. >> which is the rinds. this has an amino acid, this one has watermellon the rinds the white part has -- together become natural viagra, increases violation of the blood vessels, good for health, good for blood fresh you. >> good for the whole family. >> right. >> you say that's part of the thing. so you don't want people to eat the white part, juice it. a lot of people are throwing away the skin, throwing away
8:32 am
the white part. that's what we're doing wrong whether it comes to home juicing? >> yes, you of course you always want to wash, organic, don't want the chemicals. but you want to use the whole plant, instead of part of it, even the beats, beats have tops on it, use that, nutrition in every value. a lot of fruits and vegtables, fruits, a lot of the nutrition is in the outer core, instead of the inside. >> you want me to eat this pokey part of the pineapple? let's slice this open. you say the pokey part but more importantly may be the inside of the pineapple is something we should be at least juicing if not having a snack of? >> that's right. so here is the -- brome a lean is in pineapple. and the skin and the core, the two main places of bromaline. digestive enzyme, so most people cut this and eat the fruit part. it is he will rye -- really
8:33 am
the core. most important. so if you are juicing you want to have this part. >> all right? >> so let's try this. >> i'll try t you say we don't have to eat this part? >> it is not bad. >> like a french friday. >> like a french fries, let salty. i'll be skinnier, smarter or less wrinkly with this? >> all three. >> oh, great. i love it. so your place is called dock bakers because of the original pharmacist that started families pharmacy dynasty. >> yes. >> okay. your dad and all of them would be proud. you can also go to northern liberties. >> fishtown. >> fishtown? >> we work with other juice bars, other places, real that i collaboration working. >> you keep talking viagra, more people will want this. >> jerrick, seriously, you didn't think it would be this good, did you? it is pretty awesome. >> i think he is a little distracted, jen, sorry.
8:34 am
>> ya, what are you doing? >> making outgrows are you list. >> are you? >> really? >> i can't with you. >> means he learned something i think? >> new underwear. >> that you are wearing some. >> okay, joke's over. >> all right. >> do you ever notice guys that juiced a lot, sue? >> what? >> they're very calm like that guy. never -- not too depressed. >> i'm going to drop a juice today. >> and not too excited. >> do you need some beats? >> new underwear? >> our temperatures this morning, cloudy, it is damp and there is rain in the area, berks county, seems to be getting most of it, a lot of this rain falling apart before it can make it to philadelphia.
8:35 am
but we're socked in with cloud cover. just the same. there you see it. 56 degrees, 14-mile per hour winds, so kind of breezy out, there as well. but the humidity is gone down. so it might stay dry today. just mostly cloudy, and high of 66 degrees. sunset 8:12, as these days get nice and long. we could use some sunshine bob kelly. we will tell you when it re ' pierce coming up. >> good morning, 8:00 parks getting ready to head out the front door. few folks ahead of you there, 202 near the king of prussia mall. we got accident southbound ramps to the schuylkill expressway. forty-two coming in toward the city. heavy as you work your way into 29a but there is an accident northbound 42, right at the black horse pike, which is 168. and then as you work your way in toward the city that ramp to 295, from yesterday's fire, that's all open. south on 95, we go for a ride. bumper to bumper cottman in through girard avenue. and then also going to find later on today closing that
8:36 am
e-zpass off ramp of the turnpike, there at route 29. so you have to go all the way up to valley forge, or flip it around, and go back to downtown, mike and alex back to you. >> able and i on the tonight show with jimmy fall glenn, no i wasn't. i missed it, the one day i missed now i'm not on prime time. i guess not prime time. national. >> i was on the tonight show with jimmy fallon last night. >> well, good for you. why were you on? >> i miss all of the good stuff. >> you want me to play it? >> yes, please. >> i'll do it next hour. >> okay. >> see sandy sandberg? >> it says part of the joke. were you really the brunt of the joke? were they making fun of you? >> no there is tool thinks it was funny. we'll play the when the thing for you. that's sounds on tape. >> patients make horrific claims about a local psychiatrist. he said he didn't do it. why did he give you up his license tonight at so.
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> new song you'll hear tonight on the season finale of empire. >> i'm glad you can guess who is singing this, oh, we love it, okay? i'm excited. >> that's michael jackson. >> that's not michael jackson. >> sounds like michael jackson. >> a loft times people say he can sounds like michael jackson and can sing like prince, too. >> has quite arrange. >> he does. he wonder what his own song will be like when he comes out with a albumn, because we're red. >> i he's ready. we're ready. media tours can sometimes be boring. >> are you finally going to tell me why you're on the tonight show? >> i was on the tonight show with jimmy fallon last night. >> please. >> take the train out. remember, few month ago, when andy sandberg former member of s&l was here with his silly
8:41 am
troop called the lonely islands? >> the one day i was not here. >> there is like two riders from saturday night live and andy the three of them, they have little troop called the lonely island, the comedy troop. so they came by good day philadelphia. >> why are you talking like that. >> so annoying, andy came through the door for the birthday. so they sat down, and they went to many tv stations around america. >> uh-huh? >> okay? and so their plan was for every local interview they did, all these tv stays cents around america, they slipped jimmy fallon's name into the interview somewhere, so they could show jimmy and suck up to him last night. >> that's creative. >> oh. well, how hard is it to slip jimmy fallon's name into an interview from saturday night live? bring up saturday night live, which every station did, he would mention we blame everything we do to jimmy fall glenn can we see it?
8:42 am
i want to see you. >> too late. we talked too much. >> are you kidding me? all different interviews, each one different. >> i'm freaking out. take us out. >> we always say like jimmy fallon always says, if you think it, put it in the show. >> you know jimmy fallon says, he always says truth is stranger than not truth. well jimmy fallon always says wavelengths are like earth everybody's on the same one. >> said never look a gift whale in the mouth. >> right. >> which we meade at this toyed correct him on. there is no such thing as a gift whale. >> again, what? what? >> no. >> what's so funny? >> now what would be funny is through in some innocuous word, not like it would be like i would go out and do interviews about good day
8:43 am
philadelphia, and i would bring up sue serio's name. well, what's hard about that? >> all right,. >> not clever. >> pickle oring? >> like platt i pus. >> oh, i see, it is hard. who talks about that? >> okay? >> maybe we should. >> you know what i had to dinner last night, is? plattypus. >> but the quote they had for jimmy fallon were pretty weirds. >> truth is stranger than none truth. >> but they all work because they've called worked with jamie fallon. >> you're -- >> he was such a tool when he came on the show. >> i heard. >> we wanted him to come through the door first before the other two guys that we have no idea who were, and he didn't want to do that. >> you going to call him out like this. >> no, i won't mention the air. >> with a could be better than this? >> this is juice. >> i i know what could be better than this. >> what? >> you go into somebody's house who is asleep. they are still asleep.
8:44 am
and they have a fear of clowns. >> ♪ sends in the clowns. >> so how do you wake them up? send in the clowns. is that the plan, quincey? >> wake up wednesday is back. we have greg. how are you doing? we have a fiancee. i don't know if you will still have a fiancee after this but you want to wake her up. >> hopefully she will want to stay with me. >> we have jazzy the rapping clown, will rap and wake her up. >> hey, you got to get up in the morning, what you got to do, get up in the morning and get yourself to school. get up. you know you got to go to school. ac drop out that ain't cool. so get up and wash your face -- >> you ready? >> put your uniform on ♪ >> being late is bad news.
8:45 am
fatigue can add years to tso sleep with this!n. garnier skinactive miracle sleeping cream. like a lightweight mask of continuous hydration, it works while you sleep, so you wake up to refreshed, younger-looking skin. miracle sleeping cream. from garnier skinactive.
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪ >> we're going to talk about your health. >> just a little bit. it is time for wake up wednesday, so this one, a blast from the past. a viewer reached out, saying, that he needed help waking up his fiancee, of course our conditions i harris, well, he was all too willing to help out. and he brought a friends. >> we are in greg's house right now, greg, you want to wake up your fiancee. >> yes, i do.
8:48 am
>> regina. >> regina. >> you guys -- >> getting married august 27th in belize. >> oh. never mind. how about, guess what? you said she is a little, little afraid of clowns. >> yes, not the biggest fan. she tolerates them. my grandfather collected clowns, actually couple of clowns in there. so she is not terrified but she doesn't like them. >> jazzy the rapper. >> high, everybody. >> jazzy, you actually rap? >> gentlemen. >> let's go wake her up. >> regina, wake up! wake up! >> ♪ big red nose but i
8:49 am
represent sent for the kids, that's how it goes. still kicking it out. scream and shout. go jazzy. >> regina, that's jazzy the rapper clown. >> greg wanted us to wake you up. >> oh, my god, you woke me up. >> how are you doing? >> i'm shocked. >> yes, rapping clowns usually don't wake you up? >> so scared. >> yes? so listen greg says you guys are getting married. >> yes. >> when are you guys getting married? >> august 27th. >> do you still want to marry him after this. >> i don't know. >> just kidding, of course i do. >> this is a way to start, you know, a great relationship. >> i know, i know. i told my mom yesterday. she said you might not want to do. >> this she might not want to marry you. >> any time you surprise a woman it doesn't go well. >> okay.
8:50 am
>> thank you. >> hey. >> back to you guys in the studio. >> oh, man. i'm not a big fan every clowns either. they bring a lot of joy to the kids. hey, when my kids were growing up, they loved watching, and i actually watch this, too, even when i was alone, teletubbies. >> oh, yeah, like po, lala. >> i think that's lala. hey, if your kids like teletubbies, apparently they're making a come back. i want you to gather the children around the tv, coming up in ten minutes. >> what? >> we have a surprise. i think it might be po. i'm not sure which one is going -- >> see, po is the purple one, i think, red one? we should show all of them so we can try and guess. >> okay. it is too late for that. no problem. the new gadget, that promises to breakdown language barriers, if you just lays
8:51 am
end -- listen carefully. i want it. lottery numbers.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> 8:54. good morning, everybody, live look downtown. still back up here, folks trying to get that train out of 30th street station. no sun glare this morning. we haven't had to deal with. that will still delays on the schuylkill, inbound, around the curve into downtown. heavy south on 95, right now, just from the betsy in through girard avenue. and we will go pull that power shoot cord and drop on in, to south philadelphia, we will play some baseball later on today, 1:05 the first pitch. so see a lot of volume. unusual volume around lunchtime hour. but the big delays going to come later on at the end that far game. when everybody ends, exits at the same time, i think we will have good crowd. these afternoon games, usually, almost capacity,
8:55 am
evening rush hour will start early as soon as that game is over. mike and alex just over to you. >> new device prom i toss make it easier to communicate if you travel to foreign country, you don't know the language, some people, carry around that little dictionary, you have to flip through when trying to order things. >> where is the toilet? this one called the pilot. speak different languages, wear ear piece connect today an app. the app translates speech and it plays it in the user's ears in real time. >> oh, i love it. >> can trans plate between the languages, french, italian, spanish, and designers hope future versions of the pilot won't require a pair of device toss work. >> oh, your head would explode, wouldn't it? i think think it is cool. >> what do you moan? >> i i would speak english it would come out friend in your ear? sometimes maybe hesitated, maybe too wait in life, just
8:56 am
wait to go retire. >> oh, i thought were you going to say something else. >> wait to go die. >> ya, that. >> horrible thing to say. so dating people who spoke other languages. >> yes? >> because, you know, hey, how do you communicate. >> what would youy? >> one universal language of love. >> the language of love. >> language of love? >> making out? >> i guess. >> ya. >> or just look into each other's eyes. >> oh, that gets dull after a while, if you don't have any idea what they're saying. but just keep that app with you, these two head sites, you can date anybody in the world. >> true. >> luca ukrainian woman. >> oh, i can't. can we go on? language of love isn't a language -- >> it is romance, the language of love. isn't it? right? >> i guess i'm speak of the g
8:57 am
version. >> are we over sharing on social media? did you she? woman birthing the baby, baby coming out of her body and it is all being live streamed on facebook mentions. whoa. >> would you watch that? >> i watch some of t also, pray for dominick. if you see -- if you've seen these signs around the doylestown area, i know you have, especially if you live in bucks county. well, we're going to meet the family that that sign is all about. and try to help him out.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> good morning, allentown, oh, my gosh the streets have been abandoned. this wednesday, may the 18th, 2016. >> this is what we have this hour for you. go


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